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Briallan Potter and the path to freedom

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Looking at the crowd of Londoners walking around outside from the window inside the Black family library, Briallan Dorea Potter felt bitterness rise up within her. It made her want to bare her teeth and snarl like the hellish hound that dwelt within her soul. Why could they be free to do as they wish when she was stuck within these walls all because some old man that never showed up outside of meetings said she would be safe? Clenching her fingers around her wand, she wondered just how bad it would be if she let them snap it. After all, she could use the animagus transformation without a wand and wandless magic shouldn't be too hard to learn.

She jolted from her thoughts as a sound reached her ears. She turned around towards the library eyeing it as her fingers gripped the wand. She heard the sound again though she couldn't figure out what it was. Slipping off of her perch on the window seat, she made her way towards the doors to check the lock. She had locked it and barred the door an hour ago when she got tired of Mrs. Weasley bitching at Sirius and her godfather doing nothing to get her to stop. Finding everything in place, she frowned slightly wondering where the sound was coming from.

She heard the sound again as she began moving towards her former seat. Frowning darkly as she stopped walking, she listened carefully. When the sound happened again, she followed the source of it. Despite knowing how stupid and dangerous it was to do in this place, Briallan found herself wanting to find the source. Something about the sound beckoned her to follow, she did as it asked mostly due to how bored she was and the fact that if she got hurt, it was Dumbledore's fault for bringing her here.

The sound drew her towards one of the deeper parts of the library. As she followed the sound, it became clearer and more frequent until she realized it was the sound of bells. She tilted her head lightly wondering what the hell someone was doing ringing bells in the library. She soon found herself in a small alcove that looked like a fantastic place to read. The bells fell silent causing her to feel a bit sad, but she pushed that feeling away as she began to explore. It became clear that whoever had made this alcove had stocked it with books on poetry, plays, and mythology. She found herself drawn to the book sitting on one of the chairs and picked it up only to drop it as she felt something behind her. Spinning around with her wand in hand, she felt confusion ripple through her upon finding nothing. She didn't lower her wand as she slowly turned back to the book. She stiffened as the presence appeared again and spoke, "Whoever the hell you are, stop it."

"And if I don't?" A husky voice filled with mischief came from behind her.

She wasn't an idiot like Hermione and Snape probably thought. She knew that Dumbledore was manipulating her and everyone else though why she didn't know. It didn't take a genius to realize that whoever this being was had drawn her here. She spoke keeping her wand drawn, "I'll leave."

"So?" The presence asked and she could tell by the voice that whoever it was, was male.

"You took the time to draw me here," She said relaxing a bit while ensuring that she was tense enough to be able to make a run for it if the situation turned out bad.

"True enough," The presence chuckled softly, "You're a smart puppy, aren't you?" Briallan stiffened at that since no one knew about her animagus form, "You're surprised I can tell what you are, aren't you? Do not worry, Puppy. I'm not about to rat you out especially since I don't exactly like the newest band of mongrels to take up shop in this place,"

Briallan stayed stiff as she asked, "Who are you?"

"You may call me Candy Pop. I know who you are Briallan," The presence said making her frown, "I've learned a lot about you from those mongrels talking,"

"And?" Whoever this Candy Pop was, was dangerous though something about the way he asked made her believe he wasn't about to hurt her, "Why draw me here if everyone is a mongrel?"

Candy Pop chuckled softly, "Simple, you aren't a mongrel like them. After all, you're a creature of hell if only in animal form and that's enough to make you interesting," She felt the presence move and turned her head only to find nothing but air, "As for why I drew you here, I am bored and I can tell you are too."

"So I'm only here to relieve you of your boredom?" Briallan scoffed and turned, "No thanks. I'm not up for acting like another person's personal entertainment,"

She only got a few steps before she froze as Candy Pop said, "And if I could offer you a way out of your situation?" He chuckled again and the sound of bells echoed through the room as warmth pressed against her back, "You're inside a cage all because of these mongrels," He whispered in her ear and she shivered at the unfamiliar warmth, "We are very alike. I can help you gain your freedom if you help me."

"And why should I do that?" She swallowed heavily, "How do I know you won't kill me or leave me here?"

