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Pinning and Pining

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“Sign here,” said the man in the suit.

And Victor did, unwittingly sealing his fate.

No, he wasn’t signing away his soul to the devil. He wasn’t signing the deal to a house, or his last will and testament.

Victor was signing an employment contract. A very official-sounding letter written like so many others are, except that this one came with the following clause:

The person signing this paper gives their consent to be recorded while in a state of undress and performing acts of sexual intercourse. The signee is also aware that all, or some of the recordings will be sold for profit.

In short, Victor was beginning his career as a porn star.

He had no illusions about it being a glamorous job. He just wasn’t expecting everything to be so official.

There had been a thorough medical exam, a trial photoshoot with him completely naked when they directed different-colours lights at him and took shots from every angle imaginable. Yes, every angle.

Then they invited him in for a second interview, which included a second photoshoot of him without any clothes on and, finally, they presented him with the contract. Except, for some reason, they forgot to return his clothes to him, so while the man in front of him looked very formal, Victor was starting to shiver from the cold.

There was another man in the room – he wasn’t tall and was getting on a bit in years. He introduced himself as the man in charge. No, he wasn’t the director (apparently that was a man named Celestino Cialdini). This man owned the company and he explained how it all ran.

“First, I want to introduce you to your co-star,” he said.

Victor opened his mouth to point out that he was still naked when the door opened and a god came in.

This wasn’t the kind of god who existed to put the fear in people’s hearts. This was the kind of god who sent arrows at your lovers, or seduced the most beautiful in the land.

“This is Yuuri,” the man in charge said.

For whatever reason Yuuri was also completely naked.

Victor swallowed. Well, he supposed, he’d have to get used to the sight of Yuuri without any clothes on very quickly. But, by god, he was perfect! Every part of him was exactly right!

“Nice to meet you,” Yuuri smiled and Victor’s heart did a flip.

“Victor,” he said and held out his hand.

They shook hands like two business partners meeting at a conference.

“I need you both to understand that there will be a trial period of one week,” the man went on while Victor let his eyes trail down. “Yuuri is ideal for this job and we’re looking for a suitable partner for him. Apart from having good looks, the partner needs to have a good chemistry with Yuuri.”

Victor wasn’t listening. He wasn’t a virgin (that had been one of the requirements too, of course), but he’d never seen a naked man who looked this good before.

“What we want is maximum compatibility so we can use the same two stars in all our movies,” the man went on. “And we aim to film an average of one movie a week.”

Victor caught the last sentence and swallowed nervously. That’s a lot of sex!

“There will be on-the-job training, of course.”

Oh God!

“Starting now.”

“Now?” Victor repeated weakly.

The man nodded. “Put your clothes on. I’m going to talk about workplace health and safety.”

Does he mean stuff like where the fire exits are, or is this going to be about safe sex?

An assistant brought their clothes in and, as Victor got dressed, he watched Yuuri do the same, unable to tear his eyes away.

Yuuri’s clothes were the kind of everyday clothes people wore out on the street, but he managed to make them look good.

Where did they find him?

They sat in what looked like a school classroom while the man – oh, right, his name was Mr. Feltsman – lectured.

“I don’t want you straining yourself, or working each other too hard.” Victor threw a look at Yuuri, but there was still a serious look on the boy’s face. So this wasn’t meant to be an innuendo. Right. “And while you obviously won’t be using any condoms, you will use lots of…” he pulled a bottle out of the desk and put on the table, making a loud bang, “…lubricant.”

Yuuri gave Victor a big smile. “We always have at least 25 bottles on hand.”

Victor nodded numbly. This was all happening too fast. Twenty-five?

And then Yuuri asked a question that, at first glance, seemed to be entirely unrelated to the talk Mr. Feltsman was giving them, “What’s your favourite flavour?”

“Strawberry,” Victor answered without thinking.

“Ah, we have that one! One of my previous co-stars was really into mint, for some reason.” Yuuri shuddered.

Victor’s brain did a U-turn and made a dash for the first available exit. “How long have you been… working here?”

