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Whisper In My Ear

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To be completely honest, everything related to physical relationships and sexual attraction wasn’t something that normally crossed Izuku’s mind. Yes, he had… needs like everyone else — he was a seventeen-year-old guy, after all — but it wasn’t something he liked to dwell on that much to begin with. He had many more important things to worry about.

He had soon learnt that not everyone was like him. The conversation at the dorms late at night had shifted over the years, until sex was the main thing some of his male classmates talked about, which made Izuku feel slightly uncomfortable. He could appreciate someone’s good attributes like any other, but he didn’t get, well, instantly turned on by it.

He guessed he needed something more to get worked up like that.

But Izuku was still a normal boy that could feel normal, healthy attraction towards others. It had started with his innocent crush on Ochako on the first year, and it had continued with the sudden realization that he also found guys attractive on his second year.

Well, guy, singular. And his name was Todoroki Shouto.

Izuku wasn’t sure when he had started feeling attracted to his friend, but realization hit him with full force in the finals of U.A.’s sports’ festival of that year. It was only when Izuku saw Shouto in all his glory, with ice crystals glistening in the sun surrounding him and fire dancing on his skin when it fully hit him how beautiful his dear friend was. And it felt so natural that he couldn’t believe how blind he had been until then.

From then on, his, um, appreciation towards Shouto only kept on growing, until the other boy was the only person Izuku could think about. From them on, Izuku’s days were full of sneaky glances, stuttered words and blushing cheeks. It came to a point where he had gotten used to getting flustered around Shouto, until it became almost natural.

Izuku spend the rest of the second year and the beginning of his third hiding his – massive – crush on Shouto. He didn’t want to burden his dear friend with his unwelcomed feelings, and he was content with just admiring Shouto from afar.

That was until the end of their third summer training camp.

That summer camp had been surprisingly uneventful. They hadn’t had any surprise villain attacks, and they weren’t asking for their own death by the end of the extensive training, so the teachers had allowed the classes 3-A and B to organize an improvised summer festival to lift their spirits.

And everyone went all-out. Fireworks and firecrackers appeared out of nowhere, as well as buckets full of fresh water from the river and watermelons cooling down inside. A big bonfire appeared in mere minutes courtesy of Shouto, and music started playing from Jirou’s speakers. People from both classes started dancing around the bonfire, while others played around in the river.

Izuku caught sight of Shouto sitting in one of the folding chairs they had brought from the camping place, and he sat next to him, soaked through. Kirishima and Kaminari had gotten a hold on Izuku minutes ago and had thrown him to the river without a warning. He could still hear the boys’ hearty laughs as they ran after Iida, determined to give the serious class rep the same treatment Izuku had gone through.

Shouto looked from the clear, starry sky to Izuku. Amusement swam in his eyes as he regarded Izuku’s dishevelled appearance. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah, yeah.” Izuku shook his head to shake off the drops still clinging to his hair. “Kaminari-kun and Kirishima-kun caught me off-guard.”

“Yeah, they did.” Shouto’s lips quirked up.

“Did you… did you see it?”

Shouto’s smile widened. “Yeah.”

Izuku hugged his knees and buried his face in his bent arms in embarrassment. His treacherous heart skipped a beat like it always did when he saw Shouto smile. He couldn’t help it; Shouto’s face always softened when he smiled, and his eyes started shining so much that they never failed to take Izuku’s breath away.

“I can’t believe you didn’t see them coming,” Shouto said, unaware of Izuku’s inner turmoil. “You were standing in front of the river alone and looking away. Of course people would want to push you in.”

“I… I admit I wasn’t very aware of my surroundings back then, but one thing is pushing me in, and the other thing is picking me up and throw me to the middle of the river.” Izuku wrung out his t-shirt, watching the water dribble through his fingers. “I’m soaked.”

“Well, you just need to think of a way of getting them back. Oh, wait, you have something in your hair.”

Shouto reached for Izuku’s hair and combed it with his fingers, untangling a leaf from his wild curls. When Shouto removed his hand, though, he accidentally brushed Izuku’s ear with his fingers, and Izuku felt as if the world had suddenly stopped. The air left his lungs as if he had been punched in the stomach. A sudden rush went through him from head to toe, leaving him feeling tingly all over, and his hairs stood on end. He suddenly couldn’t breathe, and he was pretty sure his heart had stopped beating inside his chest. 