"Incubus are beings of their word when they give it," Candy Pop said making her eyes widen, "I'm an incubus, sweet heart,"

"You're a sexual demon?" Briallan asked attempting to move away from him.

"Yup," Candy Pop kept her against him.

Briallan realized that he wasn't about to let her go and scowled, "And how exactly did you end up caged?"

Candy Pop hummed lightly, "A distant ancestor of yours and two of the mongrels downstairs managed to find the correct summoning ritual for me. As my sister and I were fighting at that time, I didn't see the harm in allowing the summoning to happen. She was a very interesting mongrel and I chose to linger even after my purpose for being summoned was finished," He growled softly, "But one of the children fathered by a whorish mongrel managed to find a spell that would trap me here."

Briallan wasn't well versed on trapping spells, but she knew enough to be able to say, "But that doesn't explain what you need me for. Can't you just find the object and destroy it?"

"No. The bastard managed to create a protective spell that prevents me from destroying it," Candy Pop sounded more than a little irritated, "I would have already destroyed it if I had the chance. Luckily, the interesting mongrel managed to change the spell trapping me here before her death," Briallan felt a pair of arms curl around her waist, "That change allows me to be tied to a member of the bloodline and be free upon their death,"

Briallan was beginning to understand and it started to sound like it would be a good deal, "But that doesn't mean you won't kill me."

"As I told you, you're not a mongrel and I only kill mongrels," Candy Pop replied sounding amused, "However, I suppose I could make you a deal,"

"A deal?" Briallan asked him.

"We get to know one another. As it currently stands, you have what sounds more or less like three weeks in this house before you go to school if you're found innocent of those trumped up charges," Candy Pop said earning a slow nod, "I will help you deal with those ministry bastards as well as help you learn wandless magic. In return, you tell me about yourself and actually get to know me. At the last two days you're here, you'll make your decision,"

Briallan actually like that deal, "I'll agree so long as you do three things for me."

"Oh?" Candy Pop nuzzled into her neck.

"You cut back a bit on physical touches unless I allow it," She began earning a chuckle from him, "Show yourself to me. And lastly, I want you to be as honest as you can with me. If we do end up bound together for the rest of my life, I want to know what the hell I'm actually getting into not to mention I'm tired of only being told snippets or bullshit,"

"Easily done," Candy Pop replied, "So do we have a deal?"

Briallan hesitated for all of a minute before agreeing to it, "Yes."

A gasp left her when a pair of warm lips pressed against hers. She attempted to push Candy Pop away only to find herself unable to as a trickle of some kind of energy slipped from his mouth into hers. The energy was hot and silky in ways that she couldn't correctly describe. It flowed down her throat into her stomach before it seemed to invade her entire being. She felt like she was being boiled alive for a few short moments before something within her soul seemed to reach out to grasp the energy. She lost sense of everything outside of the energy rushing through her body before it finally settled and cooled down. She was dimly aware of being settled on something soft, but didn't pay it much mind until she managed to come to her senses as Candy Pop spoke, "I forgot how mortals reacted to making deals with my kind. Kind of cute."

Briallan took a deep breath while mentally noting that her mouth tasted like she'd drank something sweet with a hint of something sour, "Why did you kiss me?"

"To seal our deal," Candy Pop answered as she opened her eyes while wondering when she'd closed them.

"That was my first kiss," She hadn't kissed anyone before and was actually kind of pissed off he'd stolen her first one.

"Truly? I would have thought someone else would've tried seeing as you're attractive by mortal standards," Candy Pop replied and Briallan got her first look at him.

The first thing she noted was how tall he was. He was almost as tall if not a bit taller than Hagrid standing at his full height. The second thing she noticed was his dark blue hair which was styled into three ponytails. He was dressed like a medieval court jester in shades of teal, blue, and magenta. Burnished bronze bells were tied to the ends of his hair and various points of his outfit. He had pointed ears and an angular face with purplish blue dots on his cheek like a rag-doll. Pinkish purple cat-like eyes stood out against his pale bluish white skin. Briallan stared at him in shock before shaking her head lightly, "Why the hell are you dressed like a court-jester?"

"Because I like it and it's comfortable," He shrugged lightly.