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Kumiko looked across the room at Reina for what felt like the hundredth time. 

It was probably super obvious that her gaze kept wondering, especially considering she had to turn her head to even see the trumpets section, but she couldn't help it.

Reina was regarding her with a stare so intense it was causing the hairs on the back of her neck to stand on end. She had no idea what was prompting the attention; they'd been practicing the ensemble piece for thirty minutes and Reina's eyes had been piercing her back for most of them. If anything, it was a credit to her girlfriend that she could multi-task so thoroughly.

She tried to ask with a raised eyebrow what the reason behind the scrutiny was but Reina's gaze gave nothing away – as usual. In fact, the other girl looked amused. Meanwhile Kumiko was sweating from the attention. 

When Reina looked at her like that... like there was no one else that existed but her, her pulse would skyrocket, her heart would clench with a feeling so extreme it rendered her speechless, leaving her with a desire to do something reckless like march over there and invade her personal space and... demand answers. 

 Sighing, she figured that’s what it was like to love Kousaka Reina. Everything was so intense, all the time.


Asuka's blurry hand in front of her face broke her stare and Kumiko jumped out of her thoughts, catching a glimpse of Reina's small smirk before snapping around to face her classmate.

"Huh," she responded, rather unintelligently.

Asuka painted her with her patented exasperated expression. "What do you mean huh. Your playing is all over the place and you keep glancing over your shoulder like the grim reaper is holding up your death date. Seriously, what's got your attention-" As she looked around the room she happened to catch eyes with Reina, who was watching hers and Kumiko's conversation with great interest, and subsequently snorted. "Ah. Now I get it."

"Get what?" Kumiko asked, not following the conversation at all and actually hoping for a clue. She certainly wasn’t getting it.

 "You two need to keep your eye-fucking out of the practice room," she chortled, "because you can't multi-task."

Instantly Kumiko's mouth dropped open to defend herself. Of all the things to be accused of! But then she chanced another look behind her and Reina's devious half-smile was evidence enough. Her girlfriend was terrible. She knew how flustered Kumiko would get under her intense gaze, and to subject her to that where everyone could see...

Kumiko harumphed and straightened up. She could almost hear Reina's satisfied grin. Right. Okay. No more! She would play her socks off during the next run-through and prove Asuka wrong. 

When she opened her mouth to tell her as such, she noticed that she was sharing a grin with Kaori as though to say these idiots.

Flushing red, Kumiko cursed her position for what felt the millionth time. Her classmates had been insufferable upon discovering their relationship: laughter, teasing, jokes and innuendos for days and at every opportunity. Reina was unflappable as usual, but Kumiko blushed and stuttered every time, which encouraged them even more. A select few, that is. Asuka was the ringleader, of course, and Natsuki her second in command.

"Sorry guys, I have to take another call. It's from our sponsors. We'll meet back here in fifteen minutes if you want to grab a drink and stretch your legs," Taki-sensei told them, re-entering the classroom and holding up his phone.

The class murmured their assent, a little relieved at the prolonged break, and Kumiko took her chance to stand up out of Asuka's and Reina's eye lines. 

She needed fresh air - and to glare at her girlfriend. Reina was ahead of her, though, halfway out the door before turning around to make sure Kumiko was following.

She ignored Asuka's whistle as she left the room, her walk turning to a frustrated stomp as she tried to catch up with a flash of black hair as it whisked around the corner, heading towards the instrument storage room.

"Reina," she chastised, finally catching up and pushing the door closed behind her, hyped up from nerves and embarrassment and - "'mmph."

Lips collided with hers and hands gripped her upper arms, effectively pinning her to the door. Powerless, she stood there, letting her girlfriend kiss the sense right out of her. When Reina pulled back, allowing Kumiko a second to catch her breath and gather her thoughts, she was smiling her special smile that only occurred when she was incredibly pleased.

"Err..." Kumiko mumbled, her indignation falling flat.

Reina simply laughed and nudged her nose against the underside of her jaw, and Kumiko's eyes fluttered closed at the sensation. Wait. No! Remember the last half hour of practice! 

"Why do you keep staring at me today?" she finally managed to ask - though it came out as a whine - letting her arm curl around Reina's shoulders to cradle her close.

"Honestly? I've been thinking about you all day. Specifically, this." Reina let her hands slide to her hips, her breath tickling her lips. "I... have been very distracted by you. It only seemed fair that you shared my struggle."

Oh. That was... hot. Sadly. She was quickly losing her exasperation.

"Um, could you... not do that during practice?" Her voice was sounding weak to her own ears, and it wasn't exactly compelling when she kept glancing to her girlfriend’s smiling mouth. 

"This result is much more fun," Reina practically purred, pushing herself closer.

Eyes closing, Kumiko gave herself over to temptation and initiated their second kiss, losing herself fully to their embrace. Every encounter between them was so passionate. It was truly something to marvel over. Whether it was soft kisses on the train platform after school, hello kisses in the morning by the gates, or long, slow, hazy kisses when they were left alone in one of their rooms (admittedly a rarity). They all had the same searing quality, like they couldn’t get enough of one another.

This was no exception. Stolen kisses were Reina's kisses of choice lately; she seemed to enjoy driving Kumiko to breaking point and watching her unravel.