“Two years. Is this your first time in the porn industry?”

Good god, he actually said industry! “Uh… yeah…”

“I suppose you had to send in a video,” Yuuri said thoughtfully, “and… what else did I have to do? Oh yes: a 1-on-1 exam?”

Victor nodded. He’d expected both the request for the video and the exam. In the official request they called it a 1-on-1 exam as well as a proficiency exam. Why didn’t they just say it like it was? We want to see how good you are at sex. That’s not too hard, is it? At least the examiner had been a handsome man, he remembered. Not half as good-looking as Yuuri, though.

“If I could have your attention,” Mr. Feltsman cut in, sounding like a really cross teacher.

Oh god, he’s actually lecturing us on lube, Victor thought. Why? And why do I feel like there will be an exam later with math formulas and calculators?

He imagined questions like “Calculate the volume of lube required for a given surface area” and tried not to laugh.

Yuuri was still listening with a serious expression on his face. Victor studied his profile instead of listening to what the man was saying. He’d used lube before, he reasoned, so there was nothing new Mr. Feltsman could tell him.

“And, of course, you need to understand,” Mr. Feltsman’s voice cut into Victor’s thoughts as he walked up to stand in front of Victor, “that we will tell you exactly what to do. I will tolerate no improvisations here. You will have a script and you will stick to it.”

Out of the corner of his eye Victor saw Yuuri nod. This was all standard practice for him. It was all brand new for Victor.

“Uh…” he began. How detailed will this get?

“So if the script says “suck”, you will suck, if it says “lick”, you will lick. Is that clear?” The man flashed his eyes dangerously.

Victor nodded, all mirth gone.

Was that a smile on Mr. Feltsman’s face, or was Victor imagining it? “We also publish a magazine to promote future video releases. I have one of the issues here,” he put a magazine in front of Victor. “Some of the photos we took today will appear in the next issue.”

The magazine had a photo of Yuuri on the front cover. He sat backwards on a chair with his legs spread wide apart. Bare arms and legs wrapped around the back of the chair and Yuuri leaned forward with a smile on his face.

“We have to keep the picture on the cover from being explicit,” Yuuri explained, appearing at Victor’s elbow without any warning.

Victor braced himself as he flipped through the pages of the magazine.

The first page had Yuuri reclining on a deck chair, one arm folded under his head, his mouth slightly open and his eyes half-closed. He was wearing absolutely nothing and this time there was nothing to cover him, even if one of his legs was bent a little at the knee.

Introducing Our New Star – Eros! read the text at the top of the page and Victor remembered that he had yet to come up with a porn star name for himself. All around the photo were little notes about Yuuri’s measurements.

Victor swallowed. He was going to get a similar photo, wasn’t he? He remembered how they’d measured every part of him they could. To his surprise, the only comment they’d made was about his height and how it should work.

“My hero is Dita von Teese,” Yuuri told him excitedly and Victor’s eyes drifted away from one of the numbers on the page to the little blurb on the side about Yuuri’s interests. “What do you think of her?”

“She’s… uh… very inspirational,” he muttered, his eyes drifting back to the measurements.

“I have most of her outfits,” Yuuri went on. “They let me take pictures in them for the magazine.”

Victor flipped to the next page and discovered that yes, yes, they did let him take pictures like Dita von Teese. At the sight of Yuuri in a tight black corset, a thong, a pair of heels and a riding crop in his hand he was sure he would faint. It didn’t help that Yuuri stood with his back to the audience, showing it off.

He flipped to the next page and found a photo of Yuuri lying naked on his stomach, facing the viewer with his back arched back and his legs bent at the knees.

“Do you have a hero or source of inspiration?” Yuuri asked.

I think I do now, yes. Victor tore his eyes away from the magazine. “I’ve always aimed for a … general look,” he said, trying to sound vague.

His only even remotely relevant experience was posing naked for art students and it was absolutely nothing like this.

Yuuri nodded anyway. “I’m sure they’ll want to take more of your photos later.”

“Yes, we will, but before that,” Mr. Feltsman cut in, “you’ll need to pass another test, Mr. Nikiforov.”

