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A Blade at His Neck

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When Desmond touched the orb he thought it was over. That all the pain he felt was over and he would rest. He thought that he would die and with his sacrifice, the world is saved.

Desmond mainly thought he would rest in peace. Be done with the world and all its hardships.

But Desmond woke up. Desmond woke up and he felt cheated. Cheated by gods known and unknown. Touching the orb should have killed him. Juno had said so. So why the hell is he still alive?

Desmond put that behind him though; he decided to curse the gods later. When he knew where he was.

He looked around saw two things that stood out. One was the fact he was on a roof. The other was the fact there was a rooftop garden next to him.

The only place he saw those; was in memories. Memories that weren’t his own.

There were other buildings, other gardens, every roof was a light color. Like sand or clay. It looked like he was on the outskirt of some kind of city.

He felt a sting come from his arm. Looking at it, he felt panic curl around his heart. His arm was covered in scars. Burn scars. From his figure tips, the worst part, all the way to his shoulder, which was a light red.

He held it up to the sun to see it better. Only to catch sight of something else. It loomed over the city. It’s shadow swallowed buildings whole. It stuck out like a sore thumb. Desmond knew that place. He knew it, he climbed it, he killed in it.

Desmond felt the panic turn to dread.

It was Masyaf.