Kumiko didn't disappoint now, flipping her around so that it was her back pressed against the door, stealing her breath when her tongue touched the tip of hers. A moan made its way out of Reina's throat and Kumiko felt a surge of pleasure so exact that it made her bold - and stupid. Her next act was to nudge her leg between Reina's, pin her wrists to the door, and press her entire body against hers so there wasn't an inch between them.

Reina's resultant groan was enough to break her daze and she detangled their mouths, breathing heavily. Oh. This was new. They'd never made out quite like this before. With how her leg was pushed against her now, it was new ground for them, and she hadn't even intended to... She gulped, feeling a deep blush heat up her face. If she jumped back now, it would be so obvious; maybe she could play it off as an accident -

Reina however wasn't letting her get away with that. The look she was leveling her with was so fiery that Kumiko thought her legs might give way. Well. If that one leg wasn't...

Instead Reina met her eyes, wordlessly reassuring her that their position was okay, and in a move that would haunt Kumiko's sleeping and waking hours for weeks afterwards, wrapped a leg around Kumiko's hips to encourage her to press even more flush against her. 

Kumiko reflexively groaned, her eyes closing as she rested her forehead on Reina's shoulder. This was happening, wasn't it? She was actually in this position, in the middle of school, with her girlfriend looking at her with what could only be described as bedroom eyes. All logical thought had left her long ago.

She pushed her knee up just enough -

Reina's head fell back against the door and it was the hottest thing Kumiko had ever seen. It rendered her immobile; she was completely overwhelmed. Her knee was really... there. Until Reina gripped at her hair and yanked her in for a messy kiss. Eagerly, Kumiko kissed her back, still not moving her leg, and it was only when Reina's grip tightened that she thought about pushing against her more intimately when -

"Hey lovebirds! You in there? This is your two-minute warning from Cupid Asuka. Stop making out during practice time."

Kumiko shot back so suddenly she almost fell over and Reina was left grasping at air, her leg falling with a heavy thud.

Asuka started to laugh at the noise. "Whoops, guess I spoiled the mood."

"No-no," Kumiko stuttered, trying to make it better. "We're just..."

Reina rolled her eyes. Her uniform was rumpled, her pupils blown, but she still had more presence of mind. "We'll be out in a moment," she called out. 

Asuka laughed again before heading away from the door. Kumiko was watching Reina as though awestruck, her own uniform in disarray. 

Adjusting her crumpled skirt, Reina smiled, a little shy. "That was..."

"Yeah," Kumiko agreed, dumbly. Her pulse was pounding in her ears and her legs were shaking. She noticed Reina was leaning heavily against the door as though she were having trouble balancing.

Reina regarded her with a red-hot look. "I really hope my parents aren't home until late," she muttered, almost to herself. "I don't think a cold shower could fix this."

Kumiko ... well, she said goodbye to the last remnants of her sanity. Still a little shy, Reina watched her reaction, and Kumiko couldn't help but picture - she squeezed her eyes shut, listening to Reina's chuckle.

Affectionately, she said, "You're somehow cute and sexy and adorable all at the same time."

Kumiko let out an awkward laugh, her brain still hyper focused on the last thing. "You're, um. When you're by yourself, you... Alone, you...”

 "What." Reina tried to be teasing but her red cheeks gave her away. "You don't?"

Kumiko flushed to her feet. She couldn't believe what was happening. The last few minutes felt like a dream. But Reina was being open and vulnerable and they'd just crept into a whole new level of intimacy so -"Well, I ... yes?" Unsure why it came out as a question, Kumiko tried again and scuffed her feet, addressing her shoes. "Yes."

Reina propelled herself from the door and kissed Kumiko with so much force that they both almost tumbled into the bass cases. 

"Guys, seriously!" Asuka barked from outside the door.

The result was like a cold bucket of water being dumped on their heads, and they broke apart, breathing heavily.

 "We're coming!" Reina shouted, then she shot a flirty smirk at Kumiko, who was still looking disbelievingly at her lips. "Well, maybe soon."

And oh, Kumiko could hardly string a thought together as Reina held her hand and guided her back to the classroom, surreptitiously adjusting their clothes and hair to appear normal before sitting back down. 

Maybe soon.

She thought she was distracted before they left the classroom. Now she truly was a hopeless case. Her brain was pure fog. All she could think about was their intense make out session, of her own leg pushing Reina's apart and a flirtatious maybe soon imprinting into her brain. Maybe she’d never be able to think of anything else again. Ruined, forever.  

"Kumiko, is everything okay?"

Taki-sensei was addressing her and the whole room was looking in her direction.

Oh. Crap. She hadn't even put her instrument to her lips. She hadn’t even noticed anyone else playing. "F-fine. Sorry," she mumbled, sensing the amused eyebrow raise Asuka was giving her.

Her friends glanced at one another knowingly, and Nozomi was stifling a smirk. 

"I'm fine," she said again, her voice stronger.

She needed to get her act together! Before turning her attention back to her euph, she shot a glare towards the trumpets section  - she could almost hear Reina's pleased grin. Like a Cheshire Cat.

Kumiko sighed and braced herself for a long practice.


Later that night, after she'd bathed and settled into her room, she was plagued with thoughts of what her girlfriend was potentially doing at that very moment. Were her parents home? Would it be inappropriate to ask? Was all of that earlier stuff said in the heat of the moment and now it would be weird to continue the conversation? Worse, was Reina just joking? 

Before she could talk herself out of it, she found herself texting: Are your parents home?

