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Violent Streak [Karmagisa]

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"Hello everyone! I am Nagisa Shiota, the trainee teacher in charge of this class." Nagisa stated with a nervous smile on his face. He glanced over the classroom with a disgusted eye; the head-teacher had said that this classroom was a bit run down but this was just falling apart.

Graffiti covered the walls, chalk board and desks like empty spray-paint containers and balls of paper were lying on the scuffed ground. The windows were obviously smashed but then shoddily repaired with sticky tape, almost as if it were an after thought.

And, just to add insult to injury, the students didn't look to good either. They all wore the uniform except that most of the had their tops unbuttoned to reveal a white, green or red shirt underneath. The majority carried a weapon around as well: baseball bats, pocket knives, knuckledusters and even sharpened broomstick handles. Basically the definition of delinquent.

However, Nagisa Shiota didn't see this at all. Instead he saw a classroom that was unfit to teach in and a group of students, each with their own personality and set of skills, who were lead the wrong way.

The class snickered maliciously, and that was the polite ones. Others got out of their seats and walked slowly and menacingly up to Nagisa while brandishing their weapons.

"Huh? A trainee?" One sneered, placing their baseball bat on their shoulder and smirking at Nagisa. They had a orange Mohawk that was styled to look like a flame and a red t-shirt underneath his black jacket.

"You're shittin' me!" the one next to them joined in playing with their knife. This one had a green scarf wrapped around their lower face and a white jacket that was fully done up. He swaggered up and swung it carelessly, a little to close to Nagisa's face for his liking.

"Hey, that's a girl!" A student, who was positioned next to the teacher's desk, yelled. After that everyone else in the room joined in except for 2 people who stayed at the back of the room in their seats.

"Let's pull her pants down and see!"

A purposely missed punch that landed next to Nagisa's face, mockingly stopping mid-air and retreating.

"C'mon, you're in junior high, aintcha?"

A sharp tug on the back of Nagisa's blue hair - which was still slightly even after the hair cut.

"Do you know what kind of place this high school even is?"

"If you don't want to wind up in the hospital, make this a study hall."

It was at this point that the school bell rung, echoing off the chipped walls of the classroom. Nagisa took the last of his confidence and spoke shakily,

"Th-The bell's rung, so take your seats, class."

Nobody moved, in fact the only indication that anyone even heard Nagisa is that they laughed harder, their voices laced with twisted amusement.

"Take youw sheetsh, cwash." Another one imitated, making sure to curl his hands into fist and wiping away invisible tears.

The two people who were hanging around the back of the classroom stood up and sashayed over to Nagisa, the crowd that had formed in front of them parting quickly. The man in front had slick-back black hair and the most respectable uniform out of everyone, he was also not armed except for a dark gray ring on the man's ring finger.

He stood in front of Nagisa and looked down on him, which wasn't hard since Nagisa was ridiculously short. Without any warning, the boy grabbed his teacher's collar and lifted him up into the air.

Leaning his face in nice and close, so that Nagisa could smell his breath, he whispered darkly, "You don't get to boss us around. We'll kill you."

At this, instead of the expression of fear that he had previously worn, Nagisa's face turned neutral before turning into a full of smile.

"Eh?" the man questioned, his blank face now faltering. Everyone in the classroom had stopped laughing and jeering at the short, blue-haired man making the classroom eerily silent.

"Kill...?" Nagisa muttered under his breath as he looked the man holding him dead in the eyes. "Kill, huh?"

The book that Nagisa was holding was released from his hands, tumbling to the floor with a loud crash of the hard-cover. The whole class' attention turned to the book and boy was this a circuital mistake. Nagisa is dropped to floor but instead of falling to the floor, without any warning or sign whatsoever, Nagisa's hand shot to the neck of his capture and presses a finger on his windpipe.

All of the students' gazes shook with fear as they witnessed the toughest one of them be taken down in less than a second. Nagisa's eyes glowed brightly from the shadow that was cast on his face making the whole picture even more terrifying.

Now the only sound was the man underneath Nagisa letting out strangled attempts of speaking. Before his student actually passed out, Nagisa reached for the closest chair and dumped his captive in it.

Nobody had recovered yet but Nagisa didn't seem to mind, bending down and picking up the book that read 'Roll of 3-5'. He turned to the man he was previously choking with a single finger and shot him a kind smile.

"I do hope you can kill me -- before graduation that is."

The teacher casually strolls up to the desk and stands behind it, placing the roll book on it's decayed wooden surface. Casting one last happy glance over his gobsmacked students, Nagisa smiles brightly.