I knew it: he’s going to give me a paper exam!

“Let me show you to The Bedroom.” Victor heard the capital letters in the name and threw a puzzled look at Yuuri.

“That’s what we call the main studio. It’s where we film all the bedroom scenes.”

“You mean it’s where all the sex scenes are filmed?” Or, rather, where the whole movie is filmed. It’s a porn movie, what else apart from sex is there?

“Not necessarily,” Yuuri said with a serious expression. “Sometimes we film in the shower or the bathtub and sometimes…”

Victor had to hold on to the wall to keep from falling over.

“A couple of times we filmed in a closet,” Yuuri went on. “It wasn’t really comfortable. They spent forever trying to figure out how to get the cameras in there with us. In the end, they cut holes into it.”

Victor swallowed. Well, this was what he signed up for. “Right.”

“We also have a studio to imitate the outside,” Yuuri added. “Did we end up calling that movie Sex on the Beach, or was it something else?”

Victor replayed the last part of the conversation in his head and realized he’d missed one very important detail. “So this… test will be in The Bedroom?”

Yuuri nodded as they stopped before a set of double doors. “Of course,” he said. “They need to see how good we are together.”

Mr. Feltsman turned away from the doors to face them. “Now look, I’m going to be in the observation room. You two go in there and…” he hunted around for the best words to continue his sentence.

Have sex? Victor suggested mentally.

“…improvise?” Yuuri added.

“Yes, exactly,” Mr. Feltsman agreed and walked away down the hall.

Yuuri opened the doors to reveal one of the most ordinary-looking bedrooms imaginable. There was the bed in the middle, a few curtained windows on one side and a bit of furniture around the perimeter. A mirror hung over the bed.

Victor took it all in without any comment.

“There are cameras hidden all around the room,” Yuuri told him. He walked up to the mirror and nodded at it. “And this is a one-way mirror. The observation room is on the other side.”

Victor nodded. Fair enough. They had to film it all somehow.

Yuuri pulled off his shirt and gave Victor a curious look. “Do you prefer top or bottom?”

This was one question he was actually ready for. “I always switched with all my past partners – I mean boyfriends.”

Yuuri undid the top button of his pants. Victor watched mesmerized as Yuuri pulled them down to reveal his thighs and the top of his underwear. He let his pants fall on the floor and it wasn’t long before his underwear joined them. Victor licked his dry lips.

“Are you dating anyone now?” Yuuri asked.

“I’m not,” he admitted. But I would love to date you, he added in the privacy of his head.

As if reading his thoughts, Yuuri said, “Neither am I. People don’t generally like dating a porn star. Not when it means their partner spends half the day having sex with someone else.”

Victor nodded. In this case that “someone else” was him, he reminded himself. It filled his stomach with excited butterflies.

“Well,” Yuuri dropped onto his elbows and back on the bed and gave Victor another smile, “Let’s see what you’ve got, Victor.”

He swallowed nervously and undressed. When he looked back at Yuuri the actor was lying on his stomach, giving Victor a great view of his backside.

Oh God!

“There’s always a bottle in the drawer,” Yuuri supplied helpfully, misunderstanding the reason for Victor’s hesitation. “Of course, one time, there were bottles everywhere – under the bed, under the pillow and a bunch all over the floor.”

You’ll have your own stories like that soon, Victor’s brain reminded him as he opened a drawer. He stared at the twenty or so bottles in mute shock.

“Either one will do, really,” Yuuri said, “unless you’re looking for a specific flavour.”

Victor grabbed the first one and returned to the bed. Then he risked a glance at the label.


It wasn’t easy to climb over Yuuri. If anything, it was its own kind of terrifying.

Remembering Mr. Feltsman’s lecture (or, rather, that there had been one and not what he’d said) he poured the bottle’s contents out generously.

Victor was good at sex. His boyfriends always said so and the handsome man who evaluated him said the same, so it was stupid of him to be afraid that Yuuri would think differently, but he couldn’t help it. He worried, not because this would mean he wouldn’t be hired, but because he didn’t want to disappoint Yuuri.

