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For Want of a Stroke

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May 16,290


If this was heaven,then Urrigon Greyjoy was in it. Fourth son of Quellon Greyjoy,Captain of the Iron Fleet,Steward of Pyke,had come down to this....watching King Robert execute his brother Euron. Euron,who had tormented him during their childhood on Pyke. Euron,who had attacked Pentos with fifty longships only to be roundly defeated and dragged off in chains by Davos Seaworth. Not for nothing does he now call himself Admiral of the Narrow Sea.

Robert and the Kingsguard knights Arys Oakheart and Palamedes Sand hauled Euron Crowseye out before a crowd numbering easily in the thousands. The prisoner was naked save for a shirt wrapped hastily about his waist. No doubt the greenlander women are getting wet watching him. Yesternight,his hair had been shaven off by their brother Robin,a priest of the Drowned God all the Ironborn worshipped.

When they reached the crude wooden block beside Vickon’s Sept,Oakheart roughly pushed Euron onto it. A thrall with the round brown face of the Red Mountains bound him with a length of rusty chain. Then the king himself,flanked by Sand on one side and Ser Symond Templeton on the other,came forth.

”Euron son of Quellon of the House of Greyjoy,all men know the treacheries brought against you. How you killed Harlan Grandison,ex-Kingsguard Knight,under your own roof as he guested with you. How you set the torch to Hellholt,and later to Myr,and finally Pentos. How you killed many innocent civilians to satisfy your bloodlust. That ends today. Euron son of Quellon of House Greyjoy,I,Robert of the House Baratheon,First of that Name,King of the Andals,Rhoynar,and the First Men,Lord of the Seven Kingdoms and Lord Protector of the Realm,do sentence you to die. Do you have any last words?”

”You stag bastards have no right to rule over the children of the Drowned God.”

”As your brother Balon has been sent to the Night’s Watch,your brother Urrigon ascends now to the lordship of the Iron Islands. All penalties have been remitted for your other brothers.”

With that,King Robert swung his warhammer,and the life of Euron Greyjoy came to its end.