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The last hope for Westeros

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Jon Snow


Jon was sleeping soundly in his chambers when he was suddenly jolted from his slumber by the sounds of someone urgently pounding on the door. He then heard a deep hard voice of his oversized ginger Free Folk friend hollering, "King Crow, ya needs to wake up!"


Jon’s eyes snapped open. “Aye, I'm awake!” He yelled angrily in response as he rolled out of his his bed, walked to the door and pulled it opened. 


"Jon! Come on, we need to leave NOW!" Tormund exclaimed as soon as the door opened. When he noticed that Jon was not following, he ran back into the room, grabbed the smaller man by his tunic, looked him in the eyes and said, "Jon, I know what happened is a tragedy but we have to move on... We need to leave now!” 


Jon could see the commotion happening in the hall behind his friend. The few remaining members of the Northern, Targaryen, and Free Folk forces were all running quickly while trying to don their armor and secure their sword belts. He exhaled, turned around, walked back to his bed and retrieved Longclaw. He walked back towards Tormund and shoved his precious Valyrian Steel sword into the other man's chest and furiously stated, "I'm done fighting for this godsdamn war, Tormund! You cannot even begin to comprehend what have I have lost!!" He exhaled and then added in a barely audible mutter, "I have nothing left to fight for." 


Tormund could see the mixture of emotions on Jon's face; he saw fear and anger and sorrow. He placed a hand on his friend's shoulder looked him in the eyes and said, "Look, Snow, I know what you have lost... Your beloved wife and siblings all perished in the hands of those undead cunts... I can understand that you want to give up, but we need you... We need you to keep fighting for the living!"


Jon was feeling tears coming down his face. He could no longer control his emotions and snapped, "Tormund, I lost Rhaegar... My son is DEAD and I was not even there to protect him! When he needed me most I was defending the walls of Winterfell... I was not there when wights broke into my chambers and killed Ghost while he was protecting Rhaegar... after Ghost died those fuckers proceeded to kill my son... They stabbed him over thousand of times! All three Dragons are gone. The love of my life... my wife... my Dany, she was killed in front of me, by the hands of the Night King! My sisters were killed! They were turned into wights and I was the one that had to kill them again and burn their bodies." He paused briefly to use the back of his hand to wife the tears from his face and continued, "My brother, Bran, is always speaking to that red witch, Melisandra... What purpose in life do I have left all my loved ones are gone. There is no hope for me or for anyone in this Gods forsaking world. The dead are on their way to Pentos. What hope do we have left Tormund? What else to we have left to fight for? I am tired of fighting."


Tormund was heartbroken for the man he considered to be one of his best friends. He could see Jon had lost all hope and felt no purpose to continue fighting. He also wanted to cry as he had watched the man in front of him have everything and everyone he held dear to his heart be ripped away piece by piece. However, before he could find some words to encourage his friend that he needed to continue the fight another voice broke the silence.


"You can't give up now, Jon Snow. There is still one last plan we can use. One that can use that will change all of the shit we have endured. One that we can to to change it into our favor."


Jon looked to where to voice came from and was surprised to see Tyrion. He had not seen the dwarf since the death of his Queen.


"Do you have a plan?" Jon asked as he wiped the remaining tears from his face.


Tyrion smiled. This surprised Jon because Tyrion, hasn't smiled since Daenerys had announced she was pregnant. "I do actually," Tyrion said as his smirk began to stretch across his face. 


With a false smile on his lips Jon sarcastically asked, "Alright. What's you're amazing plan, Lord Tyrion?" 


The smile fell from Tyrion's face as he felt his anger rising. "I'm in no mood for your sarcasm, Jon. I know what you have lost... we all lost them! Remember my Queen, Brother and wife also died! They were also my loved ones!" He practically yelled at the King.


Jon looked at Tyrion. He felt sad for what Tyrion also has been going through in this war. He  sigh and said, "I'm sorry Tyrion. I'm just... I'm sorry. Tyrion please forgive me for my actions."


Tyrion exhaled gave a nod and a forced slight smile before he said, "It is fine, your Grace. Follow me we do not have a lot of time before the dead will arrive." 


Jon nodded and began to follow behind Tyrion and Tormund. But before they exited his chambers Jon called, "Wait! Tyrion before we go, will you please tell me what this plan is?"


Jon looked at Tyrion who kept on smiling. Jon only became even more curious when Tyrion smile got even bigger as he said, "All will be explained after you have followed me and Tormund." 


After hearing what Tyrion has said Jon was even more and more curious. So with a raised eyebrow he relented, "Fine, Tyrion. Show me the way." 


Jon looked over at Tormund as they began to leave his room and he noticed the ginger was also smiling as he still held Longclaw in his arms. 


As they quickly made their way though the halls, they could see more soldiers of the living running past them. "How long until the dead arrive here in Pentos?" Jon asked.


Tormund turned his face towards Jon as they walked and huffed out, "They are already inside the city, Crow... They are killing all of our fucking men like we are nothing."


Jon knew the dead were close towards the city but never thought they were this close. "Fuck!" He said as he rubbed a hand over his face. 


Tyrion turned his gaze around and said to Jon in a reassuring voice, "Don't worry, your Grace. You just need to keep following me and the focus on the plan."


Jon was getting frustrated and angry. "Focus on the plan? How can I focus on your plan when my people are being slaughtered! How can I focus on your plan if I don't even know what it is!?"


Tyrion chuckled sarcastically, "I always forget how stubborn you are, Jon Snow."


After Tyrion said these words they stopped walking. There were in front of a large wooden double door that had two unsullied soldiers standing guard. Once Tyrion nodded at them, they turned around and opened the doors.


When they stepped inside the room the doors quickly closed and Tormund bolted them shut. Jon looked around the room and was surprised to see Bran and Melisandre we there and seemed to been in the middled of a deep discussion around a pool of water. When he got closer to the fountain he noticed that it was not normal water in the pool, but some sort of steamy green liquid. Jon suspected the witch was behind this. When the two noticed their arrival, their conversation halted and they both turned to look towards Jon.


"Aegon Targaryen, please come forth." The Three-Eyed Raven called to his brother, with a hint of emotion in his normally monotoned voice, "We need to start this plan now. The Night king knows of this plan and is on his way here to stop us." 


Jon was getting more angry and confused. "Bran!" The King exclaimed, "What is this plan you all keep speaking of? I won't do anything until you have told me what this plan is!" 


Tyrion looked at Bran who nodded to Tyrion. After the approval was granted the Imp calmly spoke, "This plan is a way to give us a second chance, your Grace."


Jon was even more confused. "A Second chance? What do you mean Lord Tyrion?" 


"Jon this is a chance to save everyone. A chance to save all those you have loved and lost... It is a chance to start over," Tyrion said excitedly. 


Bran looked at Jon and said, "A chance to save Daenerys." 


Jon was even more confused and felt all the sad and mixed emotions after hearing his beloved dead wife's name. "How?" He breathed out. He felt his anger taking over. He was furious at himself for failing to keep her safe and he practically yelled as he continued, "How can I save her? She is dead, Bran! She was killed by the fucking Night King!" 


Jon looked at Melisandre when she began to speak, "Our plan is to send you back in time, to a just before the king is on his way to Winterfell, to ask Ned Stark to become Hand of the King after the death of Jon Arryn."


Tyrion started talking and Jon turned around to hear what he has to say. When he was silent the Dwarf walked over and placed his hand on his lower back and said, "Jon, don't you see, this will give you a chance to save everyone. To save Daenerys, Robb, Eddard, Rickon, Sansa, Arya and Jaime." 


While Jon was still brooding, Melisandre spoke, "When you return to the past, you have to remember only you will know what has happened in the future. Only you can change the future and save the living from the dead."


Jon's eyes finally snapped up to look at his brother. He walked to where his brother was sitting, looked in his eyes and asked softly, "Bran, are you sure this will work?" 


"Yes, Aegon, it will work." He brother replied as he tried to force a slight smile. "You can prevent all of this from ever happening. You can save Daenerys. You can prevent her from being sold by her brother, Viserys and get justice for the way he treated her. You can prevent her from being raped by Drogo. You and Daenerys, together, can take back the Iron Throne for House Targaryen and unite the seven kingdoms. You can prevent this fate from ever happening."


Jon nodded in agreement. All he could think about was how he wanted nothing more than to see both Drogo and Viserys dead by his hands for the pain they had caused Daenerys. He vowed to himself that he would end their lives.


Melisandra walked towards Jon with a knife in her hand, and stated, "Take off your shirt, my King." Jon complied and removed his shirt.  


After he removed his shirt he turned to look at Tyrion and surprised to see him just standing there observing, "Tyrion, why aren't you taking your shirt off? Aren't you also doing this with me?" 


Tyrion looked at Jon with sadness in his eyes, but before the Imp could answer Bran spoke, "Only you can journey into the past, Jon."


Jon was surprised and confused by Bran's words, "Why can't Tyrion come along on this crazy plan the two of you have come up with?" Jon asked as he looked between Melisandre and his brother, unsure which one of them would answer his question.


"Because, my King, you are the Prince who was Promised. Only you can change the future and bring the White Walkers to their true end." Melisandre answered with a smile.  


Jon hated the prophecy but didn't say anything only nodded. Melisandre then took his hand and cut his flesh of his palm open with the sharp knife; blood was flowing freely from the wound she inflicted. Melisandre took his wounded hand and gathered the flowing blood in a copper bowl.


"Enter the pool, my king, and lay down so we can start the process." 


Jon nodded and entered the hot green water. He felt so many emotion running through him. He looked at Bran and gave him a hesitant smile.


“Aegon, remember you need to find Daenerys. Only the two of you can bring justice towards the white walkers… Only together can you bring the dawn,” said Bran. Jon nodded in agreement. Then he added, “Do you want to know where she will be?" 


"Aye, do you know where I can find her when I am returned in the past?"


Bran quickly warged, looking into the past. After Bran has finished his visions he then looked at Jon and said, “When you wake-up, you will be in Winterfell. It will be five days before the execution of the Night’s Watch deserter and the day we found the direwolf pups. Immediately after finding the pups you must leave for White Harbor and set sail for Pentos. When you arrive in Pentos look for a man called Illyrio. Daenerys and Viserys are staying as his guests under his protection.” 


Jon smiled at his brother, and said "Thank you, Bran.”


After Jon and Bran completed and Jon laid down in the hazy hot green liquid, Melisandre began chanting words in another language that he could not understand… he guessed it was high Valyrian.


She threw the bowl of Jon’s blood into the green hot water with him. Just before he closed his eyes he heard Tyrion call, "Save them, Jon Snow. Save us all,” and Tormund saying "Give those fuckers a fight, King Crow.”


He closed his eyes ... and opened them after he heard a strange noise… It sounded like a dragon roaring.


As soon as he opened is eyes he was not longer in the hot green water… he was in a bed, in a room. But it was not just any bed or any room… he was in his old chambers in Winterfell. He looked into his bowl of water what was next to him on his table. He saw his reflection, he was younger. He was in his ten years and eight now. He could hear familiar voices outside his chamber door. He ran towards the door and flung it to find Arya and Robb having an conversation just outside of his door. 


When they saw him they both smiled.  


"Good morning, brother! I see you're finally awake.” Robb said with his beaming smile. 


Jon was speechless. Robb and Arya were breathing and smiling just in front of his eyes. He then knew Bran and Melisandre’s plan had worked. They had given him a second chance to change everything……





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Jon Snow











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Eddard Stark


It had been four days since Ned had given Jon the two Valyrian swords that he had brought back from the Tower of Joy. He was standing on the balcony overlooking Winterfell’s training yard with his Lady wife Catelyn by his side, watching as Jon and Theon sparred down below. He observed how Jon and Theon moved during the sparing session, and he compared the different skills, strengths and weaknesses of the two boys as well as Robb.


Ned knew that Robb was very good with his sword he fought the same way as he did, with honor. Theon was also a good swordsman... He was ruthless and unforgiving, however he was also impatient... which could be a bad thing because it could cause him to become reckless in battle lead to his death... but could also be a good thing when he only had to face one opponent. Then there was Jon... Jon was graceful with a sword.... He was patient, taking the time to learn his opponent's way of fighting and quickly finding that person’s weakness and using it to his advantage. 


The Lord of Winterfell could tell that Jon was holding back against his opponents. This intrigued him; he wanted to see how much the boy’s skills had improved... If the stories Jon had told him about the future were true were true, he would be able to fight with two swords just like Ser Arthur Dayne. 


Ned was pulled from his thoughts when he heard the sounds of someone losing their sword and falling to the ground. 


He then heard the voice of Theon roar out so loudly that he could probably be heard all the way in the kitchens. "How did you get so good Snow? You were not this good the last time we were sparred and that was only a week ago!"


Jon only smiled as he responded in a mocking tone, “I have always hold back when sparing with you, Greyjoy.  Now, are you going to lie down in the dirt the whole day and cry about the Bastard of Winterfell is kicking your arse or are you going to get off your arse and try again!"


Ned could tell that Theon was starting to lose his temper. His face was red and he was actually speechless for the first time since he had brought him to Winterfell after the failed Greyjoy Rebellion. 


"I tell you what Greyjoy... I will make things a little more fair by letting you and Robb both face me at the same time,” he heard Jon challenge.


Ned was shocked and Theon only laughed while Jon’s face showed a look of seriousness and determination.


Theon finally found his voice when he realized that Jon was not joking. "Snow, are you mad... it would be two against one. You would not stand a chance against the two of us!” Theon exclaimed in disbelief as Jon’s smile only grew wider.


Robb came towards him and pulled Theon up from the ground. After he helped Theon to his feet, he turned to his brother and said, "Jon I'm going to have to agree with Theon. You will not stand against the both of us."


Ned heard what Robb said and thought that this would be the perfect way to see Jon skills, so he called down to the two boys, "Robb and Theon stop saying that you would beat him, and show me that the two of you together can defeat Jon in a spar!” Out of the corner of his eye, he could see Jon smiling because of his words.


He could tell that his heir and his ward were surprised. Finally, Robb said, “Alright, Jon… Me and Theon, against you.”


Jon smiled and nodded in confirmation, “Aye… Me, against the two of you.’


Theon and Robb then took their fighting stances and Jon took his while spinning his sword. Ned remembered that was how Ser Arthur held his sword while waiting for his opponents to attack; he would spin one of his swords, preparing himself block any oncoming attack.


Ned looked at his family and noticed that Sansa was standing still, quietly observing the scene in the training yard, while Bran, Arya, and Rickon laughed and loudly cheered words of encouragement towards Jon. He could tell that the cheering of his youngest children was making his wife, Catelyn, angry. He released a deep breath as he directed his gaze back towards the three boys in the training yard below. 


The Lord of Winterfell watched as Jon patiently waited for Theon to make the first move; it was common knowledge that Theon had little patience and would attack first. Seconds later the ward from the Iron Islands ran towards Jon and attacked, slashing his sword at Jon’s right side. Jon effortlessly parried Theon's attack. As soon as the young man he considered to be his second born son blocked Theon's attack, Robb came towards his left side and swung his sword with precision. To Lord Stark’s surprise, Jon quickly deflected Robb's strike just as he did with Theon's attack.


Ned, and the rest of growing crowd in the training yard, attentively watched as Theon and Robb repeatedly attacked Jon with their training swords. However, much to his surprise, Jon continued to deflecting their attacks as though his two opponents were green boys having their first swordplay lesson. ‘Dear gods… I do not believe it… How is Jon able to so easily defend himself against two worthy attackers?’


He could tell that Robb and Theon were both getting tired… Both boy were sweating profusely and breathing hard. Then, with a deep breath Robb ran toward Jon once more, wildly swinging his training sword at Jon’s right upper thigh… And once again Jon deflected his attack with ease… However, this time, after stopping his swing, Jon pushed his brother to the ground. The then saw a twinkle in Theon’s eye, he could tell that the ward would think this would be the perfect opportunity to finally land an attack. Theon then rushed towards Jon with his sword raised, and just as he was about to attack Jon’s right side, Jon stepped to the side and tripped Theon with an outstretched foot. As soon as Greyjoy hit the ground, the gathered crowd began to clap and cheer for Jon. 


Ned looked over at his four youngest children and noticed that all of them, including Sansa, were applauding Jon’s victory. However, when he looked at his wife, who was standing next to him, he noticed that she looked like she had just sucked on a lemon.

He looked down and released a sigh, ‘Gods I do not know what to do about Catelyn… I hate how she treats him…  I know that Jon does not want her to know the truth until he is gone…’ Lord Stark’s internal musings were interrupted when he heard his wife speaking. He whipped his head back towards her and was shocked by what he heard.


 "Where did the Bastard learn to move like that with a sword?” She asked as looked at Ser Rodrick.


"I don't know, my Lady," The Master at Arms replied as he shrugged his shoulders.

Ned knew that Catelyn did not know the truth about Jon’s parentage, however he was still angry at her for calling him a Bastard. He was about to pull her to the side and chastise her, however before he could say anything to her, his attention was diverted when he heard Jon calling to him.


"Lord Stark, I have defeated Theon and Robb without difficulty… I would like a challenge… Would you care to spar with me?" The boy he had raised as his own since the day he was born aske with a smug smirk.


Ned smiled at Jon as he took off his brown fur-lined cloak and handed it to his wife. As he did this he saw the faces of the gathered crowd and could tell by the looks of bewilderment on all of their faces that they were surprised by his action.


"Ned you can't be serious," Catelyn exclaimed angrily with a grimace on her face.


Ned did not even look at her as he responded, "It is fine, Cat.”


As he walked down the stairs to the training yard he caught the gaze of Sansa and his other children and could tell that were in disbelief that he was going to spar against Jon. He took a deep breath and gave them a reassuring smile as he continued down the wooden stairs.


When he started to walk towards Jon, who was smiling as he stood proudly waiting for him to arrive, he heard Arya call, "Good luck Jon!" Ned smiled after he heard Arya wishing her favorite ‘brother’ good luck; it warmed his heart.

Ned walked towards the rack containing the training swords and selected one that was similar in weight to the one that he carried. After he had selected a blunt sword, he turned towards the young man he considered to be his son and stated loud enough for everyone watching to hear, "Jon… I do have one condition before I accept your challenge."


The Lord of Winterfell could tell that Jon was curious as to what his stipulation was when her furrowed his brow and asked, "What would that be, Lord Stark?"


Ned smiled as he named his condition, "I would like for you to not only spar against me… I would like for you to spar against me, Robb and Theon at the same time."


After he announced this he could hear the gasps echoing throughout the training yard. When he looked around the crowd, he noticed that it had double in size and that four members of the household guard had even come over to observe the bout.


His eldest son then walked over to him and in a hushed tone exclaimed, "Father, you cannot be serious! Jon could get hurt."


Lord Stark was getting ready to say something to calm Robb’s anxiety, however Jon spoke first.


"It is fine Robb… I believe that l will be able to manage just fine against the three of you," Jon calmly stated as he placed his hand on his brother’s shoulder.


"Are you sure Jon?" Robb asked with disbelief written all over his face.


Jon looked at Robb and simply nodded. Ned, Theon, and Robb took their fighting positions.


Jon turned around and walked to the rack where all of the training swords were placed.‘Why is he choosing a different sword? He seemed to be fighting just fine with the one that he has been using all morning.’ He watched as Jon picked up several different blades, before he smiled as he seemed to find one that he liked. The thing that surprised Ned and the rest of the observers was that Jon did not put the other sword away; he took his fighting position with a training sword in each hand, spinning them just like Ser Arthur Dayne used to do to prepare for a battle.


Theon began laughing when he saw what Jon was doing. He then snorted out, "Snow… are you mad! You are gonna hurt yourself with two swords… Even if they are just training weapons! Someone better get the Maester!"


Jon smiled as he looked at Theon and replied, "If you are so sure that I will hurt myself, why don’t you come closer… Greyjoy?”


Ned could tell that Jon smirking face had made Theon pissed because he lost his temper and ran at Jon with his sword raised. He saw Jon grinning at the Greyjoy boy ran towards him, wildly swinging his blunt edged sword. Ned was in awe as Jon used both swords to smoothly deflect each strike as if he was able to anticipate where each swing would be directed.


Robb then joined the fray, coming to Theon’s defense. He watch as Jon easily parried the blow Robb attempted to deliver to right side at the same time he blocked the swing Theon threw from his left.


Ned could not believe that Jon was capable of deflecting all of their attacks with the two training swords in his hands. 'Dear gods, the boy fights just like Ser Arthur Dayne did at the Tower of Joy,’ Ned thought to himself as he watched the scene unfold in front of him. 

He looked at the Ser Rodrik, who was standing next to the four Stark household guards, including his nephew Jory, and could tell that they were all just as surprised as he was in that moment. ‘I wonder how many people that Jon would be successfully defend himself against before he would be defeated or before someone could actually land a strike?’ He remembered Ser Arthur Dayne had successfully defended himself from four attackers before Howland was able to successfully deliver the fatal blow from behind. ‘I wonder if Jon could defend himself from more than four attackers?’


Ned then got an idea. "Ser Rodrik, Jory,” He called getting both of the men’s attention, “Take a training sword and join in!"


He noticed both The Stark Master at Arms and Head of the Household Guard had wide eyes when he said this. However the nodded at this command and walked over to the rack to select a training sword.


The heard the sounds everyone gasping at his command. ‘Gods they probably think that I am trying to kill my son…’


The Warden of the North took a deep breath and tightened the grip on his training sword as he, Theon, Robb, Ser Rodrik and Jory surrounded his ‘bastard’ son. He noticed that Jon slowly turned in a circle as spun his swords careful observing each of his opponent’s stance. ‘He is watching to see where the first attack will come,’ Ned noted to himself. Ned looked at the five men surrounding his son, and when Jon’s back was turned, Jory ran at Jon, hoping to attack him from behind. Jon must have heard the Head of the Stark Household Guard’s footsteps because he quickly turned around and deflected the Head of the Household Guard’s attack. 


Theon then rushed into the fray, using his sword and attack on Jon's right side. Jon seemed to be unfazed as he easily dodged or blocked each of their attacks. A few moments later Robb, Theon, Ser Rodrik and Jory were all throwing calculated attacks at Jon and dogged and deflect each and every attack with his swords. It did not matter how fast his opponents were, Jon was just simply faster.


All Ned could hear was the sound of training swords clashing… The sound of metal singing echoed throughout the training yard as the sparring session progressed.


Ned observed that every time Jon dodged an attack, he left himself with a perfect opportunity to deliver a death blow to his opponent. He was amazed at what he saw, ‘If this was a real battle… If Jon was facing real enemies… They would have all died a long before now… It is almost if Jon wants this fight to be prolonged… Like he wants to see how long he can fight before he get tired… Or to see if someone can actually land a hit against him.’ 


The Lord of Winterfell then thought about his battle against Ser Arthur Dayne at the Tower of Joy again… He remembered that Ser Arthur had a week spot. ‘I know that this is not an honorable way to strike my opponent… It is the opposite of everything that I and Ser Rodrik have taught my boys… However, I need to know… I need to see what Jon would do in such a situation...’ So he took a deep breath and did a dishonorable thing… He rushed to attack Jon's back.


Ned was shocked… Somehow, just before the sword made contact with Jon’s back… His son moved his arm so that one of his swords was behind him and deflected his attack. ‘Dear gods! How in the seven hells was he able to defend his blind spot?’


Ned stood there dumbfounded as Jon returned to his attack on Theon. Their swords clashed before Jon suddenly ended the Iron Born ward’s embarrassment when he punched Theon in the face, knocking him to the ground.


Jon then turned to face him and smiled as he spun both his blunt edged swords and asked, "Lord Stark, did you really think that I would not find a way to defend my blind spot?"


While he was talking, Robb rushed towards his right and Ser Rodrik went to attack his left side. Ned did not even have the chance to answer Jon’s question as he quickly returned to the sparring session, and effortlessly blocked both of their attacks. He then grabbed Robb by his tunic and pushed him into Ser Rodrik, causing both his son and the Master at Arms to join Theon on the ground.


Ned was still in shock as Jon quickly turned his attention towards Jory and attacked with both swords. The clashing of metal did not last more than a few seconds before Jon had disarmed the Head of the Stark Household Guard and he was on the ground with a blunt edged sword at his throat.


 “I Yield! I Yield!” Jory exclaimed.


Jon turned his gaze towards him and smiled. Ned adjusted the grip on his training sword as he stood his ground. Jon then smiled as he dropped the sword from his left hand, and stated, "Lord Stark, I would like for this to be a fair fight."


‘This young man is truly impressive,’ Ned thought before he asked, "Are you ready, son?"


"Aye, I am,” Jon answered as he nodded his head with a smirk on his face.


Ned circled around his ‘bastard’ for several seconds as he waited for him to attack first. Jon spun his sword as they circled and finally started to attack him. At first Ned was successful at deflecting the blows but it did not take long before he began to tire because of Jon’s relentless precise strikes and fast footwork. Before he knew it his son delivered a blow to his sword so strong that it caused his hand to quiver and he lost the grip on the hilt… The sword fell to the ground… He was defenseless and at Jon’s mercy. ‘If this were a battle I would be dead… I cannot believe Jon’s skills with a sword are… both with one sword and two… He is truly the best swordsman I have ever seen.’ He thought before he looked into Jon’s eyes and stated loud enough for the entire training yard to hear, "I yield."


He head the quiet gasps of those gathered when he said this.


Jon only smiled and kindly stated, "Thank you for the spar, Lord Stark."


Ned nodded in response, “Thank you son… It has been far too long since I have sparred.”


“Lord Stark, if I may… Could I please be excused to my chambers? I would like to bathe," Jon asked.


"Of course Jon… I will have the handmaidens bring hot water to your chambers."


Jon nodded and simply said, "Thank you, Lord Stark," before he walked away.


Ned looked up at the battlement and Catelyn and his four younger children all with shocked expressions on their faces. He then shifted his gaze towards Robb and Theon who also wore the same stunned expression on their faces.


The Lord of Winterfell then sighed and picked up his training sword from the ground. He then walked over to the rack and placed the blunt sword back where he had gotten it from. However, before he could make is way out of the training area Ser Rodrik walked over to him and started to speak.


"My Lord, I have lived long and trained many Lords of the North… And in all that time, I have never seen a man… Let alone a boy of eight and ten use a sword like that in my life. You must be proud of Jon, my Lord… With the skills that boy demonstrated today, it is likely that he could become the best swordsmen Westeros has ever seen!"


Ned smiled "Aye. He already is"


 Jon Snow



Jon was in his room taking off his cloak and folded it on his chair. Two handmaidens came out and stared at Jon.

"My lord the hot water has been placed in the tub but I would wait for a few moments my Lord the water is still boiling hot." said one f the handmaidens

Jon nodded as he raised his hand and thanked the handmaidens who sooner past him.
" Thank you. You may go." 

The two handmaidens bowed and left him. Jon took off his shirt and looked at his chest. He couldn't believe that his scars were all gone. Jon walked towards the tub full of water and put his hand inside the boiling water.
'She said the water was boiling hot? It's not that warm.' He then remembered what his wife told him.....

"Your blood of the Dragon," said his life Daenerys what was next to him naked in the bed.

He laughed at her comment as he playfully took her hand in his and played with it as he leaned over towards her silver hair and then her ear. "I may be a Targaryen but I'm no Dragon." she giggled as he sucked her earlobe with his mouth. She playfully pushed him away from her as she soon climbed onto his legs and started to kissed his scars on his chest.

"So what are you then? A wolf?" She looked at him in the eyes after she said this.

"So what are you then? A wolf?" She looked at him in the eyes after she said this.

"I guess I'm a wolf?" He said while playing with her silver hair.

"Hmm no, not a wolf. You have Targaryen blood and Stark blood running through your veins. You're a dragonwolf." They both smiled.

" A Dragonwolf you say?" She looked up at him after he said this.

"Yes, you are." She leaned closer and kissed his lips as she started to moan.

She pulled away and said " So what do you think will our child be? A dragon or a wolf?" She waited for his reaction.
He moved op words.

He couldn't believe what he just heard "Daenerys are you?" She gave him a weak and shy smile unsure of what his reavtion will be and simply nodded. He never felt so happy in his life being with the love of his life holding his child what was busy growing inside of her womb.

"Are you sure?" She giggled and nodded as she responded while playing with his raven hair.

"I saw maester Wolkan today and he confirmed to me that I am pregnant." He smiled started kissing her on the lips forcing his tong inside her mouth when she started to moan he pulled away as he cupped her cheeks and whispered.

"For how long?" He asked her.

She smiled as she remarked "A Moon." She gave him another small smile as she turned around and her arse was against his erect cock he put both of his hands on her stomach. As he then chuckeld.

"Didn't I tell you that witch wasn't a reliable source of information?" she laughed turned her gaze towards him and kissed him.

"Do you think it's a boy or a girl." His tone was a happy tone as he whispered this in hwr ear what made her shiver and smile of how his voice effected her.

He leaned over her body as her eyes were closed and as mile was on her face as she responded to his question "It's a boy."

He laughed at her "and how do you know that?"

She smiled "Let's call it a mother's guess." He smiled an kissed her on the mouth.

" Alright if it is a boy what would we name him?"  He waited for her reaction or eyes to opened for a few moments.

She was silent for a moment and finally said "What about Eddard Targaryen? If it wasn't for your uncle you wouldn't be here alive with me? Being the father of this child what is growing inside my womb as we speak..."  He smiled as he pulled her in for another long and passionate kiss. When he pulled away hethn mumbeled back into her ear.

"Hmm..maby but I can't use that name It's the name of my dead unborn nephew. I don't want that reminder to me every time I said his name or order him to go on a quest for me.

Tears came down her eyes he was confused as he turned her stomach around so that she could lay on his chest. "Daenerys what's wrong?" She started to cry as she answered "Jon I'm sorry that I couldn't save Arya or Sansa there was too many of them."
Tears started to come down his eyes after his wife said this.

"It's not your fault Daenerys. You tried what you could do. Daenerys you saved thousands of lives that day don't blame yourself." He wiped her tears off.

"Jon I can't lose you. I won't be able to live without you." He was surprised by her question. He took a moment to respond to her words as he played with her hand in his.

"I also can't live without you Daenerys. I will give up my life knowing that you and my child are safe." She nodded no.

"Jon I won't raise this child without you. I can't Jon I won't be alone anymore you are the reason I'm pregnant this isn't worth living without you." Jon felt tears flowing down his eyes as he pulled Daenerys in for another long and passionate kiss. As he pulled away he then wanted to protest.

"Daenerys" she cuts him off before he could say anything.

"No, Jon we either live together or die together do you understand together." She looked into his eyes. Violet meeting grey awaiting for his answer.

"Together." She nodded.

"What should we name our future baby boy?" She laughed and moved back against his chest.

"What do you think we should name him?" she asked him.
He smiled

"What about Rhaegar Targaryen?"  She pulled away from his chest and was surprised by this.

"Why do you want to call our boy after your father?" He smiled at her as he kissed her on the cheek.

"Because if it wasn't for my farther saving my mother from the mad king I wouldn't be here." She smiled as she whispered in his ear.

"Rhaegar Targaryen trueborn son of Aegon Targaryen and Daenerys Targaryen heir to the iron throne... I like it." She turned and looked at him.
They started kissing as he pulled away and cupped her cheeks he looked at her in the eyes as he stated. " I love you Daenerys" she smiled

" I love you, Jon Snow."

"Together?" she asked raising her eyebrow awaiting for his answer.

"Aye, Together." She smiled and they both kept on kissing. 

"Jon!!" Jon has pulled away from his thoughts as Rob pulled his hand out of the boiling water and in the proses, Rob burned his hand.

"Seven hells that's hot! Jon give me your hand!" His brother took his hand and saw nothing was wrong with his arm. There was no burn mark or any scrapes or redness on his flesh.

"How is your hand not burned, Jon?" He didn't know what to say he only wanted to change the subject in order to calm down his cousin.

"Why are you here Robb?" His brother gave him a perplexed look as he answered to his question.

"After you left the courtyard everyone was surprised at how your sword skills have Improved. I came here looking for you to ask you who thought you how to wield two swords and I knew you were in your chambers so when I entered I saw your hand was in the boiling water and I called your name and you didn't answer. Are you alright Jon?" He looked at his brother who only had a worried expression on his face. He chuklced at him. 'I need to lie in order to calm his nerves' he kept his smile.

"Yes, I'm fine Robb thank you for your concern." He stood up and put his shirt back on. His brother saw threw his lie as he then remarked.

"No Jon your not fine. Ever since four days ago when Arya and I asked you to go and break our fast with us you have been different and now you fight like Ser Arthur Dayne and your violent and more brooding than normal. I not even going mention the fact that your hand didn't burned."
His eyes were wide open trying to find his way of out if this mess. He looked at his brother as he raised his shoulders of confusion. He didn't know what to say so he just reverted back onto what he said earlier.

"I'm fine Robb really.." His brother got more angry as he cut him off. He looked at his brother who was getting angry more and more after he said this.

He then barked at him "Don't lie to me Jon were brothers we shouldn't keep secrets from each other."He was feeling emotion flowing through his blood and veins as he took a deep breath.  He didn't want to lie to Robb anymore. He wanted  his brother and best friend  to know the truth. 'How would Robb understand that I am not from this life?' He took a deep breath.

"I can't Robb you wouldn't understand..." This made Robb event more angry as he cut him off.

"Then help me understand bother."
Jon was also getting angry he felt like he was a volcano and would erupt at any second as he then screamed at his cousin "Your not my brother Robb." 

His borother gave a sad expression on his face when he sad "Yes not full blood brothers but half-brothers Jon."
He couldn't hold it in anymore the lies...and truth he was hiding from his brother.

"No Robb we are not brothers we are Cousins Robb." Robb was confused by this while he raised his eyebrow.

"What do you mean Jon?" He sigh as he took a deo breath and started telling him the truth.

"Ned Stark is not my father. My real father was Rhaegar Targaryen and my mother was Lyanna Stark your aunt. They were the ones who sirdd me and not Ned..." Robb was shocked by his answer and statement as he asked in a whisper.

"Did farther told you this are you sure?" He nodded as he looked at his brother who looked like he saw a dragon for his first time. He waited for a while waiting for his brother to take in the news that he is a Targaryen. Finally after a few minuted his bother beeathed out.

"So your not Jon Snow your Jon Waters?" He smiled when Robb said this to him. He then chuckeld and nodded his head no 'I wonder how he will take it that I am not a bastard about the true heir to the iron throne?'

"No Rhaegar had his marriage annulled with Elia Martell. He didn't rape Lyanna nor kidnapped  my mother but married her out of love." He smiled at his birthee who had the shock expression on his face while he was speechles trying to find his right words.

"So your Jon Targaryen?" He smiled as he nodded his head no.

" No. My name is Aegon Targaryen the six of his name the rightful heir to the Iron Throne."It felt strange for him saying that he was the rightful heir to the throne what he usually did not desired but he knew he had to reclaim the Iron Throne in order to unite the seven kingdoms and fight against the white walkers. He was pulled from his thoughts when Robb mumbeled.

"You're the true heir to the Iron Throne?" He smiled and simply nod to confirm his brother's theory.

"Why did farther lie to us?" asked his brother. He heard the anger in his tone. 

He sigh knowing full well why hs uncle lied to them  "Because if uncle Ned knew if Robert found out he woukd have killed me ... He would have seen me as a threat to his throne. He had  to protec like my mother asked him to before she died after she gave birth to me ...she asked ned to protect the lasy living heir of Rhaegar Targaryen..."  He could see Robb was even more confused

"Did my father told you that? That aunt ... I mean your mother asked my father to protect you?" He's ugh and nodded his head no.

"No he didn't....  Bran told me..., " he looked at his brother who was confused after he said their little brother was the one who told him the truth.

"How could Bran have known this?" After Robb asked this Jon told him the truth about everything that has happened to him. The death of his wife and child. The end of house Stark. The others all what you can think of. Robb was stunned of learning the truth. He was quiet and listen closely to his confession. Taking all of the new information in what he had to learn from Jon's past life. After the long discussion of Jon's shit seven years he then saw his brother mumbeld.

"I'm sorry Jon... For everything " Jon looked up after he said this.

"For what? None of this was your fault." His brother nodded his head no.

"No, but it is because of my selfish ways our house lost all of our allies. The Bolton betrayed us. The north was vulnerable Jon ... The first line of defense against the Wall and white Walkers." He didn't say anything as his brother only continued.

"I didn't follow my duty. I died and I left you to clean my faults and you became king in the North. I'm sorry Jon if I haven't been so reckless I could if lived and won the war. We could have faced the threat beyond the wall together. I would have killed the brothers who murdered you, Jon"
He could see how sorry Robb was of all of the shit he had been through without him.

He only smiled as he grabbed Robb's hand and then mumbeled, "Robb it's fine its all in the past we have a second chance to change everything."
Robb shiok his head of disagreement as he  looked at Jon and stated "I'm sorry Jon." 

He was confused as he chuckeld and answered  "For what now?"he looked at his brother who only had sad emotions on his face.

"For the death of your wife and child."
Every time someone mentioned the death of his wife and child he wanted to cry thinking of what happened to them. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath remembering holding his dead wife's body in his ams as he saw his own tears fell on her face.

He opened his eyes once more and smiled at his borther "Thank you, Robb."

He cold clearly see Robb only wanted to lighten the mood as he soon injected "So you fucked your aunt?" He only laughed at his brother.

"Aye, I did but remember I'm a Targaryen ... nephew and aunt is nothing compared to brother and sister and besides it is not seemed uncommonly in Westeros ... Even the Starks has married within our family." 

His brotherlaughed as he soon barked. "Aye, that's true." He couldn't help as a smile escaped his lips. 'Gods I remember how much I miss you Robb'  his brother kept his smile as he sat next to him.

"Tell me about her." He smiled as he could describe her the back of his head. He sigh as he rrmwber how her beautiful body moved in the sun light and her smile on her face when she laughed at him when it was only the two of them alone. When she didn't show him her Queen face but Dany's face at him.

"She was the most beautiful women in the world. She had silver hair and purple eyes. She was stubborn as hell but also the strongest person a have ever known. She had the most beautiful and amazing smile on her face  I have ever seen. She cares about people and never gave up. When we met we hated each other at first but as the time went by we were drawn to each other. She was meant for me and I was meant for her and she was for me. She was the mother of my son..." he sigh remembering and honoring the memory of his wife. He turned his gaze at his brother and  smiled.

The smile was retruned on his brothers face. "I'm glad she was there for you Jon. Thank you for telling me about her." He sigh and nodded.

"So what's your plan now Jon?" asked Robb. He gave out another long sigh  knowing Robb would have found out eventually. He was feeling emptiness inside of him. He knew he would have to left his siblings again and soon to safe his wife.

"Robb I'm sorry but I'm leaving Winterfell." This was a shock for his brother.

"Why because of my mother?" Even though Jon knew the truth he still hated Catelyn for how she had treated him. He only nodded his head no.

"No, Robb I'm leaving Winterfell because there is nothing here for me. My duties are elsewhere." Robb was confused about what his duties were.

"Your duties are in the south aren't they?" He sigh and nod. His brother had a frown on his face.

" When are you leaving?" Asked Robb he sigh at his brother.

"Tomorrow" his brother quickly answered.

"Where will you go?" asked Robb.

"Pentos" Robb was surprised by this his brother took a deep breath.
"Pentos?..... Why Pentos?"

He sigh as he then answered. "In order to save Daenerys from Drogo before he hurts her."

"Khal Drogo?"

"Yes, my wonderful uncle Viserys will sell her to that savage who will rape her repeatedly. I can't let that happen, Robb, I made a vow when I married her. I'm going to kill Drogo and Viserys for all the pain they brought her."

"So what's your plan Jon? If you kill Drogo what of his Khalashar? What will you do when you kill him to run away? They will kill you Jon." Asked Robb worriedly.

This only made him smiled "The Dothraki only follow the strongest when I kill Drogo then I'll  become their new khal."

"And what about Daenerys won't they rape her?"

"I will never let anyone harm her and besides when I become the new Khal before there is even a marriage announced between the two I can claim her as my own Khaleesi and I will."  his brother was surprised by this.

"What will you do after that Jon?" Asked Robb.

"I will take my khalashar and free all the slaves and I will also save the unsullied in Ataphor. My army will be more than 150 thousand soldiers filled with Dothraki and unsullied and more will join after that. I will return to Westeros and retake the iron throne and unite the seven kingdoms in order to defeat the others."
Jon looked at Robb and then continued.

"I'll need allies Robb can I count on my Warden of The North to be by my side?" His brother only smiled at him as he placed his hand on his shoulder.

"You know I will follow you in any war Jon but I'll have to speak to my father and see what he'll do. Hopefully, he can go against Robert."

He sigh and  looked down to his feet.
"I hope your right."

He turned his gaze back at his brother who only smiled "So when are we leaving for Pentos tomorrow?"

He was surprised by this "Robb You can't.."

His brother only cut him off "Aye, Jon I'm going with you. I'm going to help make sure you save her." he felt happy and  warmed when Robb said this.

"Robb I can't let you die or risk your life for a woman you have never even met before," said Jon.

"Who says I'm going to die beside Daenerys is family Jon. She's my sister by law and besides do you really think I'm going to miss seeing my brother fighting a that I wouldn't miss that for fr the world." 

He chuckled  "Jon there is one thing though what you should know I heard that Khal Drogo is the most strongest Khal who have ever lived among his Khalasher." 

Jon gave a smirk "Thank you, Robb, for your concern but I can take care of myself."

Robb laughed "Oh I know I have the bruises to prove it." Jon laughed.

"So I'm going to ask you again Jon when do we leave for Pentos tomorrow." Jon smiled.

"Tomorrow at the courtyard when we spar. Ser Rodrick will announce that there is a deserter who has claimed to see the threat beyond the wall after Lord Stark had beheaded the deserter then we will travel through the wolfswood."

"What then?" asked Robb.

"When we travel through the wolfswood we will encounter a Dead direwolf who has six Direwolf pups."

"Direwolfs are you sure?" asked his brother.

"Aye, each of the stark children will retrieve a Direwolf pup even me." His brother was shocked when he heard this.

"Robb as soon as we retrieved the Direwolf pups then we will have to leave unnoticed."  Robb nodded.

"We won't have time to return to Winterfell."

"Alright you pack the food and I'll pack the ale." He laughed at his brother.

"I doubt Lord Stark would allow you to come along with me on my adventure." His brother only smiled and nodded his head no to calm his nerves.

"Don't worry I have no intention of him stopping me. I'll leave a letter in his study chambers letting him know I went with you." he sigh and nod as he stood up.

"So it's settled get everything that you need for our travel. We will leave tomorrow for  White Harbor." His brother smiled and  nodded as he stood up.

"Jon get some rest you'll need it for our ride for White Harbor."

He nodded before Robb left his chamber before he could leave he then shouted. "Robb!" Robb turned and looked at him confusedly.

"Thank you for doing this with me." His brother only smiled at him.

"Jon it doesn't matter who your father was you're a Stark and you'll always be my brother and I'll do anything for you."

He smiled "Thank you, brother." Robb smiled.  

"See you tomorrow brother." Jon nodded.

After Robb left Jon's chambers. Jon fell on his bed as he then thought 'Soon Dany ... you will be safe from harm...' he then closed his eyes and fell into a deep sleep getting rest for the following day.........















Chapter Text

Arya Stark


Arya was lying on her bed with the furs buried over her. She was too lazy to get out of her bed. It was cold the room was filled with the mooring breeze what was still in the air. The fire was burning and was warming her feet. She thought of what had happened the previous day at the courtyard. She was worried about Jon. She had been noticing that Jon had not been himself lately. She wanted to go outside and look for him but it was too cold to leave her bed. She couldn't understand how Jon could fight against Robb, Ned, Theon, and the two Stark bannermen let alone the fact that he could also use two swords. She never even saw Jon practice with two swords. When Jon was fighting she had noticed Jon was fighting differently ..... He fought with aggression she thought. She couldn't believe that Jon punched Theon in the face in order to get him to hield. Theon was cruel towards him but Jon would still never do something like that.

Arya has noticed that she and Jon haven't had a conversation in days. Jon was also not as shy as he used to be. He has spoken to women and the high noble lords of the North and they got all surprisingly along with him and enjoyed his company which surprised her. They haven't practice any sword fighting in days which she had dearly missed. She remembered when they were practicing and laughing together. She missed him and didn't understand why he was acting so strange. 

She was getting hungry and decided to go to the great hall and try to find some food in her stomach. Arya got up and her back shivered of the cold. She took her cloak and put it on her back. She went to her chamber door and opened it. It was still dark and you could still see a glimpse of light lifting over the horizon. She made her way towards the great hall. No one was in the hall it was too early even for the cooks.

There was a loud noise coming from the kitchen. She walked into the kitchen and saw Robb taking apples and meat and put it into a bag. She didn't understand what he was doing.

Arya walked behind Robb and asked him "Robb, What are you doing?"  

Robb dropped the bag and turned he was angry "Seven Hells Arya were you trying to kill me?" 

Arya laughed "Did I scare you?"

"Yes, you did! Why are you up so early?"

"I was hungry so I came here to get something to eat. Why are you here?"

Robb was getting nervous when she asked this.

"I was also hungry so I came here to get something to eat."

"Sure you did... Why do you have a bag with you if you only wanted to get something to eat Robb?"

Robb was getting even more nervous.

"I wanted to go horse riding and eat when the sun was rising."

She saw he was hiding something.

"May I come with you?"

"No Arya you may not."

"And why is that?"

"That's my own reasons to know."

"You're taking a lot of food only to see the sun rising, Robb. Are you going somewhere?"

"No, I'm not Arya go back to sleep."

"Your lying Robb."

"I'm not Arya."

"Robb, please tell me what's going on"

"Arya there is nothing going on."

"Robb I know you're keeping a secret from me, please tell me the truth."

"It's not my secret to tell Arya."

"Then whose is it?"

"Jon's" she stopped talking after he said, Jon's name.

"Is something wrong with Jon?"

"He's not the same Arya."

"Whats wrong with him."

"It's not me to tell."

"Fine! I'll go ask him myself."

Arya stormed out of the kitchen and entered the hall.


She turned and looked at Robb.

"He needs rest. Wait until he's awake."

She nodded and left the hall. She walked all the way back to her chambers.

"Arya why are you awake so early in the morning?" She turned towards the voice who said her name.

"Farther I was hungry so I went and got something to eat." Her father was looking curiously at her.

"Where is Robb I need to speak with him."

"I saw him in the kitchen farther."

"Was he eating?"

"No. He was putting food in a bag."

"Thank you, Arya. Now get some sleep." Ned walked passed her. 

"Farther can I ask you something." Ned stopped and turned to her.

"Yes, Arya what is it?"

"Robb was putting a lot of food in the bag. Is he going somewhere?"

Ned didn't say anything for a while and finally responded.

"Yes, Arya he and Jon are leaving Winterfell."

Arya was shocked.


"They have an important mission going south."

"May I go with them?"

"You may not. Their mission is too dangerous."

"Why are they going?"

"It's Jons quest."

"Are you sending him away because he's your bastard son?"

"No Arya he's leaving on his free will.''

"Why is Jon leaving then?"

"I promised him I would tell all of you after he had left."

She turned around and walked towards Jon's chambers.

"Arya!" She stopped when his father was calling her name.

"Do not ask him to stay."


"He needs to leave Arya. He isn't the same Jon who you knew. Just let him be."

"What do you mean he's not the same Jon I knew?"

"I will only tell you when he is gone."

"When will he and Robb return."

"Robb maybe a few moons or a year even but Jon ... Jon is leaving for good." Arya could hear the sad tone of her father's voice.

Arya felt like an arrow went through her heart."Did mother do something wrong?"

"No Arya your mother did nothing. Jon is finding his place in the world. He's not the same Arya."

"Jon... Jon can't leave father!"

"Arya we all have to leave Winterfell at some point." Ned bowed to his knees and took her cloak and warped her with it.

"Like how your mother had to leave Riverun in order to live with us in Winterfell. When Jon wakes up don't try to stop him, Arya, his duties are not here it's in the south." 

Arya looked at her father for awhile and then simply nodded.

"I won't try to stop him but can I at least say goodbye to him?"

Her father smiled "Of course you may."

She smiled and gave her father a hug"Thank you farther."

"Aye, now get some sleep. I'll send a handmaiden to wake you when he leaves."

Arya nodded an went inside her chamber climbed inside her bed and close her eyes. She felt sadness taking over her knowing Jon was leaving......


Robb Stark 


Robb was still putting food and ale in his bag and filled their bottles with water. He was getting ready for the trip to White Harbor. While he was packing his bag he could hear footsteps from the Great hall. The footsteps got louder and louder and finally, the footsteps entered the kitchen. Robb turned his gaze towards the footsteps. 

"Farther what a surprise."

His father didn't do anything only looked into Robb's eyes.

"Robb I know you're going with Jon." Robb was surprised by what his father had just said.

"You knew? Who told you?"

"No one told me. I heard you and Jon discussing it in his chambers."

"Are you going to keep me here?" 

"No, I want you to go with Jon actually."

Robb was surprised "Why?"

"I need you to keep an eye on Jon. He's not the same. He's more arrogant and aggressive than he use to be."

" Why wouldn't he. He lost everything. His siblings. His wife and child what I've heard the future is hell. Do you believe him?"

"Aye, I do. Jon may be different but I still raised him. He's honorable he won't lie."

"You're right. What's your opinion on him going south?"

His father smiled " He made a vow to protect her and he's keeping it. We might not know her but he loves her and love is a powerful thing Robb it can sometimes make you do stupid things."

Robb understood why his father would let him join on Jon's quest in order to make sure Jon doesn't make horrible decisions which he would come to be annoyed with.

"I understand. I'll keep my eye on him don't worry father." He took the bag and placed it on his back.

"Are you going to tell mother?"

"No knowing her she'll not let you leave. Robb just promise me you'll keep your eye on him and protect him"

"Aye, I promise but what we've seen he doesn't need anyone's protection he can protect himself."

"Aye, your right but still."

"I will I promise. I will make sure  your promise to his mother will behold." His father wasn't shocked when his son said it.

"Jon told me and I understand why you did it to protect him from Robert." His father was still quiet.

"Jon intends to take back his rightful throne and had asked me to be his warden of the Noth and I accepted it. I will fight with him with or without the support of you nor the north and make sure he takes back his throne."

He gazed at his father and waited for a disapproval but to his surprise, his father only sat next to him looking at the window. 

"Aye I know you will and you will have the full support of the north behind you. We will help you take back his throne." Robb looked at his farther surprised even speechless...

"Really? What about Robert?"

His father only sighed.

"What I have heard of the future from Jon the Lannisters are in complete control of kings landing and were the ones behind the downfall of House Stark. I won't let that happened to my family again and for Robert...he will kill Jon if he knew the truth.    I won't allow that either I made a promise to your aunt and I intend to keep it if Robert passed away then Joffrey would become the next king and I won't see that mad Lannister boy on the throne let alone the fact that he is the person who beheaded me in the future. We need a king who can lead us through the long night and I believe that is Jon. The old gods brought him back to the past for a reason and what I have heard what he has done in the future he is the best king in a decade caring for his people and family.      He will do anything to make sure they are saved and will only make the best decisions for his kingdom. We need a king like that in the long night and that king is Jon."

Robert looked out the window and saw the sun rising " You must speak to him before Ser Rodrik announce the deserter today because after that there won't be any time for any private conversations between the two of you."

His father only sighed "Aye your right. May I suggest Robb you might say goodbye to your siblings before you left because if I understand Jon's plan correctly it will take you more than a year before you returned back to Westeros." His father was keeping back his emotions.

"Aye, I will. I'll talk to them and leave a letter for mother." His father just simply nodded.

"Father no needs to be rude but Jon and I have decided that Theon will stay here it will be too great of a risk if he comes along on our quest."

"Your right after what Theon did in future betraying us and taking Winterfell. Theon will stay here I won't take that chance for him to leave for the Iron Islands and besides Jon and Theon doesn't even enjoy each others company he will stay here for the time being."

"Thank you, father." His father simply smiled and nodded.

"Alright I'm off before too many ears and voices enter the great hole." They both stood up and Robb gave his father a hug knowing that this is the last time they will speak privately before he has left on his quest with, Jon.....



Tyrion Lannister


Tyrion was entering the room where Tommen, Myrcella, Joffrey, and Cersei was eating breakfast.

"Good morning sister." He walked over towards his sister and gave her a kiss on the head and saw her looking away which made him smiled.

He looked at the table and saw Tommen and Myrcella eating there breakfast he walked over and gave them both a big hug "Haha my beautiful niece and nephew and Joffrey how was your sleep?" They both giggled. Joffrey had a face of irritation on his face.

"Good and yours," said Tommen.

"Fine thank you I had a wonderful dream until that stupid city bell ranged." He walked at the table and saw what food he could eat.

He took some bacon, scrambled eggs and fish and put them all on his plate. He took the bottle of wine and poured himself some wine inside a cup. 

"So my dear sister usually when the bell rings in Kings landing it usually means something terrible has happened. May I ask since you are the queen of the lovely king might know what has happened?" He smirked towards his sister which was also replayed with irritation on her face.

"Jon Arryn is dead. " This surprised Tyrion greatly. He knew the man was ill but would never have suspected him to die.

"Really when did this happen?"

"At noon."

Joffrey laughed  "Good the old man was getting on my nerves always asking questions of uncle Jaime and my mother relationship."

Tyrion turned his gaze towards Cersei " My dear sister why is that?" Tyrion could see a smile behind her face trying not to show itself.

"I presume it was his illness that made him ask strange question" Tyrion couldn't understand if she were serious or not.

"And what is our lovely king doing at this moment."

He could see the irritation returning on his sister's face "He's busy."

"Busy by meaning? ..... Drunk?" He smiled at her. He could see she was starting to lose her temper.

"No actually. He's busy planning our trip to the North." He was surprised right after Jon Arryn death why would the king go north. 

"May I ask why you're going north?"

"Winterfell to meet the warden of the north I presume also to ask for him to be his hand. My husband says they did always have a close relationship before his rebellion."

"Ah, so when are we leaving." He could see the disappointment on her face.


"Well of course sister. I would very much like to see the castle of House Stark and also would love to see the Great Wall what presumes to keep us safe from white walkers and giants."

"You don't honestly believe that do you?"

"I don't believe the wall was built for nothing my dear sister it is protecting us from something."

"May I ask is the king going to Winterfell only to ask Lord Stark to be his hand or does he have other interest?"

Cersei was gulping looking at Joffrey's angry.

"He will ask for lord stark a betrothed between Joffrey and his eldest daughter Sansa Stark." Tyrion looked at the boy and felt sad for anyone who would ever have to marry him.

"Do you think the great Lord Stark would accept the king's offers," asked Cersei.

"I don't know dear sister I would first have to meet the warden of the north in order to know how his mind works. Did your husband say when will we leave for the north?"

"In a couple of weeks was what he told me." He simply nodded and ate his breakfast and stood up.

"If you would excuse me I'm going to go look for our dear brother." He could see she was happy that he was leaving and simply gave another kiss on her forehead and left looking for Jaime......




 Jon Snow


"Do you think?" He kissed her swollen stomach and then kissed more upper on her breast and then her neck.

"Think what?"  She started to moan as he kissed her neck. He placed one hand between her legs putting his finger in her entrance.

She moaned louder and started kissing him on the lips while she was kissing him, she started talking "Do you think if we found our way to each other sooner before I had met Drogo we would have been together?"

He smiled as he kept kissing her "In that time I was a shy boy and thought I was a bastard I would have a father no child  but I would have fallen for you and wouldn't resist you." She smiled and started to kiss his scars on his chest.

"I wondered what you would have done if you  ever had met my brother Viserys?" Said Daenerys. He rolled them both so that he could be on top. He started sucking on her breast with his mouth. She started to moan as he kept on squeezing them and sucking them.

"Firstly I would have asked your brother what would give him the right to sell his sister to a rapist and secondly I would have killed him by telling him before his death that he is not heir to the throne...." She started grabbing the pillows as she moaned while he kept on sucking her breast.

"Hmm... And .. Drogo?"  She asked while she grabbed his hair pulling him inviting him to enter her. 

Before he happily complied he then kept on squeezing her breast and started kissing her neck. "I would have killed Drogo and would have asked you if you would like to live with me in the north."  She moved her body down words trying to find his cock so that he could enter her. 

"I would have accepted your offer seeing that I always did want to see Winterfell and wanted to return to Westeros." He smiled and entered her and they both kept on kissing passionately...

"Jon! Wake up." He opened his eyes and saw it was his uncle.

"I'm awake .. I'm awake." He stood up and went to the table and poured water for them both in two cups. 

He handed the cup to his uncle who simply nodded. They both drank from their cups.

"Did you want to talk about something?" Asked Jon,

"Aye, I know Robb is going with you." He was surprised.

"And you're fine with that?" His uncle simply smiled and nodded.

"Even if I wasn't he would still go against my wishes."

"I see."

"Listen, Jon, I know it's been awkward between us ever since we had that discussion in my study room."  He only sat on his bed and listened to his uncle.

"I'm sorry... I'm sorry that I kept your true parentage from you. I'm sorry that I carried that secret to my death. I'm sorry for sending you to the wall without you knowing then maybe you would have gone to Essos looking for Daenerys rather than the wall. I'm sorry for not being a good uncle and letting everyone treated you like dirt. I'm sorry and I hope you can forgive me..." His uncle stopped taking a breath and waited for him to answer.

Jon took a deep breath and looked at Ned "Your right you're a horrible uncle you kept me my true heritage a secret you protected me against Robert you took this secret to your grave in the future. You're a horrible uncle but your a wonderful father." His father was surprised by what he said and looked at him.

"I might not have known my mother nor my true father but you raised me and you are my blood you are my father Ned Stark and I'm glad you raised me and also glad that I can call you my father." His father had tears in his eyes. 

"Do you think my mother would have been proud of me?" He asked his father and saw his father started crying. His father put his hand on Jon's shoulder.

"Aye she would be extremely proud of you  and so am I you're a true Stark carrying only for your people and would do anything for your family." He smiled at his father. 

"Thank you, father." He could see Ned was happy hearing his words.

"I'm planning on retaking the iron throne and unite the seven kingdoms to fight the threat beyond the wall but in order to retake the Iron Throne I need allies."

He waited for his father to answer him. He took another sip of water and finally heard his father speaking.

"When you retake the throne you can expect the north backing your rightful claim and will help you in the wars to come." He was surprised an happy at the same time.

"Really you would help me and what about Robert?" His father smiled.

"You're my family Jon I would never fight against you ...  and Robert. He is not the same Robert who I went to war with. What you have told me of the future he wasn't a good king and he let the Lannisters take complete control of the capital."

"Then there's Joffrey," said Jon.

"He isn't a Baratheon but a Lannister all Royal children are Lannisters of Ser Jamie and Queen Cersei I won't let that mad Lannister boy be king we need a true king who can lead us in the long night and also be a king who cares about his people and family and that king is you, Jon,."

Jon took in everything what his father just told him.

"Thank you, father, for your kind words." His father could see there was something bothering him.

"What's bothering you son."

"How will you change the lords of the north minds. I doubt they will follow a Targaryen into battle."

"The lords of the north may be stubborn but when they learn of your true parentage then they will follow you. I'll make sure of it. You're a Targaryen and also a Stark. They will follow you knowing that your Lyanna's Stark only trueborn son."

"Thank you." His father nodded.

"Alright, I need to get ready for the trip." 

"Arya knows that you're leaving. She wants, to know why."

"I can't tell her the truth she would want me to stay and I cant stay. I need to leave but I'll say goodbye to her." His father nodded.

"I'll tell her that you're looking for her when I leave your chambers." He nodded.

"Remember as soon as Robb and I have left. There will be a raven announcing the king traveling to the north with the queen and his children."

"Aye, I know. I will not accept his offer as the hand of the king."

"He will also ask for a betrothal between Joffrey and Sansa." His father was angry at this.

"I will never let Sansa marry that mad Lannister boy." Jon nodded.

"This is the last time we speak privately before you leave." He smiled and they both stood up. He gave his father a hug. His father left his chambers.....

Jaime Lannister


"There you are, sweet brother!" He turned around and saw his brother walking towards him.

"Tyrion good morning." He smiled at his brother and was returned with a smile.

"Our dear sister has informed me that Jon Arryn is dead is it true?" His brother raised an eyebrow.

"Yes, it is true sadly. It happened at late noon last night."

"Such a shame he was such a good man."

"Yes, he was."

"I guess the king took the news well." His brother gave a smirk.

"Not really he's drunk at the moment. He had two whores in his bed last night."

"Did you hear we're going to the north."

"Yes, I heard. We? Brother are you coming along on this short adventure." He smiled at his brother who still had a smirk.

"Yes of course brother I wouldn't miss the chance to piss off the edge of the world on the Great Wall." They both laughed.

"So my dear brother you've met the great and honorable lord Stark do you think he would accept the king's offer?"

"Yes, I think he would. Robert Baratheon and Eddard Stark are like brothers and Eddard Stark would do anything for his family."

"Yes, but they aren't family what will happen if he doesn't accept either of our king's offers? Who will be the hand of the king?"

"If the honorable Eddard Stark doesn't accept the hand of the kings offer my guess is that father would be granted as the hand of the king." His brother was surprised. 

"Father and not the king's brothers Renly Baratheon or Stannis Baratheon?"

"They both already have positions on the small council.  Renly Baratheon isn't interested in power as far as I know and Stannis Baratheon is still on Dragonstone and refuses to return to the capital."

"Great we will be seeing father a lot more I would gather."

"I wouldn't be surprised if father rejected the offer." His brother was disappointed with his brother words.

"We both know father is upsest with power. When rumors are in the air of him being offered the position of the hand of the king he would already accept it."

"Yes, your right but first we will see what will happen when we travel to the north and see if the great and honorable Eddard Stark accept our kings offer." 

They both kept on talking and walked through the castle........

Jon Snow


Arya was still in her chambers under her furs. She was waiting for Jon. Her father has told her that Jon was awake and would come to her chambers after he was getting ready for the day. She was still sad knowing that her two brothers would leave Winterfell for Jon's quest. She still would like to know why they were leaving but wouldn't question her father more.

She has pulled away from her thoughts when she heard a knock on her chamber doors.

"Arya it's me, Jon. May I come in?" She jumped out of her bed and ran to the door and opened it. She saw her brother and they both smiled at each other.

"May I come in?" He raised an eyebrow. She only laughed and nodded.

"Ok quickly close the door I have a gift for you." 

" A gift?" 

He smiled and nodded.

"Yes, Arya now quickly close the door." She smiled and ran behiafter and closed the door. She turned and saw that he had placed a wooden large chest on the bed.

"Come here." She smiled and walked over towards him. He opened the wooden chest and took out a small sword.

"I had asked the blacksmith to make this sword for you." She smiled and grabbed the sword it was light with a strong grip.

"This will be your first weapon before many to come." She smiled.

"Jon, why are you and Robb leaving, is someone forcing you is it mother."Jon only smiled and saw tears in his eyes.

" No, no one is forcing me I'm going on my free will." 


"Father will tell you why once I have left with Robb but before I say goodbye to you I have spoken to father and he has made the decision that you will be trained under Ser Rodrick. He will teach you everything about how to use a sword while I'm gone. You will know how to use a sword like a true warrior." She felt happiness inside her.

"Thank you, Jon." Before she hugged him he quickly stopped her.

"All good swords in the world has a name what will yours be?"

"Its small, thin and it can't kill a person but sure can cut him until he bleeds. It's more like a..." She cuts him off.

"Needle." He laughed and said, "Remember first rule of fighting is you stick them with the pointy end."

She smiled and put needle on the bed and she gave him a hug.

"I love you, Jon." He closed his eyes and a tear came down his face.

"I love you to Arya. I'm going to miss you so much." They both smiled and he left a kiss on her forehead and left her chambers. As soon as he closed the doors behind him he heard his name being called.

"Jon." He turned and saw it was Robb.

"Do you have everything?"

"Yes, I got the food and ale." Jon turned and saw Arya was peeking out of her chamber doors. He only nodded his head. Robb saw what he was doing and also nodded.

"Arya we know your listening you can come out." she opened the door.

"Go to the courtyard. We will meet you there with Bran and the others." Arya only nodded and walked away.

"Let's go and talk somewhere more private." Said Robb and Jon nodded.

"We will leave for the courtyard now in a moment I need to go get my two swords before we leave for the courtyard." 

"So we can talk in your chambers then?" Jon nodded.

"Alright then let's go." 

They both walked into his chambers. He opened his chamber doors and saw the handmaidens had already cleaned his chambers.

"Alright talk while I get my two swords." 

"Alright, I have the food and ale for our trip. So my guess is after my father beheaded the deserter and we have found the direwolf pups then we should make an excuse in order to leave for white harbor?"

While Robb was talking Jon opened his closet and took his two sword holders and strapped them on his hips he turned his gaze towards Robb.

"Aye, your right. We will have to make an excuse" 

"And that excuse will be?"

"You forgot your sword were we beheaded the deserter I don't know Robb you and Theon usually make the excuses, not me."

"Alright, I'll make up an excuse."

"Good glad we cleared that up."

He took out his closet Dark Sister and sheathed it in his right sword holder and after that, he took out Winters Wolf (Dawn) out of the closet and placed sheathed it in his right sword holder.

"Where did you get those swords?"

"Father gave them to me."

"May I look at them." He nodded and gave them both to Robb.

"Remarkable there both Valyrian steel swords where did he get them?"

"The one with the Dragon hilt is called Dark Sister it was founded in The tower of Joy where I was born."

"Dark Sister? The ancient Targaryen sword I thought it was lost?"

"Rumors have it that Rhaegar went beyond the wall and found it somewhere in a cave. The other sword is called Winters Wold it was Ser Arther's Dayne sword the kingsgaurd when I was born."

"Where did my father keep them?"

"Father kept them down in the crypts in a secret chamber behind my mother's statue."

"So you call him father again so I'm guessing your private discussion with him went well?"

"Aye it did he might not have been my blood father but he is still my father and your still my brother."

"Aye, we are." They both smiled. He gave Jon back his two swords and he placed them back into his two sword holders.

"Did you say anything to Sansa and the others?"  asked Jon.

"No, if I told them the truth there would be a higher chance of my mother finding out so I left letters for all of them in fathers study room."

"Good I also left some letters for them in fathers study room." Someone knocked on the door.

"Sorry to disturb you my lords but Lord Stark is waiting for the both of you in the courtyard."

They both smiled "I'll go get the bag and meet you in the courtyard." Said Robb.

"Aye meet you there."

Daenerys Targaryen


"I made a vow that I would protect you didn't I?" He had a beautiful smile.

"Yes, you did."

"So where have you been all day?" She smiled at him.

"Giving orders out making sure everyone is following them and training and what have you been doing the whole day?"

"I've been seeing Sam and maester Wolkan today. I also went and see how Drogon and Rhaegal were doing. Rhaegal miss, you maybe we should take them out for a ride tomorrow it would be good for them to spread their wings."

The man smiled. "Aye, I think that would be fun a day without giving orders just the two of us."

Daenerys smiled "I would love that."

"So what did Sam and maester Wolkan say about your pregnancy?"

She  smiled "They have confirmed that the child is in excellent health." 

The man smiled and started kissing her. The kiss was passionate and quick she thought.

"I love you" before she could say anything she woke up...

She awoke in her chambers in Pentos. She was out of breath and she placed her hand on her stomach and felt nothing was there.

She climbed out of her bed and the handsome man in her dreams kept flashing in her mind.

'Who was he and why do I keep dreaming of him?'

All of this went through her mind and finally lost her thoughts when she heard her brother calling her "Dear sister your finally awake." She turned around and saw her brother Viserys walking down the stairs. He smiled and she kept a blank face.

"I have great news from Illyrio. The Khal has excepted my request. He will ride for Pentos and meet us here." He smiled and touched her breast. She only kept her blank face.

"Best behave, sister, our first meeting with the great Khal will take place in a month."

"I don't want to marry him." She whispered. He smiled at her and slapped her hard on the face which caused her to fall on tto ground.

"I don't care what you want sister! I would let his whole entire khalasar fuck you in order to get my army so I can take back my iron throne."  Viserys left her on the ground.

She was on the ground while she was taking in what her brother just told her.....

Jon Snow



Robb, Jon, Bran, Theon, and Ned were all riding on their horses. Two Stark bannermen galloped on there horses towards Ned. "My lord we have found the deserter. We tied his hands in order to make sure he doesn't escape." Ned nodded.

"Show me where he is." 

"Please follow us, my lord, we will take you to him."

They rode for a while and finally, Jon could see it was the deserter who he has seen so many years ago. All of them climbed off their horses and they walked over to the deserter. Jon was wearing a large cloak in order to make sure no one was seeing his two swords and Robb kept their supplies on his horse.

Ned walked over to the deserter and he nodded to his bannermen. His bannermen took the deserter and placed him before a tree stump. Ned looked at the deserter and knew the deserter would make some final request.

"I know I should have returned to the wall and warned them of what happened and what I've seen. The white walkers they've returned. I know what I did was wrong please tell my family that I was a coward." Ned nodded.

He grabbed Ice and closed his eyes and started saying "I...

Jon leaned of to Bran " Don't look away farther will know if you did." Bran nodded.

"I Eddard of house Stark lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North sentence this man to die." After Ned said this he grabbed Ice and beheaded the deserter.

Ned walked over towards Bran "You did good Bran." Bran took a deep breath.

"Do you believe him what he was saying about the white walkers returning?" Ned looked at Jon and Robb and Jon nodded.

"Aye, I do." Bran was shocked after Ned said this to him.


They were traveling through the wolfswood. Jon knew exactly the where the Diewolf pups were. Finally, after a while, they came across the dead direwolf mother with its litter.

"A direwolf," said Theon.

"A dead direwolf actually," said Jon

"There is no direwolfs south of the wall," said Robb.

"We best be killing the pups then," said Theon.

"No don't," said Bran

"Put away your blade," said Robb

"Stand down Greyjoy," said Jon.

"I take neither my orders from the two of you only from Lord Stark."

"Lord Stark there are five Direwolf pups each for the Stark children you were meant to have them." He saw the smirk on Ned's face.

"Yes, father can we please keep them." Asked Bran.

"Fine you'll feed them yourself and if they die you bury them yourself." Ned nodded his head towards Robb and Jon signaling them it was time to leave.

Robb leaned over towards Jon.

"Jon which Direwolf was mine in the future?" Jon laughed.

"The grey one."

"There are two." Pointing towards the two in Theon's hands.

"One of those two is a boy yours were a boy," Jon smirked towards Robb. Robb looked at Theon.

"Theon what are the genders of those two Direwolfs in your hands?" Theon was confused.

"Ahhhhh.... The left one is a girl and the right one is a boy." Robb smiled.

"Give me the pup in your right hand." Theon handed the Direwolf pup to Robb.

"Great what did I name him?" Jon laughed quietly.


"Nice name where's yours we need to find it and leave quickly." Jon smiled and turned around and went behind a tree. He grabbed a white Direwolf with red eyes.

Theon laughed "That one is yours, Snow." Jon smiled.

"Why are you smiling." Asked Theon.

"No reason." Jon looked at Robb and nodded.

"What will you name him?" asked Robb quietly.

"Ghost. Alright, we lost enough time as it is we need to leave now." Robb nodded.

"I forgot my sword at the beheading. I'm going back for it.Jon care to join me?"

"Of course brother," said Jon with a smile.

"Let me come with you." Said Theon.

"No, Theon we will meet with them at Winterfell. Help us take these direwolf pups home." said, Ned. They both smiled at their father and nodded. 

Robb and Jon got on their horses and galloped off with there direwolf pups in their arms.

When they finally returned to the tree stump where the deserter was beheaded Jon was angry at Robb "I still can't believe we used my excuse." Robb rolled his eyes.

"We both knew that was our best option without anyone being curious."

"But still we lost a lot of time."

"Your right." Robb grabbed two bags.

"Here take this."

"Why do we have two bags?" Robb rolled his eyes.

"Open the bag."

Jon was curious and opened the bag a letter was inside of the bag. He oppened the letter and started reading it.

Dear Jon,

I hope your quest will be successful please write to me after when you have fought against the Khal and remember if you ever need any assistance of the north send a raven and Ill see what I can do.

I'll send a raven letting you know of how Roberts visit in the north went. Look in the bag I left a gift for you. Your father would have wanted you to have it. I thought it would be best to give it to you when you left.

I love you, son.

Eddard Stark, Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North

Jon took his hand and went through the bag. He felt something and took it out. He couldn't believe what he saw it was a grey dragon egg. He looked at Robb who only laughed.

"So that's why you went with my excuse... You told father who took the opportunity to give me my dragon egg."

Robb nodded "He was very specific on how we should leave." Jon smiled.

"Alright, its time to leave." He took the dragon egg and put it back into his bag what was given to him and got on his horse.

"Alright on towards White Harbor." Jon nodded.

"We best be on our way we lost a lot of time as it is." They both started galloping on there horses with the direwolf pups in their hands and went on there way to White Harbor.......



























Chapter Text

Eddard Stark


Ned, Theon, and Bran galloped back inside of Winterfell. When Ned entered the courtyard he saw his wife, Catelyn on the balcony who seemed disturbed. He walked up the stairs and stopped in front of her.

"Ned a raven arrived while you were gone beheading the deserter." Ned signed knowing the raven's letter announced the King and Queen are on their way towards Winterfell.

"The king and queen are on their way to Winterfell we best be getting everything ready for them," Catelyn was shocked.

"How did you know the raven just arrived?" Ned looked at maester Luwin who stood right next to his wife, who also seemed confused.

"Maester Luwin, find my children and tell them I wish to meet them in the Godswood."

Maester Luwin was surprised but bowed down, "Of course my Lord."

"Let's go, Catelyn." He grabbed her hand. She was surprised by his action.

"Why Ned what's going on?" He didn't answer her but she kept on following him. She walked after him and they both entered the Godswood.

"Let's wait for the children to arrive, it's time you all knew the truth." Catelyn was still confused and wanted to question him.

"What's going on Ned. Where is Robb? I didn't see him returned with you. I only saw Bran and Theon with you when you returned."

"I'll tell you everything what you want to know when the children arrive."

When he said this, Sansa, Bran, Arya, and Rickon entered the Godswood with Maester Luwin beside them.

"Thank you for your help Maester Luwin." Maester Luwin bowed and was about to leave.

"No stay Maester Luwin, I want you to hear this. You're a loyal servant to House Stark and I trust you with my life."

Maester Luwin was surprised and bowed, "Of course my lord it would be my honor." Ned smiled and nodded.

They were quiet for a moment and finally, Catelyn started the conversation.

"Alright we are all here Ned what is going on?Where is Robb?" Ned signed not really knowing how to start with the conversation.

"You asked me where Robb is, well he went to Pentos with Jon." They were all shocked except for Arya.

"Why Ned why is our son going to Pentos with that bastard?" Ned was getting angry when she called him a bastard but calmed down and took a deep breath.

"Robb went with Jon in order to save Daenerys."

"Daenerys who's Daenerys father?" asked Sansa.

"Daenerys Targaryen." They where all shocked. Maester Luwin started talking.

"Daenerys Targaryen, the child who was born   which became the death of Rhaella  Targaryen, the wife of the mad king?"

Ned nodded.

"Aye, she is." This information shocked all of them.

"But my lord I heard the last sighting of the Targaryen girl was when Viserys Targaryen her older brother took Daenerys Targaryen and fled across the Narrow Sea and hasn't been seen since."

"Aye that's true but apparently Viserys Targaryen wants to sell his sister to a Khal of the Dothraki in order to claim his khalasar which will grant him an army to retake his throne."

"If this is true, Ned why would Robb ever go to Pentos with that bastard of yours?" Ned couldn't let her say that word again.

"Jon is not a bastard, Catelyn!"

Everyone was shocked. Maester Luwin was speechless, he couldn't believe what he just heard and finally started talking after a few moments in order to understand the situation.

"What do you mean, my lord?"

"He's not a bastard he isn't even really my son." Arya couldn't believe what she heard. She wouldn't believe what her father just told her.

"Of course he is... He's my brother."

Ned sighed, he didn't know how this information will effect his children.

"No Arya he's not your brother... He's your cousin." Everyone was speechless.

"What do you mean Ned? Is he your brother, Benjen's child?" Ned was quiet. He knew if he told them the truth now there would be no turning back.

"No, not my brother's son but my sisters, Lyanna." They all were completely shocked. They didn't know what to ask next.

"Aunt Lyanna?" asked Arya.

"Yes, Arya your aunt," said Ned. Measter Luwin tried to find words in order to understand everything.

"If Jon's mother was Lyanna Stark, your sister, may I asked who was the father, my lord?" asked maester Luwin.

Ned took a deep breath knowing this would change everything, forever.

"The father is Rhaegar Targaryen." Arya was still surprised the fact that he wasn't her brother, but her cousin. Also, because he was the child of the prince of who's to been said raped their aunt.

"So he was born of rape?" asked Sansa.

"No, Rhaegar didn't kidnap nor rape my sister, that was built on a lie of Roberts wrath. They loved each other and my sister left on her free will with Rhaegar Targaryen."

"So he is Rhaegar's bastard?" asked Catelyn.

"No Rhaegar annulled his marriage with Elia Martell and married my sister. I found the documents in the tower of Joy where my sister died of childbirth which proved this."

Ned could see this information was hard to take in. Catelyn only had wide eyes with her mouth openend, similar to maester Luwin.

"My lord, your sister died of giving childbirth of the boy and not from fever?" Ned was feeling the uneasyness of talking of his dead sister.

"Aye, she did." said Ned quietly.

"So he is Jon Targaryen I presume?" asked Catelyn.

"No, I named him Jon in order to make sure Robert wouldn't be suspicious. My sister told me his true name before dying giving birth to him. His true name is Aegon Targaryen, he is..." Before he could say anything else, Maester Luwin cut him off.

"Heir to the Iron Throne," said maester Luwin with wide eyes, still trying to process what he just heard. None of the children could believe what was said. The fact that Jon wasn't their half brother but in fact their cousin and heir to the throne, shocked them to the extreme.

"Aye, he is," said Ned. He could see everyone needed time excepting the new information that was given to them.

"Ned, how could you lie to me?! Do you have any idea how badly I treated that boy thinking he was your child with another women? If you had told me the truth I could have treated him as my own child!"

Ned could see her eyes tearing up.

"Catelyn, if Robert ever had known the truth, he would have killed Jon. I had to make sure that only I knew the truth. If rumor ever got out, Robert would have sended his assassins after him and killed all of you. It would have raised suspicions if you had treated him like your own child." Her tears was on the edge of being released and master Luwin started talking.

"He's right my lady disguising Jon as your husband's bastard was the best way to make sure that no one ever knew the truth about the boy's true heritage."

Sansa was still shocked, she couldn't believe how badly she treated Jon. She felt the sadness taking over her, a pain she couldn't describe.

"Father, you still haven't told us why Jon and Robb went to save Daenerys," said Bran.

Ned sihged and told them everything what Jon had told him about what happened in the future.

Finally, after he had spoken all of them were quiet, shocked, speechless, they all had mixed feelings over the matter.

"The reason why Jon went to Pentos was in order to save his wife, Daenerys, who is also his aunt?" asked Bran and Ned nodded. He knew this information must have been strange for his children. Not knowing what the tradition of House Targaryen was.

"Yes, my lord she may be his aunt but it is commonly known in Westeros that the Targaryen family married inside their family, in order to keep the bloodline pure," said Maester Luwin.

"Is that true, father?" Asked Sansa.

"Aye, it is true," said Ned.

"I still don't like it that you let Robb leave without him saying goodbye to me," said Catelyn.

"Aye, I know but I know if you knew the truth that he was leaving you would never allowed him to leave with Jon." Ned had a smirk on his face.

"Yes, he should have stayed, the south is no place for a Stark."

"Aye, I know but we both know Robb would still have left going against our wishes because of his strong relationship with Jon." Maester Luwin nodded.

"Yes, my lady it's true of what Lord Stark is saying, Jon and Robb may be cousins but they see each other as brothers. They would do anything for each other." Ned nodded towards master Luwin.

"My lord, does Jon have any plan for the threat beyond the wall?" asked Maester Luwin.

"Aye, he does. He intends to fight against Khal Drogo in order to protect Daenerys. If he defeats Drogo, he would gain the Khal's khalasar and claim Daenerys as his Khaleesi. He will then return to Westeros with an army and unite the seven kingdoms by retaking his throne in order to fight against the White Walkers and Whights what lies beyond the wall," Ned stated. Catelyn wanted to say something but was interrupted by maester Luwin.

"My lord, I know that a khalshar of more than hundred thousand Dothraki is strong but it won't be enough to win the war against all seven kingdoms. He will need allies." Maester Luwin raised an eyebrow with a smirk and Ned smiled.

"Aye, he will have the full support of the north behind him." Maester Luwin smiled.

"Wait master Luwin you want my father to help Jon retake his throne?" asked Sansa.

"Of course I see Jon as one of the Stark children even if he is a Targaryen. He retook Winterfell from the Bulton's and was crowned as King in the North against his will even when they thought he was a bastard. He isn't power hungry, only cares for his people and family and makes the best decisions for his kingdom. We need a king like that against the threat beyond the wall. I've seen greatness in that boy since ever since he was an infant and now I am glad to see that I was right. Westeros needs him in order to survive against the threat beyond the wall." said maester Luwin.

"Firstly, before we claim war against Robert, I would first like to know why is he coming north, Ned? I presume Jon told you why before he left on his quest," said Catelyn.

Ned was surprised that Catelyn was starting to call him on his name and not boy.

"King Robert is coming north to ask me to be his hand."

They all wanted to ask questions but kept quiet.

"Ned we both know you can't except his offer, not while your nephew declares war against him."

"I won't except after I heard what kind of king Robert has became." Said Ned.

"My lord, is that the only reason why king Robert is coming North?" asked master Luwin. 

Ned sighed and replied, "No, he will also ask a betrothed between Joffrey and Sansa."

"I don't want to marry him father, not after what he did to you in the future!" said Sansa while her eyes filled with water.

"Ned, I will never let that mad Lannister boy marry our daughter."

"Aye, I will decline that offer as well. The royal children aren't even Baratheons but are only Lanisters of Ser Jaime and Queen Cersei."

"My lord, if I may say we can use that to our advantage." They all looked at maester Luwin.

"What do you mean Maester Luwin?" asked Catelyn.

"When Jon returns to Westeros with his army, we can use that to our advantage to put Dorne on our side when war arrives," said Maester Luwin.

"He's right Ned, Prince Oberyn will be on Jons side if he learned that Jon wanted revenge against the Lanistes for what they did to his dead siblings. He would be an ally to us in the war for the throne."

"Lord Oberyn could ask his brother Doran Martell if they could assist Jon to help him take back his throne." said master Luwin.

"Aye, your right. I'll send a raven to Jon but before we allied with Dothraki and Dorne, we first need to make sure Robert doesn't find out that we are trying to overthrow him," said Ned.

"Your right we must use caution when they are here," said Catelyn.

"My lord, what will we do with Theon? What Jon has told you is that he betrayed the Starks and took Winterfell when it was the war of the five kings," said Maester Luwin.

"Aye, I know we will not say anything to him. He will remain here for the time being." Said Ned which Catelyn and Maester Luwin nodded.

"I best be getting everything ready for the arrival of the King and Queen. Sansa, would you care to come and help me?" asked Catelyn, which made Sansa smile and nodd.

"Alright, you all may go except for Arya," said Ned. They all started to leave the Godswood until Arya and Ned remained.

"Do you understand why Jon didn't want to tell you before he left?" Ned asked emphatically.

Arya nodded and replied, "I know I would had tried to stop him."

"Aye, you would have. Do you see him differently since you know the truth?"

"Of course not, it doesn't matter who his father or mother is, he will always be my brother." He smiled and bowed to his knees.

"Aye, he knows you would still see him as a brother and he still sees you as his loving sister."

He grabbed something behind him and gave it to her.

"Your brother told me to give this to you." She was confused and opened the letter.

"What is it?" asked Arya.

"It's a Direwolf neckless that he carved," said Ned.

It was a neckless with a white Direwolf with a red eye, the same sigil as their House.

"Thank you father for giving it to me." He smiled and hugged her.

"Now turn around, let me put it around your neck."

She smiled and turned around after it was on her and turned her gaze back to Ned.

"Its beautiful. Now let's go find Ser Rodrick so that you can start with your training."

She smiled and nodded... 


Jon Snow


"No! No, Daenerys please don't leave me!!"

Jon held Daenerys in her arms as she screamed at the pain.

"Jon it hurts!" She coughed blood out of her mouth.

Jon turned his gaze towards the army.

"Don't stand there you fucking idiots, get a maester." One soldier nodded and ran.

Tears started to come down his face. She also had tears in her eyes of the pain.

"Daenerys you can't leave me." He cupped her face and kissed her. The soldier ran towards them.

"My king, I'm sorry but Maester Wolkan is dead." He looked at the man.

" We need to find Melisandra now!"

"Jon, it's fine, leave it." He looked down at her.

"No, Daenerys I won't let you die." Tears rolled off his face and fell on her face.