Victor tried to relax and act as if this was no big deal, just another of his boyfriends and he definitely wasn’t being recorded, or watched from another room, or evaluated by the person below him.

It wasn’t helping.

Come on, I signed up for this! he reminded himself.

He was on his knees, with his legs spread out and Yuuri lying between them. While Victor was nervous, Yuuri lay with his hands folded under his chin as if he was at a massage parlour.

Victor took in the flawless curve of Yuuri’s back, the lines of his shoulder blades and reached out. His fingers were all covered in slippery pink liquid, but Victor forgot all about it as he traced out Yuuri’s back, one thumb going down along his spine and further between his buttocks.

The smell of strawberries filled the air and he reached down with a hungry mouth and licked a bit of the liquid off.

It was really sweet, too sweet even. Good thing he had a bit of a sweet tooth.

He followed the line back up Yuuri’s spine.

Yuuri gave a soft moan just as Victor’s mouth reached his neck. Victor went up further to the man’s ear and caught his earlobe with his mouth. His hands were on Yuuri’s hips, holding him tight. He released Yuuri’s ear and whispered, “May I?” into his ear.

Yuuri turned his head. There was just the hint of a blush on his cheeks, but Victor was more fascinated by his soft eyes and their long eyelashes. “Yes…” he whispered just as Victor’s chest pressed gently against Yuuri’s back.

Victor sat up and reached for the bottle again. He forgot where he was. Every part of him was focused on the strip of skin he was covering with a sweet liquid. His thumbs stretched the skin and he reached down with his tongue to maybe help along, or get in his own way, he wasn’t sure.

“Victor…” Yuuri moaned.

He pulled away with one long lick and reached with his fingers again.

Perhaps it was better that for their first time they had no script, no instructions other than “get to it” and Victor could watch Yuuri moan and shudder, and judge for himself what pleased the boy most. But he got so carried away, feeling around with his fingers and thumb that Yuuri shuddered and begged in a hoarse voice for Victor to get on with it already.

Well, here goes, he thought.

For some reason, he expected someone to barge in on them at that moment and interrupt what they were doing, but no, it was still just the two of them and he got to open Yuuri up really nicely.

He trailed his thumb down the middle one last time, promising himself to worship this spot again and again and moved forward to take Yuuri at last. Thighs pressed against thighs, he pushed.

Yuuri gave a loud gasp this time and tossed his head back. He moved against Victor, raising himself on his arms.

Later he thought how strange it was to skip the step of getting to know Yuuri, or the step of falling properly in love, and jump straight to sex.

All part of the job, of course.

Yuuri was a demanding lover, asking for more and not letting Victor go. Victor’s fingers, still covered in the lube, slipped against Yuuri’s thighs.

“Grab me,” Yuuri gasped.

One of Victor’s hands slid over Yuuri’s skin to his abdomen and slid down. Yuuri gasped even louder this time.

“Yuuri…” Victor whispered.

His hold on Yuuri weakened and they pulled apart. Victor sat down and watched Yuuri turn over and drop onto his back. Sweat trailed down his body, but there was an ecstatic smile on his face. “I think…” he began.

But Victor’s eyes were where his hand had been. He saw the pink liquid his fingers had left behind and he reached down to lick it off.

Yuuri gasped and giggled and pulled his fingers through Victor’s hair.

Victor raised his head. “Sorry, I got carried away.”

“I wouldn’t say that,” Yuuri argued.

They smiled at each other. Yuuri had that happy half-sleepy look on his face. Victor reached down for a proper kiss, but before he could even touch Yuuri, the actor flipped them both over. “My turn!” he exclaimed, sitting up on Victor’s lap with a triumphant laugh.

He traced Victor’s nipples out with his fingers. He reached down and gave one a quick lick and looked thoughtful. “Hmmm… I think you’ll taste good with vanilla.” He gave the middle of Victor’s chest a long lick and looked up into Victor’s face.

Victor felt the blood rise to his cheeks.

