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Orpheus's Despair

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Jack is distraughtly kneeling to Harry who is lying down in the hole in ground next to the lyre as his emerald eyes are filled with tears. Gabriel is shaking his head with angry tears coming out.


Ron, Hermione, Dean and Sam run to Harry in distress and in tears.


“Kiddo, once again how could you do this to me?” said Gabriel as he wipes his eyes with his arm roughly.


“You shouldn’t have done that!” cried out Castiel who appeared and tears begins to come out his eyes.


“Harry we are all here now! Don’t give in!” shouted Sam.




“Harry please hold on please!” begged Jack as he sobs as he picks Harry up.


“S-sorry that I’m an idiot...sorry that I was born….” said Harry softly and weakly as a black tear comes out.


Hermione’s eyes widen.


“Dear Merlin No!” she said as Ron shook his head.


“Oh Bloody Hell Harry hang on!” called out Ron.


“I’m fine with it...there’s nothing to do...” said Harry weakly as Jack shook his head.


“Harry we can fix this! Just don’t give up!” whispered Jack to Harry’s ear.


Harry shook his head and he uses the last of his strength to kiss Jack’s lips lovingly.


“Let me go if you wish to keep your own hope while you still can...I will be ok alone” said Harry.


“You should listen to him Jack! His Hope is gone!” shouted Castiel in alarm as he approaches them.


“We won’t abandon you! ...I will never abandon you” said Jack as he sobs.


Harry begins to scream in pain as black tears comes out and dark blue liquid comes out of his mouth. The liquid begins to flood the hole, strange snakes wrapped around Harry’s body and his body disappears in the liquid much to Jack’s shock.


“HARRY!” he screamed as he attempts to search for the body in the liquid.


The liquid becomes smoke leaving nothing but Jack & Castiel... and the smoke forms a very tall figure.


Everyone looks up in horror at the creature as the antlered figure’s shadow covers them.


“H-harry?” called out Jack as black tears comes out his eyes.


“I failed again... This was not suppose to happen!" thought Gabriel as he cover his mouth, closes his tearful eyes and snaps his fingers.


A child Harry opens his eyes on a cozy bed with a locked guitar case in his arms and he look around the room in confusion.


Hedwig hooted at Harry and he smiles at his new owl. He doesn’t know why but he feels as if he knows her for a long time and that he hasn’t seen her for a while.


He look around seeing that he’s still in the Leaky Cauldron room instead of the cupboard under the stairs…Suddenly Hagrid comes in the room.


“Good Mornin’ Harry and ye better be quick with your things or you’ll miss the train!” said Hagrid.


Harry nods as he gets his things ready. He feels as if he knows Hagrid for a long time as well despite that he meet him at the hut with the Dursleys recently.