"Its fine, Jon. I'm dying in the arms of my husband. My true love. The father of my child."

"Please Daenerys..." 

"No, I need to say it Jon."

"When I die, take care of Rhaegar for me."

"Be quit Daenerys... You need your strength, I'm not letting you die!" He placed his hands on her wounds.

"Jon its fine... Look at me." She grabbed his face which made him look at her.

"I never knew that I would love someone again after Drogo died but I soon realized after meeting you .. What I had with Drogo wasn't love, it was pleasure. I wanted to use Drogo in order to get the Iron throne but after meeting you being so stubborn and kind you taught me what love truly is. "

Tears came down her face.

"Daenerys, stop talking please."

"I love you, Jon." She took her final breath.

"Daenerys?.... Daenerys please answer me." He kissed her on the mouth.

" Daenerys don't leave me. Daenerys!!!!!" He looked in the air and screamed.

"Jon, wake up!"

He woke up and it was light. They have travel two days to White Harbor and camped for the night before.

"Where are we?" asked Jon while he was taking deep breathes.

"We're right outside of White Harbor. Jon, you had another nightmare. You keep on having nightmares ever since we left Winterfell."

Jon knew that wasn't true, he had been having nightmares ever since Daenerys died. He was still out of breath and stood up.

"Im fine Robb, really." said Jon.

"No you are not! It was a dream of the past, wasn't it? "Jon took a deep breath ond nodded.

"Aye, it was." said Jon.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Asked Robb.

"No Robb, I don't want to talk about the shit past. We lost enough time as it is. It's time to go see Lord Manderly." He looked at Robb and Robb had still concern on his face but nodded.

"Aye, let's go."

They both packed up and placed there bags on their horses. Ghost ran and tackled Greywind and they where both playing.

Jon grabbed Ghost while Robb grabbed Greywind. They both climbed on their horses and galloped towards White Harbor, they could already see the docks and the castle and this made them both surprised. They couldn't believe they were this close to White Harbor but the previous night was too dark and misty. They couldn't have known that they where this close.

They both stopped in front of the castle doors and two of House Manderly bannerman stood before its gates

"Who goes there?" Asked one Bannerman.

"I'm Robb Stark and this is my brother Jon Snow. We have urgent business with Lord Manderly." The two Bannerman looked at each other and nodded.

"Our apologies my lords, we didn't know it was you. Lord Manderly is waiting inside. My lords, you best be seeing him quickly." Robb nodded.

"It's alright," said Jon.

One bannerman turned around and shouted to the guards, "Open the gates!'" The gates opened and Robb smiled at Jon, "After you brother."

Jon smiled and rolled his eyes and they both walked on their horses inside.

They both got off their horses and put their Direwolf pups down on the ground. Ghost and Greywind started playing again.

They both turned around and heard a voice behind them "My lords sorry for keeping you waiting." Robb smiled.

"Its fine Lord Manderly its good to see you again." The man smiled.

"Aye the feeling is the same, my lord," said Lord Manderly.

"My father did send a raven to you lord Manderly did you receive it," asked Jon.

"Aye, he did. He requested that I give you nine of my best men and a ship which takes you to Pentos." Said Lord Manderly.

"Is everything ready my lord sorry to rush you but we are sadly on a timed schedule," said Robb.

"No its fine my lord. I understand your father said that you did have an urgent quest in Pentos. Everything is ready for your Journey milords but the ship still needs its supplies which shall be ready for tomorrow. I suggest you spent the night here and set sail when the sun has it's first light in the morning." They both looked at each other and nodded. Robb looked at lord Manderly

"Thank you for your hospitality, my lord."Lord Manderly smiled.

"The honor is all mine, my lords. I'll send handmaidens to show you to your chambers. If you would please excuse me, my lords, I have a visitor from Horn Hill."

Jon was surprised by this "a visitor from Horn Hill. May I ask who it is?" Lord Manderly laughed.

"He calls himself Samwell Tarly but I presume he is a liar because he is almost as fat as I. Lord Randyll Tarly would never let one of his children be so fat." Jon couldn't believe his best friend from his past life is here.

"Sorry to bother you lord Manderly but may we please meet this Samwell Tarly?" asked Jon. Robb was confused by this and looked at Jon. Lord Manderly was surprised and nodded.

"Of course. If you would follow me, my lords." They both followed lord Manderly and the Direwolf pups followed after them. Finally, they entered a hall where he saw his best friend reading a book.

"Sorry to disturb your reading my lord." Sam looked up and was surprised.

"Sorry my lord for reading it's not my place to take a book without asking." Lord Mandey smiled.

"Its fine no one really read those books anymore so I'm glad someone was reading them." Sam was distracted by the two men behind lord Manderly.

"Oh, this is Robb Stark and his brother Jon Snow." Sam was shocked he stood up and bowed.

"Sorry, my lords for my badly manners." Jon only smiled it was great to see his old friend again.

"Its fine ...." said Robb but Sam cut him off.

"Sam just call me Sam your grace." Robb nodded and Lord Manderly started speaking.

"I have good news my lord the carraige what had all of your belongings what was stolen will be replaced and will be here less in a moon after that then you may leave for the wall." Sam smiled and nodded.

"Thank you, your grace.'"said Sam. Lord Manderly smiled.

Jon looked at Sam and wanted to talk to him privately.

"Lord Manderly is it fine if you could give me and Sam a moment of privacy I would like to speak with him alone." All of them were surprised but lord mannerly smiled and nodded.

"Of course my lord I'll see you at the feast tonight." Robb and Jon smiled.

"Of course my lord thank you again for everything." Said Robb.

Lord Manderly smiled and walked away. Robb pulled Jon away from Sam in order to have a conversation without Sam hearing them.

"Jon what are you doing?" asked Robb quietly after Sam was still confused but started reading again.

"He was my best friend and brother at the Night's Watch we need him," said Jon quietly.

"He's not a fighter Jon."

"He is extremely smart Robb. He can help us find a way to fight against the white walkers."

Robb signed "Jon I thought you said that Dragonglass and Valaryian Steel can kill the Wights and White Walkers."

"Aye that's true but last time we didn't have enough time to find more ways to defeat them now we do. We can send him to the Citadel and find more ways to defeat the White Walkers and Wights."

"Fine," said Robb. Jon and Robb walked back over to Sam.

"Sam I presume you would like to be a maester?" said Jon.

"Yes your grace but my father..."

"'Your father said if you didn't join the Night's watch and strip all of your titles he would hunt you kill you even and say it was an accident." They both were surprised.

" How did you?" said Sam confused.

Jon smiled "Sam this may be hard to believe but what if I said to you we know each other just like brothers because we were both in the Night's Watch and I'm from the future?"

Sam was shocked "I have heard of such spells in the books of mages of time travel but never thought they were true."

"But they are actually," said Robb.

"He told us things that would happen before it ever did." Sam was surprised.

"I know this is hard to believe Sam but ask me anything about your life and I can answer it."

Sam smiled "I believe you actually... I never told anyone about what my father had told me and I would guess that my father is too ashamed of me he would never even told someone that I even lived."

Jon smiled "Good glad we sorted that out. Sam, I will ask again would you like to be my maester?"

Sam was surprised "I'm sorry my lord.."

"Please call me Jon," said Jon.

"I'm sorry, Jon but I thought Winterfell already had a maester who was named Luwin?"

"No not Winterfell I need a maester when I take Kings Landing." Sam was surprised.

"Why would you take Kings Landing Jon?"

After Sam asked this Jon told him everything about what happens in the future. He told him about the threat beyond the wall.

Sam was shocked "You're... your... Aegon Targaryen??? Trueborn son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark heir to the Iron Throne?" Jon simply nodded.

"How did you find out?" asked Sam.

"You told me actually. You found documents at the Citadel which proved that I was born as the crowned prince."

"I did?" Jon nodded.

"So you're retaking your throne and you want me to be your new maester?"

"Yes, your a man who I trust Sam I know you don't know me but I know you and I know I can trust you. You may not see me as a brother or friend yet but you are my best friend and a brother."

"Thank you for your kind words. I would like nothing more to be grandmaester but I doubt my father would ever allow that," said Sam with a frown on his face.

"You don't need your father's permission Sam he tried to kill you," said Robb.

"Yes but..." before Sam could say anything Jon cut him off.

"If he ever tries to hurt you again I'll kill him myself," said Jon.

Sam smiled "I doubt that. He is really good with a sword." Robb smirked and patted on Jon's shoulder.

"You would be surprised how good Jon is with two swords." Sam was surprised.

"You can use two swords?" Asked Sam.

"He can't only just use two swords his great with two swords," said Robb.

Jon hated it when people were acting this way towards him.

"I'm ok I guess." Said Jon looking down at his feet which made Robb laughed.

"He fought against me and four other men on the same time and get kicked our arse trust me you have nothing to fear Sam. I'll send a raven to my father telling him he should send a raven to the citadel notifying them that you will be training as master Luwin's apprentice and he will send a raven to your father asking him if you could be House Starks new Maester and we will wait for your father's response after that we'll take it from there. Alright?" asked Robb.

Sam smiled "Alright."

Jon sat on the chair and Robb sat next to him and Sam sat across them from the table. "Sam you'll go to the Citadel and be trained as my maester. I need you to do a few things for me while your there."

"What do you need?" asked Sam.

"I need you to find ways on how to defeat White Walkers and how to hatch Dragons." Robb and Sam were both surprised.

"You're not going to?" asked Robb.

"Yes, Robb I am we need Dragons in order to defeat the others."

Sam smiled "You told me that your wife Daenerys was able to hatch three dragons."

"Yes, I know she did but the problem is the thing what motivated her to do something like that will never happen in this world after I have killed Drogo. She will never become pregnant and lose Drogo and her child which was her motivation to hatch her three dragon eggs."

"Wait she never told you how to hatch dragons," asked Robb.

"No, I never asked her. I never knew that I would go back in time Robb I would have asked her if I knew I was," said Jon.

"Well I did read a book of old Valaryia which was written by a Targaryen," said Sam.

"And?" Asked Robb.

"The book said that a person can only hatch a dragon if he had old Valaryia blood in his veins."

"I'm half Targaryen," said Jon.

"Actually more your father Rhaegar was a full blood Targaryen."

"Alright let's move on," said Robb.

"In the book, it also said that the person who had old Valaryia blood must imprint on the egg and use a human sacrifice in order to bring forth the dragon. The human sacrifice must be placed in a huge bonfire and the egg must be placed in the middle of the bonfire," said Sam.

"So you're telling me I have to stand in the middle of the bonfire," said Jon.

"Well that is what the book said," said Sam.

"That can't be true," said Robb.

"It can be actually Daenerys did tell me once how she got her khalashar," said Jon.

"How did she?"

"She threw fire on the Khal which burned the entire hut down. The Khal and bloodriders who followed him was burned to death."

"And she survived?" asked Sam.

"Aye, she did. She didn't even get a burn mark," said Jon. Jon saw Robb's smirk he knew Jon could only confirm this if he saw all of Daenerys. Jon rolled his eyes.

"I have read of this before Targaryens do have the ability to be unburnt," said Sam.

"Like how the Starks can warg?" asked Jon.

"Yes precisely Jon have you ever put your hand in something hot before did it ever hurt you?" asked Sam.

"Aye he did he put his hand in boiling water and nothing happened to his hand but mine burned like hell," said Robb.

"But that still doesn't make any sense when I first fought against a wight I burned my hand when I took a light candle an threw it towards the wight which kilked it."

"Yes but back then you only thought you where a bastard of Lord Stark a wolf now...Now you believe you are a dragon and a wolf."

"You cant be serious?" Said Jon.

"I am actually you have accepted your true heritage which allowed you to access your Targaryen side," said Sam.

"I still don't understand." Robb was getting annoyed.

"Let's test it out, Jon." He took a candle which was on the table and took Jon's hand and placed it right above the candle but Jon felt nothing. Jon was surprised and saw the fire what was burning behind Sam he got out of his chair and placed his hand inside of the fire. Nothing happened to him he didn't feel any pain.

"So it's settled you are unburnt." Jon saw the smirk on Robb's face after he said this.

"You do realize you could have burned my hand Robb!" said Jon angry.

"Jon I knew when your hand wasn't burned in that boiling water, fire wouldn't even compare to that," said Robb.

"But still Robb."

"I know I'm sorry."

"It's fine. Sam let's get back to that human sacrifice. Does the person have to be dead or alive?" Sam was surprised.

"Well, the book said the human sacrifice can be dead or alive." Jon smiled and Robb knew what he was thinking.

"You're not going to..." Jon cut Robb off and started talking.

"Why not Robb? Drogo was used before to hatch three Dragons. Why not use him for the same reason but this time for only one dragon. I will use his body as the human sacrifice after I had killed him. If what Daenerys said is true if the Dothraki see that I'm unburnt and also brought a dragon to life they will cross the Narrow sea for me and help me take back my throne." This surprised Sam and Robb.

"That could work," said Sam.

"The Dothraki will see you as the rider who mounts the world." He smiled at Robb who rolled his eyes.

"We have one problem though if we meet Daenerys and she has her three dragon eggs who will be the human sacrifice then in order to hatch her dragons?" asked Robb.

"That is where my dear horrible uncle Viserys comes in. He sold Daenerys to Khal Drogo who raped her. I will kill him for how he treated her." said Jon.

"Wait you already have a Dragon egg?" asked Sam.

"Yes, it's in my bag. Why?" Robb and Jon were both curious.

"May I see it?" Jon nodded he took his bag and took out his grey Dragon egg and hand it over towards Sam.

"This is no ordinary Dragon egg," said Sam.

"What do you mean?" asked Jon.

"Your Dragon egg isn't turned to stone," said Sam.

"Aye, so what does that mean?" Sam smiled and got more excited.

"It means that this Dragon will grow much faster and will be a lot bigger than an average Dragon." Jon was surprised.

"Why is that?" Sam laughed.

"Because your Dragon egg hasn't turned to stone yet. It means that your Dragon was one of the last eggs that was lied before the Dragons went extinct." Robb and Jon were still confused.

"Your Dragon egg is a lot younger than an average Dragon egg. That is why Dragon eggs turn into stone because of old age. When a Dragon egg turned to stone it also makes the Dragon take longer to grow. Your Dragon will grow a lot faster and bigger than a stone Dragon egg." Jon was surprised.

Daenerys had told him her Dragons eggs were turned into stone and he couldn't believe how big Drogon was and now he heard his Dragon had the potential to be even bigger and faster than Dragon.

"Sam, where did you learn all of this?" Sam smiled and handed his Dragon egg back to Jon which he placed back in his bag.

"Like I said I read a book about old Valaryia and it had information on everything about Dragons."

"You never told me in the past that you can read high Valaryia?"

"I can't that book was written in the common tongue," said Sam.

"Where is this book?" asked Jon.

"Sadly it was lost when our library was burned down."

"Do you know where it was found?" asked Jon.

"Yes, my father told me that my great-grandfather sent a merchant to old Valaryia. He had been told there were old treasures there. A crew of fifty men was sent and only one crew member returned." said Sam.

"What happened to all of them?" asked Robb.

"They were all turned to greyscale," said Sam.

"What did they found?" asked Jon.

"They found the valaryia book and a Valaryian Steel sword which became our house sword."

"What was the sword named?" asked Robb.

"It was named..." before Sam could finish Jon finished his sentence.

"Heartsbane," said Jon.

Sam smiled "Yes your right." Jon smiled.

"Alright,t I best retire. I'm tired I haven't gotten really much sleep the last two days. Robb would you mind sending a raven to father?"

Sam was surprised "Father?"

Jon smiled "Aye Eddard Stark may be my uncle but he raised me I consider him as my father."

Sam smiled "Oh that's nice."

Jon smiled "Robb would you mind?''

Robb smiled " Of course brother I'll send it right away."

"Good thank you Robb. Alright, I'll see you both at the feast tonight. Robb we may need to ask Lord Manderly if he could sail us to Pentos and after that sail Sam to the Citadel." Sam was surprised and smiled.

"Aye. That's a good Idea I'll ask him tonight," said Robb.

Chapter Text

Daenerys Targaryen


"Did you have time to see Rhaegar today?" She smiled at the handsome man. She still didn't know his name or know where he was from. She wanted to ask so many times but couldn't. Something held her back.

"Sadly no I didn't I was planning our defenses." He walked over to her and grabbed her waist. They both smiled and he placed his forehead against hers. She giggled and placed her two hands on his cheeks.

"Is Rhaegar awake." she knew why he asked. She smiled and went against his ear and whispered "No" and she started kissing his ear he growled and he started kissing her neck.

She moaned and he pulled away from her neck. Both looked at each other.  She pulled his mouth on hers. She forced her tongue into his mouth. They're tongues battle each other. He started to place his two hands on her breast and squeezed them while cupping them. He broke away from her mouth and kissed her neck while he was squeezing her breast. She closed her eyes feeling every touch what he placed on her. The touch of his mouth on her neck and the touch of his hands with her breast.

He let go of her breast and she opened her eyes. His hands went behind her back and went down to her ass. He lifted her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist. He moved her to the bed and placed her softly on the bed...

Daenerys awoke in her chambers in Pentos. She got out of her bed. She was out of breath. Those dreams felt so real she thought.

Daenerys closed her eyes and remembered the handsome man completely in her mind. She didn't understand why she kept on dreaming a man she never even met before. She lost her thoughts when she heard voices outside her chambers.

The voices were faint but Daenerys could hear them one voice was her brother and the other voice was Illyrio. She wanted to know what they were talking about but couldn't the voices where far away but suddenly the voices got louder she knew they were on their way.

Her chamber doors opened and Viserys smiled and walked down the stairs. "Morning my dear sister I have wonderful news." Daenerys didn't say anything she knew it was probably only good news for him.

"Khal Drogo is outside of Pentos. Our first meeting will be with him tomorrow evening." Viserys walked over to Daenerys and cupped her cheeks. 

"My dear Sister you're a disaster look at your hair. You look like you haven't bathed in a week. You better look beautiful tomorrow. You don't want to awake the dragon now do you?" 

Daenerys didn't want to look him in the eyes. She took a deep breath and said "No".

He smiled "Good now get cleaned up your King commands you." Viserys turned around and left her chambers.

The handmaidens brought boiling water and threw it in her tub. She undressed and walked into the boiling water trying to make sense of why she was there and why was she dreaming of a man she didn't even see before and why she had such strong feelings for him.

"It's to hot my Princess." said the Handmaiden but she didn't care. She didn't feel any pain she didn't care. She wanted to make sense of what is happening in her life.



 Jon Snow


Jon and his company have been sailing across the Narrow Sea for a few weeks. They arrived at the docks of Pentos early in the morning. Jon has sheathed his two swords in his two sword holsters. He took his dragon egg and placed it in his bag. He opened his chamber doors and saw the captain was waiting for him.

"May I help you Captain?" asked Jon.

"No my lord. I came here to give you the good news. The ship is busy restocking its cargo. We will be able to set sail for the Citadel in five days." said the Captain.

"That's good news Captain thank you for letting me know," the Captain nodded and walked away. Jon saw the sun rising on the city. He knew they didn't have much time left so they must work quickly.

"Jon! Come here," said Robb who was having a discussion with Sam. Jon walked over towards them. He smiled at Sam which was happily returned. He was glad that Robb and Sam had become good friends while sailing across the Narrow Sea.

"Sam I have good news. This ship is still busy restocking its supplies. You will be able to set sail for the Citadel in five days. We will see you off when you leave because..." Jon was cut off by Sam.

"I know Jon. Trust me I would like nothing more to get as far away from that khal than anything. I'll see the both of you in five days." Said Sam.

"Aye, we will see you off," said Robb. Jon could see there was something on Sam's mind.

"Sam what's wrong?" asked Jon with a concern face.

"Nothing I... I would just like to say thank you for convincing my father to be your Maester," said Sam while smiling at them.

"There is nothing to thank us for Sam were friends and were glad that you can be my maester," said Jon.

"Yes but.."  Sam was cut off by Robb.

"No buts Sam as Jon said your a good friend and were glad that your Jon's maester," said Robb. Sam smiled at the both of his friends. Jon looked at the sunrise what was rising behind then city.

"Robb we best be heading off now. I don't know were Daenerys is and I don't know what Viserys is planning for her," Jon looked back at Robb which is when his brother nodded.

"Aye, your right," Robb and Jon both smiled and nodded at Sam and walked off the ship. They were both walking towards their horses while the direwolf pups were following behind them. They walked to their horses where the nine northern bannermen was waiting for them.  Robb looked at the common folk and saw what clothes they were wearing.

"These southerner clothes will always be strange to me," said Robb while looking at one woman who had a blue dress with a spiral on both of her arms and her stomach was bare with a triangle.

"Aye, I know," said Jon. Jon was looking at the streets. He knew Daenerys was somewhere in the city. Nothing would stop him in order to save her. He was pulled away from his thought when Robb asked him something.

"Jon what is your plan on finding Daenerys?" asked Robb. 

"Before I came here Bran told me to find a man called Illyrio," said Jon. He looked at the docks where ships were moving their cargo. His attention was grabbed and  couldn't believe who he saw.

"Great how do we find him?" asked Robb. He didn't get a response from Jon. His attention was grabbed by the person who was helping a ship with its supplies.

"Jon what's wrong?" asked Robb.

"It's Ser Jorah Mormont," said Jon. He didn't understand why the old knight was here but soon remembered he was sent to Pentos in order to spy on Daenerys and Viserys for the king.

"Jorah Mormont are you sure?" asked Robb.

"Aye I'm sure," said Jon.

"He fled from the north knowing we would have behead him for his crimes for slavery," Robb was getting at the man who wasn't in a cell or chains he stared to get angry and was about to go to the old Knight. Jon grabbed his arm and Robb was surprised.

"Jon what are you?" asked Robb.

"Not yet Robb. We need his help in order to find Daenerys," said Jon.

"How would he know were Daenerys is Jon?" asked Robb.

"He is spying on Daenerys and Viserys for the king," said Jon.

"Why would Ser Jorah Mormont spy for the king Jon?" asked Robb.

"He is spying on them in order to get a pardon of the king to live back in the North," said Jon. Jon looked at Robb and knew Robb would not accept that pardon neither would there father.

"You really think he can help us Jon?" asked Robb.

"Aye, I do. Robb, what other choice do we have? We have no leads on where Illyrio or Daenerys is. He's our best chance of finding her," said Jon. Robb sigh and looked at the old knight who was still helping the ship with it's cargo.

"Alright fine. What is your plan Jon?" asked Robb which made Jon smile.

"I'll go over to him alone and grab him after I've done that I'll signal you to you bring the northern bannerman and take him to the ship for questioning," said Jon. Robb was thinking through the plan and finally said.

"Just signal us when you have him," said Robb which made Jon nodded. Jon walked over towards the old knight luckily the knight didn't realize he was standing right behind him. The old knight was lifting cargo but dropped it as soon as Jon grabbed his two arms and held it behind his back and pushed him on the ground. Jon looked over at Robb and nodded. While they where runing towards them Jorah looked at the man.

"Who are you?" asked Jorah trying to break free.

"I'm Jon Snow. Ned Stark's bastard and you are about to face your punishment for slavery Ser Jorah Mormont," the old knight was surprised and two bannermen took his arms and walked to the ship. The old knight tried to break free but couldn't.

"My lord what should we do with the prisoner?" asked one bannermen.

"Put him in a cabin and make sure he is chained I do not want him to escape!" said Robb. The bannermen nodded and walked to the old knight who was still trying to break free. Robb and Jon saw how the bannermen took the old knight on to the ship. Sam was oblivious on what was going on. He saw Robb and Jon walking on to the deck towards him.

"Who was that?" asked Sam.

"He's Ser Jorah Mormont. He was a northern lord who dishonoured his own family by selling slaves. He was punished with death but fled the North before capturing him." said Robb.

"What is you plan on doing with him?" asked Sam.

"He will show us where Daenerys is," said Jon. Robb looked at Jon. Jon knew Robb was against letting Jorah free.

"Jon why would he show us where Daenerys is if he knows we will behead him either way," said Robb.

"We won't behead him. If he shows us his loyalty he will have a pardon for his crimes but may never return to the north," said Jon.

"Jon we can't pardon him we have no authority," said Robb.

"Aye I know but I'll ask father and besides when I retake the throne then I'll have the authority," said Jon.

"Are you mad father will never accept his pardon," said Robb. He gave Jon a confused look.

"He will if I ask him. Robb ,he is the only lead we have on finding Daenerys," said Jon. Robb sigh. Trying to make sure there was no other way through his mind.

"Fine Jon we'll take it your rout but if he doesn't except your offer I'll have to behead him," said Robb.

"That's, fair," said Sam.

"Aye that's fair," said Jon.

They both walked over to the cabin where Ser Jorah was held. 

"Robb let me talk to him," said Jon.

"Why do you care so much for this person?" asked Robb.

"I knew him in my past life, Robb. I didn't really mind him in the past but he was a good man and a great swordsman. We need all the men what we can find in order to win the great war Robb," said Jon and Robb nodded. Jon opened the cabin door. There was two bannermen guarding Ser Jorah Mormont. Jorah was tied to a chair while his mouth was blindfolded.

Jon looked at the two bannermen "Take it off him in order for him to speak," said Jon and the bannermen took of the old knight's blindfold.

"Ser Jorah Mormont," said Robb.

"Sorry my lord but may I ask who you are?" asked the old knight.

"Im Robb Stark and my brother Jon Snow you already know," said Robb. The old man was still confused. He didn't know what will happen to him. Will he be behead? Thrown into a cell? 

"Ser Jorah we know your spying on Daenerys and Viserys Targaryen in order to have pardon to return north," said Jon.

"How did you learn that my lord? Did the king tell lord Stark?" asked The old knight.

"No one told us Ser Jorah. Now we will give you two options. Option one we behead you for your crimes for slavery or option two we ask your loyalty to the north and you may live but may never return to the North. What's your decision?" asked Robb. The old knight was sweating of stress.

"The option with no beheading my lord," said the old knight. Robb looked at Jon and they both smiled.

"We would like some information from you Ser Jorah," said Robb.

"What kind of information my lord?" asked the old knight.

"Tell us where Daenerys Targaryen is!" said Jon with a loud noise. This starduld the other bannermen who held him.

"My lord if I may ask why do you want information on Daenerys Targaryen?" asked the old knight.

"That is none of your concern!" said Robb.

"Now tell us Ser Jorah where is she?" said Jon.

The old knight sigh "My sources claims she is in the hospitality of a man called Illyrio," said the old Knight.

"And where is this man Illyrio now?" asked Jon.

"Not far from here my lord I can take you there now if you want me to," said Ser Jorah.

Jon gulped he could go see Daenerys right now... If he wanted to. He remembered how she was breathing the way her body was moving. The way she smiled. There was nothing more important to him to see her again happy and breathing. He knew he couldn't see her not yet until he has killed Drogo. Jon was about to ask the old knight what Viserys plan was on the Khal but before he could even ask Robb cut him off.

"Does this Illyrio work for someone?" asked Robb.

"Aye he does. My sources claims he works with a man named lord Varys," said the old knight. Jon remembered Daenerys told him lord Varys was the man who suggested to her brother to sell her to the khal. He closed his fists with the frustration of thinking how they treated her but he was confused Jorah was the person who spyed for lord Varys all of his information on the two Targaryens would return to lord Varys and would be discussed with the king.

"Who is lord Varys?" asked Robb.

"He is the master of whisperes for the king," said Jon. 

"How do you know who he is? " asked Robb.

"I'll tell you later," he wanted to change the subject to Drogo.

"Ser Jorah have you received any information on the khal Drogo of the Dothraki?" asked Jon.

"Aye, Viserys intends to sell his sister to that Khal. Their first meeting with the Khal will be tomorrow which is when the Khal declares if she will be his wife or not," said the old knight. Jon kicked a bucket of the frustrations what he had of what was happening to Daenerys. 

Jon took a deep breath "where is the Khal right now?" 

"My sources has seen his Khalasar right outside of Pentos," said Ser Jorah. Jon was getting impatient.

"Which side North, West, East?" The old knight didn't understand why the bastard of Winterfell wanted to know where the Khalasar was camped.

"Ugh little bit of north side my lord," said the old knight. Jon grabbed his bag. He walked towards the door and Robb grabbed his hand.

"Jon where are you going?" asked Robb.

"Where do you think Robb I'm going after Drogo," said Jon.

"Jon, why are you going after Drogo? We know where Daenerys is now. We can save her now," said Robb.

"No, Robb as long as that fucker lives I can never forgive myself. How would you feel if Sansa or Arya was raped and you have the chance to kill that person for his crimes against your family. I need to do this Robb and I need his Khalasar in order to receive a army," said Jon and he moved his hand in order to get free of Robb's grip.

"Alright Jon what is your plan? Just walk in his Khalasar and challenge him to a dual. No we need a plan in order you to face Khal Drogo." said Robb.

"I do have a plan I'll go to the khalasar and tell them I have an offer for their Khal. The Dothraki will take me to the Khal and I'll ask him to dual me if he does not accept this will show weakness to his blood riders. Which will start them to doubt their Khal. He will have to accept the dual," said Jon with a smirk.

"How do you know so much about being Khal?" asked Robb.

"Because I was Daenerys Khal and she was the Khaleesi in my past life. She taught me everything about their traditions, in order to lead them in the great war," said Jon.

"Past life my lord," asked The old knight. Robb and Jon turned to the old knight and simply forgot he was there.

"Keep him chained while I'm gone," said Jon and started walking again.

"Wait my lord," Jon stopped and turned towards the old knight.

"I don't know what is your plan or why you wish to challenge the Khal but remember the Dothraki doesn't speak the common tongue how will you communicate with them?" asked The old knight. Robb was also wondering how he will communicate with them.

"I know you can speak Dothraki Ser Jorah but I can too" said Jon in Dothraki.

Ser Jorah's eyes where wide opened the same with Robb. Robb leaned over towards Jon.

"You never told me you could speak Dothraki," Jon smiled.

"There is a lot of things you still don't know about me Robb," said Jon with a smirk.

"Alright let's leave then," said Robb.

"No. Its not save Robb if you join me," said Jon.

"Jon I didn't come all this way to leave you alone going against the Khal. What kind of brother would I be? I'm going with you." Jon sigh and nodded. 

"Alright, fine lets go," before they left the cabin Robb looked at the two bannerman.

"Gaurd him until we return. Make sure the rest of the bannerman guards the door until we return."  said Robb and the bannermen nodded. They both left the cabin and saw Sam waiting for them.

"Sam make sure the crew give the bannermen food and also our prisoner while we're gone. We don't know how long we will be gone tell the captain he is not allowed to sail for the Citadel until we see you off," said Jon.

"So I'm questing that Ser Jorah told you where Daenerys is?" asked Sam.

"Aye he did but we're not going to find Daenerys just yet," said Jon. Sam was confused so Robb told him the piece what was missing.

"Hes going after the Khal first. He knows where the Khalaser is," said Robb.

"Oh..... that's .... good news I hope," said Sam. Jon gave a smirk.

"Aye, it is. Sam, we are unfortunately losing time. We will see you in a few days," said Jon.

Sam smiled " Goodluck to the both of you," they both smiled and shook Sam's hand.

They left their Direwolf pups on the ship in order to guard the prisoner. After they both got their supplies they got off the ship and they both climbed on their horses and started galloping to the khalaser......


Eddard Stark



Ned saw the King approaching Winterfell while he was standing on the wall of Winterfell looking over the north lands. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath.

"My lord the king is about to enter the gates of Winterfell. Your family is waiting for you in the courtyard," said a bannermen behind him. Ned turned to the bannermen.

"Aye thank you for letting me know," said Ned. The bannermen nodded and walked away. Ned walked all the way down to the courtyard. He saw Catelyn, Arya, Bran, and Sansa all waiting for him. He walked over towards them and they stood in a line.

"Where's Rickon?" asked Ned.

"We left him in his room. He was to sick to come and it's for the better. Less of a chance for him to slip something which could cause rumors," said Sansa.

"Aye, that's a good idea," said Ned.

"Remember be caution we cannot let Robert have any suspicions of Jon's plan or that we want to overthrow him," said Ned and his family all nodded.

The gates opened and the king enterered on his horse with the hound and Joffrey following them is Ser Jaime.

"That's Jaime Lannister the queen's lover and father of the royal children," said Arya quietly.

"Be quiet Arya!" said Sansa.

"Where is the Imp?" Asked Arya.

"Shut up!" said Sansa. Ned looked at her with a raised eyebrow. Arya saw her father's face and nodded "Sorry father,"  Ned nodded. Luckily no one heard their discussion because of how quiet she said these things.

The king got of his horse and walked over towards them. Ned looked at the king he couldn't believe how fat the king had become. The king stopped in front of Ned and looked angry.

"You've gotten fat," said the King. Ned smiled and look up and down with his eyes. The king smiled. They both laughed and hugged each other.

King Robert walked passed their children. He walked past bran "Show me how strong you are boy," Bran smiled and tried to flex.

The king laughed "Youll be a soldier," said the king. He walked past Arya and stopped in front of Sansa.

"You're a beautiful young woman," said Robert.

Sansa smile "Thank you, my king," the king stopped before Catelyn.

"Lady Stark," he kissed her hand. 

"My king,"  Catelyn bows. Cersei walked out of the cart. Ned was pulling his fist with rage. 'She is the reason for my family's end' thought Ned.

"Lord Stark," said Cersei with a smile. Ned bowed on his knees and kissed her hand.

"My Queen," said Ned. Cersei looked around she didn't see Ned eldest son or his bastard.

"Lord Stark where is your eldest son and bastard? They didn't come to see us arrive the king and queen and I thought the great and honorable Eddard Stark new his manners?" 

Robert looked at his queen angry "Shut up you damn women we came here as their guest," Ned gulped.

"My eldest son's Robb Stark and Jon Snow are sadly on a quest at the moment your grace," said Ned.

"They left knowing we were on our way here?" asked Cersei.

"No my queen they already left before your raven arrived," said Ned.

"And what is their quest?" asked the queen. Ned already planned an excuse before they arrived.

"We received disturbing news beyond the wall, your grace. They both went to investigate it," said Ned.

"Ah such a same. We heard your bastard was quit the swordsman. People call him the greatest swordsman who ever lived since Ser Arthur Dayne. We heard of the bastard's skills on the kings rode. He is able to use two swords? We would have loved it if he would have spared with one of our kings guards like Ser Jaime or Ser Barristan Selmy," said the Queen.

"Sadly neither of my eldest sons are here at the moment your grace...." before Ned could keep on talking the king cut him off.

"Ned I would like to visit the crypts," said The King. Ned looked at the king and nodded.

"We just arrived here wouldn't you like to visit the dead later?" Said Cersei.

"No now! Ned would you?" said thr King. Ned nodded and the king walked behind Ned. 

Catelyn looked at the queen and at the royal children children." Let me show you to your chambers"

The king and Robert entered the crypts. They walked passed all the old lords of Winterfell. Until they stopped at Ned's sister Lyanna Stark's statue.

"I can't believe you keep her here Ned. Under the ground in the darkness. She should be buried where the sun shined on her every day," said the king.

"She was my sister. She was a Stark. She will remain her," said Ned.

"She was my love until that bastard Rhaegar took her and raped her," said the King.

"You did it Robert all Targaryens are gone," said Ned.

"Not all of them" said the king.

"What do you mean Robert?" asked Ned.

"Viserys and Daenerys Targaryen still breath." said the king. 'and Aegon Targaryen. Who would be soon your greatest threat.' thought Ned. 

"Robert, why do you concern yourself with them? They have no armies no ships. Lost I heard of them they fled across the Narrow Sea never seen again," said Ned.

"No, Ned we have received word that Viserys Targaryen is selling his sister to a khal named Drogo and in return he will give him an army," said Robert. Ned took a deep breath he needed to make sure Robert would leave them alone for Jon's sake.

"Where did you receive this information?" asked Ned.

"From our spy Ser Jorah Mormont. I believe you know him, Ned," said Robert.

"He dishonored his whole family, Robert you can't believe him," said Ned.

"But I do. I made a deal with him Ned if he sends us information on those dragon spawns he will have pardon to come back North," said Robert.

"Robert it's been Eighteen years since the rebellion it's time to let go of the past," said Ned.

"Not until every Dragon spawn is dead. Viserys Targaryen still have allies in Westeros who would love to see the Targaryens back on the throne," said the King.

Ned sigh and wanted this conversation to end. He new they would continue this later "So my king what brings you to the north?" asked Ned.

"Jon Arryn is dead Ned and he was my hand. Your the only person who I trust to be my hand Ned," said the King.

Ned bowed on his one knee "I'm grateful your grace but Im not worthy of your position." The king laughed.

"Your telling me the most honorable man in Westeros isn't fit to be hand common Ned. We both know you will be great being hand. Common stand up." Ned stoop up.

"So what do you say Ned," asked the King.

"Im sorry your grace but I must decline your offer," the king was shocked.

"Why Ned? Why won't you except?" asked the King. 'For a lot of reasons' thought Ned.

"Robert my father and brother both died there in the capital. The south is no place for a Stark. I will stay here in the North watching over my family and keep being warden of the North," said Ned.

The king signed "but Ned..." Ned caught him off.

"I'm sorry Robert my answer is no and it will stay that way," said Ned. This shocked the king and he tried to make sense on his old friend's decision.

"I understand you want to stay with your family and protect them," The king looked at Ned's sister's statue.

"We would have been brothers once me marrying your sister. We will join houses my eldest son Prince Joffrey will marry your eldest daughter Sansa," said the King.

"I'm sorry Robert but I must decline that offer as well," said Ned. The king was shocked. Ned saw the king was angry and confused.

"But why Ned?" asked the King woth a hard tone.

"I will not let any of my children travel South and I won't force her into any marriage. She will choose her own husband," said Ned.

'I will not make the same mistake as my father for what he did to Lyanna.' thought Ned.

"But Ned..." The king wanted to say something but Ned cut him off again.

"No, Robert you will not change my mind on any of your offers. I'm sorry for you traveling all this way North. You may stay as long as you will but I won't except any of your offers. Is there something else you would like to discuss?" asked Ned. The king was quiet and and couldn't believe whatNed just told.

"May we join the others at the Great Hall?" asked Ned.

"Of course Ned," said the king. 

They both left the crypts and walked to the Great Hall....



Jon Snow


Jon and Robb where traveling a while outside the city of Pentos looking for the Khalasar. The sun was shining it was hot for the two northerners. After a while of traveling they finally saw the khalasar up a head of them.

Five Dothraki riders rode towards them. Robb and Jon both stopped their horses while the five Dotraki riders surrounded them still riding on their horse's circling them. They finally stopped and one Dothraki rider stepped forward with his horse.

"Who are you?" asked The Dothraki rider in Dothraki.

"I'm Aegon Targaryen " said Jon.

"Why have you come to the khalasar of the great khal Drogo?" asked the Dothraki rider.

"I have an offer for him. A dual to the death. If I win I have his khalasar if he wins he can have these," said Jon and draw his two swords. 

"One of the two strongest swords in all of the world," said Jon. The Dothraki all laughed.

"Why would he except your offer?" asked The  Dothraki  rider.

"If he doesn't it shows that he isn't as strong as you all think he is. It shows hes scared loosing his life and if I'm not correct the khalasar only follow the most strongest and what khal would he be if he doesn't honor that title with pride?," said Jon. The Dothraki rider were quiet. They were surprised of what this outsider said.

The Dothraki smiled " I like you Aegon Targaryen. Follow me I'll take you to Khal Drogo," said the Dothraki rider. Jon nodded they followed them

Robb didn't understand what was going on because they spoke Dothraki. He leaned over to Jon.

"Jon what did you say to them?" asked Robb which made Jon smiled.

"I made an offer to him. A dual to the death if he wins he will get my two Valaryian swords and if he loose I'll get his khalasar."  said Jon.

"Then why did they laugh?" asked Robb.

"They thought I was crazy on challenging their Khal," said Jon.

Robb smiled "You are." Jon smiled.

They finally entered the camp of the khalasar. Robb couldn't believe how many men and women where fucking in the open. Robb looked at Jon which made him laugh.

"Your used to this?" asked Robb pointing to the men and women who were fucking the open.

"Aye, remember I was a Khal. It's their tradition." said Jon.

"Did you and Daenerys ever do it in the open like them?" Jon was shocked with a question like that.

"Robb are you mad I would never take a women in the open and Daenerys was also never taken in the open like them. We both never wanted it." 

"Even when she was married to Drogo?" asked Robb.

"No, she was taken when it .... Was her first time against her will luckily there was no one seeing them. That's what Daenerys told me," said Jon he was frustrated. He will never let that happen to her again.

"So neither of you did it in the open?" asked Robb.

"No Robb," said Jon.

"That's a relieve,"  said Robb with a smile.

They finally entered a tent where the Khal sit with his five bloodriders siting around him. There where fire burning since it was already late evening.

The Dothraki entered first "Khal Drogo this man whish to fight you to death and in return if you win you will have his two swords said to be two of the most strongest of all in the world," said The Dothraki Rider.

Khal Drogo looked at the man "Why do you whish to challenge me?" asked Khal Drogo.

"Because the women who you would claim to be your Khaleesi who you meet tomorrow is my love. I will not allow a rapist or savage hurt her or marry her. I will kill you and claim her as my khaleesi." said Jon.

The bloodriders laughed. One bloodrider started talking "You wish to die because of love I respect you," said one bloodrider.

"But why shoud our khal accept your offer?" said another bloodrider.

The Dothraki rider started talking " He claims if the khal does not accept he will be seen as  scared. He also claims the khal has no pride defending his titel as Khal if he does not except his offer and he also said why would we follow a Khal if he does not wish to defend his title."

Jon started talking "Your Khal is pefetic he is a savage who doesn't care of his so to be khaleesi's feelings! He would do anything to please himself because all he thinks is to use his cock in a women and doesn't know how it will effect her! He's a rapist and I will kill him for that!" The blood riders started to whisper and the bloodriders stood up. Jon knew he needed to anger them in order to fight them.

Khal Drogo was angry and stood up "I will kill you and take your lover and ride her like a stalion and fill her wit my cock and fuck her until she can't take anymore from any position I wish" said Drogo.

Jon was filled with rage " I will give you a painfully death for saying such words!" said Jon.

Drogo took his arakh in his hand as do the five bloodriders and Jon draw his two valaryian swords with Darksister in his right and Winter Wolf in his left hand.

Jon looked back at Robb "Robb if I die get out of here and save Daenerys and take her to Winterfell," Robb didn't know what was going on but nodded. 

"Of course Jon" said Robb. Robb draws his sword.

"No! stand behind me while I take care of them"

"But Jon!" 

"No, Robb. I need to do this alone," said Jon.

One bloodrider walked to his right and attack with his arakh. Jon deflected the attack with his right sword and took his left sword and  slashed through the bloodriders throat. The bloodrider fell to the ground trying to breathe and died. He walked over to the other bloodrider and attacked with both swords. The bloodrider tried to deflect all his attacks and finally, Jon placed one sword through his stomach and his bald can out of his back the bloodrider fell to the ground and died of pain.

The third and fourth bloodrider attack on the same time Jon spun his swords and deflect both of their attacks.  He attacks with both swords on both of the bloodriders and cut one of the bloddriders legs the cut was deep and blood spilled everywhere. The bloodrider with the deep cut in his leg fell to the ground and Jon took his right sword and placed his right sword through the bloodriders heart which caused the fith bloodrider to scream.

"You dare kill my brother!" said the bloodrider.

The fourth and fifth bloodriders ran towrds him at the s ame time. Jon spun his two swords and deflected the one attack on his shoulder and the other attack which went to his leg.  He grabbed the fifth bloodriders head and placed his sword through his head which caused the fifth bloodrider to fall on the ground. The fourth bloodrider ran to him and tried to cut Jon's throat this is when Jon deflected his attack and placed both swords through his stomach. Blood spilled on Jon's face. 

It was only Jon and Drogo left. Drogo was much larger than Jon but knew he could use it to his advantage. Jon took his two swords and attacked Drogo. 

Drogo deflected his attacks with his arakh. After Jon was done attacking ,Drogo took the opportunity he grabbed his arakh and was about to slice Jon's chest. Jon protected his chest using both of his two swords. Drogo pushed his arakh in order to put his blade in Jon's chest while Drogo was doing this Jon was pushing his swords against the blade in order to make sure it wouldn't enter his chest. Drogo took his other hand and punched Jon in the stomach. Before Jon lost his balance Jon rolled before Drogo's attack could make contact with his chest.

 Drogo attacked with his arakh and Jon trying to find his balance again he took his swords and blocked the attack. In the same position as before Arakh pushing against two Valaryian steel swords. Jon's and Drogo arms were both getting tired.

Jon took one sword and kept on pushing with the other sword against the Arakh. He took his left sword and cut one of Drogo's arms. The cut was deep. Blood was flowing of Drogo's arm. Jon started to lost his grip again so he placed his left sword back against the arakh.

Jon took all his strength and pushed Drogo with his two swords Drogo took a few steps back and Jon took hes right sword and quikly sliced Drogo's right arm off which was the hand what held the arakh. The hand which held the arakh fell on the ground. Jon took his two sword and quickly cut both of the Khal's legs.

The Khal fell on to his knees and looked at Jon. Jon took his two swords and crossed his arms and placed a sword against each cheek of Drogo's with a sword in each of his hands.

Jon smiled and looked at Drogo "Any last words khal Drogo?" 

Drogo looked at him he gave out a smile "Take care of your lover..... You are the new Khal." Jon smiled and he draw his two arm togethor a sword in each arm through the khals head. The head of khal Drogo fell on the ground.

The Dothraki rider they met before was surprised , speechless even but finally said something "You killed Khal Drogo.... like he was nothing," said the Dothraki rider with wide open eyes. The Dothraki rider bowed on to his knees"you are the new Khal," said the Dothraki rider.

Robb smiled he couldn't believe Jon killed Khal Drogo. He walked over towards Jon who was still out of breath. His armor was filled with blood as was his face. Jon looked at Robb. "You did it, Jon. You killed Drogo," said Robb.

"Aye I did" said Jon still panting.Jon still couldn't believe he killed Drogo. He was still busy trying to proses what he did. He saw the body of Drogo with no head or arm. He couldn't believe he was so brutal towards them. He remembered the last time he fought like this it was in the great war. 'Maby I fight this way in order to survive. After what I've... The white walkers. I need to survive.' thought Jon.

Jon looked at the fire what was burning. He knew it was time to make the human sacrifice. "Robb give me my bag!" 

Robb was surprised and gave Jon his bag. Jon went through his bag and took his grey Dragon egg. "Really now?" asked Robb.

"Aye now. Leave before I set the hole hut on fire" said Jon.

"Jon your clothes will burn," said Robb. Jon sigh and took off all his clothes. Robb looked at him and quickly looked away. 

"By Gods Jon you could warn me!" The Dothraki rider didn't understand what was happening.  Jon was completely naked and gave Robb his clothes and his two swords.

"Now leave Robb and take the Dothraki with you," said Jon. Robb nodded Jon looked over towards the Dothraki rider.

"Follow him outside you will be save there ," said Jon to the Dothraki rider  who was still confused but nodded.

"Now Robb its time to leave!" Robb nodded and took the Dotraki rider with him. Jon took the six bodies and placed them togethor he placed the  Dragon egg on top of a bloody dead body. He pushed the fire and it fell on the ground and everything started to burn in the hut.

Outside the burning hut all the Dothraki gather around the fire.  Robb stood in front of the khalasar while the Dothraki rider stood next to him. After a long while the fire burned the door down  which is when Robb could see Jon walking forward Robb couldn't believe it what he saw. He saw a grey dragon grawling on to his shoulder.

"I am Aegon Targaryen the second conqueror heir to the Iron Throne!  I killed your khal Drogo!" Jon threw Drogo's head on the ground before the khalasar. The flames went through Jon's hear. 

"I am the rider who mounts the world! Bow down to your new khal. Khal Aegon!"

They all bowed to their new khal and looked up at him. They saw how Jon wasn't burning and a Grey Dragon crawling on to his shoulder and the dragon started screaming......



























































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Jon Snow


Jon walked inside of his newly acquired Dothraki tent, the Khal’s tent, with his grey dragon hatching perched on his shoulder. It was dark outside. The room was filled with light from the fire that was burning in the metal braziers located at the front of the tent.  After he entered, he looked around the tent, admiring the many pelts lining the walls and the exotic furs and pillows that made up the great bed befitting of a mighty Khal. In the center of the room, there was there was a small wooden table with two wooden chairs and on the table was the platter full of the freshly cooked horse meat he had requested. Besides the table and chairs was a small wooden cart with a pitcher of wine with several bronze metal goblets. It had been a few hours since his dragon had been born, so he figured it needed to be properly fed. He pulled out one of the wooden chairs, took a seat at the table and began to feed his dragon hatchling some of the horse meat from the platter. As the dragon ate, Jon smiled as observed some of his dragon’s features. The dragon was no bigger than two hands placed together, its scales were the shade of silver-grey as his own eyes and its golden-yellow eyes were almost the same shade as honey. After the small grey dragon completed its meal, he crawled into Jon’s lap and scratched under its chin, causing a screech of approval before it began to make a purring sound. He smiled at his dragon. He kept on scratching the dragons chin, thinking of a name for the baby dragon. His baby dragon. 


When Robb entered the tent Jon pulled his attention for the dragon in his lap to his older brother. Robb still had eyes wide open with a look awe as he admired the dragon. Jon smiled at his brother and waited for him to speak. "I still can't believe you're holding a dragon in your arms, Jon.” He finally muttered out as he shook his head in disbelief, which only caused Jon’s smile to widen.


“Aye, magnificent isn't he?" said Jon as he grinned at the dragon and continued scratching his back. The dragon kept purring in contentment. 


"Aye, he is,” his brother agreed, “Have you given him a name yet?" asked Robb as dragon jumped from Jon’s arms and climbed onto the shoulder as he stood up from his chair.


He turned his gaze from the small dragon back towards Robb before he spoke. "Aye, I have," He said, as he again smiled at the grey dragon, who looked back at him with his honey colored eyes. 


"And?" asked Robb raising an eyebrow.


"I will name him Sarogon," Jon replied with a slight smile. When Sarogon screeched in approval of his name it caused both the brothers to chuckle. 


"Sarogon where did you get that name?" asked Robb while he took of his cloak off and placed on the back of one of the chairs. He then took off his sword belt and placed it on the table. Once he was done, he turned his gaze back at Jon.


"Its a combination of the name Stark and Aegon the Conqueror," Jon explained as he grinned at the dragon. The dragon took of and flew around his tent and they both watched in awe and smiled widely as the small dragon took flight.


"That's a nice name, brother. You're honoring both your Stark heritage and Targaryen heritage," said Robb.


"Aye, I am.” He agreed with a sigh before asking, “How is your tent, Robb?”


"It's comfortable. I must say the Dothraki sure know how to build tents,” said Robb.


"Aye they do.” Jon agreed.


They continued to watch Sarogon fly around the tent in silence for a few minutes before he landed on to the bed. Once he landed he began around in circles, trying to get comfortable, just like they had seen their Direwolves do before they laid down.


After Sarogon had settled in the bed, Robb turned his attention back to his brother and said, “You have killed Drogo.... What is your plan now, Jon?" 


"I have asked the Dothraki to bring me their two strongest men. I will claim these men as my blood riders. Bako will be my third blood rider and he will serve as the commander of the blood riders and the khalasar whenever I'm gone on a quest,” 


"Bako?" asked Robb.


"The Dothraki rider who was in the hut with us," Jon answered.


Robb smiled and nodded in response before saying, “I like him. He seems like a good warrior who follows his Khal's orders.”


"Aye, he does... Robb, there is something that I wanted to ask you," Jon said as he poured both of them a goblet of wine from the pitcher located on the small wooden cart. He walked over to the table and placed one goblet of wine in front of each chair and both brothers sat down.


Sarogon, who decided he did not want to sleep, flew from the bed and landed on Robb’s shoulder, causing him so smile as he looked into the dragon’s golden eyes. He scratched his chin. He could not believe he was touching a dragon. He looked at Jon who smiled at him.


"I thought you said only those with the blood of Old Valyria could touch a dragon? Why, am I able to touch him?" Robb asked. 


"Aye that's true, but he is just a hatchling. I believe when he gets older he will only let his rider and a person with blood of Old Valyria touch him. Trust me I learned that the hard way.” Jon chuckled as he remembered touching Drogon for the first time. The dragon would have burned him if he did not have the blood of Old Valyria.


"That's a shame," said Robb with a frowned. 

Jon laughed at his brother. “Aye, it is. However, dragons are extremely intelligent. He will never hurt you because he knows you are my family," Jon answered as Sarogon let out a screech and flew onto his father’s shoulder.


“That's good to hear," Robb said as looked at Sarogon, who was happily eating some more horse meat from Jon’s hand. He chuckled at the scene before he continued speaking, “You told me once that Daenerys was known as the mother of Dragons... so I guess we can now call you the father of a Dragon?" said Robb with a smirk on his face.


Jon laughed himself before he said, "I guess you can, but after Daenerys has hatched her dragons she will be the mother of dragons and I'll be the father of dragons.”


They both laughed. It felt great to being reunited with his brother and knowing they were changing the world for the better. He finally felt there was a chance that the shitty world he knew in the past was not going to be the same.


Robb’s voice pulled him from his thoughts, as he said, "Jon, I haven't seen you this happy in a long time.”


"I am Robb and that's what's scars me. Usually when I'm happy something shitty happens. Like when I became the 998th Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, I was happy and then was murdered by my brothers for letting the wildlings past the wall.” He said with a sigh, “Then I was happy when I fell in love with Daenerys but she died. I was happy being a father but my child died. I am scared Robb... I’m scared of being happy only to have it all stripped away from me again"


“Jon, you and any other person cannot be afraid of being happy! Happiness and other emotions are what make us humans and not those snow monsters you fought in the past. We have a second chance and this time there won't be shit moments after your happy ones,” Robb exclaimed, as he looked his brother straight in the eyes, Tully blue meeting Stark grey.


Jon looked at this brother and then to Sarogon. He smiled and nodded, “You are right, brother,” he responded in agreement.


“Jon, I have been meaning to ask you when you faced Drogo you were brutal. You were not fighting in your normal style… why?” When his brother did not answer Robb continued, “You were not fighting the honorable way we were taught by Ser Rodrik. You were fighting with rage... What did Drogo say to you?” When Jon still did not answer he sighed and added, “Well… whatever he said awoke not only the wolf blood within your veins but the dragon within you as well."


He himself did not understand what had come over him when he fought Drogo. He remembered he was filled with raging anger when he said what he planned on doing to Daenerys if he lost. He was unable to look his brother in the eyes. He sat in his chair, with is elbows on the table and his head in his hands. He exhaled and took a deep breath before he truthfully answered his brother’s questions, with his head still in his hands, "Robb, I don't exactly know what came over me... After Drogo said what he planned to do to Daenerys when he killed me… I lost it… I could not allow him to take her and rape her... I know that I have told you that I am not the same Jon you knew... I have changed. I had to change just to survive all the shit my last life handed to me."


“Aye, you have changed, Jon… However, I feel that you have changed for the better…”


Jon’s head snapped up and looked at him curiously. He ran his fingers through his wild raven curls and asked, "What do you mean, Robb?"


"Jon, you have accepted who you truly are... You are the crown prince… a king even. You are not that shy bastard who always felt that he was the one stain on the noble Lord Stark’s honor. You are no longer the boy who thought everyone was better than you were because they always treated you like dirt. You have finally made a name for yourself in the world and you have stood up for yourself. You have accepted that everyone is equal. That it does not matter if you were born a bastard or north of the wall. We are all living, breathing people. You are still honorable as hell; just as father and you are a lot stronger than the Jon, I knew growing-up... Aye, you do have a dark side that caused that raging anger. However, my guess is the fear for the safety of your family is the source of you anger. That if anyone ever threatens your family, the dragon within you will awaken and you become fearless because you would do anything to protect the ones you love… but when your dragon is not awake, the honorable wolf is awake and you are then the same person as father, like the man you are now! I hope that made sense,” Robb said as he placed a comforting hand on his brother’s shoulder. Sarogon, who had been sitting on Jon’s other should jumped onto the table in front of his father and screeched in agreement.


A shy smile crossed Jon’s face at the complements that his brother had given him, before he responded, “Aye, it did make sense…Thank you, Robb.” The mood had lighted and they were both smiling.


It was already night, but the air was still warm. They both sipped the wine from their cups in a peaceful silence as they tried to process what they had accomplished that day, when Robb’s voice broke the silence, "You wanted to ask me something before your son, Sarogon, demanded attention,” Robb said with a smile, to which Jon responded with a nod and a smile of his own.


"Aye, tomorrow we will meet Viserys and Daenerys.... I will ask Daenerys to be my Khaleesi… but will not force her to marrying me. I will put Viserys in a cell and let Daenerys choose his fate. From what Daenerys told me about her time growing up in Essos, she had been a shy girl before meeting Khal Drogo. However, she started to believe in herself when she asked Drogo to kill her older abusive brother, Viserys. By letting her decide Viserys’ fate, I hope it will help her to be the same strong women I knew in my past life. Then, after a few days.  I am planning to go to Astapor and free the Unsullied," Jon said and Sarogon flew from the table and climbed back onto Jon's shoulder.


"Aye… But what do you want to ask me, Jon?" Robb asked as he raised an eyebrow.


“Drogo is dead… You only came here with me to make sure I kill Drogo save Daenerys. Since Drogo is dead, you have no reason to stay here with me… So I would understand if you would like to return to Winterfell ... I mean I don't want you to go home… but I will understand if you feel that is where you need to be,” Jon said as took a deep breath.


Robb smiled and stood up, "As much I miss home... I'm having an amazing adventure here in Essos, with the best brother in the world. I'm staying with you until you cross the Narrow Sea with an army to retake your throne," said Robb as he pulled Jon into a brotherly embrace.


Jon was surprised. After the embrace was broken and they were both again sitting Jon spoke, "Are you sure, Robb? I don't want to force you to stay...” However, before Jon could continue Robb cut him off.


"You're not forcing me, Jon. I want to stay here with you. Someone needs to watch your back," said Robb with a smirk.


"You’re sure Robb?"


"Aye I'm sure.”.


"That's a relief!” Jon said as he let out a breath he did not know he was holding, “I honestly don’t know what I would have done without you by my side,” Jon said with a smile on his face.


"On towards meeting Daenerys and her mad brother," Robb said as he raised his cup in a toast, which made Jon smile.


"Aye,” Jon agreed as they placed their cups against each other. They started a conversation about what were their future plans but were disturbed when Bako entered the tent.


“Khal Aegon, the women who is working for Viserys is waiting outside,” Bako said in Dothraki. Jon smiled.


“You can bring her inside, Bako," Jon replied in Dothraki. Bako smiled and exited the tent. A few moments later, a beautiful woman with dark brown hair entered the Khal’s tent.


"You must be Doreah?" asked Jon.


“Yes, my Khal," she replied.


"You were hired by Viserys?" asked Jon.


“Yes ...” but before she could say ‘my Khal’ again Jon cut her off.


“Please, call me Jon. Only people who I trust call me Jon,” Jon said and Doreah nodded. Then he continued, "Bako, has informed me you can speak the common tongue. Is this correct?" asked Jon.


“He is correct I can speak the common tongue,” she replied. Jon smiled and looked at Robb who did not understand what they were saying.


"Do you mind we speak the common tongue in order for my brother to understand?" Jon asked as he gestured toward his brother. Doreah looked at Robb and a slight blush spread across his cheeks, but he tried to hide it.


"Of course, Jon,” said Doreah.


"Robb this is Doreah. She was hired by Viserys to make Daenerys a better lover," Jon explained.


Robb was speechless. 'What kind of brother would do such a thing?' he thought.


"My lord," said Doreah as she smiled at him.


“Nice to meet you, Doreah," Robb replied.


"Doreah, I wanted to ask you something," Jon said and they both returned their gazes back to him.


“Since my Uncle Viserys did hire you to help Daenerys I would like for you to continue to help her. However, I do not want you to teach her how to become a better lover. She is not a whore or pillow slave. She is the queen. She is my Khaleesi. I would like you to serve as Daenerys’ handmaiden… I need someone whom I can trust to help Daenerys when she needs it and I think that someone can be you because you are the only handmaiden among the Dothraki who can speak the common tongue. I would also like for you to teach her the Dothraki language so that she can communicate with the khalasar,” Jon stated. Both Robb and Doreah were surprised by everything that Jon had said.


"It would be my honor my Kh… Jon," said Doreah smiling and looking from Jon to Robb.


"Good. We are leaving tomorrow to go and meet Daenerys. You will ride with us. I would like you to tell Viserys you are not loyal to him, but that you are loyal to me," Jon stated as Sarogon screeched.


"Of course, Jon," said Doreah.


"Make sure you're ready for our ride tomorrow. We will leave at first light," said Jon. Doreah smiled and nodded and she left their tent.


"What kind of brother would hire a person to make his sister a better lover?" Robb asked.


"The same man who would sell her to a rapist," said Jon.


Robb could not believe what a shit brother Viserys is to Daenerys. He was deep in his thoughts when he noticed that Jon was looking at him with a smirk on his face, “What?” he asked.


"So what do you think about Doreah?" asked Jon.


"She is kind and beautiful I might say," said Robb.


"I saw you staring at her," Jon said, still smiling as he began to feed Sarogon more of the horse meat from the platter on the table.


"My dear brother, I don't have a wife waiting for us like you... so am I allowed to stare?” Robb asked while trying to hide the smirk on his face.


"Why don't you talk to her?" Jon replied smiling and raising an eyebrow.


"You know I can't do that! She's a handmaiden and I'm a lord. I must marry a highborn girl in order to make alliances for our war against King Robert and The Lannister’s," Robb responded.


Jon was surprised, “You never told me that," said Jon.


"No, I did not. Father and I discussed it before we left Winterfell. We will need alliances to fight against Robert. The best way to make a strong alliance is through marriage.”


"That doesn't sound like Father," Jon replied.


"It wasn't his idea... it was mine.”


“Robb, you do not have do do that… There is no need for you to marry in order to secure an alliance for me," said Jon.


“Jon, I am going to do this. I won't let my affection get to my head, like in your past life. I will only marry for an alliance what will help us retake your Iron Throne. You marriage to Daenerys will only strengthen your claim to the throne… you know, incase there are those out there that do not recognize your claim. I will do this Jon… You will make a great King, and I will to whatever it takes to see you take back what belongs to you.”  


Jon took a deep breath and another long sip of his wine before he asked, "Did you have anyone in mind?"


“Aye. The largest kingdom, behind the Baratheon’s Stormlands and Lannister’s Westerlands is the Reach. Father suggested it may be beneficial if I wed to Lady Margaery Tyrell in order to gain an alliance with the Reach," said Robb.


“That is a really good choice. The are one of the largest producers of grain in the whole of the seven kingdoms, so they would be able to aid with the food supply come winter… I have also heard that Lady Margaery is very beautiful," said Jon.


“Aye, so have I," Robb agreed. 


Jon smiled, if they added the Reach as an ally, in addition to the Dothraki, the Unsullied, the Riverlands and the North that would give them a large army, but Jon still didn't like the fact that he was forcing his brother to marry. Jon could feel himself beginning to brood as he considered all of the possibilities. Before he let himself get lost in his thought he turned to his brother and smiled before he said, ”We should discuss this later.” 


“Aye, I agree… I think I am going to go bed… We have a big day tomorrow, you should get some rest as well, Snow,” Robb said and he stood up, embraced his brother and left the tent. 


After Robb had left his tent, Jon asked some of the handmaidens to bring him some boiling water in order to bathe. He started to take off his boots and saw that Sarogon was curled up and sleeping on his bed, which caused a smile to spread across his face. He quickly began removing his sword belt containing his two swords, Winters Wolf and Dark Sister and placed them on his bed, next to his sleeping dragon. As soon when he placed his swords on the bed Bako entered his tent.


"Khal Aegon, your new blood riders have been found and will ride with us tomorrow to claim your Khaleesi,"Bako stated. 


“I appreciate everything you have done for me, Bako. We will ride for Pentos at first light, so I suggest you go and get some rest," said Jon. Bako nodded in reply before taking his leave. After Bako left the tent, the handmaidens entered with the hot water and filled his bathing tub. Once they had left, Jon took off his remaining clothes and sank into the steamy water and began scrubbing his skin, removing all of the ash and blood that was still caked onto his flesh. After his skin was red and raw he got out of the basin, put clean clothes on and climbed into bed next to Sarogon. He closed his eyes thinking about what the next day would bring...



Tyrion Lannister



It had been a day since King Robert Baratheon and the Lannister's had arrived at Winterfell. When Tyrion awoke, he quickly got dressed and left his chambers in order to seek some food to break his fast. When he arrived at the Great Hall, it was empty, except his sister, Cersei, and brother, Jaime, who appeared to be having a heated discussion.


“Good morning, my dear sister and brother,” Tyrion spoke, announcing his presence which caused his siblings to pause their disagreement. Cersei looked at him with a displeased scowl on her face while Jaime gave him a welcoming smile.


“Good morning, little brother. How did you sleep last night?" asked Jaime. 


Tyrion smiled, poured himself a glass of Dornish Red and took a seat next to Jaime before answering, “I slept wonderfully my dear brother, thank you for asking. However, I would like to know what the two of you are up so early discussing?” Tyrion asked as he raised an eyebrow.


“Our dear sister has been voicing her concerns with our noble northern house, House Stark," Jaime answered.


The two brothers smiled as they looked at Cersei. "So what did House Stark do to piss you off?" Tyrion questioned as he took a long sip of wine.


"The great and honorable Warden of the North, Eddard Stark, has refused both of our king's offers and Cersei wants to know why," Jaime answered.


"Both offers!” Tyrion exclaimed in surprise, nearly choking on the sip of wine he had just drank.


“Yes, and I want to know why!” Cersei gritted through her teeth. 


“Cersei, why does it matter that the Northern Lord declined to become Hand of the King and a betrothal with your son?” Tyrion asked, but continued speaking again before she could answer, “I thought his would make you happy, dear sister… You never like the simple northerns anyway.” 


Jaimie sigh and looked at his sister before answering, ”Our sister thinks the Starks declined the offer because they are planning to rebel against the King.” 


Tyrion looked at Cersei and she looked at Jaime. He saw her face was serious. She was angry and confused. “Cersei, why would the honorable Ned Stark rebel against Robert? They went to war together to overthrow the mad king!” Tyrion stated, trying to calm is sister’s fears. 


"I know that, Tyrion! It just does not make sense why he would refuse to both offers! He had the chance to make his daughter, Sansa, queen but declined! Why… Why would he do that?" Cersei asked with venom in her tone. Jaime and Tyrion both sighed.


"Cersei you're being ridiculous. Ned and Robert grew up together in the Vale… They are practically brothers… he would never go war against him.” Tyrion explained.


"That's exactly what I told her, little brother, but she will not listen to me," Jaime sighed. 


Just then, a young boy entered the Great Hall, and began clearing the dishes left on the tables. When Cersei saw the boy, she quickly stood and walked over towards him. “Little boy what is your name?" asked Cersei.


“Yo…your, Grace… It’s Willis, your Grace…” the small boy stuttered out before he took a deep, calming breath.


"Do you like golden coins, my dear Willis?” Cersei asked is a sickeningly sweet tone. 


The little boy smiled and nodded at the Queen while both Jaime and Tyrion looked inquisitively at each other trying to figure out what she was doing.


"If I give you a few gold coins would you give me information on what goes on in this castle and any information on what the Starks are planning?" 


The boy smiled and nodded in agreement and the Queen returned the smile. Tyrion could not tear his eyes away from his sister; could not believe she was seriously bribing a small boy into giving her useless information. Tyrion was about to protest against what Cersei was doing, but a younger man entered the great hall.


"Give me bacon, eggs and brown bread with some ale," the new arrival demanded from young Willis. The you boy simply nodded before running off to the kitchens to procure a meal for the man. 


The three siblings looked at the man. He had removed his heavy northern cloak and they could see that his tunic was drenched with sweat and he had dirt covering his hands and face; he had clearly just come from sparing in the courtyard. He sat down on the chair at the end of the table, waiting from his food to arrive. 


The hall was quiet for several minutes before finally, Jaime started a conversation with the young lord, “You must be Theon Greyjoy?" 


The young man smiled as Willis returned with his food and ale, then turned toward the siblings and stated, "Aye, I am.” 


“You grew up here, at Winterfell, with the Stark siblings, after Lord Stark took you in as a ward after the failed Greyjoy Rebellion?” asked Tyrion as he smirked and took a long sip of wine. 


Theon simply nodded in response and turned his attention to his breakfast.


"We heard the unfortunate news that we will be unable to meet the eldest sons of Lord Stark, I believe they are named Robb and Jon Snow, because they have gone on some sort of quest. Do you know anything about it?" Cersei asked. 


Tyrion had not heard that the two oldest sons of Lord Stark were not at Winterfell, because he had spent yesterday at the brothel in Wintertown. He disappointed that he would not be able to witness the bastard’s skills with a sword; he had wanted to see if the tales he had heard about the boy on the way north were true.


"Aye, they left just over a month ago.” Theon answered with a mouthful of bacon, which he washed down with a long chug of ale before he continued, “We were returning to Winterfell, after an execution of a Night’s Watch deserter, when we found a dead direwolf in the Wolfswood. The direwolf had given birth to six pups. They both chose a direwolf, then Robb said something about having to go back and get his sword that he forgot at the execution… and, well the never came back… The next day, when I asked Lord Stark if I needed to wake them for our sparring lessons he told me they had gone on quest! They did not tell me, or anyone else that I know of about this quest!” Exclaimed Theon, with a look of anger on face. This news was surprising to the three Lannister siblings, so they started to ask more questions to the Stark’s ward.


“Did Lord Stark know they were leaving on a quest?" asked Jaime.


"Aye, he announced that he had received disturbing reports about stuff happening beyond the wall so they went to investigate. It did not help that the Night’s Watch deserter was rambling on and on about White Walkers before Lord Stark took his head,” Theon said with a dejected sigh before he added, “He should have let me go with them.”


Tyrion found this news fascinating and now that the Greyjoy boy was talking he took it as his opportunity to ask more about the bastard. “Is it true that the bastard of Winterfell is able to use two swords, like Ser Arthur Dayne?" He asked with excitement in his voice. Cersei and Jaime also wanted to know if the rumors of the Bastard’s incredible sword skills were truthful.


“Aye, it's true,” Theon grumbled, “It’s been just over a month and I still have the bruises to prove it…  Though, I find it strange… we have been sparing together for years… Then, all of the sudden… in our last sparring session before he left on his quest, he was a lot stronger and his skills were even sharper and that was the first time I’ve ever seen him use two swords. Even Lord Stark was impressed. When Jon Snow saw how impressed his father was he challenged him to spar with us…” When Theon said this all three of the Lannisters could not believe that  the Bastard of Winterfell had challenged his Lord Father to spar.


"He challenged the Lord of Winterfell to spar! Did he accept?” Jaime asked in disbelief. 


“Aye, he accepted the challenge.”


“Well, who won?” Tyrion asked.


All three of them were quite trying to make sense of what happened while they for Theon to respond. 


Theon took another long gulp of his ale before he answered in a voice just above a whisper, “No only did he face Lord Stark... He faced me, Robb, Ser Rodrik, who is our Master at Arms and Jory Cassel, who is the Head of the Household Guard... all at the same time," he took a deep breath and continue “Before the spar began, Snow grabbed two swords and started swinging them like it was nothing… He was just waiting for the first attack… Once it started, he fought four of us, me, Robb and the two bannermen at the same time… like we were nothing… Like we were kids at our first sparing lesson… After the four of us yielded to him he faced Lord Stark and got him to yield as well," Theon looked up from his plate to look at the Lannisters and saw that all three of them had looks of shock on their faces. They where speechless. It looked as if they saw a Dragon.


"And you're saying this… Jon Snow and his brother went beyond the wall to investigate the disturbing news?" Tyrion asked, praying that he would say yes. 


"Aye," Theon responded, “If you don't mind, I have completed my meal and I am sure that Lord Stark is going to be needing me for something.” After that, the ward donned his cloak and left the Great Hall.


When Jaime and Cersei looked towards their younger brother, they saw a huge smirk on his face, so Jaime asked, "Why are you smiling, Tyrion?" 


Tyrion was brought out of his thoughts by his brother’s question, so he looked to him, with the smile still plaster on his face and answered, “Because, my dear brother, I am planning an excursion to the Wall when we leave Winterfell… So now my hopes of seeing this bastard’s skills myself may still become reality! If what Greyjoy said is true, as well as the rumors we have heard about the boy's skills, he is then the greatest swordsman who ever lived… and I would like to see the boy's skills with my own eyes," said Tyrion.


“Are you sure about visiting the Wall, Tyrion?” Jaime asked with a raised eyebrow. 


Tyrion smiled as he looked to his brother and responded, “Yes, brother I am.”  


After this statement Cersei stood up and left the Great Hall...


Jon Snow



The bright, warm early morning sun was shinning down when Jon with Sarogon standing on his shoulder, Robb and his three blood riders, Bako, Aggo, and Rakharo, rode their horses at a quick gallop through the busy streets of Pentos. The were making their way towards docks of Pentos, where their ship was still located. While they rode Jon noticed the common folk cleared a wide path for them so they could make their way through the streets with ease. Jon was not surprised at this reaction, because they were riding with the Dothraki, but the perplexed look on Robb’s face made Jon chuckle. 


A short time later, they reached the docks where their ship with Jorah Morment and Sam, was located, Jon and Robb climbed off their horses. Sarogon was still sitting on Jon's shoulder screaming at anyone who dared come close to his father. He smiled at his dragon and scratched the scales under his chin, earning some joyful purring sounds. After he finished petting Sarogon, the small grey dragon decided to climb off his Father’s shoulder and made his way down his back. Once the dragon was situated on his back he turned around and looked back towards Doreah and his three blood riders and stated, in Dothraki,“Watch the horses and wait here until I return,” to which they responded with a nodded. 


After Jon gave his order, he and Robb walked down the dock and they were greeted by a smiling Samwell Tarly. The brothers returned the welcoming smile. At this time, Sam could not see Sarogon from where he was standing because the dragon was perched on Jon's lower back.


"I take it this part of your quest was a success because you are both here smiling and breathing!” Sam exclaimed.


Jon smiled as he looked from Sam to Robb before he answered, “Aye it was a success. I am now Khal.”


“If that is the case, why are you all here?” His chubby friend asked.


“Sam, we came to get Ser Jorah, so that he can take us to Illyrio. Is he still chained in the cabin?" Jon asked. 


Sam smiled and nodded in response, when suddenly his attention was pulled from Jon’s face when he saw a claw on appear on his friend’s shoulder. “Jo.. Jo.. Jon... what is that on your shoulder?" He asked nervously with a look of curiosity on his face. As he asked the question the claw was moving more as the small grey dragon seated himself on his Father’s shoulder. The dragon looked at Sam with his golden eyes and let out a welcoming screech. Sam was taken by surprise and almost fell on the ground. 


“Oh, this is my dragon... he was born yesterday,” Jon said as he smiled at his dragon.


"Ohhh he scared me! I... I guess the human sacrifice worked?” Sam asked, still in disbelief that there was a living, breathing dragon on Jon's shoulder.


“Aye it did," Jon replied as the three boarded the ship. Once they were onboard, they heard a ruckus coming from the cabins below. As they made their way towards the noise the sounds only grew louder. 


When they arrived below the decks, they quickly learned what the commotion was all about; It was Ghost and Greywind running to greet them. Robb smiled and scratched Greywind behind the ears. The sight of the Direwolves cause Sarogon to let out a joyful screech of happiness. He wanted to meet the wolves. So he flew from Jon’s shoulder and landed on Ghost’s back. The sudden appearance of the dragon caused Ghost to stop, turn is head look at the creature that had landed on his back with his ruby red eyes. After a few seconds of starring, Ghost sniffed the dragon, then turned to Jon and sniffed him as well. When Ghost had finished smelling Jon and the dragon, Greywind did the same. After both direwolves finished smelling Jon and the dragon they gave the dragon a lick of approval. ‘They had accepted Sarogon as part of the pack' Jon thought as he smiles at the scene in front of him.


He was pulled from his thoughts when Sam asked, “Have you given him a name yet?"


"Aye, I named him Sarogon," Jon replied. At the sound of his name the dragon flew from where he was resting on Ghost’s back, back to his Father’s shoulder, which made Sam smiled. 


Robb took a deep breath before he started to speak, “Sam we must see Ser Jorah. Are the northern men still watching him?" 


Sam looked at Robb and nodded. The three of them walked towards the cabin and two northern men were standing guard in front of the closed door. "Open the door," Robb requested and the two men nodded in acknowledgment before they opened the door. When they entered the room they saw that Ser Jorah was still tied up and sitting on the chair. 


The Northern commander in the room looked at Robb and said, “My Lord, you have returned.”


Robb smiled at the commander and nodded, “Aye, we have returned successful in the first part of our quest. Now we have come here for Ser Jorah.” As he said this all eyes looked at the exiled, former Lord of Bear Island, who had a uncomfortable scowl upon his weathered face.


"My Lord, have you decided what to do to him?" the commander asked Robb. 


However, before Robb could answer, Jon started talking, “Aye, we have. He will be my personal guard," Jon replied. 


This answer surprised Robb, Sam and the other Northern men, and caused a stunned and confused look to appear upon all of their faces. So Jon spoke, “Would you all give me and Ser Jorah a moment of privacy?" 


The northern men nodded and left the cabin. After they had left, Robb pulled Jon into a corner of the cabin  and asked, "What are you doing, Jon?”


"He is a great swordsman and I am going to need someone to protect Daenerys while I am busy with other matters,” Jon answered honestly.


Robb sighed and angrily asked, “Other matters? What matters?”


"You will find out later. It's to soon to say what they are,” he answered. Robb raised a eybrow which made Jon sigh. “Please Robb, you have to trust me.”


Robb took another sigh and nodded  before speaking, "Fine... but if he betrays us I will behead him myself!” 


Jon took a moment to think through his plan before he agreed, “That is fair.” 


After the brief conversation, the brothers walked over towards Ser Jorah. “Ser Jorah, I'm going to give you a choice," Jon said. 


The old knight raised his head and looked Jon in the eyes, “What is it, my lord?" The old knight asked. 


"I'm going to give you information and you can choose what happens to this information," Jon stated to the old knight who nodded at him to continue. "I am no bastard. I'm the true born son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen... Rhaegar never raped my mother nor did he kidnapped her. She ran away to be with him because they loved each other... My uncle, Ned Stark, hid me in plain sight. He named me his bastard in order to escape the wrath of Robert... My name is not really Jon Snow, my birth name is Aegon Targaryen, the true heir to the Iron throne... You can give this information to the Usurper, Robert Baratheon, in hopes that he will grant you a pardon and allow you to return home and live out your days in the North... Or, you can be one of my king's guards and help me save Westeros from the threat beyond the wall... If you are loyal to me, when I become King, I will give you a full pardon and allow live in the North.” 


The old knight couldn't believe what he had just heard for he was left utterly speechless. When finally gather words to respond he asked, “Your Grace, I thought Prince Rhaegar already had a wife, Elia Martell, and a son who was also named Aegon Targaryen?" 


Robb looked at Jon waiting for him to say something.


"Aye, that is true... but my father, Rhaegar, had his marriage to Elia Martell annulled and married my mother, Lyanna Stark. I was named in the memory of my older half-brother, who was killed by the hands of The Mountain," Jon responded.


Jorah thought about the new information that had been given to him. In his mind, it made perfect sense... Eddard Stark was the most honorable man he had ever met. The man he knew would never bed a woman who was not his wife. He would claim to have fathered a bastard to protect his family... to keep his beloved younger sister’s son safe... 


Then he remembered what Jon had said about threat beyond the wall. "Your Grace, you said there was a threat beyond the wall. May I ask what that threat could be?" 


Jon sighed, before he answered, he had not yet wanted to talk about this subject but he answered it truthfully, "The Night King. He is real. I have seen him. The white walkers are real, with their unnatural blue eyes boring into your soul... These creatures... They will do anything to make sure all of the living are dead. And I can tell you if the seven kingdoms do not stand together to fight against our common enemy we will all die when Winter arrives... That is why I told you my true origins... I need to retake my throne and unite the seven kingdoms so that we stand together in the fight against those dead monsters!" Jon exclaimed as clinched his fists in frustration. Jorah looked at Robb, who had a concerned look on face after his brother’s speech.


"Your Grace, how did you see them?" Ser Jorah asked.


“Ser Jorah, you asked what my past life was like, so let me tell you about it.” Jon said as both he and Robb sat down on in wooden chairs across from the old knight before he proceeded to tell him everything that happened Westeros in his last life. He told him about the mutiny at Craster’s keep beyond that had taken the life of Ser Jorah's father... He told him about his time as the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch... About the attack at Hardhome... His murder at the hands of his brothers in black and his subsequent resurrection... He told about Daenerys dragons.


"Dragons, your Grace?" Ser Jorah asked with a quizzical eyebrow raised.


Jon grinned and turned his attention from Ser Jorah to Robb who returned his smile. “Aye, Dragons," Jon replied.


"But, your Grace... Dragons have been extinct for over a hundred years!”


"Aye, that was true... but it is not the truth any longer,” Jon said with the smirk still plastered on his face.


Jorah raised a eyebrow. "What do you mean, your Gra...” Ser Jorah stopped mid sentence... He could not believe what he saw with his own two eyes... He blinked in disbelief at the sight before him... He saw a small grey dragon crawl onto Jon's shoulder and look him straight in the eye. The silence was broken when Sarogon let out a loud screech.


"That's ... that's a dragon!" Ser Jorah exclaimed to Jon with his eyes opened wide.


"Aye, it is... So, Ser Jorah, do you believe me now?" 


Jorah could not believe it, there, just in front of him was a dragon... a living, breathing dragon. If dragons where no longer extinct, then the threat beyond the wall must be true. "Aye, I do believe you, your Grace.” The Old Knight stated before he asked... “Just... How... How after all these years... were you bring a dragon to life?" 


The question made Robb try really hard to keep the smile off his face. Jon on the other hand just let out a deep sigh. He just wanted to get this conversation over with so they could find Daenerys. "That, Ser Jorah, is a story for another day. Now, I will ask again... You have a choice. Choose wisely," said Jon as his grey eyes bored into the old knight’s blue ones.


Ser Jorah remained silent for a few minutes as he thought about of his options. When he finally spoke he answered, “Your grace, will I swear my sword to you and help you save Westeros if grant me a pardon and allow me to return and live in the North.”


The response made Jon smile, "Aye, you have my word, Ser Jorah. Robb, please release Ser Jorah from his bindings.” 


Once he was freed and his sword was returned, he bent down on one knee, removed his sword from its scabbard and placed it’s tip into the wooden floor, and vowed, "I, Ser Jorah Mormont, swear my services to House Targaryen. I will shield your back and offer you counsel until the end of my days.”


Jon looked at Robb, who smiled back at him. Jon then returned his gaze back towards Jorah, “Thank you Ser Jorah you may rise.”


The old knight rose, and stated, “Thank you, your Grace.” Jon smiled and nodded in response.


"Ser Jorah, can you take us to Illyrio?" Robb asked. 


The old knight smiled and nodded, “Of course, my lord,” he replied as he strapped his sword belt to his waist.


When they left the cabin, Sam was waiting for them. Robb excused himself so he could find the Northern lords and them could return to White Harbor.


"Sam, we are leaving... I wanted to say goodbye before you set sail for the Citadel," Jon said as he placed a hand on portly friend’s shoulder.


The gesture made Sam smile, "Thank you, Jon. I promise as soon as I complete my training and become a master, I will return to serve you.”


Jon smiled and Sarogon flew on to Ghost back, and replied, “That is good, Sam. I will be looking forward to your return, my friend. The reply made Sam return the smile.


A few moments later, Robb returned and said, “I told the northern men sail back to White Harbor, after they have taken Sam to Oldtown... Sam, they will give you a safe escort to the Citadel.” 


Sam nodded, “Thank you, my lord... You all had better get going as well... for your meeting with Viserys,” Sam said with a nervous smile as he looked at both of them. 


“Aye, we should leave.” Robb agreed.


“Sam, thank you for everything. We will see you soon," Jon said as he pulled out his hand. Sam smiled and shook his hand and then shook Robb’s as well.


"Remember Sam, find all that you can about the White Walkers.”


Sam smiled, " I will, Jon, I promise.” 


Jon and Robb both smiled as they walked off the ship with the two Direwolf pups and Ser Jorah following them. They walked over towards Jon’s Dothraki blood riders who handed them the reins to their horses. Once they were mounted on their horses, Ser Jorah gave them directions and they began to gallop to Illyrio’s....


Daenerys Targaryen



The sun was beginning to set over Pentos as several handmaidens entered Daenerys’ chambers. She stood silently in the middle of the large room, still wearing her thin pale pink silk sleeping shift, as the handmaidens began to tidy her belongs and prepare her bath and clothes.

