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We all have them. But not all of us choose to capitalize on them. James however is a man’s man, with so much testosterone he could put steroids to shame. Perhaps that’s an overstatement, but he most certainly isn’t a coward. This man walks with a veil of confidence, but never lets it go to his ego. Always polite, mannerly and caring to the people around him. He will never allow an opportunity to show off his adult skills in fatherhood, or his general masculinity .    


What very few knew how ever, is when given the right situation, this man could be a brute powerhouse. Particularly when having to engage in intercourse. He never would force it on others, being very digilent that they consent before anything happens and makes sure they know they’re always welcome to stop him. The torture is driving him a bit mad though, Hal was currently his only outlet for some of these fantasies. He figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask Lil Hal Jr, Junior for short, if he had the same thoughts. Turns out that what Hal lacks, Junior makes up for and with plenty of spunk and energy as well.


James tried to consider a way to invite Junior to his house to finally be able to release the urges within, no more holding back for Bro or Hal’s sake, he knew Junior would be his ideal partner for this. Petite, cute, attitude and looks. Generally everything Hal has, but with the added dash of orange and harder sex. James knocked on Junior and Hal’s door in attempt to gain their attention.  He waited patiently outside the barrier between him and Junior, the anticipation and thought of finally being able to fulfill his kinks was nearly enough to get himself hard on it’s own.


Not too long passes before the little robot opened his door, at first his expression was his usual, but that soon faded to one of confusion. James in a sense expected this, despite how much he’s shown Junior affection, they didn’t necessarily talk much. Thinking on that though, James decided they should start talking more, he seems like a very interesting person and it’s a true shame they don’t get time to cuddle and talk often. Clearing his throat, though James doesn’t think Junior would actually have needed to. Junior greeted James respectfully after the initial shock and asked if there was something he needed. Now, James could be smooth if he wanted, that much is well known, but he also is a cheesy man, you could blame his son influencing him that way. And so, he simply gave a smile and responded with a blunt “You”.  This, as it would anyone, caught Junior slightly off guard. James just smiled and invited himself in to the room, he felt for Juniors sake he wouldn’t quiz him on this just out in the public eye. Turning around to him, James asked the question that’s been on his mind since the conversation with Hal. It wasn’t anything major, but to him it was a step in the right direction. He asked Junior if he wanted to indulge in a movie at his place. Junior seemed to give him a suspicious look, but accepted anyways.


James drove them both to his house, the two were actually able to make small talk, and it was nice. At least in James’ opinion. He wasted no time in making  sure they got there as fast as possible, internally hoping that Junior wouldn’t notice he was even slightly speeding. Eventually they got to his house and he unbuckled his seat belt, opening his door  after taking out his keys, walking over to Juniors side of the Car and opening the door for him with a smile. He really was too much of a fucking gentleman sometimes. Junior undid his seatbelt as well, getting out the car to stand beside James who placed his hand on the small of his back, guiding the small robot into his house.


James removed his hand from Juniors back once they got in the house, leaning down to kiss the top of his head before whispering that he’d be back in a moment, kicking off his own shoes and heading off somewhere up the staircase near the entrance. Junior wasn’t too sure what to do but he chose to get comfortable, he felt James wouldn’t mind too much as he is a fairly decent man like that. Sitting on the couch and stuffed his hands into his pockets as he looked around, this being the first time for him in James’ house, he was a bit intrigued by the porcelain statues of harlequeens that rested on the shelves. He could occasionally hear the sound of James dropping something upstairs with a muffled noise, which he could only assume was cursing.

Not too long passed before James walked back down the stairs, only difference being a slight shimmer of sweat on his forehead and his hat being missing , presumably due to the effort of whatever he was doing upstairs took. Junior raised a brow at this, wondering why he could possibly have invited him over to sit on the couch for who knows how long while he did chores, at this rate they probably wouldn’t get to the movie.

And they never would get to the movie.
James smiled at Junior, walking over to him and placed a hand on his shoulder, telling him that he was just setting up the movie upstairs, of course junior would find out in not too long that James didn’t mean watching a movie.

He meant making one.

Of course, Junior didn’t know the layout of James’ house enough to know there  was no tv or even movies in his room. So when James invited him up, he had no issue in following. He did acknowledge though that it seems like James always had a hand on him. His shoulder, his back and never really seemed to take much more advances than just that. He didn’t mind, more attention then Dirk would show him on a usual day now that he’s cuddling Dave and Hal it seems. Brushing that thought from his head as he walked into the bedroom with James. Glancing around the room, he saw no tv. This of course raised questions, but not as many questions as the very obvious camera did.

