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Craving Kylo

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Rey paces around the unfamiliar sitting room, out of her mind with worry. According to her wristwatch it’s only been eight minutes since that security goon ushered her to this hushed chamber, but time feels eternal, as though she’s always been waiting here. The view of the Sound is impeccable through the sitting room’s immense windows, Seattle’s nighted lights twinkling up at her like a carpet of glowing wildflowers — but the memory of why she’s come, of Finn’s disappearance and the ominous phone call of an hour ago, keeps her stomach knotted with fear.

What’s Finn gotten himself into this time? Ever since they met he’s seemed to careen from one dangerous situation to another, and Rey’s current surroundings have her more worried than any of the other times she's bailed him out. Only rich people have private security and rooms like this. Rey doesn’t trust rich people — only other people like her and Finn, who’ve had to scrabble for everything.

What the hell brought him here?

She glances around dubiously. The study is old-world and ornately appointed, with a couch set before a working fireplace and a cherry writing desk at its back. A bell jar rests proudly upon a table near the window, a single red rose reposing amid its crystalline embrace, but Rey is too distracted to appreciate its beauty. 

She considers sitting in one of the armless chairs flanking the banked hearth, but then thinks better of it. She’s come here to make a deal; she should be on her feet when whoever she’s negotiating with arrives.

Even so, she jumps as a bookshelf swings open to reveal a hidden doorway, her heart slamming against her ribs as a tall, dark-haired man emerges from the hallway beyond. His charcoal suit makes her self-consciously smooth her clothes against her slim body, as though that can somehow persuade him to overlook the city’s grime that always clings to her. Her black-and-violet leggings, drab grey tunic, and battered leather jacket are no match for whatever silken Italian metamaterial is in fashion this spring.

She’d know his face anywhere, but actually being in the same room with him is a shock. Kylo Ren, deceptively young president of KoR Technology, one of the city’s hottest luminaries — and ardent opponent of the OSF, the so-called philanthropic group that’s been drawing Finn deeper and deeper into their mysterious “causes.”

It’s his home, of course — his palatial apartment set atop this skyscraper like a jewel. Rey thinks of Finn’s face, the way his brow wrinkles in anger as he waxes poetic about the secret wrongs this pale stranger is perpetrating against the OSF and the city of Seattle itself. Bitching about the infamous Kylo with his friends Poe and Rose has become his latest habit, sitting on the front stoop as their outraged voices echo off the depressed apartment buildings. Rey’s own impression of the man, gleaned from any number of digital articles and a few dark web vids, has been equally unsettling, but for altogether different reasons.

Kylo’s black gaze settles on Rey, and something trembles deep within her as he moves forward to shake her hand. Even without touching him she knows his black leather gloves will be warm beneath her fingers and unyielding as the rest of him. “Kylo Ren.”

“I know who you are,” Rey says quickly, avoiding his hand as though he’s proffering a live snake. It’s hard enough keeping her anxiety in check from so close. Actually touching him would be madness.

“Of course. You must be Rey.” Kylo’s dark eyes narrow, making his long face seem even more dour than he looks on all those magazine covers. The scion of two of the city’s most powerful benefactors, anyone in Seattle could recognize his wan, ever-so-slightly crooked countenance, his proud nose and full lips. How he knows her is an altogether different matter; Finn must have given him her name. “It’s a shame we have to meet under such unfortunate circumstances.”

Kylo gestures to the lone seat to the right of the fireplace, unbuttoning his jacket as he seats himself on the end of the couch closest to her. Rey sinks into the chair gratefully, knotting her fingers in her lap. Finn’s message was garbled with haste. The address and time to meet were the only things she’d understood, and the word negotiation . “What are those circumstances, exactly?”

“I’m afraid that at just past seven-thirty this evening, my private security force apprehended your friend Finn attempting to hack my private access terminal, which leads to KoR Technology’s mainframe.”

The breath freezes in Rey’s lungs. This isn’t breaking and entering, or tagging up a building, or even jacking someone’s ride. This is serious … and if Kylo is wasting his no-doubt-invaluable time talking to her , Finn is in way, way over his head.