It was late evening in Pentos. Her heart was beating fast. Tonight she would meet Khal Drogo.  From what she had heard from the handmaidens, servants and guards, the Dothraki rode there women like stallions. The thought of a savage man doing this to her made her feel sick to her stomach. 


She was pulled from these thoughts when she heard voices coming from outside of her chamber. As the voices grew louder she cringed as she recognized the high pitched tone of her older brother, Viserys. 


When he entered her chambers he had a sickening smile on his face as he looked at her. “Sweet sister, why aren’t you ready! Our meeting with Khal Drogo is almost upon us. He will be here shortly, and you must look beautiful," he looked at her in her purple eyes and she looked at the door. "Sister I think it's time for the wold to see what beautiful women you have become.” After he said this he grabbed the front of her nightgown, untied the laces, and pushed it down so that it pooled on the floor and she stood completely naked before him. He caressed one of her breasts with the tips of his fingers and she looked down at the floor. He then placed a finger under her chin and pulled her face up, so the she had no choice but to look him in the eyes, “I need you to be perfect tonight, Sweet Sister... you wouldn’t want to awake the Dragon, now would you?" 


She shook her head no. 


“Good... You best be getting ready, Sweet Sister... Make sure you are ready soon, Khal Drogo is on his way here as we speak," Viserys said sweetly before he dropped his hand from under her chin and exited her chamber. 


After the door closed behind her brother she let out a breath she did not know she was holding. She did not want to marry the Dothraki Khal, but she did not want to did not want to ‘wake the dragon’ either. When the handmaidens finished filling the bathing tub with boiling hot water she did not wait for it to cool before she entered. She felt alone... Sadness had taken over her mind. Then, suddenly she felt a emotion erupt through her like fire, letting her know that everything would be fine after today....


Eddard Stark



The full autumn moon and the millions of tiny stars were shining brightly in the cloudless late evening sky above Winterfell. The Starks, King Robert and his family as well as the Lannisters, and many of the Northern Lords and Ladies whom had traveled to greet their King, were all feasting in the Great Hall. Lord Stark was standing in the back of the room, observing the guests as they danced to the loud music echoing off the walls. As he continued to scan the room, his eyes stopped when noticed King Robert was groping and kissing one of the young servant girls, who was in the process of refilling his wine goblet for what had to have been at least the tenth time in the last hour. He shook his head in disappointment because the servant girl could not have been more than two or three name days older than his daughter, Sansa. He was pulled from his brooding thoughts when he felt a hand on shoulder. He turned gaze towards the hand on his shoulder and saw it was his brother Benjen. "Brother!" Ned smiled and turned to embraced his younger brother, "Benjen, it is so good to see you," he said as a chuckle escaped his lips.


After they pulled away from the embrace, they looked at each other and smiled. “So, where are my two eldest nephews?” Benjen asked as his eyes scanned the Great Hall of Winterfell, before turning his attention back to Ned with a smile still on his face and stated, “I have been looking for them all over the castle since I arrived.” 


Ned returned a tentative smile and sighed, knowing that he had to tell Benjen the truth about Robb and Jon’s whereabouts. "Follow me, brother. I'll tell you where they are," he said as he placed a hand on his shoulder and gestured towards the exit. 


Benjen raised an eyebrow as asked, "Why not here brother?" 


Ned took another glance around in the Great Hall. He saw Cersei conversing with his lady wife, Catelyn. He saw Sansa trying her best to avoid the leering gazes of Prince Joffery. And when his gaze came upon The King he let out a shaky breath when he saw that Robert was still kissing and groping the poor servant girl as she refilled his wine glass again, and then his face turned to one of disgust when he slapped her on the ass. 




At the sound of Benjen’s voice, is eyes turned back to his brother. He realized that his brother was still waiting for an answer. He let out a deep sigh and his whisper was barely audible above the sounds of the loud music and laughter surrounding them, “There are too many ears in here… I cannot risk anyone over hearing what I have to tell you.” 


Benjen again raised an eyebrow but nodded in agreement when he saw the grim expression on the Lord of Winterfell’s face and quickly followed his brother outside of the Great Hall and into the courtyard. They walked silently for several minutes in the moon lit darkness of the autumn evening. When they finally stopped, close to the training yard, Ned looked up and stared the bright full moon shining high above in the night sky, which caused Benjen to do the same. They could still hear the sounds of music and laughing coming from the Great Hall. Ned scanned the training yard ensuring that there were no prying ears to overhear their conversation. When he confirmed there was no one lurking in the shadows he took a seat on one of the crates and motioned for Benjen to do the same.


After they were both comfortably seated, Benjen broke the silence between them, “So are you telling me where they are?"  


Ned quickly look around the yard once more to make sure no one was around. "Aye," he said as he deeply exhaled and took another deep breath before he continued, “They have both traveled to Pentos.” 


“Pentos! Why would they go to Pentos, Ned?" Benjen asked with a look of confusion on his face.


Ned took a deep breath as he scanned the yard again before he continued to speak in a low voice, "They went to Pentos to save Daenerys Targaryen.” 


Benjen had a look of disbelief on his face. He took a deep breath trying to comprehend what his brother had told him. "Daenerys Targaryen… Why would Jon and Robb travel all the way to Pentos to save her?” 


Ned raised an eyebrow in response. 


The confusion in Benjen’s features disappeared and his eyes widened in acknowledgement as to why they would travel across the Narrow Sea to save the young woman. "Jon knows… doesn’t he? About his true parentage? He felt he to save his Targaryen family?" He took a deep breath while he waited for Ned to answer. After his brother nodded in response he released the deep breath and looked up towards the moon and asked, "How long has he known? How did he take it?"  


Ned took a deep breath and smiled as looked back at the full moon before answered truthfully, ”I wasn't the one who told him…”


“What do you mean you did not tell him?”


“It was Bran who told him,” Ned raised his hand to stop his brother from interrupting before he continued, “It was when Bran… The Three-Eyed Raven who told him everything about his mother and the man who sired him," Ned answered his brother, who was still utterly confused on the matter. Ned placed a hand on Benjen's shoulder and proceed to inform him of everything Jon had told him about his past life… He told Benjen that he became Cold Hands after he disappeared during a ranging mission beyond the wall… Ned told his brother how he had been named Hand of King Robert, only to be executed by the Lannister Bastard, Joffery, which started the War of the Five Kings. He told him about the betrayal of Walder Frey and Roose Bolton at the Red Wedding which led to the deaths of Robb, his lady wife and Catelyn. How Jon had been named the 998th Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch after the mutiny that claimed the life of Joer Mormont and Wildling attack on Castle Black… About Jon’s death at the hands of his brothers in Black and resurrection at the hands of a Red Woman… How Jon had rallied the North and exterminated the traitorous Boltons… How Jon was named King of the North and allied with Daenerys… How Jon has fought against the Night King more than five times… How Jon had survived after all the Starks were killed, one by one… Ned told his little brother everything he could recall concerning what Jon had said happened in his first life.


After he could think of nothing more to say, Benjen began to laugh, which confused the Warden of the North. So he asked, “What’s so funny, Benjen?" 


His brother just kept on laughing. When he was finally able to calm himself he spoke, "Isn't it ironic that the Bastard of Winterfell… The boy who no one ever cared about became the King in the North, making him the most important pawn in the Game of Thrones… Which made him the most important male for one of the two queens to create an alliance with… Daenerys Targaryen, who at the time he did not know was his aunt, who soon became his lover, which lead to her becoming his wife and the mother of his child and then Cersei Lannister, whose house was one of the reasons for the end of house Stark… How the Bastard of Winterfell also became the greatest swordsmen who ever lived… That boy was destined for Greatness!” After Benjen completed his speech he was still smiling at the thought of his nephew. 


"Aye, he has always been destined for greatness,” Ned smiled and looked at Benjen. 


The two brothers continued to smile in silence as they looked at the the moon in the sky high above Winterfell. Benjen took a deep breath, breaking the tranquility as looked at his brother and asked "Have you received any news from either of the boys since they arrived in Pentos?" 


Ned sighed deeply as looked at Benjen and replied, “No… I have not heard from either of them and that is what worries me.” 


Benjen smiled and placed a hand on Ned's shoulder hoping to calm his brother’s fears. “Ned, I wouldn't worry… Jon is the son of Lyanna. He will not give up when it comes to ensuring the safety of his family. He will do everything possible to make sure Daenerys is saved from her mad brother… and I am sure he will make sure that no harm comes upon Robb… I know that he will do anything that is needed to ensure their safety, even if that means giving his own life.” 


Ned felt shivers run down his spine at the thought of Jon dying… He would not allow it. "Benjen, when you returned to the Wall… remember you will be sent beyond the wall on a ranging mission. This mission lead to your death at the hands of the White Walkers. Please promise me that you will be careful” said Ned with a concerned tone. 


His brother smiled and nodded. "Aye, Ned. I will… Besides, I now know that they can be stopped by fire, dragonglass and Valerian steel.” 


The brothers got up from their crates in the training yard and started walking back to the Great Hall to rejoin the festivities in a comfortable silence. While they walked Ned was brooding over the mission his last sibling would face beyond the wall… About the mission that could lead to his little brother disappearance and becoming Cold Hands… Suddenly, he stopped walking. He thought about what might happen if he went on the mission beyond the Wall with his brother. This would allow him to see the threat with his own eyes.


When Benjen realized that his brother had stopped, he turned around, walked back to his brother, looked at him and asked, “Ned, what are you brooding about?" 


His brother looked at him, and instead of answering this question he asked, ”When do you plan on returning to the Wall?" 


"When King Robert and Queen Cersei return to Kings Landing, I presume. Why?" 


“I am going to go with you on your mission beyond the Wall,” Ned announced. 


The statement surprised Benjen; he was left was speechless for a few moments as he processed what his older brother had said. Finally he protested, "Ned you cannot go beyond the Wall. You are the Lord of Winterfell! The Warden of the North! You are not a man of the Night’s Watch… You cannot go beyond the Wall!”


“Benjen… I have to do this… I need to see with my own eyes what we are up against… I need to know what killed Sansa and Arya… What killed my Jon’s wife and my grandchild… Besides Bran can serve as Lord of Winterfell, with the help of Cat and Maester Lewin until I return,” Ned stated.


Benjen took a deep breath and nodded, knowing that there was no arguing with his bother when he made up his mind. "If that is what you wish, brother, you can come with me when I return to Castle Black.” 


“Aye, this is what I have to do.”


“Aye, we leave after the King an Queen return for the Capital," said Benjen 


Ned nodded in response and the brothers continued to walked back to the feast being held in the Great Hall of Winterfell unaware of the young boy who had heard their entire conversation....



Jon Snow


Jon, Robb, Jorah, Doreah and the three blood riders rode their horses swiftly through the crowded streets of Pentos until the reached the manse belonging to the Magister IIlyrio Mopatis. They were not even halted by the guards posted at the front gates. They did not stop their horses until they reached a staircase where a man with coarse yellow hair and who was nearly twice the size of Lord Manderly, was standing awaiting their arrival.


"You must be Khal Drogo,” the fat Magister stated in greeting to Bako as if were fact. After he said this, Bako looked at Jon who gave him a simple slight nod, silently saying that for now they should just play along with the Magister’s incorrect assumption. 


Their focus was quickly adverted from the obese man before them when they heard footsteps coming from within the manse. The steps grew louder and louder, and within seconds Jon could see a man with saggy silver hair and purple eyes exiting and making his way down the stairs to stand next to Illryio. The sight of the new arrival caused Jon to pull his hand into such a tight fist that his knuckles turned white. He knew it could only be his Uncle Viserys. The man smiled at Bako, but the smile was not returned.


Viserys turned his attention back to the door he had just walked out of. ‘He must be waiting for Daenerys to exit.’ Jon thought to himself. Just as he completed that though, he saw her emerge from the door. He noticed that he breathing was shallow and she was trying to hide her fear. He noticed that she did not look at him. That her gaze was fixed on Bako. ‘She too, must think that Bako is Khal Drogo as well,’ Jon stated to himself. Daenerys appeared to be shy… The sight of his beloved wife made him fell like is heart was going to stop beating at any second. She looked breath taking. He was pulled from his thoughts because of what she was wearing. She was wearing a sheer white gown that left little to the imagination… He could see her dark pink nipples right through it, like she was wearing nothing at all. He was furious.. He could not believe her brother would allow, or most likely force her to wear a gown like that!


He shifted his attention back to Illyrio when he began to speak in a well practiced regal tone, “Khal Drogo, I present to you Princess Daenerys of House Targaryen.”


Bako looked at Jon and he nodded


"Khal Drogo is dead!” Bako stated in Dothraki.


This surprised Illyrio, "Khal Drogo is.... dead! How?"
Viserys saw Illyrio was surprised.  Viserys moved closer towards Illyrio and asked in a whispered voice, "What's wrong, Illyrio?"


"Your grace he just told me… He said that Khal Drogo is dead.” As the fat Magister spoke these words, Jon kept his eyes on Daenerys and saw that a look of relief spread across her face and she smiled every so slightly, which made him feel an intense happiness.


But his attention was quickly pulled away from the beautiful young woman because of the angered screeching of his uncle,”Ask him how!"


"How did your Khal die?" Illyrio asked as looked at Bako.


Bako looked at Jon who nodded before he answered, "Khal Drogo was killed in a dual for your sister’s hand by our new Khal.”


Illyrio turned towards Viserys and translated, “Khal Drogo was killed, your Grace, in a dual by the new Khal, over your sister’s hand,” this information surprised Viserys.


“Ask him who is their new Khal!” Viserys demanded, “I will only allow Daenerys to marry their new Khal if he keeps the previous arrangement… Only if he will give me my army!”



Daenerys Targaryen


Daenerys stood there silently ask she absorbed this information. 'Who is this new Khal and why would he fight in a dual to the death to make me his wife?’ Daenerys asked herself. She look back at the man Dothraki man she believed must be the new Khal and noticed that he kept looking towards a man next to him before he spoke. He was a younger man wearing a cloak… He looked very familiar… She knew him from somewhere… But where??? She suddenly gasped in realization… This was the man from her dreams... She took several slow, deep breaths trying to calm her racing heart. She closed her eyes trying to unlock the memories of her dreams and just like that she remembered him. There was still some memories she could not make clear… she could not remember everything about him but she remembered clearly who the man in her dreams was to her. ‘This was no strange man… This man was my husband. My love ..... Jon!’ She thought. She finally choked out his name in a small quiet voice, "Jon!?"


Her voice was so soft that Jon did not hear her, which slightly irritated her and Illyrio and Viserys were too interested in the response that the Dothraki man would provide.


'He would sell me to a Dothraki Khal for an Army? How dare he! I am no whore! I am the Queen!' She thought to herself as she looked at her brother. She wanted to scream at him that she would not accept what he was doing to her, she would not allow her to be sold like some broodmare! However, before she could say something she was cut off by another man in a cloak, one with auburn hair a crystal blue eyes who appeared to be about the same age as Jon.


“The new Khal is Khal Aegon!" The man announced.


'Khal Aegon? That must be Jon!' She thought to herself. She smiled at Jon, but noticed his gaze was focused with a look of disgust directed at her brother, Viserys.


Both Illyrio and Viserys were confused and when Viserys laughed, she noticed a smile spread across the face of the man she loved.


“Aegon… Aegon… is a Targaryen name," Viserys choked out between fits of laughter, which made the auburn haired man look at Jon who simply nodded in acknowledgement.


"Aye, that is because he is a Targaryen. But not just any Targaryen… Aegon is the true heir to the Iron Throne!” he cloaked man exclaimed with his piercing blue eyes directed into her brother’s violet eyes. This made Viserys laugh even harder.


“And… And… And… who are you? Aerys Targaryen?" Viserys responded through his laughter.


The auburn haired man just smiled and looked at Jon which is when he nodded.


"I'm Robb Stark, oldest son of Lord Eddard Stark of Winterfell,” He stated in calm, commanding tone, “and this,” he said as he gestured towards Jon, “is my brother Jon Snow.”


'Jon never told me he had siblings .... or he did but I can't remember' thought Daenerys. She tried to remember if he had siblings but couldn't she could only remember Jon from her past life. (She did not remember Khal Drogo, Daario Naharis, Tyrion Lannister, Jaime Lannister, Cersei Lannister, she only remembered Jon.)


The laughter quickly stopped as Viserys spoke through gritted teeth, “A traitor to the Targaryen Dynasty and his bastard brother!”


“I'm no traitor, your father killed my uncle and grandfather. Your father was mad!" Robb growled, his voice dripping with anger.


"Enough Robb! That's not why we're here," Jon spoke as he placed a hand on his brothers shoulder in an attempt to calm him, before he shifted his direction towards Viserys and asked, “Your Grace, what would you do in order to receive an army of 40,000 of the world’s strongest warriors from our Khal?”


A sickening smile spread across his lip as he answered, “I would let not only him fuck my sister, but I would let his whole Khalasar and their horses fuck her as well!”


Robb and Jon looked at each other trying to make sure what they heard where true. Viserys kept on smiling.


'He dares let the whole Khalasar and their horses fuck me! I'm no slave. I am his sister… I am the rightful Queen!’ Thought Daenerys. She felt anger coursing through her veins… ‘Was this what it felt like to wake the dragon?’ However, before she could slap her brother across the face she was broken from her rage at the sound of Jon’s voice.


“Alright! I have heard enough," Jon yelled. He then turned to the Dothraki man she had believed was the Khal and nodded before he got off of his horse and demanded something of the men in another language. Before she knew it the three Dothraki men quickly got off their horses and grabbed her brother.


“You bastard!” Viserys screamed as he tried to fight the three strong Dothraki men, How dare you touch the rightful king! I am a dragon!"


“Its good to meet you, Uncle!" Jon said as he looked him in the eyes with a smile. This caused Daenerys to smile as well.


"Uncle?" Viserys questioned with venom in his voice.


“I'm no bastard, Uncle Viserys. I'm Aegon Targaryen, the true born son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen. I am the rightful heir to the throne. I am the blood of the wolf and dragon!"


Daenerys kept on smiling.


“You are a liar! I'm the last dragon!" Viserys screamed as he continued to pull against the grips of the men holding him.


“No… you are not a dragon! I am!" All of the saddened they all saw a claw appear on Jon’s shoulder, then they saw silvery grey scales and finally a face. Everyone around then, including Viserys became silent. The silence was broken when the creature gave an ear piercingly loud screech.


Viserys’ eyes were open wide, shock written on is face as he said, “That… that is a fucking dragon!"


Jon smile, ”Aye, it is. This is Saragon,” he replied as he scratched the dragon under his chin. He then said something in Dothraki to the Dothraki men and they took her brother away, to somewhere inside the manse.


She noticed Jon smiled at her as her brother was taken away. She returned the smile and he walked over towards her. When he got closer, Daenerys was surprised when she saw the dragon up close, ‘So this is a dragon' she thought. Sarogon screeched at her which made her smile even wider.


Then Jon stood directly in front of her. She wanted to reach up and pull his face to her’s and kiss this man… to kiss her husband and then for him to scoop her up in his arms, carry her to her chambers and make love to her… but, to her surprise, he didn't kiss her or even embrace her.


“Sorry about all of that, Daenerys," he said as he bowed his head to her and then placed a gentle kiss on her hand. “I am so sorry for how Viserys treated you, and I vow to you, before the old gods and the new, that I will never allow him to touch you or hurt you again.” 


She smiled and stated, “It’s fine ..." Before she could say 'Jon' he cut her off.


“Daenerys, you can call me Jon. I know since you heard that I'm your nephew that must be a lot to take in.”


She wanted to ask why he introduced himself but before she could speak, Illyrio cut her off.


“Sorry, your Grace, but may I ask some questions?" asked Illyrio.


“Aye, you may but first," he looked at Doreah and Jorah. “Doreah, please take Daenerys to her chambers and make sure she is wearing proper clothes.”
Daenerys looked at her sheer gown and she felt the embarrassing flush that spread across her neck and cheeks. She was pulled from her thoughts when Jon called her. "Daenerys this is Ser Jorah Mormont. He will be your personal guard," he said as he smiled at her.  Daenerys loved it when he smiled at her.


The old knight, Ser Jorah also smiled at her. He then got down on one knee, bowed, kissed her hand and said, “Your grace.”


She returned his smile and he stood before she spoke, “It is nice to meet you, Ser Jorah.”  Doreah then took her hand as they began the walk to her chambers. She suddenly stopped, “Wait just a moment,” she said to Doreah. She quickly turned around and called, “Jon?”


He stopped talking to Illyrio walked over to her, “Yes, Daenerys?”


“Jon, I need to speak to you… in private"


He smiled at her and nodded “Aye, we will have dinner tonight in your chambers,”


She smiled at him and nodded. She then returned to Ser Jorah and Doreah, and together they walked to her chambers.....












































Chapter Text

Eddard Stark



The sound of music grew louder and louder as Benjen and Ned, walked side-by-side through the courtyard in order to get back to Winterfell’s Great Hall and rejoin the feast that was being held in honor of King Robert. As they walked, they were still quietly discussing their plans for the future, including possible alliances for Jon. 

"Dorne!?" Benjen softly exclaimed with a look of shock on his face. “I am honestly surprised that you would suggest an alliance with Dorne!”

“Why is that, brother?” Ned stated sharing the same confused look as his younger brother.

“Ned, why would Dorne and the Martell’s ally themselves with the Targaryen’s? I mean, they may feel that Rhaegar was responsible for the deaths of Princess Elia Martell and her young children, Rhaenys and Aegon… Fuck, he was responsible for their deaths… If he had never run off with Lyanna they might still be alive today!” Benjen stated as they continued walk towards the loud music and rich smells of roasted pork.

Suddenly, Ned stopped abruptly. He grabbed his brother’s shoulder and spun him around so that they were facing each other, Stark grey eyes met Stark grey eyes, “Ser Arthur’s death was a tragedy, which I regret. But I did speak with his sister and explained what happened, and she held no ill will when I left Starfall,” he said in a remorseful tone before anger began to run through the wolf’s blood in his veins. “And the Lannister’s were the ones responsible for the deaths of the Princess Elia and her children!” Ned gritted out through his teeth, “The Mountain, Gregor Clegane was the one who raped and murdered Elia Martell and he was the one who crushed Prince Aegon’s skull against the wall… Amory Lorch was the one who stabbed the young Princess Rhaenys over fifty times! And all of this was by the orders of Tywin Lannister!”

Benjen was about to respond when they heard of something falling over and a muffled cry. Their heads instantly whipped around to where they heard sounds and saw the site of fallen wooden wine barrels about ten feet away from where they were standing. They quickly rushed to the scene and were surprised to find a young boy, trapped under several of the barrels. The brothers swiftly helped to free the boy. Once the boy was free, the brothers helped him to stand. Once his was firmly on his feet, Ned placed a comforting hand on his shoulder and asked, “Are you okay, son?”

“Y... Yes... Yes, milord. Thank you for helping me, milords,” The young boy answered nervously.

“What are you doing out here alone in the dark?” Benjen questioned as he directly looked into the boys wide eyes.

“I… I needed to speak with Lord Stark, milord…” the young boy stuttered as he looked at Benjen. He then turned his gaze to Ned and said in an anxious voice, “I need to talk to you, Lord Stark.”

Benjen and Ned both looked at each other with confusion written across their faces.

Ned, who still had his hand on the boy’s shoulder, squat down so he was at the level as the child. He then looked at the boy in the eyes, he smiled and asked, “What is your name, son?”

"It... It’s Willis, Lord Stark."

"Willis, why are you out here all alone?" Ned calmly asked.

The boy took a deep breath; he scanned the area around him before he looked at Ned and said softly, “I came here to warn you, Lord Stark.”

“Warn me? Warm me about what, son?" Ned said with confusion on his face.

“About The queen,” Willis whispered. “Queen Cersei is demanding to know why you didn't except either of King Robert’s offers.” The boy took a deep breath before he continued, “So, this morning, she came to me when I was cleaning up the Great Hall and she told me she would give me gold coins if I could give her information about what is going on around the castle and if I could tell her what you were planning, milord.”

Ned looked from Willis to Benjen with a look of shock on his face. He was speechless.

"So, why do you come to us now? You should have gone to Lord Stark immediately?" Benjen asked the boy in a hushed angered tone.

"I… I needed to make sure the Queen thought I was doing as she asked. When the two of her brothers left the Great Hall, she gave me an evil glare… So… So, I followed you… I… I know it was wrong, but I needed to make it look like I was doing as she asked… and then I figured this would be a good time to tell you what she wanted me to spy for her… I was about to interrupt your conversation, but then I heard you saying that she had the Hound kill a boy who didn’t even touch her bastard son and I… I… I got scared… You know she will kill me if she knows that I betrayed her,” Willis cried softly.

Ned anxiously looked to his brother and then back to the young boy and asked, “Willis, how much of our conversation did you over hear? Do you know who really sired the royal children?" asked Ned. The boy smiled and nodded. 

"I heard enough to know that Robert did not sire the Royal Children… That they were born from affair between Queen Cersei and her brother, Ser Jaime Lannister. However, I could have told you that they were lovers by the way they were looking at each other and talking to each other  when they were breaking their fast because when the dwarf brother entered they started to act different," Willis answered in a voice just above a whisper.

"Willis, I do not like it that you were eavesdropping during a private conversation. I could have you punished for that behavior. However, you did warn me about Queen Cersei. Therefore, you shall not be harmed.” Ned, said as he smiled at the boy.

“You are too kind, Lord Stark, but I... I just wanted to do the right thing... as you always say ‘the North remembers.’” Which caused the Stark brothers to chuckle. “But, milords, maybe next time you had a conversation about overthrowing King Robert and putting your bastard… who isn’t really your bastard, but the trueborn son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark… You might want to find somewhere safer to have that conversation… liked the crypts."

“Aye, lad, we will have to remember that," said Benjen.

Willis sighed and looked up towards the moon before saying, "Lord Stark… Cersei is expecting me to return to her with some sort of information. What should I tell her?" asked Willis.

Benjen looked at his brother and said, “The boy is right, Ned. Cersei will get even more suspicious if he does not bring her any information.”

"Aye,” Ned agreed. He then looked at Willis in the eyes and said, “Tell the Queen, the reason I have declined both offers is because I cannot abandon my duties to the North. Tell her I have no time to be the King’s Hand because I must stay here to investigate the disturbing reports we are hearing about what is happening beyond the Wall. And I cannot allow Sansa to marry her son because she is far too young to marry and because I promised all my children they would be able to have a choice in who they marry."

“As you say, my lord.” Willis said as he bowed his head, “I will tell that to the Queen when she summons me.”

“Thank you, child.” Ned said with a slight smile.

“Lord Benjen, might I ask you a question?" asked the boy as he looked into the eyes of his liege lord’s little brother.

"Aye, son,” Benjen said with a sigh, “What is it that you would like to know?”

"Do you believe what the King said... you know... about the Night King and White Walkers and the Battle for the Dawn?"

"King?" Benjen asked with a raised eyebrow.

”Aye, your nephew, Jon Snow, milord," said Willis to Benjen.

All three smiled and Ned looked at Benjen waiting for his answer.

“Aye... unfortunately I do believe what Jon has said. I have had several brothers in Black who have told me they have seen unnatural things beyond The Wall," said Benjen.

The boy smiled sadly before saying, "Thank you, milord, for being honest with me.”

Benjen responded with his own sad smile and slight nod. He then quickly scanned their surroundings and when he saw that all was still quiet, he softly spoke in a serious tone, “Willis, I hope you know, this information must never be spoken to anyone, not even to your mother or father or siblings. If the wrong people over hear this information you and your family could be hurt or killed.”

The boy nodded. “Aye, I understand, milord, and I swear to you both that I will not tell a soul.”

Willis then let out a slight chuckle, which confused both Ned and Benjen.

"What is so funny, son?" Ned asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Nothing... Lord Stark... It is just hard to believe that Jon Snow, The Bastard of Winterfell, is not actually your bastard son... That he is in fact not a bastard at all... that he is actually the true born son of the crown prince Rhaegar Targaryen and your sister, Lady Lyanna Stark… He is the true heir to the throne. A boy from the future. No one would ever guess that any of this is true!” Willis’ confession made the two brothers smile. 

Benjen looked towards the entrance of Winterfell’s Great Hall. When he saw all was still quiet, he knelt down, but his hand on the boy’s shoulder and said, "Willis, we all know you can't stay here at Winterfell. It is no longer safe for you here. We all know what Queen Cersei will do to you and your family once she knows you betrayed her.”

Willis nodded sadly in response. He then whispered, “Aye, I understand, milord... But, where will I go? Winterfell is my home... I have nowhere else to go...”

Benjen looked to his brother who nodded slightly, before he looked back at Willis with sad eyes and said, “I think it would be best for you that you will have to join me at Castle Black for the time being. It is the only place we can guarantee your safety.”

"B... but, milord, I don't to join the Nights Watch! I... I haven’t even reached my tenth name day... I... I have never even learned to swing a sword!" Willis exclaimed.

"You will not join the Nights Watch, my boy. You can help out around the castle yards and in the kitchen, just as you do here, at Winterfell. It is the only place safe for you to stay until the war starts for the throne," Benjen stated, trying to calm the young boy’s fear.

"Benjen, it could be years!” Ned cried out in a rough, hushed tone.

"Aye, it could be but be years before the war breaks out. However, he was eavesdropping on a private conversation, which contained information that could lead to all of our heads on spikes!” Benjen sighed. “Ned, I do not think we have any other options. If he accidentally slips and this information gets into the wrong hands... your whole plan will be for nothing... Yet, if he goes with me to Castle Black, no one can do anything with the information because the Night’s Watch does not partake in the affairs of the seven kingdoms... Everyone already believes the brothers of the Night's Watch have gone mad because we have told them about the perils beyond the Wall.”

However, before Ned could respond he heard a voice calling to him from behind. He turned his head whipped towards the voice. Only to see that Tyrion Lannister calling to him from the entrance of the Great Hall, about 30 feet away. He turned his gaze back towards Willis and whispered, "Go quickly to my study chambers. I do not want Tyrion to see you. We will discuss this later."

“Aye, Lord Stark.” Willis answered with a slight nod of the head, before he quickly and quietly disappeared into the shadows of the surrounding courtyard.

"Lord Stark! There you are!" Tyrion called from across the courtyard. 

The brothers turned around and walked over to greet the short man, "You must be Lord Tyrion Lannister,” Ned stated.

The dwarf smiled and nodded, "Yes, I am the infamous Dwarf of Casterly Rock. It is good to finally meet the great and honorable Lord Eddard Stark of Winterfell,” Tyrion said and he shook Ned’s hand. Tyrion then look towards Benjen “Are you not going to introduce me to your companion?”

"My, apologies, Lord Tyrion. This is my brother, Benjen Stark, a man of the Nights Watch."

The dwarf smiled, “I know precisely who you are,” the dwarf said as he shook Benjen’s hand, “I came out here looking for you actually."

"You did, my lord?" Benjen questioned

"Yes, I wanted to know when you will be traveling back to the wall?"

"I will have to return to the Wall just after the King and Queen leave Winterfell in order to travel back to King’s Landing.” Benjen answered, before adding, “Why do you ask, my lord?" 

"I would very much like to travel with you, to the Wall," said Tyrion with a smirk.

The brothers shared their looks of confusion, so Ned asked, "I am sorry, my lord, but might I ask why you wish to travel to the Wall? Do you wish to take the Black?" asked Ned. 

Tyrion laughed and looked up towards the moon lite sky as he answered. "Gods no, I do not wish to take the Black. I simply would like to see this great wall of ice that protects us all against the monsters in the night. It is also a dream of mine to piss off the edge of the wall… Oh, and I heard from the Greyjoy ward that your heir and your bastard have traveled to the Wall… I have heard about your bastard’s skills with not just one, but two swords and I would very much like to see it for myself if the rumors about him being the best swordsman since Arthur Dayne are true.”

"To be honest, my lord, you are not the only one who decided joining me on my travel back to the Wall," said Benjen.

Tyrion raised an eyebrow. “Who else has decided to make the trek to the Wall?"

"My dear brother who is standing right next to me," Benjen answered as  Ned rolled his eyes. 

Tyrion was surprised. “Why are you going to the Wall? Your warden of the North. What business could you possibly have with the Wall?" asked Tyrion.

Ned took a deep breath before he answered, “We have heard disturbing news beyond the Wall. We recently had to execute a deserter who was saying unbelievable things, so I sent my two eldest sons to investigate. I have yet to hear a report from them so I must go beyond the Wall myself and investigate these reports and to find my eldest sons.” As he answered he could see Benjen was trying to hide his smirk, knowing how much Ned hated it to lie.

"I'm sorry to hear that, Lord Stark. I hope that you are successful in your investigation.” Tyrion answered sympathetically.

"Thank you, my lord. I wish you a good night.” Ned replied as he and Benjen turned to walk away.

"Oh, Lord Stark,” Tyrion called, causing the brothers to stop and again face the dwarf. When he had their attention he continued, “I almost forgot to tell you, the strange man who told me I could find you out here wanted me to send you to him... he is a lord named Howland Reed. He told me you could find him in the Great Hall... Well Lord Stark, Benjen Stark, I am off to Winter Town and Shall see you on the morrow.”

As the little lord walked away, Ned and Benjen looked at one another with wide eyes.

"Howland Reed, is here?" Ned called to the Dwarf, just to make sure his ears did not deceive him

Which made Tyrion smiled and nodded. “Yes, that is what he told me,” he called back as he continued to walk towards to gate leading to Winter Town.

Once Tyrion was gone, Ned turned to Benjen and said, “Head to my study and stay with Willis. I will be there shortly. I must go speak with Lord Reed.”

“Aye, brother. Go.”

 As soon as Benjen spoke those works he began to walk in the direction of the Great Hall. When he entered, he saw the Hall was nearly empty except for a few Servants clearing dishes from the long wooden tables and Howland Reed. The Crannogman was sitting at a secluded table in the back corner in the Great Hall, sipping on a tankard of ale, with two younger children seated beside him.

“Lord Stark it's good to see you again," Howland stated as he stood up from his chair and made his way over to where his liege lord stood.

“The feeling is the same Howland,” Ned replied as he shook the Crannogman’s weathered hand. 

After they had returned to the table and sat down next to the two children, a boy and a girl, Ned turned to his friend and said in a hushed tone, “As happy as I am to see you, my old friend, I cannot help but wonder, what you are doing here?" 

As he said this, he saw the girl, who appeared to be about the same age as Robb and Jon, look at him and smile. She then answered his question as if it were a fact, “We came here for Bran.”

Ned could feel the look of confusion on his face. Who was this girl? It was as if the Crannogman could read his mind, because his friend place a hand on his shoulder and said, “Forgive me for my manners, Lord Stark. These are my children Meera and Jojen.” 

“It is a pleasure to finally meet you, Lord Stark.” Jojen stated in a flat tone.

Ned sighed and then hesitantly smiled at the two children. The two children smiled back in return. He turned his gaze back at Howland and whispered, “You need Bran… in order for him to learn how to become the Three-Eyed Raven?"  

Howland smiled. “Aye, I see Jon has told you everything that happened in his past life.”

Ned was surprised. “How did you know?” He breathed out, in a barely audible tone.

“The three-eyed raven was the one who send him back to the past," Howland stated.

Ned sighed. Jon had told him Bran had become a powerful Greenseer, called the Three-Eyed Raven… That his second son was able to see all events of the past and many of the things that were occurring during the present time. Ned also remembered Jon saying they would need him in order to fight against the White Walkers and the Army of the Dead.

“When are you planning to take him with you,” Ned asked reluctantly.

Howland smiled and looked at Jojen who nodded. "In a few days I reckon."

Ned slightly nodded in agreement, but he could tell his friend had other matters that he wished to discuss. “What is on your mind, Howland?"

"The boy... Willis… The one who overheard your conversation with Benjen... Do not send him to the Wall, Ned. The Wall is no place for such a young boy. Bring him to me… I will keep him safe at Greywater Watch. He will be my steward,” said Howland. 

Ned was surprised. “How? How did you know?”

His friend just shook his head in response to the question, but said, “Please, Ned. Let me keep the boy safe.”

"Are you sure Howland?" asked Ned.

"Aye I am sure.”

“Then I will allow for the boy to go with you… But, I need to know… Can one of your children see what is happening to my sons in Pentos? Like Bran will learn to do?"

Howland looked towards his son and gave him a nod, silently telling him it was okay to speak.

"I can assure you, Lord Stark, that Jon and Robb are both safe. Jon successfully killed Khal Drogo in a duel and have become the new Khal to the Khalasar. He has already hatched the Dragon egg you gave him and he named his dragon Sarogon, after house Stark and Aegon the Conqueror. He has also met Daenerys... He will send you a raven soon,” Jojen stated.

Ned was happy to hear that his eldest sons were unharmed but he was also confused. Therefore, he looked at the children and asked, "How do you know all this?"

Meera smiled at him and replied, "The three-eyed raven told us."

Ned was still confused but did not question them. He looked towards Howland and said, “I will go get Willis and bring him to you. He will show you to clean chambers."

His old friend smiled and nodded.

Ned stood up from the table and began to walk to his study to get Willis and inform the boy that he would not be forced to go to the Wall.....



Jon Snow




Illyrio silently lead Jon and Robb, with Ghost and Greywind following closely behind, through the winding hall of his manse until they reached a room that must have been his private study. There was a large dark wooden desk near to the back of the room, tapestries and bookshelves lined the walls and colorful Myrish rugs covered the floor. In the center of the room, there was a long polished wooden table with a glass pitcher full of red wine and several golden goblets sitting in at the middle of it. Around the table there were two dark leather couches, each big enough to seat at least three men the size of Illyrio.


Illyrio closed the door quietly behind them. Once the door was firmly secured, the fat Magister looked at Jon, and started to speak, "Your Grace, can I...." However, before he could finish his sentence Jon cut him off.


"Sit down!" Jon commanded as he glared at the man and gestured at one of the leather couches. Illyrio moved over to the specified couch and slowly sat down, while Jon and Robb took a seat on the other couch. 


Robb’s eyes stared daggers into the fat man soul as he demanded with an anger laced tone, "How could you sell a girl to a rapist!?”


"My lord, if I may explain," Illyrio started nervously.


Jon laughed; he was livid, he stood from the couch and began pacing around the table. “What is there to explain, Illyrio?” Jon questioned, spitting the words through his teeth. However, Jon did not give him the opportunity to answer before he continued, “Are you going to explain your plan with Varys to obtain an army for Viserys? Are you going to explain how you wanted to help him cross the Narrow Sea to retake a throne which is not rightfully his, but mine. In order to achieve these plans you thought it would be best to sell Daenerys to a savage man… To a man, who known to be a rapist? To sell her like a broodmare to a man who would have raped her repeatedly?”


Illyrio raised his eyebrows in shock before he stuttered out, “Your Grace… if I… if I may ask… how is it that you know I have been working with Lord Varys?"


Robb smiled at the fat merchant man and answered before Jon, “Our new companion Ser Jorah Mormont told us about your plans.”


The Magister paled at Robb’s response, which caused Jon’s anger to surge. "You cannot even begin to comprehend how much pain you would have caused Daenerys if you would have sold her to that rapist!" Jon nearly screamed as he ran his fingers through his loose, unruly raven curls and sat back down on the couch next to his brother.


Illyrio knew there was no way of explaining his actions in a desirable light, so he took a deep breath and asked, “Your Grace, is there anything at all I can do in order to show you that I am loyal to House Targaryen?”


"As far as I am considered you are only loyal to yourself… You have shown no loyalty towards Westeros or House Targaryen. If you were loyal to my family you would have prevented the wedding between Daenerys and Khal Drogo from ever even being a possibility!” Jon exclaimed.


Illyrio took slow deep breaths and looked at the two furious brothers sitting on the couch across from him. He then saw the two direwolves, who were as big as large dogs, silently creeping towards where he was sitting. When they saw the fear in his eyes as the beasts began to growl. “Your Grace… are you going to kill me?"  


“That can easily be arranged!” Robb gritted out as he stood. 


He was about to pull his sword from it scabbard but Jon stooped him by placing his hand over his brother’s chest, “Now is not the time, brother,” he said softly. He then turned his attention back to Illyrio and stated, “For now, I will allow you to live… The only reason why is because you gave Daenerys hospitality and a safe haven when she had nowhere else to go… However, if try to do anything against her wishes in the future, the whole Seven Kingdoms will not stop me from hunting you down and killing you!” 


“Thank you, your Grace,” Illyrio whispered with a sigh of relief.


“Now, Illyrio, if you do want to show your loyalty to me, to my family, to House Targaryen, and to Westeros, there is something that you could do prove yourself.” 


Illyrio hesitantly smiled at the brothers and declared, “I will do anything to prove myself to you, your Grace. Tell me, what it is that I need to do and it will be done.”


Jon took a deep breath, as a small smirk spread across his face as he spoke, “Illyrio, I would like you to go on a quest for me.”


Illyrio raised an eyebrow and asked, "A quest, your Grace?" 


Robb had a look of confusion on his face but remained silent.


"Aye, I would like you to sail to King’s Landing... and arrange for Lord Varys to come here, to Pentos, and meet with me… Let him know that his true King seeks an audience.” 


Both Robb and Illyrio appeared to be surprised by what Jon had said. Robb took a deep breath and asked, "Jon, why would you seek an audience with Lord Varys?"


Jon smiled and turned his attention towards Robb; he placed a hand on his brother’s shoulder and quietly explained, “Lord Varys was one of Daenerys’ most trusted advisors. If he is willing to join our side at this time… Robb, he could supply us with valuable information… information about what the king is planning in the capital.” 


Robb was silent for a moment before he said, “Aye, brother that is an excellent idea.” 


They both turned their focus back to Illyrio, who still appeared to be confused. "Your Grace, how I will convince Lord Varys to meet you?” asked Illyrio. 


The question made Jon smile. “Illyrio, we both know Lord Varys only wants what is best for Westeros… He always said that he did not serve the King, but the realm. Do you think he would rather let the usurper, Robert remain king… A king that spends all of the realms gold on wine and whores… A king who does not give a fuck about what is happening to his kingdoms? Or do you feel he would rather see the Usurper’s supposed son, Joffrey, who is really nothing but a bastard born between the Queen and her brother, sit on the Iron Throne? On the other hand, don’t you think he would rather see the True King? A king who actually cares about the people of the seven kingdoms and wants us to live through the next winter?" asked Jon.


Illyrio raised an eyebrow at Jon’s response and asked, “Winter, your Grace?" 


The thought of what winter will bring gave Jon visible shivers… The piercing, unnatural blue eyes of the Night King still haunted him every night in his dreams. He exhaled before speaking, "Aye, winter is coming, Illyrio, and I do not mean it in the sense of the words of House Stark. The winter that is coming bring nothing but death and destruction that is so horrific it gives me sleepiness nights. If we do not unite the seven kingdoms then we all die," Jon said passionately.


Illyrio sat there speechless, he appeared to be even more confused than he had been just moments before. That is when Robb filled the missing piece. "The White Walkers are real. They are on their way to the wall with an army of more than five-hundred thousand undead foot soldiers and giants with mammoths. If we do not have a king who will unite the Seven Kingdoms and lead us through the long night we all die. There will be not be a third chance if we fail.” 


Illyrio sat there silently for a few moments, confusion still etched on his face before he looked at Jon and asked, “Your Grace, are you sure it is not something else?"


Jon was getting frustrated. He stood and exclaimed, “Illyrio, I am getting tired of you… being so oblivious of the true threat. I promise you, the threat of the Night King is real… You have seen my dragon and my direwolf… Why is it so hard to believe that there is an army beyond the wall that wants to slaughter us all just to have us join the ranks of his mindless, undead slaves… The wall was built for a reason, Magister, and that reason was not to keep the Wildlings out… It was built to protect us from the dead and make no mistake, if they breach the Wall while we are all fighting over a throne, we are finished… Everything living will just be added to the Night King’s army… That is why it is so important that I retake my throne before that time comes… I will break the wheel, unite the seven kingdoms and ensure there will be no rebellions or wars after my reign!” 


The fat Magister smiled and stated, “Alright, your Grace. I’ll leave for the capital as soon as I can.” 


"That’s good. Tell me when you set sail. I will remain in your home until your return with Lord Varys," said Jon


“My home is yours as long as you need it, your Grace.” Illyrio replied, “However, do you have any suggestions should I say to Lord Varys to convince him to travel from the Red Keep all the way to Pentos to meet you?” 


“When you meet Lord Varys, I wish that di not tell him of my true parentage because I would like to tell him that myself."


Illyrio nodded and replied, “As you wish, your Grace.” The Magister then took a deep breath and continued, “Your Grace, may I ask some questions?” 


“Of course,” Jon said with a smile as the Magister poured them each a goblet of wine from the pitcher of wine that was located in the center of the table.


“How… How did you hatch your dragon?” 


Jon took a sip from his wine before he answered. "My friend, Samwell Tarly, told me how to hatch my dragon egg… The blood of old Valyria must run through your veins and have a human sacrifice in order to hatch a dragon.” Jon took another long sip of wine before he continued, “My human sacrifice was Drogo. After I killed him, I burned down his hut with his body, my dragon egg, and myself inside… After Sarogon hatched, I stepped out of the fire, unburnt and all of the Khalasar bowed down to me when they saw my dragon on my shoulder… That is when they named me their new Khal.”


Illyrio was silent for a few moments, an expression of shock and awe on his face. He took a long sip from his goblet of wine and when found his voice he asked, “And you are the bastard of Lord Eddard Stark of Winterfell?”


"Aye, that is what I was told my entire life. It was not the truth, but it was a necessary lie that was told in order to keep me safe from the wrath of Robert Baratheon,” Jon answered honestly and then finished the remaining wine in his goblet before asking, "Any other questions Illyrio?" 


Illyrio took a sip of wine from his goblet before speaking, “Yes, your Grace. I would like to know what you will have done with Viserys and Daenerys?"


The question made Jon smile, “Viserys’ fate will be decided by Daenerys. If it were up to me, he would die a slow painful death for how he treated his sister... Daenerys will be my Khaleesi, if she allows it... but if that is not her wish I will go where she goes… I will follow her and I'll keep her save with my life.”


"Marriage your grace?" asked Illyrio raising an eyebrow.


"Aye, political or love marriage, she will choose. I will not force her to do something that she does not wish or something that she is not comfortable with.”


“Thank you, your Grace for taking the time to answer my questions and telling me the truth. I am looking forward to supporting you in the wars to come.”


“Thank you, Magister,” Jon replied with a smile. “If you could, please have your servants prepare dinner. Daenerys and I have much to discuss and will dine together in private evening, so please have our meals brought to her chambers.”


"Of course, your Grace.”


Jon stood up from the couch, "If you would excuse me Magister, I need to go have a little chat with my dear uncle.”


“Of course, your Grace. If you have need of anything please ask myself or one of my servants.”


“Thank you.” Jon responded. He then looked to his brother and asked, “Robb care to join me?"


Robb smiled and said, “Of course brother,” as he got up from the couch and joined his brother. They both left Illyrio’s study with Ghost and Greywind following closely behind.


When they arrived at Viserys’ chambers, they found Bako standing guard in front of the door. The Dothraki man acknowledged the men with a nodded his head and proceeded to open the heavy wooden door for his Khal. When the brothers entered the room with their direwolves in tow, the sight before them made them smile; they were greeted by the site of two Blood Rider and his dragon guarding a disheveled Viserys, whose head was held down in shame. The silver-haired, pathetic excuse of a man was tied to a solid wood chair with rope around his chest and shins, and his feet and wrists were secured with heavy iron chains.


"Leave us! Wait outside the door with Bako,"Jon stated to two Dothraki men, who silently turned and walked out of the room pulling the door closed firmly behind them.


At the sound of the door closing, Viserys looked up from the sot he had been staring the ground and glared daggers at the two brothers. “Well, if it isn’t the idiotic bastard, who claims to be my hidden away nephew and traitor son of the Usurper’s dog.”


"Uncle Viserys, how does it feel to be bound in those ropes and chains?" Jon asked with a smirk as Sarogon flew onto his shoulder and screeched in anger at the chained man. The two direwolves also slowly walked in front of the prisoner and began to growl.


Viserys’ eyes widened in fear. "Get your filthy mutts away from me!"


“These are no mutts, Viserys. These are direwolves!” Robb responded as he put a calming hand on Greywind’s back to prevent him from attacking. Once the wolves had calmed, the Stark heir stated, “You truly are a sick fucker! You were going to sell your own sister to a man that was going to rape her repeatedly!” Viserys did not say anything; he only glared at the man.


"How does it feel, uncle, knowing that your attempt to sell your sister to a rapist, to receive an army failed?” Jon spat out as he felt his blood beginning to boil in anger. “You will never be king! You are not even the rightful heir to the Iron Throne! If it were up to me, you would never see the Targaryen’s retake their throne... You would never see my dragon fully grown… and if it were up to me you would die and only know what it feels like to fail! If it were my choice, you will know what it feels to be burned to ashes. A dragon cannot be burned… But you are no dragon - you will burn!"


"If you are going to kill me, just kill me now bastard!" Viserys screeched


"If I was making the decision you would have been dead the second I rode through Illyrio’s gates,” Jon yelled, “But this decision is not mine. Your fate will be determined by your sister." Viserys remained silent, a look of confusion and bewilderment on his face, so Jon clarified, “Daenerys will decide if you are to live or die.”


"Where is my sister!' asked Viserys in an angry tone.


Jon squat down as he icily stared into his uncles wild violet eyes, and stated,  "She is safe in her chambers. I presume taking a bath... I promised her I would never let you touch her or hurt her ever again!”


Jon stood up with his dragon still perched on his shoulder, he walked towards the door with Robb and the direwolves by his side. He left the room as his uncle pulled at his bindings and demanded to be taken to his sister at once. 


After he had sent two of his blood riders back inside the chambers, he and Robb continued to walk through the halls. While they walked, Robb turned to his brother, smirked knowingly and said, “So, you are having dinner with Daenerys tonight?"


Jon rolled his eyes and sighed, “She doesn't remember me, Robb.”


"That wasn't what I saw when she looked at you in the courtyard."


Jon raised an eyebrow and look at his brother and asked, "What do you mean?"


“You will find out tonight, brother.”


Jon was confused but nodded and looked at Sarogon. The grey Dragon looked at him and screeched. "Do you mind taking care of my child while I dine with Daenerys?" 


Sarogon then looked at Robb and screeched. This caused Robb to smile as he responded, "It will be my honor.” The dragon then flew onto Robb's shoulder. “Good luck tonight, brother. We will see you later.” He stated as he embraced Jon. 


After the embrace, Robb walked to his chambers with Sarogon on his shoulder, while Jon walked towards Daenerys chambers. 


He waited outside of her door for a few seconds, he took a few calming breaths and knocked three times. His heart beating hard in his chest as he waited. It did not take more than a few moments before she opened the door. Her eyes staring directly into his. His eyes where open wide at the sight of her beauty... She wore a red dress with grey lines on her hips. She blushed when she saw the way he looked at her. She then opened the door widely, silently granting him permission to enter her chambers. He stepped through the threshold and close the door firmly behind them.....



Catelyn Tully


Catelyn was in the chambers what she shared with her Lord husband, preparing for bed. The servants had lit a fire in the hearth and despite the chill in the outside air; the room was warm and comfortable. She had already removed her dark grey woolen Northern gown and put on her white cotton-sleeping shift as she waited for Ned to return. She sat down in a chair by the fire and watched the flames dance in the hearth to pass the time. After several minutes, she caught herself nodding off. She sighed. She got up from the chair, made her way to the bed, pulled back the thick furs and laid down. She had just pulled the furs up and had just closed her eyes when she heard the chamber’s door open. Her eyes sprang open and she quickly sat up in the bed and saw that Ned entered their chambers.


She looked at him, smiled and asked, “Ned, where have you been all evening? I haven't seen you for hours... since the King was making a drunken fool of himself in the Great Hall.”


He smiled, “I am sorry, Cat,” he said softly, as he removed his leather jerkin. “I was pulled away from the feast by my brother who had many questions.” He stated as he removed his day clothes and pulled on a think cotton-sleeping shirt. 


“Benjen he's here?" asked Catelyn with a smile.


“Aye, he is," Ned replied as he sat on the bed next to her and slid his legs under the thick furs.


"What did the two of you discuss?" Catelyn questioned with a raised eyebrow.


"We discussed many of things. For starters… He wanted to know where his two eldest nephews, Robb and Jon had run off to."


"Did you tell him they went to Pentos and why they went there?"


"Aye I did," Ned, answered with a sigh.


"And how did he take it?" Catelyn asked calmly as she put a comforting hand on his shoulder.


"Take what?" asked Ned.


"That Jon is different… That he has lived this life before… That he knows what the future holds… And that he felt it was his duty to travel across the Narrow Sea in order to save the woman who was his wife and mother of his child in his past life?" asked Catelyn.


Ned smiled as he wrapped his arms around her and pulled her to his chest, "He was first surprised but then accepted it. He then asked me what the future plans were.”


She smiled, looked him in the eyes and asked, "And what did you say?"


"I told him that Jon wished to claim his birthright. That he wants to unite the Seven Kingdoms so that we will all stand together when the time comes to against the threat beyond the wall," Ned answered.


"Ned, you were gone for hours, there must be more that the two you discussed?" When she asked him this she saw the smile fade from his face as he moved to sit with his back against the headboard of the bed. 


Ned exhaled, “Aye, it wasn't.”


She knitted her eyebrows in confusion, "What else did you two discuss?"


"We discussed how we will make alliances for Jon… So that when he returns to claim his throne, he will have support waiting for him... I told Benjen that Jon would have the full support of the North… Then we started to discuss the possibility of Dorne.”


"And what does he think about Dorne?" Catelyn asked as she looked into her husband’s worried eyes.


“He thought that Dorne would see the Targaryen’s as the real reason why Elia Martell and her children were murdered.”


Catelyn nodded, and then said, "Dorne might stay out of the war for the throne."


"Aye, they might," Ned agreed.


Catelyn sighed, placed her to his chest and asked, "Did you warn him about the upcoming ranging mission?" She could hear his heartbeat rise, so she looked up at him. She could tell he wanted to say something but was having trouble trying to find the right words. "Ned, what is it? Please, tell me."


He exhaled and then declared, "Cat, I'm going with Benjen on the ranging mission.”


"Ned, you cannot go beyond the Wall! You heard everything your Nephew has said about the threat... That those things killed Arya and Sansa… They killed his wife… They stabbed his child, Rhaegar, more than a thousand times… Ned, they can even kill large dragon!"


"Aye, Cat, I know what they are capable of,” he let out a sigh before he continued, “and that's why I need to go… I need to see what killed our daughters and my grandchild."


"Grandchild?" Catelyn asked with knitted eyebrows.


"Aye… I did not sire Jon, but he has been mine since the moment my sister placed him in my arms and made me promise to protect him… I have raised him and he is and always will be my son… Therefore, his children will be my grandchildren," said Ned which made Catelyn smile.


"I see… I am glad for you Ned... From what you said about his in his past life, even after he learned about his true parentage, he was still honored to have you as his father.”


"Aye, that's true.” Ned sighed, “Cat, I need to go with Benjen… I must know what we up against."


"You said, your son, Jon, told you that only Valyrian Steel and Dragonglass can kill these White Walkers... We don't have Dragonglass but you do have a Valyrian Steel sword, Ice.”


"Aye, I do... But Ice is a greatsword; it is much too large and heavy to take into battle." Ned said with a sigh.


"You do not need to take Ice,” she replied with a slight smile.


"What do you mean Cat?" Ned asked with a perplexed look on his face.


"You said, in Jon’s past life, Tywin Lannister had Ice re-forged into two Valyrian Steel swords, one for his son, Jaime and the other for his grandson, Joffrey Baratheon…”


Ned nodded, "Aye that is true… What are you suggesting, Cat?"


"Ned, you must do the same with Ice... You must have it melted and re-forged into two new Valyrian Steel swords! However, this time the hands of the two Stark Brothers will wield the two halves of the greatsword... You and your brother Benjen.”


“Cat, Ice is the ancestral sword of House Stark. It has been pasted down for generations from father to son!”


“I know this, but what good is a Valyrian steel sword if you cannot take it into battle? Ned, we need as many weapons as possible when it comes time to fight the others!"


Ned was silent for a few minutes as he rubbed his brow. Finally, he sighed and stated, “Aye, you are right. It would be better to have two Valyrian steel swords. I will check with the blacksmith, Mikken, on the morrow and see if he is able to rework Valyrian steel" which made Catelyn smile. He held her head against his chest and softly asked, “So you are okay that I will be traveling with Benjen?"


Catelyn took a deep breath and answered, "I am, if you promise you will have Ice forged into two new swords… That way I know you and your brother will be protected against the White Walkers and their foot soldiers." 


"Aye, I promise. I'll see Mikken in the morning, after I break my fast,” he stated as he placed a kiss to her brow.


She smiled and looked at her husband and noticed he was still brooding, "What is it Ned?" asked Cat.


He took another deep breath. "The Queen knows we're hiding something," he muttered quietly.


She pushed herself off his chest, turn to face him, looked him in the eyes and asked in a shaky voice, “How… How do you know this, Ned?"


He exhaled as he rubbed his bearded chin and told her, “We found a boy, named Willis, who overheard my entire conversation with Benjen… He knows everything about Jon, the White Walkers… Everything, Cat.” His wife gasped, he grabbed her hand and continued, “It turns out that he was sent by Cersei to spy on us... Cersei wants to know why I did not accept the King’s offers. Luckily, the boy had only came to warn us about Cersei."


"Where is this boy now, Ned? If he tells the Lannister’s anything at all about our plans our heads would end up on spikes".


He husband exhaled, "He will not betray us, Cat. The boy is loyal to House Stark.”


"But Ned, if Cersei finds out he betrayed her, she will have him slaughtered! How can you forget the story told, about how in Jon’s first life, Cersei had Arya’s friend, the butcher’s boy killed, because Arya did not get the punishment she desired!” 


"Aye, he is in danger that's why he will leave for Greywater Watch with Howland Reed, his children and Bran."


Catelyn was surprised, "Why are you sending Bran to Greywater Watch, Ned?"


"Cat, he must learn to become The Three-Eyed Raven and I will not allow him to fall from that tower in this life to make that happen. Howland Reed and his son Jojen have greensight, and they will be able to help teach him how to learn his abilities and eventually he will become the Three-Eyed Raven." Catelyn was confused she could see her husband sigh deeply and he continued, "I do not really understand it either… but, I know that he must go and learn. We need him to be able to use his abilities during the Great War."


Catelyn nodded, "You are right Ned this is necessary. However, who will be acting Lord of Winterfell in your absence… Robb is at Pentos with Jon, Bran will be at Greywater Watch with the Reeds, Rickon is far too young…” 


Ned smiled, "Aye, that's true which is why I will be leaving you and Sansa in charge of running Winterfell while I am gone with Benjen" which is when Catelyn looked at Ned.




"Aye, Jon told me when he went to meet Daenerys at Dragonstone, Sansa was Lady of Winterfell and that he left the North on her hand while he was absent. Jon said that she was good at it. Plus you will have Maester Lewin here for counsel and Ser Rodrick for protection.”


She nodded, but before she could reply there was a soft knock on their chamber’s door, and the soft voice of the Maester requesting entrance.


They quickly got out of bed, but on their robes and Ned called for the visitor to enter.


“Lord Stark, Lady Stark.”  Maester Lewin stated in greeting after he had secured the door behind him, “I sorry to bother you at this late hour, but a rider just arrived from the Eyrie… He brought a sealed letter and stated that the words in this letter were to only reach the eyes of the Lord and Lady of Winterfell,” the Maester explained as he handed the letter to Lord Stark.


He quickly read the letter. Once he finished the letter, sighed, handed his wife the letter and stated, "This is exactly as Jon said it would be… Cat, this is the letter from your sister.” 


"Petyr Baelish, you mean..." she spat, to which Ned responded with a sad nod.


After she finished the letter, she returned it to the Maester, "Thank you, Maester Luwin. Please, burn the letter we do not want any part of the scheming between my sister and Lord Baelish. We will not be pawns in their plans to start a war between House Stark and House Lannister."


“As you wish, Lady Stark.” Maester Luwin replied with a knowing smile as he placed the letter in the hearth. After the letter was nothing but ash, he bid them a good night and left the room, closing the chamber’s door securely behind him. 


Catelyn continued to stare into the flames and said, "I still cannot believe that my sister poisoned her own Lord husband… the man who was like a second father to you.”


"Aye… They knew that with Jon Arryn dead, Robert would want to become Hand of the King… Then he went to Cersei and told her I wanted the push her family from power… which lead to my death, which in turn, lead to the war of the five kings," Ned responded and Catelyn nodded. "Luckily, Jon was able warn me about Lord Baelish," said Ned with a smirk as he pulled his wife lovingly into his arms.


“Speaking of Jon... Have you received any news from the boys? Do you know if they have had any success in their quest?"


"Aye, Jojen Reed... Howland Reed’s son is a greenseer. Told me, Jon, successfully killed Khal Drogo and was awarded the Khalasar… He also said that Jon has met Daenerys.” Ned stated with a smile.


"So Robb and Jon are both safe?"


"Aye, they are," said Ned.


She could tell by the look on his face that there was more to say, "Ned, tell me. What else has happened?"


"Jon has hatched his Dragon egg.”


"A real Dragon?"


“Aye. He named his Dragon Sarogon after House Stark and Aegon the Conqueror,” Ned answered with a smile.


Catelyn exhaled before she looked at her husband with worried eyes and said, “Ned, I wish you would have told me the truth about Jon sooner… I have always treated Jon so horribly…Do you think he will ever forgive me for the way I treated him… I mean, what kind of person am I would could not love a motherless child?”


“Cat, you have a big heart. If I had told you sooner… You would have been a true mother to Jon, and that would have drawn attention from the Lords… The way you treated him helped to keep him safe. And I am sure that Jon understands why I did this, and I think that if you are honest with him, he will forgive you…”


“I hope you are right.”


They both smiled at each other, removed their robes, climbed back in to the bed and fell quickly asleep...


  Daenerys Targaryen


Daenerys close the door behind Jon. He looked at her and she felt her heartbeat rising. He nervously smiled at her. Gods she loved that smile. 


"I asked Illyrio prepared for our dinner prepared and brought here, to your chambers,” Jon said nervously, which made her smile. 


She turned her head and gestured towards a table that was already filled with platers of fresh meat, vegetables and fruits as well as two crystal goblets, a pitcher of red wine, and two cream colored were candles in crystal candle holders. "The servants have already placed our dinner on the table," Daenerys said with a smile as she turned her gaze back to him. 

"Let's eat... There's a lot what we need to discuss," he said with a shy smile as he took her arm in his and lead her towards the table. 

When they reached the table, he pulled out her chair. She smiled brightly at this simple gesture as sat down. After she was seated, he placed the white linen napkin in her lap; he walked around the table and sat down on the chair across from her. Their wine glasses had already been filled, and she hid a smirk at as he grabbed his goblet and took a small sip. ‘He is nervous’ she thought to herself. However, she was broken from her thoughts when he began to speak.


"Daenerys, I came here, to Pentos, in order to save you from the fate of having to marry that rapist, Drogo. I defeated him in a dual, therefore I have been granted with their Khalasar and named their new Khal.” He took another sip of his wine before he continued, “I plan on retaking my throne as the rightful king to the seven kingdoms."


She listened as he spoke and started cutting her the roasted pork on her plate. When he finished talking, she looked at him in the eyes and nonchalantly said, "I thought you never wanted to be king? With all of the politics and responsibility.... You hated it when you were the king in the North."


He knitted his eyebrows at her response. "How… How did you know that?" He gasped and took another long sip of his wine.

She was confused... then she thought to herself, 'He does not realize that I remember him?' She smiled at him and looked into his grey eyes. She wanted to have some fun with him. Therefore, she avoided his question and asked, “When we were outside in the courtyard, Illyrio told my brother, Viserys, that you fought Drogo for my hand? Is that true?" He gulped and almost spit out his wine. She was barely able to prevent herself from bursting out in laughter.


A few seconds later, after he had composed himself he answered, “Aye, that's true... You are the rightful Queen and I am the rightful King… I wanted to ask you… Daenerys… Will you be my Khaleesi? Will you rule with me, together?"


She was surprised by his question… She thought they were already married. She looked at him in the eyes and could tell that he wanted to say more so she asked, "But?"


He smiled and took another sip of his wine. "But I will not force you into a marriage that you do not desire. Unlike your horrible brother… I care about your feelings and what you want." 


She smiled, ‘Gods I love this man’ she thought to herself as she now took a sip of wine. She then asked in an innocent voice, "If I chose to be your Khaleesi and wife… Will it be a love marriage or strictly a political marriage?" 


He took a deep breath before he answered, "That will be up to you."


She smiled at his reply. As she ate a piece of meat, she thought it would be fun to tease him a little longer. So in the sweetest, most naive voice she could muster, she asked, "If I accept your marriage proposal, which would you prefer our marriage to be, a marriage built on love and trust in each other, or a marriage that is strictly political?"


His eyes were wide open as he looked at the sweet smile on her lips. "I.... I...It's not my decision, Daenerys," he replied.


"I know it's not Jon,” she said with a smile, “However, I would like to know what you want.” As she finished speaking she tried to prevent the blush from spreading across her chest, neck and face. When she looked at him in the eyes, she could see he was taking deep breaths.


"If it was my decision... I would… I would like for our marriage to be one of love."


She smiled at his confession and she felt her heartrate rising once again. 'Its time to stop teasing him' she thought, so she admitted, "You know… I had dreams about you before you came here." 


He raised his eyebrow in confusion, “Really what were they about?"


"About our past life," she confessed with a smile. "In some dreams we made love... In another, we talked about riding on dragons… I cannot seem to remember their names, but we thought it would be best to see our son, Rhaegar, first.”


"You .... You remember me?" He gasped in shock.


"Jon, do you honestly think that I would ever be able to forget my husband?" she said coyly.


He smiled as he stood up from his chair and walked over to her. He knelt down, cupped her cheeks and muttered, "This is impossible… Tyrion and ...."


Before he could finish she cut him off, “Tyrion? ... Who is Tyrion?" 


"You do not know who Tyrion Lannister is?" She nodded her head no.


"Do you remember Lord Varys or Grey Worm or Missandei or Rhaego… or Daario Naharis or Drogo anyone else from our past life except for me?"


She could hear he was not fond of the last two names he mentioned. She smiled in his hands, which still held her cheeks and whispered, "I only remember you, my love, and our sweet baby boy, Rhaegar from our past life..." He smiled at her response.


"I'm glad that you remembered me, Dany."


She smiled and kissed his palm. "I still don't understand what happened... before you arrived in Illyrio’s courtyard, I thought everything was normal... that my dreams were just dreams... but as soon as I saw you, I knew this was not the world where we both belonged... I don't understand Jon how are we here?" 


"I can help you understand... What is the last thing what you can remember from our past life?" 


She smiled as she answered his questions. "Mostly, my memory of our past life is blank... but my last memory was giving birth to our boy, Rhaegar," she saw him take a deep breath; she could tell he did not want to tell her what happened to their child. She grabbed both of his hands and demanded, “Jon what happened to our babe? Tell me... What happened to me and our son!" 


He took another slow deep breath before he answered, "You were killed Daenerys... right in front of my eyes, by that fucking Night King." 


She could hear the sadness in his tone as he spoke and saw that his eyes were becoming glassy with unshed tears. She removed her hands from his and put one on each side of his face before she looked deep into his steely grey eyes and asked, "And Rhaegar... Jon, tell me... What became of our babe?" 


He looked down from her gaze and took a deep breath. When he re-established eye contact she saw that a few tears were dripping down his cheeks and he whispered sadly, "After the Night King killed you... There was a battle at Winterfell... The undead... They got into our chambers... There were at least five wights... Ghost... Ghost he tried to protect Rhaegar... but he was stabbed to death. Then those fuckers got to Rhaegar... Dany they got to our babe and they stabbed him... They stabbed him more than a thousand times... Those fucking undead cunts, they killed our son!" 


He pulled away from her, stood up, turned his back to her and took about five paces distance between them. She could see him wiping his eyes and trying to control his emotions. After a few moments he turned to face her and stated, "Daenerys it was my fault that you died... it is my fault that our Rhaegar died... I was not strong enough... I was not a good husband or father... I could not protect either of you when you needed me most." 


She stood up from her chair and closed the distance between them. She stood on her toes, placed her chin on his shoulder and arms on his chest and murmured in his ear, "It was not your fault Jon... I know in my heart that it was not your fault that we were murdered... I loved Rhaegar and would have done anything to bring him back... but it's in the past, my love... We cannot change the past... But we can change the future. We can make sure it doesn't happen again.” 


She then kissed the back of his shoulder, he slowly turned around to faced her. Their eyes met and she gave him a slight shy smile. When he returned the smile she put her arms around his neck, pulled his face to her’s and placed a tender kiss on his plum lips. The kiss quickly became passionate and their tongues battled each other. 'Gods I missed those lips of his,’ she thought when they finally broke apart for air.


After they caught their breath she asked with a raised eyebrow, “So…where did you get a dragon?" 


"You remembered that you also had dragons in our past life, right?” 


“Yes, I can remember that I had dragons… but I cannot remember their names or what they looked like or how big they were… In my dreams we only talked about them, I never actually saw them… If my dreams are correct, I had two dragons..”


He shook his head, “Three… Dany, you actually had three, but one died,” Jon said with a frown on his face and sadness in his voice.


"I can't remember... How did my dragon die?" 


Jon took a deep breath before he answered, “That… That is a story for another time.” 


The confession made her curious, she wanted to know more, but she did not want to cause anymore painful memories to surface. She nodded in acknowledgement, and then said, “You never did tell me how you got your dragon. Also, did you have him in your past life?” 


"My dragon egg was given to me by the man who raised me as his own, the man I consider to be my father, Ned Stark.”


“Ned, did not sire you, but he has loved you as his own and he has kept you safe your whole life; Ned Stark is your father,” she stated with a smile.


"Aye, he is,” he agreed with his own smile stretching across his face.


“Jon, you still haven't told me how we are both here… living again in this world.”


He took a deep breath. "Let's sit down, continue our dinner and I will tell you everything you want to know.” 


Daenerys agreed with nodded, and smiled as he led her by the arm back to the table. Once they both seated, he told her about their past life. He told heard about how Drogo treated her and she was disgusted by him… She could not believe that she had learned to love a man who raped her repeatedly. She could also not believe that she had carried his child in her womb and that she had given up that  child to bring back Drogo back. He also told the witch who cursed her and made her believe for years that she would never bear another living child. They talked about all of her most loyal advisors and what had happened to them in the end. She had tears in her eyes as to he told her how all his siblings had died, except Bran. She couldn't believe how much her husband… her Jon had suffered both before they met and after her death. She was heartbroken that he had to go through so much pain alone. After they were done with their meal and the wine pitcher was dry, it was late in the night, however he was still sharing stories about their past life. She had laughed at his stories of the Wildling man, Tormund. She had cried at all the pain, suffering and death of those close to them, and felt anger at Cersei Lannister’s betrayal. 


After they were done talking she saw how he looked at her… She could tell that he loved her for the woman that she was, and not just her appearance. She stood up from her chair and began to walk around the table towards him and said, “Earlier, you asked me if I wanted our marriage to be a political marriage or a marriage built on love.” 


“Aye, I did,” he said with a chuckle.


She stopped walking when she stood right in front of him. She sat down on his lap and murmured in his ear, "I want our marriage to be one of love, trust and respect… I want everything we accomplish to make this world a better place to be done together.” She then placed a tender kiss on his lips.


Her lips quickly parted from his and began to place warms kisses to his cheek then his ear and down to his neck. Jon growled in response. He tried to force her off him but couldn't he wanted her...


As she continued her assault on his neck the kisses went from gentle to sloppy as she made her way back to his plump lips; she could feel by the way he returned her kisses that he wanted her to make her his. After a few minutes he pulled his mouth from hers so she started sucking the pulse point of his neck, causing a moan of desire to escape from his lips. 


Finally, words escaped from his lips, “Daenerys… Seven hells... Daenerys… now is not the right time for this!”


She pulled away, shock written all over her face. “What do you mean? Jon. I have not had you inside of me in over eighteen years! Gods…Jon do you have any idea how much I've missed you... The way you touched my body… The way you felt inside me… The way that you made love to me!” 


He looked at her and smiled, she retuned the smile and took his hands in hers. She then smiled continued her confession, “The way you grabbed my ass," she said seductively as placed his hands on her ass and saw the effect it had on him; she could feel his manhood hardened in his breeches. 


“The way you touched and squeezed my breasts,” she murmured as she took his hands from her ass and placed them on her breast. She moaned when she felt him tenderly cup and squeeze them through her silk gown.


"I do not care if it is not the right time… a queen takes what is hers and you… are mine, Jon Snow!” She then straddled him in the chair, placed her arms around his shoulders and began to kiss neck again as he continued to caress and gently squeeze her breasts. She could feel the familiar tightness in her lower abdomen and the wetness beginning to pool in her cunt. Just as she grasped at his leather tunic she heard him sigh and to her surprised he grabbed her hands and pulled them away from his shoulders.


"Aye, you are a queen... My Queen but I'm a king... Your King and it is not the right time, Dany.” 


She took a deep breath and looked at him with confusion, “What do you mean by ‘it is not the right time,’ Jon?" 


He smiled at her, “You had told me that Drogo was your first and that it was no a pleasant experience… Since, I killed him I'm guessing you haven't yet taken a man to bed in this lifetime?”


She blushed at his question, “No I haven’t yet taken a man to bed in this lifetime.” She looked at him in his grey eyes, raised her eyebrows and asked, "Have you taken a women to bed in this lifetime?" 


"No, Daenerys you will be and always shall be my first and only women," he answered as a chuckle escaped his lips.


"I guess we should change that now shouldn't we .. take me to bed... My husband ... My king," she said seductively as she began kissing and sucking on the pulse point on his neck once again. While she kissed him, out of the corners of her eyes she could see a smile on his brooding face.


“Dany, I would like nothing more than to carry you to that bed and make love to you but as I said now is not the right time.”


She pulled away and sighed in frustration and asked, “If now is not the right time, when… When is the right time, Jon?”


“I want our first time to be perfect, my love. We did not share our first time with the right people or at the right time in our past life… I want to do right by you… I want to make you mine after our wedding," he said with a smile.


She returned his smile and asked, “When will we marry, my love?"


"Tomorrow night, here, in Illyrio's garden… There are not any Godswoods in Essos, but I still think we should have our wedding in eyes of old gods… like we had in our past life.”


She smiled, nodded and kissed him on the lips. "I would like nothing more than to marry you in front of the old gods, Jon.”


“It has been long night Dany. Perhaps it is time that you get some rest?” 


She looked at him lovingly and nodded. He helped her off his lap and he too stood up.


"I will tell Illyrio we are to marry tomorrow, in the gardens, just after sunset,” he said and then placed a chaste kiss on her soft lips. "Good night, Dany. I'll see you tomorrow.” 


He turned to leave but she grabbed his hand and he looked at her. "No, no, Jon Snow. It was your decision not to make love to me tonight… Your decision not to make me yours right now… But it is my decision to have you sleep in my bed tonight… I want you to sleep here tonight, with me, your wife… I want to fall asleep in the arms of my husband.” she looked at him and raised an eyebrow as she waited for his response.


"Aye, that's fair.” He agreed. He then walked over to the bed, sat down and began to remove his boots.


She smiled and walked over to her dressing area and removed her red gown. Once she was naked, she noticed that Jon had looked away, which made her smile. "Why aren't you looking at me, Jon Snow? It is not like you have not seen me naked before.” she could hear him take a deep breath and she began to don a silky green nightgown.


"Aye, that's true but if I see you naked now, I fear I will not be able to stop myself from scooping you up in my arms, throwing you onto this bed and proceed to make you mine.” 


She smiled and walked over to him. He took his shirt off and returned his gaze to her now that she was in her nightgown. She gasped at the sight of his chest, "Your scars… they are gone!” she exclaimed as placed her hand on his chest.


“Aye, I did not join the Night Watch in this lifetime so I was never betrayed and murdered at the hands of my brothers.” 


She smiled and caressed his abs and chest. She wanted nothing more to make love to him. She then started to kiss his chest everywhere there used to be an angry red scar, just like she did in their last lifetime. When she placed a kiss on his heart where the scar used to be, he gently pulled up her face. "Daenerys...."  She sighed and placed her head on his shoulder. 


He smiled at her, placed a chaste kiss on her brow and whispered "Let's go to bed, my love" 


She smiled and nodded. He took her hand and helped her into the bed. Once they both in the soft feather bed, she took his hands and placed to around her waist and she placed hers on his smooth, chiseled, unscarred chest.


"I love you, Jon,” Daenerys murmured as she looked lovingly into his grey eyes.


“I love you, Dany. Now get some rest," he said as he placed another chaste kiss to her forehead. 


Within seconds they both fell asleep, in the arms of their one true love..... 























Chapter Text


Cersei Lannister


It was early in the morning and the sun was had just finished rising over Winterfell. Cersei walked the battlements overlooking the training yard. She stopped when she saw that Jaime was sparing with a Northerner, who she believed to be one of the Stark household guards. She watched the way her brother’s body moved with the sword... the way he would strike and block... As she watched, she began to feel the delightful wetness pooling between her legs. 


It did not take long for the Northern man yielded to her brother and when he did, she began to walk down the stairs. She approached she watched as Jaime helped the northerner to his feet and a smile spread across her lips. He did not seem to notice her arrival and she heard the conversation between the two men. 


"That was a good match, Jory. Thank you for sparing with me," Ser Jaime told the man as he shook his hand.


The northern dog smiled in response and replied, “Thank you, Ser Jaime. It has been an honor to spar with one of the Kingsguard.” 


As they spoke, she saw bruising on his neck. She smiled thinking to herself that it was Jaime whom had caused the bruising, so she made her arrival known. "Was that bruising on your neck caused by this sparring match with my brother?" She asked with an arrogant, knowing, smirk on her face.


"No, your Grace,” the Northern man replied as he shook his head, “This bruising was caused during a five on one sparring match with Jon Snow, Lord Stark’s bastard son.”


As he said this the smile fell from her face, she raised an eyebrow and questioned, "You fought against Jon Snow?" 


The Northern dog took a deep breath and nodded, “Aye, I did, your Grace. Along with Winterfell’s Master of Arms, my uncle, Ser Rodrik, Lord Stark, his eldest son, Robb and Lord Theon Greyjoy." 


She looked at her brother in disbelief and noticed the he was also staring back at her. "The people of Westeros see my brother as the greatest Swordsman since Ser Arthur Dayne,” she seethed in a matter of fact tone, “I wonder... who do you think would have won in a spar between my brother and the Bastard of Winterfell?"


"Your grace, but I fear the people of Westeros are wrong... Ser Jaimie is a definitely an excellent Swordsman... However... I feel that he Jon Snow would defeat him in a duel.” Jory responded with hesitant smile on his face.  


She glared at the northern man, which caused him to gulp. She turned her gaze towards her brother and saw that his eyes were wide open in shock. She was livid at the Northern dog's words and she turned her gaze back at him and gritted out, "Leave us!" 


“Yes, your Grace,” the Northern responded with a slight bow of his head before he did a quick about face and walked away.


Once he was out of her sight, she turned her gaze back at her brother. "Can you believe what that Northern Dog said! That the bastard if Winterfell is a better Swordsman than you!"


Jaime sighed, "I heard him Cersei, but I really don't mind... Besides, the bastard was not here to prove the man’s theory." He added with his cocky trademark smirk.


She didn't really listen to him. She looking around the training yard, making sure they were alone. When she determined they were truly alone, she looked back at her brother and smiled seductively. She took a step closer and was about to kiss him, but before she could get her lips on his he stopped her.


"Cersei, we can't do that here!" He said through his teeth.


She huffed in aggravation and began scanning their surroundings. Which is when she saw an old worn-down tower and the desire returned to her eyes. "Jaime… You are going to take me to that tower over there and you are then going to fuck me!" She felt the moisture again flooding between her legs at her brother’s loose of words. He simply nodded and followed her to the destination.


When they arrived in the old tower, she took note of how dirty it was inside the front chamber. There was dust covering every inch of the room. Once he entered the room, she took his hand and led him up the creaking old wooden stairs. As soon as they have reached the top floor, she grabbed his cloak to pull him into her and began to kiss him passionately. Soon, she ripped off his cloak and discarded it onto the dusty wood-planked floor. He turned her around so that her ass was against his breeches and she felt he hardened manhood against her core. He roughly pushed her down so that she was on her hands and knees. He kissed her neck as he pushed down his breeches and freed his cock. He then lifted her dress, pushed her small clothes to the side and entered her dripping womanhood in one hard quick thrust. Once he was inside her, he reached one of his hand around to massage he bundle of nerves in a way that he knew drove her wild and the other covered her mouth in an attempt to muffle her cries of pleasure. His thrusts were long and powerful. As she felt her climax nearing, she sat up and placed her back against his chest, in attempt to be closer to him. Moments later, she felt the muscles of her core clinching around her brother’s thick cock and he was letting out a groan of relief as he spilled his seed deep inside her womb. Once he was spent, he collapsed next to her, pulled her into his arms and whispered vows of his undying love in her ear.


After they finally got up and dressed formally, she noticed him was staring at her, but not in a lustful way. "What Jaime?" she asked as she smoothed the wrinkles of her skits.


"Have you heard any word on who the Robert will select as his new hand now that Lord Stark has declined the offer?” He asked as he picked up his cloak and shook off the dust. 


She smiled and nodded as she said, "My husband told me that he will ask our father to be his new hand." She noticed that he did not appear to be happy with this news, so she walked over to him, placed a hand on his shoulder and asked, "What’s wrong Jamie? Why are you not happy with this development?"


He sighed, "Tyrion will not be pleased to see Father as Robert’s new Hand of the King."


She laughed so hard she nearly snorted and it took her several moments before she was able to choke out, "Of course the little monster will be upset! We both know that Father hates him and blames him for Mother’s death."

Jaime took several calming breaths before he asked his next question. "Has our King decided when we leave Winterfell and return to King’s Landing?" 


When he asked this she felt anger coursing through her veins as she spat, "My fat, drunk, whoring husband has made the decision to stay here longer so he can visit with his dear friend. He said they have not seen each other in eighteen years and he will take the time to catch up." which is when her brother raised an eyebrow.


"How long does he plan to visit?” Jaime asked with knitted eyebrows.


"About a week," She exhaled in frustration. When she heard him laugh, she put her hands on her hips and asked, “Why is this so funny, Jaime?”


"You make it sound as if we are staying here for the rest of our lives!” He tried to cease the few chuckles still spilling from his lips as he asked, “Do you really hate the north that much?" 


"I don't hate the North! I hate those dogs!" He raised an eyebrow to her in confusion, so confirmed, "I hate the Starks!"


He sighed and put a comforting hand on her should as he softly said, "Cersei, we have been over this. The Starks are loyal to us…” 


However, Cersei did not allow him to finish before she cut him off, “Not us Jaime!” She exclaimed, “They will never be loyal to us… They are loyal to Robert!" 


She head him exhale loudly before he asked, "Cersei do you have any leads as to why Lord Stark decided to decline both of the King’s offers?" 


She smiled at her brother and icily said, "Let's go see if dear Willis was able to dig up any dirt on the Starks." He returned her smile, nodded his head, and escorted her from tower in search of the young boy.


When they entered the Great Hall and she saw that it was completely empty, except for Willis, who was cleaning a table in the back corner of the room. At their arrival boy looked up and met her gaze; she could see that he appeared to be quite nervous.


"My dear boy Willis.” The Queen cooed sweetly as she made her way over to the table he had been cleaning, “Do you have any news as to why the Honorable Eddard of House Stark decided to decline both of good King Robert’s offers?"


Willis took a deep breath, "Aye, your Grace, I do."


Cersei smiled as she came to a stop at the table he was cleaning and gracefully sat down. Once she sat she gave Jaime a knowing look which caused him to roll his eyes as he took a seat next to her.


"So my dear Willis, please sit down and tell us why the Warden of The North has declined both of my husband’s very generous offers?" 


Willis inhaled sharply as looked at the golden Lannister twins and slowly took a seat across from them. "Your... Your Grace,” he stuttered nervously, “I… I overhead a conversation between Lord Stark and his brother Benjen Stark, who is in the Night’s Watch… He told his brother, that he could not travel south to be the King’s Hand because he is needed in the North… because of the reports about all the disturbing events that have happening north of the Wall… He… He told his brother that he would be joining him when he returns to Castle Black so that he can go beyond the wall to investigate these reports."


Cersei’s eyes snapped to her brother, who had a baffled expression on his face. They were speechless. She was still trying to understand what the boy had said when Jaime finally spoke. “So, you are telling us, that Lord Stark, the Warden of the North, is going beyond the wall to investigate these reports"


"Aye, Ser Jaime… that is what he told his brother."

Cersei burst out of laughing. "So you are telling me… the reason Lord Stark did not except King Robert’s offer to be hand is because he needs to go and investigate monsters and giants beyond the wall?" 

Willis started to sweat and nodded, "Aye, your Grace."