“Definitely vanilla,” Yuuri whispered, his lips only a few inches away.

They stared at each other in long silence.

Victor felt a bead of sweat trickle down the side of his face. Yuuri reached up and caught it with his mouth. His lips and tongue slid up against Victor’s cheek, tracing the path of the sweat up, as if he was hoping to catch more.

He pulled away slowly. His eyes were deep, deeper than anything Victor had ever seen.


Yuuri got up from the bed and went to get another bottle. Victor watched him walk around, feeling weak.

He returned with a vanilla bottle and spread a bit over Victor’s chest before licking it off. He gave a satisfied nod and moved on to much further down.

If Victor had been in the right state of mind to appreciate it, he would’ve probably smiled at how the day had turned around for him. When the day had started out he had no job and no boyfriend. He’d stepped out of his apartment building and walked past a couple exchanging kisses in the street, feeling a small pang of loneliness. Now he had a job and the hottest man he’d ever seen was sucking him dry and he was going to be paid for it too!

“So if the script says “suck”, you will suck, if it says “lick”, you will lick.” Victor remembered.

Oh God! You can lick or suck, I don’t care which it is!

Yuuri pulled away and turned Victor over. He made a soft, happy gasp and whispered, “You have a beautiful bum!”

“Th-thank you.”

“Or do you prefer ass?”

Good God, Yuuri! He buried his face in the pillow.

Yuuri slid his hands over it. “I can’t remember anyone who has a nicer one than yours.” He didn’t bother with any lube this time, just buried his face with another happy sound.

Victor tightened his grip on the pillow.

Very dimly he was aware of the sound of a door opening and felt Yuuri let him go. Victor opened his mouth and remembered to breathe.

“I take it you are happy with this one?” a voice Victor didn’t recognize asked.

“Yes, of course!” Yuuri exclaimed.

“Congratulations, Victor, you’re hired!”

He sat up, gasping for air and nodded and tried to get a thank you out in between breaths.

There was someone in a suit standing in front of him, but Victor was too dizzy to be able to take in any of his features. “I expect you here at 8 am tomorrow,” the newcomer declared and walked back out again, shouting someone’s name as soon as he was out in the hall.

“Come on,” Yuuri said. “I’ll show you where the showers are.”

He helped Victor get up, found him some slippers and then led him by the hand to the showers. Victor had no idea what was happening. He didn’t even realize that he was walking along a hallway wearing absolutely nothing, all covered in several different fluids, or that there was a hot naked man at his side. His mind was still back there, on that bed, rolled up into a ball, too stunned to think a single thought.

Yuuri opened the door to a room that had a row of sinks on one side and a row of shower stalls on the other and helped Victor into one of the stalls.

“Someone will bring you your clothes soon,” he promised. “Oh, and I should probably warn you that they have no hot water in these stalls, but they keep the place very clean, so that’s alright.” He turned one of the taps on and a stream of ice-cold water poured out, startling Victor out of his state. Yuuri headed for a different stall without another word.


Fifteen minutes later, clean, dry and fully dressed, Victor stood in the lobby of the building with a copy of his employment letter. Yuuri was there too, looking ready to leave.

“Wait, I…” Oh God, what could he say to someone like Yuuri? I want to go practice a bit more before our first movie shoot together? That sounded so awful he nearly cringed. “I… uh…”

Yuuri turned with a smile towards him. “Did you want to go grab a drink, or something? There’s a place two blocks from here that does really good bubble tea!”

“Yes, please, if you don’t mind coming with me,” Victor answered, folding the paper away into his bag.

“Not at all,” Yuuri reassured him. He paused with his hand at the door and said with a wistful expression on his face, “I’m really thankful you came along,” he admitted.

Victor swallowed. “R-really?”

“Yes,” Yuuri lowered his voice, making Victor step closer to him, “they’ve been looking for the right person for four months now and…” he shuddered, “I was getting tired of filming movies with tentacle porn, to be honest.”

Victor’s brain shut down completely as Yuuri walked out of the building.

And so ended Victor’s first day at his new job.