“Evidently he was looking for a decryption key to a particular piece of software — something I don’t actually possess, as it happens,” Kylo adds. His posture is one of casual reserve; if he’s lying, it’s with utter confidence. “But corporate espionage carries a not-inconsiderable prison sentence. I think it’s an average of fifteen years, give or take.”

Rey can feel her eyebrows drawing together in a scowl as she tries to understand how she fits into this horrible puzzle. “But you haven’t contacted the authorities yet, have you? —or else I wouldn’t be here,” she realizes aloud.

The corner of Kylo’s mouth quirks in a restrained grin, but he offers nothing. She's on the right track, and it's clearly amusing him to watch her work it out.

“But … if there’s no harm, there’s no foul, then.” Rey laughs a little in relief. This has all been some big mistake — and she deliberately ignores the crest of disappointment that this will all be over so soon. She must’ve misunderstood the frantic tone of Finn’s voice; she’ll have to give him a firm talking-to on the way back to the rat-trap apartment they share. Again . “Please let Finn go and I promise we'll never bother you again.”

Kylo holds up an elegant forefinger, stopping her. “There was transgression, if not actual theft.”

“But if he didn’t take anything—”

“He tore a hole in my security net big enough to fly an A380 through,” Kylo snaps, cutting through her self-righteous fury. “And whether or not I choose to prosecute him for it, he’s now in my debt.”

Rey glares at him, refusing to let herself be cowed by that steely glint in his gaze, the confident set of his jaw. He may be richer than Elon Musk, but something about the hollowness of this apartment tells her he’s as empty as its bare walls. “That’s cold.”

“Cold survives.”

There’s that emptiness again — but it’ll have to wait. Kylo’s obsidian eyes are fixed on her as she struggles to make sense of the situation. Whatever he wants clearly isn’t something Finn can give him, and he’s watching Rey with a strange impatience, a tendon standing out like a cord in the hollow of his temple. His gaze traverses her entire body and she shifts under the intensity of it, her heart slamming against her ribs as she remembers the darkest whispers about the man whose knee is right now so very close to her own.

A man who gets off on bending women to his will.

It should be abysmally wrong to think of Kylo Ren with anything but terror, but all she can think of as she stares at his full, crooked lips is what they’d feel like pressed against her own.

Heat rises to her cheeks, and she knows she’s staring but she can’t tear her gaze away. Does a man like him even kiss? Those pictures and vids on the ’net only showed his cruelty.

“I’ve heard you’re a man of … s-singular tastes,” Rey manages, her throat parched as her sex cramps with sudden, heartsick wanting.

His amusement is glacial. “Does that disgust you?”

“They say you’re a monster.”

Kylo shakes his head, chuckling as though he’s indulging an innocent. “All my partners consent to my whims. There’s nothing monstrous about that.” He pauses, and one of his angular eyebrows arches with amusement. “And whatever you know about me, it clearly hasn’t stopped you from coming here tonight.”

He sits forward slowly, a tendril of his dark hair coiling over his brow as his magnetic gaze holds her fast. “So what have you come to offer me, Rey?”

He knows. He can’t read her thoughts, surely, but despite the confusion they share an understanding again.

Kylo has something she wants. And he wants her in return.

“I’ll…” Rey’s voice emerges as an unsteady croak, and she stops, taking another quick sip of air to bolster herself as she searches for words to voice the unspeakable. It’s one thing to read gossip about a man who’s a clean-cut if ruthless businessman by day and indulges in all sorts of whispered perversions at night. It’s altogether another thing to be throwing herself on his mercy for Finn’s sake.

But Finn would surely do the same for her if the situations were reversed — and one quick fuck is more than worth a decade and a half of her best friend’s freedom. “I’ll sl-sleep with you if you let Finn go, and don’t tell anyone we were ever here.”


The word hits Rey like a physical blow, and she sags back against her seat, glaring in astonishment. The dampness between her legs turns to icy reproach. “ No?

