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End Game

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“Crap,” I whispered to myself as I looked at the greenhouse. All of the plants were a beautiful, lush green but that was it; none of the vegetable or fruit plants were flowering. I held my hand against my forehead, pushing my brown fringe out of my eyes as I tried to think a way out of the inevitable decision.

“My, we need you in the bridge,” A voice called over the P.A. I recognised the voice as Selene’s and began walking towards the bridge.

“It’s not the bridge. It’s a fucking command centre,” Victoria argued and a smile spread over my face, the horror of what has to be done momentarily forgotten.

“Yeah it’s called a bridge dumb arse,” Selene snapped before the comm turned off. Once I reached the ladder to the upper deck I began climbing the view of the permanently grey sky awaiting me on the surface of the ship with a light breeze flicking the strands of hair that refused to stay up.

“I wonder where that is,” I said to myself as I caught a glimpse of land in the distance, the light mist and haze making it hard to see. Deciding that it didn’t matter where it was, I headed up to the bridge to find Victoria and Selene at each other’s throats again.

“TORI! SELENE!” The two stopped bickering the moment I yelled at them, both looking like deer caught in headlights.

“Sorry Mya,” the two said somewhat sarcastically.

“Why do you need me?” I asked as I headed towards the large map in the centre of a large table preparing to try and work out where we were.

“We’re getting close to Wales,” Tori noted when she saw me studying the map.

“Fuck,” I whispered again when Selene spoke up.

“We got a radio call from a boat that is sinking closer to land than we normally go. We were wanting to know whether we go and help or not?” Selene’s question gave me an excuse for us to head closer to land but I would still have to tell the twins the truth.

“Yea. We’ll go help if we can guarantee that they aren’t….” I began.

“WE KNOW!” they groaned in unison and I smiled before heading over to the radio as another call came over.

“This is the Lady Grey! We have a hole in our hull and we are sinking! Just off the coast of Wales!” A male voice cried out and I grabbed the radio.

“Lady Grey, this is the White Horse. We are currently…” I looked at Tori expectantly.

“30,” Tori whispered.

“30 miles from the Welsh coast and heading in. Can you give me your coordinates?” I asked ready with a pen and paper to write them down.

“Latitude: 51.312457 North. Longitude: -3.94048 West.” I wrote down the coordinates and passed it to Tori.

“We are on our way,” I said through the radio before Selene ran over to the wheel and began steering.

“That’s way too close to land. We’d be right in the centre of two large bits of land, My!” Tori exclaimed as I walked over.

“We need to get closer anyway. We have no food,” I told her quietly, hoping that Selene didn’t hear.

“WHAT?!” Tori snapped before beginning to freak out.

“Tori. I’ll go ashore and leave you two to take care of any of the Lady Grey that we can save. If I’m not back in two hours, you leave. If I shoot up a flare, you take this ship and leave. You don’t wait for me,” I told her. After what happened when we left land, I don’t blame her for being scared to go back to land. I really don’t want to go but we need food.

“But then we still won’t have food,” Tori explained as she continued to hyperventilate.

“You will have to go further along the coast and try again in a small coastal town. I’m going to have to go into Cardiff to find food. I will go straight there and straight back. I won’t detour and if someone is too injured for me to be able to get back in time, I will leave them. Okay?” She hesitantly nodded before Selene spoke up.

“I can see the ship!” I ran over to the window and looked out to see a much smaller boat sinking into the water with figures trying to reach the crew.

“Don’t get close. I’ll get rid of them and then I’ll take a lifeboat to get the survivors,” I ordered the girls before running for the lifeboats and grabbing my rifle as I left the bridge.

“MY!!” I heard Selene call out but the metal door to the bridge slammed shut and cut off her call.

I ran to the side of the boat and readied my rifle and looked through the scope. I could make out 4 survivors but they were struggling to fight off the approaching figures. I breathed out as I lined up a target before breathing in and holding my breath as I rested my finger on the trigger. As soon as the crosshairs were on the back of the figures head I squeezed the trigger. A loud bang echoed briefly in my ear as the bullet shot out of my rifle, my shoulder being pushed back by the recoil and the figure’s head blowing apart before the remainder fell into the water.

I lined up a second and a third and a fourth, taking out any that got close to the survivors before I couldn’t see any more of the creatures crawling up the boat. I grabbed one of the chains that went down to the lifeboat and used it to slide down, grateful that one of the girls did that while I was shooting.

As soon as I was in the lifeboat I started the engine and headed for the sinking boat finding that a family were the only survivors.