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The Warlocks Protector

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The battle field at Camlann was full of the dead and dying, everywhere Merlin could see. He needed to find Arthur before Mordred did. He should have acted quicker and forgotten about the dragon, that wasn’t his destiny,

As Merlin rounded the corner, still in his Dragoon form, he spotted Arthur and Mordred fighting. He ran as fast as he could and just as Mordred thrust his sword at Arthur’s unguarded flank Merlin pushed Arthur to one side. Mordred’s sword instead went into his left flank. It shouldn’t have been a killing wound but he could feel magic flow into the wound. As he started to fall Arthur thrust Excalibur into Mordred and he fell dead.

Merlin has saved Arthur, he has fulfilled his destiny. That was all Merlin needed to know, now he could died in peace. He started to weaken when he heard the one voice he didn’t want to. Morgana the one part of the puzzle left.
“So Emrys, you’re here and you have killed Mordred. No matter you to will die. His sword was forged in a dragon’s breath, you have no chance. You will perish as will your precious king.” The witch laughed as she threw Arthur against the rocks.

In a last burst of strength Merlin used his magic to pull Excalibur out of Arthur’s hand and made it fly through the air toward Morgana. Morgana was too busy with Arthur and didn’t see the sword until it was too late it plunged into her.
“You fool I am a high priestess of the old religion, it will take more than mere swords too kill me.” She turned to Merlin “I shall enjoy watching you die, and then I will finish off your king once and for all.”

“No, you will die as well Morgana, you have gone too far to be allowed to live. The sword in your side was also forged in a dragon’s breath, can’t you feel its power go through you?

At that Morgana went pale as the magic from the sword started to work and she fell to her knees. “Well I will still watch you die Emrys” she was amazed as she saw the old man turn slowly into the form she knew so well.

“Merlin! no you don’t have magic! It can’t be you.” she screamed.

“Yes I do Morgana, I am Emrys.” With that they both collapsed onto the ground.
Arthur had regained consciousness just as Dragoon changed into the more familiar form of Merlin. He watched stunned by what he was seeing, he ran towards the figure on the ground. As he reached Merlin’s side he looked down at the man who had just saved his life. His faithful servant and friend a sorcerer! It couldn’t be! all those who used magic were evil he had seen it himself so many times.

He fell to his knees by the side of the man he knew so well. As he stared at the still form on the ground Merlin slowly opened his eyes. He looked into Arthurs eyes and saw the conflict there.

“I’m sorry Arthur I wanted to tell you so many times, I was afraid……. I only used it for you.” The voice slowly petered out as Merlin gasped for breath. The pain was unbearable. He clasped at the wound in his side.

Arthur looked at Merlin hurt and torment clear in his eyes. “Why Merlin, why didn’t you tell me? Why did you do it? Oh Merlin you fool.” He bent and picked the dying warlock up into his arms cradling him to his chest. Tears forming in his eyes as he held Merlin.

“I was born….to serve you Sire……I’m sor…..” Merlin’s voice slowly faded and his eyes closed.

“No! You can’t died not like this. I need answers damn you.” Arthur felt Merlin’s chest he could still feel a faint heartbeat. “Hang on Merlin I’ll get you to Gaius.” Arthur placed Merlin back on the ground and pulled his sword from Morgana’s chest before returning to the still form of Merlin. Arthur carefully gathered the injured man up and started to head back towards the camp.

His mind was full of conflicting thoughts, but the one thing he knew was that Merlin had saved his life, he had saved Camelot. As to his magic he would deal with that later for now he needed to make sure Merlin lived. As he got nearer the camp he was met by Percy and Gwaine who on seeing the body in their king’s arms came forward to help him. Percy took Merlin’s still form and Gwaine ran to find Gaius and tell him Merlin needed his help.

Merlin’s eyes opened just before they took him into one of the tents. He was trying to say something Arthur made Percy stop and he put his ear nearer Merlin so he could hear what he was saying:

“Please leave me outside, I want to die in the daylight where I can see the sun.”

Percy gently placed Merlin on the ground just as Gaius and Gwen arrived.

“What happened?” Gaius demanded looking at his charges still form.

“He saved me Gaius, he took Mordred’s sword for me, Morgana said he would die, something about the sword being forged in a dragon’s breath.” The king looked up at Gaius. “Save him please”

“Sorry Sire, if what you say is true there is nothing I can do. An injury from a sword forged that way is fatal.” The old healer knelt at Merlin’s side “Oh my boy you’ve done it this time.” He rubbed his hand on Merlin’s cheek. “All I can do is make his passing easier.” He turned to his queen “Gwen can you fetch me some of the poppy juice we still have a small amount left.”

“No I forbid it, you can’t just give up on him, there must be something you can do” Arthur glared at the healer.

“There is nothing Sire, Merlin is like a son to me, don’t you think if there was something I would do it, I would give my life for the boy.” Gaius was heartbroken.

The knights stood around looking down at the young man and their king who had so long been part of their lives. Just as Gwen returned with the poppy juice and gave it to Gaius they all heard a sound they had never wanted to hear again. There was a whooshing noise through the air as a large dragon far larger than the one helping Morgana flew overhead.