“If I turn your friend over to the authorities for prosecution, he goes to jail for years. Possibly decades.” Kylo stares ahead at the glowing coals, their light playing strangely over his face. He looks like he’s been hewn from marble. “Did you know he used to work for Snoke Industries?”

Rey nods. Of course. She doubts his OSF pals would’ve been interested in befriending him otherwise, but that had never mattered to her. Snoke Industries is just one giant in a landscape of corporate titans. Working for any one of them seemed no different to Rey than any other, but obviously the OSF feels differently. 

And so does Kylo.

“If you’ve heard of me, surely you know of their reputation. Crossing them means risking my relationship with an old friend, someone who shaped me into who I am today — so in return for the risk you're asking me to assume, I want something more … substantial.”

She waits, trembling with each thudding heartbeat, as he gazes into the embers.

Finally Kylo’s dark eyes find her again, sending a frisson of longing along Rey’s spine. “I’ll release your friend, but only if you agree to stay in his place. Indefinitely.”

What? ” She can feel the violent heat rising in her cheeks, because what he’s asking is outrageous. Unthinkable.

And yet, he wants her … and she sways in her seat, gutted with longing for him.

“Do you think you’re up to the challenge of being my prisoner?”

His low voice is cool, collected, as though he’s asking for something utterly reasonable. Rey lifts her chin haughtily, refusing to let him see how her fingers tremble at the very thought, betraying how much she wants to give in to him. “Better me than Finn.”

“So you’re sacrificing yourself, then.” Kylo’s upper lip curls disdainfully as he rises to his feet and looks away, shaking his head as he buttons his jacket. Her answer displeased him somehow. Disappointment threatens to crush her ribcage to kindling — is he leaving already? “I have exacting standards, enthusiasm among them.”

No , not yet. Not like this.

Suddenly Rey is on her feet with no memory of how she got there. Kylo watches her with that intense, predatory interest again, and her pulse sings in her ears as she steps closer to him, bewitched.

She can give him enthusiasm. Part of her suspects — or perhaps only fears — that she’ll hate herself for it later when this intoxicating lust wears off, but eagerness for Kylo and what he might do to her lurk just beneath the surface of her skin.

The willowy man slips his arm about her waist, silently welcoming her to him, and her heart thrums in her chest as she fixes her eyes on the shallow V of fabric at the top of his button-down shirt. It’s only now that she notices he isn’t wearing a tie, and the hollow of his throat is visible above the black silken cloth. She’s struck by a sudden impulse to nuzzle into that spot as he pulls her close against him.

The intermingled aromas of sunbaked heat and an exotic spice that Rey can't name emanate from Kylo’s body, and her head spins drunkenly as he brings his face down to meet hers. He hesitates for a moment, and then his lips are sealed against Rey’s, drinking her in as his arm tightens at her waist.

A moan escapes Rey as Kylo parts her lips with his tongue and probes her mouth, claiming her and demanding she submit all at once. A low growl reverberates through his throat, and she can taste his hunger. She’s suddenly become a woman possessed by need, as though it's a tangible thing crawling beneath her skin. Her whole body aches for his touch, and she moves against him, cajoling him for more.

Kylo’s lips are still tantalizingly close as he breaks away from her to murmur, “I could be a kind master to you.”

“You’d only be kind if I did exactly what you wanted,” Rey gasps into his neck, the words shaky and small amid the sitting room’s hush. “As long as I was obedient . That's what you like, isn't it?”

“Yes.” His teeth tease her earlobe, sending a fresh wave of wanting through her limbs. His molten gold voice pours through her every nerve. “Take off your clothes.”

The thought of being naked before Kylo, not at some future time when she’s better prepared but now , is enough to snap Rey out of the hypnotic languor she’s fallen into. She twists in his hold, panic threatening to kill the warmth that’s already begun to gather deep within her like fireflies. “N-No, I can’t fuck you yet—”

Kylo surprises her by laughing, even as his implacable gaze rages at her. “You’re not going to fuck me, sweet little Rey. You’re not going to fuck anyone.” His arm is an iron prison about her waist, and the black-gloved fingers of his free hand knot in her hair, forcing Rey’s face up to meet his. His voice is dangerously soft, belying the storm that rages in his eyes. “You’re going to get fucked like the prisoner you are. Let’s see if you’re worthy of that position.”

