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Even a Superhero Can Have Feet of Ice

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The Legends piled onto the Waverider, in their police uniforms and FBI pantsuits.

"So," said Sara. "How'd we do, Gideon?"

They all gathered at the command center while Gideon's British voice gave them the rundown and Mick ate another piece of mousse cake off a small china plate.

"Well, Captain, the original timeline is restored up to 2018, but Fort Knox is still robbed by the Luthor twins in 2035."

"Wait," said Sara. "The Luthor twins? Are those the children of Lex or Lena Luthor?"

"You have to ask?" said Mick.

"Lex, I'm afraid, Captain. It appears that the wedding you just attended... didn't happen."

Zari said, "How can that even--" She shook her head. "Why do I even bother asking?"

Sara asked, "Gideon, did our attending the wedding retroactively cancel it out?"

"No, Captain. It appears that there were more than two parallel strands of history reaching back through the past from Fort Knox. We've eliminated one, but there appears to be another."

"So what time are we going to this time?" asked Ray.

"2020, to the wedding of Clark Kent and... Diana Prince."

"Wait," said Zari. "But that's..."

"Yup," said Sara. "Wonder Woman."

Mick belched.


When Lois came home, Clark had literally paced a worn track in the carpet. She pinched her nose, thinking, I had to date a Kryptonian.

"Lois," he said nervously, adjusting his glasses.

Lois pulled out a bottle opener and a bottle of Cabernet. "Hello to you too, Clark."

"Um, so I spoke with the musician, as you asked, and, um, signed the contract with his band. It, uh, had a strange clause."

"You're telling me you actually read the fine print?"

"Well, of course." Glasses. "It's the responsible thing to do."

She poured a full glass, up to the rim, then took several sips in a row. "Yes, responsible. And what did this clause say?"

"Well, it was the table of how much of our downpayment we get back depending on how close to the wedding day we cancel."

Lois choked on her wine and coughed. "Cancel?"

"Well, not that we would! Of course not. We've been together so many years! But J'onn J'onzz and Phil Coulson both just texted me to make sure that we didn't have anything, you know, on our radar."

"Our radar."

"Supervillains," he said helpfully. "Lex, et al."

And Lois loved Clark to bits, she really did, but what kind of guy would phrase his own cold feet about a wedding verbally using "et al."?


Amos Tempus was at least a hundred years old, even if the days and weeks he had lived weren't exactly sequential. Having been born in the future (from Lillian Luthor's perspective) and educated and trained in several pasts, he was no spring chicken. Onlookers couldn't tell from his body; he looked around forty. But his mind was wide and full.

So when Clark Kent cancelled his 2018 wedding to Lois Lane, Lillian had gone off on a tirade about the cowardice of men in general and Kryptonian men in particular. Amos had opened a new file in his tablet and started typing. Eventually, she calmed down.

"What are you doing?" she spat.

"Planning, what else? Clark is a lonely guy. He lost his best friend and he just dumped his girlfriend. He won't stay alone for long. And when he does gather all his besties, we'll be there to rain on his parade."


Once Lois had moved to Opal City, Clark's life had become different. He still reported on the news by day and fought crime by night, but Lex Luthor had stopped targeting him, almost as though without Lois as the prize, it wasn't fun for him anymore. That was Clark's hypothesis.

Jimmy had been devastated by Clark's decision to cancel the wedding. If Clark and Lois couldn't make it, there was no way that he and Lucy could make it. So he'd moved to National City, hoping to get to know Kara, never expecting Lucy to follow him out, hoping to prove him wrong.

When Superman rescued a traveling museum exhibit at the Met Met, Clark had the opportunity to get to know its curator, Diana Prince, all over again. And love had blossomed.


On the Waverider, Gideon set them down in Metropolis City Park, and cloaked. The team gathered around the command station, studying the current timeline, which included several dozen extremely tall and muscular women in T-shirts and jeans setting up event tents and a dais.

Ray asked, "Why change the venue?"

"Respect," said Zari. "Diana is a Greek demi-goddess. She's not getting married in a Christian church."

Sara came in. "Gideon, any luck finding more on the man who was shot?"

"Yes, indeed, Captain Lance. I think we've found our anachronism. Amos Tempus is from 2100. In 2114, he is arrested for trying to undermine the value of gold worldwide."

"That would explain Fort Knox," said Ray.

"Also, Captain, I believe I recognize the wave effect that created the temporal problems at the church."

"Some kind of time bomb," suggested Mick, guzzling a bottle of beer.

"Precisely. I am working now to develop a handheld detector for those time waves, but I will need the assistance of Dr. Palmer and Ms. Tomaz."

Zari and Ray bumped fists and headed off to the lab.

"Okay, people," said Sara. "We're playing cops and waiters again. Prepare to protect and serve!"