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A Piece (Or The Whole Goddam Cake)

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“You know Alphas are supposed to pursue Omegas and not the other way around, right?” Alec looked up with raised eyebrows at the Omega currently sitting with legs splayed in front of him on the library table, feet planted on either side of Alec on the bench.

Jace smirked confidently, leaning back on his hands and opening his legs wider. His left thigh just brushed one of the books that had previously been in front of Alec, before Jace had pushed them out of the way. “Like you were about to make a move,” he said knowingly. “And anyway, I’m not a submissive little Omega who waits around when I know what I want.”

“And you’re so cocky you assume I want you, too?” Alec replied conversationally. “Or not afraid of rejection?”

“Please,” Jace snickered. “There’s not an Alpha who doesn’t want a piece of this.”

“A piece, perhaps,” Alec agreed. “Is that what you’re offering?”

“Ooh, aren’t we subtly touching on taboo subjects?” Jace purred. He looked at Alec hungrily.

Alec gave an expression of discomfort. He reverted his gaze to his hands. “That’s not what I meant.”

“So you weren’t alluding to my upcoming heat?” Jace purred. “I know you can smell it.”

“Who can’t?” Alec muttered under his breath, before catching himself. His eyes grew wide, and he flickered his attention back on Jace, looking mortified. “I-,” he coughed. “Sorry. That... I shouldn’t have said that.” He tossed his head, seemingly trying to collect himself. “I’m not... I’m flattered by the offer, but I’m not interested.”

Jace leaned forward, so his lips were touching Alec’s ear. The Alpha had frozen up, trying hard not to flinch away. “Liar,” Jace murmured huskily. He licked up the shell of Alec’s ear.

Alec’s pen snapped in his hand. He let out a shuddering breath.

The warm air ghosted against the side of Jace’s neck. He chuckled darkly. “If you change your mind, I’ll be waiting, ready and slick for you.” He jumped down from the table and swaggered away, knowing without looking that Alec was staring dazedly after him.