Reina replied with a winky face.

Kumiko expelled a laugh and lay flat out on her bed. Her girlfriend would be the death of her. 


The next morning, they met on the train as usual. Early practices meant early travel times, and the sun was casting the train in its serene morning glow.

Reina greeted her as she normally would, with a soft smile reserved just for her. Kumiko tried to act natural but the knowledge of what may or may not have happened last night in Reina’s room as a result of their classroom escapades was on her mind, and she was a little afraid Reina could tell - most of the time she was convinced she was dealing with a mind reader. Sometimes it was a little creepy how well she could gauge her thoughts and mood.

Kumiko wasn't sure what she would do with the information either way, but it was a rush like no other to think that her girlfriend was so hot and bothered by their interactions that she needed to -

"Will you stop?" Reina laughed, clicking her fingers in front of her far off dazed look.

"W-what," she said defensively, trying not to look too guilty.

Reina's shoulder bumped hers. "You're terrible."

"Am not."

"How old are you, five?"

"Seventeen," she answered seriously, "and perfectly within my rights to ignore you."

Reina rolled her eyes, shuffling closer.

Kumiko glanced down at her exposed legs, where her socks ended and her skirt began, and cursed herself for being reduced to a messy ball of hormones. She really did need to get herself together. From now on, she wouldn't get flustered anymore! No longer would she give Reina the satisfaction. Nope. She could handle it. Even after the classroom incident, when she'd pinned Reina to the door, and she'd wrapped a leg around her waist to keep her there - 

"If you're that curious," Reina whispered into her ear, "I'll tell you all about my evening."

Kumiko huffed at her. Reina grinned at her and held up her hands in surrender.

They instead talked about yesterday's practice and their shared classes and how Nozomi was becoming as bad as Asuka for the innuendos. 

Before they knew it, their stop was coming up, but before Kumiko could stand up and prepare for the departure, Reina leaned into her ear, putting a hand on her knee, and breathed, "I did, though, if you're still wondering." 

She ended her words with a wink and Kumiko, stock still, almost missed their stop.


It turned out that simply wishing away her constant flustered state was simply that: wishful. Not after that comment. Kumiko feared she would have red cheeks forever. Even Shuuichi asked her what was wrong and they'd been awkwardly tiptoeing around one another ever since she'd told him about her relationship with Reina months prior.

Asuka laughed at her whenever their paths crossed, asking what the heck Reina was doing outside of class that had her so tongue-tied. Midori and Hazuki tried to leave a shred of her dignity in tact, opting to leave her to her privacy. Her best friends! Her most trusted advisors! Her knights in shi -

"So..." Midori asked at lunch, studying Kumiko curiously. "Have you and Reina done it yet?"

Kumiko proceeded to spit out a rather large mouthful of water.

"Whoa," Hazuki laughed. "That was impressive."

Coughing, Kumiko turned to her shyest friend in surprise.

"Sorry, sorry, we're best friends so I thought it was okay to ask! Plus I'm curious. Who else can I ask, you're the only one in a relationship?"

When Kumiko looked to Hazuki for support, she only received a shrug and a grin.

"Sorry, hand over the juicy details!" 

Kumiko groaned for a long while. Her friends were treacherous! "There's nothing to tell," she said after stalling. "We haven't..."

"Close, though?" Midori asked eagerly, leaning in.

"Um." Kumiko avoided both of her friends’ eyes and studied the sky instead. The cicadas chirped. "Maybe," she revealed.

Midori squeaked. "Go on, there's clearly more to tell than that!"

Oh, fine. These were her best friends. If the roles were reversed, she would be curious, too. Trying to be a good, understanding friend she opted for a little more truthfulness. "We, um, make out a lot. The other day... Well, when I was distracted in class, it was because of-"

She proceeded to detail their classroom escapade and Midori was practically swooning by the end. It was actually kind of nice to share, as embarrassing and intimate as it was. 

"Nice," Hazuki approved, drawing out the syllable. Then she sighed, "Wow, I really need a boyfriend."

Kumiko laughed and picked at the grass beneath her fingertips, feeling marginally better. 

"Reina is such a force to be reckoned with."

Kumiko sighed, knowing she sounded lovesick. "I know."

"Oh, gross, you're so in love," Hazuki teased, throwing a chocolate bar wrapper at her.

Midori clapped excitedly. "It's wonderful!" 

Before Kumiko could retaliate and launch a full-scale attack, the bell rang and all three sighed resignedly.

Time for P.E.


On the outdoor running track, the second year's stood stretching and chatting while their teacher checked attendance. It was a blazing hot, humid day and no one was looking very enthralled at the prospect of running laps. 

Reina was standing with a friend from her math’s class, idly chatting. She had gotten a little more socialable that year. Kumiko lifted a hand in a wave and Reina nodded at her. 

Midori watched them and let out a dreamy sigh.

"They literally waved at one another," Hazuki laughed at her, poking her friend's arm. 

Kumiko still blushed. Even from across a field, Reina's stare had her taut with attention. 

"She's coming over here," Midori squealed.

"She's your friend too-" Kumiko started to say.

"Hi," Hazuki interrupted, greeting Reina when she approached, ignoring her bickering friends. "Ignore them."

Reina's lips twitched. "I try to."

