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  • AR!AU (and) Turbulants!AU (AlienRoommates_AU_and_Turbulants_AU) by Subtle_Shenanigans

    11 Jan 2019


    Hello!!!! This is an open folder for the AlienRoommates!AU and the Turbulants!AU. What are these AUs you ask?

    AlienRoommates!AU (AR!AU for short) is a Video Blogging RPF/YouTuber series focusing on Daniel Howell, AmazingPhil, Jacksepticeye, and Markiplier. In this AU they are each partially or fully alien and coincidentally move in together as roommates in England. See Detailed Report for species.

    Turbulants!AU is a Superhero AU focusing on Daniel Howell and Amazing Phil as Abnormals (humans with superpowers), who live their lives as Turbulants (Heroes). Though focused on them there are other YouTubers and familiar names mentioned. (Main storyline: #1-6 is like an ‘Origins’ season 1 sort of thing; #7-? is the start of a season two, ‘One By One’.)

    This is an open collection if you'd like to write and submit your own fics for these AUs!!! You are under no obligation to do so - I just thought it might be nice to share these AUs with you all :D

    Both AUs are non-shipping AUs

    (Open, Unmoderated)