“I haven’t agreed to anything yet,” Rey hisses, a desperate whine threading through her words.

“Consider this a down payment on your friend’s freedom.”

Rey squints at Kylo in rage and disbelief. “Are you telling me you doubt I can meet your exacting standards ? That you need … what, fucking proof?

“You’re a strange woman who’s barged her way into my home in the middle of the night and demanded I take her body in exchange for covering up an attempted cybercrime.” Kylo shakes his head, his full mouth twisting in a handsome sneer as his laughter shakes her body. “I don’t owe you any measure of trust.”

Mortification floods Rey’s limbs like lead. Whatever Finn’s doing with the Organa-Solo Foundation is obviously less than legit, but hearing Kylo frame her own actions that way makes her want to melt into his richly carpeted floor.

“Prancing in here in those ass-tight leggings, practically begging me to bend you over my desk and fuck you…” 

Kylo frees his hand from Rey’s locks and caresses her mouse-brown hair now, sending a fresh wave of goosebumps over her skin as some dark and buried part of her chants yesyesyes .

His eyes are luminous in the dim room. His heartbeat thrums through her body like struck steel as he runs his fingers along the curve of her cheek.

“God damn you’re beautiful when you’re terrified,” he breathes, entranced.

Rey’s heart thuds a tattoo of shock amid the silence. Icy revulsion slithers through her, but it’s quickly seared away by the sick longing that heats the secret place between her legs at the thought of surrendering herself to Kylo. 

It should be unfathomable, trading herself away to him to be used for his perverse pleasures — but the insides of her thighs slip against each other, wet with hunger as she imagines him rutting inside her and debasing her.

Her fingers tremble against his lapels as she considers her options. How can she want this?

She should try to fight back. Retreat, make contact with Finn’s friends. They must have connections — a politician, a district attorney maybe. Someone with actual power , not a self-taught engie from the middle of nowhere.

She should .

Rey slowly lowers her arms, letting her leather jacket slip from her shoulders and pool on the floor behind her.

“No.” Kylo’s slim, graceful fingers close about her wrist as she reaches for the hem of her shirt. “I’ve changed my mind, pet. I want you to keep the rest of your clothes on for now.” Rey gapes at the dark man in confusion as he withdraws from her and sits back on the couch. He pats his lap, full lips curving in a ghostly smirk as he gazes up at her. “Sit here.”

She hesitates, only moving when he deliberately pats his lap again, encouraging her. He’s utterly serious — and she feels her cheeks burning crimson as she seats herself sideways over his bent knees as he indicates. 

Her boots dangle above the floor and she feels suddenly vulnerable, conscious of how much bigger than her he is. He could physically overpower her in a moment. Even sitting down he threatens to loom over her; she’s putting herself in the lion’s jaws acquiescing to him like this.

A surprised squeak escapes Rey as Kylo slips one arm under her knees and the other behind the small of the back, resettling her so that she’s propped against his chest. He chuckles at the noise his sudden movement evokes in her, and runs his palm along the outside of her thigh to the curve of her hip, admiring her body.

“Tell me why you’d do this.” His soft voice coaxes her, his onyx eyes evincing that heartbreaking tenderness that can’t possibly be real. It’s a trick, a basilisk’s stare, ready to rend her asunder as soon as she succumbs to him.

Adrenaline runs through her veins like mercury, but gravity is no friend to her right now. She can’t escape Kylo. 

“Why would you surrender your body to a man you don’t even know for his sake?” She doesn’t need to ask to know whom he means. “He’s not a very good hacker.”

“Finn’s my friend, and that’s reason enough,” Rey says stubbornly. “He never leaves me behind.” There can’t be any harm in offering up that much — although, at the core of things, there isn’t much more to tell.

