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History Lesson

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~ Unexpected Events ~

The day had been a normal day, well, normal for an Android living on a space station descending everyday into the hell that was Old-Earth and fighting Machines for the sake of Humanity living on the moon.

Yea, a 'Normal Day'.

Pre-checks on his own system followed by checks on 2B, he got to work pretty quickly, descending to Earth via transport and going about their daily tasks of cleaning out Machines and working for Resistance; today he was even given a present by Pascal.

Unsure if he should even take a present from a Machine, he thought it couldn't hurt and used a muddy puddle to adjust the bow on his head. The baby-blue bow sat on a forty-five degree angle on the left side of his head.

It was pretty and it was a nice present. For a Machine, Pascal was nice.

Walking through the ruins of the city, 9S actually felt a skip in his step as he jumped from tip-toe to tip-toe across the broken concrete. He was smiling! Today felt great!

"Hey 2B, Command says we've done enough today, we can return to the Bunker or we can stay on Earth for some relaxation?" She asked, approaching his partner from behind and sitting down next to her, legs hanging over the edge of the hole where they found the space ship.

The female android's heels make a click on the sediments and bits of cement left of parking lots and old sidewalks. The two had roamed the ruins that echoed of lives past, many times. It was no longer such a sad sight, desolation. It was normalised to the point where 2B could stare out at the skyscrapers taken over by plant life and the collapsed structures without even thinking about their lost creators. She often wondered if that was beneficial or deeply troubling.

The docile members of the Machine village were kind and lent them a great deal of aid this day. They'd even received gifts from the leader of the village. Pascal had appeared to be kind and warm hearted, a strange contrast to the hostility that came from most machines. Despite Pascal's absolute neutrality, 9S still hesitated to accept such pleasantries from something he was told to obliterate upon contact. That much, 2B could understand but, she rarely hesitated to do anything anymore.

As the two had walked, she watched him adjust the bright blue bow he'd received. He'd been fixing it up like it had to be just right, like it was supposed to be the mark of some great accomplishment or something that would impress someone. The taller female didn't care much for appearances or making an impression on others. She didn't see much of a point in getting attached to others and stayed as elusive as possible to avoid getting emotional.

The pair sat at the cave-in they'd found, housing an unfamiliar ship. Her high heels dangled over the edge; most would find this precarious but, to the two simulacra, it was a place to rest their feet and discuss what to do next. A warm wind carried her silken silver hair, along with her dangerously short skirt. Oddly, she didn't care about her backside being exposed as it had nothing to do with anything relevant to the mission so, she enjoyed the wind caress her synthetic skin; it felt nice.

His question pierced the silence, but not in an intrusive kind of way. Her grey-blue eyes, obscured by her regulation visor had glided over to him; she almost smirked at the sight of him with that bow on his head. Her full lips parted, ready to ask something she typically didn't give him the option to choose.

"What would you prefer, 9S?"

"What would... I prefer?" 9S paused and bit his lip. "I am not the mission leader, you are but..." He bit his lip and looked down at the deep pit.

"Command has sent down teams to check out the ship but have left it for now. Maybe we can take a look inside? With our fight with Adam and Eve, I've not had chance to go back and look." He suggested, a soft smile on his lips.

"Unless you want to go fishing or perhaps go to the amusement park?" He suggested, his eyes looking down at the hole, he did want to go look.

2B should have known he'd be curious about the alien mother ship they'd found when confronting Adam and Eve. With a subtle nod, she agreed to let him go.

"Just don't mess with anything. We don't know what their technology is capable of."

With a huge grin appearing on his lips, 9S jumped off and let POD drift him down. He landed and began to stroll through the water and into the cave. He made it inside the ship without any problem, there were no machines nor any guards from Yorha.

He was what humans would have called a 'nerd', he loved to learn and an alien ship would be full of knowledge.

As soon as 9S made the leap, 2B followed him down the hole, mirroring his actions of grabbing onto her Pod, letting it gently place her onto the ground. The combat android stayed behind him, watching his back to be certain no one would interrupt or attack. There were no hostiles in the area but, with their line of work, they could never truly be certain they were safe on Earth.

