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Friends call me Snow Miser

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Loki was not happy about this living arrangement.

Thor was constantly looking at him warily as they sat in the avengers common room, on his first day stuck on midguard. 

Loki currently had on metal bounds, forged by the dark elves, and shut around his wrists tightly by Odin himself. They stopped all of his magic, the only thing he could still do was shape shift, because it came naturally with his frost giant magic.

When the spider boy had found out his race, he had said “A Wendy’s frosty, 99 cents,” as Loki recalled, then proceeded to cover his mouth in shame. Stark had begun calling him “ Reindeer games.” Strange that it was his only first day here and he already had two aliases. Midguardian customs were odd, especially the way they were oh so invested in nicknames. 

Thor spoke loudly, breaking his train of thought. “ Brother, why are your eyes no longer blue?”

That caught him off guard. Loki tensed and fidgeted with his bounds nervously. “What do you speak of oaf?” He stared daggers at Thor and moved away from him, showing him ‘ask it again and I’ll kill you.’ 

However, The thunderer persisted. “They are back to their original green. From before you...” Thor faltered. “ Before you fell from the bi-frost.” His sweet brother looked at him with concern.

Thor was almost stunned to see saddness and regret in Loki’s now dull emerald orbs, and then his green eyes suddenly flickered ice blue and a scowl was drawn across his little brothers face. 

Loki held his head and seethed in pain, suddenly with eyes closed and hissing in distress. 

“ Brother?” Thor’s voice was frantic as he shook Loki’s arm lightly. 

“ Chitauri.” Loki managed in agony and then stood up, very quickly and ran to the the restrooms, leaving his very concerned older brother on the couch, as Tony Stark and Steve Rodgers entered the room. 

“ What’s up with reindeer games?” Tony said and was a little startled, Steve was surprised as well.
“My brothers eyes are not naturally blue. They have returned to their original green.” Thor was puzzled, and Cap noticed that Thor was biting his lip with worry.
“ Are they usually green?” Steve asked.
“ They were before he began his evil doings to midguard, however, then they were only blue, and now they appear to switch between the two. It is strange because they are green when he is calm and seem to turn to blue when he is angered or being ... unpleasant.” Thor explained carefully and absentmindedly played with the lock of Loki’s hair that was braided into his own.
“Maybe something happened to him between the bi frost and the whole attacking earth thing.” Tony suggested, as he was always quick to develop theories.
“You may have a point, man of iron, Loki did mention the Chitauri before he ran off.” Thor knitted his eyebrows.
“ You mean the guys from space we fought last month?” Tony questioned him.
“Yes, they currently have a deal with Thanos, the mad titan, and are known for torture and manipulation...” Thor looked as if he was realizing a possibility, Tony as well, when Loki returned to the room.