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Aizawa-Sensei starts class by saying they will be having a project. They would pick a topic from World history. He goes on with the details of it and tells them they are working in pairs, then continues with class. Everyone is discussion who they are going to be working with during the lesson. Todoroki is not sure himself. He usually tries working with Midoriya, but he'll have to beat Uraraka and Lida to him.


It turns out he didn't have to even worry about who he is going to work with. Uraraka, Lida, nor he would be working with Midoriya. Aizawa-sensei decides to pair people up with someone they don't ever work with. Midoriya is working with Ashido. Uraraka pairs up with Tokoyami. Lida is unhappily paired with Bakugou, while Todoroki gets Kirishima.


“Hey. Half n’ half switch with me!” Bakugou demands grabbing for Todoroki’s project partner.


“No switching.” Aizawa states to the class, which saved Todoroki from saying no. He doesn't particularly like working with Lida. Lida is opinionated. Strongly opinionated and Todoroki can only handle him in small doses. So Todoroki turns to his partner.


Todoroki watches as Kirishima rubs his neck looking down. He hasn't said anything after hi. Todoroki wonders if this is where he should be "diplomatic" as Lida always says he should be.


“So I know we have disagreements,” Todoroki starts. Remembering how Lida tried to get Bakugou to work with him.


“ disagreements?” Kirishima looks up at him confuses a little. Maybe he should use a different word.


“Issues.” There that's more clear.


“Issues?” Okay. Maybe not, Todoroki thinks when Kirishima mimics again.


“Problems? Beefing?” As Todoroki says beefing he holds three fingers on each hand downward mimicking Mineta from one occasion. Kirishima didn't repeat after him this time. Instead he starts laughing.


Todoroki is now the one confused. Did he get his message across? Is Kirishima laugh at him good or bad? He doesn't seem to be mocking him.


“That was great Todoroki!” Kirishima says calming down, but still with a big smile on his face.


“It was?” So he didn't fail. Todoroki is relieved he hasn't ruined this already.


“Yeah. What a great ice breaker.” Kirishima grins at him again before continuing. “I was so nervous about what to say to you. Bakugou says I talk too much and never think before speaking.”


“You do talk too much,” Kirishima smiles starts to fall and Todoroki feels a little bad. “Not as much as Midoriya. He’s talking 91% of the time and staring regrettably in silence the other 9%.” Kirishima laughs again, but not nearly as hard as earlier. Does he always laugh this much?


“You and Midoriya are such good friend. So manly.” Kirishima says.


Todoroki bites his lip. He's not sure if Midoriya and him are “good” friend. They are friends. He thinks?


“I hope we can be just as manly friends.” Todoroki looks at Kirishima in surprise.


“You want to be friends?” Maybe he missed something.


“Yeah!” Kirishima gives Todoroki that full sharp teeth grin.


“But you're friends with Bakugou?” Todoroki doesn't understand.


“Yeah. Best friends.” Kirishima says not really getting what Todoroki trying to say.


“He hates Midoriya.”


“They have history. He's working on that.” Kirishima shrugs. He can't control Bakugou.


“You follow him?” Another question.


“To the end of the world!” Kirishima thinks it's super manly to be dedicate to your friends.


“He hates me.” Ooohh Kirishima finally see where this is going.


“He doesn't hate you.” Kirishima tries to find words to explain the explosive boy. “You're just competition.” Todoroki looks like he's processing this so Kirishima continues, “Beside I'm not Bakugou and I want to be friends.”


Kirishima is not Bakugou. Todoroki thinks on that for a moment. Kirishima is right. Todoroki shouldn't assume he has the same belief as the ash blond. He knows Midoriya and him don't always see eye to eye.


“Ok. We can try being friends.” Todoroki nods mostly for himself confirming that this is something he wants.


Kirishima let's out a whoop after his declaration. Aizawa-sensei gives them a look. Kirishima apologize, but is still smiling. Is that all this boy does is smile? Todoroki wonders. The bell rings and both boys realize they didn't even choose a topic for the project. Kirishima writes down something on a piece of paper really quickly, ripping it out and shoving it into Todoroki’s hand.


“Come on Shitty hair. I'm fucking hungry.” Bakugou says grabbing Kirishima by shirt barely give him time to grab his stuff.


“Call or text me after school about the project!” Kirishima yells as he's being pulled away.


Todoroki looks down at the paper seeing Kirishima’s number. He packs up seeing Midoriya, Uraraka, and Lida waiting on him at the door.


He wonder what being Kirishima’s friend going to be like.