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Wildest desire

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Nick. Hum, I've liked him for a while now. I've never really expected anything to happen, first of all he is surely not interested and second I'm way too shy to hint even a percent of what I feel about him. What I've imagined or fantasized about...

Him finally noticing that I like him...Stroking my hair gently...leaning in to kiss me...Pushing me against the wall...touching me... my breast...his hand getting down to my...

"Wake up and get a grip girl this ain't happening" I say to myself and I decide to go back to studying, finals are happening in a week I remind myself.

Time jump (because why not)

I've been studying in school the whole day and I'm beat, I'm chatting with my best friend when I realize that Nick, he... HE is walking towards me. What does he want I think to myself... Probably a question about class...? I'm lost in my thought when he says

"Hey, Cam, you're pretty good in this class, right?" he asks with confidence.

"Ah...huum y-yeah" I stutter, a bit disappointed that I was right about his motive to come to me.

"Would you mind saving a friend?" he says with the biggest smile.

I don't know what he is going to ask, but I know I won't be able to refuse, I'm weak against his smile. So naturally I answer "Sure, what do you need?"

"Please, please could you tutor me?" I can see that he is genuinely asking me to help him, moreover tutoring him mean spending time with him so why the hell would I refuse?

"Of course, I can tutor you! When are you free?"

"Friday night?" he says

"Works for me! I'll meet you at school around 5.00?" I answer

"Perfect! thank you so much!" and he leaves.

I can help but staring at him walking away... he is so hot, and those pants shape his ass so perfectly ... Anyway, Friday is two days away and I can't wait.

Time jump

Friday 4.30. I'm getting ready for my tutoring, trying to compose myself and being able to finish at least one sentence without stuttering. I can't wait to see him... I get lost in my thought while waiting for him, remembering last night very nice dream.

(Her dream) I was sitting in front of him talking about exams, biting my pen while looking at him. He said something funny and I giggled. He looked at me and said, "This is a lovely sound Cam...But how I would love to get you to make all kind of other sounds". I smiled and answered "Oh yeah? Show me then!" ("Only in my dream could I be so bold", I remind myself.) He stared at me with lust in his eyes, I could see in his look that he was telling me challenge accepted. He came to my side of the desk, slowly. He stared at me intensively. His hand caressed my face, his lips kissing my neck, making me shiver. His lips then found their way to mine and he kissed me passionately. His hand slowly getting down to my breast... Caressing it over my shirt suddenly pinching my nipples making me moan.


"H-hey C-Cam, are you feeling okay?" I hear a voice say and suddenly wake up from fantasy land.

To be continued...