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A Blade at His Neck

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When Kadar met Desmond– he didn’t expect much.

Desmond was originally his mission. The Tavern owner was a foreigner, an unknown, and what Altair would say– a threat.

Kadar was about to become an initiate. He only needed one more mission. The Foreigner was that mission.

He expected many things. He expected a violent meeting, he gave thought to distrust, surprise, and paranoia. What he didn’t expect was the reaction he did get.

When Kadar walked into the tavern he was met with surprise, a welcoming smile and– Kadar thought this one was puzzling– nostalgia.

Nostalgia for what? He didn’t know. The only thing he did know was that Desmond looked like an Assassin and walked with an unusual amount of grace.

Studying Desmond was easy and hard at the same time. In the week he was watching the tavern owner he noticed meaning things. Like Desmond had two poorly made daggers, lived in the poor district, and liked heights.

The mission was only to last for a week but the day Kadar couldn’t truly leave.

That fight wasn’t his first fight nor was it his last. But there was something important about that fight. Maybe it was the fact that Kadar was close to the next level of the Brotherhood, maybe it was because Desmond looked at Kadar like he respected him, or perhaps it was the feeling of fighting with someone who didn’t look at him and see his father or brother. But who actually saw him. Saw Kadar Al-Sayf.

Maybe because of that reason; Kadar gives Desmond his name.

Maybe because of those reasons that had Kadar altering a few things in his report. Things like Desmond knowing how to fight, or the fact he carries two daggers and dresses like a Brotherhood Assassin or the simple fact that Altair and Desmond looked alike.

If those things were left out. Well no one but him knew the truth.