James knew that they were currently in his house, where his son could try and barge in at any time. Of course, he didn’t want that, so with a little nudge inward on juniors back he moved behind him to lock the door with a click

Junior heard this and immediately started to catch on, a coy smile on his face as he turned around to James, asking him about the camera and the lack there of a TV. James humed as if thinking, bringing Junior over to the side of the bed with an innocent smile before telling him that they wouldn’t be watching a movie at all. Though, he needed to have a verbal “contract” with the main actor to make sure he would be completely fine with whatever might happen here. Junior was put off a bit by this new side but very easily got into it being the kind of guy he was. Insisting to James that he would be fine and that he’d tell him if he wanted him to stop. This caused James to get a cocky grin, eyeing him up as if pondering what to possibly do, walking towards his closet and looking around for something of which Junior wouldn’t be able to see from his position. Coming back with set of cuffs, spreader bar, ropes, a blue ring, Ball gag,  and a blue handled flogger.


He placed the tools down at the bottom of the bed as Junior stood in anticipation, anxious but excited by the mere sight of them all. James sat at the edge of the bed Arms crossed casually in front of himself.

“Strip” is all he had to say, and that alone was enough to send a shiver through Juniors spine.

The short robot wasted no time in stripping himself off, standing in front of the older male (despite robots not having ages) in the nude embarrassed him, and that embarrassment only turned him on more. James reached over, picking up the blue ring as he slipped it on and over Juniors already erect dick, telling him that be wouldn’t be allowed to cum until he said so. Junior felt his internal processors pick up as his cooling system worked harder to keep it normal temperature. Nodding his head yes made Mr Egbert smirk, Standing up as he opened his bedside drawer, this stuff was less bdsm centric, and so it needed less hiding. Full of vibrators, dildos of different sizes and colors, even anal plugs with tails, gems or even words on them like “Masters Property”, “Slut”, “Owned by Daddy” (his personal favorite) and last but not least “Daddy’s little Whore”. Of course his hands made sure to go for the lube first.

He’s a dom, not a brute.

Pouring some into his hand, he walked over to Lil Hal Junior, who hadn’t moved a “muscle” and stared at the wall, only occasionally glancing at the camera as a nerve, the red light that showed it was recording both intimidated him and turned him on. James was proud of him for staying so still, walking behind him as he ran the lube coated finger over his ntrance, his other hand pressed on Jr’s stomach to push his back flushed against James’ own figure, telling  him just how good of a whore he was being right now and noticed the robots hard dick twitched as his lips cocked up in a smirk. He removed his hand from Juniors backside for the moment, pressing his hand to the middle of his back, forcing him down face first on the bed with his ass up, perfect.


He reached over for the cuffs, deciding that he’d probably like the pain of the non padded cuffs, locking them around Juniors arms to keep them behind his back. Of course, he wasn’t done here. But, he was going to give Junior a small reward for being so good while he continued to set him up. Reaching over to the opened side drawer he picked out a large vibrator, one that seconds as a regular dildo. Taking it and eyes it up well, seeing if this was the thing he’d use on him. James realizes that Hal Jr behind him probably wouldn’t care enough for this to be an important decision, that thought made him chuckle and walked the little ways back over to him. He asked junior if this was what he wanted, of course the response he got was a quick and breathy yes. James couldn’t let him have it that easy though.

“If you want it, prove it. Beg for it you slut”

Oh there goes Junior again, his legs trembled and shook under himself from the  comment, struggling to hold his weight up turning his head off to the side so his voice wouldn’t be muffled by the bed, Catching a glimpse and feeling James set up the spreader between his legs, forcing down the embarrassment that came with having to beg because he needed this. Even if he knew he’d get no gratification until dad said so thanks to the cock ring.

“Please Daddy,  I need it!” he whined out, looking back at James with pleading eyes as he shifted to wiggle his butt at him as well, like  cat in heat trying to rub against something.

James frowned with it, it was nothing more than the bare bones minimum. He wasn’t a cheap whore, ironic considering the situation, if he was going to really give it to him, he needed to earn it. He walked away from Junior over to the pile of toys and grabbed the blue flogger. Junior, having his head turned that way was able to see him reach for it, there was a new lump forming in his throat seeing it, nervous but also extremely aroused. Mr. Egbert stood behind Junior once again, the toy brandished in his right hand firmly as the other held Juniors side so that he couldn’t flinch away.
“I can’t feel the enthusiasm. How about this, I’m going to give you the rightful punishment for your horrid attempt at begging, and you’re going to count it out like a good little whore, maybe then you’ll show more enthusiasm. And I fully expect a thank you after each and every one. Now tell me, baby boy, how many spanks do you think you deserve for this?”