“And now you’re refusing to leave him.” Kylo caresses her thigh again, his head twitching in disbelief as he considers her words. “You must’ve been terrified coming here, knowing what you already seem to about me.” This time his hand doesn’t stop at the curve of her hip but moves steadily higher, past the curve of her waist. Rey stiffens against Kylo as he cups her breast, leather whispering as he squeezes experimentally. “Yet still you came.”

She watches his black-gloved hand, hardly daring to breathe as he runs his thumb over the gentle swell in her cotton-knit shirt. Something throbs beneath the curve of her ass, and the muscles deep in her belly clench in rhythmic response. He’s staring at her body like he wants to devour her, and the tendon in his temple jumps again as the throbbing comes again.

Rey shivers as Kylo’s oblivion-dark gaze finds hers, stirring her to her core. “Kiss me.”

“Why?” she whispers.

His full lips twist in a condescending grin. "Because I told you to.”

It’s so unbearably wrong the way that his words make her dizzy with lust, but she’s drawn to him like a moth to a ravaging pyre. His lips taste like smoldering coals, and she sinks into him completely as he pulls her close against his chest. His fingers tighten on her full ass, and she whimpers into his mouth, not even sure when or how her arms find their way around his neck. 

All too soon he pulls away from Rey again, leaving her forsaken and wanting. His gaze burns with urgency, making his ink-dark eyes look even darker, and his fingers dig into her sensitive skin, refusing to let her retreat from him. “How does it feel, giving yourself to me like that? Tell me the truth.”

“It felt … good,” she admits shyly.

Kylo grazes her cheek with his leather-gloved hand again, a faint smile curving his lips. “Good girl. When I ask you a question, I want your honest answer.” 

He fumbles at her waist, and it’s only after two soft slapping sounds break the quiet that she realizes he’s tugged off his gloves and cast them aside. His bare fingertips threaten to burn her as he turns her chin, forcing her to meet his gaze. “From now until I’m done fucking you tonight, you will call me sir, do you understand?”

“Yes, sir,” she mumbles, his insistence making her feel strangely rebellious.

Kylo nods, the city’s lights shining off his raven-dark hair like starlight. “We’ll talk about more conditions later, if you agree to stay with me the way I want you to.” Is it his gentle pressure on her back that makes Rey drift closer to him again, or her own desire? She can’t tell them apart anymore. “Kiss me.”

Rey's mouth finds Kylo’s again as his hand scorches her stomach, skimming up along the naked skin that lies beneath her shirt. He savagely yanks her bra down, forcing her breast up out of the cushioned fabric cup before she can protest. A panting ahhhh erupts from her as he tweaks her nipple, hardening it to a diamondine point and sending ecstatic jolts skittering into the depths of her abdomen.

“Do you like this?” Kylo mumbles roughly around Rey’s lips as he frees her other breast from its fabric prison, claiming it as he did the first.

She knows she should tell him his touch is like venom, but her drenched core throbs, betraying her at the very thought of lying to him. Kylo’s fingertips linger against her, savoring her supple flesh, trespassing where no one but Rey herself has ever touched. No amount of protestations will be able to quiet the snarling hunger his touch inspires in her. “Yes, sir.”

Kylo chuckles again, and she instinctively rolls her hips as his rigid length pulses beneath the curve of her ass again. “Only a dirty little slut could stand being treated like this.” He catches her chin in his hand, regarding her somberly. “Is that what you are? A slut?”

“No!” Rey whimpers — and then she gasps as Kylo’s open palm stings her backside through her leggings. It doesn’t hurt, not really, but it’s jarring enough to remind her of her mistake. “No, sir .”

“But you want me to take you.”

She glares at him, stung more by how easily he makes his assumption than the fact that he’s correct. “ No.

Kylo laughs coldly at her impotent wrath. “I doubt that. If I reach down here—” He trails his fingers over the apex of Rey’s thighs, making her mewl and vainly try to writhe away from him. “—what do you think I’m going to find?”

“I’m sure you wouldn’t dare.”

Sir ,” he prompts, his voice dangerously soft.

Rey lets her scowl speak for her.