She still did not believe this to be true, and by the look on Jaime’s face, he was in disbelief as well. However, it did not appear that they would get a different answer from the boy, so she asked, "And why did Lord Stark decline the betrothal between his daughter, Sansa and the Crown Prince?"


She saw the boy smile as he answered, "Lord Stark told his brother that he promised his children that they would be allowed to choose who they would marry… That he would not make that choice for them." 


She was surprised at this. She felt that something was wrong and that none of what the boy said was true and the anger was beginning to course through her veins. She looked at the boy, and coolly said, "You are a wonderful liar, my dear, sweet Willis. I see you are loyal to these dogs… And I will have your head for lying to me."

She could see that Jaime was about to protest but they were interrupted by the sound of footsteps on the stone floor. She snapped her head towards the sound, only to find that her other brother had just entered the Great Hall.

"Gods you are loud this early in the morning!" He exclaimed as he rubbed each of his temples with his short stubby fingers.

"Tyrion, it is good to see awake so early in the morning," Jaime greeted him with a true smile.

"Good morning to you as well, dear brother,” the Imp responded as he returned a smile.

She turned her gaze back at Willis, she did not care about morning pleasantries with the monster who had kill her mother, so she turned her attention back towards the scared boy. "You better not lie to me my dear Willis… otherwise I will have your head!"

But before Willis could speak, Tyrion again made his presence known as he sat down next to the boy and said calmly, "Cersei ... He speaks the truth about Lord Stark." 

Her and Jaime’s attention was now focused on Tyrion. "What do you mean Tyrion?" Jaime asked with eyebrows raised.


Tyrion smiled. "I met the great honorable Lord Stark and his brother in the courtyard last night last night when I was on my way to Winter Town, and they told me the most wonderful news. 


“Spit it out, Tyrion.” Cersei seethed.


Tyrion poured himself a glass of wine and took a sip, “I was informed that I will have both of the Stark brothers as traveling companions when I head to Castle Black to see the infamous 700 foot tall Wall of ice."


Cersei and Jaime both looked at each other in shock. "Are you sure, Tyron? Why would the Warden of the North travel beyond the Wall?” Jaime asked.


Their dwarf brother smiled and looked the boy sitting next to him, "I was standing in the hall for several moments before I entered. So, as our friend Willis here said... Ned Stark is investigating news of disturbing events happening beyond the wall."


Cersei heard Willis sigh in relief as she turned her gaze to Jaime when he stated, "Why would he go beyond the wall? I thought that he had already sent his two eldest sons to investigate the threat beyond the wall?"


He Dwarf of a brother took a deep breath and could see he felt sorry of what he was about to say. "Well Lord Stark told me that he has not heard any news from his eldest sons since they left on this quest. Therefore, he is worried about them… He is going beyond the wall in order to find his eldest sons."

She could not believe this. This was a lie. "It can't be...”


Before she finished her brother, Jaime cut her off. "Cersei you have valid reasons from two sources that have provided you with the same information as to why Ned Stark declined our King’s offers… Now, just let it go."


She wanted to protest but knew they were right. She looked at young boy and emotionlessly said, "Thank you for your hard work Willis… as your reward for helping getting information for me on the Starks... I will not take your head."


"Thank you, your grace," he squeaked out.


This made the Queen smile at the boy as she placed two golden dragons on the table in front of him. "Now move along, my dear Willis and if you ever tell anyone about this I will have your head!" 


"Aye…Thank you, your Grace," Willis stated as he quickly grabbed the gold coins form the table and ran out of the Great Hall...


Daenerys Targaryen



It was early in the morning in Pentos and the sun was just beginning so seep in through the sheer curtains of the east-facing window. Daenerys was lying on the bed in her chambers and opened slowly opened her eyes. She felt two strong arms around her and smiled when she realized they belonged to her beloved. Her Jon. Her Jon had come and saved her from her mad brother’s plan to use her as a pawn in the game of thrones. She rolled over so her was facing him and pressed a chaste kiss to his chest. She still could not believe that they were in bed together... that they were safe and unharmed from the ice monsters. 

She could not stop the smile that was plastered on her face as she watched him sleep. She ran her fingers over his chiseled chest and smooth jaw in awe of the beauty of this man whom she knew was the other half of her soul. Her hands soon found their way from his face to his soft, unruly raven curls. ‘Gods he is perfect,’ she thought to herself as she pressed a tender loving kiss to his plump lips. To her surprise, she did not feel any air leave his lips or nose when she kissed him. Therefore, she kissed his mouth again, a little more forcefully, and still, he did not open his eyes she began to worry. She started to alarm when she noticed that his chest was not rising and falling as it should have been, so she started to shake him and softy call, “Jon... Jon... My love, are you alright?" 

When he still did not draw a breath or open his eye she began to panic, forcibly shaking him while she called, "Jon...  Jon... Wake-up... Please my Love... Jon, wake-up!" 

All of the sudden, his eyes sprung open and he shot up to a sitting position, gasping for air. He took deep, labored, uneven breaths as if he could not get enough air into his lungs... it was almost as if he had returned from the dead. She observed that his brows were knitted in confusion, but she did not care as she urgently pulled him into her arms, resting her head on his chest and murmured, "It is ok, Jon... It is ok... I am here, my love.” 

She still felt him drawing long forceful breaths; the breaths were so deep her head she felt as if her brains were being rattled inside her head. When she pulled away from the embrace, she noticed his eyes were wide open and staring at her.

"Daenerys! You are okay!” He choked out though his uneven breaths.  She was confused, but before she could respond, he was pulling her back to his chest and holding her tightly in place as he pressed tender kisses to her forehead.

She was bewildered and concerned... After a while, she pulled away from his embrace, raised an eyebrow and asked, "Jon... My Love, are you alright?” 

He still panted but smiled and breathed out, "Aye, Dany. I am fine.  He then placed a reassuring kiss on her lips.

"What happened to you? I tried to wake you when I did not feel or hear you breathe... I thought your heart stopped beating... I thought you were dead,” she said as she looked at him with glassy eyes, then whispered, “I thought I lost you before I even had you.” 

He pressed sweet chase kisses to her lips and cheeks repeatedly until he felt her worries slip away and a smile form on her lips. Then he smiled at her and said, "I am fine, Dany... it is nothing really...” 

She shook her head and in a stern voice said, “No, Jon... I can tell that something is wrong.” She then placed her hands on his face, looked in his eyes, and softly said, “Please tell me the truth, my love... Please do not shut me out... Tell me what happened.”

She saw him take a deep breath, and then he whispered, “I had a nightmare Dany.” 

She placed her forehead against his, and asked, "What was it about?" 

He took another shaky breath and breathed out, "It was about our past life..." 

“Go on,” she encouraged.

"Daenerys, I really don't want to talk about it,” he sighed.

She placed her hands on his cheeks and kissed him passionately. When she pulled her lips away from his she murmured, "Please, Jon, don't shut me out... Let me in…  Share yours pains with me so I can help you get through it." 

"Dany, please.” He said as he held her to his chest, “I do not want to talk about our shit past life. It is over! It is the past! Trust me the less you know about what happened in my dream the better."

She was getting frustrated. She pulled herself from his embrace, laid down on the bed, and rolled on her side; she did not want to look at him at him until she calmed down. She heard him sigh as he laid behind her. He wrapped his arms around her shoulders, pulling her into his chest. He kissed the top her head then spoke softly into her ear, "Please, listen to me Daenerys... I know I promised you that no secrets will be kept between us.... However, this secret… The things I have nightmares about… Those things that happened to us in the shitty past… I plan to shut you out from those things forever…"

She turned around, looked in him in the eyes and demanded, "Why can't I know, Jon? What happened in that dream of yours that was so bad that you cannot tell me?"

Jon exhaled and pinched the bridge if his nose, "Daenerys, please can we discuss something else?”

As he said these words, she could see that he was trying to stop the tears that were threatening to fall. She wanted to know what was causing him so much pain. She wanted to help him. Nevertheless, she also felt like she should not push him much further, so she forced a small smile and answered his question, "If that is what you wish."

"Aye, it is," he said with a true smile as he pulled her back into his arms.

She smiled and lay on his chest looking up into his eyes. She then reached up to move one of his unruly inky curls out of face and said, "You know, you have a pretty face," as tucked the wayward hairs behind his ear.

He chuckled, "You know, I always hated it when you called me pretty."

She laughed, "I know ... but it is true… you, Jon Snow, are a very pretty man.” She then brought her had away from his face and began to use her fingertips to trace the strong, defined muscles of his chest and abdomen and rambled, “Your scars on your face and chest are gone... You beautiful raven curls loose around your face and not tied back. Your chin has no beard and it feels so smooth when I kiss you.” She then looked up into his eyes and said, “Jon, I like how you look. Please, do not tie your hair back. I want to see the man you truly are… I am your Queen and you will show me your true beauty"

He smiled, kissed the top of her head and said, "As my queen commands.” He then raised an eyebrow and asked, “So no beard?"

She giggled and kissed his jaw, "No beard."

"Okay, no beard,” he chuckled along with her.

After a few minutes of enjoying being in the other’s arms, stealing kisses and loving touches, she felt him slightly tighten their embrace as he said, “Daenerys there is something I would like to discuss with you." 

She smiled and started kissing from his chest up to his neck, which made him growl. "What is it, my king?" She asked innocently as she looked at him with wide violet eyes.

He laughed of the way she asked. She took this moment to move her one leg over to his waist so that she was straddling him and she began her assault by peppering kisses to his chest and neck.

"I want to teach you how to use a sword," he answered as he was growling in the pleasure she was providing.

“I think I know how to use your sword, Jon,” she said as she rubbed her core against his member.

“Gods woman! I know you know how to work my sword! But I want to teach you how to use a real sword!” He exclaimed as he sat up and tried to move her off his crotch.

However, when he said those words she pulled herself away from her desire-filled mission; she was surprised but also very excited. "You want to teach me how to fight with a real sword?" she asked with a beaming grin. 

"Aye, I do. Your brother never taught you how to use a sword in order to protect yourself but your husband I will. Dany, I want nothing more than to keep you safe, but there may be times when we separated… I would feel better if you knew how to defend yourself if I am not by your side."

She smiled and placed her hands lovingly on his cheeks. "Jon, I have been meaning to ask you, what do you plan on doing with Viserys?” However, before he could answer she asked, “And, why do you suddenly feel it is necessary to train me how to use a sword?" She could he was hiding something in his earlier explanation but she was brought out of her thoughts when he began to answer her questions.

"I wanted to use your brother as a way to help you not to be shy… Basically, I wanted to use him as a way to help your draw out the Queen within... But, to my surprise you already are the strong, confident Queen I remembered.” He lovingly cooed. She blushed at his complement and they smiled at each other.

“I'm glad that I'm the Queen, whom I'm meant to be.”

"I believe that you should be the one who determines your brother's fate...” But, she placed two fingers over his lips, preventing him from finishing his thoughts.

"Jon,” she smiled, “I do not care what happens to my mad brother… you can decide his fate.”

"Aye, I already have a plan for his fate, but I will not complete it if you do not agree."

She raised an eyebrow, looked him in the eye and said, “You plan to kill him, don’t you?'"

He nodded nervously, "Aye, but not yet... Does that bother you?" His question made her laugh, to which he appeared to be surprised by her response.

"Why should I care if my brother dies? He is mad! He would have sold me to a man who would have raped me repeatedly,” She said passionately, before taking a calming breath and adding with a knowing smirk, “Besides, you are my family... My nephew and my husband.” 

He smiled back and kissed her brow, "Aye I am.”

She wrapped her arms around him, placed her head on his chest listening to the steady beat of his heart. After a few moments broke the silence by asking, "You still haven't told me, why you suddenly feel it necessary to teach me how to swing a sword?" She moved her head off his chest and looked at him waiting for his response.

After a few heartbeats of silence, he started talking. "I grew up hearing the stories about Aegon the Conqueror, his sister wives and their dragons. One of his wives was the great warrior Visenya Targaryen who wielded the sword Dark Sister… I think you have the potential to achieve the same greatness… You can be a Warrior Queen just as she was.”

She blushed and smiled at him. ‘Gods this man is amazing’ she thought to herself as felt her desire for him building in her core. She wanted him and she did not want to wait until that night. Therefore, she thought she would try to seduce him again...

"So,” she started as she settled back into his lap, pressing her core to his, “When will I start to learn how to swing a sword?" She smiled sweetly at him as she used the tips of her fingers to trace the defined muscles of his arms. 

"After our wedding ... So tomorrow.”

"Promise?" She asked in a light tone as she began so ever so slightly rock her hips over his.

"Aye, I promise," he answered as he looked into her lust filled eyes

She smiled at him and her heart started beating faster. She broke his gaze and began to place sloppy open mouth kisses to the pulse in his neck as she took one hand for his shoulder and placed on his breeches. She began to stroke his growing cock through his breeches and felt the wetness pooling in her core. She removed her other hand from the shoulder and moved it to the strap of her dress. She was about to pull off her nightgown when he caught her hand. She looked to his face and saw the expression of want in his grey eyes and she could tell he was trying hard not to give in to those desires.

"You know you want to,” she purred, “I do not understand why stopped me, Jon? We will marry tonight what difference does it make if we make love now or tonight?” 

She saw him smile in response and to her surprise; he rolled her onto her back, which made her giggle. He then started to kiss her roughly first on her mouth then her neck. 

“Finally, the wolf is asleep and the Dragon is out to play," she moaned as he continued his assault.

She felt how he grabbed her breasts through her silk gown. He moved his mouth from her neck to her breast.

"That is it my king, claim me… make me yours,” she purred as she felt her arousal beginning to drip down her thighs. 

He looked up at her with a knowing smirk as he stopped his kissing and rolled out of the bed. 

She was surprised and raised an eyebrow. "Did you just?...” she could see he was trying to keep himself from laughing.

"Now you know how it feels when you keep seducing me!” He replied playfully as he placed a chaste kiss on the top of her moon-kissed locks.

She turned to face him and raised her on her elbows as he continued.

"And it makes a difference. Tonight we will marry and I will make you mine. Now, my queen, I am going to find Illyrio and tell him the good news... I suggest you get dressed. Then go find Doreah so that you can continue with your lessons on how to speak Dothraki... A Khaleesi must know how to command our Khalasar.” 

She smiled and nodded then watched him as he grabbed his boots and placed his feet inside of them. She sighed as she got out of the bed and made her way over to him. When she got to him, he already had his shirt donned. 

He smiled at her and she smiled back at him. He pulled her into his arms, kissed her on her already kiss plumped lips. He then put his forehead to hers and whispered “I'll see you later.”

She smiled, and continued to repeatedly his him and until he finally pulled away and left their chambers....



Eddard Stark



After breaking his fast, Eddard retrieved Ice from his study and went in search of Maester Luwin. Luckily, he quickly found Winterfell’s Maester tending to his youngest son Rickon, who had some scrapes and bruising to his knees and the palms of his hands. "Good Morning, Maester Luwin,” Ned greeted with a smile.

The Maester who was busy examining Rickon’s injuries turned his gaze towards the Lord of the castle and said, “Good Morning, Lord Stark.”


Ned then turned his attention to his youngest son and smiled as he sat down on the bed next to him. “Good Morning, Rickon. Care to tell me what happened my young soldier.” 

The young boy adverted his eyes from his Lord Father’s and sheepishly replied, “I fell down the steps leading to the training yard.”

Ned tried to stifle chuckles as he ruffled his young son’s shaggy locks, and said, “Slow down a little next time my young pup, okay?”

“Aye, Father.”

The then turned to the Maester and asked, "How long until my littlest guard is recovered, Maester Lewin?”

The older man had a gentle smile on his face as he answered, "He should recover quickly, My Lord. If he takes it easy, my guess is that he will be fully recovered in a few days.”

“That is wonderful news.” Ned relied with a smile as he ruffled his son’s hair once again. Suddenly he felt something licking his other hand, so he looked down and was surprised his son’s black direwolf, which was already bigger than a normal sized dog. He smiled at the direwolf, scratched behind his ears and asked, "Are you taking care of my boy?” 

The direwolf gave him a knowing stare, walked past him and jumped on Rickon’s bed. He circled a few time before he laid down right beside his companion. Ned and the Maester watched as Rickon smiled, snuggled into the black beast’s side and mumbled, "That’s better.” Within a few seconds, the young boy and the direwolf were both softly snoring.


Ned attention was broken from the scene before him when he heard the Maester softly ask, “Lord Stark, may I have a word?" 


He looked at Maester Luwin and nodded, “Of course, Maester. We can talk while we head to see the blacksmith,” he answered as he stood up from where he was sitting on the side of his son’s bed. The two men quietly walked out of Rickon’s chambers together and Ned silently closed the door behind them. They both were busy walking towards the blacksmith Mikken.

Once they were in the hall of the family wing, the Maester asked quietly, “Lord Stark, I noticed that you have Ice… is there to be an execution?”


Ned chuckled, “No, Maester. I am taking Ice to Mikken, to see if he would be able to create two swords from the Valyrian Steel. That way we have one more weapon to use in the Great War to come.”


“That is a wise idea, My Lord.” The Maester then looked around to make sure there were no prying ears, before he softly asked, “Have you heard any news about Jon and Lord Robb?” 


The question caused Ned to smile as he answered, "Aye, I have.”


Maester Luwin raised an eyebrow. “I am guessing, My Lord, by your smile, that their quest has been a success?" 


“Aye, it has,” he said quietly with a slight nod of his head as they exited the castle and entered the courtyard. His attention was grabbed by the common folk, servants and household guards, whom were all standing, facing the castle, and staring up into the cloudless blue sky. He looked at Maester Luwin with a look of confusion and noticed that he also seemed puzzled at the commotion in front of them. They continued to walk towards the crowd, not stopping until they saw Jory, who was standing in the middle of the crowd, talking to some of the other common folk.


"Jory, what's going on here?" Ned asked with knitted eyebrows.


Jory stopped his discussion with the common folk and looked at the two men in front of him, “Lord Stark something strange is in the sky... I did not see it until I left the Great Hall morning, after breaking my fast… Look.” Jory said as he pointed to the sky in front of him. Ned and the Maester turned around and looked up to where Jory was pointing they and his jaw dropped; he could not believe what he saw. There in the sky, he was something that he had never seen before; soaring in the sky was some sort of shooting star. However, it was not a normal shooting star, instead of shade of yellow streaking across the sky, this one was massive in size, it appeared to be stationary and was a shade of bright blue with a red ring around it. 


"No! It can't be!" He heard someone gasp loudly. His head, as well as the Maester, Jory and many of the other people gathered in the courtyard snapped towards where the voice came from, and searched for the speaker. To his surprise, it was the Dwarf of Casterly Rock. He made his way over to where Lord Tyrion was standing.

As he approached the short man and asked, “Lord Tyrion, do you know what that thing in the sky is?" 


The imp nodded in response and all of the common folk gathered around the two men to hear his answer. “I have heard of such a thing and read about it… But… But I never believed I would live to see it!" 


Ned looked from the Imp to Jory then to Maester Luwin to see if they understood what the half man was saying, but they all either shook their heads or shrugged their shoulders.


Tyrion sighed and exclaimed, “They have returned! After over a century, they have finally returned!" Which just earned more stares of confusion from everyone gathered in the courtyard.


"Lord Tyrion, what are you talking about?" The Lord of Winterfell asked


However, the dwarf did not answer. He walked around in circles asking questions to himself "Why is it blue? It should be red?” 

Ned was getting frustrated. “Lord Tyrion, tell us what you know!” 

The dwarf stopped his pacing and looked at them with an expression of utter delight as he answered, “I have read about this in a book pertaining to old Valyria! The meteor or comet in the sky… it is a sign!"

"A sign? A sign of what!” Ned said as he knelt down to look the dwarf in his mismatched eyes.


“It is a sign that they have returned… A sign that dragons have returned!" 

All of the common folk around them started to whisper to one another.

The dwarf again looked up at the sky, started pacing and talking to himself once more. “Why is it blue? It should be red… but it is blue… It doesn’t make sense... unless!" Suddenly the half-man’s eyes were wide open. 

"Unless what Tyrion?” Ned asked.


"An... An Ice Dragon has returned! They have not been seen in thousands of years! Oh the gods are giving us a treat!" 

Ned was confused. 'Jon's dragon is a ice dragon?' he thought to himself as his anxiety rose. His gaze turned back to the sky and he studied the meteor. That is when he noticed it was turning blue to red and then back to blue. He did not understand why the comment was changing colors. "Lord Tyrion, why is that thing in the sky changing blue to red and then back to blue?" He asked, never taking his eyes off the comet.


The dwarf appeared to be surprised, as he looked stared at the comet. When he noticed it changing, a look of awe spread across his face. “I am not sure, Lord Stark. All I know it is an exciting time to live!” He paused for a moment before he asked, “Lord Stark, would you mind if I go to your Library? Maybe you have some books about old Valyria laying around…  If you do, maybe I can find something that describes this thing in the sky.” 

Ned looked away from the sky and back towards the dwarf. He saw that the dwarf had an excited smirk on his face. Ned took a deep breath as he recalled there were several books about old Valyria in the library… there were the books that he had found in the tower of Joy nearly eighteen years ago. He debated internally for a few moments and relented, "Aye, you may.” 

“Thank you, Lord Stark. I will let you know if I find anything,” Tyrion said with a smiled and then walked away towards the library tower. 


After the dwarf left, Ned turned his gaze back to the common folk gathered around; all of whom still watched the dying star in the sky. He looked towards Maester Luwin who raised his eyebrow. Ned knew Maester Luwin did not know that Jon had hatched a dragon, so he nodded his head telling him they should continue to walk. 


As they walked to Mikken’s forge, he informed Maester Luwin that Jon had hatched the dragon egg that had once belonged to the man who sired him.


"So it is true… What lord Tyrion said the dragons have returned...  and Jon has an ice dragon?" The Maester asked in awe.


“I am not sure Maester Luwin... I do not know if it is an ice dragon… I will need to send a raven to Jon.” 

The older man sighed, “Lord Stark, I do not understand why did the meteor in the sky is changing colors? Does it mean that Jon's love, Daenerys Targaryen, also hatched her dragons?" 


"I am not sure… However, I would not put my hope on that ... Jojen Reed is a greenseer, and he did not tell me that Daenerys hatched her dragons. He only mentioned that Jon hatched his dragon and named it Sarogon.” Ned sighed as they reach Mikken’s forge, he pushed the door open as he said, “That thing in the sky is a sign... I am just not sure what it means… but it something else.” 


When they walked into the forge, he saw that Mikken was pounding his hammer on some red-hot steel, forming it into a sword. When the door closed, the blacksmith looked up from his work.


"Lord Stark and Maester Luwin what a surprise," Mikken greeted them with a smile as he put down his hammer, wiped his soot covered hands on his apron and began to walk towards the two visitors.


"Mikken, it has been long since I've seen you," Ned replied with a smile as he admired the many swords and armor on display. When the smith appeared before him, he firmly shook the man’s hand.


"Lord Stark, how may I help you today?" Mikken asked with a smile.


"Mikken, I would like to know if you would be able to forge two Valyrian Steel swords for me?”


The blacksmith appeared to be taken by surprise. "My Lord… I am sorry, I can make you swords, but I do not know how to create Valyrian Steel… The secret of how to construct Valyrian Steel was lost with the doom of Valyria.” 


"I do not need you to construct new Valyrian Steel for the swords… I would like to know if you can forge them from this?" Ned asked as he took Ice from it’s scabbard and handed it carefully handed the ancestral Stark family blade to the blacksmith.


"Lord Stark,” Mikken said with a smile, “You would like for me to reforge Ice into two new Valyrian Steel swords… one for you and the other for your brother, Benjen."


Maester Luwin and Ned both looked at each other confused. "Mikken, how did you know that?" Ned asked.


“Your bastard, Jon Snow, told me you would come to me...”


Ned smiled as he thought to himself, ‘Jon knew I would go with Benjen.’ He then turned his attention back to the smith, “When did Jon tell you this?"


"He told me about a moon ago, when he commissioned me to create that little sword for Arya. I believe he told me your wild wolf daughter would name the sword Needle… To my surprise she did,” the smith said with a chuckle.


"Tell me Mikken, what did Jon tell you?"


"He asked me if I could reforge Valyrian Steel… However, before I could answer him, he told me he knew that I did not know how.” He paused for a moment, “Then, he told me that if you came to me with this request, I needed to tell you that you should send a raven to King’s Landing... to a bastard called Gendry Waters… I am not sure where he got this information, but he told me that this Gendry Waters is a blacksmith apprentice under the guidance of a Tobho Mott, who one of the last people in Westeros who still knows how to rework Valyrian Steel."

“Thank you, Mikken.” Ned said to the blacksmith. He then turned his gaze to the Maester, “Maester Luwin, we need to send a raven to Gendry Waters.”


"I will prepare a message and send a raven straight away, Lord Stark.”


He then heard the blacksmith laugh and say, “Lord Stark, you do not honestly believe this young man would just leave King’s Landing? You are going to need to give him something in return.” 


Ned nodded. "Aye, Mikken is correct. Maester Luwin, in your message, please tell him if he comes to Winterfell we will pay him handsomely for his work, give him his own quarters and free meals." 


"Yes, Lord Stark, I will make sure to include that in my message. Will there be anything else?” 

"Aye, I need for you to send a raven to Lord Manderly as well… Tell him he needs to send a ship to King’s Landing, so that Gendry travel to Winterfell by sea, then escort him to Winterfell... Travel by sea will be much faster than travel via the Kingsroad.”


The Maester slightly smiled, but before he could respond Willis quickly ran into the forge. "My Lord Stark!" The young boy exclaimed.


"What is it Willis?"


The boy smiled and gave him a letter. "It’s a letter for you, My Lord! It has the Stark Direwolf seal… It must be from your son!"


“Thank you, lad.” Ned said with wide eyes, anxiety forming in the pit of his stomach and his fingers were slightly shaking as he broke the seal on the letter.

Dear Father,  

When you received this letter, you should know that Jon was successful in killing Khal Drogo and is now the Khal of his Khalasar. We are now on our way to meet Daenerys. I have some news to tell you father. Jon has spoken to Lord Manderly and asked him to find a man called Gendry Waters in Kings Landing. Jon told me that you are going to need him in order to reforge Ice in two new Valyrian Steel swords. He told them they could offer Gendry clean chambers in Winterfell. Some coin for his work as a blacksmith for the Stark family. Jon told me, when you receive this letter, Gendry should arrive to you soon.  

There is more news father. Jon has hatched his dragon egg and named the grey dragon Sarogon after Aegon the Conqueror and Stark. Father, I am worried about Jon. I feel his anger is betraying him. He brutally killed Khal Drogo and his blood riders. He did not give them honorable deaths. I have decided that will stay with him. I feel that I need to keep my eyes on him and see if I can help him learn to control his emotions. You were right, Father, Jon has changed. Let us know how you are dealing the Kings visit. 

Love your son, 

Robb Stark, Heir to Winterfell  

True born son of Eddard Stark, Warden of the North 



Ned was getting worried about Jon. Jon was different. His past life is starting to change him from the honorable boy that he had raised. What could have been so horrible in his past life that he did not give his opponents an honorable death? 


He was pulled from his brooding thoughts by a tug on his cloak. He looked down to see Willis, with a sealed scroll in his hand. "My Lord… this is from a raven that arrived just a few minutes ago." 


“Thank you, Willis.” He replied as he took the scroll. When he turned it over to look at the seal, he smiled when he saw it bore the sigil of House Manderly.


Lord Stark,

As requested from Robb Stark. The man named Gendry Waters, was picked up from King’s Landing and has just arrived at White Harbor. He will stay here overnight to rest and then we will have him escorted to Winterfell. He will arrive there in a few days.

Lord Wyman Manderly, Lord of White Harbor 


Ned could not believe everything was happening so quickly. He looked at Maester Luwin. Which is when he took a deep breath. "There is no need to send ravens to King’s Landing or White Harbor, Gendry Waters is on his way, and should be arriving in Winterfell within a few days. We had best be getting him some clean chambers,” the Maester nodded in confirmation. He then turned his attention to the blacksmith, “Mikken, if you could, please prepare a new work station for Gendry. Please see that the is provided with any tools that he is needed to complete his tasks."


"Of course, Lord Stark… But, may I ask how is Gendry already on his way here? I just told you about him?"


Ned sighed as he pondered what to say, without giving away too much detail. Therefore, he decided to simply say, “Jon.”


The blacksmith acknowledged his response with a nod, then quickly got back to work over the hot flames if the forge.


Ned and Maester Luwin turned to leave Winterfell’s forge when Willis spoke, “Lord Stark, may we speak in private?"


Ned gave the Maester a knowing look, to which he said, “I will go to the handmaidens and inform them to prepare clean quarters for Gendry, My Lord”


“Thank you, Maester Luwin.” Ned said with a nod of his head. He then looked down at Willis “Aye, lad, let’s find somewhere private to speak.”

They left the forge, and Ned led them to the heart tree in the Godswood. Ned sat down on an old log and gestured for Willis to sit next to him. Once they were both seated, Ned put a comforting arm around the boys shoulders, “What is it, lad?”


"My Lord… The Queen… She asked me why you declined her offers and I told her what you had told me to say."


Even though they were in the Godswood, Ned quickly looked around to make sure that no one was around to overhear the conversation. "And what happen, Willis?" 


"The Queen thought I was lying...  She said she wanted my head… I was so scared, My Lord… Then the Queens little brother, Lord Tyrion, came in and told her that I was telling the truth." 

"Thank you, Willis. I am glad that you are safe… Now you see why I feel it will be safer for you if you are not her, aye?" Ned said with a slight smile.


Willis smiled back, "Aye, My Lord, I understand… I am an excited that I do not have to go the Castle Black… If it is okay, I will be on way, My Lord… I must pack for Greywater Watch."


"Aye, you may go." Ned said with a true smile.


Willis stood up for the log, smiled, said, “Thank you, Lord Stark,” and then quicky ran back towards the keep.


Ned chuckled at the boy’s enthusiasm as he stood up and made his way back to his study chambers. Just before he turned down the hall that lead to his study; the closer he got to his study, the louder the voices got and he noticed they were the voices of his children.


As he turned the corner he heard Arya exclaim, "Father! There you are!” 


He looked were her voice came from and was surprised to see not only Arya, but also Sansa and Bran. "My beautiful children how wonderful to see you all.” He greeted them


He noticed Bran was about to say something but Sansa cut him off. "Is it true what the common folk are saying? That the dragons have returned?" 


The Lord of Winterfell got down on one knee and answered softly, "Aye it’s true." 


The three Stark children had looks of joy and excitement on their faces. Suddenly, Arya asked, "Is what mother said true? That the dragons have returned because of Jon?" 


He was surprised. He stood up and motioned for them to follow him into his study. Before he responded to her question he made sure the door was closed securely behind them. "Aye, he brought a dragon back to life and named it Sarogon, after Aegon the Conqueror and House Stark.” 


Ned could see his children bursting with excitement and could tell they wanted to ask more questions but before they could ask there was a knock on the door. He sighed, walked over and opened the door. Once he opened it he was shocked to see Howland Reed and his two children on the other side.


"Howland, what are you all doing here?”

"May we enter in this discussion Lord Stark?" He nodded and the three of them entered. He was about to close the door when he say Maester Luwin and his Lady wife Catelyn approaching.

"Cat, Maester, what brings you both here?" As he asked, he could tell by the looks on their faces that they were both confused as well.

"Lord Reed asked us to come." Catelyn answered with an unsure smile as she and the Maester entered the room.


He turned his gaze towards Howland and he nodded in confirmation. "Howland why have you summon all of my family here?”

"I wanted to discuss all of you what you saw in the sky," the Crannogman answered evenly. "The meteor in the sky marks as to a rebirth or reawakening of an ancient magic that has been lost since the first long night... It is a sign of Ice and Fire coming together. Something that will help us defeat the true threat beyond the wall.” 


Ned look around the room, everyone appeared confused except for Howland and his children. So he asked. "You mean, Jon's dragon?”


"Aye, today is a special day Lord Stark. The true king and Queen are getting married this evening, just after sunset.” 


Everyone was speechless, until Bran broke the silence, "How do you know this?”


"The three-eyed raven told us," Jojen answered calmly.


Ned looked at his son, who still appeared to be confused, when suddenly his eyes turned completely white. All of them were speechless. 


Bran looked at his father and out came a monotoned voice, "Father its good to see you alive. I'm glad that Jon was able to warn you in time." 


Initially, Ned was confused but finally, it made sense to him. "You are the Bran from Jon's future. You are  speaking with us through time!”


"Yes, I am.... I don’t have a lot of time... I warged before I sent Jon back and told him where he would find Daenerys. All that you need to know is that Jon and Daenerys are getting married... Ice and Fire are reborn and it has caused an ancient magic to be returned.”


Ned looked at his son and said, "Bran what do you mean ancient magic?" 

"I don't have time to explain Father. All that you need to know is that you must prepare for the White Walkers! If we lose again then there will be no third chance. Father, do not worry about Aegon. I know he has changed... But he became the king what he is meant to be... he is the prince who was promised and Daenerys is the princess who was promised that is why she could remember only Jon... She remembered her other half... I do not have any time left! Good luck to all of you!" Brans eyes turned back to brown, he fell to the ground and Catelyn and Maester Luwin ran over to him.


While the Maester and Catelyn were attending to Bran, Lord Howland walked towards Ned, but a hand on his shoulder and said, "It is time. We must leave for Greywater Watch now.” Ned let out a sigh as his friend looked him in the eyes and continued, “Bran needs to learn how to control his abilities.”

"Aye. Promise me, Howland, that you will take care of my son... that you will protect him,” Ned asked with a slight smile. 


His friend looked him in the eyes and said, "Aye, I will protect him with my life.” Howland then walked to Bran, knelt down and picked up the ten year old boy in his arms. He saw his wife had tears streaming down her face. She kissed him on the forehead and let go of his hand. Howland looked at him and he nodded as he left the room with Bran cradled in his arms and his children following behind. 


Ned then noticed that Bran’s direwolf, Summer, had entered the room. He knelt down, rubbed the top of the wolf’s head, looked into his knowing eyes and said, "Protect my son." Summer licked his hand, looked up at him and then turned around running after Howland and his companion.....


 Robb Stark


The midday sun was shining brightly as Robb stood on the covered patio of Illyrio’s manse admiring the comet in the cloudless sky change from blue to red and then back to blue. He pulled his gaze away from the anomaly above and directed his concentration towards Jon, who was in the training yard in front of him. He observed as his brother, sparred four on one against Jorah and his three blood riders. The Pentos air was hot and humid, so he watched as Jon took off his shirt and poured a skin if water over his head during a break in the sparring match. They have been sparing for well over an hour and Jon kept defeating any opponent that he faced. 

Robb’s attention was pulled from the training yard below when he heard footsteps approaching from behind him. As he turned around to where the footsteps were coming from he saw Daenerys and Doreah making their way onto the balcony. He noticed that they were smiling and laughing quietly with each other. Daenerys realized that they were not alone, and when she met his gaze she him a welcoming smile. He returned her smile, and then noticed that Doreah was giving him a lingering shy smile. He felt himself begin to blush and he adverted his gaze back to his soon to be good sister. 

Daenerys then turned to Doreah, smiled and kindly said as she took both her hand in her own, “Thank you for the Dothraki language lesson Doreah, you may leave us.”

Doreah slightly bowed her head and replied, “If you need anything, Khaleesi, just let me know.” 

“I will let you know if I need anything.”


Robb watched as Doreah left the balcony, not missing how she turned her head, eyes meeting his and smiled as she walked away; he could not help the blush that again creeped up his neck as he smirked back at her, then quickly turned his gaze back towards the training yard below.


After Doreah took her leave, Daenerys walked to the railing of the porch and stood beside him and said, “You must be Robb Stark, Jon's older brother.”  


He was surprised that she called him a brother to Jon and not cousin. He turned to face her and confirmed her assessment, “Aye, I am.”


“Well, it is an honor to meet you, Lord Robb,” she said with a smile.


Robb chuckled and said, “Please, Daenerys, just call me Robb. You are Jon's family so that means your part of my family.” He could tell by the look on her face that she was surprised but also happy by these words.


"Thank your Robb, that means a lot to me," she said with a beaming smile, which made him smile back in return. As he turned his eyes back to his brother, he heard her gasp and say, “What is that?”


He quickly looked where she was pointing and noticed she was staring at the color-changing shooting star. “I am not sure... I have never seen anything seen anything like it before… Have you?


“I do not think so…” However, before she could finish telling him her thoughts, their heads snapped towards what sounded like a herd of elephants running in their direction. To his surprised it was Greywind and Ghost, both of whom ran over to him and began jumping and prancing around him. He looked over at her as he ruffed the fur on top of each direwolf’s head and saw she that was surprised to see the direwolf pups. He then noticed that Ghost detected her presence and he went over to sniff her. Once he had acquired her scent, he happily wagged his tail, licking her legs and demanding pets.


“Oh, sorry about that Daenerys... That is Jon's direwolf his name is…” However, before he could finish she cut him off.

"Ghost," she said happy as knelt down and gave the fluffy white direwolf the attention he demanded. "I never dreamed that I would get see you as a pup, my sweet boy," she cooed as she scratched behind his ears. 

The sight made Robb smile. He then felt his direwolf Greywind, standing next to him, rubbing his head against his hand. He laughed as he knelt down, ruffled the fur on top of the growing wolf’s head and said to him, “Is someone jealous?”

He looked to Daenerys when he heard her say, “I forget… Jon told me that all Stark children had Direwolves… If I remember correctly you named your direwolf Greywind?" 


He smiled and nodded. At the sound of his name, Greywind trotted over towards her and sniffed her. To his surprise, the wolf quickly started licking her hands, demanding some love and attention from her as well.


He was in awe that the wolves had taken to her so quickly and the sight of her interacting with the two direwolf pups made him smile. After a few moments he said, "I see that our wolves have a place for you in our pack.” 


“Thank you, Robb. That really means a lot to me,” she said with a beaming smile as she stood up. 


Just then, the sounds of steel of swords clashing against each other in the courtyard caused them to whip their heads to where the noise was coming from. As they watched the scene in front of them, he heard her gasp. He turned to look at her and saw that she seem be surprised by the sight of Jon sparring in the training yard in front of them, so he asked, "Daenerys are you alright?" 

She looked at him with her eyes open wide in shock as she muttered, "I never knew Jon could fight with two swords… Did he learn how to fight with two swords when he returned to the past?" 


Robb’s jaw dropped. He was shocked by what she had just asked. He shook his head as he answered, “No, Jon told me he learned how to fight with two swords in his past life… You never saw him using two swords?"


She nodded her head, “No… I only ever saw him using his Valyrian Steel sword… He called it Long Claw… I believe he said it was given to him by the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch after he saved his life from a wight.” 


He was confused; Jon had told him that Daenerys could only remember him and their son of their past life. However, if she remembered his sword, she would surely have remembered that he could wield two swords at the same time. He was pulled from his thought when she asked him a question.


"They cannot hurt him… can they?” 


He smiled. He was glad that his sister to be had concern for his brother. “No… I do not think they could hurt him even if they wanted to.” He answered truthfully. “You know, just before we left to come here, to Pentos, he took me, our father, Theon Greyjoy, who is Father’s ward, Winterfell’s Master at Arms and the Head of the Stark Household Guard, all same time… he defeated us all and was not injured at all!” 


When he saw the surprise on her face, he started to have concern… He did not understand Daenerys could not remember his brother using two swords in here past life. Therefore, he asked, “Daenerys what is the last thing that you can remember about your past life with Jon?”


She appeared to be a bit taken aback by his question, but had a slight smile on her face when she answered, “My last memory of my past life was giving birth to our son, Rhaegar.” 

Robb smiled when she mentioned his nephew. He had asked Jon what he looked like but Jon would never tell him. He had always said that he did not want to talk about his dead child, so he thought that maybe she would be willing to provide him an image of the babe. "I am sorry if my next question is too painful to answer… but can you remember what your son looked like?” 

She appeared surprised by the question but nodded. "Of course I do," she said as she turned her gaze back at Jon. "Why do you ask, Robb?" She asked with a bit of a cold tone in her voice and her body slightly stiffened.


“I am sorry. I did not mean for you to think about your son… Jon would never answer when I asked because he said he did not want to talk about his dead child… If it is too painful you do not have to answer…” 

He could see that her posture seemed to relax ever so slightly; she took a deep breath and in a softer tone said, “It is fine Robb, I do not mind. What would you like to know about your nephew?” 


Robb smiled sadly, as he said, “Ever since I heard that Jon had a son, in his past life, I have wondered what he looked. Like I said, I asked Jon but he would never answer.” 

Even though she kept her eyes on Jon sparring in the training yard, he noticed that she had a serene smile on her face as she began to talk. “Rhaegar was a beautiful babe… He looked like a true Targaryen… He had amethyst eyes that twinkled when he smiled… and he had little wisps of curly silver hair on his head…” However, before she could say anything further, she gasped and exclaimed, "Why did Jon just punch Bako?" 

He tore his gaze from her profile and looked at Jon in the training yard. He noticed that his eyes had look of determination and rage… the same look he had when he faced Drogo. He turned his gaze at her and saw she was confused. "Jon would never punch a man in the face… He is an honorable man…” 

Robb felt his eyes open wide as he realized that she did not know that husband to be had changed… that he now had a dark side at times. He closed the distance between them. He stopped when stood next to her. He placed both of his hand on the railing, and whispered, “Daenerys… has Jon been different towards you? Is he the same Jon Snow you knew in your past life?" 


She turned to look him; he could see the confusion in her eyes as she asked, “What do you mean Robb?"


He took a deep breath. "Is he the same exact Jon Snow you knew in your past life? Is he the same man who you fell in love with? Is he still the man who could never keep secrets and always put his honor before himself?" 


"No he is not ... He has changed... He is keeping a secret from me,” she whispered, her voice laced with concern.


Robb raised an eyebrow. “What happened to him Daenerys? What is he keeping from you?"


She took a deep breath before she started speaking in a hushed tone. “This morning when I woke up he was still asleep in my arms… I wanted to wake him but to my surprise, I could not feel his breath on my face… His chest was not rising and falling like it should have been… and I did not hear heart beating when I put my ear to his chest… Robb, I thought he had died!” He could see a single tear escaping from her glassy eyes and she quickly wiped it from her cheek before she continue talking. "I tried to wake him… but I could not get him wake up… so I shook him and started screamed out his name… He… He finally opened his eyes, but when he did she shoot up in the bed and took deep breaths… It was like… like as if he had returned from the dead. I… I asked him what happened… At first, he would not tell me anything… Then finally he told me that he had had a nightmare.”

"What was the dream about?" She took a deep breath.

“All he would tell me was that it was about our past life... He would not tell me anything about it though… He told me he would keep the secrets of his nightmares to himself and that he would never share them with me. Robb, he had tears in his eyes… He was scared… He was terrified at whatever he saw in his dreams and he would not share the pain with me… He would not let me in.” 

They both looked at Jon and saw that he was now sparring against Jorah.

"Something devastating happened to him Daenerys and he is keeping it from us.”

She looked at him. “Robb, of course something devastating happened to him… His wife and his child died right in front of him.”


“Aye, that is true… However, that cannot be the reason for this change... Something else must have happened after you died… I still do not understand, why was he so brutal towards Drogo? He is hiding something from us Daenerys… Something that he does not want us to find out. Your death and Rhaegar’s death would not be enough to kill the Stark side inside of him and let the Targaryen side take over.”

She raised an eyebrow. "What do you mean, Robb? You are not saying that you believe he will become like the mad king... like the man my father, his grandfather was, are you?" 


He sighed. "No, Daenerys. I do not believe that he will ever become the mad king... I am just saying that something dark inside of him awoke in your past life... Something so horrific that pushed him to learn how to use two swords... My guess at the reason why you can't remember what the triggering event was is because by the time it occurred you had already been murdered by the Night King."  


"That make sense,” she said as she nodded her head. She took a deep breath and then quirked an eyebrow and said, “You told me he was brutal towards Drogo and his blood riders... Care to share what he did exactly?" 

Robb took a hesitant breath before he quietly answered her question. "He placed one of his swords through a blood riders head and he slicked off a leg of another... He cut off one of Drogo’s arms and the proceeded to behead him... Daenerys, he did not give Drogo or any of his blood riders an honorable death... I did not recognize him during the fight... He appeared to have no control over himself... It was like he was possessed by his rage.” 

He saw how shocked she was by his answer. She then asked in a shaky voice, "What could have provoked him to fight like that?" 


He took a deep breath and looked her in the eyes. "You, Daenerys... Drogo told Jon what he would do to you once he killed him." She nodded in response and he continued voicing his thoughts. "Something horrific must have happened to you after you died. I do not know what it was... But we need to find out... We have to find out before we lose the honorable Jon what we knew forever." 

She nodded, "I agree, Robb… I will try and find out."


They went back to watching Jon spar with the other men. He seemed to have calmed a little, but his sparing partners were still not providing him with a challenge. After several more minutes, the men finally stopped training. They were drinking water and Jon appeared to be thanking them as they were putting their training swords away.


Robb then started looked to Daenerys and said in a kind tone, "I am sorry by the way."


She raised her eyebrow, "Oh… about what? I can think if nothing that you need to apologize for."


"I am sorry that Viserys was such a horrible brother. I am sorry that you had to live in exile all these years while he used you to get what he desired… I am sorry that you did not know what it was like to have a family that loved you and would have done anything to protect you."


"You have nothing to apologize for… None of the past is your fault. I do wish that I could have met my oldest brother, Jon’s sire, Rhaegar… It would have been nice to know what a brother’s love truly is,” she said with a wishful smile.

"Well, after today you will have a new brother by your side to help watch over you and keep you safe… as well as two others, back in Winterfell… All of who will show you what it truly means to have a brother," he vowed with a kind smile. 

"Thank you, Robb... brother," she said as her eyes began to fill with unshed tears.


He smiled back, gave her into a friendly embrace, and said, "Welcome to the pack of wolves, my dear sister."


"I'm glad to be part of a real family," she laughed.


"Jon, told me that you will give yourself away for tonight?" He said as he pulled from their embrace.


He noticed that she blushed as she looked over towards where his brother was standing and answered. "Yes I will. I have no family her to give me to him… Also, no one is giving me to him… I am giving myself to him because this is what I want not because I am being told that I have to marry him."


He noticed the way she looked at his brother. "You truly love him, don't you?" He asked with a smile.


"Am I that obvious," she snorted as the blush again began to spread across her neck and cheeks.


"You both are,” he answered with a smirk. “I know now finally who got him out of his shell."


"What do you mean?" she asked with knitted eyebrows.

"You where the one who taught Jon to think more of himself as more than the one stain on Lord Eddard Stark’s honor. You were the one who showed him whom he truly is and how it felt to be loved unconditionally… Before he came from his past life, he was always brooding and hiding in the shadows… He thought that he was nothing more than an unintended bastard… However, know he thinks himself as a king, and that is because of you." She looked away from him and towards Jon with a smile on her face.He then added, "You truly are meant for each other, Daenerys. I could not ask for a better wife for my brother and sister for myself."


“Thank you, brother,” she said with a smile, which grew wider as Jon walking towards them.


"I see you met my brother, Robb… and I am glad to see the both of you getting along.” He called as he approached where they were standing with a beaming smile stretching across his face. 


“Yes, my love, he was just welcoming me to the family.” 

"Aye, brother ... I just was informing her that she is now part of the pack," Robb said as he returned his brother’s smile.

"Aye, she is,” Jon easily agreed, and then sighed, "I would love to stay and talk, but I am covered in dirt and sweat. I am going to have the Handmaidens draw me a bath."


“Aye, brother, you do had better go bathe, unless you want to get married smelling like a pile of pig shit.” Which made all three chuckle.


After the laughter subsided, Jon said, “Aye, I have better go get ready. I will see you both later tonight.” He then embraced his brother and pressed a chaste kiss his bride’s forehead before he walked away.


"My dear good-sister, I have best begin getting ready as well."


She looked at him and nodded, “Yes, I also need to seek out Doreah to have her help me prepare for the ceremony.”


"Well then, Daenerys, I will see you tonight for your wedding." He gave her a smile, and then left her standing on the patio, staring up towards the color-changing comet as walked towards his chambers...


 Arya Stark


The great color-changing comet could still clearly be seen overhead as sun began to sink lower in the sky over Winterfell. Arya was busy sparing against a training dummy with the sword that her brother, Jon, had commissioned for her as Sansa sat on a nearby crate and watched. To Arya's surprise, she and her sister has gotten a lot closer over the moon turn, since they learned the truth about Jon’s heritage and his past life. 


"I am sad," Arya sighed as she poked at the dummy with her ‘Needle.'

"Why is that?" Sansa asked as she lazily stoked Lady's soft grey and white fur.

"Because, all of our brothers are gone! I especially miss Jon and Robb... I miss watching them sparing together in the training yard... I miss hearing their laughter... I even miss Jon ruffling my hair!" The wild wolf exclaimed as she poked another hole in the training dummy. 


She stopped hitting the dummy, looked at her sister, and said, “At least we still have Rickon.” 


She heard her sister sigh. “Yes, that is true Arya, but he is so young… I miss talking to Robb and Bran… and even Jon.” 


Her head snapped to her meet her redheaded sister’s gaze. “You feel guilt over how you treated Jon for all those years, don’t you?” Sansa nodded.


She went over and sat down on the crates next to her sister. When she did, Lady took off towards the Godswood. Sansa took a deep breath before she started to talk, “Arya, I feel extremely guilty… I am horrified over my actions… I have always been horrible to him… I want to… No, I need to tell him that I am truly sorry for the way I treated him his whole life… Do you think that he will find it in his heart forgive me?” 

Arya smiled at her sister. "He will… I know that he will… He will probably tell you that there is nothing at all to forgive… You might have treated him poorly, as mother did, but he still sees you as family... He sees you as one of his two little sisters.” 

Her statement made a small smile appear on Sansa’s lips. She was silent for a few moments before she asked, "What do you think she's like?"


Arya raised her eyebrow and asked, “Who?"

“Jon’s aunt… uh, wife… Daenerys Targaryen." 

Sansa’s question made her think… She wanted her future good sister to be like one of the historical dragon-riding Targaryen’s she loved reading about in the old dusty history books in library… She hoped that she was like Visenya Targaryen, one of Aegon the Conqueror’s sister-wives or even the Dornish warrior Queen Nymeria. Once she decided on her answer, she spoke in a wishful tone, "I hope she's like Visenya Targaryen… a Queen who is also a sword wielding warrior with a dragon at her back!”

Her answer made Sansa laugh. "I would expect nothing less from you, little sister!” She snorted between chuckles as she looked up to the sky at the comet as it changed from blue and red.

Arya looked at the meteor or shooting star in the sky. “Father’s friend, Lord Howland Reed said the meteor or shooting star in the sky is a sign of an ancient and powerful mysterious magic returning to Westeros… That it is a sign of Ice and Fire are coming together and merging as one… That it will mark that the true King and Queen coming together to face off against the true threat beyond the wall... The Prince and Princess who was promised whom bring the dawn.” She put her hand on Sansa’s shoulder to so that she faced her and once she had her attention said, “Father told me that Jon would play a big part in the game of thrones... That he is the King the seven kingdoms needs in order to survive the Long Night.”

"Do you believe what Lord Tyrion said?" Sansa asked quietly.


Arya was confused. “Do I think the imp is right about what?”


Sansa smiled, “Do you think he is right about the comet... that Jon has given birth to an Ice Dragon?”


Arya smiled and looked at the white direwolf neckless that Jon had whittled for her. "I don't know Sansa ... Did you ask father?” 


Sansa looked back to the comet in the sky as she answered, “I did… and he told me that he does not know… He said that he would send a raven to Jon and ask him if the rumors are true.” 


After a few moments of staring at the massive ball of blue and red in the sky together in silence, Arya took a deep breath, made her way back over to the training dummy. She adjusted her grip on ‘Needle’ started to again practice her swordplay as her sister observed. 


After a few minutes their heads both whipped around when they heard a smug, high pitched voice say, “I finally found where you have been hiding all evening, Lady Sansa.” 


"My prince," Sansa answered as she stood and gave a perfect curtsy. Although her sister had a stoic facade, Arya could tell that she was scared and nervous. Arya decided to stay hidden in the shadows, behind the training dummy.


Prince Joffrey had a confidant smirk on his face as he looked at Sansa with hungry eyes. He strolled over to where her sister was sitting to and said, "My mother told me, the reason your father declined the generous offer from my father, the King, of our betrothal is because you did not wish to marry me... That your father promised you he would never force you into a marriage you did not want or desire.” 

She heard as Sansa gulped just before she looked away from the prince and meekly replied. "Your mother is correct. My Father said he would not force me to marry… And that when or if I decide to marry, that I be able choose my husband.” 


The Prince still had a smirk on his face, but Arya could tell that it was forced. “So tell me, Lady Sansa, why it is you told your father, that you do not wish to marry me?” 

She could tell that Sansa was getting uncomfortable, and her voice quivered ever so slightly and she looked down at her hands as she spoke, “I… I feel that I… That I am not fit to be your queen, my Prince.” 

Joffrey smiled as he closed the distance between himself and her sister. He then reached up and grabbed her breast. “I am the crown prince of Westeros… it is my right to have whatever it is that I wish or desire… That I can take whatever it is that I wish or desire and make it mine… And I shall have you as my queen.” 

From her position behind the training dummy, she saw Sansa was helpless while he squeezed her one of her breasts and attempted to rip the top of her dress off. When she heard her sister holler for him to stop, she felt her wolf blood boiling. She dropped Needle, ran over to where they were standing and slapped the prince hand off his sister's breast and screamed, “She does not want to marry you… you mad Lannister boy… Now leave us before I scream from my Father!” 


She saw the Prince’s face had turned the same shade of red as a leaf from a Weirwood Tree. “How dare you lay hands on me… you… you little wolf peasant! I am the CROWN PRINCE of Westeros… I will be KING… And I will have your head on a spike," he roared as he unsheathed his sword.

Arya quickly ran back to where she had dropped her sword. Once she had her ‘Needle’ in hand, she gritted through her teeth, “You are no prince! You are nothing more than a bastard! A bastard born of incest between your mother and her brother, Ser Jaime!”


“How dare call me a bastard! I am not a bastard! I am the CROWN PRINCE! I will take your head for your false claims against me… you… you stupid, northern fool!" Joffrey screeched.


Arya smiled smugly and said, “You are wrong… And soon it will be your head on a spike!”

"Is that a threat of rebellion or threat on my family’s throne, little wolf girl?” He asked as raised his eyebrows. 


She held her tongue, willing herself not to give anything else away about what Jon had told their Father happened in his last life. So, she took a deep breath and said, “It is a threat! However, the threat is only against you… It is not a threat against the crown…If you dare even try and touch my sister again, I will cut your head off and put it on a spike myself!" 


Her words sent Joffrey into a fit of laughter. When he finally composed himself he said, “Alright, you peasant, I would like to see you try!” He then walked over to where Sansa was standing from in fear, and proceeded to rip the top of her dress, exposing both of her breasts. He then grabbed her breasts and began to squeeze violently squeeze them. Just as she was about to scream, he forced his mouth over hers and began to kiss her roughly. Sansa was able to pull away and she slapped him across the face.

Joffrey appeared to be shocked. He slowly touched his face where Sansa had slapped him. He then took a few deep breaths before he squeaked out, “How dare slap me in the face! I am the crown prince! I will have your heads!" 


When he tried to grab Sansa again, Arya ran at him with Needle raised. She brought down her sword and grazed the side of his face, causing a small cut to his cheek. She smiled in satisfaction when she saw a few drops of blood seeping out of the small cut. "I warned you! Leave my sister alone!" She howled.


Arya then when over to her sister, took her by the arm and said, “Let’s get away from here Sansa.” Sansa nodded as she pulled up the front of her dress and they began to walk away from the training yard, leaving an angry Prince behind them. 

However, as they were walking away Prince Joffrey drew his sword and ran towards the girls. He was about to bring his sword down on the sisters but was stopped when direwolf jumped up from the shadows and clamped down on his sword arm. 


He dropped his sword as he screamed, “Get your filthy dog off me!" 

The sisters turned around to see the Prince squirming and hitting Nymeria as she growled and had her jaws firmly attached to his sword arm. Arya began to panic. “Nymeria!” she called, “To me!" 


At her request, Nymeria quickly released his arm and ran towards her side, still growling and ready to defend her and Sansa at a moment’s notice. When they looked at Joffrey, they saw that the sleeve of his shirt had been torn to shreds and was full of blood. They also noticed that he had tears streaming down his face his angry purple face.


"You will regret what you did to me, you Stark dogs!" He screamed at the sisters as he tried to dry the tears from his face before he ran away from the training yard. 

Arya and Sansa looked at each other with worried expressions on their faces, but before either sister could say anything, they heard a voice behind them. "You do not want my sister as your enemy, my ladies," the Dwarf of Casterly Rock stated calmly as he waddled towards them.

"I'm no lady," Arya retorted flatly.


Her word made the dwarf smile. “Of course you are not a lady, you are a wolf… a brave wolf at that. You protected your pack.” 


"You saw what your nephew did to Sansa?” She asked with a raised eyebrow. 


Tyrion nodded sadly, exhaled and stated, "I did... He tried to force himself on your sister and you protected her. Not only did you save your sister, you also saved Joffrey from preventing a horrendous, unforgivable, vile act.” He then gave Arya a small but reassuring smile, “You did just what a sibling is supposed to do.” 


After a few moments, he raised his eyebrow and asked, "Where did you hear that Joffrey was not the son of King Robert, but a bastard sired by my brother, Jaime?" 

The two Stark girls were frozen in place. Arya felt anxiety bubbling in her stomach and willed the bile not to rise as she whispered, "You know that he is a bastard... born of the incestuous relationship between your brother and sister?" 

The imp shook his head as he slowly answered her question. "No... I did not... but I would sure like to know how you know you came to the conclusion.” 


Before Arya said anything, Sansa put a hand across her mouth, as she answered in an innocent tone, "We cannot say anything, my lord...  My... my sister was just upset and made the story up to draw your nephew’s attention away from me.” She could tell Tyrion did not buy the story as he looked at the both of them in disbelief.


"I can see that you're lying, Lady Sansa. Your facial expressions betray you."

However, before either of them could answer, they heard their Father call, "Sansa, Arya… Why is the prince hand full of blood?" as he was quickly walking towards them. Once he reached them, his eyes opened wide at the site of Sansa’s torn dress. “Dear gods, what happened?” He demanded as he pulled them both into a comforting embrace.


Sansa began to cry into their Father’s shoulder, and Arya took a deep breath to prepare herself to tell him what had happened. However, before she could answer Tyrion made his presence known.


"Lord Stark... You daughters did nothing wrong… It was my nephew's fault. He tried to force his way onto Lady Sansa, which is when Arya protected her. She cut the boy’s face with her sword as way to warn him to back away… Then, when they started to walk away, the prince tried to strike them from behind with his sword, but luckily that Direwolf bit his arm, causing him to drop his sword before he could strike your daughters.”


Her Father’s eyes were open wide as Tyrion recounted the events that had occurred. He took a deep breath, knelt down, looked at Sansa in the eyes, and asked as calmly as he could, “Did he hurt you?"


She could not find her voice and simply shook her head as she wiped away her tears that continued to fall.


"Thank the gods," he signed. He then turned his gaze towards Arya and asked, "Are you hurt?"


She also shook her head no in response.


Next, she saw her Father looking at the dwarf. “I know your sister will be furious. She will blame my daughters and she will want them and the Direwolf to be punished… Will you help me clear up this unfortunate event up when the time comes? Will you tell them the truth; that Arya and the Direwolf were protecting Sansa and prevented the Prince from committing a horrendous crime?” 


The dwarf nodded and smiled with sad eyes. "Lord Stark, I would like nothing more to put my nephew in his place. As far as I am concerned Arya and the wolf saved my nephew from a crime that is punishable by death.”


“Thank you, Lord Tyrion.” He then turned back to his daughters and said, “Come girls. You should both clean up before supper in the Great Hall. I will ask your handmaidens to draw you each a bath.”


However, before they could leave Tyrion began to speak once again, "Lord Stark your daughters told Joffrey that he was a bastard when he threatened to put their heads on spikes... But, not only did they call him a bastard, they said that he was an incestuous bastard sired by my brother, Ser Jaime. Do you know where they may have heard this information?"


Their Father shot them a quick look of irritation before he took a death breath and turned around. "Aye, we heard rumors that Jon Arryn was investigating if the royal children. He had heard whispers that they were in fact not sired by the King, and possibly that they were sired by you brother. However, before he was able to complete his investigation he poisoned. Don't you think it’s a little suspicious ... That a person who was investigating something so damning was poisoned before just before he was able to uncover the truth?"


Arya looked at Lord Tyrion who appeared to be surprised by what her Father had just confirmed. "Yes, if those rumors are in fact true, that does make Jon Arryn’s death quite suspicious… but, do you have any proof or leads that what you heard is true?"


That is when Arya remembered that in Jon's previous life, Bran had been pushed from one of the windows of the old broken tower after witnessing Cersei and Jaime coupling... Therefore, she took a chance. "I went to the tower this morning when I was hiding from the Septa… and heard voices... Not talking voices but moaning voices… And I heard weird wet slapping sounds as well. After the disturbing noises and slapping sounds stopped, I heard the queen's voice and your brother's voice… They talked about the Fat King and how she hated him and they talked about how much they loved each other.”


The dwarf swallowed, "Which tower was this?"


She pointed to the old broken tower, the one Jon had told Father not to let Bran climb while the Lannister’s were in Winterfell because that was where Ser Jaime had pushed him out of the window. 


The dwarf smiled at them. "Thank you for pointing that out to me." The dwarf then looked at their father. "Lord Stark do you mind if we keep this theory or secret to ourselves. There's no telling what my sister would do to you if she hears this information… and I would hate for my Wall traveling companion to perish before we even get time to know each other."


She looked at her Father and noticed he had slim smile on his face as he answered. "Aye, we will keep this a secret, Lord Tyrion."


The dwarf nodded and turned to leave. However, before he left, he quickly spun and said, "Lord Stark, I understand why you did not except the betrothal between Sansa and Joffrey... but, I would like to know the real reason as to why you did not except the position of Hand of the King?"


Her Father smiled a true smile. "I like you lord Tyrion... but I have already informed you… Something is going on beyond the wall and I must investigate."


"Well then,” the dwarf said with one raised eyebrow, “I guess that will find my answer from you when we travel together to and from the wall."


Before their Father could reply, the Hound walked over towards them. "Lord Stark!” he called in a gruff tone, “The King demands to see you and your daughters in the Great Hall for an audience straight away." 


Her heart started to beat faster and faster as her, she looked up to her father for comfort but noticed he was looking at Lord Tyrion with knitted eyebrows but did not say anything.


She was surprised when the Dwarf smile and said, “Lead the way, Lord Stark. I am right behind you. We best not keep my dear sister waiting." Her Father smiled and led them all towards the Great Hall...


 Eddard Stark



It was late evening at Winterfell. The sun had set and the only lights in the sky were the blue and red tones being emitted by the massive comet over head. Lord Stark was being escorted to the Great Hall by The Hound with Lord Tyrion, and his daughters Sansa and Arya following closely behind. When they reached their destination, The Hound easily pushed the heavy wooden door open, and inside, seated around the numerous wooden tables, he saw many the great and noble northern lords and ladies, all of whom had traveled to Winterfell to pay homage to King Robert. He quickly scanned the room and recognized the faces of Lord Manderly, Lord Glover, Lord Karstark, Lord Umber, Lady Mormont and Lord Bolton all of whom had looks of confusion and uneasiness written on their faces. Eddard did his best to keep his face calm and relaxed, but under his stoic facade his wolf blood was boiling as he saw the bastard Prince Joffrey stood at the front of the room, next to his mother, Queen Cersei, who was sitting in the chair reserved of Lady of Winterfell. Next to the Queen sat the man he once considered to he a brother, King Robert, who was in his chair, the chair belonging to the Lord of Winterfell.


Once they stopped in front of the King he took a deep calming breath. He was unsure what he would say or what he would do… Robert was once his best friend… He had battled in two wars with the man and at that time he would have died for the man… This is a man that he was partially responsible for putting his nephew’s throne… He thought that Robert would have been a good king… But he was wrong… Now looking at the man all he felt was shame and disgust… Robert was no longer the boy he grew up with in the Eyrie… He was nothing to him… All he saw was a fat whore of a man who only cared about his own pleasures… Ned was pulled from his thoughts when her heard Cersei’s shrill voice.


“Lord Stark! We must discuss the punishment that your daughters will receive after what they did to my son, Joffrey, The Crown Prince of Westeros!” Cersei screamed out loud as she held the prince's arm.


"Aye, we must!" Ned answered trying to keep his tone even and his anger at bay. He wanted to know what that little shit had to say and then see his face as he was called out in his lies. He noticed that the king took a deep breath, and looked over towards his alleged son, Joffrey. 


"Tell us what happened boy!" Robert roared. 


Joffrey was about to say something but Cersei cut him off. "These two Stark heathens cut the Crown Prince's beautiful face and one of their Direwolves mangled his arm for no reason and tried to kill him!" 


Arya and Sansa started to protest.


"That's not what happened!" Arya screamed as she was held back by her father.


"He's lying to you!" Sansa exclaimed with tears in her eyes as she held up her torn dress. 


The Queen was about to say something but Joffrey cut her off. "You commanded your mutt kill me, but I was able to fight it off!” Joffrey gritted through his teeth as he pointed at Arya. 


Ned was about to protest what the Prince had said but the Queen started talking before he got the chance.


"I think we should kill the beast for what it did to my beloved son, the Crown Prince! Wolves are wild animals and should not be kept as pets!” Cersei seethed.  


The King took a deep breath and looked at Ned as he tried to take control of the situation. He then forcefully said, “Ned, I need for you to tell me what you know…  What do your girls say happened in the training yard?”


"Your Grace, Your son… attempted to force his way onto my daughter, Sansa… He ripped her dress and he TRIED TO RAPE HER!” the Quiet Wolf Howled. As he said these words he heard all of the Northern Lords and Ladies in the room gasp. 


"He dare try to rape a daughter of the North!" Lord Karstark hollered.


"This is an outrage!" another Northern Lord exclaimed. 


The King looked at Sansa and then his face turned the same color as the Dornish Red he loved to drink. He got up from the table and grabbed Joffrey by the tunic and seethed, "You tried to rape the girl!" 


He saw all the color drained from the little bastard’s face as he gulped. When he found his voice he screamed, “They are lying, Father… I never touched her!!!” 


Which is when finally Tyrion stepped in and made his presence know. “Your Grace, Lord Stark is speaking the truth. I was outside, drinking my wine in peace when I heard a commotion. When I got to the training yard I saw Joffrey touching her breasts in a way that young Lady Sansa did not welcome as she tried to push him away. When she finally broke free, little Arya came over to defend her sister, the Prince threatened to have their heads on spikes and then she warned him that his head on a spike if he did not leave them. The Prince did not listen and again continued to force himself on the Lady, ripping the front of her dress in the process!" He heard the dwarf taking a deep breath. “I saw Joffrey tare Lady Sansa’s gown, exposing her breasts as he continued to force himself onto her. She wanted to scream but you covered her mouth with yours! When she was finally able to break free and she slapped you across the face. You again threatened them and told them you would put their heads on spikes. I saw everything with my own eyes," the dwarf of Casterly Rock stated. 


Ned observed as the King’s face became even more red with rage as he eyed his son and they heard the Lords of the North shouting in anger.


The King the roared with rage, “SILENCE!!!!” Once the room quieted, he said in a voice still laced with anger, “Lord Tyrion, tell me what happened next!" 


"Your Grace, young Arya cut his face with her little sword, in defense, when he grabbed his sword. After the prince placed his hand on his cut the two Stark girls attempted to leave, which is when the prince drew his sword again. As the girls were walking away he attempted to strike Lady Arya from behind…” As the Imp said these words Ned could hear the gasps of everyone gathered in the Great Hall. Tyrion paused for a moment, letting the room quiet down before he continued, "When the prince was about to strike Lady Arya, the direwolf came from the shadows and bit his arm… The wolf was protecting her companion, and prevented Prince Joffrey from committing a heinous crime… The wolf prevented the Prince from killing the young Stark girls.” 


The King appeared to furious as looked at Joffrey. The Northern Lords were all yelling in outrage.


"This is unacceptable! He tried to rape Lady Sansa!" Ned heard Lord Manderly scream.


"He must be punished for his actions!" another Northern Lord demanded.


"He also tried to butcher lady Arya!” He heard Lord Glover exclaim.


The king looked at his son in displeasure, his face was so red Ned thought that his blood must be boiling. He was actually surprised when the King slapped his son across the face. As the King did this he saw the fury in the Queen’s face.


"You tried to rape the Warden of the North’s daughter and then tried murder his other daughter… and then blame a direwolf for protecting it’s master! You bastard!" The King roared in anger as he saw the prince gulp. “You get down there and apologize to Lady Sansa and Lady Arya… now! And mean it!” The prince was shocked but nodded he walked down the stairs and heard the northern lords shout at him.


"You are a rapist should be punished for your actions against the Starks!”


“Take his head!”


“Send him to the wall!”


“He is no Prince of mine!”


The prince walked and stopped in front of his daughters.


When Joffrey just stood there quietly the King yelled, “Get on your knees and tell them that you are sorry boy!" 


The prince slowly got down on his knees, with fear in his eyes as he gritted out, “I am sorry Lady Sansa for trying to force my way onto you without your permission.” He looked at Arya. “I am sorry for trying to strike you with my sword, Lady Arya." His daughter’s just glared at him as he stood up and walked back towards the King and Queen.


"Is that his punishment? That is unacceptable!" Lord Umber hollered from the side of the room.


"He tried to rape Lady Sansa! You killed Rhaegar Targaryen for raping Lady Lyanna Stark! And you only making your son apologize… If it was not for Lady Arya and the wolf he could have been successful! That punishment is unacceptable!" Lord Glover exclaimed.


“Do not dare mention my beloved Lyanna!" The King roared.


"He must be punished by death! His head should be on a spike" Another Northern Lord loudly remarked.


Queen Cersei was furious. “I will not let you Northern fools kill my son! He was the only one injured in this situation! I want the head of that wolf! My son, your future King could have been crippled by that beast!” 


Heard as the Northern Lords and Ladies responded to the Queen’s statement. Some were laughing and other were voicing their outrage. 


"We listen to no Queen who blames a direwolf protecting a child of the North, a Stark, from your rapist, murdering son!” He heard Lady Mormont holler.


However his attention was pulled back to the front of the room as King Robert began to speak.


"I will not kill my son!" The King responded to the Northern Lords demands for justice.


“Then send your son to the Nights Watch for his crimes! His a rapist and a murderer!" He heard the booming voice of Lord Glover yell.


"I am your Prince! I will be King! I will not go to the Wall! How dare you even make such a request! I apologized for my actions… That should be enough!” Joffrey exclaimed with a reddened face.


"We will never follow a king who murders and rapes little girls… let alone a Stark!" one of the Northern Lord voiced loudly from behind him, which earned a round of  ‘Ayes' from all the gathered Northerners.


Ned looked back towards King Robert and watched as he took a deep breath before he shouted in a booming voice, “Joffrey, sit down now! You had better be glad that I am not going to send you to the Wall and that I will not strip your title of the Crown Prince… You are lucky that I am not going to give the Throne to your little brother, Tommen!” Robert then looked at the northern lords, and in a softer tone asked, "My lords, what can I do… what can the Crown do to earn the forgiveness of the North so we can all move on from this unfortunate situation?" 


The northerners all whispered amongst themselves for a few moments and then Lord Glover stood and said, "We want the North to be independent from the Seven Kingdoms… We will never follow your son when he becomes King!" 


Ned stood in shock as another Northern Lord, Lord Manderly he believed, continued, “We want a Stark to be our king! The North will not follow for a your Baratheon-Lannister spawn rule over us after what he did to our Liege Lord’s daughters!” 


Ned observed as fury showed on Queen Cersei’s face and she seethed, "We do not accept this ridiculous request!" 


Robert glared at his wife and shot her a damning look before turing his gaze towards him. “Ned, what do you want me to give you… How can I right the wrong of my son… What can I do in order for you to forgive house Baratheon for my son’s actions against House Stark?”


The room was silent. Ned could feel all the eyes on him as he took a slow deep breath and answered, “Robert, I used to see you as a brother… We grew up together in the Eryie…I supported you when we went to war against the Targaryen. I supported you during the Greyjoy rebellion… But this… This… What your son tried to do to my daughters is unforgivable. Trying to rape one and murder the other… and then try and blame my daughter’s direwolf ! The Direwold is the sigil of my house, the sigil of House Stark... I will never follow a king like that… A king that only wants for himself and does not look out for the safety of his people… I am sorry for this my friend... but I feel that the only way to right this wrong is to grant the North independence from the Seven Kingdoms… The North Remembers, and when your son becomes king the Northern Lords and Ladies will not follow his rule.” 


He noticed that the Prince’s head looked like it was going to burst as he retorted, “I am the prince! I will have all of your heads!” He looked towards the Hound and hollered, “DOG, bring me that rebellious Stark traitor’s head… Bring me all of their heads!” 


The Hound just stood there, and laughed. 


Robert looked at his son in disbelief as he grabbed his son by the shirt, and screamed in his face, “How dare threaten the Noble Lords and Ladies of the North!" The prince gave his father a look of disbelief and he proceeded to slap him across the face once again.


Robert turned his gaze from his son and looked at all of the angry northern lords, many of whom had their hand on the hilts of their swords. Ned saw the man he once consider to be a brother sigh in defeat as he look him in the eye and asked, “Ned, is the Independence of the North what you want in return for my idiot son’s actions?"


“Aye, Robert. The independence of the North is the only way to correct the dishonorable actions of your boy.” 


"The North knows no King but The King in the North whose name is Stark!" Exclaimed the Lady of Bear Island, “Eddard Stark, the King in the North!”


Ned listened as all of the Lords and Ladies respond with cheers of, "The king in the North! The king in the North!”


The continued chanting for several minutes until Robert nodded. He then walked back to the table, sat down, turned to his squire and demanded "Bring me parchment, a quill, my stamp and the Maester!” 


The squire quickly returned with the items and Maester Lewin followed behind. The King began to write. Ned could see the shocked faces of Prince Joffrey and Queen Cersei as he wrote.


When he was finished writing he stood and proclaimed, “I King Robert Baratheon, the first of his name, King of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, and Protector of the Realm, here by name The North as an independent kingdom and name The Starks the Head of the North and King of the North.” He then stamped the proclamation with his Baratheon seal and handed the parchment to Maester Lewin. "Send ravens to every Lord Paramount in Westeros,  to King’s Landing and the Citadel at Oldtown… Tell them all that there are now six Kingdoms and that Eddard Stark, First of his name is now King in the North!" 


Maester Luwin took the parchment, nodded, and silently left the Great Hall. 


The King looked at him and sighed, “Well Ned, you are now King in the North… I hope that one day we can rebuild our relationship and friendship after what happened here today.” He then smiled as he said, "What shall your first orders be as King in the North?" 


They heard as one of the Northern Lords shouted, "Banish Prince Joffrey from our lands for his actions against our Princesses… And banish Queen Cersei as well for trying to blame a direwolf for the crimes of her son!" 


The request was answered with a round of ‘Ayes' as Robert looked toward his and asked "What is your decision King Eddard?"


"I Eddard Stark, First of my name and the King in The North banish Joffrey Baratheon and Cersei Lannister from the North, in perpetuity, for their crimes against House Stark. If they ever return to the lands of the North they shall be punished by death!" said Ned. 


Robert signed and nodded as he relented, "That sounds reasonable.”  


Which is when Ned continued, "With all respect Robert I am king in the North, that is not an offer… It is an order.” His friend looked surprised but nodded, so he continued, “I want Queen Cersei and her children out of the North in first light ... Robert you may stay as long as you wish but I feel it would be best if you leave as well.” 


Robert nodded, "I understand, Ned. I will gather all of our belongings and ride for the capital in first light.” 


Ned then looked at Cersei and gritted out, "Queen Cersei Lannister and Prince Joffrey Baratheon if you ever try to harm one of my children’s Direwolves or any member of the Stark again you will see not only wrath of House Stark, but you will feel the entire wrath of the North!" 


The proclamation was answer with a round of ‘Ayes’ from the Northern Lords and Ladies.


He then turned his gaze back to Robert, Cersei and Joffrey said, "I suggest that you all retire for the night… you will begin a long journey at first light as you ride for the capital.” 


Robert nodded as he grabbed his wife by the arm and his son by the shirt as they filed out of Winterfell’s Great Hall.  


After several rounds of ale and toasts in his honor… The new King in the North, the Great Hall was finally empty except for him. He sat there silently brooding about the events of the evening and the events that will come in the future, when his brother, Benjen entered the room and sat down next to him.


"I heard the news… and I cannot believe what I heard,” Benjen stated as he poured them two tankards of Northern Ale and placed them on the table. 


He smiled at his brother and embraced him. When they pulled away from the embrace, the each grabbed their ale, took a long sip and sat for several minutes in silence.


The silence was broken when Benjen asked, “So… How does it feels to be King in the North?”


Ned smiled at his brother, the signed as he answered, “It feels strange... I still cannot believe what happened here tonight.”


"Who would have thought that my big brother, the great and honorable Eddard Stark would ever become King in the North…” Benjen mused as he continued to drink is ale.


Ned sighed again as he replied in a whisper, “Jon did... He knew something like this would happen. That's why he warned me to keep my eyes on Joffrey Baratheon.” 


Benjen raised an eyebrow as he asked, "What do you mean Ned? Did Jon planned this?"


"Aye, he did.” Ned smiled, “Benjen, he has changed… He knows how to play the game of thrones and so far he is winning.” 


He saw the look of surprise on his brother’s face Benjen. He the asked in a soft tone, “So Jon knew Joffrey would try something… that he would try and harm Sansa and Arya.”


Ned nodded, “Aye… Though, I would have never thought Joffrey would try to rape and murder two of my children. I would have killed the boy if I saw it happen.”


"Why did Jon… How did Jon know to plan all of this?" Benjen asked in utter disbelief.


Ned smiled as he answered, “Jon wanted to find a way for me to be able to grant safe passage to the Wildlings… or as he called them, the Free Folk, south of the Wall. He said that letting them pass through the Wall was the only way to save them from becoming servants to the Night King.


“So that is why you wish to go beyond the wall with me… You wish to parlay with the Mance Rayder, the King Beyond the Wall in order to try him to join our side... Jon side… the side of the living?”


“Aye,” Ned answered with a smile and a nod, “I am also going in order to see the  threat of the Night King for myself… and I want to be there to protect you against the White Walkers.” 


Benjen smiled and refilled their tankards with more Northern ale. He handed his brother one of the mugs and said, "To my big brother… the King in the North.” 


Both brothers smile as they drank to the toast. They then begin discussing their plans for the future and planning for their quest beyond the wall...


 Jon Snow



It was just after sunset in Pentos, the air was still quiet warm, but there was a gentle breeze blowing inland from the narrow sea. The dark evening sky was lit by only the full yellow moon and light being cast off of the meteor. Jon stood on the balcony off his chambers, observing the meteor as it repeatedly changed color from red to blue and then back to red. Sarogon landed on his shoulder and screeched at him drawing his attention away from the night sky. He looked at his small grey dragon, smile and scratched the scales on top of his head, earning content purrs from the gorgeous beast. He then took a deep breath and closed his eyes and all he could see were the blue eyes that haunted his every dream; the sight gave him cold chills and sent shivers down his spine... 


He quickly opened his eyes, took several slow deep breaths, and quietly vowed aloud, "I will not allow it to happen again... I refuse to let that monster take everything that matters to me away once more... I will kill that fucking monster because of what he did!" He clinched his hands into fists in frustration, and took more deep breaths in an attempt to calm his anger. 

Luckily, he was pulled away from the nightmarish thoughts when he was disturbed by a knock on his chamber door. “Your grace it's time,” the calm voice of Ser Jorah called. 

He walked towards the door, but stopped in front of a mirror and observed his reflection. He was wearing a black cotton shirt with a red cloak around his shoulder and black leather breeches. ‘Black has always been my color,’ he mused to himself. On one side of shirt was a small grey Stark direwolf sigil and on the other side was the Targaryen three-headed dragon. He closed his eyes and still, he saw nothing but the neon blue eyes staring back at him. 


He heard another, more urgent knock on his door and then the voice of the old knight, “Your Grace, did you hear me? It is time for your wedding.”


He slowly opened his eyes and looked at his reflection in the mirror once more. He noticed that his eyes turned from a dark orange to dark blue and then back to his normal Stark grey. He smiled at the mirror knowing it was time.


"Aye! Thank you, Ser Jorah. I'll be there in a moment!" Jon called as he began walking to the chamber door. When he opened the chamber door Ser Jorah greeted him. Sarogon screeched at the other man and then flew away down the hall and towards the kitchens.


"Follow me, Your Grace." Jon nodded, and followed behind Ser Jorah as he led the way to Illyrio's garden. 

As they walked through the garden, Jon looked up towards the evening sky light as the comet cast shadows alternating between red and blue. He could hear the water from the garden’s stream flowing in the distance. Then looked at his surroundings and noticed the mature cypress trees, and many different exotic plants and shrubs with colorful flowers that he had never seen before. He could see that candles had been lit, and they were lighting a path towards were Robb, who was standing under a large Lemon Tree. He looked at his brother and smiled as he closed the distance between them. He slowing closed his eyes and took a calming breath to try and settle is nerves while walking towards his place. When he opened his eyes, they were dark blue and then they quickly turned back to grey. 


When Jon reach the Lemon Tree he was embraced by his brother who whispered in his ear, "I still can't believe my broody, shy little brother is getting married," which caused them both to quietly chuckle.


"Aye, I cannot believe it either," he replied as turned around and took his place next to Robb.


As he looked around the Lemon Tree, he saw Ghost, Greywind, Illyrio, Doreah, Jorah and his three blood riders standing around the tree as witnesses. His gaze was then pulled toward the end of the lighted path when he heard hear footsteps approaching. He felt the air leave his chest as his bride… his wife… his Khaleesi, came into view, slowing making her way down the path towards him. At the sight if her it took every ounce of his restraint to keep his jaw from falling to the ground, he wanted to walk down the path, scoop here up in his arms and skip the ceremony. ‘Gods she is so beautiful’ he thought to himself as he look at her perfect body... She was wearing a light grey silk dress and a Targaryen red cloak, which made her purple eyes shine. He noticed that her long silky silver locks had been pulled back into intricate braids with just a few loose curls framing her porcelain face.


When she finally stood next to him, she gave him a knowing smile and he released a breath he did not even know he was holding as he returned her smile. When he smiled at her, he noticed the blush creeping up from her chest to her cheeks. He closed his eyes to say a quick prayer of thanks to his old gods and opened them they were dark blue and turned back to Stark grey. When he met her gaze she appeared to be surprised about something, which made him confused, but neither of say anything. Jon took her hand in his as they both continued to smile at each other.


They turned their attention towards Robb when he started to speak, "Who comes before the old gods on this night?" he said with a grin.


"Daenerys, of House Targaryen, comes here to be wed,” she answered in a firm, unwavering voice, which made Jon’s smile even wider. “A Trueborn Woman and the Rightful Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Lady of the Seven Kingdoms, Protector of the Realm. She comes here to beg the blessings of the gods. Who comes to claim her?"


He looked directly into her eyes, grey meeting purple. He felt his heartbeat rising as he answered, "Aegon of Houses Stark and Targaryen. The Rightful King of the Andals and the First Men, Lord of the Seven Kingdoms, Protector of the Realm and Heir to the Iron Throne, comes here to request her to be by my side."


"Who gives you to this man?" Robb asked.


“I, Daenerys Targaryen, give myself to be wed to this man,” she stated as the smile never left her face.


"Queen Daenerys, will you take this man?"


"I will take this man," she stated as happy tears began to well in her eyes.


"We will now take a moment, to allow the couple to kneel before the tree in this sacred place, so they can ask the gods to bless their marriage." Robb stated as he tried to keep a smile from spreading across his face.


They looked that the other and smiled as knelt down before the Lemon Tree holding hands. Jon closed his eyes and said a quick prayer of thanks that he was able to save Daenerys from her brother and Khal Drogo, and that she remembered him and agreed to again be his wife. When he finished his prayer, he placed a tender kiss to her hand and her eyes again met his.


When the prayers were completed, he help her to her feet. Once her feet were firmly planted on the ground, he used both hand to cup her cheeks, he pulled her face to his and kissed her passionately as their guests laughed and clapped at the display. Only when he needed air did pulled away and met her eyes with a loving smile.


Finally, he broke her gaze, turned to look at his brother, and said, "Thank you Robb."


"Of course brother," he said with a grin.


Jon turned back to his wife and pulled her in for another kiss, when broke with Illyrio came over to congratulate them, "My king and queen I'm so glad for the both of you!" The fat Magister said with a smile


They both smiled at him in return, and Daenerys said, "Thank you, Illyrio"


Illyrio then turned his head, clapped his hands and a chest was brought before them by two servants.


