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The heart loves possibilities

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"Puttanesca, you ugly portatore di pene, let go of me or something will happen you will not enjoy..." Jane sang along.

"Nah, I don't think so, you crazy pizza-baker!" said the son of a bitch corrupt police-officer and held his arm around her neck while he wiggled and waggled from the right to the left.

"This is crazy, you are crazy!" Jane said. She grabbed at Bobby Marino's gun and held him firmly. They both struggled like crazy to gain control over the stupid pistol. They did so until the gun pointed at Jane's left foot.

"I bet you don't know what I planned to do. Jane panted loudly. Marino became a little bit aroused by Jane's sexy deep voice and the fact she panted as if she was close to an orgasm did the rest. He lost control of the gun for a split of a second and that was enough for Jane.

Jane pulled the trigger of the assaulter's gun, while her fellow officers on the other side of the road watched in horror as the bullet hit his target in a Milli-second after pulling the trigger.

"Ouch, my foot!" Jane screamed as the bullet hit his fleshy target and the blood spatted out of Jane's left foot. 'What a shit thing to happen, those shoes are brand-new Jane thought as she slowly fell to the ground.

The surprise was complete. Marino indeed did not see this coming and Jane's colleagues were not idle as they took the opportunity by the tail and to ran towards Marino and wrestled him to the ground and soon the hand-cuffs clicked for the bad cop Bobby Marino.


After they took the bullet out of Jane's foot in the hospital and a half hour lasting performance of clinic clown Casey Jones, Jane left the hospital but not before kissing Casey's cheek and telling him that she appreciated his show but the show wasn't good enough to be continued in her bedroom. For that she had told him, she had Maura, Maura had a beautiful balloon act that was more of her liking.

So Casey went back to his "Clinic clowns for the Taliban" unit in Afghanistan and Maura showed Jane what one can do with balloons and with fingers without the dark clouds of pregnancy scares hanging over your head!