Izuku lurched forward in a brisk move, getting away from those fingers as fast as possible. He stared forward without seeing, feeling himself shivering from head to toe as an aftermath. His cheeks were burning, and if he had a fire quirk, he was sure his face would be in flames.


Izuku almost fell from the chair when he heard Shouto calling his name. He stood up abruptly, with tense shoulders and clenched fists against his thighs, and avoiding looking at Shouto altogether.

“I-I’ve got to go! I, uh, I thought of something! For Kirishima-kun! A-and Kaminari-kun. I’ve go to got. Got to go! I meant got to go. So, see you later!”

Izuku bolted out of there as fast as he could, covering his flaming cheeks with his hands. He ignored Shouto calling for him, not really sure that he could face the other boy right at that moment. What he needed was to get away from everyone and get his jumping thoughts to settle down. And to cool down. He needed to cool down a lot.

Why did a dip in the river sound so appealing now?

He made a beeline to the forest, hiding away from sight. When Izuku was sure he was alone, his knees buckled and he fell to the floor on his hands and knees. His ear was still tingling where Shouto had touched it, and he still had trouble getting his breathing under control.

Izuku sat on the heels of his feet, clutching at his chest. He could feel his heart beating fast against his ribcage. He looked up with wide eyes and gaped, not really knowing what to think.

What had that been?

Time passed by, and the mysterious thing that had put Izuku so on edge didn’t happen again. It had been so long that he had almost forgotten that it had ever happened.

Things went on like always, with Izuku hiding his crush on one of his best friends and everyone struggling with their multiple assignments and exams. Then, physical tests came, and the rescue simulations with them. They were assigned in aleatory pairs and missions, as usual, but Aizawa had been too lazy to make the pairs himself, so he had opted to make their class pick matching cards.

Izuku stared at his card with a cute pink bunny with a little smile in his face. Who would have thought Aizawa would have such cute cards? He looked around, trying to find out who had been paired with, and when his eyes met Shouto’s, Izuku silently raised his card, showing him the picture. Shouto showed his then – it had the same pattern.

Izuku trotted to where Shouto was standing, a big grin tugging the corners of his lips. “Todoroki-kun! It looks like we’re going to work together today!”

“It looks like it.” Shouto smiled, and Izuku felt oddly proud of it. “I admit I wasn’t really feeling very motivated today, but I’m glad we got paired up. I’m sure I’ll have fun with you.”

Izuku’s heart lurched inside his ribcage, and he fought off the urge to cover his face with his hands and squeal out loud. How could Shouto say things like that with such a straight face?

Unaware of Izuku’s mental breakdown, Shouto rose his fist to bump. It still hung a little awkwardly, but that only made Izuku smile. It had taken a lot of time and patience from Ochako and him to teach Shouto what a fist-bump meant and why people did it, but after multiple failed attempts, they had finally convinced him to do it, too.

At first, Shouto had stared at their fists in confusion before he remembered he had to bump them, but that had been the first time Shouto had started the fist-bump by himself. It made Izuku feel warm and tingly all over.

Izuku bumped the offered fist, smiling widely. “Let’s show them how well we work together, alright?”


They started to get ready for their test, stretching as they chatted animatedly. It still surprised Izuku how, even if he felt extremely nervous around Shouto because of this crush, he could also feel extremely comfortable in his presence.

It was something that had kept him up late multiple nights, wondering how he could feel such contradictory feelings at the same time. With Ochako he had felt mainly nervous, only growing more comfortable around her when his crush had started fading. But with Shouto…

With Shouto, it was as if his body was on an eternal fight with itself, trying to find an outlet of those feelings threatening to spill all over the place. However, Izuku had already accepted his feelings running wild when Shouto was around, and he had learnt to appreciate them all the same. After all, he never felt warmer than when Shouto made his thoughts go haywire.

Finally, their names were called, and Shouto and Izuku made their way to the training field. Just as they made it in, they were briefed about what their test was about; it was a standard rescue mission, with five teachers patrolling around the training field and ready to strike if they spotted the students.

As soon as they were given the start signal, Shouto and Izuku fell into action. They hid in the shadows, getting info while they hid from their teachers. Soon enough, they were standing inside the building where the kidnapped victim was being held, hiding just out of sight of Aizawa guarding the victim inside.