Kumiko rolled her eyes. She was about to ask her girlfriend if she was ready to run a bunch of awful, sweaty laps in ridiculous-degrees celsius when she noticed that Reina's gaze was fixed on her legs. Upon being caught by Kumiko's raised eyebrow, she actually turned a little pink. Interesting. Had she come over to ogle her? The gym outfits were more revealing than anything else they wore.  Suddenly, the upper hand had her a little punch drunk and Kumiko grinned. She could get used to it. 

"Are you setting off with us?" Midori asked, oblivious to the power play. "Slow and steady wins the race. Although I guess there's no other way with me!"

"She's way too competitive for that," Kumiko snorted, knowing Reina would wipe the floor with everyone not on the track team. 

Reina leveled her with a cocky grin. "What can I say, I can't resist a challenge." 

Oh, jeez, that should not be a turn on. Reina must have noticed her eyes dilate because her grin widened. 

Clearing her thoughts, Kumiko broke their gaze, and Midori watched them excitedly. "You guys are the cutest," she breathed out.

Hazuki, watching their heated eye contact, muttered, "Cute isn't the word I'd use." 

Content that their dynamic was fixed, Reina flipped her hair and strode over to the starting line with no further words. 

"Damn it," Kumiko cursed.

Her brief time as flusterer as opposed to flust-ee was short lived. Perhaps running off some of this frustration wouldn’t be so bad after all.

As expected, Reina wiped the floor with all of them, including half the track team. She was sweating, drinking from a water bottle when Kumiko finally crossed the finish line, rather proud at not wheezing herself to an early grave. Hands on her knees, she puffed out a few extra breaths, focusing on her breathing until she noticed a shadow at her feet. Looking up, Reina's grin greeted her; she was holding a bottle of water out towards her and Kumiko gratefully accepted it, gulping it down. Aware of Reina's attention, she self-consciously ran a hand through her hair to remove the loose strands from her face. Her girlfriend managed to look sexy coated in sweat after running laps; she thought her own hair was growing from the humidity. There were people milling around them, and their coach was still holding a stopwatch and keeping track of people's finishing times. 

"What are you doing later?" Reina murmured, her eyes flickering from her hair to her collarbone to her neckline in rapid succession.

"Nothing, really. Homework," she revealed. "It's my sister's turn to cook, too." She tried to be observant to the reason behind her girlfriend’s query - Reina always was vague and mysterious -  figuring it a stroke of genius by offering, "Would you like to come over for dinner? My parents are out late at some event at my dad’s work so it's a mostly empty house."

Though her parents were never going to let her have her girlfriend over while she was alone, it was perfectly reasonable with her sister around. Even though her sister could care less about them closing the door to her bedroom. She did level Kumiko with lots of knowing looks, but she never commented. Her sister was cool like that - sometimes. 

"Perfect," Reina agreed, surprisingly quickly. 

Perhaps that was Reina’s motive all along.

Kumiko went over to her sports bag where she’d stashed her phone and quickly sent off a message to her sister to make sure she made enough food for three. Her sister sent back a teasing heart eyes emoticon. Kumiko sighed. Everyone loved teasing her. By the time she went back over to Reina, who was standing there looking like a model for their P.E uniforms, Asuka had sniffed them out and honed in on an opportunity. Her class was over on the tennis courts, but the older girl had wandered over during their refreshments break.

"Kumiko! You have a little something..." She motioned to her neck and Kumiko almost squeaked as she slapped a hand across her own neck, praying it wasn't a bruise. 

Reina rolled her eyes at her. "She's teasing you." 

"Oh." Kumiko glared at her and Asuka chuckled.

"Oh, stop, you're too easy," she grinned, then teased, "Then again, maybe not, I bet Reina here is best friends with her own ha - OW! Kaori!" she grumbled, rubbing her arm from where Kaori had hit her.

"Leave them alone," she chastised. "You are terrible."

As Asuka suitably apologized for her inappropriate behaviour, Reina motioned to Kumiko to follow her out of earshot. 

"I hope you and your hand are happy together," Kumiko drawled, making light of it as she sent another glare over in Asuka’s direction; she’d already bounded back over to her class, not a care in the world. 

She and Reina often laughed at their classmates’ more ludicrous behaviour. Asuka was getting more and more obscene with her comments, however, and Kumiko was almost intrigued at what she'd say next. 

Reina sent another blazing look in her direction and Kumiko fell automatically silent. 

"My hand... is a poor substitute for you," Reina said huskily, tugging on the end of her t-shirt. 

Since her hair was tied up, Kumiko couldn't escape her eyes; instead she let a few nonsense syllables slip out, utterly out of her depth. Since discovering Reina did... things after some of their encounters, it made the teasing so much more visceral, so real.

Then her resolve strengthened. She could handle this! Reina was being a massive flirt and Kumiko was letting her gain the upper hand again: this time she needed to give as good as she got.

"I can see that being the case," she said, hearing her voice as though from far away, heart pounding, "considering that I’m sure my own hand isn't quite as satisfying."

She heard Reina's inhalation of breath, felt the grip on her shirt tighten. She looked almost pleased.

"I really want to come over tonight," Reina revealed, almost sweetly. She did linger on a few choice syllables and Kumiko's neck flushed. 

Wait, was she insinuating - 

"Are you okay?" Reina teased, her fingertips stroking the soft skin beneath her t-shirt, just barely grazing her stomach. 

Kumiko might have whimpered. 

Satisfied, Reina stepped back and observed her. "I love where we are in our relationship."