"What is that Illyrio?" Jon asked?


He smiled. “A wedding gift, for the King and Queen,” he said with a smile as he opened the chest. They both gasped at the sight of the three Dragon eggs in the chest. One was black, one was green, and one was gold. 'So it was Illyrio who gave Daenerys her dragon eggs' Jon thought to himself. He was pulled away from his thoughts when Illyrio began to speak again.


"My King, since you are the father of dragon and now my queen you are also the mother of dragon... I thought it would be best to give these dragon eggs to you… Even though time has turned them to stone, I feel that with magic returning to the world, you will be able to one day release them from their shells.”, and he nodded.


She pulled her awe-filled eyes away from the stone eggs, looked at him and said, "Thank you Illyrio for your gift."


The fat man smiled and bowed. "I am honored to serve you, your Grace.” He then turned towards Jon and said, “I have good news, my King.”


"What is it Illyrio?" Jon asked as he raised an eyebrow.


"I just received word that my ship is ready to set sail, your Grace. I will be leaving for King’s Landing on the morrow in order to meet Lord Varys." The man said with smile.


Jon returned the smile, “That is wonderful news, Illyrio... I look forward to meeting with Lord Varys."


"If you would excuse me, my King and Queen. Sadly, I must retire for the night in order to get some rest. I have a long journey a head." Illyrio bowed to Daenerys and Jon, and walked out of the garden to his chambers. 


After Illyrio left, Jon looked at his wife and saw her smile. He reached out for her hand and placed a chaste kiss on the top of it. Then they turned to Robb. "Robb, we are going to retire for the night as well… Would you mind have the Dragon eggs taken to Daenerys chambers?”


“Not at all.”


“Also, would you please keep an eye on Ghost as well as our child, Sarogon for the night?” 


They saw the knowing smirk on Robb's face, "It will be my honor, Jon. Have a pleasant evening you two… and try to keep it down!" They both blushed and smiled at him.


As they started to walk up the candle lit path leading back to the manse, Daenerys leaned over and whispered in his ear, “Take me to your chambers, my King… so that I can fuck you!” His head whipped around, and he saw the smile on her face and lust in her eyes. He returned the smile and finally nodded. He gripped her hand a little tighter as he lead them to his chambers…..




Daenerys Targaryen



She watched as Jon… Her husband… Her King, pushed open the door leading into his chambers. She stood there silently and thought to herself ‘This is all a dream and I am going to wake up to Viserys screaming at me or selling me to the horse lord.’ He gently grabbed her arm, breaking her from her thoughts, and lead her into his chambers. As they entered his chambers and she saw that there was a basket on the table filled with an assortment of meats, hard cheeses and fruits as well as two crystal glasses and a pitcher of red sweet summer wine. Around the room there were dozens of lit white and red candles casting dancing shadows and there were vases full colorful freshly cut red, yellow, pink roses filling the air with an inviting fragrance.


As soon as she heard the chamber door close, she turned around and she felt his soft lips on hers. He then wrapped his arms around her waist as the kiss quickly became more urgent and he teased her bottom lip with his tongue and she granted him the entrance he desired as her fingers tangled into his silk soft curly raven locks. The next thing she knew was that the he was pushing her backwards while assaulting her mouth with his and they did not stop until her back was against the chamber door. As he passionately kiss her she felt his hands wandering along the sides of her gown, searching for the laces of her dress. She figured he got tired of trying to figure out how to properly remove the gown, because a few seconds later he growled into her mouth as ripped the front of her dress open, causing it to fall down to her stomach and expose her bare milky white breasts. He removed his mouth from hers and began to sucking the nipple of one of her breasts while his hand was on the other gently caressing the mound as he rolled the nipple into a peak with his thumb and index finger. She moaned in pleasure, feeling her arousal growing between her thighs  as he continued to suckled and squeezed.


He removed his hand from her breast and used both to rip the last shreds of gown, causing the pieces to fall on the floor. She felt herself flush as she stood completely naked before her husband. She watched as he moved a few steps back admiring her beauty while she stood still against the chamber door. As he looked at her with hungry eyes felt her cunt dripping with desire. She did not want to wait any longer… She needed his cock to be inside of her, so she smiled and slowly began to walk towards him. She grabbed is soft black shirt, pulled his face down to hers and whispered seductively in his ear, "Take off your clothes now, my King.” 


As soon as she released she took a few steps back, he smiled at her and swiftly removed his shirt, exposing his chest to her. She took a moment to admire his chiseled chest and toned abdominal muscles. ‘Gods this man… my husband is gorgeous’ she thought to herself. She then realized he still too many articles of clothing on, so she said, “Now, remove your trousers… I need to see the cock… I need to see what I have been missing for nearly the eighteen years!” He did not need any further motivation… he quickly took off his pants and she saw his dark pink cock, already hardened and standing at attention just in front of her. She purred in anticipation. She was so turned on that she no longer smelled the flowers in the room; all she smelled was her arousal. She gave him a wicked smile, and he closed the distance between them in two steps. He pushed her back against the chamber door, and began to place open mouth kisses to the pulse points on her neck working his way up her neck to her jaw and finally her mouth. As he kissed her one hand was holding an ass cheek while the other was squeezing one of her breast.


She pushed him away in order to refill her lungs with much needed air. Once she was no longer dizzy, she demanded in her queenly facade and tone, “Bend the knee, Jon Snow.”


His laughter filled the room. “I forgot how fucking stubborn you were back then," he said which made her laugh as well.


She quickly regained her composure and again demanded, “Do as I say... and bend the knee, to your rightful queen!” 


“As you command, your Grace.” He said with a smile as knelt down one one knee. She saw him looking up at her with love and desire in his eyes. To her surprise, he took his hands and pulled her legs apart exposing her slick pink cunt. He then held onto her ass as he put his head between her thighs and started kissing her dripping womanhood. She moaned at the pleasure he was providing her which turned to a gasp as slid his tongue inside of her throbbing cunt. 


"Gods Jon!" she moaned as she felt his tongue go from inside her cunt to her tender bundle of neves and then back inside her cunt, going deeper and deeper with each thrust. She felt as he removed one of hand from where it had been squeezing her ass and moved it up to her breast. She let out an unquietly like squeal as that hand went from tenderly caressing her breast to squeezing and playing with her nipple. She gasped as her back went against the door and her leg went on his shoulder. She placed one hand in his hair and the other on his shoulder as he continued is assault on her cunt. She tried to look down at him but she was unable to open her eyes because of the intense pleasure he was providing. A few moments later she felt her stomach tighten as her climax wash through her.


“Come up here and kiss me, my King,” she purred after she caught her breath. He looked up at her and smiled as he stood up and began to kiss her lips once again. As they kissed, she reached for his cock and began to stroke it gently, which caused him to pull away from the kiss and growl in ecstasy.  


“Jon,” she murmured into his ear, “I need for you to be inside me… and I want you to fuck me hard. I do not want you to go easy on me because it is my first time taking a man… I know that you would never do anything to hurt me.” She looked at him and she could tell he was surprised by her request, so she then added, "I want to know how it truly feels like when a dragon mates with another dragon.”


She saw a smile stretch across his face as he said, “As my Queen commands.” She then felt him place both hands on her ass as lifted her up. She wrapped her legs around his waist and they kissed hungrily as he carried he towards the bed. When they reached their destination she was surprised when he threw her down in the middle of the bed and quickly fell on top of her. Their kisses became hurried and sloppy. He removed his mouth from hers and looked her in the eyes as he lined up his cock at the entrance of her cunt and slowly slid inside of her warm wet channel. She could feel herself stretching to accommodate the intrusion of his member. They both gasped at the sensation, and his head fell into the crook of her neck he stayed still for a few moments as they grew accustomed to the feeling of being inside of each other. She knew it would feel strange to her but did not know it would felt like this… It was not really painful as she had expected, but it was not exactly comfortable either.


He looked deep into her in the eyes, silently asking for permission to continue. She gave him a quick nod and he slowly began to thrust into the wet heat of her core. They both took deep breaths as he moved inside of her. She moved her mouth to meet his and as they kissed he began to move his hips a bit quicker and his thrusts became slightly deeper. She knew her wolf did not want to hurt her, that he wanted her to get used to the feeling of his cock inside of her… However, she needed more… so she decided she would have to force the dragon inside of him to awake in order for him to take her hard.


She could see the surprise on his face as she rolled them over, so that she was now on top of him. She smiled down at him and said, “Jon, I want the wolf to go to sleep and the dragon inside you to awake… I know in order for your wolf side from taking me easy I will have to force your dragon side to take over.” She then started to slide her slick cunt up and down the outside length of his hardened member. 


"I would like to see you try waking the dragon inside of me,” he said with a smug smirk trying to stifle a chuckle.


"Is that a challenge I hear, Jon Snow," she stated with a raised eyebrow.


“Aye, it is." he responded.


She smiled as she continued to slide her cunt along his length. She positioned her cunt over the head his cock and sheathed him completely in one swift motion. She moaned as her cunt swallowed him whole and he released a growl of pleasure. She smiled at him, took his hands and placed one on each of her breasts. She wrapped her hands on the outsides of his, forcing him to roughly cup and squeeze them as she ever so slightly began to rock her hips.


She moaned as she felt his cock inside of her and his hands on her breast. She removed her hand from his, put them on his toned pectoral, bent down and whispered in his ear, “You are about to experience what it feels like to be fucked by a dragon, Jon Snow.” She saw that her words caused a smile to stretch across his normally broody face which made her smile as well.


She started to move her hips a little more as she enjoyed the way his cock filled her cunt so perfectly. Before long she was riding him hard and fast and without mercy. She bent over and kissed his plump lips as she continued her assault. She felt the way his cock twitched inside of her causing waves of pleasure to wash over her as her climax neared. This is when she could tell that the wolf went to sleep and the dragon awoke, and was ready to come out at play. He sat up as she rode him and she was surprised he grabbed her hair and pulled it, causing her to her move her head backward and exposed her neck to him. He greedily attacked her neck with open mouthed kisses and started match the movements of her hips with deep thrust of his own. He moved his mouth from her neck to her breast as he continued fuck her hard. Soon you could only hear moans and growls and flesh hitting flesh at feverish pace. Her back started to ache and she could feel her climax beginning to wash over her.


"Jon I'm about to…” she moaned as he silenced her with a searing kiss so forceful that she fell onto her back and he fell on top of her. She was on her back and he was on top; he was now in control and he continued to fuck her hard. He kept on kissing her on the mouth and finally, she pulled away and screamed his name as she reached her orgasm and came. To her surprise he did not slow down, he continued fuck her hard at a relentless pace.


After several more power thrust she could feel him reaching his peak. ”Daenerys I'm about to…” She smiled and pulled him down for a kiss. She could feel that he was about to pull out but she would not allow it. She wrapped her legs around his waist not allowing him escape her grip.


"I don't care Jon give me your seed,” she purred and he smiled at her. After a few thrusts she the muscles of her cunt tighten around his cock as he growled and shot his seed deep into her womb. He collapsed on top of her and after a few minutes rolled off her and laid on his back next to her.


She placed her head on his sweaty chest and smiled as she said, “That was amazing.” She could feel that her cunt was dripping with his seed and she prayed that it would take root. She smiled as she felt the delightful soreness between her legs because of how hard he fucked her.


"We're not done yet," her husband declared. 


She raised her eyebrow, looked under the soft linen sheets and saw his cock was already beginning to harden once again, which made her smile. "I forgot how quickly you recover, Jon Snow.” 

He did not say anything, but he gave her a mischievous smile as rolled on top of her and entered her once again. She gasped as began to he thrust his member into her still slick cunt repeated. He started to kiss her passionately and that is then she knew how it felt like to be taken by a dragon……

Chapter Text

Eddard Stark



It was the next morning, just before dawn, as Eddard Stark, the King in the North, entered the Winterfell’s courtyard. As he walked more Northern folk than he could count greeted him with bows and curtsies. He also noticed that there were several eyes glaring at him, all of which belonged to the Baratheon/Lannister entourage that was preparing the caravan for the Royal Family of the southern six kingdoms, who were set to depart from Winterfell after they had broken their fast. Once he exited the courtyard he walked directly to the crypts, knowing Benjen would be meeting him there, because he had requested him to do so the previous night.


He walked past all the tombs of the old Lords of Winterfell and Kings of the North with their stone direwolves at their feet, only to stop when he reached the stature of his sister, Lyanna Stark, the only woman to be buried in the Crypts. He observed he smooth face and loving expression and sighed as he thought to himself, ‘Lya, the stone mason did a terrible job, the statue does not even come close to your true beauty and good heart… Oh Lya, what would you think of your boy… I know that you would be proud of the leader and King he became… However, what about me… Lya, I failed him in his last life… Should I have told him the truth before he went to the Wall?’ He was pulled from his thoughts a few moments later when he heard footsteps entering the Crypts. He looked down the hallway and smiled as he saw Benjen walking towards him.


"I'm here as you requested, Your Grace.” Benjen greeted with a bow of the head and a smile, which caused them both to chuckle as they embraced each other. Once they broke from the brotherly embrace both looked at the statue of their beloved sister in silence for several minutes. 


Benjen finally broke the comfortable silence when his softly said, "Lyanna would be proud of him... The man who he had become… A king who protects his pack as well as his people." 


These words made Ned smile. “Aye, I am glad you feel that way… I was just thinking if she would be proud of him… However, I feel that she would have smacked me across the face for letting him go to the Wall in his last life… I failed her last time… I was not there to protect him.” He looked at Lyanna's statue and finally turned his gaze back towards his brother Benjen.


“Aye, you are right… She would probably break your nose… But she would forgive you… His death was not your fault Ned… I was not there for him either.”

The brothers looked back to Lyanna’s statue and were silent for a few more moments when Ned put his hand on his brother’s shoulder and started to speak, “Benjen,  I asked you to meet me here... In order to discuss with you a matter of the highest importance.”

His brother knitted his eyebrows and asked "What would you like to discuss, brother?" 


Ned smiled, “I am King in the North now… and a king needs a person to help him keep his kingdom in order... I need a Hand of the King.”


Benjen nodded and asked, "Aye, you do need a hand. Who will you choose?" 


Ned did not speak, however, he raised his eyebrow towards Benjen. He watched his brother as understanding finally washed over his face and he whispered in shock, "You want me to be the Hand of the King in The North?" 


Ned nodded. "Aye, you are my brother and I trust you with everything I have been told about what is happening beyond the Wall and I trust you with my life... I can think of no one else I would rather have by my side... No one better to help me... I can think of nothing I would want more than for another Stark by my side as my Hand.”


"I am honored brother,” Benjen said with a hesitant smile before the smile vanished and he sighed, “But, I must decline... Ned, as much as I would love to remain by your side, I cannot... I am part of the Nights Watch... My place is on the wall.”


Ned smiled sadly, as he thought for a moment before saying, "Aye, that's true but I'm King in the North… I can release you from your Night Watch vows... that is, if you would like for me to do so?" 

He saw his brother shake his head no and smile sadly, "Thank you for the kind offer brother, but I am First Ranger... and I made a vow to man the Wall and guard the Realms of men... And I must honor that vow... Even if that means for life." 


He nodded his head in understanding, and the exhaled as he asked softly, "Since you cannot accept to be my Hand... Do you have any suggestions as to who should I ask?" 


He watched as a knowing smile spread across Benjen’s face as he looked at their sister's statue. "Our beautiful sister's son told you of a person who happens to currently be visiting Winterfell and who plans to travel with us to the Wall... A man Jon said was the best Hand he ever knew." Benjen turned his gaze away from Lyanna’s statue, look him straight in the eyes and raised a single knowing eyebrow.

"Tyrion Lannister," Ned replied with a smile as his brother nodded and returned the smile.


"Aye, he is a good person, Ned. He saved your daughters’ direwolves. He was also the reason that Robert gave up the North... If he had not have spoke on your behalf last night, you would not have been named King in the North... He is smart and you consider him as a friend." 

Ned took a deep breath. "I did ask Jon who he planned to name his Hand of the King... He gave me two names...The first was Ser Davos Seaworth, who currently works with Lord Stannis as assistant master of ships. He told me that Ser Davos was like a father to him, and served as his hand after he had been named King of the North....and the second name was Tyrion Lannister... Lord Tyrion who as Daenerys’ Hand." 

"He is here Ned... ask him... He might accept," Benjen said with a knowing smile. 


 Ned sighed, "Aye, I will ask him... That is if you are sure that you will not reconsider my offer.”

Benjen smiled and sadly shook his head as he answered, "Aye, Ned I am certain, my place is at the Wall.” He put his hand on his brother’s shoulder, looked him in the eye and softly said, “Go... find Lord Tyrion, he is a better choice anyway." 

Ned nodded and gave his brother a parting embrace. A few minutes later he left his brother in the crypts, hoping that Lord Tyrion would be easy to find.

When he exited the crypts he paused for a moment to let his eyes adjust to the rising brightness of the rising sun. Once his eyes adjusted to the light he began his trek back towards the castle, however he did not quite make it to the courtyard before he was stopped by Winterfell’s blacksmith, Mikken.


"My king!" The older blacksmith responded with a smile and a slight bow.


He returned the smile shook the man’s hand and asked, "Mikken, how can I help you today?" 

The blacksmith looked at him and smiled. He took a small object, wrapped in white cloth, out of the front of his apron and place it in Ned’s hand. “I just finished this, your Grace... I started on it as soon as I heard the news the news last night." 

Ned took the small package out of his hand and pulled back the cloth to reveal a beautiful Hand of the King pendant made of castle forged steel. The pendant looked just like the one of the southern kingdoms, but surrounding with a hand was a snarling direwolf. Ned was speechless as he admired the craftsmanship.


"I thought you might need a Hand of the King pendant, your Grace," Mikken broke the silence with a nervous smile on his face.

“Mikken, this is amazing,” Ned responded as he placed the pendant in his pocket, looked at the man, and smiled. “Thank you... I this is even better than I could have ever imagined." 

“You are welcome, your Grace... Oh, and by the way, the workstation for the young blacksmith has been prepared.”

“Excellent... thank you again, for everything you have done, Mikken.”

The old blacksmith smiled and “You are most welcome, you Grace,” as turned and walked back towards the forge. 

He continued his walk in search of Lord Tyrion... he first checked the library, and then the chambers he had been given, but both places were empty... Finally he went to the Great Hall and found the Dwarf of Casterly Rock, sitting at a table in the sack corner, drinking wine while reading an old book.


"Lord Tyrion," The King in the North called kindly as he made his way over to where the other man was sitting. 

The sound of his voice caused the half-man to up from the book, with a smile spread across his face as he quickly stood. "Your Grace, it is wonderful to see you this morning.”


"It is good to see you as well... I was actually looking for you... Do you mind if I join you?" 

The dwarf smiled and said, "Of course not, your Grace, please sit.” As Ned sat Tyrion added, “Would you care for a goblet of wine?” 

“No thank you, my lord.”

“Well... how can I be of assistance this morning, your Grace?” He asked as he took a sip of wine and knitted an eyebrow.

Ned sighed nervously, "The lords of the North have told me that I need a capable Hand in order to keep the North in order, and to help observe for any possible threats." 

The dwarf of Casterly Rock nodded and started to speak, “Your grace ..." but before he could continue Ned cut him off.


"Please, Lord Tyrion call me Ned. After what you did for me, and my daughters last night... You have proven that you are a man of honor... and a man I consider to be a friend."


Tyrion smiled at the King in the North’s words, and began to speak again, "Ned  ... Why would you discuss something like the Hand of the King in the North with the dwarf of Casterly Rock?" they both smiled.


"You’re a smart and honorable man, Tyrion. You are good in playing the game of thrones. You helped save my daughter’s direwolf and helped me to be named King in the North... and because of your actions last night your nephew lost one of his kingdoms. I see you choose honesty before family and.... We both know Cersei will want her revenge on you..." 


When Ned paused, Tyrion smiled and said, "Go on King Eddard Stark... I am quite enjoying your flattery... and I might add, you are doing a good job of convincing me to stay in the North.”


Ned tried to hide the ghost of a smile that attempted to curl on his lips as he continued, "I know your father... Does not care for you as a father should and that your sister blames you for the death of your mother... The only person who is dear to you is your brother, Jaime... You have never known how it feels to have a true family. If you were to accept my offer to become my Hand, you will be part of the Stark pack... You would become a member of the Stark family... In addition to helping me rule justly, I would need for you to help keep an eye on my children if I am not at Winterfell... You would be an uncle to them... And by becoming a member of the pack I will do everything thing in my power to keep you safe and to never bring you dishonor...” As Ned paused to take a deep breath he noticed the dwarf’s smile had widened. “I know it’s a big decision lord Tyrion... I know I should not ask your answer straight away... I can understand if you need time to think it over... but if you would be willing to stay at Winterfell, I can think of no better man to be my Hand than you, Lord Tyrion...”


"Seeing that my father will become Robert’s Hand... I would like nothing more to stay far away from him as possible... and seeing that my nephew did lose one of his kingdoms, Cersei and my father are most like to be very angry at me." He looked at the dwarf who took a deep breath. "I except your offer, your Grace. I will be your Hand." 

Ned could feel his heart rate rising... He could not believe that Lord Tyrion had agreed to become his Hand. He finally smiled, stood up and released a breath he was not aware he was holding. "Lord Tyrion, are you sure?" 


"I am.” The Dwarf answered with a smile. “You, your family, as well as the North make my life more interesting... I would have nothing to do when I return home, except hide from my sister and Father, so I might as well help you in the infamous Game of Thrones." 

He smiled and took the Hand of the King pendant from his pocket. He looked Tyrion in the eye and said, "Tyrion of House Lannister, I, Eddard Stark, first of my name, King in the North, name you hand of the King in the North.” The dwarf smiled as Ned showed him the pendant. "My blacksmith surprised me with this this morning, he stayed up all night crafting it for my for my hand," he said as he pinned it on Lord Tyrion tunic. 


"Thank you, your Grace. I would give you my sword but I'm afraid that I do not have one... My Lord Father felt it was best I never learned to wield one I am afraid.” 

"I only need you Lord Tyrion... but if you ever chose to learn swordplay, I can commission one of our blacksmiths to make one for you... and have our Master at Arms, Ser Rodrik teach you the basics.” Ned responded as he smiled and chuckled softly. 

“I might just take you up on the offer, Ned.”

They both sat down and toasted to Tyrion’s new position; Tyrion with wine and Ned with Northern Ale. When he sat his tankard down on the table he noticed Tyrion had been reading one of the old Valyrian books he had taken from the Tower of Joy.

"Have you found anything in the books that can shed any truth to the comet that has appeared in the sky?" 

The dwarf looked at the book and then smiled. "I have, actually... That thing in the sky is not the sign of an Ice dragon returning, as I had originally thought... it means something else."


He took a deep breath, then took a long sip of his ale, and breathed out, “Something else?” 


"According to this book,” Tyrion started as he opened the book that was laying on the table, “Valyrians believed that when the change color-changing comet, a comet that changes from red to blue and back to red, appears in the sky, it signifies his return..."


Ned raised his eyebrow. "His return? Who’s return?”


"The return of the Prince who was promised, Azor Ahai... or a better term would be .... The boy of the song of Ice and Fire... That thing, in the sky does signify the return of a dragon but it is not an ice dragon or normal dragon, but a very rare dragon... the term the old Valyrians used for it was a hybrid..." 


Which made Ned raised his eyebrow, "Hybrid... What exactly does that mean?" When he asked his he could see the excitement on his Hand’s face.


"A hybrid dragon is a dragon that was only theorized... it had never been seen... it says in the book that this dragon could breathe both fire and ice... based on the emotion the rider was feeling at the time... that it would breathe an icy blast when the rider was calm or fire when the rider was angry." 

This information was very interesting to Ned. "Emotions?"


"Yes, it says in the book that the person who controls the dragon can change his or her eye color based on his or her emotions. That the rider’s eyes would be dark blue when feeling calm or a dark honey orange when feeling anger or the lose of a loved one." 

Ned was getting worried about Jon. He then noticed the dwarf was looking at him, indicating that there was more. So he asked, "And?" In the calmest voice he could muster.

“If the person who controls this dragon loses control of their emotions and is filled with rage... The dragon will also be filled with rage and will become uncontrollable…” He watched as Tyrion swallowed hard before resuming the conversation, “if that were to happen both the dragon and the rider would lose control of themselves and kill anyone or anything that stands in their path whether it is a friend or a foe…" 


Ned thought to himself as Tyrion spoke. ‘Dear Gods! I need to send word to Robb… I have to warn him what might happen if Jon loses control.


Their conversation was halted when they heard the loud echoing of heavy footsteps entering Great Hall. The looked up and noticed King Robert, who red-face and breathing heavily, clearly upset as he stomped over towards them.


"Ned! We need to talk now!" Robert roared. 

Ned and Tyrion both looked at each other and then looked towards Robert. "How may I help you, Robert?" Ned responded, trying to keep his tone as even as possible. 


Robert shoved a crumpled piece of parchment in his face and gritted out, "Read this!" 

Ned took the peace of paper and read it through as Robert continued to pace the stone floors of the Great Hall.


Dear King Robert

I have my little birds have sang to me that Khal Drogo is dead. He was brutally murdered by a man calling himself Aegon Targaryen, the true heir to the iron throne.. After Drogo’s defeat the man was named the new Khal and was granted Drogo’s the Khalasar.

There have also been songs sung by the common folk in Pentos... that they saw a small dragon riding on the new Khal’s shoulder as he rode through the streets with his bloodriders. I have reason to believe that this ‘Aegon Targaryen’ has somehow hatched a dragon.

The final song that has been sung to me is that he has married Daenerys Targaryen and named her as his Khaleesi.

Lord Varys, Master of Whispers


Ned took a deep breath, handed the parchment to Tyrion, and looked up, met Robert’s red-faced gaze, and simply answered, “And?"

He could tell Robert was fuming, “And... And... A person calling himself ‘Aegon Targaryen,’ the true born heir to my throne, has killed Khal Drogo and received an army!" He looked between Ned and Tyrion before he continued, "He is a Targaryen, Ned... He is a dragon spawn!! How dare he name himself the true heir to my throne!" 

Ned knew this would happen eventually. He took a deep breath and calmly responded, "Robert... We both know Aegon Targaryen, Elia and Rhaegar’s son, is dead... His head was crushed by the Mountain during the sacking of King’s Landing eighteen years ago.” 

He was surprised when Robert laughed. "You honestly think I am stupid Ned! Of course I know that boy is dead!  I saw the body with my own eyes when it was presented to me by the Lannisters!”


"Then he is nothing more than a pretender Robert!" Eddard lied keeping his tone as even as possible. 

Robert finally stopped pacing and sat down on the bench next to him. "A pretender who has married Daenerys Targaryen... No, he must be a Targaryen! My guess it that Viserys Targaryen disguising himself as Aegon Targaryen to try and solidify his claim and pull Dorne to his side... And married his sister because those dragonspawn love their disgusting incest." 

He looked over at Tyrion when he heard a gasping sound. He noticed that his Hand’s eyes were wide-open as he choked out, "He has... a Dragon! He's the Hybrid Dragon’s rider!" 


"What do you mean Imp?" Robert asked with a furrowed brow.

Before Tyrion could answer, Ned answered, "What My Hand means is...." 

However, before he could finish he was cut off by Robert’s roaring laughter. "He is your Hand?” the fat king managed to choke out between bouts of chuckles. 

Ned nod. "Aye, he is." He could tell Robert was surprised by this announcement, and he quickly tried to quench his laughter with a cough. Once the laughter had subsided, he could again see the raging fury on the face of the man he once called his brother and his King.


“Ned ... We need to take care of this Aegon Targaryen! He is a threat to the throne... A threat to my throne and to your throne!" 


Ned sighed and then answered, "Robert... This man is no threat… He has no ships and the Dothraki will never cross over sea... Please, Robert, just let the Targaryen children be!" He could see the look of utter disbelief on Robert’s face after he spoke those words.


"You can't be serious Ned! Rhaegar Targaryen took your sister against her will... He kidnapped her and raped her! He took away the only women I ever truly loved!"


Ned took a deep breath and willed himself to remain in control of his emotions. "Aye, and for his actions you killed him at the battle of Trident... You plunged your Warhammer into the man’s chest, hitting him so hard that he fell into the river.” He took another calming breath before he continued, “All the Targaryens are almost gone Robert, just let them be."


He could see Robert’s wrath building. His face was so red it looked like it would fly from his shoulders at any moment.


"Ned, I will not stop until every dragonspawn is dead!" Robert gritted out as he gripped the table in front of his so hard that his knuckles had turned white.


Ned needed to get away from Robert and his anger. He needed fresh air. He stood up from the table, looked at Robert and said, "Then you will have the six kingdoms to help you if the war arrives… The North will have no part in the extinction of the Targaryens.” He then turned and began to walk out of the Great Hall.


"Ned, do not walk away from me! How dare you say you will not heed my call if the war arrives! I'm your King!" Robert seethed.


Ned turned around, looked Robert in the eyes and coolly stated, "The North is no longer part of the six kingdoms, Robert. I am the King in the North. And the North will have no part in a war that is not even a threat to your throne." 


Robert stood up from the table and yelled, "He has a dragon Ned!"


"That is what your Master of Whispers has reported… However, have you seen an actual dragon?" Robert remained quiet, so he continued, "Of course you haven't Robert and even if the Dragon was real... The dragon will take years to grow large enough to become a threat to your throne."


He noticed as Robert looked away from him and to Lord Tyrion, silently asking for confirmation of his words. Following Tyrion’s nod of validation, Robert stomped wordlessly out of the room. 


After a few moments of silence, Ned looked to his Hand and said, "Lord Tyrion, I am heading to see Maester Luwin, would you care to join me?"


"Of course, your Grace. I would like nothing more." The dwarf then gathered the books he had spread across the table, stood up and followed him outside as they made their way to Maester Luwin’s turret.


As they walked, Ned looked to his Hand and quietly asked, "You know something more about the dragon, don’t you?"


Tyrion looked at him, nodded and discreetly answered, "A hybrid dragon grows at a much faster rate when compared to an ice or fire breathing dragon… If the books are correct, a hybrid dragon can begin to fly just hours after it hatches… Normal dragon can take a month or longer before, they can fly… Also, at the rate they grow, they could be large enough to be ridden by then time it reaches eight moon turns… a normal dragon could take as long as 4 – 5 years before it is large enough to support the weight of it’s rider.”


Ned was surprised by this, he looked down at Tyrion to ask another question, but saw that he was looking at somewhere. He followed the gaze of his Hand and noticed that he was watching as Cersei and Jaime entered the broken tower.


"Your Grace, do you mind if I say goodbye to my brother?"


Ned smiled. "Of course not Lord Tyrion. Wish him safe travels and inform him that the hospitality of Winterfell is his if he chooses to visit.”


The dwarf smiled, slightly bowed his head and said, "Thank you, your Grace. I will meet up with you later." 


He nodded and Lord Tyrion took his leave. The then continued his way to the Maester’s tower deep in thought, not only about Jon and his dragon, but also about what Jon had told him about Ser Jaime and all that he suffered in his last life… How he lost all of his children one by one… How he lost his sword hand… about how even he had turned on Cersei in the end. ‘I never thought that I would say the Kingslayer is welcome in Winterfell… However, after what Jon told me of the future… How he also turned on his sister, and gave his life for the North… he did have some honor left in him… hopefully it rises to the surface sooner this time.


As he entered Maester Luwin’s chambers, he noticed his was sealing the scrolls… The scrolls that were to inform the other six kingdoms that The North was now independent, and that he, Eddard Stark, First of his name, was now the King in the North. He took a deep breath and called, "Maester Luwin.”


"Your Grace,” the kind older man replied with a smile


"I need to send a raven to my son Robb. He is currently at the manse of Illyrio Mopatis, who is a Magister in Pentos."


"Is something wrong your Grace?" The Maester asked with a raised eyebrow and concern in his tone.


"Aye… Jon's dragon is not a normal dragon. It is not an Ice Dragon either... If the book Lord Tyrion was reading is correct, it is a hybrid dragon.”


"A Hybrid Dragon, your Grace?"


"Aye… According to the book, it is a dragon that can breathe both fire and ice, based on its companion’s emotions.” The Maester nodded in understanding.


Ned then took a piece of parchment and started writing his letter to Robb. After he finished writing, he rolled it up, sealed it and handed it to the Maester as he said, "Send this to Robb, as soon as possible." 


"Of course, your Grace." The Maester then grabbed the other raven scrolls and headed to the rookery.


After the Maester left the room Ned let out a deep sigh, not knowing what the future bring will them....



Jaime Lannister



It was early in Winterfell. The sun was just being to rise over the battlements. His sister, Queen Cersei, and Royal Children, Joffrey, Tommen and Marcella were in their chambers gathering the last of their belongings and preparing to leave the North for the Capital. Jaime had left his family earlier that morning and was in the courtyard, as the King commanded, helping to move the supplies and trunks into the wagons and carriages. As he quickly worked, so they could leave this gods forsaken hell hole as fast as possible, he heard footsteps approaching from behind. He turned around towards the sound and saw that his sister was swiftly making her way to where he was standing; he took a deep calming breath in order to mentally prepare himself for complaining.


"Jaime! I need to speak to you!” She seethed quietly when she closed the distance between them to just a few feet. 

He looked around him to make sure no one was going to over hear their conversation... He saw several servants continuing to load the caravan and he saw Tyrion speaking with Lord Stark or should he say, King Ned. Seeing that no one was paying attention to their conversation, he looked back towards his sister and sighed, knowing that she was furious by the look on her face. He took one more calming breath before he calmly asked, “What is wrong now, Cersei?" 


"Come with me now! We need to speak in private!" She gritted through her teeth as she grabbed his hand and led him towards the abandoned tower. They entered the dirty old tower and walked up the rickety wooden stairs, which led to the top floor, where they had made love the morning before. When they reached the dust covered space she released his hand and began to pace.

After several moments of silence, he walked over to her put a comforting hand on her shoulder, which stopped her pacing. However before he could speak, she pulled away from him and cut him off with her own anger-filled words.


"I cannot believe that my pathetic excuse of a husband agreed to grant the North independence!" She practically screamed as she kicked an old table that was hidden under a white cloth. 

He walked over to her, put one hand on each shoulder, looked her square in the eyes and rasped out, "Cersei, you need to calm down!" While he looked at her all he saw was a festering anger and she was about to blow.


"Calm down!” She exclaimed as she pulled away from him and started pacing once again, “How can you expect me calm down, Jaime?" He took a deep breath as he waited for her to continue. "How can I calm down when those Northern dogs stole one of our son’s rightful Kingdoms? Do not tell me this was not part of their plan all along! The Stark’s rebelled against the throne just as I told you they were planning to do!" 

He shook his head... he was beyond frustrated with his twin and could no longer keep himself calm as he gritted out, "Cersei... The Starks did not plan this! They did not plan Joffrey’s actions! Joffrey is not a normal boy... he is not a normal Prince because you have always spoiled him too much! He no discipline! He thinks that just because he is the Crown Prince he can do as he pleases without repercussions! If he had an ounce of self-control… an ounce of honor and acted more like a true king, we would not be in this particular situation... Robert would not have had to give the North their Independence!" 


She looked at him and her eyes were wide open... he could tell she did not want to believe what he just told her. She was about to retort but he did not allow it as he continued his speech. "Joffrey did not help the situation when he ordered the Hound to take the Warden of the North and his daughters’ heads... This was entirely his fault... Do not blame the North or Starks for his actions!" 

She had an evil smirk across her face and shook her head no, as she fumed, "How dare you say that your boy was the reason for losing one of his kingdoms!" 


Jaime was furious as he nearly screamed at his sister, "Cersei, he tried to rape Sansa Stark... attempted murder Arya Stark… and blamed a direwolf for saving his sorry ass! If he had done something like this to our family, to Tommen or Marcella... we would not follow a King like him either!" 

He saw that she was speechless by his words; she glared daggers into him before she started walking around the room once more. After a few laps, she turned to him and said in a venom-laced tone, "This is entirely that little monster’s fault! He turned to another family and betrayed his own!”

He could not believe what he just hears. ‘Is she really trying to blame our little brother for Joffrey's actions’' He thought before he sighed and said, "I cannot believe that you are trying to blame Tyrion for your son's horrible and dishonorable behavior!" 


"My son?” She laughed mockingly, “You seem to forget that you were the one who sired him and my other children as well!" He could not believe how loud she said this and the rawness of her tone.


"Cersei, you need to keep your voice down!" Which made her laugh louder.


"Or what... My drunken, whoring, fool of a husband know that I am fucking my brother?" 

He could not believe her behavior. He has seen her angry almost daily for the last eighteen years, but he had never seen her this full of raging anger in his entire life. He felt helpless. He did not know what to do or what to say to get her to calm down, but he damn well needed to do calm her down somehow. He was furious about the situation as well, but not so much with the Starks, his anger was directed towards their entitled idiot of a son. He took a calming breath before again attempted to smother some of her fury.


"Cersei, I understand... you are angry! Stop saying things which would..." Which is when she stopped him.


"Say things that would what Jaime? Rise in rebellion? We already have one kingdom what is scheming their plot against the throne," she said as she clenched her fists, paused for a moment and then continued with gritted teeth, "I will have all of their heads... as well as the head of our traitorous monster of a little brother for betraying us!" 

Both their heads snapped towards the doorway when they heard footsteps entering the room. He was surprised when he saw Tyrion approaching where they stood in the top room of the broken tower.


"You will do no such thing Cersei!" Tyrion stated evenly. 

After Tyrion’s words he looked over towards Cersei, he saw how her face flushed red, and her eyes were glazing daggers. He held his breath, preparing for the fury that was she was about to unleash. 


Seconds later she screamed, "You little monster! I will have your head!" She was about to slap him but Jaime caught her arm.


"You will leave the Starks alone, Cersei,” Tyrion passionately retorted.

They both looked at his brother.


"Why do you care so much for the Starks Tyrion?" Jaime asked with a look of curiosity.


"Because my dear brother,” he paused to take a deep breath, “I am friends with the King in the North and I am his Hand.” 


The room was silent. Finally, Jaime broke the silence when he breathed out, "You are King Eddard Stark’s Hand of the King?" Tyrion nodded in confirmation. He was about to congratulate his brother before the shrill of Cersei’s voice shattered the moment.


"You little monster! You betrayed your family!" He could see by the look on Tyrion’s face that was starting to anger.


"I did not betray my family!” His little brother emotionally exclaimed. “I made sure that he was not punished by death... If I had said nothing and truth got out the Northerners would have killed your mad son... which I cannot say that I would actually mind... but I did it for Jaime... the only family member that I have who had ever given two shits about me!" 

Cersei and Jaime both looked at each other in confusion. Jaime needed clarification, so he hesitantly asked, "Me... Why would you save Joffrey’s life for me, Tyrion?"


His little brother sighed before he softly and in matter of fact tone answered, "For your son of course." 

Jaime felt all the air escape from his lungs... He could not believe what his little brother just said. Finally, he muttered, "How did you know... you overheard?" 

Tyrion nodded sadly in response, and then softly said, "I'm disappointed in the both of you..." However, before he could finish, Cersei started talking.


"How dare you judge us you little monster! May I remind you..." 

"I would watch my tongue if I were you Cersei!” Tyrion cut her off, “I will have no remorse telling King Robert who really sired the royal children." 

When he said those words Cersei quickly became quiet and moved her gaze from their little brother to him, as he all the blood appeared to drain from her face. Therefore, their little brother continued his rant.


"I can't believe you! Now it make sense why Joffrey is such a mad little cunt! With all of your sadistic blood running through his veins.... He will truly be the mad king reborn... Listen to me very carefully, Cersei!" She looked at their little brother and he sighed, but was not able to calm his anger as he continued, "I want Joffrey off the throne! Send him for the wall of his insolence! I will not allow a mad Lannister boy be on the throne! You son will never be my King!"


Jaime felt sick to his stomach at his brother’s words while Cersei laughed. He did not know what to think... his brother was threatening to expose one of the biggest secrets in Westerosi history and she was laughing. He ran his hand down his face, then looked at his brother and asked, "What will you do Tyrion?"


He had a victorious smirk on his face as he calmly responded, "I will send a raven to every warden in the SIX kingdoms, all of the major houses and the Citadel, simply telling them who really sired the Royal Children... Which will cause a rebellion against Joffrey’s crown... Think about it dear sister, they only kingdom on your side would be the Westerlands... but they would probably rise against the Lannister rule as well... Therefore, you would be fighting a war against the entirety of all six kingdom with your only ally being yourself." 

She raised her eyebrow. "How dare threaten me!"


He looked straight into Cersei’s eyes as he said, "It is not a threat but a promise... if you ever do anything to harm the North or allow Joffrey to sit on the Iron Throne, I will not hesitate to send the ravens and then you will know what it is like to be powerless... Besides, it will be good to show the boy that he is no King... He is nothing more a sick bastard!” He then turned his gaze to Jaime, with a bit a remorse in his eyes as he said, “I am sorry, brother, but I will not allow another mad King to rule over the other six kingdoms... the people of Westeros do not deserve another king who cares only for himself and nothing about his people.”


"It is fine Tyrion... I agree with you... Joffrey should never rule the six kingdoms.” After he said these words could feel the heat of Cersei’s eyes boring deep into his soul.


"You agree with him?" She fumed.

Jaime nodded and sighed as he said, "I do Cersei... Joffrey will be a horrible king... and I do not want to find myself stabbing him in the back, like I had to do with Aerys... He must be punished for his actions. He cannot go on believing that he is invincible... that can do whatever he wants just because he is the prince... Also, by doing this, the North could start forgiving us and might rejoin the Seven Kingdoms." 


"I will not send Joffrey to the wall!" Her shrill voice making his ears burn.


"Fine Cersei but hear me now! Neither you nor Joffrey will never return north of the Neck... Neither of are welcome here.... Stay away from the Starks.... And if you ever try and return or cause harm to the North or it’s people, I WILLsend a raven to every kingdom!"  

She was about to protest but Jaime put a hand to her chest, as he spoke first, "Thank you Tyrion .... For your warning." 

Their brother nodded and turned to leave. Then he topped and looked at Jaime with sad eyes, and in a softer tone said, "Cersei may be banished from the North... but Jaime, I do hope you will come and visit me sometime in the future. If you do, the hospitality of Winterfell will be yours.”


"Of course I will Tyrion," Jaime replied with a true smile.


"Send father my regards and tell him he will not have to see me... I am sure that will please him." With that being said, Tyrion turned to leave. 

Cersei and Jaime watched as he waddled from the room and listened in silence as they heard the creaking of the stairs. Once silence filled the space and he knew that they were alone, he looked to his sister, sighed and said, "Cersei... Tyrion gave you a warning... Just, please don't fuck it up!" 

He then left her alone in the tower and went back to the courtyard to continue packing. He wanted nothing more than to get as much distance as possible, as quickly as possible, between his sister and son, and the Starks and the North....





Jon Snow



"Daenerys! Daenerys!… Please… don't do it!"

He saw blue eyes in the darkness….

"I'm sorry Dany... I'm so sorry!" 


He awoke with a start, eyes open wide and gasping for air. He took several calming breaths, and look at his reflection in the looking glass and watched as his eyes slowly turned to a dark orange color to a dark blue as his breathing became less labored. Then once his breathing was under control they turned to his normal shade of charcoal grey. He looked to his left and saw his naked wife sleeping in the bed peacefully. It warmed his heart that she was safe.


He moved over to her side, placed one of his hands on her hair and began to tame her tangled moon-kissed locks with his fingers. He leaned over and pressed a tender kiss to her cheek, which caused her to slightly move her head towards him. He smiled as he took in his wife’s beautiful, naked form pressed next to his. He then proceeded to press chaste kisses to her cheeks and forehead.


"Hmmmm,” she murmured, softly as he continued his loving assault, which only heightened his arousal. He smiled as he placed one more kiss on her forehead. 


"Jonnnnn!" she purred as she shimmied closer towards his named form and placed her head on his chest. She then took one of his arms, placed them around her, and fell seemed to fall back asleep, which made him chuckle.


"Dany it is time to wake up," Jon whispered in her ear, and then nipped at her earlobe.


She wordlessly shook her head no.


He took the arm that she had draped over her, moved his hand to her chin and tilted it up towards him. Her eyes were still closed but he could tell she was trying to hid a smile because the corners of her plump lips were turned up ever so slightly. He placed his lips on hers. When she parted her lips he took the opportunity to slide his tongue inside of her mouth. Her breath-taking amethyst eyes fluttered open and she deepened the kiss as their tongues battled.


She rolled them so that she was on top, as she continued to kiss him passionately. She pulled away for air and breathed out with a knowing smile on her face, "You are playing a dangerous game, Jon Snow!" 


He returned the smile, placed both hands on her cheeks, and brought her mouth back to his. When a moan escaped, he took the opportunity to roll them once more so that he was now on top of her. 


Finally, when he pulled away, he asked, "How did you sleep, my love?" 


A giggle escaped, and then she playfully answered, "I was having a wonderful dream... until this King woke me and dares to make love to me... Which he knows is my weakness.” He also released a slight chuckle as he placed a chaste kiss to her lips. He then looked into her eyes, preparing to show her how much she means to him when she suddenly raised an eyebrow and asked, "How were your dreams, my husband?"


'I cannot let her know what happened in my dreams' he thought, hoping that his smile was enough to calm her worries, as he smoothly lied, "They were peaceful." Which caused the most perfect smile to grace her face.


"I am happy that you slept peacefully." 


He smiled at her, relieved that she believed him because he knew he was a terrible liar, and resumed their passionate kisses. As their kissing intensified, he felt all the blood in his body rushing to his groin and his cock to hardened against her stomach. He positioned himself between her legs, and grabbed his member with one hand to guide it to her entrance. Then, just before he slide is cock into her burning moist heat she grabbed his arm, and said, "Wait!"


He pulled away with a look of surprise on his face, searching her eyes for an answer to her sudden hesitation. When he saw nothing amiss he worriedly asked, "Dany, is something wrong?" 


She smiled at him, pushed him lightly, which lead him to fall onto his side, she face him and sheepishly said, "I... I am just a little sore... Remember my body is not yet used to having your cock inside of me." 


He furrowed his eyebrows in fear, and in a concerned tone asked, "Dany... Did I hurt you?" 


She smiled and shook her head. She then placed a hand on his cheek, as she looked him in the eyes and said, "Jon, I lost count after the fourth time we made love and you gave me your seed last night... Even in our past life, we only accomplished that in our time on the boat... I just need a little rest... Please do not regret last night." 


He smiled as she shook his head no and answered, “I could never regret what we did last night.”


She smiled back, put her hand behind his neck and pulled his head to hers for a tender kiss. After the kiss, a chuckle escaped his lips.


"What is so funny, Jon Snow?"  


He lazily draped his arm across her shoulders, and continued to chuckle as he snorted out, "You did ask me to wake the dragon and claim you as mine...”


She laughed, “And that you did!” She then sat up, placed a hand on each side of his face and when she looked into his eyes, Jon felt as though she was looking into his soul. She placed a gentle kiss on his lips and lovingly said, "I am completely yours, my love... My body, my mouth… everything is yours and it shall be only yours until the end of our days."


He laid on his back and had a smirk on his face. He then mumbled, making sure that his gruff Northern accent was thicker than normal because he knew it drove her crazy in their last life, "Show me… Show me what is mine, my Queen." 


To his surprise, she moved over his body and kissed his mouth grabbing his hand and pulling him to a sitting position as she climbed out of the bed. She then stood in front of him stark naked and he sat on the edge of the bed looking up at her. He gasped in shock as she took his hands and placed one on each of her breasts.


"These are yours," she breathed out with a smirk while giving his hands an encouraging squeeze. He then cupped and gently started caressing her breasts. She gave a tiny moan as he brought his mouth to one of her nipples and began to suckle as his hand kneaded her other breast. He pulled away from her nipple, blew on it and watched as it peaked. 


He looked up into her eyes, feeling his erection beginning to stir beneath the thin cotton sheet. He tried to suppress a smile as he asked, "What else is mine?" 


Her violet orbs met his grey ones as she smiled and took his hands again. She then spun around so her back was towards his front. She turned her head to meet his gaze once more, taking his hands and placed them on her ass. "This is yours,” she said seductively as he firmly gripped both cheeks. He then kissed down her spine and did not stop until he had placed a chaste kiss each of her ass cheeks. 


When he was finished admiring her backside he gruffly asked, "What else?" 


She turned back around, took one of his hands, placed it between her legs, and purred, "This is yours only yours..." Normally, he would have given her sweet cunt the proper attention it deserved but he knew she was sore so just placed a chaste kiss to the top of silver curls.


Before he could ask her what else was his, she took both of his hands and placed them over her beating heart. She then bent over and murmured in his ear, "And, this... My soul... My heart... My love... is yours now and forever." 


He could not prevent the smile that spread over his face at her declaration of her love to him. The next thing he knew was that her mouth was on his. As they kissed, she pushed him onto the bed and sat on his thighs, just beyond his throbbing erection.


When she pulled away, his mouth tried to follow. She placed a finger over his mouth to stop him, as she then began to place chaste kisses along his jaw, then his neck, then to his chest... ‘Gods what did I do to deserve this woman,’ he thought as she then began kissing all the places on his chest that used to be littered with ugly half healed scars. 


After she finished placing her kisses, she looked up at him and purred, “You might not be able to fuck me right now, but we can do... other things... And I still have not punished you for, ‘bending the knee’ to me last night."  When he raised his eyebrows in expectation, she gave him a seductive, knowing smile.


It took all of his willpower not to grab her hips and fuck her senseless as she took her tongue and licked from where the scar over his heart had once been, all the way down to his engorged cock. She started stroking his manhood, looked up at him with hooded eyes and a wicked smirk as she murmured, “This magical cock of yours .... I need to taste it..." Jon swallowed hard in anticipation; knowing where this was going.


While she was stroking his cock he tried to think of something to talk about with her... something that would make sure he did not climax to her tender touch like a green boy... something concentrate on besides the pleasure she was providing him. He took a deep breath then said, "I remember you telling me, that in the past... in the Essosi many common folk wanted you to be on my knees for them... That even in the brothels, they had whores dressed in your likeness... Whores whose job was to help them accomplish their fantasies about you...” He had to pause for a moment to take a deep calming breath, and then continued his speech, “But know this, Daenerys Targaryen... in this life, the only man who will know what it’s like to have his cock in your mouth will be me and only me... You told me, in our past life, that I was the only one that you ever pleasured with your mouth... I intend for that to be the same in this life ... No one will know how it feels to have you perfect mouth on their cock, but me."  He then thought to himself, 'She did tell me in our past life that she never took Drogo or Daario in her mouth... Seeing that Drogo was only interested in taking her like a stallion takes a mare and wanted her to bare him a son... and Daario... that piece of shit only wanted to conquer her and brag about his conquest... She would never do that with Daario'


He was pulled from his thoughts when she smiled up at him with a look of mischievousness. She then astounded him when bent down and proceeded to place a tender kiss on the head of his cock. He released a growl when she then slowly licked down one side of his member and up the other side. When she finally sheathed his pulsating cock in her mouth, he saw stars... And when she started caressing his balls as she bobbed her head up and down he fisted the sheets around him... The pleasure he was receiving from his wife… his queen… his Khaleesi was even better than he remembered. He knew his climax was approaching... He pulled her head up and said, "Daenerys I'm going to…"


She smiled up to him and purred, "I want to taste you, my King." She then quickly went back to task, placing his member back into the moist warmth of her mouth and he lost all control. With a loud growl, he sat up and grabbed her hair as he spilled his seed into her perfect mouth. She continued to suck is cock until he was completely spent. When collapsed back into the mattress, he watched her smile and lick her lips in satisfaction. 


"You tasted even more wonderful than I remembered," she hummed. She shimmied up to him, kissed his cheek, then laid her head on his chest and placed an arm around his abdomen. He put his arm behind her shoulders and pulled her even closer to him.


They laid in a comfortable, post orgasmic silence for a few minutes; Jon was enjoying having his other half safe and happy in his arms once more. 


Finally, he broke the tranquil air around them.  "As much as I hate to say this, we must get out of the bed Dany... I must discuss matters with our blood riders... and I need to tell Robb that he will be your sparring partner today."


"Robb? But I thought you were going to be training me?" She said as she sat up and looked at him with a perplexed expression.


He smiled and got out of the bed and walked over to the basket of fruit on the table.  He took out an orange and threw her a lemon. 


"Aye, I am going to be training you,” He said as he peeled the thick skin away from the tender flesh of his orange and ate a wedge before he continued. “However, I will not be sparring with you today... Today, I will be observing your stances and I will be showing you different techniques of swordplay." 


When he finished his orange, took two golden chalices and poured them each a glass of wine from the pitcher on the table. He took grabbed the cups from the table, turned around, and noticed she was starting at his still naked form.


"Like what you see Dany?" He teasingly mused.


She smiled. "I do… Have I ever told you that you have a wonderful arse, Jon Snow?"


"No, you have not, but .... I wouldn't mind if you mention it more often," he said with smirked causing her laughter to fill the room. He laughed as well as he brought her the cup of wine. 


"You best be getting ready... After I dress, I am going to break my fast. You can join me if you want to," he said as he handed her one of the glasses of wine.


"I would love to," she said after she took a sip of the sweet red wine.


He pressed a kiss to her forehead and then made his way over to his trunk full of clothes. He placed the wine cup on the table, opened his trunk and took out a soft black leather tunic and brown leather pants. After he dressed, he turned and looked at his wife, who still laying down in bed. He noticed that she had a frown on his face, so he asked, "What is wrong Dany?" 


He frown turned to giggles as she said, "Jon I cannot leave your chambers... I do not know what to wear for sparing... Plus, as I recall, you ripped my gown off of me last night... therefore, don't have any clothes to even put on." 


Jon chuckled in response. 


She furrowed her brow and got out of the bed. "What’s so funny Jon Snow? I can easily leave this room stark naked... I do not have a problem with people seeing my naked body... I know that you do though... You do not want other men seeing what is yours, do you?" 


His laughter went to a frown. "No, I don't want anyone else to see you naked... Only I can see your beauty." He watched a smile spread across her face. "Plus, you don't need to go find your clothes. Your clothes are already here." 


He saw her raise her eyebrow, as she picked up picked her destroyed wedding gown. She held up the pieces for him to see and questioned, "You mean this?" 


He smiled and shook his head no with a chuckle escaping his lips. He then pointed and said, "Look behind you... Open the chest." 


She turned around in the direction he was pointing and watched her eyes light up when she saw the large wooden chest. He walked to her and helped her open the box. She took out the clothes and he could see she was surprised.


She laid the items on the bed and ran her fingers over them; by the look in her eyes, he was unsure if she liked the gift. She had taken out a light grey, almost silver, leather midriff shirt with matching knee length skirt, a pair brown breaches, as well as a sword holder.


She looked at him and smiled, "Jon... Where did you get this?" 


He smiled and sheepishly said, "I asked Illyrio to buy the clothes for you... Do you like?" 


She looked him with eyes full of admiration and smiled as she answered, "I love them Jon! Thank you." 


He let out a sigh of relief and kissed her on the cheek. Then he murmured in her ear "Put them on... You will need it when Robb and I teach you how to use your sword." She nodded and quickly began to don her new spar outfit.


While she got dressed, he walked over to the table, sat down on one of the wooden chairs and took a few sips of his wine while he waited for her to dress. When she was done, he looked at her. He was staring at her in awe, admiring how beautiful she looked; he was pretty sure his jaw was hanging open, but at this moment, he did not care. All he could think about was the way the silver midriff shirt covered just enough to remain proper. Gods he could not wait to take it off her when they completed their lesson... and thank the gods for those breeches because if she were not wearing them his hands would have been under that silver skirt the second he stood up from the chair. He was pulled from his lustful thoughts when she started speaking.


"I'm guessing by the way you are looking at me that way... I look... how they would say it in the North... Pretty?" 


He laughed and nodded his head. “Aye. Pretty... very pretty.”


She grabbed the sword holder from the bed, walked over to him with a perplexed expression and asked, "Jon... I cannot figure out how to put this on... It's not the same as your sword belt." 


He smiled at her and kissed her on the mouth. "It is not supposed to be like mine. You are too..." 


"Too what... Jon?" She cut him off with a raised eyebrow. 


He tried his best not to laugh when he said, "Short... If you had a sword sheathed at your hip, it will touch the ground... Therefore, I had a new holder made for you... It is one that is placed on your back." To his relief she did not appear to be offended or angry by his words. 


She nodded in response then asked, "So are you going to show me how I put it on?" 


He placed his two hands on her hips and turned her around so that her back was in front of him. He took the sword holder strap and placed it over one shoulder. He then turned her around again and pulled each end of the strap to the front of her, and fastened the buckle around the front of her chest. He pulled on the strap to make sure it as secure and moved a few steps back. "How does it feel?" He asked as he looked into her eyes.


She moved around, stretching and swinging her arms. She looked at him, smiled and said, “It is perfect." 


He smiled and took a deep breath. "You will need to keep your sword close to you." ‘If she only had a sword close to her or even a piece of Dragonglass things would have been so different,’ He thought.


"My sword?" He could hear the confusion in her tone as she asked this question.


“Aye, every Targaryen warrior Queen needs a proper sword,” he said before he turned around and walked over to where his two sword were leaning against wall. He grabbed them both, walked back towards her and laid them both gently on the bed.


He picked up the larger sword and pulled it from it’s sheath and explained, "This sword is named Winters Wolf. It is Valyrian Steel as far as I know... This sword once belonged to Ser Arthur Dayne sword… He was one of the Kingsguard whom was protecting me when I was born at the Tower of Joy." He then turned his gaze from the sword to her beautiful eyes, which were showing so many emotions that he could not name. 


"It is truly a beautiful sword Jon," she breathed out. He nodded in agreement, placed the sword back in its holster and laid it tenderly on the bed.


He then looked at Dark Sister and picked it up. He looked at his wife and smiled as he said, "This sword... This sword is one of the ancestral Valyrian Steel swords of House Targaryen. It is not Blackfyre… This was the sword is the one that was once wielded by Visenya Targaryen, one of the sister wives of Aegon the Conqueror… This sword is named Dark Sister." When he said the name of the sword, he saw her eyes open wide in disbelief.


"Dark Sister? I… I thought it was lost.” 


"Aye, it was ... but your older brother Rhaegar... My father, found it beyond the Wall. Then he left it at the Tower of Joy, with my mother when he had to leave to join the war at Battle at the Trident." He took a deep breath as he draw Dark Sister from it’s scabbard and then turned his gaze towards Daenerys. "It is not meant to be my sword... It is meant to be yours."


"Jon,” she gasped as she stared at the smoky steel sword in front of her, “I… I cannot accept this sword... You father found it and left it for you… It belongs to you."


"No, Dany, it was my sword.” He said as he shook his head, “Now it is yours… I need you to have a weapon that can kill White Walkers... I will feel a lot more at ease knowing that you can protect yourself. I failed you by not teaching you how to fight in our last life, and I will not fail you again… and besides I still have Winters Wolf." He watched as she finally pulled her gaze from the sword in his hands and brought it to his eyes. He then carefully placed he hilt of the sword in her hand. 


He watched as a smile appeared in her face. She wrapped both hand around the hilt and slowly swung the sword. ‘Gods she looks sexy holding a sword,’ He thought to himself. He then watched as she took one hand off the hilt and began to trail her finger along the flat side of the blade. "Be careful not to cut yourself… It is very sharp."


"Do not worry Jon, I know it is sharp. I promise I will not cut myself," she chuckled, “But if you do not mind, will you help me put it in it’s holder on my back?”


He chuckled and it did not take long before he had the scabbard properly attached to the sword holder. As he sheathed Dark Sister for her he asked, “How did the sword feel?”


"It’s not nearly as heavy as I thought it would be… I thought that I would struggle with it’s weight, but the weight was perfect.”


"Valyrian steel is lighter than normal steel, or castle forged steel," his grey eyes met hers, and he continued "You look like a true Targaryen warrior Queen Dany… I think you were born to wield Dark Sister." He noticed the blush that was creeping up from her neck and spreading to her cheek. He pulled her in for an embrace, and then placed a kiss to her brow, then one on each cheek, and finally her lips. However, the kiss was quickly broken apart when there was a knocking on the chamber door.


"My King I need to speak to you," he heard the sound of Illyrio’s voice on the other side of the door.


He pulled away from his wife’s loving embrace and answered the door, "Good Morning, Illyrio. Please come in." The magister smiled as he entered the room. Jon shut the door behind him and asked, “Would you are for a glass of wine?”


"No thank you, Your Grace,” The fat Cheesemonger respectfully replied, “I do wish to ask a favor from you though?”


Jon was confused. He quickly looked towards Dany who shrugged her shoulders, also not knowing what the favor might be. “What favor do you wish, Illryio?”


“I wish to ask if you will refrain from hatching the dragon eggs until I return."


"Why Illyrio?" Jon asked as he raised his eyebrows to the magister.


"Your Grace, When we spoke the other day, you told me that your Father, Rhaegar had given your dragon egg to your mother, so that she would be able to place it in your crib after your birth…”


“Aye, that is correct.”


"Well your Grace, I have wonderful news... I remember Lord Varys telling me once that your father also had given a dragon egg to each of your half-siblings." He turned his gaze at Daenerys who was also surprised.


"And where are these eggs now Illyrio?" Daenerys asked as she walked to stand next to her husband.


"During the sacking of King’s Landing Lord Varys was able to hide them before the Lannister troops stormed the Red Keep… I believe he told me they are hidden near the skull of Balerion the Black Dread, underneath the Red Keep… I am sorry I forgot to mention it last night, your Graces."


He took a deep breath 'Six Dragons ... It seems too good to be true with what we are facing ...I will not use all of them in the Long Night... I will not take that change with The Night King again. He will be able to kill them easily with his Ice spears if they do not have a rider… Then they would just be another slave to the Night King… another pawn in his army...  but we can use them in the war for the throne and save more lives if we ask them to surrender by seeing how many dragons we have' he looked at the Magister and smiled. "Illyrio, do you mind bringing these two dragon eggs when you returned with Lord Varys?"


The Magister smiled and said, "Of course your Grace, it would be my honor." Illyrio bowed his head, then looked at the both of them and said, "I will see you both when I return from the capital with Lord Varys. If the winds are kind, we should return in about 10 days."


“Thank you, Illyrio. We wish you safe travels,” The Queen politely responded.


After that, Illyrio took his leave. Jon then looked at his wife, smiled and said. “Come my love, let us go to the dining hall and break our fast… I fear if we do not leave this room soon we will be in here all day."


She chuckled, hooked her arm in her husband’s arm and said, “Lead the way, My King, I am starving.”




Tyrion Lannister



The sun had risen nearly to its peak and finally The King and Queen of the southern six kingdoms were about to leave Winterfell. They were supposed to leave at first light but of course, they had been delayed. As hand of the King in The North Tyrion walked over to King Eddard Stark who was saying his goodbye to his old friend. 

"Ned... We need to do something about Aegon Targaryen," the Fat King said once more, trying to convince the new King, his King, to join his crusade against the last remaining Targaryens.

"We have been over this Robert!” The King in the North sighed, “House Stark and the North will have no part in whatever you try to do to them. He is not a threat! Now I think it is time that you take your leave." 

He may not know Ned Stark that well yet, but he could tell the newly crowned King in the North was getting frustrated. ‘I wonder why it is that Ned Stark does not believe these Targaryens to be a threat?’ Tyrion wondered to himself.

"Good-bye, King Eddard Stark,” Robert sighed as he shook the King in the North hand. Then in a gruffer tone he added, “I hope for your sake and the sake of your people you are right about the Targaryens... But know this, Ned… I will not stop hunting all the Dragonspawn until this world is completely rid of them." 

He agreed with what his new King and friend said earlier, that the Targaryens were nearly extinct and that Robert should just let them be... However, he knew the fat king was correct with his demand, that he would never stop until every Targaryen or person claiming to be a descendant of a Targaryen was dead. 

Robert then climbed into his carriage and as soon as the door was closed, the caravan began make its way out of the castle’s courtyard.

After the carriages and wagons were out of sight, the Dwarf of Casterly Rock looked up to his King, who calmly stated, "The Lords and Ladies of the North are waiting for us in the Great Hall. It's time for them to know that you have been named my Hand.” The King then gave him a reassuring smile. Tyrion nodded and followed his new King as he began to walk.

They walked together, side by side in a comfortable silence towards the Great Hall of Winterfell. When they entered the grand room all of the northerners cheered, 'The King in The North!' They walked together until they reached the head table and the King took his seat on the simple wooden chair, serving as his throne, alongside his family. 

After he was seated, he looked over at him and quietly said in his calm, but gruff Northern accent, "Sit next to me Lord Tyrion. I need my Hand at my side." 

The imp smiled nervously and slightly nodded his head in response before he pulled out the chair next to the King in the North and sat. ‘This must be his heir, Robb’s, chair’ he thought to himself as he shifted in the chair between the King and his eldest daughter Sansa, in an attempt to get comfortable. 

He looked at the young Stark girl and smiled as he respectfully asked, "How did you sleep lady Sansa?" 

The Stark girl looked at him and smiled back. "I slept well, thank you Lord Tyrion... I just wanted to thank you, for telling the truth to King Robert and the people of the North last night." 

"Don't mention it Lady Sansa... I mean Princess Sansa... I suppose I should start calling you by your proper title... I do not enjoy cruel boys or men, princes or kings, hurting or forcing themselves upon little girls or women... even though that cruel monster last night happened to be my nephew." He noticed a shy smile grace the corners of her lips when he said those words; he was thankful he was able to help her feel a little more at ease considering everything she had been through in the last 12 hours.

"You can just call me Sansa, Lord Tyrion... I heard that you have decided to stay in Winterfell and that Father has named you his Hand of the King... Is this true?" 

He looked at his left and saw that Ned was talking to his lady wife... the Queen in the North. He then turned his gaze back towards Sansa and smiled and whispered, "Yes it is... “However, she cut him off before he could finish his answer.

"I am glad that you are... You are a kind person as well a smart one. We will need you when the Long Night comes again.”

Tyrion was surprised when she said 'The Long Night,' he had not heard those words since he was a young lad, misbehaving and his nursemaid had told him tales about ancient magical creatures. ‘Surely she meant something different,’ he thought. He was about to ask the Princess what she meant by those words, but before he could ask Ned stood up from his throne and started speaking.

"My Lords and Ladies,” King Eddard called in a booming voice. “The King and Queen of the Southern Six Kingdoms have left the North!” This announcement was met by a round of cheers. When it quieted down he continued, “Queen Cersei and Prince Joffrey have been informed that they may never return to the North... and if they do, they are aware that they will be executed!" Which cause another round of cheers from the Northern Lords and Ladies.

He made eye contact with the King as he waited for the roaring approval to simmer down. When it did, the King gave him a slight nod before he spoke once more, "That is not all My Lords and Ladies... I have an announcement to make... You all informed me, last night, that I needed to name a Hand of the King in the North... And I have made a decision on this matter." 

The king looked at him and smiled. “I have chosen a man who has shown the North he is a man of honor. That he is a knowledgeable and puts the right choice above the easy choice, even if that choice put his own life in danger... I have named Tyrion of the House Lannister as the Hand of the King in the North!" King Ned then looked at him, and gave him an encouraging nod to stand and speak.

Tyrion felt his heart rising as he waited for the gathered Lords and Ladies to voice their disapproval. He was frozen in the chair; his anxiety was coursing through every vein of his body. ‘I have been shit on my whole life... I have never been accepted... not by court, not even by my own family.’ He sighed as he continued to wait, but to his surprise, they only smiled and then he heard a round of approving 'Ayes.’ For the first time in his life he felt accepted, which made him smile.

A large man, who he believed was Lord Manderly because of the Merman sigil on the front of his leather armor, stated, “The north is honored to have Tyrion Lannister as Hand to our King! Because of his just actions last night... his testimony was detrimental to Robert Baratheon granting the North our independence! Because of his actions he saved the North from ever having to follow the rule of that mad prince!" 

When he heard another round of 'Ayes’ and applause. He was humbled. He was in disbelief that he had been accepted, just because he had done the right thing. ‘The North is definitely not the South,’ he mused as his anxiety began to dissipate and he stood up from his seat. He looked around the room, at all of faces of those gathered in the Great Hall. He took a deep breath and exhaled as he began to speak, "Lords and Ladies of the North, I wanted to take a moment to thank each of you for your kind words. In addition, I vow that I will do everything in my power to make sure the North remains fair and just. I promise that I will provide unbiased counsel to your King and I will do everything in my power to help him ensure the safety of the North!" 

After is declaration, the Lords and Ladies raised their tankards of ale, and nodded. He looked at his King and noticed he had a hint of a frown on his face. He had seen that look in others before... when they had information that they needed to share, but either did not want to share or did not know how to say what needed to be said. He watched as the King looking at all of the lords and started speaking.

"My Lords... My Ladies... I have told you that I have been having disturbing reports about strange happenings beyond the Wall... I have sent eldest sons, Robb and Jon to go and investigate these reports.” He watched as the King paused to take a deep steading breath, “However, have not received any word from them since they went beyond the Wall, approximately one moon turn ago." 

Tyrion watched the faces of those gathered; He saw the look of shock and horror on all of their faces. ‘If it was me lost beyond the Wall my father and his bannermen would be thanking the gods.’

"My King we need to send men beyond the Wall and find them!" One of the Lords, he believed was Lord Glover because of the fist sigil, exclaimed. 

He saw the King in the North rising his hand. "Aye, we will and that's why I have to announce that I am going beyond the Wall, with my brother, Benjen, who is First Ranger of the Nights Watch. Together, with the support of the Nights Watch, we will investigate these reports as well find out what has happened to my sons." 

He heard gasps echoing off the grey stonewalls of the Great Hall. Then many of the lords began voicing their dissatisfaction and throwing out questions towards their King.

"My King, we need our King in the North... Not beyond the Wall...”

“It is not safe beyond the Wall...”

“Call the banners... we will help you find your sons!”

“Who will lead us while you are gone, your Grace?" 

He saw a true smile appear on Ned’s lips when he heard that question. He watched as he turned his head and looked at him and Sansa.

"My Hand will return to Winterfell while I am beyond the wall... He will help lead the North with my wife, Queen Catelyn and daughter, Princess Sansa.” 

Tyrion shifted his line of sight to the redheaded girl sitting next to him; it appeared she was as surprised by the King’s announcement as he was. He did not have long to think before Ned started speaking once more.

"We will leave soon my Lords... I will take some of my own men with me. The men joining me on this quest will be Jory, Alyn, Harwin, and Hallis." He watched as the King eyed the four men, who were standing in the back of the room, all of whom nodded at the command.

"But, your Grace..." one of the Northern Lords started to protest.

Ned simply raised his hand from the table, and the grumbling stopped. "I have made my mind up my Lords and Ladies. I thank you for your concern. However, my decision is final. That will be all!" Everyone appeared shocked by their King’s statement, but accepted their Kings decision without any more loud quibbling; they were now quietly talking amongst themselves.

Once the room was almost silent, he turned his gaze back towards Sansa and asked, "Has he ever been so straight forward with the people of the North?" She silently shook her head no. 

Everyone’s attention was snapped to the doors of the Great Hall when they swung open. He watched as seven men entered the Great Hall. Maester Luwin was standing in front, and behind him were four Stark Household Guards and two men he did not recognize... but by the clothes were wearing, they were definitely not from the North. One was a younger man, maybe about seven and ten, who was tall and lean with shorter brown hair and piercing blue eyes. The other man was shorter and stout, with darker skin, wild black curly hair and brownish-black eyes. He glanced at the King in the North who was smiling down at the two out of place men.

"What can I do for you today?" The King asked as he smiled at the Maester and the two newcomers.

"Your Grace,” the Maester said as he bowed his head, “This is Gendry Waters, a blacksmith, and this Syrio Forel, a water dancing instructor from Braavos. They have come to Winterfell as requested." 

'Gendry Waters... What does the King of the North want with a bastard blacksmith and a dancing instructor?’ 

"Syrio Forel... Did my son, Jon Snow, summon you to Winterfell?" The King kindly asked.

〰️"Yes, your Grace ... He asked me to train your children, Sansa, Arya and Rickon, as well as your wife, Queen Catelyn, the art of water dancing." 

The Northern Lords and Ladies started whispering to each other. ‘This is quite interesting... why would the King’s bastard send for a dancing master?’ The Imp thought. He looked at the King and Queen, both of whom appeared bewildered. 

Ned quickly washed the confused look off his face, looked toward a few of the servants and handmaidens against the back wall and said, "Would you mind preparing suitable chambers for our new arrivals and please bring a warm meal to my study for them while they wait on their accommodations?"

"Of course, your Grace," the servant in the middle stated as all three bowed their heads, and quickly left the room.

The King then looked at him and smiled. "Lord Tyrion... I have matters to attend to at the moment... Would you please escort Gendry and Syrio to my study chambers? I will join you all shortly.”

"Of course, your Grace," Tyrion answered. He then got up from his chair and walked towards the two men. "If you would, please follow me and I will show you the way to King Eddard’s study." 

The two men nodded and followed him outside of the Great Hall. As they walked through the halls of the castle, he looked at the younger man, Gendry, and thought ‘This boy looks familiar.’ He also thought the boy looked a little tense, so as they walked he asked, "Gendry, it appears the King was expecting you arrival, but if I may ask why were you asked to come to Winterfell?" 

Gendry smiles, "I was lead to believe that the Warden... I... I mean King in the North... uh... his bastard son sent me a message saying his father was in need of a man whom could reforge Valyrian Steel... They offered me coin and free chambers, as well as a permanent position in Winterfell’s forge." 

Tyrion was surprised, 'Why would Ned need someone whom can rework Valyrian Steel?' He then turned his attention towards the man named Syrio Forel. "And you... Syrio... why is Winterfell in need of a dancing instructor?”

"The king in the North's Bastard son sent me a message, via carrier, requesting that I come to Winterfell to help his younger siblings and their lady mother the art of the Water Dance." 

Questions started to arise in his mind, 'Why would the Bastard of Winterfell request a water dancing master teach his siblings and their lady mother a type of Braavosi swordplay? Why did he do this without even informing his father?' 

He felt that he had been quiet for too long so he asked, "Have either of you actually met the Bastard of Winterfell... the King’s son, Jon Snow?" 

The both shook their heads no. 

"I had not been in King’s Landing for long, when a Northern Lord, named Wendell Manderly, came to me with a sealed scroll. It was an offer, signed by Jon Snow, and I accepted the offer." 

Tyrion was still confused. "May I ask why?" He asked.

The Water Dance Master looked at him and smiled. "He requested I teach his family so they will know how to protect themselves... Also, I was tired of the City... I was tired of seeing so many people suffer... I was also tired of the heat and smell of shit... Therefore, I figured I might as well travel North, so I could teach my skills... When I accepted the position I never expected I would be teaching a Royal Family the art of the Water Dance." he smiled. 

They finally stopped before the King in the North’s study. Tyrion opened the door and led them in. Once the two men were seated on a couch across from the desk, a couple of servants brought in warm stew and ale for the men. 

When they began to eat, Tyrion asked, “Is there anything else that I can do for either of you at this time?”

They both shook their heads no.

Tyrion smiled, "Well then, please wait here until the King is done with his other matters. If you need anything there is a servant just outside the door that can assist you." 

Tyrion took his leave, and began the walk back to the Great Hall. As he walked through the empty halls, he thought to himself, 'Things are getting interesting in the North.'  Just before he reached his destination, The Queen in the North, Catelyn Tully Stark, stopped him.

"Lord Tyrion,” she called with a smile. 

"Your Grace, what can I do for you?" He responded with a smile.

"I just wanted to thank you, for what you did for my family last night. If it were not for you for, your sister’s men would have wrongfully butchered my daughter’s Direwolf. Also, because of your actions, my daughters’ names were cleared.”

Tyrion felt humbled by her kind words. "It was nothing, your Grace. I was just doing the right thing.” 

She smiled at him and turned to leave, but he stopped her by asking, "Your Grace, if may I ask, do you know why Gendry Waters is here?" 

She looked at him and nodded, "He is here to reforge Ice" 

He raised his eyebrow. "Ice?" 

"Ice is the great ancestral Valyrian Steel Sword of House Stark. My husband had decided to have the great sword reforged into two new Valyrian Steel swords, one for him and one for his brother, Benjen. Gendry has been trained how to rework Valyrian Steel, so my husband has commissioned him to complete the task and offered him a permanent position in Winterfell.”

He now knew why the blacksmith was here, but he was still confused on to why. "Your Grace, may I ask you why the King is having Ice melted and forged into two swords?" 

She kept on smiling as she answered, "You will find out soon enough Lord Tyrion." 

The Queen in the North then turned and walked away. He was now alone, standing in front of the doors of Great Hall with questions arising in his mind then answers that he received......



Daenerys Targaryen 




Dany and Jon walked into the kitchen and were about to grab some food so they could break their fast. She was surprised to see Robb, already in the kitchen, filling a plate with an assortment of foods. He had not seen that they had entered the room, so she smiled and called, “Robb!” When he looked up, she added, “Good morning.” 


"Good morning, dear good-sister… Brother… You all are up earlier than I expected,” he said with a knowing smirk. He set down his plate of food on the counter and then walked over to embrace her husband. He whispered something in his ear that she could not hear, but a giggle escaped her lips when she Jon’s face filled with a crimson blush at the words. Robb then walked over to her, and she was shocked when he pulled her into a crushing embrace. As soon as he was done with his embrace, he looked at her and smiled. "I see Jon gave you the sparing clothes… You look beautiful.” After he said these words, it was her husband’s turn to laugh as she blushed a shade of scarlet.


Suddenly, she was startled when she heard a screech from behind her good-brother. The next thing she knew Sarogon way flying over to the counter were they were standing and began eating some roasted fish from one of the platters. She smiled at the sight of the small grey dragon, who then looked at her and gave her a welcoming hoot. She looked at Robb and smiled as she asked, “Did our child behave for you last night?"


"Aye, he did… Though we did have to visit the kitchen for snacks several times last night.” He then chuckled as he added, “I do not think he is ever full.” 


She walked past her good-brother and scratched the babe dragon under chin earning some loving nudges into her hand and some purrs of delight. As she loved on her winged child, she was surprised at how fast the dragon was growing. ‘When I first saw him a couple of days ago he was barely bigger than two hands placed together and now he was the size of three hands placed together.’ 


She was pulled from her thoughts when Jon started speaking. “Robb, we are going to break our fast and after that I am planning to teach Daenerys the basics on how to wield her sword… I would like to watch her form and stances, so, would you mind to be her sparring partner?” 


Robb’s answer was immediate, “I would like nothing more to help my new sister with her sparing.” 


Daenerys could not believe what she had just heard; she was filled with such joy and happiness as she thought, 'So, this is what it feels like to have a true loving brother.’


Jon then handed her a plate and they began to fill them with different foods that were in platters on the counter. She filled her plate some scrambled eggs, fresh fruits, some roasted white fish and a rasher of bacon. Jon then led her to the dining hall and she sat down across from her good-brother, while her husband sat next to her. She began eating her food, not realizing how much of an appetite she had worked up from her and Jon’s activities the night before. They sat in a comfortable silence as they all broke their fast. 


After several minutes had past, Robb finally broke the stillness in the air when he asked, “Daenerys, ever since Jon told me that he had married, I have wondered, just exactly how did the two of you meet and fall in love… I am sorry if these questions came out of the blue, it’s just my brother has yet to tell me.” 


This shocked her. She was not shocked that Jon had not told her good brother how they met and fell in love… However, she was shocked that she could not herself remember how they had come to be married. "I... I am sorry Robb, but I cannot seem to remember..." She then looked over at her husband who did not seem the least bit shocked that she could not remember such an important event in their past life.


“It is fine Daenerys. It is not your fault that you cannot remember... I was thinking that the reason some of your memories of me are lost is because you mentioned your past companions or past lovers when we first met.” 


She raised an eyebrow in confusion and asked, "What do you mean Jon?" 


She watched her husband taking a deep breath before he started to talk. "When we met..." She heard him chuckle "We really did not care for each other… I believe it would be safe to say that we hate one another.” 


She was surprised by her husband’s statement and by the look on Robb’s face, she could tell the statement shocked him as well. "We did?” She finally breathed out.


“Aye,” he chuckled again, “Let me start from the beginning… I was newly named King in the North when you arrived at Dragonstone. I received ravens from both you and Queen Cersei Lannister, requesting that I go south and bend the knee. I ignored both scrolls, because I knew my people would not submit again to a Southern ruler… And, I was also preoccupied trying to find a way to save my people from the threat beyond the Wall. Then, I received another raven from my friend, Samwell Tarly. In this message he informed me that there was Dragonglass on Dragonstone. That is when I made the decision to travel to Dragonstone, in hopes to form an alliance with the ‘Dragon Queen’ and that you would allow me to mine the Dragonglass in the caves of the island. Let’s just say that the Northern Lords and Ladies were not happy with my decision,” he paused momentary to chuckle, “They all believed that you would feed me to your dragons or burn me alive or seduce me into bending the knee… When I arrived you were not happy with me because I was a man claiming to be King of the Northern most Kingdom,” he then shifted his gaze to her, “and you believed that you were the rightful heir and Queen to the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, therefore I was in open rebellion against your crown… You demanded that I bend the knee. Let us just say that when I refused, and continued to refuse, my defiance frustrated you…because you had asked me repeatedly to bend the knee and I never did… Well at least not at first,” he added with a sigh, as if he was trying to push a painful thought from his memory.


She gave him an encouraging smile, and sighed again before he continued, “In our first conversation, you mentioned that you were sold like a broodmare, raped, and defiled, chained and betrayed… You later told me that it was your brother, Viserys, who had sold you to Khal Drogo in exchange for an army, and that he was the man who had rape you repeatedly before you thought you had learned to love him.” He paused again and took a long sip of orange juice. While he drank, she thought, ‘So that is why he holds so much anger towards my brother. It makes sense.’  She then placed a comforting hand on his thigh, and he smiled at her after he put his glass of juice down.


"As I was saying… when we first met ... We hated each other. You wanted me to bend the knee, and I told you I would not bend the knee to you or to any other queen because my people would not accept a southern ruler. I told you that there was a threat beyond the wall much greater than that of Cersei Lannister. We were having a heated discussion… I was so frustrated because you did not believe me about the White Walkers and the Army of the Dead… I tried everything to convince you that they were a bigger threat… I even told you that if we did not stop them it would not matter whose bones sat on the Iron Throne… I honestly think you were about to order your guards to feed me to your dragons, but it the conversation was stopped when Lord Varys, who was one of your advisors, entered the Throne Room and informed you that you had lost two of your allies. As soon as you received the news you sent me and my advisor, Ser Davos, to chambers, had baths drawn for us and sent us food… I was so mad because you refused to let me leave..." 


When he said this, she cut him off by asking, “Did I take you as my prisoner?" 


He smiled and shook his head, “When I asked if I was your prisoner, your exact words to me were ‘Not yet,’ but in reality I actually was… I wanted to leave the island but you would not let me… but you did allow me to walk the castle and the grounds… I came to enjoy brooding on the cliffs overlooking to the Blackwater,” he chuckled, which made them all laugh.


‘How in the world did this man go from becoming my prisoner to the man I love and would die for,' she wondered to herself before he began speaking once more.


"You knew we had to make peace in order to become allies, and one of your advisors persuaded you to allow me to mine the Dragonglass as a peace offering and in hope that it would sway me into eventually bend the knee... After you allowed me to begin mining the Dragonglass, I started to respect you more… Moreover, I believe that you respected me a little as well, because you saw what I was risking to save my people… Then while mining we discovered some old cave drawings… depictions of the first men and the children of the forest coming together to fight against the White Walkers… I then brought you to the cave and showed them to you… It was then that I decided that I was starting to care for you… in more than a political sense… I mean, you still frustrated me because you said you would only help my cause when I bent the knee…Then I knew that I cared for you when you went riding into battle on the back on your largest dragon… I was so scared that something would happen to you… that you would have been struck by an arrow or killed… I stood on that damn cliff overlooking the Blackwater brooding and praying that you would return, because you were important to all those who followed you… I did not know what would happen to them if you feel in battle… Then I knew that you cared for me when you came back from the battle.” 


“Why is that?” Dany asked with furrowed eyebrows.


“Because when you returned you landed your largest dragon right in front of me! All I saw was sharp teeth in my face… but then, when I looked in his eyes something stirred inside of me… I removed my glove and rubbed his snout, just like if I was showing love to Ghost. When I looked up to you, I saw the fear in your eyes that he was going to harm me… That is how I knew that you cared for me…”


"So when did you know that you loved her? When did you actually fall in love?” Robb blurted out. She blushed at the question and looked at Jon waiting for his answer, but Jon looked at his brother as he answered.