Izuku sneaked a peek to the room, trying to think of a plan.  The doorway was the only entrance to the room, and there were no windows Izuku could see from there, although he doubted there were any at all. After all, Aizawa had a very clinical mind; he wouldn’t have let any detail that could put his plan to risk.

That meant they had to either confront their teacher head-on or make him leave his assigned place.

He wasn’t sure which one was more difficult.

He finally sighed, drawing back. He would need to think of something else. “Todoroki-kun, we should—”

Izuku’s thoughts came to a halt when Shouto grabbed his arm and pulled him back just as Aizawa looked at their direction. Izuku collided against Shouto’s firm chest, and it took everything in himself not to yelp when Shouto’s arm sneaked around him, encasing him in a warm embrace.

He could feel Shouto’s steady heartbeat hammering against his back, quickened up because of the adrenaline. Izuku’s mind became a mumbo-jumbo of unfinished thoughts that kept darting away from him, and his body tingled all-over for having the taller boy hovering all over him. Shouto held him in place and Izuku couldn’t do anything else but to savour the feeling of having Shouto pressed up against him so intimately.

They Shouto leaned to his ear and Izuku lost all sense of coherence.

“We need to split up,” Shouto whispered against his ear. Izuku let out a shaky breath through his mouth. “He won’t leave the room unless we make him. I will distract him, and you can get the hostage away from here with the help of your quirk. This is the only thing I can come up with. What do you think?”

Izuku couldn’t answer as his quirk activated and he bolted forward, surprising Shouto, Aizawa and even himself. With a speed he didn’t know he could reach, he grabbed the hostage mannequin and destroyed one of the walls of the room, bolting outside without looking back. He heard several voices calling his name behind him, but he never stopped running until he reached the exit of the training field with the mannequin.

He numbly gave it back to one of the teachers that had been waiting for them in the entrance and left the scene as fast as he could, going directly to the changing room. He didn’t bother taking out his costume before slipping inside one of the shower booths and turning on the shower, letting the ice-cold water hit him with full force.

But even the extremely cold water didn’t manage to cool down the raging blush of his cheeks or the scorching heat pooling down his crotch.

He was screwed.

After a sleepless night and an extensive research – in which he had seen things that couldn’t be unseen and that would be imprinted in his mind forever – he was finally able to name what had happened to him at their summer holidays and the physical test.

He had a kink.

Apparently, he liked a bit too much when other people – mainly Shouto – touched or talked directly to his ears. That was the only conclusion he could reach after analysing both accidents thoroughly. It oddly made sense, even if it didn’t make sense altogether, because multiple people had touched his ears before, and it hadn’t felt like that.

And god, he didn’t even want to imagine what it would feel having them kissed, nibbled or licked. To have Shouto’s breath against the side of his face as he captured Izuku’s earlobe with his teeth and sucked, teasing his skin with the tip of his tongue while his hands cupped the back of Izuku’s neck, only to drift down until he—

Izuku smacked his cheeks with his palms hard, until the sting took him out of his heated daydreaming. He couldn’t afford thinking like that. He had to keep a cool head around Shouto; he couldn’t indulge himself to think about his dear friend like that. He wouldn’t be able to look him in the eye if he did.

However, the memory of Shouto’s lips against his ear still lingered in his mind, of how his delicate lips brushed his skin and his hot breath fanned the side of his face while he mumbled something Izuku couldn’t even understand. He could still feel the scorching desire that had crashed into him like a tidal wave, and the way Shouto’s arm had hugged so snugly against his chest, almost as if he belonged there—

Izuku couldn’t stop the groan that escaped from his lips when he felt his dick twitch in interest by what felt like the hundredth time in all the time he’d been awake. What was wrong with him?

He tried to cast those thoughts away, but they leeched to his brain and refused to let go, instead repeating what had happened less than twenty-four hours ago, and supplementing it with different ways how it could have ended if only he hadn’t run away from the scene.

All of them ended with Shouto pressing him against the wall as he kissed him senseless, cupping Izuku’s ass as he lifted him off the ground and grinded into him, showing exactly how interested he really was. Izuku would latch his legs around Shouto’s hips, the test be damned, and would give Shouto access to his neck and ear, begging for him to turn his affections to his very sensitive ears again, and a whine would escape from his lips when Shouto’s teeth grazed his ear—

Izuku groaned loudly at the mental image. His twitching interest had become a throbbing need at this point, a need that demanded attention with painful yearning. He covered his eyes with his forearms, trying with all his strength to stop thinking about it, but the heat in his crotch tormented him in every second that passed, threatening to stay for a long time unless he did something to alleviate it.