"M-me too." 

If she survived the night, she’d be rather impressed.



As promised, Reina followed her home.

After kicking off their shoes, greeting Kumiko's sister, and dumping their bags in her room, they wandered back into the living room, very aware that they couldn't sneak off for long when dinner was being prepared.

"How's school?" her sister asked, spooning rice into bowls.

Reina politely responded, "Fine, thank you. We're focused on practicing for nationals."

"Ah, that explains the early mornings," she said. "And Kumiko’s bedhead, which I swear is getting more impressive by the day. That piece you're practising is beautiful, by the way, I can't wait to hear it. It has a solo doesn't it?"

"She's playing it," Kumiko said proudly, choosing to ignore the bedhead comment, and Reina flashed her a smile. 

Mamiko observed them and let out a quiet chuckle. She really liked Reina, admiring her work ethic and intensity. As for Kumiko, she'd never been more proud of her as when she'd told her parents that she was dating a girl. She’d stood up at dinner and blurted it out with no finesse, but that was her little sister: foolhardy, a little bit reckless, and passionate.

Things were different in their household - and for the better.

"Here you go." Her sister brought the remaining dishes to the table and they all put their hands together before digging in. 

Throughout dinner, Kumiko's sister was talkative, playing the perfect host (she always was on her best behavior around company), and Reina, who was usually uncomfortable with, well, most people, spoke openly and honestly. Kumiko felt so at peace that this was her life: that her girlfriend was welcomed to the family, and that Reina liked her family in return. Last year, this fluidity seemed impossible. Last year she had been trying hard to get rid of her feelings for Reina. How life could change for the better, she thought, glancing to the side at her girlfriend’s profile, poking at her food absent-mindedly. Long, silky hair, intense eyes, pale skin, and her chest - 

Her sister cleared her throat and Kumiko jumped. Getting distracted again and at the dinner table no less! Reina, understanding what must have happened, let her fingertips brush against Kumiko's leg beneath the table reassuringly and Kumiko shifted in her seat at the contact, flustered. 

"Right, I'll wash up," Mamiko said, waving off Reina's offer to carry dishes over to the sink. "It’s fine. Go and study. Mom and dad won't be out all night."

With that, she shooed them off, but not before acknowledging Kumiko's sheepish yet grateful look. They weren’t about to look a gift horse in the mouth, both trying not to bound off too eagerly.

"I like your sister," Reina remarked, settling down on the edge of the bed.

It never failed to make Kumiko feel hot under the collar, having her girlfriend over and in her room. It took her a moment to catch up with her words. "Yeah, she's been really cool lately."

Reina watched her hover by the door of her own room. "Are you sitting down?" she teased.

Kumiko smiled and rubbed the back of her neck. 

"Surely you're not nervous. Not only have we been dating now six months, but I’ve been over here before."

"I'm not nervous! Just..."


"Stop being terrible," she huffed, not even sure how to explain her constant flustered state.

Reina regarded her. "If it helps, I get those feelings too. Like I can’t believe any of this is happening, in the best way. I'm just better at hiding it. You turn as red as a tomato whenever someone even looks at us."

Kumiko laughed, the tension easing. Reina was right: they'd been together for a long time. This part should be easy.

She hadn’t always been so tongue-tied. At first, she'd handled their dating well, only losing her head minimally, but lately they'd started kissing a whole lot more and new feelings were stemming from it, which made her feel out of her depth and nervous and wanting. It was a difficult landscape to maneuver: she didn't know what was too much, or how to handle the intensity of her own feelings. Meanwhile Reina was taking great pleasure in taking advantage of her state and flustering her. 

Out of your head, she told herself, going over to sit on the bed. However, just as she was about to breathe out a thank you, sorry for being such a head case lately, Reina swallowed her sentence with a kiss, immediately cupping her face and slipping her tongue in her mouth.

Kumiko's surprise was muffled, fortunately, because her sister was still outside. 

Reina made quick work of rendering her a mess; by the end of the first minute, she'd pushed Kumiko back onto the bed, hovering over her with the clear intention of straddling her hips. 

As for Kumiko, she'd gotten over the initial shock, responding enthusiastically by tangling her fingers in Reina's silky tresses. She could never get enough of Reina’s satiny hair. 

This was new for them, too. Lying on a bed, kissing with fervour. Perhaps this was why Reina wanted to come over...

Kumiko wasn't complaining. In moments like these, all her stresses melted away; she was content to kiss and be kissed. Instinct guided her, and she found herself bold, prompting her to switch their positions. With unlearned deftness, she flipped them around, Reina landing on her back. Kumiko wasted no time in straddling her hips and kissing the breath right out of her, and this time it was Reina arching into her, pawing at her desperately. Like this, she was coming undone. 

It made her a little delirious to think that it was her actions doing this, that no mater how collected she was at school, around other people, even with her, sometimes, flirting with a stoicism, all of her inhibitions left her when Kumiko kissed her into the mattress. 

A hazy feeling pulled her out of current exploration of her girlfriend’s mouth. A sudden pressure on her chest. She sucked in a breath. 

Reina's hand was resting on her breast, cupping it tentatively. She sought her eyes, breathing heavily. "Is this okay?" she whispered, already in the process of shifting it.