"I went beyond the Wall... On a stupid suicide mission to find a wight so we could take it to Cersei to convince her that the threat was real." She watched as her love took a deep breath before continuing. “The mission was doomed… we were surrounded by the dead… It was as if they knew of our plans… that knew we were coming… I was able to send one of the men who followed me on this quest back to the Wall and he sent a raven to Daenerys… The situation was dire… We had captured the wight, but we were trapped on a rock in the middle of a half frozen lake with no way out… Then when the lake froze completely, all hope was lost… But, to my surprise, she came reigning fire on the undead soldiers with all three of her dragons… She got the message, and she risked her life to save me and my companions…” She noticed that he looked at Robb when he spoke and she watched as he took another deep shaky breath before he continued, “I was getting ready to take her hand and climb on the dragon, but I noticed that my men were still being attacked, so I retuned to the battle… Then, once all my men were safely on her dragon’s back, I went to get on, but before I could get on her dragon... I was attacked again… I yelled at her to ‘Go and Leave Now’ as two wights pushed me into the icy waters of the lake… After I got loose of their grasp I swam and got out of the lake… You had already gone… I somehow found Longclaw… In the past I would have just gave up… I was tired of fighting for the shit life I had been dealt… but for some reason... I found a purpose to continue the fight." He then looked at her and smiled. 


‘It was me… I was the reason he chose to continue the fight.’ She wanted to know more, so she asked, “I cannot remember… what happened next, my love?”


He smiled and took her hand. "My Uncle Benjen came out of nowhere… He came in riding a horse and saved me from the swarm of wights… He put me on that horse and sent it back to the Wall… He gave his life to make sure I was saved.” She squeezed his hand and gave him a comforting smile, hoping it gave him the courage to continue the story.


“When I arrived back at the Wall I was unconscious… I later heard that you stood on top of the Wall for hours waiting for me to return… Though, the next thing I remember was waking up in a room… but it was not my room... I woke up in your chambers on a boat. You were watching over me while I was literally out cold…that is when I knew I was in love with you… That is also when I bent the knee… You proved to me that you cared about your people, and that you were what my people needed to get though the Long Night.” She looked at him and felt her heart was beating in a tremendous speed. 'If Robb was not here I would have taken him on this table,’ she placed a hand on her his cheek and pulled him for a kiss. 


When she pulled away, she heard Robb speaking. “Okay… So when did you know that she loved you too?”


“I knew that she loved me too when we began to make arrangements to move her armies North… and she took my advice to sail together with me to White Harbor and then travel together to Winterfell… When all of her advisors advised against it she did not care…”


“Now… I do remember that boat ride, Jon Snow.” She then leaned over to whisper very quietly into her husband’s ear so that only he could hear, “I am pretty sure that is when we conceived Rhaegar.”


“It is not that hard to believe that you two hated each other when you first met... You are both fucking stubborn as hell!” When Robb said this, they all erupted in laughter.


"Aye, we both are!” He then stood, took her hand and placed a chaste kiss on her knuckles. He then said to her, "I'm going to speak with Bako and our other blood riders and see how our prisoner is doing.” 


She smiled at him and nodded in response. He put his hand under her chin, tilted it upwards and kissed her on her lips. After he pulled away, he looked at her and his brother and said, "I will see the both of you in the training yard shortly.” 


She smiled and kissed him again before he smiled at his brother, and retreated from the dining hall. After he left she looked at Robb whose smile had morphed into a frown. “What is wrong, Robb?”


"Did Jon have any nightmares last night?" 


Which made her take a deep breath and nodded, “Yes, he did... When I asked him how he slept, he told me that he had slept peacefully... However, I could tell that he was lying… I know that He only said it so that I would not be worried about him… He is keeping something from me, Robb..." 


She watched as he took a deep breath. "We need to find out what it is... Daenerys I need you to try again. I am sorry that I am pushing you… but please understand he is my brother and my family. I need to protect him. I promised my father I would keep my eye on him..."  


She cut him off his rambling. "Robb I understand… His my last relative, that is if you are not counting my horrible excuse of brother. I love Jon with all of my heart… I do not like or enjoy that he is keeping something from me… I will try again tonight..." She took a deep breath.


They sat in silence and finished their meal. When they were done Robb said, “Come on, let’s go to the training yard, I am sure that Jon will be waiting for us.”


She nodded her head and stood up. As they walked out of the dining hall Robb stated, "I see Jon has given you Dark Sister.”


“Yes, he did,” she answered shyly, “Although, I am not really sure that I should be the one to wield it… I am not sure that I have earned the right to wield this sword.”


“Daenerys trust me. Jon would not have given you that sword if he did not think you should wield it… Have faith in yourself… Between Jon and myself, you will be the next Warrior Queen the seven kingdoms sings songs about.” Robb said with a smile, “So come on… Your first lesson is today… Show us what a Targaryen Queen is made of.”


She laughed at her good brother’s comments. They then walked side by side to the training yard to meet with her husband, so she could learn to become a Warrior Queen.


When they entered the training yard, she saw that her husband had a smile on his face as he was speaking with Ser Jorah. As they approached, the she watched as the old knight smiled at her husband and slightly bowed his head as he turned to walk away for the training yard. When the old knight passed them, he offered her a Robb proper greeting before her continued on his way.  When Jon noticed their arrival, he smiled widely and walked over to meet her and his brother.


When they reached him, Dany asked, "What did you and Ser Jorah discuss?" 


He smiled at her, "Well apparently in the few days that we have been here, Sarogon has eaten through Illyrio’s white fish storages, so I asked Ser Jorah to go down to the markets and pick up some more... I just cannot get over how fast he is growing and how much he is eating!” He chucked as he grabbed both of her hands.


She smiled and nod, “Well he is growing fast... I cannot remember how fast my dragons grew in the past.” She mused. 


"I am not sure either... they were quite large when I first met them... I believe they were about six years old.” He answered and then placed a tender kiss on the knuckles of each hand before letting her hands go. 


He then turned to his brother and said, “Thank you again, Robb, for agreeing to help me with Dany’s training.” Jon then placed a hand on his shoulder and looked him in the eyes as he continued in a serious tone, “Ensuring that all of my family is going to be prepared to fight when the Long Night arrives means the world to me... I vowed that I would not fail you all this time.”


“Of course, brother. I can think of no other place I would rather be.” 


He then turned back towards her and asked, “Are you ready for your first lesson?" 


She smiled and nodded. 


Jon then pulled Dark Sister from its scabbard on her back. He careful looked at the smoky blade and then back to her, then with stoic seriousness he stated, “Dany, this is no toy. It is Valyrian Steel so you must handle it with care or you will with yourself... But the first lesson of swordplay it to stick them with the pointy end.” All three of them then erupted in belly busting laughter.


They both looked at Robb who removed his sword belt, and placed it on the table. He then looked through the many training swords until, she guessed, he had found one that was a similar weight and size to his own. She turned her gaze back at her husband who smiled at her. He kissed her forehead and stepped back.


"Let's begin... Now Dany, the first step in sword fighting is a proper stance." She nodded at her husband’s words. He then placed Dark Sister in her hands, and wrapped her fingers around the hilt. 


After she had a grip on the sword he stepped back and said, "Always remember. Your stance... Left foot first," he demonstrated as he drew Winters Wolf from its scabbard and placed his left foot in front of him. She mirrored what he did.


“Next, you put your right foot back and stand your ground by bending your knees." She followed his lead and figured she was doing it right because he smiled proudly at her.


She felt silly standing this way and did not understand why this was so important so she stood up straight and asked, "Jon why is this necessary?" 


He smiled and walked over to her, and she heard Robb trying to sniffle a chuckle that threatened to escape his lips as Jon answered, "You need to have a proper stance, otherwise it will easy for your opponent to knock you down... Like this.” She was shocked when he put his hand on her shoulder and easily pushed her down to the ground. She could not believe what he just did to her. She looked up at him and noticed that had a smirk on his face.


"If you do not use a proper stance you will be dead in seconds. A proper stance helps you stand your ground in a dual, a fight or in battle. Please Daenerys, I promise you everything I teach you is way to make sure you will not die… It will be key to your survival should you find yourself battling an enemy during the coming wars.” She was surprised by is tone, he held such worry and fear in his voice. He then held out his hand to help her up. She grabbed it and he easily pulled her to a standing position next to him.


“Now, let’s try again.” 


She did as he asked and took the stance he had just taught her. 


“That is good... Now watch.” This time when he pushed on her shoulder again, she wobbled a little, but she did not move her feet or fall to the ground. She was surprised.


“See, a proper stance will help you stay in your feet… Now take Dark Sister and swing it around slowly, so you can get a feel for its weight and balance.” 


She did as he asked and slowly swung her sword. She felt the way she had control over her Valyrian Steel sword… It felt like an extension of her body. She admired the smoky blade of Dark Sister and watched how it shimmered and shined when the rays of the midday sun hit it.


After a few minutes, Jon called, “Wonderful. Now, sheath your sword.”


“Why would I sheath my sword? I though you wanted me to learn to wield it?” she asked with a raised eyebrow.


“Aye, I do,” he chuckled, “However, you must start with a training sword… I do not want for you to accidentally cut yourself or my brother.”


She felt her face blush as she sheathed Dark Sister on her back, and then walked over to select a blunt training sword that felt similar in size and weight to her sword. Once she selected on she walked back over to where her husband was standing with her good-brother.


"Now take your position and spar against Robb,” Jon stated.


She looked at her good-brother who smiled at her. She gripped the hilt of her training sword and stood in the stance Jon has taught her.


“Dany, take your time… there is no rush right now.” Her husband called. “You need to make sure that your sword is balanced perfectly with your movements.” 


She took a deep breath and took a few practice swings. 


“Good! Now, try to strike Robb.” 


She did as he asked. She took her sword and swung it to Robb. He easily blocked her swing and she felt the way her harms shivered when steel met steel. She swung the sword several more times, and each time her swings were easily stopped by her good-brother. After a few minutes she was surprised how sore her arms gotten. She looked at Jon who kept on smiling.


“That is very good, Dany… I can tell how sore your arms are getting... Your arms are not yet used to fighting yet.” Her husband said as he came over and rubbed the tops of her arms. “However, you cannot give up. With practice, you will become stronger and stronger and the pain will lessen. Now, try again.”


She nodded and stood her stance again. She did as she asked and did it again and again. She was determined not to give up. She continued to spar against her good brother in order to prepare for the long night……



Gendry Waters



It was just after midday in Winterfell and the sun was beyond its peak. Syrio and Gendry were sitting on a couch in the King in the North study chambers awaiting his arrival and directions. They had finished their meal of rabbit stew and brown bread and they were now talking amongst each other while they waited for their new King to arrive. After their travels from King’s Landing to White Harbor via boat and then from White Harbor to Winterfell, the young man considered the Braavosi man to be his friend. A  a little time had passed, their attention was pulled from each other, and towards the entrance when they someone enter the room. 


"Syrio Forel, Gendry Waters, please forgive me for keeping you waiting. As you are aware, my name is Eddard Stark and I am the King in the North,” the man said in a welcoming tone as he walked towards were they were sitting. He and the Braavosi man quickly stood and smiled at the King.


“It is an honor to meet you, King Eddard.” Syrio stated as he bowed down before the King, “As you know, I am Syrio Forel, First Sword of Braavos, and Water Dancing Master.


"Syrio Forel, it is an honor to have you here, and the hospitality of Winterfell is yours.” The King in the North said as shook his friend's hand before he continued talking, "My Maester told me that my son, Jon Snow, asked you to come to Winterfell in order to train my youngest children and wife in the art of water dancing?" 


"Yes, your Grace... Your son sent a message to via from a man named Manderly. It stated that you were in need of a dancing instructor, so that your family would be able to defend themselves, if need be, in the wars to come.”


Gendry did not know what to think of his friend’s words... ‘The wars to come? What is that supposed to mean?’ However, The King in the North seemed to clearly understand because a smile appeared on his face and he smiled. 


"Thank you Syrio Forel for traveling all the way to Winterfell. I presume you will need your rest. I want you to start training my wife and children at first light tomorrow. If you need anything at all, please ask for the castle Master at Arms, Ser Rodrik, and he will ensure that it is brought to you. Or if it is something that we do not have we will make sure that we get it for you.”


“Thank you, your Grace,” his water dancing friend stated respectfully with a nod of his head and a smile on his face. "It shall be my honor to train your family, your Grace." 


The King then looked behind him, in the direction of the chambers door and called, "Hodor! Please come here!" 


Gendry then heard loud, heavy footsteps approaching the chambers. He was sure that he jaw was hitting the floor when the largest man he had ever seen entered the chambers.


“Hodor!” The large man happily exclaimed.


"Hodor, would you please show Syrio Forel to his new chambers?" The King asked as he smiled at the gigantic man.


"Hodor!" The man said as he quickly nodded his head and motioned for his water dancing friend to follow. 


Syrio stood from the couch and walked the towards the humongous beast of a man. He then smiled and said, "Show me the way, Hodor." 


The gigantic man smiled, said “Hodor,” once more and motioned his hand out to side, gesturing for Syrio to follow him outside the chambers.


After Hodor and Syrio had left, the King looked at him, smiled kindly and said, "You must be Gendry Waters." 


“Yes, I am... uh, milord... I mean, your Grace." The young man stated as he bowed his head in respect. 


When he saw the King’s eyes widened, at first he thought that he had upset the man by calling him by the wrong title. But then the man stared at him and walked closer, it appeared that he had a look of shock on his face. Then the King breathed out, "Gendry, if I may ask, who your father is?" 


He was surprised by his question. "I... I am not sure, your Grace... but you were not the first person who has asked me that question.” 


"Who else has asked you about your parentage?" 


He took a deep breath, looked down at his hands and then answered the King in the North’s question. "When I was in King’s Landing, working as a blacksmith’s apprentice, the Hand of King Robert, Jon Arryn came to the shop, just to talk to me... he asked me about my mother and if I knew my father... it was all very strange." 


The next thing her knew the King put two fingers under his chin and lifted his face. He then looked directly into his eyes and whispered, "I do not believe it... Jon had to have known." He then started pacing the room, as Gendry’s eyes followed.


The King then started talking again, but the blacksmith felt as though he was no longer talking to him, but that he was talking to himself. “You are a bastard... Gods if my hunch is right, you are the spitting image of your father when he was younger..." 


'Does he know or think he knows who my father is?' Gendry thought to himself. However, he felt that right now was not the right time to voice that question out loud, so instead he interrupted the King from his thoughts by asking about the task he was commissioned to complete. "Your grace.... Your bastard son, Jon Snow, asked me to come to Winterfell to rework a Valyrian Steel and offered a position as a blacksmith. May I please see where I will work?" 


The King smiled and nodded. “Of course, Gendry. If you would, please follow me, and I will be happy to show you where you will be working.” Gendry stood up from the couch and followed the King out of his study. 


When they reached the hallway, they were joined by another man, who had a sword and was wearing Stark armor. ‘Must be a member of his Kingsguard,’ Gendry thought as the man followed closely behind them as they walked through hall and into the courtyard.


When they arrived at the forge, the King introduced him to an older Smith, named Mikken. The King then smiled at him with kind eyes and said, “This is where you will work Gendry. I hope they are suitable and please, do not hesitate to ask if you need anything at all. I want you to be comfortable in your new home. I also wanted you to know that we are very pleased to have you here in Winterfell." he smiled and nodded.


"Your Grace if I may ask... I what do you want me to reforge the Valyrian Steel sword into?" 


The King looked at him, smiled and said, “Aye, I need for to reforge the ancestral greatsword of House Stark into two new Valyrian Steel swords. One for me and one for my brother, Benjen.”


"Your Grace, may I please see this greatsword? I would like to start working on it as soon as possible and it would be nice to know what I am working with and if there will be enough steel to complete the task." 


The King appeared to be slightly surprised for just a moment, but then he looked towards the man who had followed them and said, “Jory please fetch me Ice." 


The man smiled and nodded. "Right away, your Grace." 


The man, Jory, quickly left and just a few minutes later returned with the great Valyrian steel sword named Ice. When he handed the scabbard the King Gendry was surprised just how large the sword really was. 


Gendry was starting to feel a little nervous, he had worked with Valyrian Steel many times with Tobho Mott, but most of the pieces they had worked with hand been pendants and brooches and a few daggers. “May... May I please see the sword, your Grace?" He asked, trying to keep his voice even. 


The king looked at him smiled and gave him the sword.


Gendry admired the craftsmen ship of the Greatsword and was in awe of how flawless the steel was impressed how well the sword had been constructed. This is truly the most remarkable piece of work I have ever seen.’ When he looked up from the sword, he could tell the King was looking at him and that he was waiting for an answer, but he felt completely tongue-tied.


He felt the anxiety in the King’s voice when he asked, "Will you be able to reforge Ice into two new Valyrian swords?" 


Wordlessly, he placed it onto the table and measured the length and width of the sword. In his mind trying to see if there was enough steel there to complete the task. After he was certain of the answer, he looked at the king and smiled. “Yes, your Grace. I will have enough steel to be able to reforge Ice into two new Valyrian Steel Longswords... If that pleases you, your Grace.” 


He saw that the King in the North was smiling. “That would be perfect. Thank you, Gendry... but do you mind if I ask, how long will it take you to complete this task?”


"Your Grace, if I started working on it tomorrow... It would take me no more than a few days."


"That is excellent news Gendry! Thank you. I need you to work hard so please rest for the day and start in the first light," The King said with a smile so big that it made his eyes crinkle.


Gendry smiled at the King and said, “I will start at first light, your Grace.”


"If you need any help... Our other blacksmith Mikken shall be at your service.” 


"Thank you, your Grace. And thank you for this opportunity.”


The King took a deep breath, looked at Ice for a moment and then smiled back at him and said, "I am sorry Gendry, but I have other matters that I must attend to at this time. Please, if you need anything or any help feel free to ask on of the servants for assistance. When you are ready to head to your chambers, please ask one of them and they will be happy to show you the way. I am sure that you are tired from your long journey. When I get back to the castle I will ask some handmaidens to draw you a bath and supper will be served in the Great Hall at sundown.”


“Thank you, your Grace.”


"I will see you tomorrow Gendry.”


The King in the North then turned and left the forge. Gendry stood at his workstation and admired all of the tools and supplies that he had been provided. He felt happy to begin his new life in Winterfell......



Daenerys Targaryen





It was evening in Pentos and the hot sun was finally starting to set over the Narrow Sea. However, Dany, Robb and Jon were still in the training yard at Illyrio’s manse practicing swordplay. She felt arms tingling and her hands were sore as hell but she was determined to fight through the pain and vowed not to give up.



She was still sparing against Robb and Jon was watching her form and helping her to correct her many imperfections. When she paused for a moment to wipe the sweat from her brow with the back of her hand, and get a drink of water she heard her husband ask some of the servants to prepare baths for them. She then heard him walking towards her and her good brother.



“Robb, Dany,” he called, “I think that you both have trained enough for one day. Let’s retire for the evening.”


“As you say, brother.” Robb said as he look at Jon. He then turned his gaze to her and said, “Daenerys, I will be more than happy to spar with you anytime. You did an excellent job today.” 



“Thank you for all of your help, Robb. However, I feel you are too kind in your assessment. I know that I still have a long way to go until I become the next Warrior Queen.” She said with a chuckle as her good brother pulled her in for an embrace.



When he released her from the hug, her husband pulled him into an embrace as well and she heard him whisper, “Robb, thank you again for all of your help. You truly do not understand how much this means to me.” 



“Anytime brother... and honestly, I really did have a wonderful time... Now if you do not mind I am going to take my leave, bathe and find some dinner. You two have a good night.”



After he said this Robb quickly put away his training sword and made his way inside the manse.



Even though Jon had said they were done for the night, she wanted to use the last few rays of sunlight to practice. So she continued to swing her sword, even though her arms felt limp, while her husband was watched from the other side of the training yard.



Her concentration was broken when Jon began to walk towards her and calmly remarked, "Dany, you need to calm down. You are not moving right.” 



She stopped swinging the training sword as her husband approached. He stood behind her, placed both hands on hers and guided her swings with the sword so that they were now fluid.



"Do you feel the difference?” He asked. She nodded and then he continued, “The sword does not control you, Dany... You control the sword," he murmured in her ear as placed his head against her shoulder and guided her with the sword. She felt her heart beat increasing because of the way he was holding her. 


“Now, practice that swing on your own.” He said as he removed his hand from hers and placed them on her hips. 



After one swing of the sword, she smiled, turned around and looked at him and threw the training sword on the ground. She could tell he was surprised by her actions.



"Dany, are you do..." 



However, before he could finish his question she pulled him down to her for a kiss. They kissed each other passionately for several minutes when she finally had to pull away for air. As she caught her breath, she breathed out, "I am going to take a bath and I want you to join me..." 



He smiled and pressed a chaste kiss to her forehead. He then whispered, "As you wish, my Queen.” He sighed before he raised his tone when he continued, “But, before I join you... I need to speak to your horrible excuse of a brother." 



She knitted her eyebrows, before she asked in a calm and even tone, "Care if I join you?"



Dany could tell he was surprised by her question when he raised a since eyebrow and asked with concern in his voice, "Are you sure?" 


She placed another kiss on his lips. "I'm sure. Please, Jon, let me join you... I need to see him.” 



He had a nervous smile on his lips as he nodded and replied, "If that is what you wish." 


She smiled and nodded, "It is."



He now had a genuine smile on his face as he placed his both of his hands on her cheeks and pulled her for a kiss. After a few moments he pulled away and said, "Let's go see him then." 



After he said this, he took her hand and they both walked to the basement chambers were Viserys was being kept. They stopped in front of Bako. She heard Jon speaking to him in Dothraki and was excited when she was able to pick-up a few of the words. He smiled and opened the doors for them. Once inside the room, she saw the other two blood riders, who promptly stood from their chairs and left.


Her heart started to race at the sight of her brother. He was tied and chained to a wooden chair in the center of the room, his hair was stringy and he smelled of onions. She then watched as he slowly looked up from the floor and his eyes focused on her. She noticed that his eyes opened wide when he realized it was her.



"Dany! Dany, tell this bastard of the usurper’s dog to set me free! I am his rightful King!” he screeched.



She smiled as she thought, 'He does not yet know that I have married this man he believes to be a bastard.' She looked at Jon, and squeezed his hand to get his attention. When he looked her, he returned her smile and she winked knowingly at him. She then put her hand around his neck and pulled him down for a fiery kiss. As they kissed, she soon felt his hands kneading ass as he deepened the kiss. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see this irritated her brother.



"Daenerys! What are you doing! He is a BASTARD!" Viserys wailed.



She reluctantly pulled away from the kiss and smiled at her husband. She turned her gaze from him to her brother and nonchalantly said, "Viserys, don’t you think it is normal for a wife to kiss her husband? I know that I do." 



She saw his eyes widened in surprise. "Husband… Husband,” he shrilled, “Dany, you cannot be serious… There is no way that you have really gone and married him… You know better than to sully yourself with the likes of his kind… He is nothing but a bastard!" 



She felt her face flushing with anger as she gritted out, "He is not a bastard Viserys! He is our older brother’s last surviving son! He is the trueborn son of our brother Rhaegar and his wife Lyanna Stark... He is Aegon Targaryen one of our last kin and true heir to the throne… not you!" 



Viserys evil mocking laugh echoed throughout the room. "I see he has seduced you with his pretty face and pretty hair and cock... You, sweet sister, are nothing but a stupid slut, a dragonwhore! How does it feel like to be fucked by a bastard?" 



She felt like her dragonblood was boiling to the surface. She looked at Jon in an attempt to calm herself and could not believe what she saw. She watched as his eyes turned from grey to a dark burnt orange. He placed his hand of the hilt of Winters Wolf but she grabbed his hand before he could unsheathe the sword. She looked in his eyes and said as calmly as she could muster, "Jon, don’t do it... we need him later." 



When he took a deep breath, she watched in amazement as his eyes changed from the dark orange to dark blue and then back to his normal Stark grey. She smiled at him and nodded her head, signaling to him that he should calm down while she handles her brother. She looked at her brother and closed the three-step distance between them. She looked him square in the eyes and smiled as she slapped him hard across the face.



"You dare wake the dragon!" He squealed.



Which made her and Jon laugh, she laughed so hard that she had to wipe the tears from her eyes. Once she composed herself, she looked at him and stated, "You are no dragon!" 



He appeared to be taken aback by her comment. "Of course I am! I am blood of the Dragon! I am blood of old Valyria… I have the blood of Aegon the Conqueror in my veins!"



"Aye, you are blood of old Valyria but that does not mean that you are a dragon! A true dragon cannot burn." Her husband stated calmly, which made her smile.



"Daenerys, what does he mean by that!" Viserys squeaked.



She smiled as looked at the burning torch on the wall, which was the only source of light in the dark room. She walked over and removed the torch from its perch on the wall, then walked back to where her husband stood next to her chained brother. She then placed her hand on the fire. She kept her eyes on her brother’s mortified expression; it brought her joy to see him so stunned.



"Aegon and I are the last Dragons.” She looked at Jon who smiled. She took his hand and placed it in the flaming torch as well. She then turn her attention back to Viserys who’s eyes were still wide open in shock. “You are nothing but a fool of a man thinking his the heir to the throne, which is not truly his, and never was… You are a fool to believe that people are drinking secret toasts to your health and sewing dragon banners… Aegon is the rightful heir to the throne and I am his Queen... together we will rule Westeros and save our people from the coming darkness… But you, dear brother… You will die for your crimes against your rightful Queen! Trying to sell your sister to a rapist! What kind of a brother does such a thing! You are a horrible brother Viserys... You truly are cruel and mad just like our father!"



Which made him laugh. "The people to toast to me! They are counting down the days until I return… You honestly think the people of Westeros would follow a half-blood and the little dragonwhore that killed our mother… Who killed the beloved Queen!" 



She felt as her hands turned into fists as her dragonblood was now boiling. She was about to slap him again, however, before she could unclench her fist, Jon punched him in the face so hard that the chair he was secured to fell to the floor.



Jon then stood over him and gritted out, "Listen to me you mad cunt! Your days are numbered. When the time is right, you will be burned alive for your actions against our family... For the way you abused Daenerys and touched her inappropriately... and for trying to sell Daenerys to a rapist for an army to take a throne what is not rightfully yours!" 



When Jon looked at her, she could see those flaming-orange eyes again. 'What is wrong with his eyes?' to her surprised her brother grabbed her ankles. 



"Dany… Dany, please! Please let me go free! I am sorry… I promise I will never harm you again… I will leave you alone… I will live the rest of my days in exile… Please, Dany… Don’t do this do me!" He pleaded.



She looked down at him, but felt no remorse for what they planned to do, she tried to calm her rage, but was unsuccessful, as she seethed, “I do not care if you are sorry! I do not care if you are my brother. The brother you once were died in Braavos when we left the house with the red door… You are nothing to me now… You are no brother of mine… And you will be burned! My true family is now with me here! Our nephew whom I made my husband last night. I have my good brother Robb Stark, who in the two days I have known him has been more of a true brother to me than you ever were! I also have the Starks… They are my family now… And they have been our family all along… The Usurper’s Dog you called his uncle… when in reality he was the one protecting the last living heir of Rhaegar for the last eighteen years He took him, claimed him as his own bastard to keep him safe and loved him as a father should love a son! And you, Viserys… you will die for your actions for trying to sell me to a rapist!" She could see the surprise in his eyes because of the fierceness of her tone and passion in her voice and made her smile.



She could see the fear in his eyes as his voice quivered when he cried, "Dany, please... understand I only did it for us!" 



She laughed at his comment. "For us! You did it for yourself. What did you say to me? You said you would let Khal Drogo, his whole Khalasar and their horses fuck me if that is what it took for you to get an army! If it wasn't for Aegon traveling from Westeros to Pentos to save me, I would have been raped and defiled!" She then moved so that she was standing over him. She looked down into his eyes and stated, "You will soon die, dead brother… You will burn for the way you treated me!" She unsheathed Dark Sister and placed her sword on her brother throat. "This is Dark Sister! I can cut your throat with it if I wanted… but what fun would that be… That death would be too merciful for the likes of a person like you… I would much rather see you burn for the way you treated me!"



She saw his eyes going wide opened. "Dark Sister! It was said to be lost beyond the Wall... Brynden Rivers last wielded it... It was rumored that Rhaegar had found it when he went beyond the Wall! Where did you find it?" She looked at her husband who only smiled.



"Our brother Rhaegar kept it at the Tower of Joy, in Donre, where my husband, our nephew, Aegon was born. His uncle Eddard Stark kept it safe for him. He then gave it to me… As he is training me to wield it, so that I can protect myself from men like you!" She took Dark Sister and sheathed it back onto her back. "The next time I see you brother is when I kill you... When I burn you!" She turned around and placed a kiss on her husband cheek. "Let’s go Jon." 



Jon offered her his arm, which she took. As they left the chambers all she could hear, was Viserys screaming, "Dany… Dany… Daenerys! I am sorry! I'm sorry please forgive me."



Jon smiled and nodded at Bako and their other two blood riders, and she watched as the two Blood riders entered the chambers once again.



She smiled at her husband who smiled back at her as they walked back to his chambers. 'I need to find out what is it what you are keeping from me Jon,' she thought as they walked through the winding halls of the manse. When they reached his chambers, Jon opened the door and allowed her to enter first. When he bolted the door, they removed their swords and placed them against the wall.



She looked at him and pulled him at her. She gave him a fierce kiss on his plump lips. When she broke the kiss, she murmured in his ear, "Let’s go take a bath, my love... We both smell like shit." 



“Aye, we do,” he chuckled. 



They walked hand in hand into the private bathing chamber, attached to their rooms. She was happy to see that the room with filled with steam from the boiling water in the tub. She looked at him, smiled and purred, "Take off your clothes, my love.”



He happily complied by taking off his shirt, followed by his boots then his breeches, and small clothes. She admired his toned muscular body and his already hardening cock. She smiled and licked her lips. He smiled at her and closed the short distance between them. He placed one hand on her ass, and the other began to caress one of her breasts through her shirt as he kissed her on the mouth passionately.



He started to help her taking off her clothes. When he got her out of her silver shirt her breast were exposed and he quickly began suckling her one nipples like a newborn babe as he rolled and pinched it’s twin; the pleasure caused a moan to escape her lips. She then took off her skirt then her breeches and small clothes and he continued to give her chest attention. Once she was naked as well, she took his hand and led them both into the boiling water of the bath. She knew the water would be scalding to normal people but she knew they were not normal… They were both dragons.



She pushed him lightly, which caused him to fall in the bath and place his back against the wall. She smiled as she lowered herself into the water and sat across his lap. She kept on kissing him and she felt him squeezing and cupping her breast. Finally, she pulled away, took the soap and wash cloth from the side of the tub, lathered it, and started cleaning his chest. She looked up at him and he was smiling lovingly at her.



Daenerys then felt his sigh before he spoke, "I am sorry for what your horrible brother said about your..." 



She cut him off. "It is fine Jon. Please, do not think about it," she took a deep breath. She knew it was time to ask him her questions. "Jon when did you learn how to use two swords... I can only remember you using your Valyrian Steel sword Longclaw."



She watched him swallow hard before he answered, "I learned how to use two swords after you, died Daenerys." 



She raised her eyebrow she could tell there was more to the story… He was not lying to her, but he was not telling the whole truth either. Therefore, she prodded a little deeper. "If I may ask, Jon why did you, learn to wield two swords?" 



She heard him swear under his breath as he ran a hand through his raven curls. He was quiet for several moments before he finally breathed out a question instead of an answer, "Why Dany… Why do you want to know Daenerys?" 



She took a deep breath, hoping to cause her nervous anxiety. "Jon... Robb and I are becoming worried about you... At times you do not even act like yourself… Like the man that I love... I understand that you changed... However, yesterday you pushed Bako in the face… It was not even a real fight… Jon, you are not fighting honorably... In our past life, even in battle, you would fight honorably... Robb thinks something happened to me after I died which caused you to fight brutally... Jon, please let me in... I know it has something to do with your nightmares... Please my love, I am here and I want to help.”



She watched as he took a deep breath. But it did not appear to calm him because he gritted out, "Daenerys I do not want to talk about you death or what happen after your death…” His tone got softer as he continued, but he would still not look her in the eyes, “I do not mind talking about the happy times, but the painful ones are just too much. Please Dany, do not ask me again, we have been through this… I cannot tell you what happened in our past life after you died... what happens in my dreams... it is too painful and I do not want you to share my burdens... Dany it is ju…" 



That is when she cut him off. "Jon, please just tell me... Unburden yourself… I do not care what happened in our past life... If you tell me what happened we could prevent whatever it was from happening again... Just please... Jon it pains me see that the person whom I love most in this world brooding about something he does not wish to share with me. Please, Jon, tell me," she said this as she placed both hands on his cheeks so he would look into her eyes.



"Daenerys... I do not want to talk about it!" he growled



She was surprised by the hard tone he of his voice. "Jon please just..." She again shifted his face so he had to look her in the eyes.



He had his eyes closed when she turn his head, then when his eyes opened, she noticed the irises of his eyes were turning to dark orange. "Daenerys, I have changed! You want to know why I no longer fight honorably… it is because I had to learn how to survive! Every day I was running from those dead cunts that took my sisters, that took you, and our son!” She noticed as he said this, tears began to form in the corners of his eyes. “It is a nightmare, Daenerys… A fucking nightmare that was my life! It is something that kept chasing me no matter where I went or what I did and it is still chasing me!" He then lifted her up from her lap, stood up, and started to make his way out of the water. He looked at her and she saw the tears running down his orange eyes and then on his face. "Please, Dany do not ask me what happened in my dreams or after you died again. I promise you that that it is for the best… you do not need to burden yourself with my past failures." After he said this he turned to leave, but she stopped him by grabbing his arm.



"I'm sorry Jon for bringing it up ... Please don't leave me..." She said as the tears now began to fall down her face as well.



He gave her a sad smile and nodded. She saw his eyes turning back to dark blue and then to grey as he climbed back into the tub.



She pushed him back against the wall in the tub and sat on his lap. She then cupped her hand in water and threw the water onto his hair. Which made them both laughed. She then cooed, “I already cleaned you, Jon Snow… However, I am still dirty…”



He took another soap bar and started rubbing it against her breast. She looked down and saw the tender attention he gave her breasts. She watched as he moved them with the soap. She looked at him and saw the affect it on him, which made her smile. "Do you love my breast, Jon Snow?"



He looked up at her and saw he appeared surprised by the question. He chuckled and said, "Aye, I do. They aren't too big or too small their perfect," he said as he threw hot water on her breast so that the soap was rinsed off.



She looked at him and smiled as she purred, "They were meant for you as was I meant for you..." She saw him smiled at her words. She then saw him moved his head forward and started to suck on nipple as he cupped and squeezed. Which had her moaning once more. But she knew that now as not the time as she hope she would be able to get him to answer a couple of other questions that were not linked to her death or after her death.



"Jon... When you told my brother Viserys that it was not the right time to burn him what did you mean by that?"



He released her nipple, pulled away and smiled at her. He then splashed hot water in her face as he chuckled and said, "In order to hatch our dragon eggs we need to make a bonfire and we have to have a human sacrifice. I was planning on making Viserys our sacrifice… as long as you are okay with that…" He then caused her to giggle before she could answer because he bent down and began to place open-mouthed kisses to her stomach.



"I do not mind at all. Let him suffer for the way he treated me." She was able answer between chuckles.



"I am glad to hear that you are okay with my plan." 



She took a deep breath before she asked her next question; she did not want to upset him again, but she knew that they had lived so it must not have been too painful. "Jon, I was thinking… Earlier, when you told Robb that you fell into a frozen lake. Why would I leave you? Why would you even tell me to leave? I mean… you already said I was in love with you… So it does not make sense to me… Why would I leave the man I love to die at the hands of undead monsters and ice creatures?"



She saw him looking down at her, surprise showing in his eye by her question. She watched as he swallowed hard and could tell that he was thinking hard.



"Jon did something happened on that suicide mission what you're not telling me?"



She watched as he took another deep breath before he finally answered, "Aye, I am... When you arrived to save us, you brought all three of your dragons... I thought that the Night King would not stand a chance against you... I thought that the dragons were invincible…" She saw him taking a deep breath, and then he continued, "When you landed with your largest dragon, Drogon, on the tiny island we were stranded on, you wanted us to get on the dragon’s back. I did not grab your hand. I fought against the dead in order to make sure everyone was on Drogon first... Then when Ser Jorah called me, I did not hear him and the next thing I saw was the Night King grabbing an Ice Spear. He looked at one of your dragons, the smallest one, named Viserion and threw it at him. The spear went through his scales like it was nothing and Viserion fell into the Frozen lake...." 



She saw on his face that there was more so she encourages him by saying. "And what happened next?"



He took a deep breath. "The Night King brought Viserion back to life... He became a slave to his army... Daenerys when we have all of our dragons hatched we need to keep them far away from his army... Only a dragon with a rider will be safe... I will not allow him to make our children part of his slave army.”



She was surprised by this.'Dragons are not slaves if the Night King gets his hands on them it would be all over.' She thought before she spoke aloud, "I agree Jon. We need to keep our dragons as far away from him as possible." 



He smiled an nodded. "We will only use the dragons we mount...  The other four will need to stay far away from his reach.”



They finished cleaning themselves in a comfortable silence. After they left the bathing chambers, they entered their bedchamber, and she was happy to find that most of her clothes and other belongings had been moved from her chambers to his chambers by the handmaidens and servants.


She looked at him and he smiled at her. They both were still dripping wet and naked from their bath and the site of his arse sent sparks through her body and straight to her core. When he started to put on his shirt, she grabbed his arms to stop him. She could tell he was surprised, and she watched as his eyes grew hungry when she placed one hand on his chest and pushed him onto the bed.



She began to stroke his manhood while kissing him fiercely. She then climbed in the bed, on top of him and straddled his hips. She then took his cock and guided it towards her leaking, needy cunt. She could tell he was surprised by this as he whispered, "I thought you were sore.”



She then smiled and nodded. "I am but I do not care… I need my husband to fuck me and conquer me" As she said this she felt his cock entering her cunt and just like that, she kissed roughly on the lips as he filled her deliciously.



She started to moan at the pleasure it felt like having his cock inside of her. She took his hands and placed them on his breast. She then started to move her waist until she was riding him in a furious pace. They fucked each other hard like only a dragon would mate with another dragon....












Chapter Text


Olenna Tyrell


‘Another fucking Golden Rose,’ Olenna thought to herself as her granddaughter, Margaery, showed her her latest embroidery project. “It is beautiful just like you,” she said instead as she placed a tender hand on her granddaughter’s forearm.

“Thank you, Grandmother,” the young girl said as her eyes twinkled as she smiled. She then dropped a perfect curtsy and her golden brown waves swayed as she scurried back to her chair. 

‘When did life become so dull,’ she mused to herself as she ate a bite of her lemon cake. ‘Sitting around all day eating lemon cakes and sipping wine, pfft.’ 

“Mother,” she heard her son Mace call from the doorway, “Could you please come with me... We have received an interesting raven from King Robert... it was sent from Winterfell.” 

“Is it really so important that you must pull me away from sewing and lemon cakes?” She asked sarcastically. 

“Yes, I believe it is, mother.” He son responded with a serious look on his face.

“Fine,” She said as she stood from her chair and followed her son from the room. 

As they walked through the halls of Highgarden, she thought to herself, ‘Maybe this day will not be so boring after all.’ 

When they entered Mace’s study, he closed the door. After the door was secured, he walked into the room and sat down in a wooden chair at a small square table by the window.  

“Please, Mother, sit down and read this.” He said as he placed a raven scroll down on the table and then proceeded to pour them each a goblet of Arbor Gold. 

She sat down in the chair across from her son and took the parchment from the table. She then read through the note as her son sip his wine and smiled. 


For the crimes committed by The Crown Prince Joffrey of House Baratheon, against Sansa and Arya of House Stark, I have granted the Kingdom of the North Independence in exchange for the life of my son. Eddard of House Stark will now be known as the King in the North.

Robert of the House Baratheon, the First of His Name, King of the Andals and the First Men, Lord of the Six Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm


When she finished reading, she placed the scroll back on the table, grabbed her goblet of wine and drank the entire glass down it in one gulp.  

“What in seven hells did the boy do that the King would just hand over one of his Kingdoms without a fight!” She exclaimed after she placed her glass back on the table.

“Don’t you see, Mother... This is our chance to offer the King a betrothal between Margaery and the Crown Prince! This is her chance to become Queen! Everyone in the Seven Kingdoms believed that the King was going to offer the Eddard Stark the opportunity to marry his daughter, Sansa to the Crown Prince... I don’t care what that boy did... the Starks did not accept and now my Margaery has the opportunity to be Queen of the Seven Kingdoms!” 

“You stupid oaf!” Olenna declared, as she slapped her son upside the head. “I cannot believe you would consider marrying your beautiful daughter, our golden rose, to Joffrey Baratheon, after he did something so heinous that his father, King Robert, had to give the North their independence! He gave away one of this Kingdoms! If he had not have done that the boy’s head would be on a spike outside the gates of Winterfell as we speak!” 

“But Mother, this is Margaery’s chance to become the Queen of the Seven Kingdoms!” Mace retorted. 

“Six Kingdoms,” Olenna quickly corrected her son. “We need to offer her hand in marriage to someone worthy...” 

“Mother, I do not understand... the only way Margaery would become Queen is if she marries the Crown Prince, Joffrey.” 

“There is another Prince.” Olenna mused as she poured another glass of wine.

“Mother, Prince Tommen is just a boy! Are you saying we write King Robert and have him renounce Prince Joffrey as his heir?” 

“Not Tommen, you fool! And I have a feeling The Six Kingdoms are going to be demanding answers as to why the North is now independent... as to what exactly Prince Joffrey did to those Stark girls soon enough... which could lead to Rebellion... And who knows how that would turn out... We need a better alliance.... a strong alliance with an honorable Royal family.” When her son sat there staring at her like she had grown another head she sighed and added, “The King in the North, Ned Stark has an unmarried heir.” 

“But Mother... then she would only be Queen of one Kingdom...” 

“Gods you are an idiot! If the Prince did something so vile that the King gave up a Kingdom to save his son’s life, do you really think the Six Kingdoms will stay united?” 

Mace sighed, “What do you suggest, we do Mother?” He asked with knitted eyebrows. 

“We need an alliance with the North... and we should offer more than one of you children to the Starks...” 

“Why more than one?” Mace asked with a perplexed look on his face. 

“Gods, sometimes I wonder if I really gave birth to you! The King in the North will not accept all the offers, so if you can marry at least one of his children to one of yours, it would make a strong alliance with the North. I would prefer Margaery marry his heir... but if Loras or Willas, or Garlan married one of his daughters that could help us secure our position in the North...”

“I see mother.” He muttered and by the look on his face she could tell he finally did understand they should not unite with the Lannisters and Baratheons.  

“It is about damn time... why are you just sitting there. Write a scroll to the King on the North and request the betrothals already!”......



Oberyn Martell


The midday sun was blazing down over Sunspear as Oberyn made his way to Doran’s chambers. He was confused as to why his brother had summoned him so suddenly. ‘Something major must have happened,’ he thought to himself as his brother’s guards opened the door for him.  

When he walked into the chambers he did not immediately see Doran. He scanned the room and saw his brother’s personal guard standing by the door that led to the balcony overlooking the Water Gardens. He walked over and the guardsman opened the door. 

As he walked onto the balcony he saw his brother had a determined look on his face and held a ravens scroll between his fingers. “Brother, you have summoned me. What is so urgent that you disturbed my time with Ellaria?”  

Doran wordlessly handed him the scroll that he held between his fingers. Oberyn quickly read through the message. When he finish could feel the anger rising as his blood coursed through his veins.  

“Doran, this is our chance! We need to call the banners and strike now! With the full force of Dorne the Lannisters will never know what hit them and I will finally be able to avenge the deaths of Elia and her children!” Oberyn proclaimed as he returned the scroll to his brother. 

“Be patient, Oberyn,” His brother said calmly. 

“You really expect me to accept the rule of a boy whom has done something so horrible that his Father gave away a Kingdom in exchange for his life... Give me a dozen spears! Then I will take them and my daughters and we will defeat the Lannisters! They will never expect it!” 

“I agree with you... We can never swear reality to the Baratheon boy. However, his Father is still King, and we cannot defeat the Lannisters alone. We need allies!” 

Oberyn was getting frustrated. Dorne had never really completely accepted the rule of the Seven Kingdoms, that is why their sister had been married to Prince Rhaegar... to bring them into the fold. “What are you suggesting, Doran? That we wait until the fat King is dead to strike?”

“No... we need to create an alliance... An alliance with someone who has as much hatred for the Lannisters as we do... the North...” 

“The North?” Oberyn spit out, “They are partially responsible for Elia’s death!”

“Yes... but apparently the Crown Prince did something so vile that it has fractured the friendship between King Robert and Eddard Stark so badly that the North has been named an Independent Kingdom... The North is no longer loyal to King Robert... We need to join forces with the North... then when the time is right we will get our revenge.”

“How are you planning to create an alliance with the North? They do not care for wine, you will have to offer them something in return... a marriage perhaps?” Oberyn mused as he rubbed the stubble on his chin. 

“Exactly... I plan to offer my second son, Prince Trystane to his daughter, Princess Sansa... a Prince for a Princess...” 

“That could work... I would prefer to show the Lannisters the wrath of Dorne... But I will wait, for now,” Oberyn reluctantly agreed 

“Bring me a quill, inkwell and some parchment... I need to write a letter to the King in the North.”......



Lysa Arryn


‘It is not fair!’ Lysa seethed to herself as she paced around her chambers clutching the raven scroll in her hand. ‘That sister of mine got everything! The better marriage! The love of her husband! The large family! And now she is Queen of a Kingdom!’ 

She then picked up an empty wine glass and threw it across the room, watching as it shattered into thousands of tiny sparkling shards. “This was not part of the plan Petyr!” She screamed in the empty room, not caring if the servants and handmaidens heard her rant. 

She continued to pace around her room trying to figure out their next move. ‘I have already sent the rider to Winterfell, informing my sister it was the Lannisters that killed my husband... Now are plans are foiled... They have their own Kingdom now... Why would they fight to put my Sweet Robin on the Throne? Unless I offer them something... I must write to Petyr and see if he thinks it is wise to offer my sweet boy’s hand in marriage to their Little Arya... That could bring The North back into the fold and their daughter would be Queen of the Seven Kingdoms...’ 

She wrote a quick note to Petyr and then sent a handmaiden for a courier... She could not trust this message to a raven... if it was intercepted their plans to put their son on the Throne would be spoiled......




Bronze Yohn Royce


The bronze knight reread the scroll the Maester gave him over once more, still not believing the words... ‘Robert has given Ned the North... But why? What could the sort of crime could the Crown Prince have committed that Robert gave Ned the North in exchange for his son’s life? When Robert and Ned grew up here in the Vale there were best friends... What did Joffrey do that was unforgivable Ned wanted his head? Ned was always a quiet one and never quick to anger... I was actually expecting to receive a raven stating that Robert had made Ned his hand and that they were going to join their Houses.’ 

“My Lord, what does the scroll say,” the old Maester asked softly. 

“It states that King Robert has granted the North Independence because of crimes committed by the Crown Prince, Joffrey against House Stark.”

“Does it state what the crime was my Lord?” 

“No... that is what surprises me. “ The Lord of Runestone replied as he ran his calloused hand through his balding hair. “Maester?”

“Yes, my Lord?” 

“I am going to write a message for King Eddard Stark, will you please prepare a raven... I need answers... I need to know just what Joffrey has done... and I need to know if I should continue to serve House Baratheon in the future... Something is going on... First Jon Arryn dies suspiciously and now the North is given the Independence...” 

“But my Lord, shouldn’t you request this information from Lady Arryn?” The Old Maester asked with a raised eyebrow. 

“I am sorry, Maester. I know that I should, however I do not trust that strange woman... something is off with her.” 

“Very well, my Lord,” The Maester said as he bowed his head and readied him self to leave the chambers.

“Maester,” Yohn called before the man left the room.

“Yes, my Lord?” 

“Do you know if any of King Eddard’s children are betrothed?” 

“None that I am aware of my Lord.”

“Thank you. I will meet you in the rookery shortly with my scroll.”

“Very well, my Lord.” The Maester said quietly as he bowed his head. 

With that, the Maester left his chambers and he penned a message to the man who grew up a ward of the Vale......




Randyll Tarly 


“My Lord, a raven from Winterfell has just arrived. It is sealed with the King’s personal seal.” 

The Lord of Hornhill took the scroll for the Maester’s outstretched hand, grumbled a thank you as he quickly retires to his private study. He was angry at the North; he still did not understand why they took a liking to his fat, worthless older son, Samwell, and sent him to the Citadel. ‘And now King Robert is announcing he has gone and named Eddard Stark his Hand and betrothed the Crown Prince to the eldest Stark girl,’ He thought to himself as he broke the seal. 

He sat down in the chair behind his desk and started to read the scroll.


For the crimes committed by The Crown Prince Joffrey of House Baratheon, against Sansa and Arya of House Stark, I have granted the Kingdom of the North Independence in exchange for the life of my son. Eddard of House Stark will now be known as the King in the North.

Robert of the House Baratheon, the First of His Name, King of the Andals and the First Men, Lord of the Six Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm

Randyll Tarly sat there stunned as he read through the scroll again. ‘Well maybe that fat son of mine is not worthless after all... when he completes his training he will be the Maester to the Royal Family of the North!’ 

He then got up from his chair, walked over and poured himself a glass of Arbor Gold. He took a long sip and swallowed it down. The suddenly it came to him... ‘Lord... no King Eddard Stark’s daughter is not betrothed to the Crown Prince... They seemed to like my weak son, they will love my strong worthy son, Dickon... I could request to have Dickon marry the Princess Sansa...’

He quickly walked back to his desk, wrote a letter and sealed with his sigil. He then went in search of the Maester to send his scroll to the King in the North......





Walder Frey


Walder Frey was sitting in the Great Hall of the Twins, waiting for his supper. As the young girl set his meat pie on the table he smacked her ass and told her to stay. ‘After I eat this pie I can take this young kitchen wench to my bed chambers and maybe create another bastard,’ he mused to himself as he picked up his spoon. Just as he was getting ready to put his spoon in the meat pie his son Black Walder rushes in the room. 

“Father! A raven from the King!” His son exclaimed as he tried to catch his breath. 

“Can’t you see that I’m busy you worthless piece of shit! What does the damned thing say!” The raunchy old lord retorted. 

“I don’t know, Father. The message is sealed.”

“Well open it and read it to me boy... I swear ya got your Mother’s brain...”

As he put a spoonful of meat pie in his mouth Black Walder broke the seal of the scroll and began to read the message.


For the crimes committed by The Crown Prince Joffrey of House Baratheon, against Sansa and Arya of House Stark, I have granted the Kingdom of the North Independence in exchange for the life of my son. Eddard of House Stark will now be known as the King in the North.

Robert of the House Baratheon, the First of His Name, King of the Andals and the First Men, Lord of the Six Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm


Walder Frey dropped his spoon as he nearly choked on his meat pie. He quickly downed his glass of wine to clear his throat and then said, “Does it say what crime that idiot Prince committed?”

“No Father. It just said crimes against the Stark girls.” 

“What the fuck, could the boy have done that his Father would give the North their Independence?” The Old Lord questioned in a loud raspy tone. 

“I don’t know, Father.” Black Walder responded. 

“Well you had better go and find out! I swear that I think your mother must have fucked someone else because you have no brains boy!” 

“Yes, Father,” His son responded and then turned to leave the room. 

“And send the Maester, boy... I need to send a letter to the King in the North.” Lord Frey hollered at his son. 

“Right away, Father!” 

‘I have a shit ton of worthless mouths to feed... I will make an alliance with The King in the North, and no one will ever talk bad about house Frey again. This is going to be a good night indeed.’ Walder Frey thought to himself as he pulled the sweet young kitchen maid into his lap......



Edmure Tully 


Edmure was perplexed as he was pulled from the training yard and told to report to his Father at once. ‘What could be so important that he has pulled me away from my archery practice?’ He thought to himself as he walked to his Father’s study.  

When he arrived at the wooden door it was closed so he knocked swiftly five times. When he head his Father tell him to enter he did not pause as he turned the knob and pushed the door open. 

“You wanted to see me, Father?” he asked as he stood in the doorway. He noticed that his Father was sitting behind his large wooden desk, in front of the window that overlooked the rivers surrounding River Run. He also noticed that he appeared to be angry and stressed. 

“Yes, Edmure. Please come in, bolt the door, and then take a seat.” His Father answered in a serious tone as he poured two glasses of wine. 

After the door was secured he walked across the room and sat down at the seat in front of his Father’s desk. Once he was seated his Father pushed one of the glasses of wine towards him and told him to take a drink. He picked up his glass and did as he was told.  

After he took a sip of wine, he put his glass back on the desk and asked, “What is wrong, Father?” 

“Read this,” his Father said as handed him a raven scroll with the broken seal of King Robert. “I thought it was going to say that my Good Son had been named Hand of the King and that young Sansa would become the next Queen... I did not expect this.” 

Edmure quickly read the message... He felt his heart rate rising with every word... “Father... what did the Prince do to my nieces?” 

Lord Hoster Tully sighed before he answered, “I do not know... but it must have been something horrible if it is punishable by death... All I know is what that scroll says... that the Crown Prince committed a crime against Sansa and Arya, and in exchange for his son’s life, he granted the North Independence.” 

“What are we going to do?” Edmure asked as he knitted his brow.

“We need to find out what happened... I need to know if we need to write a letter to King Robert to either request Independence for the Riverlands or ask him to denounce Joffrey’s claim to the Iron Throne...”

“What can I do to help, Father?”

“Son, I am going to write a message to my daughter, Queen Catelyn and her husband, King Eddard to tell them that you are coming to visit.”

“Me?” Edmure gasped in disbelief, “Why don’t you send a raven and ask?”

“Yes, I am sending you to Winterfell for answers... I believe that your sister would have sent a raven telling us everything if it was safe to share... For some reason she feels that it would not be safe. Therefore, I need you to get the answers... I need to know if I need to call my banners.”......



Balon Greyjoy


The winds and rain were beating down against the castle of Pyke. He stood by the fire and reread the raven scroll the Maester had given him several times, as he waited for Yara to come to his chambers. ‘The Whoring King has granted the North Independence for crimes the Crown Prince committed against the daughters of House Stark... His once best friend is now the King of the North... What did the King who stole my original heir... a son who is now dead to me... I am sure the Theon has forgotten how to pay the Iron Price... Luckily I still have Yara...’ His thoughts were disturbed when he heard a knocking on his solar door.

“Father, you asked for me,” he heard Yara call from the other side of the door.

“Yes, come in.” He answered.

“What is it that you need?” She asked as she walked into the room, pushing the door shut behind her as she did.

“Apparently... King Robert has given up control of the North... He has declared the North independent of the Seven Kingdoms...”

“Why would he do something like that?” Yara asked with a look of confusion on her face.

“Apparently the Crown Prince Joffrey did something to Eddard Stark’s girls and the man called for the boy’s head... instead of letting his son’s head rot on a spike he gave the North their freedom.” He answered with a scowl on his face.

“Father... this is our chance to get Theon back!” Yara exclaimed.

“No... Theon is dead to me... don’t speak his name again... He is no Ironborn...” Balon stated with fierceness in his tone.

“Father he is your son... write to Lord... Kind Eddard and demand Theron’s retu...”

“Yara! You are my heir... Theon is gone! He has been with the wolves longer than I had him... He has been on dry land for too long, he knows nothing of sailing or the seas... if he wants to return so be it... However, I have no desire to ever lay eyes on that weak boy again!” The Lord of Pyke said through gritted teeth.

He watched as his daughter forcibly exhaled and said, “As you wish, Father... So, what are your plans, if you do not wish to have Theon returned, what is it you want?”

“Yara, the remaining Kingdoms will demand to know what exactly the Prince did... and they will either force King Robert to denounce Joffrey’s claim to the Throne or there will be a Rebellion... This is our chance to make him pay the Iron Price... We need to start planning for war....”

“War?” She questioned.

“Yes... We will show those Lannister and Baratheon cunts the what it means to pay the Iron Price.”......



Howland Reed


It was a cool summer night and Howland Reed, his children Meera and Jojen, and Bran and Willis had stopped and made camp for the night. They had left Winterfell about three days ago, they were making great time in their journey, however, they still had at least a week left to travel until they reached Greywater Watch. Meera and Bran were hunting for dinner and Willis and Jojen were gathering firewood while he put up there shelter for the evening. 

Once the shelter was erected and the campfire was made, Willis went to a nearby steam to water the horses and to refill their skins and Meera and Bran returned with several rabbits. He sat on a log and observed as Meera showed Bran how to properly skin a rabbit and he smiled at how well the two seemed to get along, ‘Those two seem to have a deep connection... Maybe one day they might decide to marry if that is what the gods have planned for Bran... He would be a good match for Meera,’ he thought to himself as he started to gaze into the flames of the campfire.

“Father, I need to speak with you.” He heard his son say as he sat down on the log next to him, pulling him from his thoughts.

“Aye, what is it that you wish to speak to me about, Jojen?” The Lord of Greywater Watch asked.

“Much happened after we left Winterfell.”

“What happened?” The Crannogman asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Eddard Stark has been named The King in the North.” Jojen stated flatly.

Howland felt as if all the air had been pushed from his lungs as he asked, “What? Why? How?” 

“The Crown Prince Joffrey attempted to rape Sansa Stark because he was upset that she refused to marry him... He wanted to sully her so that no man would claim her... The Arya came to her defense to prevent his attack... When they turned to leave, the Prince tried to strike Arya with his sword... She was saved when her direwolf, Nymeria, bit him... Lord Tyrion saw the entire interaction and told King Robert, Queen Cersei and all the Lords and Ladies of the North the truth of what happened when the Queen demanded the direwolf be killed and Eddard Starks daughters punished... King Robert granted the North Independence in exchange for the Prince’s life... The Royal party has left Winterfell and is traveling south back to King’s Landing... The Queen and Joffrey will be executed if they ever return to the North.” Howland was getting ready to speak but Jojen answered his question before it left his tongue, “Do not worry, Father, they will not find us... The Royal Party is traveling slow along the Kingsroad.”

Howland’s head was spinning. He looked back into the flames and watched them dance as his thoughts consumed his mind. ‘Ned is now King... What will this mean for Jon? Will the remaining six kingdoms descend into war? Will this make it easier for Ned to make alliances for Jon?’

“Father.” Howland moved his gaze from the fire and again focused on his son. “You need to request a marriage between Meera and Bran... I have seen that they are meant to be together... She is the one that is destined to be his protector... When the Great War comes she will be the one to ensure his safety from the Night King... She must remain by his side... You must send a raven now, before he decides on another match for Bran,” Jojen stated evenly.

“I have no raven son... how will I get the message to him?”

“You write the message... I will get a raven for you.”

Howland wordless nodded. Then Father and son got up from the log. Howland walked into the shelter and penned the letter to his King. As soon as he sealed the scroll Jojen returned with a raven......



Tywin Lannister


Tywin was furious. This was supposed to be a rise to power for the Lannisters... It had worked out better than he could have ever wished... He was thankful that Eddard Stark has refused the King’s offers because now the power was his... He was to be Hand of the King... He was to be in control of the Throne while the King drank himself into an early grave. Then once Robert died the Throne would be completely in control of House Lannister.

He read the scroll once more before he clinched his fist around the words. ‘How the fuck did this happen... Why did Cersei have to coddle that pathetic self-entitled son of hers... What the fuck did he do that his whoring Good-Son had to give up one of the Kingdom to prevent his Grandson’s death.’

He then looked at the second scroll, ‘This cannot be any worse than the first,’ he mused as he broke the seal. 

He was wrong... 



Lord Varys has informed me that his little birds have sent word that a man who claims to be Aegon Targaryen has hatched a dragon in Pentos... We need to stop this fucking Dragonspawn... I want them all dead! Get to King’s Landing now... We will plan our move as soon as I arrive back in the Capital.

Also, Eddard Stark, King in the North, has named your son, Tyrion as his Hand... 

Robert of the House Baratheon, the First of His Name, King of the Andals and the First Men, Lord of the Six Kingdoms and Protector of the Realm


The Lord of Casterly Rock and new Hand to King Robert felt all the blood drain from his face... not only were the remaining Six Kingdoms going to be on the brink of Rebellion... He now had to worry about the Targaryens if Varys information was correct... and his imp of a son had betrayed his own family...

Twyin was beyond furious... He wanted to slap his daughter for her stupidity... kill the imp for his betrayal... and crush the Dragonspawns...

However, first, he had to come up with a way to prevent a Rebellion and as much as he hates it the Fat King needed to remain alive... for now. He grabbed a quill, ink and parchment and wrote a letter to his daughter......




Stannis Baratheon


It was late at night as Stannis found himself seated at the head of Aegon’s Painted Table in top floor of the Stone Drum in Dragonstone, pondering over the two scrolls he had received from his brother. There was a storm brewing over Blackwater Bay; claps of thunder were rattling the round room and lightening was filling the sky. He had retreated to Dragonstone nearly two moon turns ago when Jon Arryn urged him to to leave the Capital and return to the island, so that he and his family would be safe as he completed his investigation into Robert’s dozen bastards. 


The proud military man glanced around the room at the people he had gathered. Sitting at the table were his wife, Selyse, his most trusted friend, Ser Davos Seaworth, his Maester, Creesen, and the Red Woman, Melisandre.


Stannis threw the scrolls on the table in frustration and gritted out in frustration to no one I particular, “What am I to make of this? What am I to do?” 


“What is it that they scrolls say, my Lord Husband?” His wife asked quietly.


“One states that the Crown Prince, my nephew, Joffrey, commented a crime against Ned Stark’s daughters. It does not say what the crime was, but apparently it was so awful that my brother gave the North Independence in exchange for his son’s life!” The Lord of Dragonstone exclaimed.


“King Robert gave up one of the Seven Kingdoms?” the old smuggler asked.


Stannis sighed loudly and then answered, “Yes… That is what the scroll states... However it does not state what the little shit did to the Stark girls…”


“Well… what does the other scroll say, my Lord?” The old Maester asked.


“The other is stating that I am needed in King Landing immediately… To prepare the navy for war…”


“War?” his wife questioned. “What war? Does King Robert feel that the Kingdoms will go to war over the North being granted Independence?”


“The scroll does not state anything about the Kingdoms… He wants me to come to discuss the Targaryens.”


He noticed that the old Maester sat up a little straighter in his chair at the mention of the family that he had once served before he spoke, “But my Lord… The Targaryens are all gone… The last two Targaryens, Viserys and Daenerys have not been seen in years… Since they escaped across the Narrow Sea to Essos at the end of the Rebellion… It has been over eighteen years!”


“Well apparently that is not the case… Apparently, Lord Varys’ Little Birds have informed him that they are alive and well in Pentos… That a boy, going by the name of Aegon has hatched a dragon and married the girl, Daenerys.” Stannis said as he go up from the table, walked to a cart by the side of the room and poured himself a glass of wine.


“But my Lord, Aegon is dead…” the Maester started before Stannis interrupted.


“Everyone knows that Prince Rhaeger’s son was slain by the Mountain, Ser Gregor Clegane during the Sack of King’s Landing! This is Aegon is nothing but a murmur!” Stannis roared as slammed the bronze chalice down on the Painted Table before he took a deep calming breath and continued, “However, I called you all here to ask what I should do… Should I return to King’s Landing or should I stay here on Dragonstone?”


Everyone one was quiet for several moments, when suddenly Melisandre got up from the table, with wide open eyes and walked directly to the fire burning in the brazier by the window. Everyone watched in silence as she looked into the flames.


“My Lord… You must return to King’s Landing and tell your brother that you will face the Targaryens… However, you must not take an army or navy… Just one ship… In the flames. I see you, Ser Davos, Shireen, you wife and a small group of sailors sailing across the narrow sea… I see you fighting against a man under a warm bright sun… It is part of your destiny to fight against this murmur… He has a powerful sword that will be needed to bring the dawn…”


Stannis stood there speechless. He looked around the room. He noticed that Maester Cressen appeared to be holding his tongue so he shouted at the man, “It is your job to advise me… Speak Maester… or are you still loyal to the Targaryens?”


The Old Maester barked out a laugh, “How can you believe that witch! I agree you should go to King’s Landing… However, I cannot advise you to go and fight in a war against a man with an actual dragon! How can you believe the words of a woman who states that the flames tell her what to do!”


Stannis stood there silently as Melisandre made her way over to the Maester. She then grabbed his face, looked into his eyes and evenly said, “The night is dark and full of terrors, old man, but the fire burns them all away.” She then released his face and took her seat at the table and looked directly into his soul and said,  “The Lord of Light believes that you, Stannis, will bring the dawn… You must acquire your sword… and that sword is currently in Pentos.”


The Lord of Dragonstone had made his decision, “Selyse, pack what you and Shireen will need for this journey… Ser Davos, I will need you and you son by my side as well… We will be leaving for King’s Landing in a fortnight…”


“Lord Stannis, shouldn’t we leave sooner… for King’s Landing… You said the raven scroll wants your there immediately?” The Onion Knight asked with a knitted brow.


“Ser Davos, my brother will take at least a month to return to the Capital from the North and I do not want to spend any more time in that city then I have to… We will leave in a fortnight so I can speak to my brother and then we leave that wretched city behind city behind us.”


Everyone, except Maester Cressen, nodded in agreement and then left The Chamber of the Painted Table…..


Chapter Text

Jon Snow



He saw the huge black double doors in front of him and took a deep breath. He placed both hands on one of the doors and pushed it open. As soon when he entered the room, he shocked at the sight in front of him. He looked at the Dragonglass Throne and he saw his beautiful wife, sitting on it before him; she looked just as powerful and beautiful as the first time he saw her. His felt his heart rate rising when he saw the baby in her arms.


He gasped at the sight before him and choked out in a voice just above a whisper,



Her gaze left the babe in her arms and her eyes met his. "My Dragonwolf," she murmured with a serene smile on her face.


He could not believe it as he walked up the carved stone steps to get to the Throne. “How… How are you here? Where are we? Are we in one of the seven heavens or seven hells?” He felt the tears beginning to form in his eyes and noticed her eyes were glassy as well. 


“You know where we are…  We are on Dragonstone, my dear husband,” she answered tenderly with a chuckle as she absentmindedly ran her fingers through the babe’s silver-blonde curly locks.


He looked at the baby in her arms and realized it was their baby... The baby in her arms was their son… It was their sweet babe, Rhaegar.


Jon was confused, “How? Why am I here? Why?” However before she could answer, the anger from the pain and heartbreak broke to the surface as he gritted out, “Is this some sort of sick, fucked up joke? Some way for the Night King can make me even more miserable! Some way to torment me by making me see everything that I have lost!" He could no longer look at her… he closed his eyes and looked down and willed the tears behind his lids not to fall.


She smiled and stood up. She shifted the babe to her hip and pushed his chin up with a single finger from her free hand. Once their eyes met, she stated in a soothing tone, "No, my sweet dragonwolf, I am truly here... With our sweetling… our baby boy, Rhaegar." 


Jon’s gaze left hers when he heard his baby boy squealing, with a toothless smile and purple eyes twinkling in delight. He then looked back to her and could no longer keep the tears away as he fell to his knees in front of the Throne. “Daenerys, I am sorry ... I am so sorry," he whispered in a raspy tone as he clung to her legs like a small child.


"There is nothing to forgive my love; it was not your fault. You did what you had to do," she stated gently with a slight smile on her face.


He looked at her with tears cascading down his face. She squatted down in front of him and he noticed she had tears falling as well. He wiped the tears that had begun to trickle down her face with the tips of his fingers, then he pulled her and his son close and paced a chaste kiss her on the cheek. He tried to keep his voice from cracking as he mumbled in her ear, "I... I failed you, Dany… I failed our son…” He sighed before he continued, “I was a horrible husband and father… I did not protect either of you… If I…” 


She cut off his rambling when she pulled away from his embrace, placed a hand on his shoulder looked him in the eyes and declared, “Jon, you did what you had to do… There is nothing for me to forgive… You need to forgive yourself for what happened… It was not your fault.” 


"I can’t Daenerys… I will never be able to forgive myself… I made a vow to protect you, to protect Rhaegar… and I failed...I should have been there… If I had been by your side, it would have never happened… Or if I would have taught you how to wield a blade…” He stopped his maundering speech, exhaled and met her gaze and softly stated, “Dany, every time I shut my eyes, I see nothing but those fucking blue eyes staring back at me. I see..." 


She stopped him. "Jon, you did what you had to do… You know it was the right thing, the only thing… By doing what you did, you were able to buy more time… Save more people… I know it is painful, but it was the right decision.” 


He was frustrated… He did not understand how she did not blame him… He stood up and walked down the stairs not looking at her; as much as he loved seeing the Dany he fell in love and his son it was still painful… and he felt responsible for their deaths. When he reached the bottom of the stairs he began to pace around the room. After several minutes, he finally looked back up to her and his son and gritted out, “Why am I here? Why are you both here? You are probably not even real! This is just some fucked up joke!” He then noticed the earnest smile on her face.


She then started walking down the stairs as she spoke to him in a soothing tone, “Jon, I am real. Rhaegar is real… We live inside of you… You and I are bound to each other for eternity,,, Rhaegar and I are a part of your soul." 


Jon looked down at his baby boy… Gone were the smiles and baby giggles from a few minutes ago… The babe now had a quivering lip and tears falling from his amethyst eyes. He felt guilty that he had upset his son, he rushed over and cooed, “I am so sorry, my boy… Papa is sorry… I love you my sweetling." He watched as the tears stopped falling and a smile once again graced the boys face. He felt a smile spread across his face as well… No matter how shitty of a day it had been, the smile of his son had always had the effect on him; when his son was alive, he could always bring him from his melancholy with one of his smiles. He then bent down and pressed a kiss to his son’s forehead, hoping that the babe would be able to feel how much his Papa loved him. 


He then looked at his wife and saw tears staining her cheeks as he pulled her face to his and kissed her lips. After he broke the kiss he whispered, "I wish I could be here with you... Be with you in the afterlife... With you and our baby boy...  Daenerys, I broke our promise... We said together..." 


She shook her head. "No, my wolf… It is not your time… You are exactly where you are supposed to be… I know what happened after I was gone... Tyrion and Tormund were able to stop you from putting the Catspaw Dagger into your own heart... And I am glad that they did..." He watched her sigh and thenhe looked so deeply into her eyes he could swear she was looking into his soul as she stated, "Jon, if you would have killed yourself you would have never returned to the past..." 


He just felt the tears falling down from his eyes once more. His gaze never left hers as he breathed out, "I… I do not understand, Dany. How... How is it even possible that I am here with you?" 


She smiled as she tenderly touched his cheek, wiped away one of his tears and spoke, “As Melisandre said, I am the princess who was promised… I am meant to be with you, the prince who was promised." He took a deep breath and closed his eyes, when he opened them; he noticed she now had a teasing smirk on her face. "You know, Jon Snow, usually when man’s wife dies he finds a new wife to warm his bed… I do not believe I have ever heard of the man going to his past life to find and marry the same woman.” She looked at him with raised her eyebrow and added, "Your new wife is beautiful." They both chuckled. 


"Aye, she is and she is fucking stubborn!" They both burst out in true laughter. He then wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her to him for a kiss. After the kiss, he placed his forehead on hers and quietly said, "I miss you Dany... You and Rhaegar so much..." 


She cut him off. “Jon, we miss you too…” as she spoke, he placed another kiss to the top his son’s moon-kissed hair. “And I never thanked you…" she added quietly.


He was confused. He looked at her with a furrowed brow and asked, "Thanked me? Thanked me for what, Dany?"


He saw the smile on her face, as she answered, “I never thanked you for saving me from Drogo... You returned to the past and one of the first things you do... You sail across the narrow sea to Pentos to save me from my brother and his evil plans."


He smiled and kissed her on the mouth. “I love you, Dany… I could never see you suffer at the hands or your brother or Drogo… I knew that I had to save you… We are better together.” He said as he took her hand in his, “I made a vow to you… and I was raised to be an honorable man, and what kind of husband would I be to let you suffer.” He pulled her into his arms and held her for several moments in a comfortable silence.


She had he head on his should when she broke the silence, “Jon, you need to tell her... I mean the younger me the truth… It is not fair that you are keeping this from your wife… About what you did in the past… and about why you did it… She deserves to know." 


He looked at her with a bewildered expression and sighed, "Dany if I tell you, the current you the truth... I… I am afraid that you will see that I am a monster… That I became a monster" 


She took his head in her hands, looked in his eyes and firmly stated, "You are not a monster Jon… You did the right thing..." 


He took a deep breath and then whispered, "I want to stay here with you and Rhaegar… I am scared Dany… I do not think that I am strong enough to face what is coming…" 


She shook her head, "No, my love… My Dragonwolf… You do not belong here with me… You are currently right where you belong, with the living me." 


He was surprised by this. "Dany, I cannot leave you… I do not want to leave you." 


"You are not leaving me... You are staying right where you belong with me. In the world of the living."


"But what about you?" 


She looked at him and smiled. "You will return to me when your fight is over.  When you have done your part we will be together again."


He smiled and nodded. “Gods I will miss you… I love you both so much.” He placed another kiss on her mouth.


"I love you so much my dragonwolf..."


He saw the tears on her eyes. He then saw blue eyes behind her. The next thing he knew he saw the ice spear through her heart… and the rest of the nightmare that plagued him every night.


"Noooo!" He screamed as his eyes snapped opened.


Jon felt the rage inside him rising to the surface and his eyes turned golden-orange. He looked around his surrounding as he tried to calm his breathing but he still panted and felt like he could not draw a true breath. He looked next to him and saw his wife peacefully asleep. ‘Thank the gods I did not wake her.’ He sighed and pressed a soft kiss to her temple as he vowed to himself, ‘I will not fail you this time… I will not let the Night King take you from me again.’


He knew there would be no return to slumber, even with his wife laying safely next to him, so even though the sun had not yet broken on the horizon, he got out of the bed donned the first clothes he found and left their chambers. He needed to clear his mind, so he headed to the only safe place he could go to vent his frustrations and anger, to the training yard to practice his swordplay.


Unknown to him, the moment he closed the door of their chamber, Daenerys opened her eyes. She could not believe what she heard from his mouth while he was asleep. 'Please Dany ... Do not do it! If you hurt him… I swear on my Father's grave I will kill you myself!' She took a deep breath... Trying to figure out what happened in her husband's dreams.



Illyrio Mopatis 



The winds were kind and seas were calm, therefore it took only four days for Illyrio’s ship sail across the Narrow Sea from Pentos to King’s Landing. The sun had just began to rise when his ship dropped anchor and he saw his friend, Varys, waiting for him off to the side of one of the docks. As he disembarked the vessel, he smiled at his friend and his friend returned with his own tiny turning up of the lips. 


When he reached King Robert’s Master of Whispers, he greeted the man with a slight bow of the head and a genuine smile, “My dear friend, Lord Varys, it is good to see you!"


"Illyrio, my friend how have you been?" 


"I have been very well, thank you Lord Varys." Illyrio noticed that his friend raised an eyebrow at this response.


"Does your visit pertain to the news what my Little Birds have sent to me from Pentos?" He saw his friend looking around trying to make sure no one was observing them or trying to eavesdrop on their conversation.


Illyrio knew that this conversation was not safe to be had where they were, even though the sounds of the workers on the docks would make it difficult for anyone to overhear what they had to say. Therefore, he took a deep breath looked his friend in the eyes and softly stated, "There are too many ears my old friend… I think it would be wise if we speak somewhere more private."


A sly smile of appeared on Varys’s face as he nodded in acknowledgment. His friend wordlessly escorted him thought the shit-covered streets of King’s Landing, going in many different directions, which Illyrio figured was to positive that they were not being followed. After a long walk, they finally reached a discrete white house, next to a stream, which emptied into the Blackwater Bay. His friend checked their surroundings once more to ensure they were indeed alone. 


“Please after you, Illyrio.” Varys insisted as he pushed open the wooden door. Illyrio quickly entered followed by the eunuch.


The Master of Whispers silently led them through a maze of old passages that finally opened up to where King Robert stored the dragon skulls that once used to decorate the Throne Room. When they reached this room, the spider spoke, "So tell me, my dear friend, just how did our plan fail?"


He took a deep breath before he answered, “I presume that your little birds informed you that Khal Drogo was murdered." He saw his friend raising his eyebrow.


"Brutally murdered you mean? I heard from my little birds, that not only was his head severed from his neck, but that his left arm was cut off as well... A most gruesome death I would say… Do you care to explain what happened?" 


He took a deep breath and walked around the Dragon Skull trying to figure out what to say first. He then looked at his friend finally knowing what to say. "Khal Drogo was murder by a man named...” However, before he could say the name his friend completed his sentence.


“Aegon Targaryen...”


He nodded his head and exhaled as he answered, “Yes, his name is Aegon Targaryen.”


He saw his friend taking a deep breath before he calmly spoke, "So this Aegon Targaryen brutally murderers Khal Drogo? Takes our rightful King, Viserys, as his prisoner? Then you treat him like a Royal guest? He has married and bedded Daenerys Targaryen... and I can presume she will soon be, if not already, growing his child within her womb? Our plan has failed a large amount I would say." 

Illyrio felt the smile growing on his lips as he shook his head. He watched as Varys’s eyes grew wide in disbelief as he mumbled, “Care to explain?”


"Our plan has not failed. It is not even close to failing, my old friend... It has greatly improved actually." He mused. He looked at his friend took a deep breath, knowing how confused Varys was by the perplexed look on his face. "Let me start from the beginning my old friend." 

"Oh please do, my dear friend Illyrio, as I see no way that our plans are not foiled." 


Illyrio nodded and walked forward. "The young man, Aegon Targaryen, is a trueborn son of the deceased Crowned Prince Rhaegar Targaryen." 

He saw his old friend raised his eyebrow. “The boy’s head was crushed against the wall by the Mountain as an infant! I was there when his body was presented to King Robert... How... There is no way that boy is alive." 


Oh my dear friend when you meet him you will have a story of a lifetime! I am still surprised that your little birds never were able to uncover the truth!' He thought to himself. However he knew he could not give away too much of his King's heritage because he asked him not to tell the master of whisperers, that he wanted to tell him himself. "I would love to tell you the tale, my friend, unfortunately, I am not allow to share that information… This is because My King would like to tell you of his heritage for himself… " 

He saw that his old friend was surprised. “Your King?”


He smiled and nodded. "Yes, he is a trueborn Targaryen... The son of Rhaegar Targaryen and heir to the Iron Throne… We can be thankful that Viserys Targaryen is not the true heir." 


He watched as his old friend took a deep breath before he said, "My little birds told me that this boy... This Aegon Targaryen, has successfully hatched a Dragon egg... and that he has been granted Khal Drogo's Khalasar by his death... Do my little birds sing a true song?" 

He nodded as he placed a hand on Balerion the Black Dread’s skull. "Yes, it is true… I have seen his Dragon with my own eyes… as well his blood Riders." He could tell that his friend was baffled by the confirmation of the information he had received from his little birds. 

After a few moments, Varys muttered with a look of awe on his face, "He truly has a Dragon?"


Illyrio smiled widely and nodded. "Yes he has... a grey dragon and he has named the dragon Sarogon... Fierce little beast.” He chuckled before adding, “And it is growing at an extremely fast pace."


"Does this Aegon Targaryen have the same madness that plagues Viserys Targaryen or the Mad King before him?" The Spider asked with a furrowed brow.


He smiled and shook his head as he placed a hand on the Master of Whisperers shoulder, looked in his eyes and said, "No, my dear friend he is not mad. He is quite kind once you get to know him." He chuckled as he remembered how angry the king was at him for trying to sell his beloved wife to the rapist Khal Drogo. "But, he does seem to have a Dark Side..." 


He saw his old friend raised his eyebrow. "Dark side?" 


Illyrio nodded, as he recalled what had happened. "He would hunt down anyone and kill them if they ever dare to hurt his family... especially his wife, Daenerys. If you ever raised a hand to her he would cut you in half like he did with Drogo." He felt shivers in his spine remembering what his King said to him if he ever tried to hurt his queen. He noticed that his old friend had a smile on his face.


"His family?"


“Yes, my friend. The King is very protective of his loved ones.” Illyrio answered evenly.


"Has this, Aegon Targaryen, informed you of his goal?" 


"The King has informed me that he needs to retake his rightful Throne and unite the Seven Kingdoms… in order to fight the threat beyond the wall."


He saw his friend raised his eyebrow as he asked, “The threat beyond the wall?”


He took a deep breath knowing he will sound crazy. "His Grace has informed me that the Night King and White Walkers are real. That he has seen them with his own eyes and that he had fought against them... According to him, the Night King has an army of dead filled with men, women, children, giants, horses and mammoths… And that he is coming to the wall and will not stop until he has killed everything in his path."  

He could tell that his friend was thinking hard, as if the information that he provided added another piece to a puzzle he was trying to solve. "My little birds have sung to me that the King in the North, Eddard Stark, has reported that his two eldest sons have gone missing beyond the wall… That he sent them to investigate some disturbing reports he had received from Castle Black and from his Northern most bannermen... Are these reports what your King speaks of?" 


Illyrio was shocked. 'So the king is right an army of dead people and creatures… That the army of the dead was truly coming to the wall. We need him now more than ever as our King.' However, instead of saying that aloud, he smiled and nodded; he knew that both of Eddard Stark’s sons were safe in Pentos. Then something Varys had said left him shocked, “Eddard Stark is King in the North? I was unaware that the North was in rebellion against the crown.”


“Oh, no my dear friend… King Robert granted the North their Independence.” The Master of Whispers stated.


“Why? Why would King Robert give up one of his Kingdoms?” Illyrio questioned as he thought, ‘This may be beneficial to my young King… The North is his home…’


“Apparently the Crown Prince tried to rape one Lord Stark’s daughters and murder the other… and in exchange for his son’s life, King Robert gave up the North.”


“That is an unexpected development,” Illyrio mused as his mind was racing. ‘King Aegon will be very upset when he learns about the Prince Joffrey’s actions… gods help that boy if the rightful King is ever alone with him.’ 


“Yes it is… However, my friend… You never did inform me what your King desires of me… Why he sent you across the Narrow Sea to speak with me in person?”


"I have a simple answer to that question, my dear old friend. King Aegon wishes a personal audience with you." He saw that his friend was surprised by his answer.


"And why does he wish to meet with me?" 


Illyrio smiled, “The King is aware of your many talents and he wishes for you to serves as his Master of Whispers... He wants for you to serve as his spy in the capital... he want you to give him information on what the king is currently doing or he is planning to do... He wants for you to be one of his advisors."


"Why would he wish for me to become one of his advisors? And why would I meet him?" Varys questioned.


"He told me that I should tell you that he knows you do not serve the King; that you serve the realm… That you want what is best for Westeros... he also told me to ask you if you would rather let a king rule the seven kingdoms who does not give a fuck what happens to his kingdom? One who does nothing but drink and fuck whores? Or would you like to serve his mad son, who is actually a bastard sired by the queen and her brother Jaime Lannister? Or do you want a true king who cares about the people of Westeros and wants to help us live through the next Winter?" 

He watched as his old friend’s eyes flew open. "How does he know that... how could he know who I serve... and how would he know that Prince Joffrey is nothing more than a bastard?" 

Illyrio’s cheeks hurt because of the smirk on his face as he answered softly, "He knows a great many things, my old friend. That is why he is so interesting." He saw his old friend nod so he continued, "Come with me when I leave for Pentos. Share an audience with My King... You will want to meet Aegon and Daenerys Targaryen... The rightful King and Queen of Westeros. Let them show you that they are the best hope for Westeros... I believe that they are the rulers this country needs.” 


He saw his friend take a deep breath and nod. "Alright my dear old friend Illyrio... When do we leave for Pentos? I am intrigued to meet your King and Queen."


"Tomorrow, just before first light... Get your things ready my old friend," 


"Then I will see you tomorrow on the docks, my old friend. I bid you a good day." However, before Varys could leave, he grabbed his arm and stopped him, because he remembered what else, he wanted to ask of his old friend.


"My dear old friend sorry to stop you on your way out, but may I ask where Prince Aegon and Princess Rhaenys dragon eggs were hidden?" 


He saw how shocked his old friend was by his question. "Why my dear friend?” Varys asked with a knitted brow.


He then smiled and proudly stated, "My king already have hatched one dragon from an egg, which was left to him by his sire... He also holds three more dragon eggs and plans to hatch them as well... I mentioned to him that you were able to hide the dragon eggs that had belonged his siblings...” 


"Siblings?" His friend asked.


"Yes, Aegon and Rhaenys... Can you please give me the other two dragon eggs?" 


His old friend exhaled and nodded. He watched Varys walked behind the skull of Balerion and moved a few chests. Once the chests were moved, it revealed a hidden wooden door on the ground. His friend grabbed hold of a metal ring and pulled the dusty door open. A slight smile appeared on his friend’s face as he removed the eggs from where they had been hidden for the last eighteen years. The spider then gently handed him the dragon eggs, one at a time. 


Illyrio took the blue eggs first, and placed it it a burlap satchel. However, he was surprised when Varys handed him the red one... felt different... it was not as heavy or cold as the blue egg or the eggs he had gifted the Queen at her wedding. He shook his head and placed it in the sack with the other egg. 


