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Fools Arrangement

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       Checking the ad one more time for any missing parts, he finally decided to post it. After spending the freshmen year at the university dorms, Miyuki and Kuramochi decided to rent an apartment close to the campus and were finally going through with it. And as much as it would be unnerving to suddenly share their living space with a stranger, they couldn't afford the almost luxury place they had found with just the two of them. The flat had 3 rooms big enough to fit a bed, a desk and a small wardrobe, a regular sized bathroom across one of the bedrooms and a spacious kitchen adjacent to the living room. Honestly speaking it was too good and would be near-impossible to afford for two college students in central Tokyo but the landlord was a close acquaintance of their senpai. They would still need a third roommate but it would be worth it considering the alternatives.


       Miyuki sighed pushing off his glasses to rub his eyes wondering what kind of person would they be able to find till the end of the week so they could sign the lease. Thinking they would have to be stuck with whoever they could find in that short time was seriously giving him headaches. He did not think of himself as a particularly lucky person and he was pretty sure his roommate had conjured up enough bad karma in his days as a wannabe yankee to last him a lifetime, he was not looking forward to the result of their combining bad fate. Sighing for the second time in under a minute he pushed off the chair and went to sit with Kuramochi.


       "The hell are you sighing like an old man for?" Kuramochi had stopped playing his video game, turning to address him with his full attention. Even though Kuramochi always played it off or tried to hide this side of him, Miyuki found himself at the end of Kuramochi's perceptive gaze one too many times for his liking. It was always weird and unnerving for Miyuki to be the center of that analyzing glare given it was almost always him trying to analyze other people and situation while he hid behind carefully built walls and facades.


       "Oh nothing you should be concerning yourself with Kuramochi-kun~ I was just thinking of how masochistic I had to be to room with you of my own accord." He said grinning a little. "Why you little-" Kuramochi tries to get him in a wrestling move that would no doubt leave him hurting for hours but Miyuki was waiting for it and leapt out of the couch. Kuramochi was left fuming while he laughed at his friend's reddened face and started making his way to his room to get started on the homework while he waited. He was halfway to his room when he heard Kuramochi call out to him. "I know you're worried about the roommate situation and I am too. But this is normal stuff man. If it doesn't work out it doesn't. No need to make it a whole thing just overthinking about all the bad things that could happen. You gotta relax a bit or you're gonna end up getting bald. It's all gonna be fine. Also I'm leaving your ass on the cold bathroom floor if you decide to get an anxiety attack on the day of an 8am lesson thinking we're gonna room with the next zodiac killer." "Aww..Kuramochi-kun~ are you worried about me? That's so sweet~" Miyuki couldn't help but tease and look away from his serious gaze. He knew Kuramochi was trying to mask his worry with banter and he let him. He ducked under the couch pillow Kuramochi threw at him while spewing profanities and entered his room. Sitting at his desk and trying to focus on the papers in front of him wasn't doing him any good. His thoughts kept going toa nameless-faceless roommate, praying to all that would listen that Kuramochi was right. That he was worrying over nothing and everything would be okay. He wasn't very hopeful.