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Forgive my sins

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Come on Louis! Run! Run! Run for your life!

His muscles were giving up!
Louis kept running, but it was becoming difficult. He was shaking from all the cold and he was hungry and he just wanted to go home, have a shower, a cuppa and sleep.

There were still two blocks left until he was home though.

Run Louis! We are nearly home!

His inner omega was not helping at all. He was just being annoying at the moment.
So Louis kept running and he felt his heart warm when he saw his apartment from across the street.

“Thank God.” Louis whispered after he unlocked the front door and was embraced by the warmness of his apartment. It was a nice feeling. 

"Finally." Louis talked to himself all the time. Maybe, the perks of living alone and having just one friend

“Another lucky day!” he mumbled while relocking the front door.

The thing was that there was no one running after him when he was getting back home. 
He and his inner omega were just scared of anyone who was not his best friend, Liam, or his family.
You can’t blame them though! 
Everyone was still terrified of the events that happened the month before. In different commercials you could hear ladies giving advice on how to act if you ever found yourself in any kind of danger. 

 Louis, himself couldn't sleep for a week after he saw the faces of those three omegas. He still thinks that the news should have not showed the pictures  of the victims without blurring it. There was blood covering their faces and the whole picture was mostly red in color. The omegas were found dead. Violated and thrown in a dark alley, in the city center.

The thing is that Anra is a safe place to live.  There are never happening things such alphas violating omegas or not treating them right. 
Louis has never felt threatened by anyone since he moved there. He was living the life of a normal 19 year old who goes to university  and comes back home without as much as a nasty word thrown his way.

Omegas there are well-treated  and loved. 

Alphas respected and well-mannered.

Anra also had a nice pack alpha to lead the Weres there.

Harry Styles!

After everyone heard what had happened, he held a conference in front of the cameras for the whole pack to hear.
Anra is the largest pack that exists. It has been that for centuries. The pack took the name of the country since, well, the whole country is a pack.
So gathering the whole country just to say something is not that easy. And the only way is by doing it in front of the cameras. Just like how it happened.

The alpha explained how important it is for everyone to stay calm and act like they always do in their daily life. Saying that the omegas do not have to be afraid because all the alphas of the pack, including himself, are taking turns to sleep and eat so they can stay more on the streets to be sure that their omegas are safe, like they should be.

Louis was amazed by the alpha.

There was something nice in being assured by someone as powerful as Harry styles that nothing bad was going to happen to him or any other omega.

You know you can't trust anyone on that right? There are a lot of bad weres and...

Louis sighed at his inner omega. 

"Yes I know that. But we can't do anything other than believe what the alpha said. You heard him. Omegas will be safe like they should be"

While lost in his world, overthinking everything, Louis removed his clothes and took a hot shower. His body was exhausted so he couldn't stay wake long enough for the water to boil to prepare his tea.
He wore the confiest pyjamas and fell asleep !