For a moment, Kumiko took note of their position; she was half laying on Reina, their skirts bunched, shirts creased; she had both hands on either side of Reina's head, propping her up, and Reina's legs were becoming entwined with hers. But her hands had ventured, one hand sending a gentle pressure in a place no one had ever touched before. 

The knowledge sent a throb through her whole body.

"It's okay," she whispered back, watching the heat flare in Reina's eyes. She shifted slightly to get more comfortable and Reina took the opportunity to arch upwards for her mouth, putting more pressure on her chest.

Wow. Okay. That was a new feeling. It made her want to do the same thing to her. Kumiko let herself be thoroughly kissed, cloudy with arousal. She was so lost in this new, intense feeling that she hardly registered that she’d forgotten to at least put music on, or keep quiet, and it was only when her sister tapped on the door, half-laughing as she said, “Kumiko, I said it was okay for you to spend some time alone, not lose your virginity with me in the next room. Cut it out!” that she realised where she was. 

It took a long time after that for Kumiko to remove her hands from her head, and for Reina to coax her into a sitting position, she herself trying not to be so utterly mortified.

Such was the life of teenagers who never had a true second alone.

Getting interrupted was becoming as standard as the kissing itself. Whenever they escaped for a moment alone, whether that was sneaking off at school, lingering in their bedrooms at home, or trying to find somewhere outside of those places – a difficult feat these days as it was getting colder – they were constantly on a clock, knowing their time together was short-lived.

She’d been frustrated for weeks. Reina wasn’t faring any better. She’d lost her teasing edge. It wasn’t like she expected things to go further between them, and they hadn’t exactly discussed it, but it was more a matter of seeing what would happen, if they had the time and privacy.

This time, it was Reina who had the house to herself. Her parents were on a brief trip to Tokyo, and she’d wasted no time inviting her girlfriend over, eager for a long stretch of uninterrupted time. She’d cook dinner, create a romantic atmosphere... while forgetting to tell her parents that she was having Kumiko over at all. In fact, her parents were quite against it, warning her not to do anything reckless while they were away. As a safety measure, they’d vowed to call their home later that evening, and then call Kumiko’s house to check that she was there. If she was ‘out at a friend’s’ they would immediately know. Kumiko had had to beg her sister to be the one to answer the phone.

“You’re putting me in a weird position,” she’d complained, hearing her out. “Besides, I do not want to be the instigator of my baby sister’s loss of virtue. Or whatever. This is really weird, Kumiko.”

“I know, I know, I’m sorry! Mom and dad wouldn’t understand, obviously. They don’t even know I’m going to Reina’s... they think I’m at a group sleepover. Please please please-" 

“Okay! Jeez, I’ll cover for you.”

“You’re the best!” Kumiko beamed, throwing her arms around her.

Mamiko chuckled, patting her head. “I know I am.” Then she turned serious. “Can I just ask that... You don’t act recklessly. You think before you act. I’m probably assuming... but you and Reina have been going out for a while, and you’re hardly secretive about your sneaking off together. Just... be careful with your heart.”

Kumiko smiled at her, holding back tears, touched. “Thank you, Onee-chan. I don’t know what will happen, honestly, and it’s not even the point of the evening. I just want to spend some time with her.”

“Ugh, you’re such a sap,” Mamiko complained, pushing her away.

Kumiko laughed, in an exuberant mood.

“Don’t forget to shave your legs,” Mamiko called out with a chuckle as she bounded off to pack.

As promised, Reina served her dinner.

They’d been acting like adults for the past hour now, swilling juice around their cups as though it were wine and having airy-fairy conversations about the economy. It made them giggle – and it took the edge off. There was no denying it: the atmosphere between them was loaded.

Reina had answered the phone to her parents, reassuring them she was alone, and Mamiko had text Kumiko to say she’d covered for her.

It was just them. No interruptions.

Kumiko sat back in her chair after helping Reina clean up, unsure where to go from there. She should suggest a movie so things wouldn’t get awkward -

“Film,” she blurted out inelegantly.

Reina looked at her from the kitchen.

Sheepishly, Kumiko rubbed the back of her neck. “Err, right, we should... watch a movie.”

Reina nodded slowly, a little put out. Quickly, Kumiko scrabbled up, marching into the living room and desperately flicking through the TV channels. Anything would do. Anything to distract her from her pulse rate.

Reina joined her on the sofa with two cups of tea, not so furtively watching Kumiko panic and flail, keeping a small smile to herself.

“There’s nothing on TV!” Kumiko exclaimed, actually starting to sweat.


A hand touched hers and she inhaled sharply; she needed to calm down, for her own health. 

“Sorry,” she mumbled, squeezing her hand.

Reina entwined their fingers, shuffling to fully face her. “There’s nothing to be nervous about.”

Kumiko nodded. Reina had a very calming presence when she wanted to, and it was helping restore calm.

“I know we’re alone and I invited you over so we could spend time together, but it wasn’t necessarily to...” Reina trailed off, a sure sign that she too was a little embarrassed.

The thought gave Kumiko confidence. “Let’s find something to watch,” she said sweetly, balance restored. She could do this! 

Twenty minutes later and they’d moved to Reina's bedroom, Kumiko’s fingers entangled in Reina’s hair with Reina holding her by the hips to the back of her closed door, thoroughly kissing her. They seemed to have a thing for doors lately. A moan slipped from her throat when Reina started to kiss down her neck, gripping her hips more forcefully, and it was all Kumiko could do to stay upright and breathe. The sensations were overwhelming, aided by the fact that they were utterly alone, that this wasn’t another case of snatching time.

