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Ginger Prick

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Harry Potter couldn't believe his grass green eyes when he saw Professor- No. He wasn't a Professor anymore, Harry reminded himself, but it didn't change the fact Harry honestly thought he was having a dream or having vision or something when he saw thee Severus Snape standing in Diagon Alley, as casual as anything, browsing a local market holders vegetables, after four long years of absence from the world.


He wasn't the man Harry had once loathed as a child. This wasn't the man who bullied and degraded his non-Slytherin students. Severus was different, even his smell had totally changed! Once the grumpy dungeon dweller smelt of smoke, depression, fresh rain and musk. Now he had a spicy scent, one that spiked your nose and refused to leave, imprinting on your scenes to forever be remembered.


His hair was washed, clean, looking silky and wavy. The black locks were braided, laying over his bony shoulders in such a feminine way, Merlin did Snape look so fucking delicious.


Snape was even dressed different! Instead of large, thick, warm black robes that hid his skinny pale body, he wore light clothing, a purple cloak draped over him with a golden button. Underneath the older man wore a simple dark grey blouse underneath but the metal collar that encased the pale man's throat made Harry's blood boil. Severus was an omega! And claimed at that.


Harry didn't realise he was staring so intently until those dark pools connected with his own. Harry swallowed the heavy dry lump in his throat, the corners of his lips twitched up into a smile as he saw that familiar icy glare from Severus. “Fancy seeing you here, aye?” he asked with a gentle chuckle. It would be a lie to say he couldn't smell an alpha’s scent on Severus. It made a tight knot form in his stomach, an angry feeling. He clutched his knuckles so tightly they turned a white colour, his nails dug into his rough palms. Potter recognized that scent but for the life of him couldn’t figure out where from.


Severus’s ageing face relaxed once he realised Harry meant no harm but he didn't fully unwind, bonded or not other Alphas were still a threat. Severus took a step back, his eyes lowering in a submissive manner. “Potter,” he said gently, voice as calm as you like. Severus’s gaze only briefly flickered up to look at Potter, a horrible shudder crept down his spine when he saw green eyes behind round glasses. “My alpha needed to run some errands and decided fresh air would do me good.” Severus choose his words carefully, his voice clear and thick with submission, his eyes never raised once to meet Potters’.


As if on cue, Severus’s Alpha appeared. Ginger hair, slicked back neatly, freckled rosy cheeks and icy blue eyes that perched behind square, thick glasses; Percy Weasley.  Cold gaze fell upon Harry. The third eldest of the Weasley clan looked Harry up and down, face forming a slight scowl at the larger Alpha before him. Percy certainly felt threatened by the more powerful dominant. His hand snaked its way around Severus’s upper arm, pulling the smaller Omega close to him. “Harry,” Percy clenched his teeth to bite back a nasty growl, eyes narrowed into angry slits, “Haven’t seen you in awhile, suppose I don’t often go to the Burrow, though…” Percy commented, answering his own statement as he did so, and it was true; He blamed himself greatly for Fred's departure from the living, the grief and guilt had separated him once again from his family, it wouldn’t be true to say Percy didn’t long for their love again, long for his mothers overly long hugs, for his deep conversations with Arthur, for the silly little pranks the twins would play. Of course, his family wanted him back, but it wouldn’t be right of him to simply go back. Percy had burnt that bridge and he couldn’t bring himself to rebuild it, not yet.


The weaker man's scent made Harry's hackles rise in challenge, he wasn’t used to his new hormones at only nineteen but new challenges could be made, but why on earth he wanted to fight over his old abusive professor was way beyond his reasonable mind. He was a bit sour with Percy, the Weasley always rubbed him the wrong way. A soft rumbling growl from the back of Harry's throat pulled a submissive noise from the small man between them, pulling Harry's attention back to him.


Severus was practically hanging out of the Weasley's grip, in obvious discomfort. He had pushed his body into Percy to relieve himself of some of the tension in his upper arm but his Alpha seemed to not notice, or if he had he didn’t seem to care much.


That tight feeling in Harry's gut began to grow more, filling his whole mind with nothing but a command repeating over and over; Protect . Potter would have launched himself at Percy, tempted to rip the man's throat out and pull Snape away to a safe spot if a firm hand hadn’t been placed on his hand.


Bill had appeared, standing behind Harry with his hand firmly placed on the young powerful Alpha’s shoulders to steady him. In Bill's mind, Harry was a pack member, one of his family, and he would try and help his family stay calm. “Percy,” Bill purred, voice deep and silky like always. “We haven’t seen you since the Funeral,” He murmured, voice quiet and low. “Why don’t you come for dinner tonight, yes? Catch up with us, bring your new Omega home! Mum would absolutely love to find out who you’ve been hoarding away. Come here, Professor, let me get a proper look.” Bill smiled, moving forward and taking Severus away from Percy before his younger brother could even muster up a response.


Alpha or not, Bill was the oldest and strongest one here with wolf blood running through his veins, and both of the boys knew not to decline a wolf. Oh, how Percy glared! If only looks could kill. He shot daggers at Bill but said nothing about his submissive being pulled away. “Well, maybe, yes, I don’t know if work will permit me to attend but I’ll see..” He stuttered out anxiously, rosy cheeks flaring with colour from a mixture of anxiety and anger.


Harry instantly calmed once he saw how much more relaxed Severus seemed to be once his arm was released. His instincts relaxed, subduing as he watched the two brothers talking.


“Harry will be there tonight, right, Harr?” Bill said with an amused look but it was more of a fact than a question. Bill didn’t need to look the two men in the eyes for them to know they were talking to them. He was patting Severus’s head, inspecting his clothing, picking dust off the cotton summer robes. There was nothing threatening or dominant about the small act of kindness Bill was displaying, if he truly wanted to come across as a threat to them, Bill easily could.


Harry nodded his head along dumbly in response, cheeks flared slightly. He hated how small Bill made him feel at times but at least the oldest Weasley wasn’t scared to put the overly powerful boy back in his place.


“Yes well, I can’t promise anything!” Percy snatched his Submissive back up with a low warming growl to His brother. This time he pulled Severus into his chest, pushing the smaller man's body into his, leaving a soft bite mark behind his ear. “Mine,” He whispered and with that he quickly left the two behind, walking away with sub in arms.


“Perfect for each other, huh?” Bill commented once he knew Percy was out of earshot. He crossed his arms, chuckling more to himself than to his youngest adoptive brother. “Metal collar is a bit of a strange choice, though. Oh well.” Bill shrugged his broad shoulders idly.


At the mention of the harsh, cold, cruel object that encased Severus’s beautiful neck, Harry let out the familiar growl. The smell of fear and submission lingered in the air with Severus’s scent, coating Harry's throat and nose. He inhaled deeply. “Perfect for each other.” He snapped, anger boiling up. He turned to Carry on with the rest of his day.