"Take your seats -- let's begin."



After that whole fiasco there was still a tiny bit of resistance from a couple of people, but all in all it went much more smoothly. Nagisa cleaned the classroom to the best of his abilities within the first couple of days, giving the students free days but a few still stayed and helped. So far all the graffiti has been cleared up as well as the rubbish and the walls repainted.

All of the students seemed to have a taken a turn for the better, even if it was a tiny one, but then Nagisa hasn't been teaching for that long. Of course, per the deal, many had made an attempt on Nagisa's life however all had failed; and like Koro-sensie last year he made sure to give them the proper credit for it.

In around four lessons almost all of the students had made leaps and bounds of progress; it was a miracle that made for rumors to spread extremely quickly throughout the faculty and students population. These included fake accounts of Nagisa giving the class the answer sheets for the tests and bribing the students with money to the fact Nagisa was sleeping with several members in the class.

Today, however, was different to all the others. All week Nagisa been calling out a certain name that never appeared to be in the class, so much in fact that he had reason to believe that it was an error in the system, however when he approached the other teachers about it they just said it was no mistake and walked away.

Nagisa walked into his classroom, smiling brightly at the seated pupils in their desks loudly discussing random topics ranging from sports to celebrities. So not that much of a variety actually.

"Good morning Class!" Nagisa chirped as he strolled up to his desk, eyeing the student in the back of the room that used to lead the class. His name was Daiki Oshiro, and there is a lot unknown about his past due to the lack of student records but Nagisa still knows a bit about him.

All of his life has been tough. Originally from China, his mother and father died when he was young and sent to live with uncle in Japan, this meant he had to learn a whole new culture and language just to communication. He attended military school before this but he got kicked out, so this was his only option.

"Mornin' Shiota-Sensie!" Aki Saito, currently the most changed in the class, greeted. Back when the class was a gang he was the helper and medic of the group, so it was inevitable that he was teased for being weak but they did acknowledge that he was always there to help.

"Hey Siato-san!" Nagisa nodded to Aki while placing the roll-book on his new wooden desk. Most of the furniture had been replaced by the school once Nagisa talked to the Principal, and let me tell that it was an awkward encounter.

The high teacher was a female named Aimi Takenaka, who reminded Nagisa a lot of Bitch-Sensie. She wore very low-cut tops that barely contained her large bossom and short skirts that hugged her body like a wet suit; this was all completed with a pound of makeup on her face making her resemble a stripper clown.

~ Flashback to the Head Teacher's Office ~

"Come in!" called Aimi from inside her office, glancing up to see Nagisa enter and close the rickety door behind him. She smirked at him as she motioned for him to sit down.

"So, you must be the new teacher, Nagisa Shiota?" Aimi asked, pushing her slick, black reading glasses down her small nose and off her face. Nagisa nodded and averted his eyes anywhere except the head mistress, and for a good reason too.

Her current outfit was particularly revealing: a half-sleeved grey jacket which had several black, plastic buttons not done up revealing the top of a black, lacy bralette with straps that ran up to her neck and almost acted like a choker. It hardly even began to contain her large breasts which were on display and since Aimi was sitting down Nagisa, thankfully, didn't even have to see what she was - or wasn't - wearing underneath the desk.

"So, how was your first day? The students give you trouble?" she asked kindly.

"It was... insightful, and no actually, in fact the entire class was brilliant. But coming to reason I came here, the classroom seems unfit for education purposes," Nagisa replied, getting straight to the point as he shifted uncomfortably. It was not because he had a 'problem', no quite the opposite in fact, it was because this lady was so thirsty and not even slightly discreet about it.

"Yes, we have been trying to upgrade them but, we simply don't have the money. I understand you are a man of high needs, Nagisa, but I am a women of high-performance. Perhaps I can help~" she replied, biting her lip slightly and pushing her huge rack up even further.

Nagisa had to bite his tongue in order not to tell her to put some clothes on and wipe the mountains of blush and gold eye shadow that decorated her rounded face.

"So you mean that you are so broke that you can't supply chalk for the chalk board, books for the students or fitting desks?" Nagisa asked in a irritated tone. Aimi looked taken aback, before scowling angrily at her new teacher.

"You aren't my type anyway! But fine, all your crap will be here in 2 days or so, now get out of my office! I think you need time to reconsider my offer," she growled, pointing to the door. Damn, this girl is giving off mixed signals here.

~ Flashback End ~