Reina, too, was fully aware of this, a little frenzied in her actions.

Kumiko flipped them, gripping Reina’s arms to pin her there, leaning her body up against her just like in the classroom. She was running on pure instinct.

Their kissing soon slowed, going from frenzied to deliciously slow. Kumiko wasn’t sure which was better, only that she was losing her mind. During a brief moment when their mouths separated, she took an opportunity to clear her mind and rest her forehead against Reina’s, still breathing heavily. She could feel Reina’s chest against hers.

“Do you want...” she managed to say, impressed she’d strung that much of a sentence together.

Reina lifted her head so their eyes could meet. Her gaze was smouldering. “Yes,” she responded, confidently and easily.

Kumiko might have squeaked; she might have nodded; she might have said something in return. She felt herself being led over to the bed, being pushed down on it; she felt her shirt being removed; she watched herself as though from a different angle remove Reina’s clothes and marvel at her beauty.

What proceeded was the most intense, wonderful, magical, awkward, endearing experience of her life.

After, coated in sweat and sporting a full body flush, Kumiko was still seeing stars. Her body felt lethargic – and sore. A pleasant kind of sore, though. She felt... airy and light and very much in love. She also felt the bubblings of desire to do it all over again. She traced a lazy pattern on Reina’s hip, trying to ground herself in reality.

Reina was still breathing heavily, peering up at the ceiling in wonder.

“That was... unexpectedly great.”

Before Kumiko could delve into that, Reina quickly pacified her with: ”Not that I thought it would be bad. It’s just... I guess everyone warns you that your first time isn’t supposed to be enjoyable? However, this was very much evidence to the contrary.”

Satisfied, and a little shy, Kumiko snuggled closer. “I can’t really find the words.”

Reina smiled into her hair, stroking loose tendrils. “Then I’ll find them, for once. Kumiko, I’m stupidly in love with you and sharing that experience with you meant the world to me.”

Kumiko’s heart felt fit to burst; she knew right there and then that this was her forever love. How could she feel so intensively for anyone else? She found herself fiddling with the blanket before asking, sheepishly, “So, um, do you want to do it again?”


They ended up doing it four more times that night, and by the next morning Kumiko was convinced she was addicted to Reina's lips: she'd even dreamt about kissing her. They'd hardly slept, however, not wanting to waste the opportunity.

Stretching out beside her the following morning, her body sore and lethargic in the best possible way, she couldn't remember a time when she'd ever been this happy, like her world was aligned just right. The birds could have been chirping... or the cicadas buzzing. It was still summer after all. 

A blissful quiet had descended over the room. The first to awake, Reina took to throwing an arm and a leg over her beneath the sheets, snuggled into the crook of her neck, and Kumiko woke up feeling tingles in line with Reina rubbing her leg against hers.

"Hey." Kumiko's grin was blinding. 

In response Reina gave her a deep kiss. For a second she worried it would be awkward between them, the morning-after syndrome, but it was far from it; she felt relaxed, sated and more connected than ever. 

They made breakfast together, exchanging shy, knowing glances. Once sitting at the table, the peaceful air cumulated, dosing the morning with a serene glow. 

 Except... Kumiko was finding it hard to focus on Reina's face when she knew intimately what the rest of her looked like.

"Pervert," Reina snorted, taking a bite of her toast.

With a start, Kumiko spluttered and blushed, effectively sealing her fate. But then she caught Reina gazing at her legs two minutes later with a burning intensity. She really did have a thing for her legs. With the way she'd caressed them last night -

She cleared her throat, shuffling on her seat. 

Reina sent another raised eyebrow her way. She didn't even need to say pervert out loud anymore. 

Kumiko rolled her eyes, both at herself and the situation. Surely Reina didn't have a right to call her anything after last night; she was there, she knew what Reina's face looked like when she -

"My parents will be back by soon," Reina sighed, drumming her fingers across the table.

Again, Kumiko's eyes zeroed in on the action. Reina had lovely hands. Almost as though she could tell what she was thinking, Reina countered her gaze with her own fervent gaze full of intention.

"Noon..." Kumiko trailed off.

Reina's eyes flashed with promise. "I think there's something I need to show you in my bedroom."

"Really. I'm rather interested in what that could be."

"You should be. I think you'll find it very pleasing."

Reina's grin was wolffish and Kumiko's insides twisted. What if she was actually becoming addicted to Reina's, well, everything? Or perhaps it was too late to worry about that; she'd fallen long, long ago. 

She grabbed Reina's hand and yanked her upstairs, both girls laughing when they stumbled on the stairs. Clothes were removed and dropped in quick succession, and if their fifth time occurred against Reina's bedroom door, then so be it. They apparently had a thing for doors. 

After, huddled together on the floor, bits of odd clothing draped over them and out of breath, Reina sent a glance her way and snorted at the state of her hair.

"Sex hair," she confirmed, sounding rather proud.

Kumiko tried to run a hand through it but shrugged when she hit a tangle. Perhaps she had a few clumps missing, too; Reina's hands had entwined themselves rather tightly during that particular escapade. She grinned.

"What?" Reina inquired.

Kumiko grinned at her. "Nothing, really, I just ... really like you."

"Idiot," she sighed, leaning her head on her shoulder and identifying a blooming bruise on her thigh. 