Junior took a minute to think, he didn’t want to give a number that was too low lest he make it more, or a number so high he’d be in more pain than pleasure, so he settled with the standard 10.

James seems pleased with this, cracking his whip against the others ass harshly, causing a cry to erupt from Junior following with a pained moan, mumbling a curt “1! Thank you Daddy”

This continues until they reached 10, by then the robot was a weeping, whimpering mess, but had a wide smile on his face. His ass hurt like hell and Dad had to hold him up to keep him from falling, but he didn’t care, he was enjoying this fully, And so was James, with the wide smirk on his face he knelt down to press kisses along his sore ass, causing the other to shiver, giving a small whine as he kissed near areas he’d been hit. Picking up the vibrator from off to the side he slid it in to Juniors ass, turning it up on the lowest setting for now, Moving the now moaning shorter male up onto the bed so he wouldn’t hurt himself, laying him  on his knees with his ass in the air. James stood back to watch the scene in front of him, proud of himself for this.
“Come on baby, show the camera how good of a whore you are.”

Junior, panting as he forced his head to look over to the camera, licking his lips as he continued to moan, James decided to up the ante by turning it up to the highest setting, causing Juniors back to arch and scream out, eyes shut tightly as he desperately tried to push back and make the toy move but to no avail. James finally began undressing, though he kept his hat on, and his tie in his hand. Walking over behind Junior he kissed a gentle trail down til he reached the toy, shutting it off and pulling it out of the other, placing it aside for cleaning as he stood up, erection pressing up between his ass cheeks as James tied the tie around Juniors neck, thankful the other couldn't choke. Wrapping a bit of it into a fist to further his grip he forcefully yanked Him up and closer to his face, whispering to Junior that he knows what to do. Junior nodded and with little struggle, he forced it out
“God Daddy please stop teasing me and just fuck me! Fuck me hard like the good little slut I am! Please I need it so badly!!”

This time, James was impressed, seems he really did learn his lesson, wasting no time before pushing himself into Junior before pushing him down onto the bed hard, pulling his head up as he used the grip on the tie to fuck him quickly into the robot, having been worked up himself from all the play he watched Lil Junior do beforehand, smirking as he listened to Junior  moan out and shout jumbled phrases where only the words “Harder”, “Faster” and Daddy were really audible. Junior ‘s erection in so much pain right now, he would have lost it at the vibrator if it wasn’t for the ring, and this was just making it worse, but it hurt so good. James was grunting as he pulled more on the tie, enough that he could reach around and pull the ring off him, threatening him not to cum.. Knowing full well that by this point the robot wouldn’t be able to hold back without the help. And just as he thought, when he kept pounding himself in to the robot without the ring on him, he immediately came with a cry, and that was it, his legs just gave out causing him to faceplant on the bed. Dad, mockingly sighed, tasking at him while he shook his head.
“What a shame, I had such high hopes for you, I suppose you’ll just have to put in some manual labor, aren’t I right? Besides after this, I think I’ve earned gratification from fucking you til you literally collapsed. Don’t worry, you won’t even have to do much, not that you could anyways, slut”
The amusement was clear in his voice, but Junior didn’t care, he was too high off the buzz he got from his orgasm. Dad removed both the spreaders and the cuffs, helping him further up onto the bed and tilted his head upward, moving to sit so that his knees were on either side of his head, thankfully this robot wasn’t in need of breathing so he could take him this way as he pleased.

And so he did.

He slipped himself into Juniors awaiting mouth with a pleased sigh, running a hand through his hair before curling his fingers into a fist. Positioning himself properly, as he began to fuck himself deep into Juniors throat causing him to gag slightly, but of course not technically choke. He kept mercilessly thrusting in, even as tears formed in Juniors eyes, his chill officially being lost as he grunted and gave low moans, keeping up his speed until he felt himself approaching his edge. Now, he was  being a bit hard on him right now, but he didn’t want to risk short circuiting Junior,he didn’t know if he could take “liquids” per say, so he pulled out and stroked himself off the rest of the way before he came all over his face with a low groan, taking a minute to bask in the feeling. Sighing as he moved off Junior and untied the tie from around Juniors throat, using it to wipe off his face from his cum,tossing the tie away as he leaned down to give a kiss to his forehead, laying down and pulling Junior up with him as he wrapped his arms around him to cuddle him. They laid there  for an unknown amount of time, and James didn’t care, he’d edit it out of the video anyways. Petting his hand through the others hair, giving him soft praises on how well he did and how good he looked.

Everyone has opportunities, it’s the ones who are able to capitalize on them and turn them into something beneficial that will truly gain real satisfaction and happiness.