If it were her, she wouldn't have even bothered to look at this aircraft. It was from their enemies home world and she was never the type to be curious about things she didn't readily have to look into. The no-nonsense girl was sort of eager to see if 9S could find something of use in there but, there was also a pit in her stomach telling her that things were about to get really messy. Perhaps that's why she felt it necessary to stand guard.

Tapping away at several consoles, 9S tried to activate something, anything! He wasn't doing very well at it until he jumped back suddenly, the console sparking intensely.

There was a loud humming and he bit his lip, stepping back. "2B.. I think.. I think something is happening.." he called out and turned to face her. The moment she would turn to face him there was a flash, milliseconds before the flash was a wave that came through 9S and towards 2B

Hearing the tone in 9S' voice as he'd informed her something was happening, 2B whirled around to face him, only to be hit with a huge flash of light. All cognition ceased at that moment. She was drifting in a void of unconsciousness. 2B hadn't even know what'd hit her.

It was like she'd met death at the hands of the same creatures that obliterated her creators. That thought had only processed after some jostling. Still unable to hear, she could at least think now. Was her body beyond repair and her data would just remain? What a cruel fate but, at least 9S would be...

"2B!... 2B!... wake up... 2B.." Shaking her, 9S was dizzy and his sensors were shut down and restarting.

Air left his chest and 9S hit something metal, a trash can?

"Look what we got 'ere. A little boy in a old uniform and a sexy maid..." Some voice laughed, a foot pressing 9S' head into the dirt. His eyes were rebooted and he saw a black android, multiple black androids.

Wait, his visor was picking up.. life... human life!

"Boys.. take care of the girl.. I'll be handling the boy." The guy laughed and leaned down, pressing something into his face. A gun!

"No.. leave her alone... 2B.. wake up!" 9S called out, trying to get to her but was kicked again. Wincing, he tried to attack the man with his sword, only to find the sword missing from his arsenal.

"Fucking piece of shit! We'll kill her after we've done with her. You.. we don't need little boys.."


*Internal Damage, Left eye socket damaged, internal damage to brain-case.*

The men turned to face 2B, leaving the bleeding 9S in the trash.

'What's going on?' 2B thought to herself. It was then that her lids fluttered opened, revealing crystal blue optics. After a moment of blatant confusion, her eyes widened. There were androids above her, appearing to be attempting to access what was beneath her skirt. Blurred vision caught sight of a bloodied 9S and that was when her innate combat programming kicked in.

Feeling around for her sword, she was shocked to find it nowhere near her. he must've dropped it when that light hit her. Where was she? There was no time to think. She had to act quickly so she could try and fix up 9S.

"What do you think you're doing?" Her monotone was much more fierce and foreboding as she kicked one of them with such force that he'd flown back and created a hole in a nearby brick wall. Clacking sounds could be heard as she stood up. Thankfully, being a battle android meant that she could fight without a weapon. Without missing a beat, she delivered a hard punch in the nose to one of them and a kick to the stomach to the other.

Without thinking, she picked 9S out of the trash and cradled him in her arms as she began to sprint down what appeared to be a city street.

"That idiot! I knew this was a bad idea. Those bastards are lucky I didn't have time to kill them." She continued to book it until she came across a shoreline. Setting him down on the bank, she knelt beside him.

They couldn't stay there for long, surely they'd find her again, despite having ran all the way to the outskirts of the city.

Finally, the epiphany had finally struck her with the force of a Goliath class machine attack. "Those were...humans. Where are— When are we?" An even worse realisation crept up on her, causing her to be a bit more frantic.

There were no supplies to do core system maintenance in this place. The bandages she kept in her dress would have to do for now. Even to androids, loss of synthetic blood could be fatal. She'd done what she watched Devola and Popola do countless times at the Resistance camp and wrapped up his wounds tightly, patching up the ones nearest any sockets or holes.

"9S! 9S are you alright?" She cupped his cheek, a look of worry was clear on her face now that she couldn't hide behind her visor. It'd flown off while she was fighting those violators.