It was with great regret that they didn't get to shower together before Reina's parents got home.

Kumiko was wincing a little on her journey home, but each step was a reminder of their night together, and she was grateful for the pain; it was a weird mix of satisfying and sore. 

Maybe I am a pervert, she reckoned, entering her house and trying to shake the thoughts lest anyone cottoned on to her so-called impure state. She felt like she was glowing. Weirdly, she also felt older, like she'd reached a milestone. 

Mamiko, pouring herself a cup of coffee in the kitchen, took one look at her and snorted. Loudly. Her mother, sitting on the sofa, twisted to face her youngest daughter, beginning to ask about her evening before abruptly stopping, raising an eyebrow.

"What," Kumiko squeaked, self conscious - what if she had a bruise on her neck or something equally embrassing? Perhaps she should have done a full body scan before slinking out the front door. 

Her mother shook her head a little, exchanging a glance with Mamiko. Kumiko didn't have the patience for their silent conversation; she needed a shower and to collect herself. 

Later, when Mamiko barged into her room, Kumiko lolling on her bed as she text Reina, she let out another snort and grinned, "You're still glowing. As much as I don't want to know, I do want to know. So, spill."

Kumiko sighted woefully - but she owed her sister for covering for her. "It was .... magical."


"Shut up!"

"Very, very gay. It's no wonder mom picked up on it."


"Yeah, duh. You came in practically floating, a stupid grin on your face. O fair maiden, etc. I think the whole neighbourhood could tell. Just don't be surprised when mom gives you the talk, or gets extra strict and you find yourself chaperoned to everything."

Kumiko face-planted the bed, groaning long and hard. Goodbye sweet freedom. 


It was true: she and Reina had to sneak around a lot more after that – they could hardly get away with constant un-supervision considering they both lived with their families. Indeed, both sets of parents were keen on them spending absolutely no alone time together whatsoever; it was only Mamiko who gave them any space, and she was out of the house what with her salon prep underway. Though her mom hadn't explicitly said anything, it became rather obvious that her intention was to prevent Kumiko from being an adult under her roof. Which Kumiko could respect, to a degree. Her own hormones violently disagreed. She wasn't about to argue her case, however. She'd live in the bubble where her mom assumed her innocence and she said nothing to the contrary. Reina's own home was a similar situation: she had a feeling both their mothers had corresponded since that night and devised a plan to prevent them from doing it again. Ever. That was Kumiko's theory and she was sticking to it. In all likelihood, there was no conspiracy, just two sets of parents concerned over their children's wellbeing. She only hoped her dad didn't know.  

As a consequence of their frequent interuptions, every glance between her and Reina was so intense that Asuka had started to complain.

“Gross, gross, no, ew, stop it, I don’t wanna know,” she said pushing her chair far away from Kumiko’s as she watched Reina leave the room for individual practice.

“What?” she asked defensively, guiltily.

“Did you two have sex or something? You’re being more unbearable than usual.”

“Um – no?”

“You did! You really did! KAORI,” she yelled delightedly, making Kumiko blush. “This one is banging her girlfriend every spare second of the day!”

“ASUKA that’s not-”

“Asuka,” Kaori predictably sighed. “It’s not our business, and I’m sure Kumiko doesn’t appreciate you talking about this in school.”

“Pfft. What am I expected to do, not talk about it? Impossible. This one’s loss of purity is my business. I’m her senpai, her wise leader. I’m meant to be guiding her through life.”

Despite her harsh blush, Kumiko couldn’t help but roll her eyes.

“So.” She faced her directly, a gleam in her eye. “How was it?”

Spluttering, Kumiko managed to wheeze, “I’m not answering that.”

“What’s Reina like? I always imagined she’d be – OW!”

She rubbed her head where Kaori whacked her, and Kumiko looked at the other girl gratefully. Her entire body felt like it was on fire, and not in the good way that Reina caused.

“Can we stop talking about this?” she begged.

“Fine!” Asuka muttered, still rubbing her head. “Later, however...” She grinned predatorily and Kumiko actually gulped. She mimed firing a gun. “This is only the beginning.”

“REINA!” Asuka bounded over to during a quiet moment in practice the following day, and Kumiko almost slipped off her chair. “This one here tells me you’re a wildcat in bed,” she smirked without preamble, pointing a finger.


Reina, however, was as unflappable as ever. “Did she also tell you that I made her come five times the first night we spent together?”

Asuka gapped for a long moment. “Touché. You win. I gift you three full days of zero innuendos. I doth my cap.”

Reina mock bowed.

The people closest to them merely stared and Kumiko let out a noise halfway between a squeak and a groan, falling back into her chair in disbelief.

When Taki-Sensei asked them what was wrong five minutes later, Midori frantically fanning Kumiko, no one dared utter a word – or more accurately, couldn’t seem to find the words.

“We’re ready, Sensei,” Reina said innocently, and Natsuri (who was giggling in the corner with Yuuko) gave her a smile of admiration for her quick recovery.

Kumiko refused to speak with her for the rest of the day. 

That was until she kissed her after getting off the train, forgetting she was supposed to be mad. 

That was what it meant to love Kousaka Reina, she thought, watching her walk forward with her hand outstretched, dark hair flowing in the breeze with that signature glint in her eye. Everything was so intense, all the time. And yet, she thought, entwining their fingers to walk beside her, she wouldn't have it any other way.