With a shaky sigh, Izuku finally caved in and guiltily reached inside his sleeping pants, hissing once his fingers curled around his erection. He tugged his pants down to free his dick from the restraints of his pants, and after hesitating, he started pumping up and down, groaning at how good it felt.

He shouldn’t be doing this. He shouldn’t be jerking off while thinking of his dear friend and yet… he couldn’t bring himself to stop. His mind replaced his hand with Shouto’s, and replayed the feeling of Shouto’s lips against his ear again. But the Shouto of his fantasies didn’t talk about rescue plans; instead, he whispered Izuku’s name again and again with that deep voice of his, mumbling sweet nothings into his skin while he nipped, licked and teased relentlessly.

Izuku let his free hand roam, his consciousness completely lost into the fantasy his mind was weaving effortlessly. He felt his fingers playing with his perky nipples through his ratty sleeping shirt, imagining they were Shouto’s instead. His hand picked up the pace, matching Izuku’s desperate panting.

Oh, how he needed Shouto. How he needed Shouto’s hands on him instead of his own, and how he longed to hear his deep voice mumbling sweet nothings against his skin until he brought him to the edge. And once there, Izuku would willingly let himself fall if that meant landing in Shouto’s warm embrace.

He felt the pressure start building up in his lower abdomen, and Izuku immediately knew he was close. Once he came everything would change between them. Izuku wouldn’t be able to look at Shouto without thinking of what had happened in his room hours before, but that thought had ceased to worry his clouded mind a long time ago.

He was so close he could almost taste it. He took a shaky breath and tilted his head back, ready for the fall when suddenly, a loud knocking snapped him out of his world of fantasies. He almost jumped out of his own skin, instead tumbling and falling from his bed to the floor. He stared at the still closed door dumbly, not quite understanding what was going on, until he heard Ochako’s muffled voice coming from the other side.

“Deku-kun! Everyone’s already downstairs having breakfast before we start our study session. Are you ready yet?”

Izuku looked from the door to his lower half, and he tugged his pants up with urgency. He felt his cheeks flaming as a deep blush filled them, his mind treacherously reminding him of what he had been doing mere seconds ago.

Another loud knocking snapped him out of his growing panic. “Deku-kun, are you there? Don’t tell me you’ve slept in!”

“N-no, Uraraka-san. I’m, uh, here. I’ll join you guys in a… in a second, yeah.”

Ochako didn’t say anything for a while. Izuku was just about to assume she had left when she spoke up again. “…Deku-kun, are you feeling alright? You sound kind of weird.”

“I’m good! There’s nothing wrong, like, at all! I’m just, ah, half-asleep! Yeah!”

“…Okay, if you say so,” she said, not sounding very convinced. “We’ll be waiting downstairs, okay?”


As soon as he heard Ochako’s steps retreating, Izuku dropped his head to the floor and groaned. He had to get a hold of himself. He finally defeated the wish of staying on the floor forever wallowing in self-pity and sexual frustration and got up, making his way to the wardrobe to get a random t-shirt and some comfortable jeans, and grabbing his bag.

Before stepping out of his room, he rested his forehead on the door and took a deep breath. He needed to get a grip on himself and fast. He couldn’t— he couldn’t cave in to his fantasies around other people, much less with Shouto there. No matter if he felt slightly frustrated already for being interrupted by Ochako.

It was better that way, really. He shouldn’t cave in like that. It was good that he had been interrupted before it was too late. He needed to forget all about his… kink and how Shouto made him feel, and he had to focus on fixing his friendship with him before it was too late.

He finally stepped out of the room with a new resolve, determined to see it through. Once he reached the kitchen, he greeted everyone in what he hoped it was a normal way, and apologized for being late. He felt Shouto’s worried stare digging into him even before Izuku looked at him, and Izuku shot him an apologetic smile. He hoped it was enough.

Much to his delight, their conversation kept on going like usual once he sat down in the table, something he had been no-so-secretly worrying about. It made his mind drift away from very pleasant but unwanted thoughts that had tormented him all night, and he couldn’t be thankful enough for that.

