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Leaves of Darkness

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"Food -- Petit Fours"

An incubus was stalking young people in a park in Tokyo. This inspired Tsuzuki to have Hisoka and himself pose as birdwatchers, sitting on a bench with binoculars, a box of petit fours between them.

“No sign of him yet,” Tsuzuki said. “Do we have any more petit fours?”

Hisoka glanced at the now empty box. “You ate the last one an hour ago.”

“Aww, they were good today.” Tsuzuki frowned. “Did you get any?”

“Should it matter? You’re the one with the sweet tooth.”

The frown quirked into a warm smile. “But we’re partners: we’re supposed to share.”


* * * *


“Did you ever sleep with a woman?”

“There was one girl I wanted to make love to. I died before I could…” Tsuzuki’s violet eyes grow misty.

“Come, you must have found another.”

Tsuzuki shakes his head, blushing but sad.

Muraki’s smirk grows more devious, if that’s possible. “What about… another male?”

“Of course not!” A nervous sweat breaks out on Tsuzuki’s brow.

Muraki chuckles in his throat. “Delightful: I have a taste for virgins. Purity is impossible to resist: it’s intoxicating.”

“Cut the crap, Muraki!”

“Mmm, no more words, only gestures.” Muraki stoops over his prey.

* * * *

"Crayola colors -- Purple Heart"

Tatsumi speaks

They call the eyes the window onto the heart and soul, but with you I have seen those windows streaming with sorrow more times than I can count. I tried to be the sun to dry that rain, but I am a creature of shadows. If anything, I darkened the clouds and turned their downpours into torrents. Every teardrop seemed a drop of blood from your soul, flowing from violet wounds caused by your own compassion for the dying.

I hope someday you find someone to be the light shining through the raindrops, drying them with the warmth I couldn’t provide.

* * * *

"Opposites -- Love"

Hisoka knew what love was: his parents had loved him in their own staid way, until his talents manifested. He sensed love in others: mothers and children in the village, young couples kissing. But sensing it in others and experiencing it himself were two different things.

But he felt it as he drowsed with his head resting on Tsuzuki’s shoulder as they sat together on a terrace in the sun. No words were needed between them: he felt the elder shinigami’s warmth and affection and he felt it echoed in his own heart, returning warmth for warmth and companionship for companionship.

* * * *


He would not allow his prize to be snatched away so easily, but he had anticipated this or a similar maneuver from the opposition. The lifeforce he had consumed from his recent victims would fuel the act of the will powering the spell he needed to blast through the veil that separated the world of the living from Meifu. A bit of hair he yanked from Tsuzuki’s head during their scuffle at Kou Kaku Rou served as a focus as he reached out and tore the fabric of the world into feathery shreds and stepped across to mount his assault on the afterlife....

* * * *


It was Tsuzuki’s turn to make tea for morning break; Tatsumi could hear his former partner clattering about in the kitchenette. A moment later, Tsuzuki entered with a steaming cup which he set on Tatsumi’s desk.

“I made that tea they named after you,” Tsuzuki said, grinning mischievously

Tatsumi smirked as he took the cup and sipped from it. “You know they named that blend after the district in Kyoto where it was first brewed.”

“I know, but I couldn’t resist pointing that out,” Tsuzuki replied.

Tatsumi hid his smile in his cup, not wanting Tsuzuki as anything less than his usual playful self.

* * * *

"Midnight Blue"

The two of them on watch, late at night, hiding in a pool of Tatsumi’s shadows, lest the vampire they hunted should see them. In the dusk, Tatsumi’s eyes turn a darker shade of blue; the color both unnerves and fascinates Tsuzuki.

Tatsumi notices him staring and says with a smirk, “You should be watching for that blood-drinker before he kills another woman, not staring at me.”

“I’m sorry, your eyes just startled me,” Tsuzuki replies. “They make you look… scarier.”

“It’s a trick of the light, now get your silver stake ready before that vampire catches you off guard.”

* * * *


“Well, if there’s an incubus, maybe we should put me out as bait,” Tsuzuki suggests with a grin, as he looks up from peeling an apple midway through the debriefing on their next case. “We know that nasty, lusty critters can’t resist my charms.”

Hisoka glares at his partner, feeling his cheeks start to warm. Tatsumi catches his eye. “Your face is going to turn as red as that apple, Kurosaki.”

“What? Are you warming to me, too, Hisoka?” Tsuzuki teases, winking at him.

“Idiot, stop talking that way.”

“Then you do care,” Tsuzuki says, holding out a piece of his apple to him.

* * * *

Song Lyrics -- “Bad Romance” (Lady GaGa)

I want your horror
I want your design
Cause you’re a criminal
As long as your mine

Tsuzuki stands with his back against a wall, a tanto thrust through his shoulder with its point embedded into the plaster, holding him in place. Muraki leans down to lick the blood flowing over Tsuzuki’s naked chest, keeping his good eye cocked toward the shinigami’s face, clearly watching the horror and pleasure that play over his features. Tsuzuki has done many things that he regrets, but this, yielding to his enemy, this bad choice in a romantic partner, is not one of them. Despite the horror and revulsion knotting his belly, Tsuzuki looks into his enemy’s eye and smiles, letting himself enjoy this moment, though he hates himself for it.

* * * *


A warm sunny day in spring, and Tsuzuki was at work in the garden, planting a wisteria and training it’s runners along the wall that surrounded the yard. Hisoka emerged from the house, intending to work on his studies on the patio.

“New plants?” he asked.

“Yeah, I got it for us both,” Tsuzuki replied, looking up. “This plant and the wall holding up the runners, they remind me of you and me. You’ve grown like this plant, and I’m the wall supporting you, helping you get stronger.”

“More like the other way around, idiot,” Hisoka muttered.