Kylo’s fingers slide to her neck, caging her slender muscles in a loose grip. He regards her carefully, as though examining her. “I’m going to fuck you, Rey. You already know that, just as I do. And that’s going to be a hell of a lot more intimate than just touching.” He shoots a pointed glance at her tunic. “Take off your shirt.”

She crosses her arms. “Why don’t you just take it off me?”

“I could,” Kylo murmurs, ignoring the razor edge of hostility that’s found its way into her voice, “but the point is that you do it voluntarily. Willingly.” His fingers move beneath the shroud of dark fabric, massaging her breast again. “You need someone to help you channel that anger, that fire burning inside you.”

Secret hope flares within her at his words. Everyone has always left her — the parents that abandoned her as a child, her abusive mentor Unkar Plutt, even Finn, leaving her behind in favor of his OSF friends notwithstanding what she just told Kylo. Taking her to Takodana that time had been a courtesy, not a true gesture of friendship — not anymore. No one can ever see past her hardened exterior to the heart that’s as dessicated as the deserts of her Nevada homeland.

No one has taken care of her. Always and ever, she can only rely on herself.

Kylo’s lips graze her jaw, setting her nerves on fire as he whispers, “You need a teacher, Rey.”

Whatever she was expecting when she first saw him, it wasn’t this. This man, a complete stranger, is the only one who’s ever asked, who’s ever wanted to see that side of her, who’s ever encouraged her to embrace it. Something in his lingering gaze can pierce the stormy armor she’s gathered about her over the years — and he patiently waits for her to decide what she’ll do next.

She’s been strong for so long that surrender almost seems out of reach.

Rey sits up, wordlessly tugging her shirt over her head and letting it drop on the floor beside the couch. The room’s climate-controlled air chills her bare skin, and she shivers as she leans back against Kylo, molding herself to the line of his chest. His full lips part in astonishment as he stares at her, and his gaze drifted lower, to where his rough ministrations have heaved her pert breasts up out of her simple black bra.

“These,” Kylo breathes. He brings his lips to her coral nipples, sucking them and swirling his tongue about each in turn.

Rey’s back arches, her head lolling back with rapture as Kylo traces wet designs on her tits. His grip on her tightens, growing more urgent as he teases her stiff peaks with his teeth, and she twists her fingers into his soft hair. Her pussy cramps with longing, and she can feel the moisture trickling out of her cleft to pool in her panties. “P-Please…”

“Kiss me like you want me, Rey,” Kylo rasps as he draws his dark, surly brow to hers. He presses his temple against her forehead, cradling her body against his so fiercely that for a moment she sees sparks. “Make me believe it.”

She cups his face in her hands, savoring the sensation of his sharp stubble abrading her skin as she brings her lips to meet the dark man’s. He rolls her nipples between his thumb and forefinger as his mouth possesses hers again, and she whimpers into him as his hand moves lower again, gliding over the waistband of her leggings to drive between her fabric-wrapped thighs.

“No,” she moans as he slides his fingers along the length of her sex, coaxing the sharply beautiful sensations in her abdomen. He finds her easily over the slippery material, as though she’s already naked in his arms. “Kylo, you don’t have to do this...”

The dark man surges against her, and a cry tears itself from Rey’s throat as he abruptly thrusts his hand down the front of her leggings and under her soft cotton panties. He works his way against the flat of her abdomen, easily finding her slick, petal-soft folds before she can breathe. 

Fuck , you’re soaked for me, Rey,” Kylo growls, his low, musical voice tight with need as his fingertips swirl about her clit in slow circles. “Do you want to feel me inside you?”

“Yes, sir,” she begs, too wrung out by the force of her longing to keep herself from him anymore.

“That’s my girl,” he croons, pleased, and some shadowy part of her soul has never been prouder.

Rey yields to Kylo’s touch as he reclaims his hand and helps her straddle his lap, leaving cool trails on her hip where his slick fingers touch her. His breaths reverberate shallowly against her throat, and his fingers scorch her skin as he draws her wrist to a place just below his belt where the fabric of his trousers is swollen taut. His lips tease hers, not quite kissing her as he murmurs, “This is how much I want you.”

