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Painted Soldier

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The day the people fell from the sky was the day Bellamy's life changed for good. Since childhood, his main concern was for taking care of his sister and eventually claiming the throne as Heda. His tribe, Trikru waged war against these intruders as soon as their boots hit the soil. It was a merciless battle, bred from land claims and arrogance. Skaikru had advanced warfare, but Trikru had been born and bred to tread the warpath. After much bloodshed and loss, Skaikru and Trikru decided to unite as one, to call off the feud in order to save the lives of many.


The way to unite the two peoples was decidedly to unite their leaders, a symbol of wellbeing. At the time, Bellamy had just been chosen Heda. The prior successor, a woman named Mira, had died at the hands of a rogue grounder which only brought further turmoil to the village. Nonetheless, Bellamy swore to do anything to protect his people, in life or in death. So when he met with the leader of Skaikru, he expected a silent and somber agreement. Marriage had never been in Bellamy's viewpoint. He'd always assumed that if he took the role of Heda, he'd simply lead alone. However, the moment his gaze met the girl with eyes the color of where she fell from, the perspective shifted. Surely, she was beautiful. But that wasn’t all. Her hands fluttered about the neckline of her dress, as if calming anxieties. She had a kind smile and a sharp tongue; as was seen when her mother, Abbey had to tell her off for sassing a guard.


Other than the Skaikru oddities, the meeting was standard. The flamekeeper announced that their marriage ceremony would take place in a month's time and include both Skaikru and Trikru traditions. In the time leading to their unity, Bellamy was not permitted to see or even speak with Clarke, as to preserve the tradition one had with a betrothed. He'd never said a word to his bride-to-be, yet was expected to marry her. Rather than complaining, Bellamy merely put on a brave face and followed through with the plans.


The day of the unity approached rapidly, until the morning was finally upon them. Bellamy stood before a gleaming sheet of metal, examining his blurred reflection in the material. His image was warped and unclear, but he could see enough. In common grounder fashion, Bellamy wore a large cloak of precious furs for his wedding. He was clean shaven, and his face painted traditionally. Three black swirls on his left cheek, and a stripped pattern on his right. The swirls represented the family he already possessed; the grounders. The right represented the family he would receive; the sky people. The line painted from his chin to collarbone represented the new bond he would maintain between the nations.


The two leaders would meet in the grand hall and celebrate their engagement by drinking from the same chalice. The chalice was a fancy thing, passed down from generations of marriages. This was the one thing that linked Heda to the commonwealth; all lips shared the same cup. Bellamy would then remove Clarke's chip in her neck that served as birth control on the arc. The machinery was most likely fried after breaking through the stratosphere at such high velocity. However, the removal was a marriage tradition amongst the Skaikru that he promised to honor. The couple would then exchange gifts they had picked for one another, and be off to a treetop fort to speak vows, another Skaikru tradition. Bellamy sighed deeply, squeezing the small box that contained Clarke's gift and making his way down towards the grand hall to begin the ceremony. The exchanging of gifts represented good intentions and care. After speaking to both Abbey, Clarke’s mother, and Raven, a friend of Clarke’s, Bellamy found the perfect gift. Four small pots of paint, all created from his own skills. He ground up berries and roots to create a red shade, and a blue shade. He then shaved charcoal and mixed in berries to create a black paste. Finally, He took flower petals and dried them to grind up into the yellow shade. The small pots were wrapped neatly, alongside a paintbrush that Raven had helped him fashion out of horse’s hair and metal from the dropship. He carried the gift tightly beneath one arm, pushing open the wide doors to the hall.