Once both eggs were safely in his bag, he looked at his old friend smiled and said, "I remembered correctly, you had told me that the blue dragon egg belonged to Princess Rhaenys and the red egg had belonged Aegon." 


His old friend simply gave him a slight nod and and half smile.


"Thank you, my friend for giving me the eggs.” Illyrio said respectfully as he patted the satchel containing the dragon eggs, “I will see you tomorrow, just before first light, on the docks."


His old friend nodded and said, “I will be there.” 


Illyrio then watched as Varys turned and left the dusty old abandoned room. He then adjusted the bag on his arm, and made his way out of the chamber. He smiled to himself, knowing that his King and Queen will be glad that his quest was successful…...


Lord Varys

Varys walked through the castle and was on his way to the small council meeting. As he walked to the chambers where the meeting would be held he thought about everything Illyrio and told him and how he had more questions than answers. 'Why did Illyrio name Aegon and Rhaenys this Aegon Targaryens his siblings? Did Princess Elia have twin and one sent away for his safety? Did Prince Rhaegar have a child with the Lady Lyanna? However, if he did, the child would have been a Blackfyre or some other bastard name not a Targaryen. Where has he been for the last eighteen years? Why does he care so much for his wife Daenerys Targaryen if he just met her? Why does he have a dark side? Who is this family he speaks of? How did he hatch his dragon named Sarogon?' He then took a deep breath trying to calm his spinning mind, knowing that his questions would soon be answered. However, the suspense was maddening.


When he finally arrived at the council chambers, he took another deep breath and pushed the door open. When he opened the door, he saw Renly Baratheon the Master of Laws, across from him sat Petyr Baelish the Master of Coin, as well Grand Maester Pycell sitting at the end. He smiled at them he soon realized that they were both having a discussion before he disturbed them and quickly made his way to his seat. Lord Baelish and Renly returned the smile, however Grand Maester Pycell coughed dryly in greeting.


"Lord Varys, it is good to see that you finally able to join us in this important meeting,” Renly said as the eunuch pulled his chair out from the table and sat down.


The Master of Whispers slightly bowed his head and gave a polite smile as he spoke, “I apologize for my tardiness, my lords. I unfortunately had other important matters that I had to urgently attend to." 


The Master of Laws nodded, Lord Baelish had an unnerving smirk on his face and the Grand Maester again coughed in response.


"Lord Varys, we were just discussing the contents of the raven scrolls that arrived from my brother last night... It states that the North has been granted Independence for the Seven Kingdoms because of crimes committed by the Crown Prince, my nephew, against Sansa and Arya Stark." The King’s youngest brother stated.


The Master of Whispers nodded and replied knowingly, “Yes, I am well aware of this… unusual situation.”


“Do you know how this happened? Do you know what exactly my nephew did, that my brother found that his only option at peace was to grant the North independence?”


Lord Varys alternated his gaze between the three men as he spoke, "My Lords, Grand Maester, my little bird have sung a song to me… One that states that the Crown Prince tried to… dishonor… Lady Sansa Stark and that he also attempted to murder the younger Stark sister, Arya." When he said these words, he head the Grand Maester gasp and then begin to cough, Lord Baelish sat there with a tiny smirk across his lips, and the Master of Laws eyes were open wide in shock.

"Why would he do such a thing?" Lord Renly asked in a whispered tone.


"Apparently, my lord, the Crown Prince did not take kindly to the news that Lady Sansa did not want to marry him,” Varys stated in his wistful tone, “So he cornered her in Winterfell’s training yard and attempted to force himself on her… If my little bird is correct, he told Lady Sansa that he was the Crown Prince of Westeros, therefore he could have whatever he wishes or desired… And that he wanted her...” He paused for a moment before he continued, “Then the younger girl, Arya Stark, told him not to touch her sister and to go away… And if he did not follow her wish, she would cut his face." He took a deep breath and saw the surprised on Lord Renly's face and the look of amusement on Lord Baelish’s face. "You are smart men, so I take it you have figured out that the Prince did not listen to the little wolf’s warning because he again tried to force himself on the girl… he even ripped her dress and exposed her breasts and began to touch her inappropriately. That is when Arya cut his face with a little sword. She told him if he does not leave them alone, that she will kill him herself. The girls then began to leave and that is when Prince Joffrey grabbed his sword and was about to strike Lady Arya… but his attack was prevented when a direwolf came from the shadows and bit the Prince on his sword arm."


Varys was amused at the surprised look on all three faces.


Again, it was Renly, who broke the silence. "A direwolf? I thought that there were no direwolves south of the wall."


The Spider nodded his head once and said, "Yes, if my little birds are correct, each of King Eddard Stark’s six children has their own Direwolf."


"The other day you informed us that a Dragon has been seen in Pentos and now you tell us there are Direwolves south of the Wall… Why is this happening?" The Master of Laws questioned to no one in particular. He then shook his head and said, "I am sorry, Lord Varys, you were busy explaining to us why my brother is now King of only six kingdoms... Please continue."


Varys smiled faintly and nodded before he continued, "It would seem that the beast was protecting her companion. Prince Joffrey ran directly to the Queen and told her lies... The Queen quickly gathered everyone, all of the visiting Lords and Ladies, all of the Lannister’s and members of the Royal Party, in the Great Hall for a trial of sorts… Once Lord Stark arrived with his daughters, Queen Cersei demanded the Stark girls be punished for their actions against the Prince and that the direwolf needed to be put to death…”


Varys took a moment to look at the bewildered faces, and then continued, "Once Lord Stark stated that Prince Joffrey had attempted to rape his daughter there were a great number of angry Northern Lords and Ladies… Of course, the Prince denied the accusation… However, Lord Tyrion stepped in and told them what happened; apparently, he was a witness to the entire situation... The Northern lords were furious and demanded the Prince’s head or that he should be sent to the Wall… However, the King and Queen did not accept those punishments. Of course, this angered the Northerners, and they all declared that they would not follow a King who tried to kill and rape their Lord’s daughters… Therefore, King Robert asked what would take for the North to move past his son’s actions… And that is when they ask King Robert for their Independence. His once best friend, Eddard Stark stated that he could never be loyal to a King that almost raped and murdered his daughters… and much to Cersei’s displeasure, the King agreed and named Eddard Stark as King in the North." He then took another deep breath.


"This... This… The news of what the Prince did cannot be released… If the Kingdoms find could cause a Rebellion against the throne! We need to do something and fast!” the Master of Law exclaimed.


“The prince must be punished for his actions." Lord Baelish stated, still with the hint of a smirk on the corners of his lips


"Punished?" Maester Pycell coughed out, “He is the Crown Prince! The King and Queen will allow harm to come to him!”

He watched Lord Renly sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose as he spoke, "You are right, Grand Maester, the King and Queen will not punish him… However, we do need to do something... We need to get ready for war. If we are not ready we will soon see a Dornish King or Stark King on the throne."


They all nodded. 'Add Targaryen King to that list my dear Lord.' Lord Vary pondered to himself, but before he spoke Lord Baelish, the master of Coin made his presence known.


"Lord Renly, I think you are seeming to forget the main threat the Throne faces at this time..." He saw the master of laws raised his eyebrows


"Who?" The King’s brother questioned.


Varys saw a wide smirk form on the Master of Coins face as he answered, “The man across the Narrow Sea... The man who is calling himself Aegon Targaryen…"


"At this time, he does not appear to be a threat.” Renly stated.


'Oh but he is.' Varys said to himself 


"My Lord, if the rumors are true he has a real dragon. He has a Khalasar of over 40,000 Dothraki Screamers... He has married Daenerys Targaryen... and he names himself as the true heir to the Iron Throne." 


"I am well aware of the rumors that he has an actual living breathing dragon and a Khalasar… However, Lord Baelish, have you forgotten that the Dothraki will not cross the Narrow Sea… I believe they call it the ‘poisoned water’. He is nothing but a pretender." The Master of Laws stated.


He silently observed as the Master of Coin shook his head in disagreement. "Lord Renly. I have received word that the Dothraki call him the rider who mounts the world. That they believe he was sent to them by the Great Stallion... and that he will be the greatest Khal who has ever lived… I would only guess that they would gross the Narrow Sea for him." 


"If that is true, my Lord, the savages will follow him where ever he wishes to go," Grand Maester Pycell interjected, and Varys could see that he had fear in his eyes.


"Well unfortunately my Lords, Grand Maester... I can do nothing to him in this very moment…” Renly said with a sigh. “I can give no commands... You all know what my brother stated in the raven... That he personally wants to approve any plans concerning how we will finish off the last Targaryens… So we are stuck here, unable to do anything while the Kingdoms fall apart and there is a threat just across the narrow sea.”


"My Lord, there is nothing we can do until the King or his Hand arrives in King’s Landing, which could be up to a month."


"I am aware of this Lord Varys." The Master of Laws answered and then loudly exhaled before asking, “Grand Maester, has my brother, Stannis, sent any word from Dragonstone?" They all looked at the Grand Maester Pycell.


The old man coughed before he answered, “He has my Lord. He stated that will come back to the Capital once the King has returned."


He then saw the smirk on the Master of Law face as he mused, "Of course he will wait until the King arrives... Actually, with his hate of the city I am surprised he even agreed to return at all.” Renly then stood from the table and stated, “I think this meeting has gone long enough.” All of them nodded in agreement. Renly then continued, “Well, I guess that we will reconvene once my brothers and Lord Tywin Lannister arrive in King’s Landing.” 


After The Master of Laws adjourned the meeting, he and the Grand Maester were quick to take their leave, leaving Varys alone in the room with Lord Baelish.


"So, Lord Varys... Tell me, what matters were so important that you  were late to the small council meeting?" The Master of Coin asked as he raised an eyebrow.

He took a deep breath and smiled as he nonchalantly said, "I was talking with one of my little birds." 


Lord Baelish pushed for more information, "About?" He asked with a smirk.


'Oh, aren't you a curious one, Lord Baelish?' The Master of Whispers mused to himself before he answered, "I have received word that the King in the North Eddard Stark is going beyond the wall to investigate disturbing reports he has recently received... Apparently, he first sent his two his eldest sons... However, they seem to have vanished beyond the Wall... Therefore, he also intends to find out what has become of his heir and his bastard." 


To his surprise, he saw the disappointment on the Master of Coins face, so he pushed, "You seem disappointed my Lord?" He saw that the Master of Coin was shocked when he asked this.

Lord Baelish was uncharacteristically mum for a for moments before he said, "It is nothing my friend... I just… I have known Catelyn Tully since I was a small boy... Knowing that her son is missing is a tragedy… She must be beside herself with worry."


He then nodded. "Yes, it is a tragedy, isn’t it." 


He then saw the disappointed face on the master of coins face disappear and turned into a fake smile as he stood from the table and said, "If you would excuse me, Lord Varys, I need to attend to some matters." 


He smiled and nodded. The Master of Coin then took his leave.


He soon after also left the small council meeting room and went to prepare for his journey across the Narrow Sea, to meet the Dragon King and Dragon Queen…...


Gendry Waters


It was early morning and the sun had just began to rise over the battlements of the grey stone castle. Gendry and his new companion, Winterfell’s blacksmith, Mikken, had worked endlessly for the past four days melting down the Stark ancestral Greatsword Ice, and then constructing the molten Valyrian Steel into the two new longswords, as requested by the King in the North… His new King. For a nameless bastard from Flea Bottom he was still amazed how welcoming the King and his family had been towards him and for the first time in his life he felt like he truly was where he belonged.


Gendry and Mikken waited patiently and the two swords finally cooled enough to attach the two new pommels that he had constructed. As he lifted one of the twin swords he took a few moments to admire the smoky grey appearance of the blade in awe of its deadly beauty as it glistened when rays of sunlight touched the surface, ‘it looks almost like storm clouds,’ he thought to himself. He then attached the black direwolf with golden honey eyes pommel to its hilt, while Mikken attached the brown direwolf with the same honey pummel to the hilt of the other sword. After the pommels were attached, the two smiths laid the swords on the craft table. 

The young smith pulled up the edge if his apron to wipe the sweat off his brow and let out a sigh of relief. He then looked at Mikken and smiled widely as he announced, "The blades are finally done!"

“Aye, they are… And they are beautifully crafted as well, if I must say,” The older blacksmith said with a smile. He then placed one of his hands on the young man’s shoulder and said with an honest tone, "You truly have a wonderful gift, Gendry."

He smiled at the compliment and nodded, "I thank you for your kind words, Mikken"

"Well, young man, they are true... We best let the King know his new swords are ready," The older smith announced with a proud smile.


“Aye, you are right.


The young blacksmith was proud of the work, but he was still nervous at the thought of presenting the swords to his new King.

"I will take the swords to the King in a bit... I just need to wrap them and break my fast... and maybe just rest for a few minutes...”


"Aye, I could also use some rest as well.” Mikken said with a kind smile, after a few moments her added, ”By the way, I wanted to thank you.”


Gendry was perplexed, he looked at his new blacksmith companion, raised his eyebrow and asked, "What for, Mikken?" 


The blacksmith smiled and let out a small chuckle before he said, "For teaching me how to work with Valyrian Steel. It is truly an honor to be one of the few men left in Westeros who now knows how to properly melt and reforge Valyrian Steel." 


The young blacksmith smiled and replied, "Mikken, if it hadn’t have been for your help I would still be working on those Valyrian Steel swords!” Gendry said as he pointed at the two swords on the table. “So, I am more than pleased that you now know how to work with Valyrian Steel." The two smiths smiled at each other and were getting ready to wrap the two swords in white cloth when they were disturbed by a loud banging sound just outside of the forge. 


They both looked at each other confused because they were not expecting anyone to come to the forge. The next thing he heard was the sound of a young girl’s voice.

"Nymeria, stay. Wait for me!" 


The two smiths heads snapped towards the front of the forge as the youngest Stark girl sauntered inside. Gendry did not really know much about her but had seen her before and noticed she would sometimes watch him and Mikken as they worked with the steel. He was also surprised that the direwolf pup, which was quite a bit larger than a small dog, sat patiently where her companion had told it to sit as she walked into the forge.

"Princess Arya," his fellow blacksmith greeted the young Stark girl with a bow of his head and a smile.

"Good morning, Mikken," the girl happily replied as she looked at the other blacksmith. She then whipped her eyes towards him and said, "You must be Gendry Waters... the blacksmith from King’s Landing that my brother sent for?”


"I am, mi’lady... I... I mean my princess." Gendry hastily corrected himself, afraid that he had offended the Princess and would have to leave the place that had quickly become home. There was a silence in the air as they both looked at each other.


"I am sorry, Princess Arya,” Mikken said kindly, breaking the silence, “Is there a way that we can be of service to you this morning?”


Arya looked back towards the older blacksmith and smiled. Gendry let out a sigh of relief as she cheerfully answered the question.

"Yes, Mikken ... My father wanted me to ask you two if you could make training swords for us... I mean me, my sister, Princess Sansa, my littlest brother Prince Rickon, my mother, Queen Catelyn and his Hand, Lord Tyrion. We would like the training swords to be made in the Braavosi style... just like my Needle." 


He looked from the Princess to his fellow blacksmith and sighed as he thought to himself, 'So much for getting a little rest in... Luckily training swords are much faster to make than a normal sword... but what the fuck is her Needle?’


Mikken smiled at the young princess and answered, "It shall be our honor my princess... We shall have them completed in about two days." 


As Gendry turned his gaze from Mikken back towards the Princess, he thought ‘At least Mikken know what she means by this Needle.’ When he saw the Princess he smiled because of the stupidity large smirk on her face. He then watched as her eyes doubled in size. He turned his head in the direction she was looking and realized that she was eyeing the the two new Valyrian Steel longswords.

"Are those the Valyrian Steel swords you made for my father and Uncle Benjen?" She asked as if she was praying the answer would be yes.

"Aye, they are," Gendry answered. He then watched as she made her way over to the table and traced one of the hilts with the tips of her fingers. Gendry felt pride in his work as her eyes danced with awe. However the moment was short lived when she grasped the hilt with her hand and went to lift the sword from the table. As the sword started to fall he gasped, envisioning the young Princess cutting her self on the razor sharp blade. He let out a sigh of relief when she placed her other hand over the hilt as well and placed it back on the table. 


"Please... be careful, my Princess... If your father knew that you were hurt he would punish me... he would probably make me leave Winterfell or take my head!" Gendry exclaimed in a little rougher tone than he intended. He sighed in relief when he noticed that she still had that ridiculous smirk on her face, but then anxiety returned when her face went happy to solemn in the blink of an eye.


"I'm no Princess and I’m not a lady... That’s not me." 

"You are the daughter of the King in the North, of course, your a Princess, mi’lady... I mean my Princess,” he fumbled out. 


He then snapped his head towards the other blacksmith as he heard him laughing.

"She is right... She is no princess or lady... She is a she-wolf just like her Aunt Lyanna before her." The Old blacksmith said though his bout of laughter.


He looked at the girl and saw her smiling and chuckling as well. ‘Wow this place is so different... I am definitely not in King’s Landing anymore.’ 


This statement was confirmed a few moments later, when the young girl looked at him and stated,  "I would love to have my own Valyrian Sword or dagger one day." 


He smiled as he laughed out, "You are not quite a normal girl are you... not a normal lady or princess.”

"I am going to become a warrior princess like Visenya Targaryen or Daenerys Targaryen" 


Gendry was surprised by her words, ‘Daenerys Targaryen? I know who Visenya Targaryen is, but I have never heard of this Daenerys Targaryen.’ He brushed his thoughts aside and instead said, “You know what... I’d be happy to make you a real real sword one day... When you are bigger I mean." 


Arya laughed and so did Mikken when he said this. Gendry was confused, but he got his answer when Mikken said, “I have already made her her first sword... a skinny little blade she named Needle.”


Gendry felt himself blush in embarrassment. ‘Well that explains what she meant by her Needle.’

"Thank you, Mikken and Gendry... If you would excuse me, I really need to get going... I am going to break my fast with my family." 


With those words, the young Princess left the forge. Gendry watched as she and her direwolf ran off, back towards the castle.


“Come on lad, let’s get these swords wrapped up for the King,” Mikken said to him.


Gendry turned his gaze from the girl and her wolf and back towards the older blacksmith. He nodded wordlessly, grabbed the white cloth and prepared to wrap one of the newly reforged Valyrian Steel Longswords......



Eddard Stark


The King in the North, Eddard Stark was in Winterfell’s Great Hall breaking his fast with his family, Queen Catelyn, Arya, Sansa, Rickon, and Benjen, and Lord Tyrion, his hand. Everyone appeared to be in good spirits as they were eating and laughing. Ned sighed, knowing that he would be leaving for the Wall later that day. He looked at his new Hand and saw that the Dwarf of Casterly Rock appeared to be happy being in Winterfell. He loved that his Hand has helped his family when they needed him and that his children were beginning to accept him as a family member, as if he were an adopted uncle. He was currently telling them a story about his childhood, which had the whole table laughing.


After Tyrion had finished his story, the King of the North looked at his wife and smiled as he asked, "Cat, has Syrio began your and the children’s Water Dancing lessons yet?" He had a smirk on his face and looked at his wife Queen Catelyn waiting for her answer. There was comfortable silence, which is when Tyrion spoke.


"Yes, Queen Catelyn I would also like to know how the Water Dancing is coming along," he smiled at his Hand and saw the smirk on his face knowing that his wife hated it because she is a lady. They both looked at his wife and which is when she rolled her eyes trying to hid the ghost of a smile on her face as she sighed and then answered, "Lord Tyrion, you are part of the pack and part of the Stark family… However, you do not want push your position so soon." Which caused the entire table to burst out in laughter. 


"I am sorry, your Grace for asking," Tyrion said as he continued to chuckle.


He watched as a true smile appeared on his wife’s lips as she nodded then exhaled before she looked between the two men and answered, "It is strange learning the art of Water Dancing… and I am quite surprised that I am actually enjoying the lessons… Especially if they will help me to defend myself if need be.” She then directed her gaze straight towards his Hand and added, “Lord Tyrion, you should join our lessons."


Tyrion nodded. “I would find Water Dancing quite interesting, but I am afraid I have no sword… and I am a little on the small side so a normal sword just would not do…”


“You do not have to worry about a practice sword, Lord Tyrion… I asked the blacksmiths to make you one this morning.” His youngest daughter interrupted proudly with a satisfied smirk on her lips.


Ned was amused to find his Hand speechless for a few moments. When Tyrion finally found his voice, he could hear the gratitude in his tone as he spoke, “Well my Princess, once I return from our trip to the Wall, I will be honored to attend some Water Dancing lessons with you.”


Arya then jumped from her seat and Tyrion a hug, and Ned could have sworn that the Imp’s eyes had turned glassy as he returned his youngest daughter’s embrace.


His youngest daughter then informed the rest of the table that the new training swords would be ready in a couple of days. As she told the family, Ned looked around the table and noticed that Rickon was very excited about having his first training sword, but he was surprised to see that both his wife and eldest daughter seemed to be excited as well. Seeing the excitement on everyone’s faces brought a smile to his face as well.


After a few more minutes of discussing the new training swords his head was pulled towards the front of the Great Hall as Maester Lewin entered sack that appeared to be full of scrolls.


"Good Morning, Your Graces.” The Maester greeted him and his wife with a slight bow of his head once he reached the table.


Ned could tell that the kind old Maester had some business that needed to be discussed, so he asked, "What is it Maester Luwin?"


A weary smile appeared on the Maester face as he handing him the bag and said, "Your Grace, you seem to have received several correspondences that require your attention."


Ned was curious when he looked inside the bag and saw many scrolls; each was sealed with a different sigil. He noticed that there was one from most of the major houses and several minor houses from each Kingdom in Westerso. He took a deep breath, knowing that these scrolls would need to be addressed sooner, rather than later, and he had a good guess as to what was written on each of those scrolls.


The King looked at his children and forced a smile as he said, "Arya, Sansa and Rickon go on to your lessons with Syrio…." He saw that his children were surprised but they nodded. 


After his children stood up from the table, Arya and Rickon excitedly ran from the Great Hall, however he noticed that and his oldest daughter Sansa, was looking at his wife.


“Sansa, is everything alright?” His wife asked with concern in her voice.


"Mother, aren’t you coming with us?" Sansa asked shyly.


His wife looked at him, and by the look in her eyes he could tell that she wanted him to answer the question for her. So the King stood from the table and walked towards his daughter. When he reached her he knelt down, put a hand on her shoulder, looked her in the eyes and said, “Sansa, I need your mother to help me with the raven scrolls today.” 


His daughter wordlessly nodded in understanding. 


He then let out a sigh of relief, gave his daughter a small smile and added, “Will you please let Syrio know that your mother and Tyrion will not be able to attend this morning because I need their assistance and we have urgent matters that need to be discussed?” 


“Of course, Father,” she answered with a slight smile of her own.


He pulled his daughter in for a tight embrace and kissed her brow. When he let her go he pat her shoulder, smiled and said in an encouraging tone, “Now go on... make me proud.” 


She nodded and smile, “I will do my best, Father.” She then turned and left the Great Hall. 


After the child had left the room, he turned around and headed back towards the table. As he walked he noticed that his wife, brother, and his Hand appeared confused. 


When he sat down at the table, Tyrion looked at him and asked,  "What is it, your Grace?" 


He took a deep breath as he opened the bag and the emptied all the raven scrolls onto the table and said, “We seem to have received several messages this morning.” He then took another deep breath, looked into the faces of Catelyn, Benjen and Tyrion and continued, "I believe that all of these are requests for marriage alliances.”


He noticed that Lord Tyrion had a look of disbelief, his wife had knitted brows, and Benjen was trying unsuccessfully to suppress a smirk. Ned and Benjen knew that this was their chance helping Jon making alliances. 


"We need to go through all of them and see which offers will be most beneficial for the North in the coming wars," The King announced as he grabbed one of the scrolls. He looked at his wife, brother, and Maester Lewin who all nodded in acknowledgment. He looked at his Hand, Lord Tyrion and noticed that he had a perplexed look on his face.


"Coming wars, your Grace?" Tyrion asked with a raised eyebrow.


Ned took a deep breath, 'I cannot let him know the truth yet,' he thought as he looked at his Hand, hoping he could not press for more information as he answered, "Aye, your Sister, Queen Cersei, will most likely want her revenge on the North... The North is strong but we need more alliances if and when war does arrive." 


His Hand smile sadly and said, "I see my dear friend... You are smart not to underestimate your friends or foes." 


Ned nodded, “Aye, I do not." He turned his gaze back at his Queen, who took a deep breath.


"Ned, I thought we agreed we would let the children decide who they marry." 


He took a deep breath and nodded. “Aye, will let them... However, we know that we need alliances, Cat. We will read through all these letters... We will choose the ones that can offer the North the most support, then ask them to bring their son or daughter to Winterfell... This way we and the children can meet their intended... if we like the character of the potential match, we can let the child decide if they agree or do not agree to marry... If our child agrees to the match we will allow for them to marry when they come of age, if they do not agree... well, then we will have to respectfully decline the offer and look for the next best choice.”


He saw his wife surprised smile and she nodded in agreement. 


The five of them then quickly started opening and sorting through the scrolls. It did not take them long to sort the scrolls into piles of potential choices. Overall, all the offers except two seemed genuine... and those two betrothal requests made Ned’s blood boil in rage. 


The first one that angered him was Roose Bolton’s request that he legitimize his bastard, Ramsey Snow and then allow the bastard to marry his daughter Sansa. As he read the scroll he closed his fist so tightly that his knuckles turned white... All Ned could think about was how Ramsey had repeatedly raped Sansa when Littlefinger had had sold her to Roose in her past life. However, receiving this request had reminded him the he would have to do something about the House that was plotting against him and House Stark. 


The other marriage request that made him furious was the one he had received from Walder Frey. He could not believe that the Old man had the audacity to ask for any one of his children to marry one of his many children or grandchildren... He even asked if he would be willing to ‘Marry his bastard, Jon Snow, to one of his trueborn daughters,’ and he said would pay Ned the girl’s weight in silver. ‘Gods help us, that is one sick old man!’ Ned thought to himself as he threw the scroll on the table. 


After he took a deep breath a small smile did grace his lips because he knew that his son, Jon, was already married to the love of his life... To a young woman whom he has heard to be the most beautiful women to ever live and who had been the mother to Jon’s son in his past life. He was excited to meet his new good-daughter, Daenerys Targaryen... and hoped that one day he would be able to hold his grandchildren in his arms... However, Ned knew that it would most likely be years until they were meet.


He was pulled from his long thoughts when he heard the sound of his wife, Catelyn, pound her fisted her hands on the table. She then angrily exclaimed, "I cannot believe that Walder Frey and Roose Bolton dare try to make a marriage betrothal to any of our children! After what they did to our family!" 


Ned looked at Benjen and Maester Luwin who both appeared upset by the requests as well. He then looked at Tyrion, and who appeared confused as to why they were so upset about these offers.


He moved over to his wife and whispered into her ear. "Cat remember Tyrion does not know what happened... We need to keep that way for now." 


Cat looked at him and nodded, then turned her gaze to his Hand, smiled and said, “I apologize for my tone Lord Tyrion." 


Tyrion returned the smile, "It is fine your Grace." 


He took a deep breath and then took two scrolls from the top of the pile; the two he felt were the best option for the North. He placed them both in front of the other four people gathered around the table and watched as they looked at the two raven scrolls. 


"Our best options for the North are the offers from Martell of Dorne and House Tyrell of the Reach." He took a deep breath and grabbed the raven from the Tyrells. "Lord Mace Tyrell has proposed the hand of his daughter, Margaery to my heir Robb... He states that she will one day make a lovely Queen of the North and that she would give my son many beautiful children." 


He looked at Tyrion who smiled and agreed, "Your Grace, that marriage alliance would be a great alliance for the Reach and the North. The Reach is well known for their food production and for their armies." 


He then looked at Maester Luwin who smiled and nodded. "Lord Tyrion is right, your Grace. The Reach has a large army and is the largest producer of Grain in Westeros... It would be very helpful for feeding armies at times of war as well as boasting our stores for the Long Winter that is predicted by the Citadel."


He was glad that everyone appeared to be in agreement of this proposal. “Maester Lewin, could you please get me some parchment, an inkwell and a quill?”


“Of course, your Grace.” The Old Maester answered as he quickly went to retrieve the requested items.


As he waited for the Maester to return he thought to himself, 'Robb did tell me he will only marry for an alliance for Jon's war for the Throne,' he smiled when he thought of the man his son has become. 


When the Maester returned with the requested items he wrote a letter addressed to Mace Tyrell, even though he knew his mother, Olenna, was the true force behind the Reach.





Lord Mace Tyrell,

I have received your request of alliance through the marriage. I am willing to accept the offer of your daughter Margaery and my oldest son and heir, Robb. 

However, before I can accept this generous offer, my wife and I would like to opportunity to meet your daughter, whom we have heard is a true golden rose. I am aware that you are a busy man, but I would like to invite you, your mother, Olenna, and daughter Margaery to Winterfell so we can meet in person and discuss terms of this alliance that may one day allow your daughter to become Queen in the North. 

I am preparing to go on mission beyond the wall to investigate some disturbing reports, I have received. Therefore, I will be unable to entertain guest until I have returned. I will send another raven when I leave Castle Black to inform you when I will return.

I look forward to hearing your response and to meeting you and your lovely daughter.

Eddard Stark, Lord of Winterfell, King in the North



When he was done, he looked at the kind Maester who smiled. 


"Maester Lewin, I need for you to send his letter to Lord Tyrell," the King said in an authoritative tone.


“Of course, your Grace. I will send it as soon as we have concluded this meeting” The Maester answered as he took the scroll from the King’s outstretched hand.


He looked at his wife who he knew was surprised. He was aware that she did not agree that he just arranged a marriage for their eldest son but knew he would have to tell her soon that Robb had informed him, before he left for Pentos, that he wishes only to marry for an alliance that would aid his brother in unseating the Lannisters and Baratheons from power. He then noticed that his Hand, Lord Tyrion also appeared surprised by his action. Ned gave them both a weary smile as he said, “I know that Robb would want me to do what is best for the North and for his family.”


After those words, his Queen and his Hand stayed quiet but nodded in understanding. He then grabbed the letter from House Martell. He took a deep breath and said, "I will ask Doran Martell to send his second son, Trystane, to Winterfell... This will give us and Sansa a chance to meet the young man. Then if we believe him to be a suitable match, we will her decide if she wants to marry him." 


He looked at his wife who then saw her frown turn into a smile and nodded. He then looked at Tyrion who also smiled.


"That seems to be a good idea, your Grace. However... I am surprised as to why you are not requesting his eldest son, Quentyn for Sansa’s hand?" 


Ned smiled as he said, “I feel that Trystane would be a better match, considering he and Sansa are closer in age.”


The Dwarf of Casterly Rock, nodded and agreement and the King took another piece of parchment and started writing.





Prince Doran Martell,

I have read your request for the marriage alliance. We would like to entertain a betrothal between your second son, Trystane, and my eldest daughter, Sansa.

I must inform you I told my children they could choose who they wish to marry. You may send Trystane, along with his personal guards and a representative from House Martell, to Winterfell, so that our children can meet. If my Queen and I feel this is a suitable match after meeting your son, and Sansa agrees, then I will accept your request of a marriage alliance.

I am preparing to go on mission beyond the wall to investigate some disturbing reports, I have received. Therefore, I will be unable to entertain guest until I have returned. I will send another raven when I leave Castle Black to inform you when I will return and at that time, we will be happy to receive you at Winterfell.

I look forward to your response

Eddard Stark, Lord of Winterfell, King in the North


He took a deep breath, rolled the parchment into a scroll and handed it to Maester Luwin. "Please, send this message to Prince Doran Martell... I believe these will be the only two responses I have for now... later today, if you could, please send replies to the other requests, respectfully declining their offers at this time.”


"Of course, your Grace. I will head to the rookery now." The Maester, gave him a slight bow of his head, then took his leave to send to two scrolls to House Tyrell and House Martell. 


After the Maester left, he sighed, knowing that he had so much to do before he left for the Wall. He then looked at Benjen who smiled widely and Ned rolled his eyes but also smiled. It was then that he saw that Lord Tyrion had picked up the scroll from Walder Frey and was reading it with a furrowed brown. Ned sighed, knowing that that his Hand would suggest accepting a marriage alliance between Jon and one of the old man’s daughters or granddaughters.


"Your Grace... Walder Frey states that he would be willing to make an alliance by marrying one of his daughters or granddaughters to your bastard, Jon Snow! This is an excellent opportunity!" 


Ned looked at his wife Catelyn and brother Benjen, with pleading eyes, but neither offered their assistance in the situation. ‘Gods what should I say,’ he thought before he exhaled and said, "Aye, I know." 


Tyrion raised his eyebrow and asked, "Your Grace, why don't you send a raven to Walder Frey as well? You are King now... You can legitimize your bastard... make him a Stark... which would probably make the Old man even happier... he is even offering the girls weight in silver!" 


Ned took a deep breath and looked at his wife who smiled and nodded in approval of Jon being legitimized. He then pinched the bridge of his nose, trying to prevent a headache as the thoughts swirled through his mind, ‘Jon is already married and already has a name... what strange rumors would be said in the other kingdoms if I legitimize Jon after eighteen years?’ Ned sighed again then answered, "I know I can legitimize, Jon... but I will not... I will not dishonor my wife or her family in the Riverlands... I have already pained her enough by raising my son alongside of our trueborn children... Jon is not a Stark." 


He saw his wife was about to protest but he shook his head, she stopped herself nodded. However, she gave him a look, letting him know that they would be discussing this later. The sound of Tyrion’s voice pulled him away from the silent conversation he was having with his wife.

"Your Grace, even if you do not legitimize your bastard, you can still accept Walder Frey's marriage request... An alliance with the Frey’s would be beneficial to the North because if war does arrive, you will need the bridge at the Twins to travel South." 


He smiled and shook his head no as he mused to himself, 'Jon's dragon will be able to take care of that,’ before saying out loud, "Thank you for your counsel, Tyrion. However, my son, Jon Snow, has told me he does not wish to marry..." He was then cut of by his hand Tyrion.


"I do not understand, your Grace... Does the boy not like women?" 


'That is definitely not the case, considering he is already married to a beautiful Targaryen Princess... should I tell him that Jon is already married... no, I cannot... if I do he will start asking more questions... he will want to know where Jon’s wife is, because she is not here...' So he smirked at his Hand, and told him something that the old Jon would have told him, "Jon does like girls, however, he does not wish to bring more bastards into this world." 


Tyrion shook his head, and Ned could tell he was not willing to give up the fight. "Your Grace, if he marries he can have another name than Snow... Even if you do not give him the Stark name, you can give him a new name." 


'He is getting curious... Gods I hope he will drop this for now,' he thought as he shook his head and said, "I am sorry Lord Tyrion but that is my decision. Jon has told me he does not wish to marry and I will not force him to do something he does not wish to do... and besides House Tully is loyal to House Stark. Lord Tully is the Liege Lord of the Riverlands, and House Frey is one of their bannermen..." 


He watched as his Hand was searching his mind for a retort, but they conversation was halted when the doors to the Great Hall opened. They all turned their gaze towards the doors and he saw his new blacksmith entering the room with a smile on his face and two packages wrapped in white clothe.


"Your Grace!" Gendry said with a smile as he walked towards the table where he was sitting with his counsel. 


The King quickly got up from his chair and went over to the young Blacksmith. "Gendry!” He happily exclaimed, “Do you have news for me on my swords?" 


“Mikken and I finished them this morning... I have them here, your Grace,” he answered as he lifted the two packages he held in his arms.


Ned turned his head towards the table at the sound of a chair scraping across the stone floor and saw Benjen walking over to them. 


"Swords? What swords, Ned?" Benjen asked with a furrowed brow.


He looked at his brother and smiled. He then looked back as Gendry and said, “Come on lad, let’s set them down on the table.” 


The blacksmith nodded with a smile, and walked towards the table with him and his brother.


When Gendry places the packages on the table he unwrapped them and proudly said, "Two new Valyrian Steel longswords as requested, your Grace... One for you," he said as he handed Ned the sword with the black Direwolf pommel. 


Ned drew his new sword from it scabbard and was blown away by the beautiful craftsmanship. He was in awe of the rippled pattern in smoky blade and the intricate design of the direwolf on the pommel. He smiled and Gendry and said, “This is more beautiful than I could have ever imagined... Thank you, lad.”


“You are welcome, your Grace,” the blacksmith answered with a smile. He continued to smile as he grabbed the other sword from the table, looked at his brother and said, "And one for you, Benjen Stark..." 


Ned smiled as he saw the look of disbelief on his brother’s face. He swore he saw tears in his eyes as he removed the Valyrian Steel Sword with the brown direwolf pommel from it scabbard. 


"How... How did you make new Valyrian Steel swords Ned?" Benjen mumbled as he admired his new sword.


However, before he could answer, his wife started speaking. "We heard that Gendry had been trained in melting and reforging Valyrian Steel... so we offered him a position in Winterfell’s forge... We then had him reforge Ice into two new Valyrian Steel Swords... one for you, Benjen and one for my husband." 


He still saw how surprised his brother was as he whispered as he looked at the sword, "You did this for our Journey beyond the wall..." 


“Aye,” The King answered with a smile as he watched his brother began slowly swinging the sword with a smirk on his face.


"Thank you ... brother... This means more to me than than I could ever express with words.”


“You are welcome... I will do anything in my power to keep my family safe,” Ned responded with a smile.


Benjen then looked at Gendry and said, "Young man, this is truly amazing work... You did a marvelous job... Thank you." 


He watched Gendry smiled and nodded.


“Gendry, my brother is right... this craftsmanship is remarkable... I don’t think you yet understand how important this task was to me and my family. We will forever be thankful for your service to House Stark and the North... and know that you will always have a place here as long as you desire.”


"Thank you, your Grace... I am truly thankful to be here... For the first time in my life I feel like I have a home..." 


He then walked over to the blacksmith and placed his hand on his shoulder. "Again... This is truly amazing Gendry, and please give my thanks to Mikken as well." 


He saw the blacksmith smiled and nodded. “I will, your Grace... I guess I had better get back to the forge and help Mikken with the training swords for your family.” With those words Gendry left the Great Hall, closing the door behind him as he left.


There was a comfortable silence for a few moments and Ned took the opportunity swing his new sword. He was surprised how much lighter it was compared to Ice or normal sword. The silence was soon broken when his Hand began to speak.


"Your Grace, Benjen... I have always heard that all great swords have a name... What will you two name your new swords?" 


The King smiled as he admired his Valyrian Steel Sword, and he could only think of one name. "I will name mine Frost," He decided. He then looked at his brother, who was smiling at his sword as well.


"That is a good name, brother.” Benjen said as he looked up from his sword and towards him, “And I will name mine Winter Storm." 


"After Winters Wolf?" Ned asked with a raised his eyebrow. 


He saw his brother smiled and nodded as he confirmed, "Aye, after Winters Wolf." 


"Winters Wolf, your Grace?" His Hand asked with a knitted brow.


He smiled and nodded. "Aye, after one of on my son Jon’s, Valyrian Steel swords." 


He saw the surprised look on the Dwarf of Casterly Rocks face. "Swords?" 


He smiled and nodded. "Aye, one of his swords is named Winters Wolf." 


He saw his hand take a deep breath. "And his other sword?" 


"Dark S..." but before he was able to tell the truth Benjen finished his sentence.

"Storm... I think it was named Dark Storm... Right Ned?” He said with a knowing smile.


“Aye, the swords are named Winters Wolf and Dark Storm.” Ned answered as he gave his brother a silent look of thanks. 


The King then looked at his Hand, and could tell he wanted to ask more questions, so he cut him off before he could ask. "We best be getting ready to leave Lord Tyrion. We will begin our journey to the Wall later today." 


He saw his hand smiled and nodded. "Of course, Your Grace. I will take my leave then to finish my packing." 


"Aye, I will meet you in the courtyard after our midday meal."


Tyrion nodded, and was about to take his leave when their attention was pulled back to the table by his wife's voice. "Ned, there is one more scroll."


Ned then turned to his wife, who was still sitting at the table, and he was surprised when she held up one last raven scroll that had not yet been opened. He walked over to the table, sat down and took the scroll from his wife's outstretched hand. When he turned the scroll he saw the it was sealed with the sigil of Reed. He took a deep breath and opened the scroll. He quickly read through it and smiled. He then looked at his wife Catelyn and gave her the letter to read. After she read through it she sighed, and had a slight frown on her face but nodded in agreement.


"If you would excuse me I need to send a raven too Howland Reed, letting him know that our son, Bran may marry his daughter, Meera, when they both come of age." 


He saw the surprised look on Benjen and Tyrion’s faces. He then heard the doors opened again and saw Maester Luwin enter.


"Maester Luwin I was about to go and look for you." The King of the North called to the older man.


He saw the Maester raised his eyebrow, "What do you need, your Grace?" 


He then smiled and said, "I have one more letter I must write." He took the quill and another peace of parchment and started writing a letter addressed to Howland Reed. After he was done writing he looked at the Maester and smiled.


"Send this letter to Winter Town. There is a young man named Jojen Reed waiting for this message." 

"Of course, your Grace." The Maester replied as he took the letter from Ned's hand then and left the Great Hall. 


He then sighed knowing that his son Bran was know betrothed to Meera but understood that it was necessary for the future. He then turned his gaze back at his wife who still had a frown on her face. He then looked towards his hand and his brother, who appeared perplexed as to why he would accept a betrothal that did not help to secure an alliance for the North. He decided to address it at a later time, so he instead said, "Benjen and Tyrion you best be getting ready. We will soon travel to the Wall." 


They both nodded and then took their leave. When he turned back around, he saw that his wife was still looking at him. He sighed and waited for her to speak.


"Ned, do you care to explain why you are so willing to accept Tyrell’s offer without Robb's consent? We did not let Robb have a choice in his betrothal..." 


"Aye, that is true... However, before Robb left, we had a conversation. He told me he will only marry for a alliance that would aid his brother... and besides Cat I heard that Lady Margaery Tyrell is one of the most beautiful young women in all of Westeros. I have also heard that she is kind and has a big heart to help others." He exhaled as he closed the distance between then, and then in a soft tone added, "We need allies Cat, for the Great War that is coming." His wife taking a deep breath and nodded. He smiled and kissed her on the forehead.


After the kiss she looked him in the eyes and asked, "Ned why did you not legitimize Jon to Jon Stark?" He then smiled.


"Cat... You know why I cannot make him a Stark... He already has a name... He is the true Crown Prince... Aegon Targaryen... Also, if I legitimized him now, after eighteen years, it would cause rumors to start once again..."


"Ned... I treated him horribly... All he ever wanted growing up was to have a name... and to have a Mother's love... If I had known... I could have loved him like he deserved..."


He smiled at her, "Cat, I know you feel horrible about your treatment of Jon... But it is my fault... I just wanted to keep him safe... If you did not treat him badly, it would have caused rumors..." He watched him wife sigh, and gave a sad nod in agreement. He then kissed her forehead once more, then said, "I need to get ready for my quest to the Wall." 


He watched her nod. He smile at her then turned and left the Great Hall to finish preparing for his quest beyond the Wall.


Daenerys Targaryen



Daenerys knew that she should be up, preparing for the day and putting on her sparring clothes. However, she was still laying in bed, thinking about what her husband had mumbled in his sleep...'Please Dany... Do not do it! If you hurt him! I swear on my father’s grave I will kill you myself!'


She felt tears that had welled in her eyes starting to trickle down her cheeks... She wanted to know why Jon would ever threaten to kill her. What did she do to dishonor her love to him? She was thinking about who she was going to hurt that would evoke such a reaction from the man she loved. 'Was it his best friend Samwell Tarly? Was it their good friend and Hand, Tyrion Lannister?'  She sighed... She wanted to know... needed to know what had happened... What she had done to her lover... What did she do that was so horrible that it haunted her husband’s dreams... She sighed again because he had vowed that he would never tell her.


After a few more minutes of brooding, she got out of the bed to ready herself for the day. She walked over to her chest, and noticed that the servants had laid out her sparing clothes for her. She put on her small clothes, followed by her breeches, silver shirt, and the her boots. Once she was dressed, she looked at her reflection in the mirror, sighed once more in an effort to shake the lingering thoughts, before she walked to the door, opened it and left her room. 


She walked through the halls of Illyrio’s manse in search of her husband. When she found him, he was speaking to Ser Jorah Mormont in the hallway outside of the kitchen. She smiled as noticed that they both appeared to be in good spirits, laughing while having a conversation. She walked over towards them and her husband saw her approaching he gave her a smile so big that it reached his eyes. The old knight also gave her a smile and after a good morning greeting he took his leave, leaving her alone with Jon. 


She then saw her husband holding his hand out for her, and a natural smile spread across her face as she took his hand. To her surprise, he pulled her hand, bringing her to his chest and he kissed her roughly on the lips. When he broke the kiss she pulled away and giggled. She then looked at him, and murmured, “Good morning, my love.”


His face lit up with the beautiful smile that caused her heart to fill with love and her sadness and curiosity to fade away.


She felt how his hands traveled down to her waist and then he pulled her back flush with his front and kissed her on the mouth once again. Soon their tongues were battling each other which cause her to moan into his mouth as he growled into hers. When she finally pulled away and giggle again and took deep breaths in an attempt to calm her growing arousal. She looked up to his eyes and saw the desire in his eyes as well. His hands then meandered from her waist to her ass and when he pulled her close. She smiled contently as she placed her head on his shoulder. She closed her eyes and felt happiness coursing through her body because she was being securely held in the warm embrace of the love of her life.


"My love... How did you sleep?" She asked as her head left his shoulder and looked up at him.


She saw him smile again. "I slept wonderfully," he murmured into her ear.


She smiled at him and said, “I’m glad you slept well.” She then placed her head back onto his shoulder and thought, 'Will he ever tell me what happens in his dreams? And stop lying to me?' She closed her eyes and snuggled into his shoulder, trying to wash away those thoughts as  his strong arms tightened their embrace. When he tightened the embrace he also squeezed her ass and she could feel his growing bulge pressing into her lower abdomen. She smiled as he pressed kisses her head over and over again. He then placed his head on hers and there was a comfortable silence between them being in each other's arms. After a few tranquil moments she was about to suggest they go back to their chambers but he husband spoke first.


"Let's go break our fast, my love," he whispered in her ear.


She looked up at him, smiled and kissed him once more on the mouth before she pulled away nodded. He took her arm and guided her to the kitchen. 


They soon entered the kitchen she saw Sarogon eating some fish that had been left out on the counter. She smiled as she walked over to their child and scratched his chin. She turned her gaze back at her husband who smiled at her.


"He's growing up so fast... he can barely sit on my shoulder anymore." He mused as he walked up behind her, put his chest against her back, wrapped one hand around her waist and used the other to love on the dragon as well. She smiled as she looked at Sarogon, purring as he nuzzled into Jon’s hand. 


After a few minutes, he took his hand away from the dragon and used it to encircle her waist. He then stated to trail open mouthed kisses from her cheeks down her neck, which cause her to giggle and smile. She turned her head to look at him and placed her lips on his. Jon then turned her around so their chest were pressed together. She wrapped her arms behind his neck, pulling him closer and deepening the kiss. They kissed each other passionately and Dany began to feel the slickness pooling between her thighs. She was in the process of moving her hands from around his neck, with the intention of unlacing her husband’s breeches when she heard the sound of someone clearing their throat behind them. She whipped her head to the sound, and saw her good-brother Robb, standing in the doorway.


"I see I'm interrupting something. Do I need to come back to break my fast after you two are done?" He asked.


She felt the blush rising in her cheeks as her husband tucked his head into her neck and chuckled. When he pulled his head from her neck, he looked at brother and said, "No, its fine Robb we were about to break our fast... Do you wish to join us?" 


She looked at her good brother who had a smirk on his face. "I would like nothing more brother... I did come to the kitchen so that I could break my fast." 


Her good-brother then walked over to them, first embracing her husband and then her. After he pulled away she looked at him, smiled and asked, "How did you sleep, good brother?"


“Wonderfully... and the two of you?" He asked with a smirk and raised his eyebrows knowingly.


“I slept very peacefully.” She answered with a smile. 


"I slept peacefully as well, brother." Jon answered before turning around to get a plate. 


As her husband began to fill his plate, her good-brother looked at her. She knew he was silently asking how Jon slept the night before. She shook her head, letting him know that he did not sleep peacefully. She saw him silently sigh and also nod, letting her know that they should talk about it in private.


She turned around, walked to her husband and placed a chaste kiss on his cheek as she grabbed her plate for herself and began to fill it with a variety of foods. He mouth began to water as she placed some fresh fruit, a honey cake and some bacon and fried eggs on her plate. When she was done, she walked over to the table and sat down in a wooden chair next to her husband. Robb joined them a few minutes later and the three of them had a pleasant conversation as broke their fast. They spoke the time Theon and Robb took Jon to a brothel for his name day... and how upset Theon got because Jon would not do anything with the whore because he thought of himself as a bastard. She smiled as she remembered that Jon has only ever bedded two women in their past life; herself and a wildling girl named Ygritte. She felt a little jealous knowing that is old lover was still breathing in this new life, but smiled knowing that Jon saved her not the wildling girl.


After they finished breaking their fast, her husband kissed her on the cheek, which made her blush as she smile at him. He then took her hand and kissed it before he stood up. Once he was on his feet, he looked at her apologetically as said, "I need to go see how my horrible uncle... Your horrible brother is doing... I will meet the both of you in the training yard shortly." 


She watched as her husband then walked over to Sarogon, who quickly jumped onto his shoulder. He smiled at the two of them and then left the dining room with he dragon. When she was sure that her husband was gone and out of ear shot, she turned towards Robb, who had a worried look in his eyes.


"Tell me what happened Dany?" He pleaded.


It felt good that her good-brother called her Dany and not Daenerys... it made her feel like a true member of the pack. She was glad that they became good friends and in the week that they had known each other, she was beginning to feel what it was like to have a true sibling. 


She sighed, as she stood-up from her chair, and began to pace around the room. She did not know exactly how to tell her good-brother what had happened. After a few moments she turn and looked at him and quietly said, "He... He seemed to have the nightmare again... but this time, when he woke-up this morning he screamed out loud..." 


She looked at her brother who raised his eyebrow and softly asked, "Was... was there more than just screaming?" 


She then remembered those words that he had mumbled before he woke... and again the thought of those words sent shivers down her spine. 'Dany do not hurt him!.. I swear on my father’s grave if you hurt him... I will kill you myself!' She sighed as she felt the tears trickling down her face. She looked at her good-brother who quickly stood-up, walked around the table and embraced her.


"Dany... tell me what is wrong?... What happened this morning?" He asked, with his voice dripping with concern as she buried her face into his shoulder, refusing to let go of his embrace. When she finally calmed herself down, Robb let go of the embrace and looked at her into the eyes and said, “Please, Dany, tell me what happened...”


"Robb... He... He mumbled something horrifying in his sleep..." She whispered.


"What did he say Dany? Talk to me...”


She took a deep breath. "While he was sleeping, he said these words 'Dany do not hurt him! If you hurt him I swear on my fathers grave I will kill you myself!' I am scared Robb... I don’t know what I did... But it had to have been something terrible!”


When Robb did not respond she glanced at him and saw a look of surprise on his face. She then took a few steps back from him, turned around and tried to calm down. She took a few deep breaths before she started talking again. "I first thought it might be Samwell Tarly or Tyrion Lannister...” Suddenly a realization hit her, she spun around and looked at her good brother with fear in her eyes as she gasped and whispered, "What if ... What if it was Rhaegar? What I killed our son?" 


Robb rushed over to her, embraced her as she started to cry once more and said,  "You would never kill your son Dany..." 


She cut him off. "I would never have hurt our baby boy... I would never kill our son... I would have done anything in my power to make sure he remained safe..." She pulled away, took a few steps back, looked at her good brother in the eyes and said, "I... After I was killed... The Night King must have changed me into a wight... I must have been the wight that stabbed our babe to death..." 


She saw the look in her good-brother’s eyes, telling her he wanted to say something or wanted to protest but was interrupted when Ser Jorah Mormont entered the dining room. She turned around and wiped the tears off her face, not wanting anyone to see that she was crying.


"Lord Robb... There was a raven what arrived for you... it is sealed with the sigil of House Stark... it says it is from the King in the North." The old knight handed him the scroll.


She was surprised by this, ‘The last King in the North was Torrhen Stark... who knelt to my ancestor...’ she thought to herself only to be pulled from her thoughts when she heard her good brother chuckle. She looked his direction.


"So my brother's plan must have worked." He said to her between chuckles.


"Plan?" She asked him with a furrowed brow.


She saw her good-brother looked at her and nodded. "Aye, Jon knew that Joffrey Baratheon, the bastard of a prince, would do something stupid... Something that would anger the Northern Lords which could lead to the North’s Independence and Father being named King in the North.” She saw him smile as he said the next words "We will have the full support if the North behind us to help take back the Iron Throne, Dany." 


She was surprised by this, "The North will aid us in the war for the throne?" 


Robb nodded, "Aye, that was our plan... I mean Jon's plan from the start... for the North to be independent when you travel back to Westeros... Father will also be working to secure other alliances.”


She felt her heart rate rising. 'So my husband has learned how to be an excellent player in the Game of Thrones?' I believe I will need to ask Jon more about his plan on retaking our throne.' She was then pulled from her thoughts when she heard her good brother spoke to the old knight.


"Thank you Ser Jorah ... You may take your leave.”


The old knight smiled slight and nodded his head, then said, “Please, let me know if you need anything, my Prince.” Robb chucked as Ser Jorah then turned around and left the room. 


After he had left, she watched as her good-brother open the scroll and began to read. As he read she watched the smirk fall from his face, and was replaced by a myriad of emotions. When he was finally finished reading she could see his eyes wide open and his arms were shivering. She was confused as to what was wrong so she walked over towards him, as softly asked in a concerned tone, "Robb, what happened? What is wrong?" 


She then saw him swallow hard as he looked down at the scroll. He then looked at her and gave her the raven scroll and simply said, "Read it." 


She was surprised but nodded. She opened the scroll and started reading it.




Dear Robb,

I have bittersweet news. Jon's plan worked... However, Joffrey is even more cruel then I had imagined... The bastard tried to rape Sansa and murder Arya... Arya would be dead if Nymeria had not intervened by biting his arm, which made for an uneasy situation.  

The Northern Lords was furious when they learned what happened and asked King Robert to make the North independent. Which was granted in exchange for Prince Joffrey’s life. I have named Tyrion Lannister as my Hand... Jon said he is a good person as well as a good friend. I'm glad to hear that Daenerys has been saved from Drogo and her brother Viserys.  Please help Jon to keep my good-daughter safe, as I would like to meet her and my future grandchildren in this life. 

Robb, I have other news. Lord Tyrion has been reading an old Valyrian book and has proclaimed that the shooting star in the sky is a symbol of the return of The Prince who was Promised. Also, he states that according to this book, Jon’s dragon is not an Ice Dragon or a Fire Dragon... he states it is a Hybrid Dragon, which will breath fire or ice based upon its rider’s emotions. The rider’s eyes will change color based on his or her emotions... Eyes will be a dark blue color for calmness or happiness for breathing ice or an orange-red color when the rider feels lost or heartbroken or rage, which leads the dragon breathing fire... He also stated that if the rider is filled with too much with rage, both the dragon and the rider will be uncontrollable and will kill anything in sight... anything that stands nearby, whether it be a friend or family (including his wife) or foe. You need to help him remain calm him... otherwise no one will be able to help him. No one will be able to stop him.

I will be leaving Winterfell in a few days, to accompany Uncle Benjen on his mission beyond the wall. Gendry has arrived safely and is busy reforging Ice as we speak.

I miss both of my sons, and hope to hear from you soon.

Eddard Stark, Lord of Winterfell, King in the North


She was mixed with emotions while reading the letter... she felt anger at Prince Joffrey for what he had done to Jon’s younger sister. She felt love that she knowing that her Good-Father cared about her wellbeing, and smiled, knowing that she now also had a father and a true family. She then but soon was now felling confusion and fear taking over her. 'Jon... I need to speak to Jon. He cannot keep this thing from me. If he does not share... I will lose him forever.' 


She sighed and sat on the chair again. She heard her good brother walking over towards her.


"Dany ... Has Jon's eye color ever changed?" Robb asked with worry in his tone.


She looked up into his eyes, exhaled and nodded before she breathed out, “More than once." 


"When did you notice his eye color change first?" He asked softly.


She took a deep breath. "The time I noticed was the night of our wedding... Before the ceremony his eye color changed to a dark blue color." 


He smiled and sat next to her. "That is a good thing... If what my father said is true, that meant he was happy... calm.” 


She smiled and nodded.


Robb then asked her, "Have his eyes ever changed to an orange color?" 


She took another deep breath and nodded.


"When... When did this happen Dany?" She could hear the concern on his tone.


"His eyes change orange every time I asked him about his dreams... and every time he has tried to hide what happened in his dream." 


"We need him to share what happens in his dreams Daenerys. If we do not ... We might lose him forever." 


She took a deep breath and nodded.


"However, Dany... By doing this we need him to open up on his terms, not ours." Robb said with a frown on his face.


She knew he was right she took a deep breath and whispered, "You are right, Robb... we cannot push or we might lose him." she looked at him and saw his frown turned into a sad slight smile.


"Now, Warrior Queen let's go join my brother at the training yard for our sparing session.  Otherwise, Jon will be furious." 


As he said this she saw a goody smirk on his face, which made her laugh. He then help her up from her chair and they both took their leave from the dining room to join husband her husband in the training yard. 


As they walked through Illyrio’s manse, she told herself that she would become a warrior queen... she would not fall in battle this time... she would not make her husband have to kill her mindless body in this life......




Joffrey Baratheon  


They have been traveling for four days along the Kingsroad on their way back home, to King’s Landing. Joffrey was frustrated because they kept stopping, and would only travel about 50 miles per day. Tonight they had stopped somewhere just outside of the Borrowlands... only about are two hundred miles south of Winterfell, however, that was not enough for the Crown Prince. Joffrey was walking around the makeshift camp with his sworn sword, the Hound, and uncle Ser Jaime Lannister following closely behind. As they walked, they past by several common folk as well as some children. He noticed that all of them were looking at him as though he were a common thief. 'These peasants! They are all traitorous bastards... I cannot wait until the day I can take their heads for glaring at me as they are...' 


While they were walking someone threw an apple on to his face and yelled, "Get out of the North you rapist!" 


Joffrey did not see which one of the peasants threw the apple, but as he wiped of the apple juice from his face he then saw all the common folk shouting at him. The Hound quickly moved in front of him shielding him from further rotten fruit. The Crown Prince was furious. He felt like his blood was boiling as he screeched at the top of his lungs, "Who threw that! Who threw that! I changed my mind... I don’t care who threw it... Dog bring me all their heads!" 


He then noticed his father, red faced and frowning as he stomped a angrily towards him. Joffrey swallowed hard as his father approached, with Ser Barristan trailing closely behind... he could the King was pissed and was about to embarrass him even further.


When his Father reaches him, he grabbed him by the tunic and roared into his face, "Listen to me, you stupid boy! You can not kill everyone who treats you like shit!" 


He laughed and shook his head, "Father I'm the Crown Prince! Mother told me I can do whatever I want and have whatever I wa... awhhh”


He was shocked into silence when his father as he slapped him across the face. He placed his hand on his face as his eyes welled with tears... He to cry, but he willed the tears not to fall... his Mother told him that in order to be a good leader, the people needed to fear him... and if they saw him crying like a little bitch, they would never follow him... and he could already hear the Northern peasants laughing as his father scolded him like he was the child of a whore.


"You, thinking that you can do as you please is the reason why we lost one of the Seven Kingdoms! We may even lose more because of what you did... because of your stupidity! You really are a dumb cunt... I swear sometimes I think that your mother fucked someone else to create you!" His Father yelled and then slapped him across the face once again.


"I am the Crown Prince! The Seven Kingdoms will fear me and they will follow me!" He gritted out through his teeth.


He looked at his Father, he noticed the his nostrils were flaring, his face was as red and he swore steam was coming out of his ears as he shook his head. He took a deep breath, the slowly spoke in a gruff tone, "You... tried to rape the one of the daughters of a man who was my best friend, the Warden of the North... well now King of the North... and then when you did not have your way, you attempted to murder his other daughter! No one will ever follow you. If the other Six Kingdoms find out what you did... they will be a rebellion... they will all want to be independent." His Father then took a couple of steps back and was taking slow deep breaths.


He silently nodded his head, but thought to himself, 'I'm am the Crown Prince... I am the true heir to the seven kingdoms! When I become king I will have my revenge on the North! I will kill all of those Stark peasants!' He was pulled from his thoughts when one of the children of the common folk bumped into him. 


"I... I am s..sorry, Milord," the young child stuttered.


He felt as his blood boiled of frustration. 'He dares call me milord? I'm the prince! He is supposed to call me my Prince!' He placed his hand on his sword and roared, “I am not a Lord! I am your rightful Prince, and I will have your head!” He was about to pull his sword from it’s scabbed when he saw his father looking at him with shock fury in his eyes. 


It did not take longer than a second before his Father closed the distance between then and slapped him across the face twice more. Joffrey brought his fingers to his lip and wiped away a trickle of blood. He regretted what he did because now the tears were falling down his face, making him look weak in front of the stupid Northern common folk. Just when he thought the situation couldn’t get any worse, his Father lashed out at him again.


"Listen to me you bastard!” He gritted out as he smacked him once more, “You has better start acting like a leader instead of a spoiled little bitch! You had better start showing me that you will be a King that the people look up to... If you do not start acting like a proper King, I will give your little brother Tommen, the Iron Throne and send you to that damn Wall!" His father then smacked him so hard that that he fell to the ground. However, his Father did not let him stay down, because he pulled him up by the tunic, looked him in the eyes and continued, “We need the kingdoms to be united more now than ever! Aegon Targaryen, who has a fucking living, breathing dragon, is just across the Narrow Sea, plotting his return to Westeros! He has named himself the True Heir to the Iron Throne... Do you actually think he will stay at Pentos for long?"  


He was shocked by what his father said, he could not speak, so he shook his head.


"He is said to have a Khalasar more than 100,000 thousand Dothraki savages! He has also married Daenerys Targaryen! I can not have my heir raping and murdering young girls! I need an heir who is kind and a warrior! Joffrey if you do not change your ways I will send you to the Wall! Do you understand me!" 


He opened his eyes wide in shock, not believing what his father said. "You will not send me to the Wall!" He squeaked our when he found his voice.


He saw the redness in his fathers face. "If it means that if I need to send you to the Wall in order to kill the last dragonspawns, then that is what I shall do! Not even your mother will be able to save your sorry ass!" 


He was surprised and swallowed down the bile that was rising in his throat. However, before Joffrey could retort, they were disturbed by his Father’s Kingsguards.


"Aegon Targaryen, your Grace?" He saw as his father looked at the Kingsguard member with a scowl on his face.


"Yes, Ser Beristain! Are you still loyal to those dragonspawns?" 


He saw the old knight man swallow and shake his head as he said, “No, your Grace... but Aegon was killed during the sack of King’s Landing.”


“I know that... but somehow... there is a man with a dragon, across the Narrow Sea with a dragon! Can I count on you if the war arrives?”


“Of course, your Grace.” The old Kingsguard answered as he bowed him head.


“Good.” His father then turned his gaze back towards Joffrey and gritted out as he waved a finger in his face, "I am warning you Joffrey... If you don’t shape up soon you will be at the Wall before the summer ends." His Father then sighed and walked away with Ser Barristan as the Hound and Ser Jaime escorted him to his personal tent......


Cersei Lannister


The sun hung low in the horizon when they finally made camp for the night. The Queen of the six southern kingdoms was thankful to be out of the fucking wheelhouse and sitting in her tent. However she was frustrated to still be in the North and she was still angry that the Traitorous Stark Dogs... Angry at their plotting and scheming against the Crown... and furious that they were able to trap her beloved Joffrey, causing him to lose his temper which led to their banishment from the largest of the seven Kingdom, which rightfully belonged to her son.


She walked around her tent trying to figure out how she will have revenge on the Stark dogs. She stopped to pour herself a glass of Dornish Red, to a sip and contemplated... she knew they needed to die... but how. She took another sip of her wine as she pondered just how she would achieve her vengeance... should she have them poisoned them or stabbed to death in their beds. She finished her glass of fine and smiled when she concluded the best way to make the Starks pay... She will have Sansa and Arya Stark assassinated for their actions against the Crown Prince... and she knew just the right man for the job.


She sent one of her guards to find the man... he was a just common sell sword who she had travel with them... because you never can know when you will need an assassin... He was disguised as one of the cooks so no one even knew he was really a killer. She poured another glass of wine as she waited. After about fifteen minutes the man entered her tent along with the guard she had sent to find him.


"You wanted to ask me something, your Grace?" Her sell sword asked.


She looked the man in the eyes. He was not much to look at, he was not strong and lean like her brother, but she had every confidence that he would be able to complete the task."Yes, I do.” She said coldly and evenly. She then turned her piercing gaze to her guard and authoritatively said, “Leave us... and when you do take ten paces away from this tent.”


“Yes, your Grace,” the guard answered before he bowed his head and took his leave.


Once they were alone and away from prying ears she poured the assassin a glass of wine, smiled at him and as she handed him the glass of wine said, “Please sit,” as she gestured towards the small table just in front of him. Once he was seated, she continued, “How would you like to have a pile of gold dragons?" 


The man smiled exposing his yellow teeth. "I would like nothing more, your Grace." 


She smiled as she opened the small wooden chest that was sitting on the table. She watched the man’s eyes grow wide when he saw exactly how much gold she was talking about. She then closed the box and the man looked up at her as she said, “You may have this if you kill two little girls for me." 


"Who is it that I need to kill, your Grace?" The man asked as he raised a questioning eyebrow and took a sip of his wine.


She smiled as opened the other box on the table and took out the Valyrian Steel danger. She ran her fingers down the side of the dagger as admired the rippled pattern in the metal and how it contrasted with the black bone handle. She then placed the dagger in front of the assassin, looked the man in the eyes and calmly stated, "The daughters of the King in The North... Sansa and Arya Stark." 


The man nodded and smiled, showing her his rotted yellow teeth as he said, "It shall be done, your Grace." He then picked up the dagger and put it into his sword belt.


She smiled wickedly as she slammed the chest containing the gold coins shut and stated, "Good... You shall receive your payment after you have completed your task... and you can also keep that dagger." 


She saw as the man nodded, finished his wine and then left her tent without another word. She smiled and then poured herself some more wine into her empty golden goblet.  She then sat down on a chair and smiled, knowing that she will soon have her revenge on the North. She was enjoying the tranquility of the moment, sipping her wine when suddenly she heard the tent’s flaps open. She looked up from her wine and saw her cousin, the King’s squire, enter.


"Your Grace, a raven has just arrived for you... It is from Casterly Rock and is sealed with your father’s sigil." 


‘Fuck... Father will be demanding answers... he will want to know why we have lost the north.’ She thought to herself as she took the scroll from Lancel’s outstretched shaking hand. Once she had the scroll she wordlessly nodded her head, signaling for him to leave. When he left the tent, she sighed and opened the scroll.





I have heard the news that we have lost one of the Seven Kingdoms because of your son's arrogance. I am disappointed that you allowed this to happen... You need to teach him discipline! Your son must learn how to control himself... how to become a good king... otherwise we will lose the six remaining kingdoms before the damn boy can even sit on the throne. If you do not discipline him and teach him right from wrong, will send him to the Wall myself! Because of your stupidity and coddling of the boy, the throne is vulnerable to a rebellion. I will see you at the capital soon to discuss this and other urgent matters with you... I would like to hear from you and your brother, Tyrion, betrayed his family and became Hand to the King in the North.

Tywin Lannister, Hand of The King, Warden of the West, Lord of Casterly Rock


She felt the rage returning to her veins as she tried to calm herself by taking another sip of wine... It was not helping. ‘I have to see Jaime... he will know what to do,’ she thought as she stood up and went to in search of her brother’s tent. 


Cersei pulled her cloak tighter over her shoulders as she walked through the camp. When she reached his tent, she told her guards to stay and she pulled open the flap, and entered unannounced. When she entered, she saw him, he was in the process of removing his Kingsguard armor.


When their eyes meet, he sighed and softly said, "Cersei, this is not the best time... When we are in a camp and there is no privacy.”


She let out a laugh and then in a quiet but rough tone stated, "That is not why I came here... I came here to discuss the matter of my husband." 


She could see the look of surprise on the face as he walked closer to her, wearing only breeches and a thin cotton tunic as he asked with a knitted brow, "Your husband?" 


An evil smile spread across her face as she nodded. She then began to pace around his tent as she spoke, "I was thinking, Jaime. Maybe it is time that my husband took a permanent leave..." She stopped her pacing and looked him in the eyes, and was shocked when he did not seem to share her enthusiasm. 


“You mean to poison your husband?" He asked in a disapproving tone as he forcibly exhaled and looked down at the ground.


"What is wrong Jaime? I thought this was something that you, of all people, would want? We could be rid of my husband... and we could be together...” she added as she rubbed he hand down the side of his face and lifted his chin so he had to look her in the eyes.


"Yes, it is... I hate seeing how he treats you... but... Cersei, I do not think it is the best time to kill your husband?"


"And why not Jaime?" She gritted out through her teeth.


She watched as he frowned and sighed before he answered quietly, "We need him at the moment... Do you honestly think, after Robert has died, the kingdoms would immediately follow Joffrey? After what he did it is going to take time to regain the trust of the people... Therefore, we need the Fat King alive... in order to stop the other six kingdoms from rebellion against the Throne... As long as King Robert lives we still have time to sort out the vile actions of our bastard son." She could not believe what she just heard she wanted to protest but was cut off by her brother. "And besides Cersei... Have you not heard about the a man across the Narrow Sea?”


“What man?”


“The young man calling himself Aegon Targaryen... He is a much bigger threat to deal with at this time... If the rumors are true, the man has hatched a dragon, he has married Daenerys Targaryen... and has an Army of Dothraki screamers..." 


"He is nothing than a pretender..." she snapped as she cut him off.


"A pretender, who has a dragon, who is married Daenerys Targaryen... and who has a large army... Cersei we both know if he is a true Targaryen or a Blackfyre or even a pretender... if the Kingsdoms are not united, he will easily conquer Westeros... Cersei, he calls himself the true heir to the Iron Throne... and if he proves himself to right, the Targaryen Loyalist will swarm to his side... Our son Joffrey has no Baratheon or Targaryen blood in his veins... the only Kingdoms that might aid us are the Westerlands and the Stormland." 


She took a deep breath opened her mouth and was about to talk, but he held up a finger indicating that he was not done. When she closed her mouth he continued.


"War is arriving Cersei... The Targaryen are coming to Westeros to take back their throne. And as much as I hate to say this, we need your shitty husband to help us to fight the war against the Targaryens... We cannot kill him, because if we do, the kingdoms could either declare their own independence or join this Aegon Targaryen's side... they will not care if he is trueborn or a bastard... they will see him as someone better than Joffrey."  She wanted to protest but her brother continued with pleading eye, "Please Cersei... Do not poison him until we speak with father. We must seek his counsel before we decided what we should do." 


She sighed and reluctantly nodded, knowing that her brother was right for now.


"Now Cersei, is there anything else you wished to discuss with me?" 


She she shook her head, smiled at her brother lover, and then said, "Good night, Jaime I will see you tomorrow." 


Which made her lover smile. After he placed a chaste kiss on her forehead, she left his tent and walked back at her own makeshift shelter.


'I will never allow this, Aegon Targaryen, to take the throne that belongs to my Joffrey,'she thought as she began scheming ways she could get rid of this pretender who calls himself Aegon Targaryen......



Chapter Text


Jon Snow


Jon reached the secret chambers at Winterfell that he shared with Daenerys... Where his son and wife were being protected by Sam, Gilly and Ghost. He opened the door and was surprised when he saw blood splattered all over the floor... he gasped as he saw his best friend Samwell Tarly dead on the ground surrounded by a pool of crimson blood. Beside his friend he saw Gilly, Little Sam and Ghost also slain on the ground... They had all been stabbed multiple times. He shivered when he saw Sam’s family Valyrian Steel sword, Hearts Bane, on the ground. He knew Sam had died trying to protect his family as well as his babe, Rhaegar. He did not have time to breakdown and cry because he heard the wails of his son.

He snapped his gaze to where he heard his son’s cries and gasped at the sight before him... Across the room he saw his beautiful wife... his Dany... with haunting light blue eyes. Her skin blue as the sky. And there was a crown of ice upon her head. His mindless wife looked at him not saying a word. She picked up their baby from his crib and cradled him in her arms. The only sound he could hear was the bawling of baby Rhaegar... He knew that his son knew that that was no longer his mother.

He felt tears coming down his face as he cried out,  "Daenerys... let go of him! Daenerys... don’t hurt him... if you hurt him I swear on my father’s grave I will not hesitate to kill you myself!" He felt numb... the only thing he could feel were the tears on his cheeks. He stared into his undead wife’s blue eyes, which were filled with frozen tears.

Jon could tell she was trying to fight the Night King’s spell... her hand was wavering over their sweet babe’s round face. “Please, Dany! Let him go! Fight that fucker... Just put him down... I know you don’t want to hurt him.”

The King stood frozen in place. He was afraid to move. He knew if he moved the wrong way his son’s life would be over. He knew he had to plead with the Queen that used to be his bride. "Daenerys, take me instead. I do not care what you do to me! You can tell the Night King I will take his place just please... do not hurt Rhaegar!"

She clutched their baby boy closer to her chest as she looked away from Jon and stared into the babe’s violet eyes. He watched as she went to place her icy blue hand on the infant’s face. He gasped... he knew what she was going to do to their baby boy.

“No! I will not allow you to make him into one of your mindless slaves! Nykeā zaldrīzes iksos daor nykeā buzdari! A dragon is not a slave, Dany!” He hollered.

The next thing he knew the five mindless wights surrounding the Night Queen began to walk towards him. He drew Longclaw from his sword belt and prepared himself for a fight. However, she moved the babe on one arm and raised the other... when she did this he scanned the room and gasped as he saw his dead direwolf, Ghost, shaking and rising up from the ground. He then noticed well his best friend Samwell, his wife Gilly, and even Little Sam beginning to rise... and when they did they walked straight to the Night Queen’s side... He felt alone... Everything he held dear was gone... Everything but his son... His son was the only thing left he had to fight for.

Jon stared into the now blue eyes of his direwolf as he began to stalk towards him like he did his prey. "Stay back Ghost!" He commanded when his forever loyal companion growled at him. His gaze was pulled away from the undead direwolf when he heard his son begin to cry once more. The tears were pouring down his scarred face once more as his dead wife placed her one of her shaking hands just above the babe’s cheek.

"Daenerys, fight the FUCKING NIGHT KING. I KNOW YOU CAN! DON’T TOUCH HIM! Please, Dany... Don’t you dare fucking turn him... Please Dany!"

He was about to run to his wife, to try and rescue his son, however he was stopped when his dead dire wolf tackled him to the ground. “Ghost, off,” he yelled as the direwolf lunged at this throat. He could not believe that his most loyal companion was trying to rip out his throat. One of his hands went up defensively in an effort to push the direwolf’s head back, to keep his fangs away his throat as he used the other to tighten his grip on Longclaw. He cried out as he stabbed his sword through Ghost’s head, which caused the last of the Stark direwolves to fall to the ground in a peaceful death.

The King did not have time to grieve for his four legged companion because he heard the ear piercing terrified shrieks of Rhaegar. He used all of his strength to stand up and he was mortified at the sight... His wife had placed her icy hand closer his baby boy’s face.

"Dany... please... please do not do it! Try and fight him!" He pleaded. He noticed that her hand still shivered... he knew that his wife was still in there. He watched the her frozen tears fall as he once again cried out, "A dragon is not a slave! Please, Dany, let go of our baby boy!"

The next thing he knew, a group of wights, five that he did not know and then Sam, Gilly and Little Sam, descended  in front of him, waiting for her commands.

"Please, Dany... I beg you... I will do anything... Just please do not turn our baby boy into one of those fucking dead cunts!" He dropped Longclaw to the floor and raised his hands in the air... he needed to calm the tension. “I surrender... Take me... just let our babe be... Don’t do it... Please.” 

He could see Daenerys’ hand shaking as she tried her best to fight the Night Kings orders but... It was too late... He hand went down and touched Rhaegar’s rosy red cheek.. He heard his baby boy crying... He watched as his baby boys eyes turned from Lilac to Light blue. He was shocked. He could not believe he lost everything... His wife and now he's son...

"Noooo!!!!" He screamed as he fell to his knees with tears cascading down his face.

Something snapped inside him when he looked at the smug smile on the Night Queen’s pale blue face. At that second, his wolf side disappeared; his wolf side died inside of him as his baby boy turned into a Baby White Walker. He closed his eyes and let out an agonizing scream into the freezing cold Winterfell air. He opened them and they turned golden orange.

He looked at his wife... The Night Queen, as she placed the  baby White Walker in his son’s crib. She then grabbed her ice spear from where it was resting against the wall. He looked around the room... he was alone and surrounded... at this point knew his fight was over... He had no reasons left to continue the fight... the Night King had taken everything from him... Sansa, Arya, Sam, Gilly, Ser Davos, Ghost, all of the dragon’s, and now... His Dany and his son were gone as well... he had no reason left to live... but he planned to free his friends, his wife and his babe from the Night King’s control... then he would join them. He saw Longclaw just in front of where he was kneeling on the ground and Hearts Bane was just a couple of feet away... He quickly grabbed them both as the wights started running towards him.

He spun the two swords and fought against all the wights at once. There was no fight... He easily killed them... However he did it with tears clouding his vision... his heart shattered as he sent Samwell, Gilly, and sweet Little Sam to their final peace with the two Valyrian Steel swords... Now it was only him, against his dead wife, the Night Queen. He looked her in her lifeless blue eyes as she tightened the grip on her Ice Spear.

"I promise you Dany... I will set you free... I will not allow him to keep you... We said together... I failed you... But I will not fail you any longer... We will be together again so my love... Me, you and our babe," Jon cried out as he spun Longclaw and Hearts Bane. He took the two swords and attack her. He was surprised when she blocked his attacks. He swung Hearts Bane and attack her once more, but she easily blocked the attack. However, she wavered on her feet and he pushed her against the wall. He then took Longclaw and pushed the ice spear out of her hands. He cried out as he used all his strength to plunge both Valyrian Steel swords through her abdomen. As he did this he heard a World shattering scream come from her mouth, like nothing he had ever heard before.

He looked down and started crying as he saw the two swords impaled in her stomach. He then heard her screams change from something unnatural to a gasping moan of pain. He was stunned when he looked back towards her face and noticed that her eyes turned from the haunting pale blue back to her loving amethyst irises and the icy blue skin turned to shade of pale cream.

"I'm sorry, Jon... I’m so sorry..." his beautiful wife choked out as blood began to spill from her lips.

“Dany, don't speak..." he murmured as he caught her falling body. He gently lowered them both to the ground and caressed the soft skin of her cheek.

"I... I tried to fight him..." she whispered with wet tears falling down her face.

"It's not your fault, Dany... I should have been here to protect..."

"Jon it hurts,” she moaned as she interrupted him, “It hurts so much.... The pain..."

He felt helpless as she choked on the blood in her mouth. When he dropped his head to wipe his tears he saw the blood pulsating out from her stomach. He knew she didn’t have long. He pressed a kiss to her forehead as he pulled her to his chest. He then pulled Longclaw from her stomach as he kissed her mouth. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes... He heard her screech out in agony as he pierced Longclaw through her heart... Then there was silence. He screamed out as he saw her final tears falling down her lifeless face.

"I'm sorry, Dany... I'm so sorry my love... Please forgive me," muttered in her ear between sobs as he held her limp body in his arms. He cradled her body to his chest and kissed the top of her head as his tears fell onto her moo kissed hair. “I’m so so sorry.”

His grieving for his wife was halted when he heard a monstrous noise coming from Rhaegar’s crib. He gently laid down his dead wife’s body and stood up. He gasped when saw the White Walker infant pulling himself up and screeching in an inhuman tone. He pulled Hearts Bane from his wife’s stomach and walked the two steps to the crib. He picked up the White Walker baby and held him in one arm. “Please forgive me... I am sorry, my son..." He then took Hearts Bane and placed it through the baby’s heart. When he did this the babe shattered into thousands of shards of ice and he felt like his heart shattered as well.

As his son dissolved into thin air he fell to his knees and grabbed his wife's body. He held her as he closed her dull purple eyes. The tears continued to fall down as he kept on kissing her moon lock silver hair. "Please forgive me, Dany... I had no choice... I had to free him... I had to free you..."

He then looked up to wipe the tears from his face and saw the catspaw dagger on the ground, under the baby’s crib. As his dead wife lied in his arms, he grabbed the dagger. "Together... We always said together." He gripped his hand tightly around the dragon bone hilt of the dagger, took a deep breath and was about to place it through his heart. However, before he could accomplish his goal he was startled as he saw the chamber door flew open. His head snapped towards the door and saw Tyrion and Tormund enter the room. He saw the looks of shock on their faces as they saw him holding his dead wife in his one arm and the catspaw dagger close to his heart.

He broke down in tears when he saw Tormund running towards him knocking the dagger from his hand just before he plunged it into his heart. The large ginger Wildling then pulled him up from the floor and wrapped his arms around the King’s chest.

“I won’t let ya do it, King Crow... don’t be a fookin coward... your people need ya!!” Tormund exclaimed as he tightened his grip around Jon’s chest, causing the dagger to fall to the floor.

"Let go of me! Let go of Me! Let me join them! Let me join my family!" He cried as Tormund held him. "Let go of me!!! Let me be with her! Let me be with her! Let me be with my son!"

He screamed in the air as he felt the pain of a broken heart. He felt grief and remorse because he had killed both his wife and his son.


"Jon! Jon!” He heard his wife calling his name, pulling him from his nightmarish sleep.


When he opened his eyes he gasped for air. He looked around his surroundings and sighed in relief when he realized he in his bed, in his chambers, in Illyrio’s manse, in Pentos. He felt his tears on his cheeks and pulled a hand up to his face to wipe the tears away. Once his eyes were dried, he opened them and saw his wife, his beautiful Daenerys, on top of him holding him down to the bed.


"Tell me what happened! Jon! Tell me what happened in your dream!" She exclaimed. “Let me help you! Please, Jon, quit torturing yourself!” 


He could see the fury in her face and unshed tears in her eyes as she held him down by sitting on his abdomen and pressing down on his shoulders with each of her hands.


"Let go of me!" He pleaded. “Please, just let me go.”


She shook her head, “Not until you tell me what happened in your dream!"


He was surprised when he tried to sit up but could not... She was stronger than he remembered and she was able to keep him firmly pinned down on his back.


"I will not!"


"And why not Jon?" She firmly stated as he saw the tears freely streaming down her face.


He took a deep breath, "Because...." However he was unable to finish because his wife interrupted.


"Because of what,  Jon? What are you so afraid of?"


“I just can’t,” he whispered as he shook his head.


"Just tell me! What are you so afraid of?"


"I'm afraid..."


She then raised an eyebrow and in an exacerbated tone cried, "Afraid of what Jon! Just tell me! What are you so afraid of?"


He couldn't hold it in anymore so he then knew it is time she knew the truth and it just rolled out of his mouth. "I am afraid that you would see me as a monster!"


"Why Jon? What did you do? Talk to me, my love..." she asked in a tone that was dripping with concern as she removed her arms from his shoulders allowing him to sit up.


Daenerys,” He said with a sigh as he ran a hand through his unruly raven curls, then looked into her eyes as he continued, “I... I lied to you... I told you a wight killed our son, our sweet Rhaegar... but that is not truth... I... I was the one who killed him." He could see the look of shock on her face.


"Why? Why would you kill our baby boy?" She muttered as the tears began to fall once more.


He exhaled deeply as he pulled his wife to his chest and answered in a voice just above a whisper, "Dany... after you died... Your body turned pale blue... Your eyes turned blue... You... You became the Night King’s Queen..."


"The Night Queen?" She asked cutting him off.


He sigh and nodded, "Aye,  you became the Night King’s most important poppet... A slave ..." He took a deep breath and continued. "Daenerys only four people knew where we kept Rhaegar... Me, Samwell, Gilly and You... After you have died... Somehow your memories were retained in your mind."


"No... No... I would never hurt our baby boy," She cried. “I would have given my life for him!”


He grabbed her hand and squeezed it firmly. "It was not your fault... You tried to fight the Night King... But he was too strong for you." He took a deep breath, adverted his gaze from her to a random point on the wall and continued, "When I entered our secret chambers and saw five wights as well Samwell, Gilly, Little Sam and Ghost bodies on the floor... And.. And I saw you. You were standing next to Rhaegar’s crib... He was crying and I... I could not move... All I could see were your blue eyes Daenerys... they give me sleepless nights..."


She placed her hand on his cheek and forced him to look at her as she stated. “My eyes are purple, Jon... Not blue..." She pulled him for a kiss and broke free and calmly said, "Continue... Please... You said you entered our chambers when I was the Night Queen..."