The breath gushes from Rey’s lungs as Kylo presses her hand to his length and she tentatively runs her fingers along him. He hisses through clenched teeth at her feather-soft touch, his rigid cock straining at his trousers like a leashed serpent as he trembles with pleasure.

She bites back a grin to see his reaction, but her smug delight vanishes in the next moment as he slides her hips higher, ignoring their clothes as he brings her drenched quim to rest atop his rock-hard phallus.

“Give yourself to me, Rey,” Kylo groans through gritted teeth as he forces himself against her body and she cries out in rapturous response. “Sleep in my bed with me. Be my little whore and my pet and let me own you every way a person can.” He nuzzles against her, his temple sharp against her cheekbone as he quickens, his voice dropping to a rumbling growl. “Let me defile you.”

The savage words take her breath away, and she imagines what it’ll feel like. Penetration is a word of hurt and binding and breaking — and it’s been her deepest, darkest desire for as long as she can remember. It’s the word that fills her mind as she awakens her in the morning to find her bloodless fingers jammed between her legs, a wanton moan fleeing her lips as she nears.

It seemed such a simple idea at first, offering herself to him. But now that she’s on the verge of being naked in his arms as he shatters her maidenhead, it seems impossible.

Kylo’s body is vital against her; she can feel his frayed breathing, the strength in his muscles as he hitches her against him. He wants her — he’s wanted her since he first set eyes on her, she knows it without knowing. For reasons beyond her comprehension, even as he calls her a slut he’s treating her like a prize, a concubine, something to be treasured.

His splayed fingers claw at her back, and he snarls into her fevered skin. The more naked she becomes the more he’s reduced to a beast, his cold manners eroding beneath the force of his craving for her. If she could see his eyes, she knows he’d be glaring black flames at her as he presses her closer to her breaking point.

How can she love a terrible thing this much?

“Yes,” Rey begs.

Kylo twitches beneath her as she rides him, his hips lifting her helpless body as he grinds against her. She clutches at his shirt, working the buttons open with fumbling fingers. Caught in his rhythm as she is, she blindly, desperately needs to feel him against her — and she sighs with delight as his shirt finally parts to reveal the sculpted cords of his muscles. She melts into him, reveling in the heat that emanates from his body like the sun as he strives against her.

Kylo imprisons Rey’s body against his as their panting breaths intermingle, and she whimpers hungrily as the ridge of his head finds her clit again and again, driving her toward a blinding edge. Even the layers of clothing separating them don’t lessen his raw desire to fuck her.

“I can’t wait anymore,” Kylo seethes breathlessly, and then his hands close on her hips again. “I need you.”

Rey shrieks in surprise as he twists her body, reseating her with her back against his chest and her knees pressed together between his own. The metal of his belt clinks as he works at it beneath her, his eager heartbeat resonating through her back. Then his fingers slide down along the outsides of her hips, shoving the waistbands of her leggings and panties down to her mid-thighs in a single sharp movement.

She doesn’t know what to expect, so it comes as a shock as Kylo lifts her ass and the blunt end of his cock spreads her dripping cunt, burying itself in her as she sinks onto him.

Rey clutches spasmodically at the couch, trying to keep her balance as her own weight impales her on Kylo’s throbbing shaft, but he holds her hips steady, pulling her inexorably down. She pants, wordless and overwhelmed as he stretches her to her utmost, her core opening to his advances as he wrenches her wider to admit him.

“So deep,” she gasped mindlessly as her skin prickles to gooseflesh.

He only laughs, his voice tight with his own pleasure as he pulls her derriere flush with his hips.

Kylo’s invasion is searing, inescapable, and she clings to him with growing desperation as he lifts her again, his harsh breaths tickling the shell of her ear. He thrusts into her as she falls to meet him, and her body shakes with the jarring force of his trespass, nipples aching as her breasts bounce against her useless, forgotten bra.