Once they finished having breakfast, they moved the study session to Iida’s room, seeing as the living room was occupied by Kaminari, Ashido and Sero playing Mario Kart and making their usual ruckus. The room was as clean and neat as it had been when Iida had showed it to them.

“The setting isn’t ideal, but it’s the bestr we have for now. Please, make yourselves at home,” Iida said before sitting in his desk. “Try to find a place to sit around. You can use as many of my pillows as you need. We can also switch places after a while, if someone’s not feeling comfortable.”

“Thanks, Iida-kun! As reliable as always!” Ochako said with her usual smile. “I’m sure we’ll make do just fine!”

The girl plopped up on the bed sitting Indian-style, and spreading her books and notes on top. Izuku opted to sit on a pillow on the floor and use the bed as a table, while Shouto simply sat with his back to the wall, his books neatly piled up beside him.

They spent a long time in silence, the four teens focused solely on studying. After a while, Ochako stretched and announced it was time for a break, and she left to find some snacks in the kitchen. She came back with a tray full of cookies and a jar of orange juice for everyone, asking everyone to stop what they were doing to eat.

The teens sat around the tray and grabbed some cookies for themselves. Izuku hummed when the sweetness of the chocolate-chip cookie melted in his mouth. He hadn’t realized he was hungry.

“Midoriya,” Iida said, and Izuku rose his eyes from his cookie to look at him. “I was wondering why you left in such a rush yesterday after the physical test. You passed, right?”

“Yeah, yeah!” Ochako bounced in her seat. “I was asking myself the same! I actually came looking for you to ask you about it yesterday, but I couldn’t find you anywhere, Deku-kun.”

Izuku froze. He hadn’t thought about that. After the… revelation, Izuku had needed to get out of there as soon as possible, and it hadn’t even crossed his mind how odd it would look to everyone else. In hindsight, it was normal that they were worried about him.

He darted his eyes from the concerned Iida to the curious Ochako, until finally landing on Shouto, who looked a bit confused. He then wriggled his hands together on his lap, a nervous tick that didn’t go unnoticed by his friends.

“I… ah, I just pushed my quirk a bit too much yesterday. It was nothing serious!” he added when he saw Shouto’s forehead crease with worry. “I was just very tired and… I guess I wanted to get to my bed as fast as possible. But I’m good as new now!” He chuckled to lighten up the mood.

However, Izuku’s chipper act only made Shouto’s frown deepen. He fixed Izuku with a glance that rooted him to the spot, and the dark-haired boy had to put everything in himself not to avert his eyes.

“You didn’t have to push yourself so much, Midoriya.” Shouto said. “I’m sure we could’ve come up with a good plan without you having to overexert yourself. We’re a team. I have your back.”

Izuku felt warmth filling his chest and reaching his fingertips, and he lowered his head to hide his satisfied smile with his bangs. His whole body melted in awe when Shouto said such heartfelt things without a second thought. It always made him feel so full.

“I know. I acted without thinking yesterday, but it won’t happen again. We have each other’s backs.”

It was a promise Izuku wasn’t sure he could keep, but at least Shouto seemed satisfied by it.

The teens resumed their study, only interrupting each other when they had to ask questions or just to chit chat for a while. The time passed slowly as they reviewed their notes, until the letters and numbers turned into a jumbled mess in Izuku’s head. He scratched the back of his head trying to wake up a bit, when he heard some shuffling at his back.

“Midoriya, are you okay?” Shouto asked.

“Yeah,” Izuku tapped his lips with his pencil, his eyes still trained on the symbols that had stopped making sense in his head. “I’m just trying to make heads or tails of this.”

Izuku tensed when he felt a warm hand on his shoulder followed by Shouto’s heat hovering over his back as the boy looked to the book in front of Izuku. Izuku kept his eyes fixed on the notebook in front of him while his heart started beating wildly in his chest, as if it wanted to get itself free from the confinement of his ribcage.

Then Shouto hummed, his breath hitting Izuku’s ear and neck in a soft caress, and Izuku’s thoughts stopped altogether. Shouto proceeded to explain the part where Izuku had previously been stuck at, but he didn’t hear a word, as focused as he was to stop himself from shivering, or worse, let out a noise that would embarrass him in front of his friends. He felt the already familiar heat start pooling down in his lower abdomen, and winced when he felt his dick twitch in interest.

