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Staying Alive [podfic]

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Title: Staying Alive

Fandom: Flash

Author:  nirejseki

Reader: Litra

Cover Art By: linzoid

Pairing: Mick/Len, Cisco/Lisa, Allegations of Mick/Len/Barry

Rating: Teen

Length: 1:53:37


“– as always, this is Ami Dillon, your resident media studies graduate student and totally under-qualified radio host, and your source for the latest updates on the state of Central City during the present Zombie Crisis, courtesy of the Mayor’s office. In addition to life-saving tips and general safety alerts, we also bring you the excellent morale-boosting soundtrack of the greatest hits of the Apocalypse, by which we mean whatever tracks the local radio stations had sitting around and the cover songs played by our dearly beloved cover band, the Post-Apocs. As always, we begin with our theme song: Stayin’ Alive, by the Bee Gees!”
(the great coldwave romance of the zombie apocalypse)

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