A guttural cry escapes Rey as Kylo twists his fingers into her hair again, dragging her head back to bare the curve of her neck. 

“Tell me you’re mine,” Kylo demands, his words warm and yearning against her skin as he splinters her pussy afresh. “Give yourself to me, Rey, and I'll let him go.”

She clenches her thighs tighter, rolling her hips as she sinks back against Kylo again. His thick, dull head slams against something deep within her, pinching with a commingled pleasure-pain as he transfixes her body. His jewels are tight against her ass, and his breaths are ragged against her as he bucks into her, his hips slapping wetly against hers as he rocks her faster and harder.

She wants to cry out with rapture, but he fills her so perfectly that her breaths are too shallow to waste.

Kylo fondles her breasts roughly, as if reminding her who truly owns her body right now, and his lustful groans fill the study as he relentlessly fucks her. “Give yourself to me, Rey.”

To feel this with Kylo, to save Finn, to save herself, she only has one choice.

“I’ll stay with you,” Rey murmurs, surging against him as he works himself into her even deeper still. “I'll t-take his place.”

Kylo flings an arm about her waist as he pumps into her, and his other hand slips between her pressed-shut thighs, finding her clit with the rough pad of his thumb. “Tell me you’re my prisoner, pet,” he growls into her vulnerable neck. “Say it.”

“I’m yours,” Rey mews, desperate to please him the way he's pleasing her. Her body is already starting to clench around his inflamed length, her own nectar smoothing away any resistance as he ruts deep into her body and nudges her closer to a blinding edge. His fingers circle the nub at the apex of her thighs, drawing a howl of wordless anguish from her lips.

“Are you ready to take my cum, Rey?” Kylo’s words are velvet-edged, numbed with the force of his carnal need for her. “Fuck, I’m so close to giving it to you.”

“Harder,” she begs, the word melting into a sigh of longing as he pounds into her soft flesh.

Kylo shivers behind her with frenzied lust, his movements becoming convulsive as he nears. “Fuck, Rey…”

Heat rises inside him as his cum gathers, and she can hear herself shouting, clutching at him as they come undone together. Kylo’s cock shudders within her pussy, and she feels his seed spurting into her like liquid fury as he groans with release.

Her own mutinous body tightens about him, his alien girth striking new chords of rapture as their twin orgasms echo through her like spectral serpents.

My Rey,” Kylo hisses, his prick stiffening inside Rey as she writhes about him, lost to ecstasy.

They stay tangled together, panting, until Rey recovers her wits. Her cunt is sore from his punishment, and it aches reproachfully as she works herself free of Kylo’s thick member and shakily stands. His sticky essence floods her thighs as she rises, but she instinctively pulls her panties and leggings back up, preserving whatever shredded semblance of modesty is left to her.

She should feel dirty, used … but all she feels is dazed triumph.

A soft zipping and metallic jangling behind her signals that Kylo has refastened his pants, and Rey’s knees wobble as he stands up behind her, his body heat emanating onto her naked back like sunshine. She shrugs her shoulders, resettling her breasts inside her bra, and glances about numbly for her shirt.

“Rey,” Kylo murmurs as he reaches for her.

He needs her now, and the aching way he says her name is reason enough to stay. In a moment his arms are about her again, pulling her close to his chest as his lips reclaim hers in a brutal kiss.

In that moment, Rey never wants to be free of him.

“Do we have a deal?” Kylo mutters as he pulls away a few inches, his obsidian-dark eyes studying her carefully as he strokes her back with that strange tenderness. “Your freedom for his?”

Rey nuzzles into Kylo and gazes up at him, already losing herself in the depthless embrace that awaits her in his eyes.

Finn will be safe — that’s what matters. That’s what brought her here. If she has to stay behind with Kylo to seal the exchange, so be it.

“Yes,” Rey whispers.

Kylo’s lips twist in a grim smile, and his hand closes over Rey’s, engulfing her fingers almost entirely within his own.

“This way,” he murmurs, and as he leads her from the room it doesn't even matter where they're going. The city sleeps below them, unknowing, and she only has eyes for him.