That couldn’t be happening to him.

Izuku choked with his own spit when Shouto squeezed his shoulder, and nodded dumbly when he noticed the questioning tone in the last words the other boy had muttered, hoping that it would be answer enough.

And yeah, that twitch of interest had turned into scorching heat again.

Shouto left Izuku’s side, and he felt it with every fibre of his being.  the only sound he could hear was the rush of blood inside his bloodstream. His pants felt restraining, and he tried to cover himself as much as he could with a spare pillow. But it was useless; the only thing he could think about was the aching need in his crotch and the sensation of Shouto’s breath fanning the back of his head.

“I… um, I’ll leave for a bit.” Izuku stood up without looking at anyone. “To have a walk. To clear out my mind, yeah.”

Izuku left the room in a rush, paying half a mind to the faraway words his friends were saying at his back. He made it to his room and slammed the door behind him, resting his weight on it and panting in a mix of panic, embarrassment and lust. He then pulled down his pants and finally freed his aching dick, impossibly hard.

He closed his fingers around it and started pumping up and down desperately, while his other hand fisted his t-shirt tighty. He let his breath in short pants between gritted teeth, trying to make as little sound as possible. The heat coiling in his lower abdomen burned bright, feeding the fires of his foolish desire.

He wanted Shouto. He wanted Shouto so bad. He wanted that sad smile and a willpower of steel to be his, and he wanted to be Shouto’s in return. He wanted to lose himself in the softness of Shouto’s skin and feel his muscles shudder under his fingertips. And, worst of all, Izuku wanted to become Shouto’s solace, to become the balm to cure Shouto’s wounded soul, and to make the sad boy smile whenever he looked at Izuku.

Izuku let out a guttural groan as he spilled in his hand, tense and shaking from head to toe. His knees buckled and he slid down the door, looking without seeing at the mess between his thighs. He rested his head on the door, absentmindedly cleaning himself with a dirty shirt that was lying around, and closed his eyes in a pained expression.

He was so utterly screwed.

 Izuku passed the finals week in a daze, trying to concentrate on his studies and not to think about the object of his desire. Which proved to be difficult, as they spent all their studying time together. But in the end, he managed to make it without combusting in place.

The class was celebrating the end of exams, and they had decided to play some games together in the dorms. They started with a Mario Kart competition, which stopped thirty minutes later when Bakugou punched Kaminari over a controller. Then they changed to twister, and Tsuyu rose as the unbeatable winner of the class. But they had to stop playing that too because Mineta started letting his hands wander all over the girls.

So, after the girls grabbed the little guy by the armpits and kicked him out of the party, they finally started playing a classic of group parties: truth or dare. They sat together in a circle, facing each other, and Ashido rose her hand to start. She immediately chose Kaminari, who chose dare, and Ashido made him dance around the circle clucking like a chicken. Then Kaminari chose Sero, who chose truth, and they learnt that once he used his tape to tape a guy to the ceiling as a prank.

Some girls asked Sero to tape Mineta to the ceiling. He almost did it.

The game kept on going, and Izuku learnt things he wasn’t sure he would ever forget, like the knowledge that Bakugou had gotten nipple piercings because he had lost a dare against Kirishima. He even rose his t-shirt to show the little metallic buds sticking out his nipples.

And of course, Izuku would never forget Kirishima running butt-naked around the living room after Hagakure had dared him to do it.

Then it was Izuku’s turn, and he almost died in his seat when Iida asked him if he liked someone. He managed to avoid answering with his usual muttering, but he knew he was doomed when he saw Ochako’s knowing smile hidden in the rim of her glass as she took a sip of her drink. It was a smile that promised trouble, and Izuku’s hairs stood on end in fear.

But the game kept on going, and Izuku almost forgot Ochako’s intentions with the sheer craziness that happened around them – who knew that Tokoyami could imitate a bird’s chirp so well? But, when the first round finished and Ochako made herself float as a dare, her eyes landed on Izuku and he froze.

“I choose Deku-kun!”

He was doomed.

She smiled innocently, something that didn’t match the pure mischief shining in her eyes. “Deku-kun, truth or dare?”