He took a deep breath and nodded, "I... I... Begged you... To please let go of our son... I knew if you placed your hand on his cheek you would turn him into a White Walker..." He paused when the tears started to spill from her eyes. He wiped them with the tips of his fingers, pressed a chaste kiss to her cheek and then continued, "You placed Rhaegar in one of your arms and raised your arm... and they rose... Sam, Gilly, Little Sam and Ghost all raised as slave wights in the Night King’s army... Ghost... When he was reanimated he attacked me..." He felt the shiver in his tone. "While he attacked me I heard Rhaegar crying... I grabbed Longclaw and killed Ghost for the last time... I stood up and saw the frozen tears in your eyes... I could tell you were trying to fight the Nights King command..."


He stopped talking when his wife kissed his cheeks were his tears were falling. He then kissed her lips and then took her hand once more, for strength as he continued the story, "I... I kept on begging you to put down our son... to take me instead... I kept on asking you to fight him..."


Jon moved his wife from his lap and got out of the bed and began to pace. ‘How do I tell her what happened? It was all my fault! I should have been with her and she would have never been changed!’ He was pulled from his thoughts when he felt a gentle hand on his shoulder. He turned his head and saw his wife with a look of concern on his face.


"What happened next?” She whispered.


He could not face her when he told her what happened to Rhaegar, so he turned his head back towards the wall in front of him, sighed and in a sorrowful tone said, "You... You placed your finger on our son’s cheek and he changed into a White Walker... The fucking Night King used you to kill our son and turn him into one of his slaves..." He then turned around and looked at her. He saw her eyes wide open... by the look on her face he knew that his eyes turned Golden Orange.


He began pacing the room as he began to recite more of what happened. "I... I felt a rage inside of me arise... I felt like I died that day and something else inside of me awoke." He then took a deep breath and continued. "I saw Longclaw and Hearts Bane laying on the ground... grabbed them both... I had Longclaw in one hand and Hearts Bane in the other... I killed the wights, including Sam and his family... Then it was only you... The Night Queen... you had an Ice Spear in your hands..." He took a deep breath as the tears spilled from his eyes once more. "I... I fought against you... I ended the fight by placing both swords into your stomach... I promised you I would set you free from the Night King slavery..."


“Oh, Jon!” She sighed.


"I heard you squeal... I looked at you... And saw your skin go back to a milky cream and your eyes were purple eyes... I knew you have returned to me."


When he finally faced her he realized she was stark naked. He saw the tears in her eyes as she embraced him and whispered loving endearments in his ear giving him the courage to continue as he was engulfed in her loving embrace.


"You... You cried of the pain... About how much it hurt... I... I placed Longclaw into your heart... In order for the pain to be stopped..." He tightened the embrace and he kissed her cheek.


"I... I then heard... These unnatural, monstrous noises from our son... I walked over towards him and held him... I could only... Only see the blue eye on his face... I took Hearts Bane and placed it in his heart... He shattered... shattered in thousands of tiny shards of ice... there was nothing for me to hold or say goodbye to... He was just gone..." He looked at her and they both had tears on their faces. "I'm a monster...” he muttered.


She wordlessly shook her head no and then pulled him for a kiss.


When the kiss broke she held his face in her hands, looked him in the eyes and firmly stated, "You are not a Monster, Jon. You did what you had to do... You set us free... You saved us from the Night King’s slavery... I am sorry for putting you through that... I am sorry that you had kill me and our baby boy... But you did the right thing... You saved us."


He shook his head, "Dany... It was not your fault... It was mine..."


She silenced him with another kiss, which quickly became much more passionate than the others. He noticed as they were kissing, she was guiding him back towards the bed. When he felt the back of the bed behind his knees as they fell into the bed, not once breaking the kiss. She climbed on top of him and placed a leg on each side as she kept on kissing him roughly on the mouth. She pulled away and took his face to force him to look at her.


"Jon... Never feel like it was your fault... You did what you had to do... It was not your fault... You saved us when you set us free... You are a wonderful, caring father, husband, king, and friend... You only killed us because we were not us anymore... it was the best thing for the realm... Never doubt your decisions..." He watched as her tears cascaded down her cheeks, landing his chest. He wiped her eyes with soft kisses and then gave her another quick kiss on the lips before she continued, "I know what happened to Rhaegar was a tragedy... It was not your fault or mine... It was that fucking Night King... We will destroy him with Fire and Blood... We will make sure that we have our revenge after what he did to our family, our friends, our dragons and Ghost... After what he made me do to Rhaegar!"


“I promise you, Dany... you will not have the same fate... I will die before I allow him to take you from me again... I will not fail you, Ghost and our family this time.” Jon vowed as he looked into her shining amethyst eyes.


"Jon... There is no reason to keep secrets from me... I am your wife... your love... your Queen... My soul is yours... I am yours and you are mine... Please, my love, do not keep any secrets from me anymore."


He sighed and nodded. "Aye, I promise," He said sincerely as he her final tears came down her face. She leaned down to him for one more kiss. As the kissed their tongues began to battle, however, before he could satisfy his growing arousal she pulled away and smiled at him.


She then climbed off him and got out of the bed. He turned his gaze to follow her movements and he watched her plump, perfect naked arse as she made her way to the wardrobe and took out her sparing clothes. She turned around, clothes in hand, and smiled at him as if she knew he’d been staring at her. "Like my arse Jon Snow?" She asked in a teasing tone.


He smiled and nodded.  "Aye, the most beautiful arse in all of Essos and Westeros..."


He saw her smile as she walked back over to him, pulled him up to a sitting position and pressed a tender kiss to his lips. She then leaned over to his ear and whispered seductively, "Maybe I will let you fuck me in my arse one day... If you promise you will no longer keep secrets from me." As she said the words she took both of his hands and placed one on each of her arse cheeks.


He was in awe of the words she had did in his ear and his cock quickly rose to attention in anticipation. He knew she was teasing him and tried to lighten the mood... and he still had mixed feelings about taking her from behind because of what happened to her at the hands of Drogo. He was embarrassed when he noticed her looking down and bit her lip as she stared hungrily at his hardened cock. He swallowed trying to cast the thoughts aside... all he could think in that moment is what it would feel like to have his cock in her arse... He smiled and shook his head to try and clear the vivid pictures from his mind as he muttered, "I best be getting dressed."


He then got out of the soft feather bed, walked towards his wardrobe and pulled out his sparing clothes. Once he had donned then, he turned around and saw her still sitting on the bed, naked, and staring at him, like she had something on her mind. He smiled at her and softly asked, “What is on your mind, Dany?”


He saw her take a deep breath before she started to speak, "Jon... I was just wondering... Would you be okay if... When the dragon eggs arrive... Would it be alright with you if I... I hatch them alone... Without your help? I mean you hatched Sarogon in front of all the Dothraki, letting them know that you are the Khal who will mount the world... I would like them to see me as your Khaleesi who will mount the world alongside you... I want them to see me as your equal and not just your bedmate."


He could not stop the smile that engulfed his face as he heard her say these word. ‘Finally she is making her mark just like she did in our past life.' He took her hand and pulled her up from the bed for a kiss. When they parted he smiled as he placed his forehead on hers and murmured, "Dany... We are equals in this marriage... You do not have to ask me permission for anything... I only hatched Sarogon in order to gain control of the Khalasar... So the Dothraki would follow me and would cross the Narrow Sea for us to take back our Throne.” He then placed his hand on her cheeks, “You were known as the Dragon Queen, who was able to hatch dragons from stone... I stole that important part from your life...  However, you will do it again... But this time you will hatch five dragons... And all of Westeros will know what you were able to do… Never think for a second that ever have to ask me permission for anything... I trust you with my life, Dany... You can make your own decisions… You are the rightful Queen and I am the rightful King."


She smiled and pulled him for a kiss. As their lips parted she had a smirk on her face. "I know I can do as I please... I just thought you would be disturbed that everyone will see me naked when I hatch the five dragons."


He gasped as he heard her burst out in a fake laughter. "Aye, I will... But... I will be fine with that," he tried to lie, however he could tell that she could hear the lie in his tone.


"Let’s be fair Jon Snow... When you hatched Sarogon... Every Dothraki woman got to see your cock… A cock which rightfully belong to me…"


Jon smiled as he started to kiss her roughly on her neck. "Aye, that is true... I'm fine with you hatching the dragons..." He smiled as he then moved over to her ear and whispered. "Your cunt rightfully belongs to me as well." He smirked when he felt her body shiver as he lightly bit her earlobe. He then moved down her body and sucked her nipples… he then moved his head further south to her stomach and finally met her cunt. He looked up at her with a wicked smile as he saw her smile knowingly back at him.  He lightly pushed her, as a growl escaped his lips causing her to fall onto the bed. He saw her looking at him waiting for him to put his mouth on her wet cunt. He wanted to show her that her cunt belongs to him and only him. He smiled as he pressed another light kiss to her stomach. He then took both hands, pushed her legs apart, and pulled her dripping core to his face.


He heard her gasp as his mouth attached to her cunt. Then when he forced his tongue inside of her moist heat he heard her moan with pleasure. He looked up and saw that her eyes were closed as he brought her pleasure. He then moved one of his hands from her arse to squeeze one of her hardened nipples. When she gasped he cupped her breast and began to kneed is roughly. He kept hearing her moan in pleasure, motivating him to his tongue deeper and deeper her wet cunt. He could hear her scream of pleasure as he inserted two fingers from his other hand into her core. It did not take long until he felt her muscles tightening around his fingers and she her body began to shake as he brought her to her climax.


He looked up at her and saw her keep on pushing her head backward as she grabbed his head. He smiled as he kept on kissing and licking her wet pussy. He smiled as she finally screamed the words he longed to hear her cry.


“Jon… I…  keep on going… I’m about to…" she moaned.


"I want to taste your full wetness, my love." He purred as he continued his task.


The next thing he heard was his wife, screaming out in pleasure as he brought her to her peak and as her juices were expelled from her cunt. He smiled as he lapped and suck up all the juice her cunt had to offer.

When he was done he looked up at her and saw the content smile on her face. He smiled as he moved up her body and started kissing her lips.


She pulled away and smiled at him "Is it wrong if I want you to fuck me right now?"


He chuckled and nodded shook his head. He moved over to her ear and whispered. "I will properly fuck you after we sparred today... Robb is probably already waiting for us to break our fast ..."



He smiled at her as he looked at her in the eyes. Grey meeting purple... She giggled as she pulled him for another kiss. When they broke apart, he murmured, "Dany I love you with all my heart... My heart is yours until the end of my days." He saw her smiled which warmed his heart. 'Gods I love her… I still do not know what I ever did to deserve this woman.' He smiled as he kissed her one more time on the mouth.


When he parted their lips she smiled and whispered, "I love you with all my heart, my Dragonwolf..."


He smiled and kissed her one more time before he helped her from the bed. Once she was dressed they left their chambers to join Robb in the dining hall to break their fast…...



Theon Greyjoy



Theon was laying in bed praying that the room would stop spinning and his head was throbbing after the long night he had in the brothel with Ros. No matter how much he drank and how much he fuck whores he could not get the thought to leave his mind. ‘I do not understand... Why did Lord Stark... I mean King Eddard... send Robb and the bastard on a mission beyond the Wall without me? Robb is my friend... He is like a brother to me... If I would have gone maybe they would not be lost... Does he not trust me? He has been more of a father to me than mine has ever been... I thought that he trusted me? Maybe I am just a hostage here after all... And how the fuck did the bastard get so good with a sword... Did Ser Rodrik give him extra lessons in private? It is almost like he was a completely different person.’


He was startled from his thoughts by a knock on his chamber door. He looked up and saw just a few rays of light beginning to filter through the pulled shutters of his chamber’s window. ‘Who the fuck would wake me at this time of the morning,’ he thought to himself as he pushed the furs from his body. 


“Theon, I need a word with you.” The strong voice of the King in the North called as he knocked on the wooden door once more.


The ward from the Iron Islands was now awake. “One moment your Grace,” he called as he quickly got out of his bed and donned a pair of trousers that he had thrown on the floor the night before and made his way to the door. ‘Fuck... I hope I don’t smell like the brothel!’He thought as he pulled open the door. 


When he opened the door, he bowed his head and said, “Good Morning, your Grace.”


“Good Morning, Theon... I would like to speak with you for a few minutes... Can I come in?” The King asked kindly.


“A... Of course your, Grace... this is your castle after all... you don’t need permission to enter a room in your castle.”


“Thank you, Theon,” The King answered with a chuckle as he entered the room.


The two men then made their way over to a small wooden table and chairs by the hearth. The King sat down while Theon threw another log on the smoldering fire. Once he had the fire once again burning, he took a seat across from the King in the North and asked, “What can I do for you this morning, your Grace?”


“Theon, I have something I need to ask of you,” The King spoke slowly.


“What is it, your Grace? Do you need my help to look for Robb and Jon?” Theon asked hopefully as he thought, ‘Maybe he does want my help! This can be my chance to prove to him that I am more than just a hostage!’


“Son... as much as I would like to take you with me I cannot.”


“But, your Grace... Robb and Jon are like my family... they have been like brothers to me since I was nine years old!”


“I know, Theon... but you do not need to worry about them... I know that they are safe.”


“How? Did they send you a raven?” Theon asked excitedly.


“No... I have not received word from beyond the Wall... but I... I just know that they are safe.” He watched as the King let out a sigh.


Eddard Stark’s ward was frustrated, ‘Is the King lying to me? How does he know that they are safe if he has not received any messages from beyond the Wall? Something is not adding up!’However, before he could form a proper question, The King in the North started talking once more.


“Theon... I have something very important to ask of you... Something that I need for you to do for me while I am away.”


“What is it, your Grace?”


The King put his hand on the Ward’s shoulder as he looked him in the eye and with a serious expression stated, “I need for you to watch over Sansa, Arya and Rickon while I am gone... I know that there will still be plenty of House hold guards staying at Winterfell while I am away... but I would feel better know that someone they think of as... an older brother... someone they love like family... was making sure that no harm comes to them.”


“Of course, your Grace... I think of your family as my own... I will let no harm come to them while you are gone.”


“Thank you, son.” The King stated as he stood from his chair. He then made his way over to Theon, embraced him and said, “You may not have my name, Theon Greyjoy, but you are a Stark. I have raised you along side my own children and I will always consider you to be part of this family... Never forget that.”


Theon was momentarily speechless as he felt tears beginning to fill in his eyes and he willed them not to fall. He took a deep breath as the King released the embrace and whispered, “Thank you, your Grace.” Then in a stronger tone he vowed, “I will make sure that no harm comes to our family in your absence... I hope that you have a safe and successful trip, your Grace.”


“Thank you, son. I am truly thankful that you will be here to protect our family while I am away.” The King then took his leave.


After the door closed, Theon wiped the tears from his eyes and smiled, ‘He does consider me to be one of his pack... I will not let fail him... When he returns with Robb and Jon the pack will be whole once more.’ 


Theon then readied himself for the day. He washed up, brushed his unruly hair, trimmed his beard and put on fresh clothes. He felt like a new man... a man with a purpose. He took one last look in the mirror before he left his chambers and made his way to the Great Hall to break his fast with his family.



  Eddard Stark


It was early morning in Winterfell and although the sky was still grey, the summer snows had finally stopped falling for the first time in two days. The King in the North and his party were preparing the horses for their impending departure for the Wall. Eddard had competed packing his saddle bags with the necessary supplies and his horse was fed… The only thing left for him to do for the journey was to saddle his horse. He looked around and noticed he was the only one completed so he decided to take a walk. He walked in silence and soon found himself standing at the entrance to the crypts. He took a deep breath and decided that he would pay one more visit to his sister before he left on his mission.


He took one of the torches from the entrance and opened the heavy ironwood doors. He descended the stairs and soon walked past the old King of Winter and Lords of Winterfell, not stopping until he arrived at his sister, Lyanna's, crypt. He took a deep breath as he looked at her statue. He held his torch in one hand and placed his other onto the statues outstretched hand. He bowed his head and silently prayed for several minutes. After his prayer he whispered, “I am sorry Lyanna... I'm sorry for not seeing the truth." He removed his hand and turned his head when he saw the light from another torch and heard a voice that sounded familiar.


"There you are!" his hand exclaimed in a tone of relief.


"Lord Tyrion, what can I do for you?" The King in the North asked with a smile.


The dwarf smiled as he closed the distance. "Your Grace, I just was told to inform you that all of the supplies have been packed... We are ready for our journey to the wall."


Eddard smiled at the dwarf, "That is good news, my Lord Hand." He then turned his gaze back to his sister’s statue and he noticed that Lord Tyrion looked at the statue as well.


"I take it this is your sister, Lyanna?” The Dwarf of Casterly Rock asked in a sympathetic tone.


“Aye,” the King responded with a slight nod of the head as he looked back towards his Hand.


“I have not been here long, but in the time I have; I have not heard you speak about your sister, your Grace… I... I have heard many stories about her... I was merely a child when the Rebellion broke out... I do remember some of the stories… Some were good… Like she was beautiful and a free spirit, who could captivate anyone she met… Which was why the Prince crowned her the Queen of Love and Beauty over his own wife, Princess Elia Martell… And of course I heard the tragic story of how she was kidnapped and tortured at the hand of the Crown Prince… I am truly sorry, your Grace, for what became of her at the hands of Rhaegar Targaryen.”  


‘If we had only known the truth of their relationship everything would have been different Elia and her children would be alive. Lyanna would have had access to a Maester and she could be living and Jon would have known his mother… Ser Arthur and the rest of the Kingsguard would be here… And Prince Rhaegar, Jon’s sire could have raised him to be a proper Prince.’ He thought before he smiled at the dwarf and said, "It is fine Lord Tyrion... It is not your fault… And besides, it is all in the past… and there is nothing that anyone can do about the tragic events of the past."


He saw the dwarf raised his eyebrow. "Your Grace... I was wondering ... Why are you not afraid of Daenerys and Aegon Targaryen… They have named themselves the true King and Queen of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros... If it is true, and the young man does have a hybrid dragon... They could come to the North and reign fire and blood to take back what they believe was stolen from their family… Why won't you aid King Robert in the wars to come?"


Ned took a deep breath, ‘I cannot yet tell him the truth… I need to ensure his loyalty.’After a few moments of silence, so that he could find the right words, he stated, "As I said to King Robert... House Stark and the North will have no part in the extinction of House Targaryen... They were merely babes in their mothers’ bellies at the time of the Rebellion… The events of the past were not their fault… What Rhaegar Targaryen or The Mad King did to my family... to the whole of Westeros... was not their doing… I will still have no part in the extinction of house Targaryen. Do you agree with me Lord Tyrion?” He felt his heart beating hard as he waited for his Hand to respond… He was worried about what could happen to Jon and Daenerys and even Robb if Robert did declare war on them before the Kingdoms were ready for their arrival.


He saw his hand nod. "Actually, I do agree with you, your Grace... We should not blame Daenerys Targaryen for her father’s crimes… We do not know enough about her or her character to know if she has inherited her Father’s madness… As for this, Aegon Targaryen... I am not sure who his father was or is... It is not known if he is truly the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Elia Martell or The Mad King… or he is truly even a Targaryen or Blackfyre... For all we know, he could be a pretender and as much as I want to believe what I have read about that comet… Without actually seeing a dragon, we do not know if it is true. We have no right killing them... They were too young to have done something wrong... They are nothing but children... And they should not have to pay the price of what their family has done… You are right, they have committed no crimes.”


He sighed in relief and agreed with his Hand as his gaze turned back to his sister’s statue, "Aye, they are... And now, an angry King is on their tail trying to murder them." He took a deep breath to calm himself and to make sure he did not tell Tyrion any of his secrets just yet so he changed the subject. “We had best be on our way, Lord Tyrion. It is best that we leave Winterfell before the sun has reached its peak..."


He saw the dwarf smile and nod in agreement.


"I am going to finish paying respects to my sister, then say farewell to my family. After that I join you and my brother, Benjen, in the courtyard." The King stated.


His hand bow his head as he said, "I will be waiting in the courtyard, your Grace."


With that the Hand of the King in the North took his leave leaving Ned alone in the crypts under Winterfell. He looked back at his sister's statue and smiled and whispered, ‘I know that you would be proud of your boy, Lya… He and his wife are just what Westeros needs to get through the Long Night.’ He then took his leave up the stairs and went to the Great Hall where his wife would be waiting for him to say good-bye.


When The King in the North entered the Great Hall, he saw his wife, Queen Catelyn reading a letter. It was bigger than a raven scroll, and it must have been good news because she looked up from the letter and smiled at him as he walked toward her.


"Ned... I have news..." she stated with a smile as he neared.


He raised his eyebrow as his lady wife stood up from the table and closed the distance between them.


"What is it Cat?" He asked as he embraced his Queen.


She pulled back and the smile was still on her face as she said, “I... I have received a letter, via courier, from my Lord Father... My brother, Edmure, is on his way to Winterfell..."


He was shocked by this new. "Why... Why is he on his way here?"


She took him by the hand and guided him toward the table where she had been sitting. She took the letter from the table and handed it to him. He took a deep breath and sat down on a bench at the table as he began to read the correspondence.



My Dearest Catelyn,

We have heard the disturbing news that Joffrey Baratheon has done something so terrible that the North has been granted independence... We wish to know the truth of what transpired from yourself or his Grace the King in the North and not the story that King Robert will tell. I do not trust this news via raven. Therefore, I am sending your brother, Edmure in my steed. We will stand behind The North and House Stark in the coming wars.

Edmure and his two guards should arrive in Winterfell in a few days, as I told him to ride hard.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Hoster Tully, Lord of Riverrun, Lord Paramount of the Riverlands


While he was reading, his wife had sat down as well. He looked at her and took a deep breath. "Cat… I am leaving for the Wall today… My journey has already been delayed… I cannot wait for Edmure to arrive… What will you tell your brother?"

He saw his lady wife taking a deep breath before she spoke, "I... I... was thinking, Ned… I think we should tell him the truth... The whole truth..."


He was shocked and cut her off. "Cat, are you mad! If word gets out that Jon is Aegon Targaryen... Robert would call all his banners... All Six Kingdoms! Cat, I have kept the rightful Targaryen Heir hidden in Winterfell… He would not hesitate to kill us all and then put our heads on spikes for betraying him for the last eighteen ye......"


"I understand that Ned,” His wife interrupted, “But if you forgot your nephew... I mean your son, Jon, will have dragons... He and his aunt… I mean wife, will not have just one but four dragons... His dragons will be able to protect us from..."


"Cat,” The King of the North cut her off, “It will be years before their dragons will be large enough to make a difference… before they will be able to aide in any wars..."


“Aye, it will be years before the younger ones, once they are hatched are able to help… But not Sarogon... We both know that Jon is no ordinary boy Ned..."


He sighed, "Aye, he is not..."


"Ned, he has a hybrid dragon! If the Maester is right, Jon’s dragon will grow much faster than a normal Fire breathing or Ice dragon!"


He was surprised, 'How does she know so much about Jon and his dragon?' He took a deep breath. "Cat... how… who told you Jon had a Hybrid Dragon?"


She knitted her eyebrows before she sighed and whispered, "Maester Luwin told me earlier this morning."


Ned sighed and looked at the Maester.


"I am sorry, your Grace, I was not aware that I was not able to share this information with the Queen… I actually thought that she was already aware."


He looked at his wife who was confused."Why did you not want me to know the truth about Jon's dragon?"


He took a deep breath and looked at Maester Luwin. "I... I did not wish you to worry about Robb…"


"Why would I worry about Robb… Is there something wrong with our son?" She asked in a ton of both confusion and worry.


The King shook his head as chose the best words to calm his wife’s fears. "No... Cat, Robb… Robb is fine.” He stated as he placed his hand on her shoulder. He then sighed and breathed out, “It is Jon… Jon is the one that concerns me… As you are aware, he does not possess a normal dragon... His dragon can breathe ice or fire based on it’s riders emotions... Fire for when the rider is angered and ice for when the rider is calm or relaxed... If the rider becomes too angry or enraged, the dragon and it’s rider may become uncontrollable... He and the dragon could kill anything that stands in their way… That includes his wife or brother or anyone else whom may be innocent..."


He saw the looks of fear, shock and disbelief spread across his wife’s face as she breathed out, “Have… Have you at least warned them about the danger? Have you informed Daenerys and Robb what could happen if Jon becomes too angry?"


Ned was about to answer his wife’s questions, however, Maester Luwin spoke first. "We have, your Grace. We sent a raven to Robb as soon as we discovered the possibility and we have already received a raven from him in response. He stated they were aware of Jon's emotions and were trying to get him to remain calm down as well as open up about his traumas of the past... They state that there is nothing to worry about at this time."


The King hoped his Queen would not worry about Robb. He saw her take a deep breath and nod. "That is good to hear,” she said to that Maester, she then turned her gaze towards him, “Now Ned, what should I tell Edmure... They are my family... They said they would stand behind the North in the wars to come… They are family, Ned… Family, Duty, Honor… They would never betray us."


He sighed and ran a hand over his face, trying to weigh the consequences and make sure that nothing would go wrong in her plan. After a few moments of tense silence he took another deep breath and relented, "You may tell him what Prince Joffrey did as well who Jon truly is... Just please Cat… You must be careful... Only speak behind closed, locked doors in low tones... Make sure that no servants or guards are present… The only you and Maester Lewin should be present in the room."


His wife smiled, "I promise… I will make sure that there are no prying ears… I will not let word get out..."


Ned nodded his head and embraced his wife. He then looked her in the eyes and said, "It is time for me to leave for the Wall…Lord Tyrion, Benjen and my guards are waiting for me in the Courtyard…"


He saw her sigh and nod. They stood from the table and she walked him to the door. He took his wife by the hand and pulled her in for a kiss. After the kiss he told her, "I will say goodbye to Sansa, Arya and Rickon... It will take us up to a fortnight to reach the wall…  After our quest is complete we will return home… I hope to be back in less than two moons"


He saw her taking a deep breath and in a concerned voice said, "Please Ned, promise me that you will be careful..."


He smiled and nodded, "Aye, I will and I will have Frost with me as well and Benjen who will have Winter Storm..." He kissed her forehead and looked at Maester Luwin as he asked, "Do you know where my children are Maester Luwin?"


The kind old Maester smiled, "I do your Grace... They are in the Courtyard with their Water Dancing Master.”


"Thank you, Maester Luwin..." The King said as he nodded his head in thanks. He gave his wife one final kiss on her forehead and then took his leave from the Great Hall. 


He approached the Courtyard and saw Lord Tyrion sitting on a wooden crate, watching his children practicing and shouting out words of encouragement with a smile. He stood silently observing them practice and was proud that Arya seemed to be quickly grasping the techniques. He also noted that both Sansa and Rickon seemed to be doing better than he though they would.


After a few moments he took a deep breath, walked over towards them and called, "Arya! Sansa! Rickon!"


His three children all stopped what they were doing and looked at Syrio. The dancing master nodded his head and the children quickly ran over to him. When the met, he gave them each a big hug and kissed their cheeks. When the greetings were finished, in knelt down and looked them each in the eye as he said, "I will leave for the wall now, with your Uncle Benjen, Lord Tyrion and my personal guards... Please be safe while I am away... Do not leave Winterfell not even to go to Wintertown or the Wolfswood... Stay with Guards or your Mother or Maester Luwin at all times while I'm gone... I will not want anything to happen or to lose any of you while I am gone on my mission..." His children quickly embraced him and wished him luck on his quest. They also told him to be safe and to stay with Uncle Benjen because he knew what it was like beyond the Wall. He closed his eyes as he had all of his children in his arms.


When he was finally able to pull away from their tight embraces he smiled at them and in a reassuring tone he stated, "Please do not worry about me… I will return in approximately two moon turns… If I am delayed for any reason I will send a raven." He saw them nod in understanding. He kissed each of his children’s foreheads one last time and smiled as he noticed his little brother had joined them.


After Benjen had said his good-byes to the children, he looked at his brother, and asked, "Are we ready to go, Benjen?"


"Aye, we are," his brother replied with a smile.


He smiled back at this brother and he then looked at his Hand, who was still sitting on the wooden crate. "Come on Lord Tyrion, you are the one who said he was so eager to piss off the edge of the Wall..."


He saw his Hand chuckle as he stood from where he was seated, "Indeed I did, your Grace."


The stable hand brought their saddled horses to the courtyard. Once they were all seated in their saddles the King looked at his children once last time before his departure. He smiled at each of them and waved. He then saw his Queen exit the Great Hall. He nodded at her and then took their leave from Winterfell with his brother, his hand and his four guards in tow. He wanted to ride hard for the Wall of ice and see the threat with his own eyes. He also prayed that he would safely return to his family and that his family would be there waiting for him……



Olenna Tyrell


The bright yellow sun has barely reached its peak in the sky over Highgarden as Lady Olenna sat on her cushioned chair under a green and gold canopy in the luscious gardens. The Queen of Thorns took a sip of wine as watched her eighteen-year-old granddaughter, Margaery, walking through the gardens with one of her friends, picking a variety of different wild flowers. She sighed, 'Gods hopefully something interesting happens today… I am tired of sitting around all day doing absolutely nothing.'


She also thought about a conversation that she had had earlier in the day, with her granddaughter. When they walked out to the gardens, the young woman had asked if her father had decided on her betrothal, now that she was of age. Olenna held her tongue and stated that her Father was still waiting on a reply. She also told her not to fret because she would never marry a Baratheon or a Lannister. The Queen of Thorn’s saw a relieved smile on her granddaughter’s face because she had originally told her father that she wished to wed Renly Baratheon, as suggested by her brother, Loras. However, as soon as she had heard what type of person Joffrey was, she no longer wanted to wed the Lord of the Stormlands… that in fact, she wanted nothing to do with anyone of Baratheon blood. Olenna had easily agreed with the Golden Rose of Highgarden, and ensured her that her she had made sure her Father would not offer her to a Lannister or Baratheon.


Her thoughts when interrupted when she heard the echoing of feet hitting the stone walkway behind her. She turned her head and saw her son, Mace, making his way over her, nearly running, with a smile on his face.


When he arrived under the canopy, he was red-faced and breathing hard as he choked out as he gasped for air, "Mother... I… have… received… news..."


“What news have you received?”


She saw him continuing to take deep breaths, “Raven…” he managed to say as he took a seat across from her.


"A raven, from whom? Is it confirmation of what happened between Joffrey and the Stark girls? Is it from the King in the North?” When he just continued to pant, she started to lose her patience and exclaimed. “Speak you buffoon... I do not have all day!"


She watched as her son her finally caught his breath and a wide smile spread across his face. He then lifted up the raven scroll that he had in the palm of his hand, turning it to show her the broken seal with the Direwolf sigil of House Stark.


She looked up at her son’s beaming smile as he said, "Mother... The King in the North has replied to our betrothal request." 

She was happy, but would not smile until she had read the content of the message... she needed to know what The King in the North had written in his reply.


"Give me that scroll, you oaf!" She exclaimed, taking the raven scroll from her son’s pudgy hand. She quickly unrolled the scroll and started reading what was written.




Lord Mace Tyrell, 

I have received your request of alliance through the marriage. I am willing to accept the offer of your daughter Margaery and my oldest son and heir, Robb. 

However, before I can accept this generous offer, my wife and I would like an opportunity to meet your daughter, whom we have heard is a true golden rose. I am aware that you are a busy man, but I would like to invite you, your mother, Olenna, and daughter Margaery to Winterfell so we can meet in person and discuss terms of this alliance that may one day allow your daughter to become Queen in the North. 

I am preparing to go on mission beyond the wall to investigate some disturbing reports that I have received. Therefore, I will be unable to entertain guest until I have returned. I will send another raven when I leave Castle Black to inform you when I will return.

I look forward to hearing your response and to meeting you and your lovely daughter. 

Eddard Stark, Lord of Winterfell, King in the North 


She could not help of the smirk that graced her face and the chuckle escaping from her lips after she read the contents of the message. ‘Old Eddard is smarter than he appears... making sure to invite me as well... I guess he knows who truly runs House Tyrell,’ she thought to herself before she looked at her son and smiled. "As I said, you buffoon... Your daughter shall be a Queen and now she will be the Queen of the largest land in all of the Seven Kingdoms." 

She saw her son taking a deep breath. "But Mother... How can you be so sure? This is definitely great news... However, King Eddard has not yet accepted the betrothal between Margaery and his heir, Robb Stark... We can't just assume she will become the Queen in The North just yet." 

She barked out a single sarcastic laugh when she heard the words her son just muttered. "Did you not read the letter... He has already made his mind up... He would be a fool not to accept... Just a small portion of the grain grown in the reach would be able to feed the entire North for an entire winter... He will marry his eldest son, Robb to our Margaery... He only wishes to meet her to make sure that she is kind hearted and will give his son beautiful heirs." She saw her son taking a deep breath, looking as if he had more to say, “What is bothering you now, boy?”


"Mother will you be joining us on the journey North to meet The King in The North Eddard Stark? It is a long trip and could be difficult for a woman of your..." 


"Of course I am going, you idiot! I may be old by I am not dead and I am not weak!” She chastised her son. “I was invited, after all... and I would very much like to meet and judge the character of our Golden Rose’s Prince... I need to ensure that he is good enough for my Granddaughter’s hand... I am also looking forward to meeting the head of the most honorable House in all of Westeros and the new King in the North... The only negative thing I have heard about the man is that he dishonored his new bride during the Rebellion... but he even had enough honor to raise his bastard alongside his own trueborn children... now that takes balls!”

Her son nodded his head with an uneasy smile. She then she then saw him take another deep breath, and opened his mouth to speak, however no words came out.


She sighed then barked, "Just spit it out you damn fool" 

"In the letter, King Eddard Stark said that he would send for us once he has investigated the disturbing reports beyond the Wall... What do you think that is he investigating?"


"I guess we would ask him when we meet him... Won't we...  My guess is that it is just increased Wildling sightings... you know the Starks do like to remind us that ‘Winter is coming’ and after this long summer, they know it will be a long winter...”


Her son nodded his head in agreement, then asked, "Mother, should we let Margaery know now that she is going to marry Robb Stark?" 

She smiled as she answered, "Of course... and I will be the one to tell her. I will have to prepare her meeting with The King in the North...” 


She laughed to herself when her son let out a deep sigh of relief. He then said, “Is there anything I should do while we wait for word to go to Winterfell?”

“Gods boy! You must prepare for our trip! We are going North! We will all need new woolen clothing and fur-lined cloaks... It is cold in the North and I haven’t lived this long just to die from the cold!”

“Yes Mother... I will go and speak with the seamstresses and tailors to have new winter wardrobes commissioned for us... while you break the news of the trip and betrothal to Margaery.” Mace said with a smile.

“And you must prepare a gift,” Olenna added quickly. When he son gave her a blank stare she let out a frustrated breath and added, “Gods... did the Maesters teach you nothing growing up! We will need to take a gift of food and supplies with us when we meet with the Starks... You cannot just show up at the King of the North’s castle with just the clothes on our backs!

"You are correct Mother... I will take care of our new clothing and the gift... While you prepare Margaery.” Mace this stood up from his chair and added, “I will leave you, so you can tell my daughter." He smiled, gave his mother a parting kiss on the cheek and then took his leave back into the castle.

She smiled, knowing her granddaughter would become a Queen... A Queen the North would be proud to call their own. She knew that she would have to teach her much about the north and their simple ways and about the Old Gods, the Northerners held. However, she knew that Margaery would do brilliantly... It was her idiot son she was worried about... she would have to make sure they all had clothes for the journey and a gift befitting of the North. 

She looked into the picturesque garden and saw her beautiful granddaughter sitting on one of the white wooden benches, laughing with her friend. She smiled and got up and walked over to them.


“Margaery, my dear!" The Queen of Thorns called as she made her way across the garden.


Her granddaughter was momentarily startled and then looked at her with a bright smile as she happily said, "Grandmother!” 

Olenna look at her granddaughter’s friend and smiled, then in a kind tone said, “Sweet child, would you mind to leave us... I have somethings I need to discuss with my darling granddaughter.”

The young girl quickly stood. “Of course not, my lady.” The girl then dropped a perfect curtsy and took her leave.


She sat down on the bench with Margaery and once they were alone; she took her granddaughter’s hand in her own and said, "I have good news, my dear." 

Her beautiful granddaughter’s face lit up with a smile. "Good new? What is the good news, Grandmother?"


She smiled knowing her granddaughter would be happy knowing that she would not have to marry a Lannister or Baratheon. "I have found you a suitable husband… And if the young man is anything like his father, an honorable one as well." 


She saw her granddaughter smiled and saw her getting excited.


"Who is he? Please, tell me it is not Renly Baratheon? I know that the Baratheon’s are a very old and powerful house… However, I do not trust the Crown Prince… and besides, I am not Lord Renly’s type." She smiled and laughed aloud as her granddaughter said this. She watched as Margaery quirked an eyebrow and asked, "What is so funny, Grandmother?"


"Oh, child… Anyone with eyes could see that no woman is Renly’s type… And besides, as I told you earlier, I would never allow your Father to marry you off to a Baratheon or a Lannister… Not after what Prince Joffrey did… That family is poison and I will not expose you to that vileness."


She saw her granddaughter raided her eyebrow as she inquired, “Grandmother, were you ever able to find out exactly what happened between the Crown Prince and the Stark girls?”


"Darling girl… from the rumors I have head, Joffrey Baratheon attempted to do two of the most vile things that a man could do... that he attempted to force himself on one of the girls and then attempted to murder the other… Therefore, in exchange for his son’s life, King Robert granted the North their independence, which also lead the Warden of the North... Eddard Stark to become the King in the North." She saw the look of horror flash on Margaery’s face before she soften her tone, "And that leads me back to your original question… Whom will you marry? ... The King in the North’s heir, who would be the Crown Prince of the North, Robb Stark, is the same age as you…" She saw her smile on her granddaughter widened.


"I have always heard how honorable the Starks are... I have also heard his eldest son, Robb, is quite comely..."


Olenna then broke off her granddaughter’s musings. "Then, my sweet child, you would be pleased to hear that the King in the North has accepted our request of a betrothal between you and his heir... And you will one day become the Queen in the North..."


She watched as a look of contentment and then a smile washed over her granddaughter’s face. "Grandmother… you mean to tell me that I will marry Prince Robb Stark, become a real princess, and bare him more little princes and princess and then one day become the Queen in the North? I will be wed to the next King of Winter?"


She smiled and nodded, "Yes... my dear… That is exactly what you will do… You will be." 


She then saw her granddaughter’s smile disappear and the look of concern return when she asked, "Grandmother… This... This just sounds too good to be true… Has the King in the North really accepted the betrothal request?"  


She could not help the chuckle escape her mouth as she squeezed her hand once more, "Yes, my dear. You are already betrothed to him... However, King Eddard does wish to meet your before you before he officially announces the betrothal." 


She saw her granddaughter frown turned back to a smile. "When will I meet the King in The North?"


Olenna smiled and said, "We will be traveling to Winterfell once The King in the North has returned from his mission beyond the Wall."


She saw her granddaughter raised her eyebrow. “Why would the King in the North go on a mission beyond the Wall?”


“That is one of the questions that we will have to ask once we meet the Northern King.” 


"Did the message at least mention how long it might take before he returns?" 


The Queen of Thorns shook her head. "Sadly, it did not my dear ... But I would guess it would take nothing more than two moons… Which will give us time to prepare." She saw her granddaughter smiled and nod.  


"Did the King in The North say where we will meet?"


"Yes, we will travel to the North, and meet him in Winterfell… Which will one day be your castle as well."


She saw her granddaughter smiled but then she saw her eyebrow raised her eyebrow. "Grandmother… I do not know the Northern ways… Will you help me learn the customs of the North? I have heard that in the North they still follow the Old Gods… If those are the gods my betrothed follows, then I wish to marry before the old gods… I am sure that will please him." 


Olenna smiled, 'Oh Robb Stark you will have a wonderful wife.' She took a deep breath and nodded, "Yes, my darling, I believe a good place to start would be a trip to our Godswood… to visit our Weirwood trees… The Three Singers… I will teach you as much as I can, to ensure that you are read with the King of the North informs us to leave for our journey.” 


As they walked arm in arm towards Highgarden’s Godswood, the Queen of Thorns informed her Granddaughter how the three Weirwoods were said to have been planted by the High King of the First Men, Garth Greenhand years before the first sept was built in Highgarden. She also informed her granddaughter that Weirwoods were sacred to the followers of the Old Gods and that Northern Weddings took place in front of the faces carved into Weirwood Trees……








Daenerys Targaryen


It was evening in Pentos and the setting sun was casting hues of reds and orange on the cloudless summer sky. Daenerys found herself still in the training yard of Illyrio’s manse, practicing her swordplay, sparring against her good-brother Robb. They had been in the training yard for hours now - since her Dothraki language lesson with Doreah had ended at midday - her arms were stiff and she was covered from head to toe in sweat and dirt.


"Again!" Her husband called from the side of the training yard.

She looked at him and nodded. ‘I will not let him down. I will not allow myself to be killed by the Knight King in this life... I will not put my final resting on him once again,’ she vowed to herself, as she tightened the grip on her training sword.


Dany turned her gaze towards her good brother and waited for him to make the first attack; after nearly ten days of sparing with him, she was getting comfortable with his fighting style and knew that he would strike first. She expected he did attack and she was easily able to block his calculated swing with her sword. She stepped back to regain the grip on her sword and swung her practice sword towards his shoulder; her good brother successfully blocked her attack. She took a deep breath and the spar continued for several more minutes. The both continued to swing and parry each other’s attacks. She was about to give up when suddenly he lost his footing in the dirt after a wide swing. She took this opportunity to sweep his leg, the way Jon had taught her, and when he fell to the ground, she placed the tip of her sword at Robb’s Adam’s Apple and asked, “Do you yield?” 

She saw how surprised her good-brother was that he has lost against her in a sparring match. “Aye, I yield,” he replied with a bewildered look that quickly turned to a proud smile.


She knew that Robb was not, taking it easy on her, but he was also not going full force either. Still, she was extremely proud of herself, and could not help but smiled as she looked from her good-brother to her husband, so she could see his reaction. Her smile widened when she saw his eyes open wide and a satisfied smile on his face.


"Excellent Dany,” he called, “You have improved tremendously... I am very proud of you and your progress. Soon you will be able to hold your own against any foe." 


She blushed as her husband said this. She then heard her good-brother sigh.


"I see you are getting better and better Dany... You are a quick learner... One day you might even become a better swordsmen than your husband." Robb said as she offered him a hand to help him to his feet.


She smiled and looked back at her husband and asked innocently, "Jon, will you honor me with a spar? ... Perhaps now... before the sun has completely set and we are forced to retire for the night?" 


She saw the surprised look on her husband’s face as he looked at Robb, whom was also waiting for his answer. When he did not say anything, Robb appeared to speed his thoughts.


"I think you should spar against her, brother... You are a much better swordsman than I will ever be... She would probably learn a lot more sparring with you verses me..." 


She saw her husband nod. "Aye, I will spar against you..." 


She could not help as her smirk showed on her lips. She looked at her good brother and smiled. “Thank you Robb, for sparring against me and next time... please do not hold back at all... the only way I will continue to improve is with a challenge." 


Robb smiled and kissed her cheek, then said, "Of course, sister... Now if you two would excuse me... I do not care to see Jon knock you on your ass... I will take my leave to bathe and then head to the kitchen for some supper... You should join me once you are done out here.” 


“I will most likely be a while before I dine, but Dany can dine with you, if she wants.”


“Of course, I will dine with you... I will meet you after I am done here.” Dany said kindly as she thought,‘Robb, I have so much I need to tell you... I know what happened to Jon... I know why he holds so much rage in his heart.’


“Thank you, again Robb... I do not think you could ever understand how thankful I am for your help with Dany’s sparring lessons.” Jon said as he embraced his brother before he pulled away, pinched his nose and teasingly added, “You are right... you need a bath, you smell worse than pig shit!”


“Good Night, brother. I will see you on the morrow... Dany, I will see you later, in the dining hall.”


She and Jon both nodded in agreement. Robb then walked to the arms table, put away his training sword and disappeared back into the manse. Once they were alone, she smiled at her husband as he walked over towards the training swords and selected one she would guess was similar in size and weight when compared with Winters Wolf.


He turned around, smiled at her and instructed, "Take your preferred, but a proper, fighting position, my love.”


She smiled as she gripped her training sword, took her stance and watched as he also got into his preferred fighting position. They both spun their swords; she knew he was waiting for her to attack first. However, she had been paying attention to her husband’s fighting style whenever she watched him spar against their bloodriders and Ser Jorah; she knew he was waiting for her to make the first strike.


They circled each other and she continued to hold out for him to make the first attack. After what felt like several minutes of circling, she noticed he was beginning to lose his patience. He darted towards her and swung his blunt blade at her left side. She quickly moved her training sword and was able to parry his attack. She was proud of herself; however, when she looked at him noticed that he had a smug smirk on his face... She knew then that she had fallen directly into his trap... before she could comprehend what was happening, he had taken his training sword and quickly swung it towards her stomach. As she saw the blade approaching her stomach, she attempted to dodge the attack, which caused her to lose her footing and stumble backwards. She let out a gasp as she closed her eyes and put her free hand behind her, hoping to catch herself as she fell to the ground. However, instead of the ground she felt a firm hand grasping around the wrist of her sword hand. When she opened her eyes, she saw the smiling face of her husband.


"Are you alright?" He asked with a smile as he helped her to regain her balance.


She smiled and nodded, “I am fine... Thank you, for the hand, Jon.”


Once the Queen was firmly standing on her own two feet, she returned to her spare position and he did as well as he asked, “Ready to try again, Dany?”


She nodded her head and spun her practice sword to show him that she was in fact ready to begin. She decided to change her approach by going on the attack first. She swung her sword towards her husband’s right thigh, which he blocked with ease. She smiled as she quickly regained control of her training sword, spun her body around and struck at the left side of his abdomen. He effortlessly parried this attack as well. She continued to try multiple different attacks for what felt like hours, but none of her efforts were successful. Throughout the training yard, the only sounds that could be heard were the songs of blunt steel clinking against blunt steel. She was getting extremely tired; she was struggling to breathe, her chest was burning and her arms and legs were limp from the hours of training in the Essosi sun. She looked at her husband who did not show any signs of distress or fatigue and he even had a smirk on his comely face. She felt herself getting angry and frustrated because she knew that he was holding himself back during the match.


Dany took a deep, painful, but calming breath and adjusted her grip on her training sword. ‘If I am going to defeat him, I am going to have to try a different approach,’ she thought to herself as she sent another attack towards his stomach. Again, he parried the swing with ease, which made her smile because he did what she was hoping he was going to do. When he blocked her attack, she took a chance and brushed his cheek with the tips of her fingers. Just as she hoped, this action caused him to become momentarily stunned and she took the opportunity to slap her training sword against his, causing his sword fall onto the ground. She knew that she was his weakness; therefore, placing her hand on his cheek would cause a break in his concentration. She smiled, grabbed his tunic with her left hand pulled him in to her for a passionate kiss on the lips.


When she finally pulled away, she wickedly smiled at him as she placed the tip of her blunt edged sword on her husband stomach. "Looks like I win, Jon Snow..." she purred teasingly.


She saw that he was trying to hide a smirk as he relented, "Aye, you did... However, you cheated… You only won because you know that your body would be my only weakness."

They both chuckled as she pulled him back to her to continue their kiss.


After a few minutes, Jon pulled away from her and gasped for air. She smiled, dropped her training sword on the ground, placed both hands around the back her husband's neck and pulled him back for another kiss. As the kiss intensified, she felt his hands meandering from the sides of her torso, down to her waist and then settled on her arse.


She pulled away when he roughly squeezed each cheek and smile at him and teased, “Jon Snow… If you continue that you will have to take me right here in the training yard.”


He let out a chuckle, placed his forehead on hers and teased, “Gods you are a wicked woman.” He then sighed and continued in a serious tone, "Unfortunately, I need to go and bathe so that I go and check on your pathetic excuse of a brother… After that I will grab a quick dinner and then return to our chambers..." She smiled as he placed his mouth against her ear and she felt the warm heat of his breath as he whispered, "When I return to our chambers... I am going to fuck you until you scream my name out in pleasure.”


A shiver of anticipation shot down her spine when he nibbled her earlobe before he pulled away. She watched him and the way he muscles moved under the thin fabric of his tunic and trousers as he put his training sword away and then took his leave. She smiled wanting to know what her husband had planned for her that evening. The thought of his cock thrusting into her cunt was enough to increase her heart rate, send a tingling sensation to her core. When she felt the dampness beginning to pool between her legs, she sighed trying to curb her desires, knowing that she did not need to be daydreaming about fucking her husband while she dined with her good brother… She had important things to say to Robb… She needed to tell him what Jon had confessed that morning. She sighed once more as she took her training sword back to the storage rack and then went to the kitchen to meet with Robb.


She opened the door to the kitchen and saw Ghost and Greywind eating some sort of meat and Sarogon was eating some roasted fish as Robb was filling his plate with meat pie and fresh fruit.


When the door closed, he looked up at her, smiled and asked, "So, Dany… How did the spar go?"


She tried not to blush as the thoughts from the training yard flooded back into her mind. She took a deep breath to clear her mind as she smiled and answered, "It was great... I just hate it when he goes easy on me… However, I did find a way to defeat him…"


She saw the look of shock on his face as he stuttered, “How… How… Since Jon came back, he has never been defeated… Not even when he took on five opponents at the same time…”


She grabbed a plate and began to fill her plate, as she now could not stop the blush that spread up her neck and across her cheeks. She was unable to look him in the eyes as she muttered, “How I defeated him would not work for you or anyone else…”


Her good-brother barked out a laugh as they walked to an open table in the dining hall. When they sat he poured them each a glass of water as he said, “We did not get the opportunity to speak privately earlier today… However, it looks like you have had something on your mind… Is it about Jon? Did he have another bad dream during the night?"


"Yes… Yes he had another nightmare in his sleep..."


Robb cut her off, “I wish he would just let us help him… Gods he is so fucking stubborn!”


She took a deep breath, and quietly stated, “Robb… He told me… He told me everything.”


Daenerys could see a myriad of emotions dancing across her good-brother’s face as he breathed out, “What? What happened?”

"He… He was screaming and crying in his sleep... He was in so much pain… I could not take it anymore so I woke him up and demanded he tell me what had happened in his dream." She paused for a moment to steel her composure; she knew that she needed to tell Robb what had happened. She looked up to meet his gaze and took a deep breath before she breathed out, “Somehow, in our past life I... I was turned into the Night Queen."


"You where the Night Queen?" he asked in a whispered tone.


She sighed and nodded, "Unfortunately I became his slave... His most important poppet... Jon was miserable watching me do the Night King’s bidding..." She took a deep breath as she felt a few tears beginning to spill from her eyes. "The Night King used me... He used me to find our son… Our sweet innocent babe against my will... He wanted our son… The Night King wanted our babe, for what I do not know exactly… But, he used me… He sent me to find where Rhaegar was hidden and to change him… The Night King forced me to change Rhaegar into a White Walker… he force me to turn our babe into one of his poppets! ... Before I could succeed in his plans Jon entered our chambers,” she paused to wipe the tears from her cheeks, “Jon begging me to stop what I was doing... He begged me to let go of our son... He said that I tried to fight the Night King... But in the end I did as the Night King commanded... Robb, I changed our baby boy into a monster..." She gasped as the tears came down. She looked up when Robb put a comforting hand on top of hers and he had tears in the corners of his eyes as well.

"Dany, you don’t have to tell me anymore if it is too painful..."


She took a deep breath and shook her head, “No Robb… I need to tell you… After Rhaegar was changed, Jon lost it…

“Jon ... Jon was forced to kill me and our baby boy Rhaegar... After I changed our son, he stabbed me in the stomach with two Valyrian Steel swords… He said that I cried out in pain and that somehow when he stabbed me I returned to the living, but that I was dying... He was forced to place a sword into my heart in order for the pain to stop… He said that Rhaegar dissolved into thousands of shards of ice and that he tried to stab himself in the heart... However, before he could take his own life he was stopped by two of his friends."


She saw how shocked her good brother was by the revelation "Gods…No wonder my brother has changed so much... That he has a dark side.” He muttered to himself before he look up at her and said in a sympathetic tone, “This is good Dany... He opened up to you... I hope that he will start to get better now that he has unburdened himself… We still need to keep an eye on him… But I think he will be easier to calm" She took a deep breath and nodded. He grabbed her hand and smiled sadly, "Dany, I'm truly sorry about what happened to you in the past. I promise you... The Night King will pay for what he made you do to your son."


She took a deep breath, “Thank you, Robb.”


They began to eat their meal. As they ate, Robb told her the story about how Jon had covered himself in flour, hid in the crypts and pretended to be a ghost so that they could scare their younger siblings.  They laughed and shared other childhood stories. As they were finishing their meal, they were disturbed when Ser Jorah came and smiled at them.

"Your Grace, we have received a raven from King’s Landing… It is addressed to his Grace, your husband… He asked me to give it to you while he visited the prisoner."


“Thank you, Ser Jorah,” she said kindly as she took the raven scroll from his hand. She quickly broke the seal of the scroll and began to read:




My King Aegon, 

I am glad to report my quest to the capital has been a success. Lord Varys has agreed to meet with you and is traveling with me to Pentos. He has also given me your older sister and brother’s dragon eggs. 

We should arrive in Pentos within in a day or two of the arrival of this raven scroll. Lord Varys look forward to meeting you, judging your character and seeing if he believes that you are what the realm needs.

Your Faithful Servant, 

Magister Illyrio Mopatis


She smiled and gave the scroll to her good brother. She watched as smile spread on his face as well. He looked at her and Ser Jorah and smiled. "Ser Jorah... Do you know where my brother is? I would like to go and give him the good news."


Daenerys was about to answer, however, the old knight answered first. "My Prince, he watching over the Queen's brother... to give the Dothraki guards a break."

Robb stood up from the table, smiled and said, "Then I best be on my way." He then walked around the table, embraced her and said, "I will see you on the morrow, good-sister."


She smiled at him, “I will see you on the morrow, Robb… Oh… And please tell my husband not to be too long.”


She heard Robb snort as he took his leave with Ser Jorah following behind. She then took her leave from the dining hall as well and decided to go take a bath.


After she had bathed, she walked into the bedchambers that she shared with her husband; she was about to grab her nightgown when she was momentarily startled by the sound of the chamber door closing and the sounds of clothes falling to the ground. She smiled and dropped that towel that she had wrapped around her knowing that Jon had returned to their room.


She felt her smile grow wider as he came up behind her, wrapped his arms around her waist and pressed his naked muscular chest against her bare back. She then moaned as he started to press sloppy, wet open mouth kisses on her neck; she could feel her arousal blossoming as she felt as his hands shimmy down her waist and one hand came around to tease the bundle of nerves between her legs. As he did this, he pressed his hardening cock into her lower back and whispered, “You are naked…” before he resumed kissing her neck.


"These are my chambers as well Jon Snow,” she mused.


She moaned as he continued to send jolts of pleasure throughout her body as he massaged her clit and slowly began to insert the tip of one finger into her entrance. She placed her hands on top of his, and encouraged him to do more as she guided the hand from her hip up to her breast. She moaned again as began knead her breast and pinch her nipple between two of his fingers. She closed her eyes and smiled, taking a moment to relax into her husband’s capable hands.


It did not take long before she felt herself getting lost in pleasure, but she wanted more so she turned her head towards his face, licked her lips and pulled his face to hers for a kiss as he continued to rub her clit and squeeze her breast. When she parted her lips, his tongue begged for entrance and she found herself moaning into his mouth as their tongues battled. As their kissing intensified, her cunt began to drip with moisture and throb with desire… She needed his cock fill her up. She pulled away and smiled as she said, “Jon, I need you to fuck me.”


"Not yet my love… I am just getting started." He whispered with his warm breath tickling her ear.


His whisper sent shivers of anticipation down her spine. She needed him to stop teasing especially when his hard member kept on rubbing against her arse. ‘I wonder what it would feel like to be fucked in the arse… I do not think he ever fucked me in the arse before… or even from behind… I will have him fuck me from behind tonight so I can know what to expect as he fucks me from behind… Then in the future, he can fuck me in the arse.’ "Jon… Stop teasing me and fuck me... I want you to fuck me from behind… I do not remember you ever taking me from behind!" She was surprised as he stopped kissing her neck and pleasuring her breast and clit. She looked at him and was surprised. "What’s wrong? Did I say something wrong?"


She watching him gulp, "It’s just ... You do not have fond memories of being taken from behind..."


She raised her eyebrow, 'What does he mean?' "Care to explain my dear husband?"


She saw him taking a deep breath. "Dany, that was the position Drogo used to rape you…"


She was surprised know she knew why her husband has never taken her from behind. "So I have never asked you to fuck me from behind in our past life?"


She saw him taking a deep breath as he shook his head, "You did... You told me you would only let me take you in that position… You told me that you trusted me and I knew would never hurt you… However, I never allowed it... I did not wish you to think on those memories... I was afraid… I never wanted to cause you any physical or mental pain.


She was surprised by his answer and it made her love him even more, ‘He was willing to give up his own pleasure not to bring me pain.’ "I understand Jon, why you do not wish not to fuck me from behind... But... I cannot remember being raped... So it will not stir any unpleasant memories... So please, my love, fuck me from behind... I want to know how it feels to have you thrust into me from behind... I do trust you and know that if I am ever uncomfortable you would stop." 


She saw him taking a deep breath, "Are you sure?" 


She smiled, "I am... I promise if I do not enjoy it I will let you know." 


She saw him taking a deep breath and nod. She then let him take her hand and lead her towards the bed. He then playfully pushed her onto the bed so that she fell on her hand and knees. She moaned as he kissed each of her arse cheeks and then he began suck on her sopping wet cunt.


"Oh gods, Jon,” she moaned as he thrusted his tongue into her core and then began to kiss from her arse all the way up to her shoulders then her neck.


Dany then felt as he placed both of his hands on her hips in order to position her in the right position.


He then removed one hand and the next thing she knew was that she gasped and saw stars as she felt his cock filling her needy cunt from behind. Her gaze met his as he paused and looked her in the eyes, silently asking permission to move forward with his task she smiled and nodded. As soon as she consented she felt his cock lightly thrusting inside her cunt. 


Fuck Jon!" She moaned and screamed with pleasure. She felt as his cock thrusting against her womb as he slowly and carefully fuck her. ‘I want more... I need more.’  She took a deep breath and stated, "Jon fuck me... fuck me harder and faster." 


She looked back at him as his hands gripped her waist just a little tighter. She saw him take a deep breath before he asked, “Are you sure?" 


She nodded as she panted out, “Yes, Jon... I need more... It feels so good!” 


She could tell he was fighting off taking her hard. She smiled as his eyes turned to Dark Blue. 'Gods I love it when he's eyes turn from Grey to Blue.' Blue meeting Purple. He took a deep breath and started to thrust harder and faster. She gasped as she moaned in pleasure that she had never before experienced. She looked back and saw him that he could not hold back anymore. She knew he wanted to fuck her hard. That he want to show her that she belonged to him and only him.

She was surprised as he tightened his grip on her waist with one hand and moved the other to begin massaging her clit as he began to thrust his cock even faster into her dripping wet cunt. Her eyes flew opened and started to scream out in pleasure as her core muscles began to tingle around his member. All she could hear were the sounds of flesh slapping flesh. She watched as her breasts bounced to the rhythm of his thrusting… She could not believe how fast he was fucking her. She screamed at the pleasure, as she knew she was getting close to her climax.

She was surprised at what he was did next. He removed him hand from her clit, grabbed her hair from behind, using it to pull her back against his chest as he continued to fuck her hard. Once she was flush against his chest, he started kissing her neck with sloppy open mouth kisses, while he again began to massage her clit with the fingers of one hand and the other roughly squeezed her breast. The pleasure was nearly overwhelming. "Seven hells Jon! Fuck!" She screamed as her orgasm shot through.

Daenerys could no longer hold herself up and fell back on her hand and knees. However, Jon did not stop. Her dragonwolf continued to fuck her wet cunt at a frenzied pace... He placed his hands back on her waist as he started to thrust even deeper and faster. She felt him pulling her hips closer to him with each of his thrusts getting impossibly deep and kissing her womb with each thrust. She gasped in a pleasure-filled pain and she knew she could not take much more. Her husband continued to fuck her at the frantic pace, causing her arms to go numb and her to fall onto her stomach. She gasped as he fell with her onto the bed and continued to thrust.

"FUCK!" She shouted as she kept on feeling his cock kiss her womb. She was panting and could feel another organism approaching. She knew it would not take much longer for her to come undone. She was stunned when Jon grabbed her hair, and fell backwards on the bed. This caused their position to change so that he was now on his back and she was laying down with her back on his chest. She could not believe that he did all this while continuing to pound his cock into her cunt. She moaned as one of his hands returned to her breast and the other back to her cunt. 

She then felt his warm breath on her ear as he whispered, "Cum for me, Dany... Cum for your husband."


At those words, she came completely undone as she reached another climax. She screamed in the air as another, more powerful, orgasm washed through her. "Fuck! Jon!" She felt as her wetness escaped her cunt and dripping between them. To her surprise, she felt the hand her husband had on her bundle of nerves leave although he continued to thrust his hard member into her pussy… He then placed his finger in her mouth… “See how sweet you taste, my love.” The taste of her own juice caused her to moan.


Jon then rolled her back onto her hands and knees and continued to thrust inside her cunt. While he was fucking, she felt as one of his hands went down her stomach and up to her breast as he continued to squeeze and cupped them while its twin was slapping against her flesh.

"Fuck Daenerys!" He growled as his pace picked up.


She knew he was close… The feeling of his cock twitching in her cunt was amazing and she knew she was nearing yet another orgasm. She gasped when he grabbed her hair and pulled it so that she fell back against his chest once again. He kissed her mouth and both broke apart as they both screamed as they both reached their peak. She felt her core muscles constricting around his member as her needy womb milked every drop of seed from his cock. She smiled as she felt his warm seed inside her cunt and silently prayed it would take root in her womb.


They both panted for air as he wrapped his arms around her chest. She could still feel his cock inside her cunt she smiled as he kissed the back of her shoulder. She heard him taking another deep breath as he pulled his cock out of her cunt fell and moved her so that she was no longer laying on top of him, but next to him in the bed. She smiled at him and pressed a kiss to his lips before she snuggled into his sweaty chest. They both giggled as the cuddled, both still out of breath. ‘Gods he has never taken me that hard before.’ She looked into his grey eyes and smiled. "Why… have we not… done that sooner?" she asked between pants.


She heard him chuckle. "I hope I wasn't too rough," her husband stated as he pressed a kiss to her forehead.

She smiled as place a leg passively over his hips as she purred, "You were very rough... And I loved it."


"I love you, Dany... And I am sorry... I am sorry for lying to you... for keeping the truth from you."


She smiled and kissed him on the mouth. "It is all in the past Jon... Just please, promise me you will not do it again."


"Aye, I promise." He vowed as he kissed her lips.


She smiled as she snuggled back on his chest. She smiled because it felt like she had her old Jon back. She knew he would always have his dark side but she was glad knowing he would never lie or keep things from her again. She closed her eyes, as she felt peaceful rise and fall of his chest under her cheek. The King and Queen both fell asleep peacefully intertwined in each other’s arms… And for the first time since they had been reunited her husband did not wake her from her slumber calling out or gasping for air……



Petyr Baelish


It was an almost late evening in Kings Landing. Petyr was in one of his brothels reeling over his failed plans... The Stark’s, including his beautiful Catelyn were supposed to come South... he was to feed snippets of the truth regarding the Queen’s children to Eddard Stark when he became Hand of the King... but before he had the whole truth was revealed the King would die... The Stark’s were supposed to be on the verge of waging war against the Lannister’s... and Eddard Stark was supposed to die or be sent to the Wall... He was supposed to be there to pick up the pieces for Cat when her world came crumbling down... Now all his years of careful scheming and plotting to take the Throne for himself and have his Catelyn as his Queen have been all for naught. 


He was also furious of this Aegon Targaryen... Could it really be true that he had hatched an actual real life dragon? It is also rumored that he has a horde of nearly 100,000 Dothraki savages and screamers and that he has married Daenerys Targaryen... And how could he forget that he calls himself the rightful heir to the Iron Throne... Would Westeros truly bow to the dragons once more? 


He sighed as the stood up from his chair and walked over to the table and poured himself a full glass of summer wine. He lifted the glass to his lips and took a sip as he tried to figure out who this Aegon Targaryen truly is and how has he married Daenerys Targaryen... How had he hatched a dragon? And how the fuck did he gain control the largest Dothraki Khalasar ever know to exist? 


He sighed again as he sat back down in his chair and took another long sip of wine. He needed a new plan... Was now the time to get rid of Robert? The more he thought the more he was sure that the fat King needed to live... for now... at least until Robert had gotten rid of the threat across the Narrow Sea... He wondered what were The King’s plans for disposing of the Dragonspawns? All he knew was that they needed to be eliminated before any future plans he concocted could start to take root.


He closed his eyes trying to think of any way he could change the recent events towards his favor...  The Lannisters has dishonored the Wolves... and now the North was independent... He needed to gain favor with the North... Cat trusted him when they were children... would she still trust him now? He needed to get one of his whores into a brothel in Wintertown... Now that Winterfell was the capital of the North more people would be traveling there... he needed eyes and ears... surly one of the Prince’s or Ned’s ward or house hold guard would frequent the brothel... Yes, getting one of his whore’s up north was a must... 


He took another sip from his wine while he was deep in his thoughts…'Chaos is a ladder... soon the Starks, Targaryens, Lannisters and Baratheon will be in each other's throats.' He took another deep sip, he needed to come up with a way to divide the kingdoms even further...


'The Targaryen's will return to Westeros and try to take back their family Thorne. They will not stand for the Lannister’s and Baratheon’s reign.' He felt shivers run down his spine at the thought of their return... Fire and Blood. Would the Kingdom’s unite to fight the dragons or would the bow down before them.


'If they do return and do have a dragon ... All of my lives work would have been for nothing. They will end House Stark, House Lannister and House Baratheon for their part in the Rebellion. I need the all the Houses to fight against each other... I cannot let one house prevail and wipeout all the other... They must all become extinct.' He took another deep breath as he took another sip from his wine.


He was soon disturbed when he heard a knock on his door and one of his male whores say, "My Lord... a rider has brought an urgent message for you... It is from Lady Arryn." 


‘What is fucks name could that damned woman want now... I sent her to the Vale to get out of my hair,’ he thought as he got up from his chair. He walked over to the wooden chamber door, put a false smile on his face, then gripped the handle and  pulled it open.


"Thank you,” Lord Baelish said as he took the letter from the blond hair man’s hand. The man smiled at him, bowed his head, then turned and took his leave. 


He slammed the door shut, walked back over to his chair, opened the letter and began to read what the crazy bitch wrote.





My Beloved Petyr,

Your plan has failed! You promised me that our son, our Sweet Robin would become King if I poisoned my husband and sent the letter to my sister stating it was the Lannister’s.

Now my sister is a Queen... After the North was granted Independence they will not aid us in the fight against the Lannister’s!

We need another plan. We could join houses with the Stark’s... Why don't we ask my sister for a marriage alliance? One of her daughter’s, Sansa or Arya, could marry our Sweet Robin and become Lady of the Vale and then Queen of the Seven Kingdoms... Surely after we take the Throne they will rejoin the other Kingdoms of Westeros...

If we have a war against the Lannister’s and Baratheon’s I know my sister and the North will aid us, especially if one of the Princesses is married to our boy...

Family, Duty, Honor. 

Let me know if you have a better plan. I will wait for your input before I pen a letter to my sister. 

I hope to hear from you soon.

Lysa Tully Arryn, Lady of the Eyrie


He felt his fist closing around the base of his glass wine chalice and then he threw it against the wall, shattering it into thousands of tiny pieces. 'The Starks would never marry one of their daughters to Robin. They will make other alliances because they think House Arryn is already loyal to them! Gods that woman is so fucking delusional!' 


He took a deep breath in an attempt to calm his nerves. Now he had to think about the crazy woman he has played since they were child in Riverrun on top of everything else on his mind... 


He knew there was no hope in calming himself because he then remembered that now of his spies have seen the Master of Whisperers for days.

'Where are you Lord Varys? What could the plump eunuch be doing that he has remained hidden for nearly three days? I need to know what scheme his is weaving! I will have to do something soon. My main concerns are the Dragons and the Wolves ... Eddard Stark is going beyond the Wall to investigate strange matters and to find his heir and bastard. He is not threat to the throne... yet. I will soon have my whores spying on the Starks... and I will send more to Essos to spy on the the Targaryens... The Targaryens are my main concern at this time.' 


He took a deep breath to try and get his head to stop spinning. 'If I do not eliminate the Targaryen’s, I will never sit on the Iron Throne... They are all mad and will burn King’s Landing to the ground to take back what they think is theirs!' 


He then smiled when an idea came to mind, ‘The Faceless Men are in Braavos... I can convince King Robert to hire them... We can let them eliminate the Targaryen’s... Robert will love this plan!’ A satisfied smirk spread across his face as he now has a plan to end the Targaryen family for good... the rest of his worries could wait... for now......





Chapter Text

Daenerys Targaryen I

Daenerys was naked, laying on her side under a thin silk sheet, in the middle of plush featherbed she shared with her husband in their chambers within Illyrio’s Pentoshi manse. She was beginning to wake as streams of sunlight that filtered through the drawn curtains of the room. She shivered and began to mumble as the sheet shifted behind her and she felt fingertips softly trailing down her bare back making their way down towards her arse. When the hands stopped, she then felt two warm calloused hands, give her arse cheeks a firm but mischievous squeeze.

She kept her eyes closed as she smiled; she knew her husband was the one behind her, squeezing her bare arse cheeks. She shivered again as she rolled over onto her stomach and put her face in her pillow, in an effort to keep her smile away from her playful husband. She felt him press kisses each of her arse cheeks as he continued to massage them before he started slowly kissing up her uncovered back until he finally reached her neck. When his mouth arrived at her neck, he began to give her wet, sloppy, open mouth kisses and when he began to nibble and suck on her earlobe, she could no longer keep silent as a moan escaped her lips. ‘Gods… I could come undone just by his kisses.’

“Dany... Dany…” her husband murmured into her ear between kisses.

"mmm,” she moaned into her pillow as Jon continued to pepper her neck with his lips.

“It is time to wake up and get out of bed,” he whispered as he teasingly nipped on her earlobe

She moaned, “Not yet,” as she shook her head and then pulled her pillow overtop of her head. She smiled underneath the pillow when she heard him chuckle.

"So... You want to play this game again?" He said between chuckles.

I wonder what game exactly he would like to play again?’ She thought to herself as she kept her mouth shut and head under the pillow, trying to keep her own laughter at bay. She got her answer when he pulled the pillow from off the top of her head. He then grabbed her hips and turned her around onto her back, exposing her smiling face, round breasts, flat stomach and already wet cunt. 

Daenerys watched as he observed her body for a moment before he smiled and leaned down to kiss her on her passionately plump upper lips. She placed her hands around his neck to deepen the kiss, licking his bottom lip so that he allowed her tongue entrance. Their tongue battled with ferocity until she had to pull away for air; they both smiled as they both panted in an attempt to catch their breath. 

She saw her husband with a wicked smile on his lips as he moved down her body, showering the pale skin of her neck and chest before he began suckling on one of her pink erect nipples. A throaty moan escaped her mouth as he twisted the nipple and squeezed her other breast. Her gut tingled with desire as her kissed across her chest and began giving her other breast the same suckling attention he had just given its twin. She looked down and noticed that a large red mark on the breast he had finished devouring, ‘He has claimed what is his,’ she thought as she grabbed his hair, pulling his face to hers kiss for another kiss. When he reached her face, she moved her hands from his hair to his cheeks and she felt him place one of his hands on her stomach and the other behind her head, pulling her closer to him, intensifying the kiss. 

She removed one of her hands from his cheek while they were kissing each other and moved it down to his cock, but was disappointed to discover he was completely clothed. She moaned in dissatisfaction, pulled away from him and noticed that he was dressed in his finest dark brown leather breeches and stark grey tunic. She then teasingly asked him with the best perplexed look she could muster, "And why are you not naked, Jon Snow?" 

She saw a smirk on his face as he answered, "Well, my love... I had to outside... In order to get everything ready... I very well could not do that without clothes on." 

She was confused when her husband said this, ‘Why was he up and outside before the sun came up? He did not wake me with any restless sleep, so I know that he slept well,’ she mused to herself as Jon placed a chaste kiss on her lips. When he pulled away, she looked him in the eyes and saw no signs of distress. She then remembered that Illyrio would be arriving today with Lord Varys, so she smiled at him and asked, “What were you doing up and outside so early? Are we going somewhere?" 

She moaned as she placed on finger in her wet cunt thinking of how it was when his cock was inside it the previous night as he fucked her hard from behind. She was pulled awe from her thoughts as he said while he growled kissing her neck.

"We... My dear wife, are going to join our Khalasar...” He stated between sloppy open-mouthed kisses to her neck. “Which is where Lord Varys and Illyrio are going to meet us,” he added as he teased her lower folds with the tips of his fingers.

She momentarily lost her train of thought when he inserted one finger into her entrance. She moaned as he kissed her neck and finger fucked her now dripping cunt with one hand and cupped and caressed one of her breasts with the other; in the moment all she could think about was the way that he had fuck her hard from behind the night before. She was pulled from her trance when he released a growl.

"I... Oh gods... I thought we would meet Illyrio and Lord Varys here... In the manse?" she was able to ask between squeals of pleasure.

She opened her eyes when husband pulled away from his attack on her neck as he smiled at her and softly said, "We would have, my love... However... I want Lord Varys to see you hatch the Dragons... I want him to see that the Targaryen’s have returned and that we will resume our place as the rightful rulers of Westeros... Therefore, I told Ser Jorah to meet them at the docks and take them to the Khalasar."

She smiled as she pulled him in for a kiss. Their tongues battled she took her one of her hands from behind his neck and went down to his breeches. She started rubbing his cock and when she began to feel the beginnings of his erection, she started to pull on the laces of his breeches so that she could free his member from his leather dungeon. However, before she could complete her task she was halted when her husband grabbed hold of her hand and pulled it away.

"Dany,” he stated as he pulled away, rested his forehead on hers and smirked as he teasingly stated, “As much as I want to make love to you… We just do not have time for that right now.  Robb and our Blood Riders are waiting on us so we can head to the Khalasar."

She heard him chuckle as she sighed and flopped back on her pillow in defeat. She then rolled her eyes at him as she got out of bed and walked over to her dressing table, while she seductively swayed her hips in hope that her husband would change his mind and take her from behind. Much to her disappointment, all he heard was him laughing from where he was sitting on the side of the bed.

When she reached her dressing table, she noticed a pile of new garments placed on the table. She looked at her husband with knitted brows and asked, "More new clothes? Are you trying to tell me that you have a problem with the way that I dress, Jon Snow?"

Jon shook his head and chuckled as got up from the bed. He walked over towards her and placed both hands low on her hips. The then started pressing tender kisses to her neck as she heard him murmur, "These are Dothraki clothes... I asked Bako to take Viserys to the Khalasar before dawn this morning… and when he returned, he brought these… They were made by the women of the Khalasar, especially for their new Khaleesi... "

She smiled as she moaned and pulled away from him as he began to nibble on her ear. “Jon, I will never be able to get ready if you keep this up!” She teasingly protested as she pick up her new garments. She then turned around and added, “That is unless you would like that Khalasar to meet their new Khaleesi… Unclothed...”

Her husband snorted in response and then said, “I feel that I would very much like you to be wearing clothing when you meet the Khalasar.”

She chuckled as well and admired the clothes that had been made for her; there was a pair of dark brown leather gloves, a soft brown, forest green and cream twill midriff top with matching wrap skirt and brown leather riding breeches. While she was admiring the new clothing, she turned to face her husband and gasped when she realized that the chest containing her three eggs was gone.

"Jon!” She exclaimed in panic, “Where is the chest with the dragon eggs?"

Her anxiety dimmed a little when she saw the amused smile on her husband’s face as walked over to her and softly stated, "They... were taken to the Khalasar... Along with all of our other personal belongings." 

She smiled when he grabbed her by her hips with both hands and pulled her closer towards him so that her naked chest was against his chest. "Do you know how to speak Dothraki?  ... You will need to know the language in order for our Khalasar to know who you truly are." 

She smiled as she pulled him in for a kiss. As always, the kiss quickly became a battle of tongues and she moaned into his mouth as the kiss intensified. When she pulled as away she answered his question in Dothraki tongue. "Anha tiholat hash tat speak Dothraki anna athfiezar.  Tat vo worry anna zhavvorsa verf" (I know how to speak Dothraki, my love. Do not worry my dragon wolf)  

She saw an impressed smile on his face as she said this and he answered, "Anha tihat Doreah et taught yer chek" (I see Doreah has taught you well). 

Her smiled widened as he placed both hands on her arse and kissed her on the mouth again. He then pulled away and began to press warm kisses down her neck, to her chest until he reached her already erect nipples. She laced her fingers in his loose hair and let out a loud moan of pleasure when he also gave her arse a tight squeeze. 

Suddenly, much to her dismay, he stopped pleasuring her breasts, looked up at her with a twinkle in his sable eyes and a smirk on his face and said, "Hash yer step mra ki bonfire fin tikh yer astat tat Khalasar." (When you step out of the bonfire what will you say to the Khalasar).  

She moaned and grabbed his hair when he attacked her breasts once more. She then breathed out, “Anha zin Daenerys Targaryen.  Jin vezhven Khaleesi ki Khal Aegon.  Anha zin jin Khaleesi fin mounts jin rhaesheser vi ma the vezhven Khal Aegon.  Anha tikh give yer jin vezhven vezh fin mounts jin rhaesheser.” (I am Daenerys Targaryen. The great Khaleesi of the Khal Aegon. I am the Khaleesi who mounts the world along with the Great Khal Aegon. I will give you the great stallion who mounts the world.) 

She shivered as he started kissing her flat abdomen. She then heard him mutter, "Astat me again.  Anha zala tat make sure yer tikh remember me." (Say it again. I want to make sure you will remember it.) 

She moaned into the air as he went back onto suckling on one of her nipples, while he twisted the other between two fingers and squeezed her arse with his other hand. She then took a deep breath before saying it again in a clear loud voice, as she “Anha zin Daenerys Targaryen.  Jin vezhven Khaleesi ki Khal Aegon.  Anha zin jin Khaleesi fin mounts jin rhaesheser vi ma the vezhven Khal Aegon.  Anha tikh give yer jin vezhven vezh fin mounts jin rhaesheser.” (I am Daenerys Targaryen. The great Khaleesi of the Khal Aegon. I am the Khaleesi who mounts the world along with the Great Khal Aegon. I will give you the great stallion who mounts the world.) 

After she said the last syllable of her speech, she gasped as one of his fingers entered her aroused cunt. He then worked his head up from stomach to her mouth and kissed her fiercely before he pulled away, placed his forehead on hers and breathed out, "Anha zhilak yera ma ei anna zhor.  Anna zhavvorsa" (I love you with all my heart. My Dragon)  

She smiled, looked him lovingly in the eyes and stated softly, "Anha zhilak yera ma ei anna zhor.  Anna zhavvorsa verf .” (I love you with all my heart. My Dragon Wolf.) 

He smiled back at her and gave her another another quick kiss on the lips before he took a few steps back and said, "Dany, you need to get dressed... I have something that I need to show you." 

She raised her eyebrow and asked, “What is it that you need to show me?”

“You will see, my love... it is a surprise... and you will see it after you have dressed and we have broken our fast.” 

She sighed in defeat and quickly dressed in her new Dothraki clothing. When she finished dressing, she donned the brown leather riding gloves and strapped Dark Sister to her back. She then turned to face him and nervously asked, “So... How do I look?”

She smiled as he walked over to her, grabbed her waist, looked her in the eyes and whispered, "You look like a true Khaleesi, Dany." He then pressed a chaste kiss to her forehead and added, "Gods... I do not know what I did to deserve you." 

She smiled, placed a kiss on his lips and stated, "You do deserve me, Jon. I should be the one asking what I did to deserve you." She then began to lick his neck and placed wet, open mouth kisses upon it, which made him growl. 

She saw a smile on his face as he pulled away from kisses. He then placed both of his hands on her breasts, overtop the cloth of her cleavage exposing top. As he playfully cupped and squeezed them, she smiled at him as she teasingly said, “Jon Snow, I take it you like my breasts?”

"Gods, Dany...  Your body will be the end of me... Your perfect round breasts... Your cunt that is always wet and ready for me.... Your smile can always pull me from my brooding... Gods you are the most beautiful women in the world."

She felt a blush spread up her chest and across her cheeks as he said this. She could not help but to pull him in for another kiss. When he pulled his face from hers and removed his hand from her chest, she sighed because of the loss of his touch. 

"Come on my love... Let us go break our fast... then you will get your surprise.” He said with a smile as he offered her his arm.

She smiled, took his arm and he led her out of their chambers to the kitchen. As they entered the kitchen, side by side, she saw her good brother smiling at them from where he sat in the corner of the kitchen. 

"Good morning Dany... I see Jon was finally able to wake you." Her good brother said as he stood up from the table, walked over to her and pulled her in for a warm embrace. 

When the embrace broke, she looked him with a quirked brow and asked, "Robb, have you been awake for long?"

He chuckled with a smirk and nodded, “Aye, I have been up for a few hours now... I mean your husband needed to help to make sure all of our belongings were sent to the Khalasar... Also, your pathetic excuse of a brother was quite loud this morning... I am actually surprised he did not wake you... The site was really amusing... He kept on squealing and shrieking when Bako placed him on the horse... He continued his whining even after they left the manse." 

“That does not surprise me,” She said with a sigh as she thought, ‘At least after tonight no one will ever have to listen to another word or shriek or squeal from him ever again... After tonight, I will have justice for the way he treated me for all those years... He will suffer... What kind of brother would sell his only family, like a broad mare... After tonight the world will never have to worry about his madness and he will never be able to harm me or anyone else ever again!’ She was pulled from her thoughts when her husband spoke.

"Dany we best break our fast,” He said as he handed her an empty plate, “We will most likely not eat again until late evening." 

She smiled and nodded as she took the plate and began to fill it with a variety of meats, cheeses, fruits and freshly baked bread. She then saw their child, Saragon, when he screeched and landed next to her on the counter. She offered the grey dragon a piece of sausage and chuckled as he scarfed it down so quickly she doubted he even tasted it. She was also surprised when she realized how much he had grown, ‘I swear... he has had to have doubled in size since I saw him last night! Gods he is almost as big as Ghost! He is so big he cannot even climb on Jon’s shoulder anymore!’ She was pulled from her musings as the two young direwolves came running in the room, requesting pets and their own plates of meat. As she placed some bacon and fish on the floor for both Grey Wind and Ghost she was astonished that they too seemed to have grown over night; they were both now the size of a large hound. 

She then made her way over to the table, sat down next to her husband and began to eat. As they ate, they spoke about their plans for the day and what she should expect when they finally reached the Khalasar. 

Once they were done eating her husband stood up, offer her his hand and with a smirk on his face said, "Come with me, Dany... I believe that it is time for your surprise...” 

She looked from her husband to her good brother and noticed that he also had a knowing smirk on his face. She smiled as she accepted Jon’s outstretched hand and allowed him to led her out of the manse towards the courtyard. When they reached the courtyard, she saw two large black stallions, that she knew belonged to her husband and her good brother.

As they approached the horses, she noticed that her good brother had followed them. When they stopped in front of the horses as he looked at her, smiled and asked, "We are leaving to join our Khalasar, Dany. Are you ready?" 

She frowned when she answered, "I am ready to meet them... However, I see a problem... How am I supposed to get to the Khalasar... You and Robb already have horses... Remember, I do not have a horse... Am I going to ride with you?” 

She saw the smirk on her husband's face as he pulled her in for a quick kiss on her lips. The them mused, "This morning, I came to remember... That I never did give you a wedding gift." 

She smiled as she shook her head and stated, "Jon... There is no need for you to give me gift... You have already given me so much... You saved me from a terrible fate..." 

He smiled as he placed his hands on her cheeks and softly said, "Then I hope that you will be angry to hear that I already got you a wedding gift." 

She was confused, 'A wedding gift?’ She soon saw one of the handmaidens bring with a beautiful mare, with a silvery-white mane and coat that matched her own locks, into the courtyard. She smiled at her husband, and asked, "Jon... she is beautiful... How... Where did you get her?" The handmaiden brought the horse to her and she scratched the snout of the horse and continued to smile at her husband.

Her husband smiled back at her and answered, "I asked Bako if there were any horses within the Khalasar fit for their Khaleesi... He told me that Drogo had planned to gift his horse to you... He told me that she was bread to be gentle and quick... That she is the best horse in the whole Khalasar... So I asked him to bring her here... I know that she was supposed to be Drogo’s gift to you... However, when Bako described the horse, I remembered you telling me about her... how much you loved her... and how