Okay, he had to think this through. If he chose dare, Ochako would probably make him do something he would regret, but if he chose truth again she would make him answer the question he had avoided in the previous round. He could fumble and mumble all he wanted, but he was sure that avoidance technique wouldn’t work on her, and she would press on him until he answered. And he really didn’t want to answer that question.

Izuku gulped down the nervous knot in his throat. “Um, dare.”

Ochako’s smile turned into pure wickedness. She tugged at Tsuyu’s t-shirt and leaned to whisper something to her ear, and Izuku felt himself pale in fear when he saw Tsuyu grin in return. When both of their eyes landed on him, Izuku felt the intense need to flee from the room.

“Deku-kun! I dare you to stay inside the kitchen pantry for a whole round!”

People groaned around him. There were shouts of protest coming from some of his classmates, saying that it wasn’t interesting enough, but Ochako paid no mind as she kept on smiling knowingly at Izuku. He hesitantly stood up and went to the kitchen, opening the door of the pantry and stepping inside. He looked at the group expectantly, and Ochako waved her hand to call for his attention.

“You have to close the door, Deku-kun!”

Izuku did as he was told and closed the door. The room was very narrow, big enough for just one person, maybe two if they stood one in front of each other, and there was barely space to turn. He had forgotten turning on the light when he stepped in, so the only source of light was the little window at the end of the room.

Feeling a bit smothered in such a cramped space, he turned carefully to avoid knocking out the food stored on the shelves around him and tried to reach for the closed window. He stood on his tiptoes, leaning on the shelf and rising a hand to get the handle.

Just when his fingers graced the handle, the door of the pantry opened again and someone was shovelled inside, pushing Izuku against the shelving. He heard Ochako’s giggle of delight just before the door closed again, and Izuku grunted in discomfort before the body behind him put some distance between them – which wasn’t much to begin with.

“Midoriya, are you okay?”

Oh no. Oh no, no, no, no. That was Shouto. Shouto was standing behind him, sharing a really tight space with him, with only centimetres between them. Izuku didn’t have enough space to turn around, so Shouto was speaking directly to his back, or more concretely, his ear.

Ochako got him. She got him really bad.


Izuku squealed in surprise and cleared his throat. “Y-yeah! I’m good!” He relaxed his stance, but when he flushed against Shouto’s front he tensed, crashing against the shelves again. “Sorry!”

“Wait, I’ll try to make some space.” Shouto said and Izuku closed his eyes in a grimace. Why was Shouto’s voice so deep and alluring?

He felt more than heard Shouto shuffling at his back, trying to put some more space between them. Meanwhile, Izuku was trying his best not to die on the spot. He was already feeling hot and bothered, and they had been sharing the room just for a minute. And who knew when Ochako would let them out. If Izuku’s suspicions were right, it was going to take a while.

“Try now,” Shouto muttered.

Gulping down his nerves, Izuku relaxed again, being extremely mindful of the other boy’s presence. When he stepped away from the shelves he felt his back just brush against Shouto’s chest, instead of flushing against him like he had done before. It was better, but not that much.  

“Why—” Izuku cleared his throat to stop sounding like a squeaky duck— “why did they get you in here?”

“Tsuyu dared me.”

Izuku pursed his lips. “I knew Ochako and Tsuyu were planning something.”

“Yeah, it was pretty obvious.” Izuku could feel Shouto shrugging his shoulders. “Although I have to admit that it could have been worse. Kirishima and Bakugou had to wrestle for two minutes while the others threw honey at them.”

“Wow, what a sticky situation.”

Shouto’s chest shook in silent laughter and Izuku’s breath hitched. He felt the familiar sensation of Shouto’s breath fanning the back of his neck and he shuddered, gulping down to ease his dry throat. He closed his eyes letting out a shuddering breath, trying to calm his nerves.

“What, uh, what happened back there while I was in here?”

Shouto started retelling the wild shenanigans Izuku had missed while he was locked up inside the pantry, but Izuku didn’t understand anything of what he was saying no matter how much he tried. His mind only focused on the deep intonations of Shouto’s voice, a deep rumble that made Izuku shudder from head to toe. He felt Shouto shift at his back, and Izuku could feel his ass brushing against Shouto’s thighs, filling his head of lewd thoughts.

But what was worse of all, as both boys started relaxing their bodies flushed closer and closer, until Shouto was speaking directly to his ear. He could feel his lips ghosting over his skin and the low rumble of Shouto’s chest on his back as he kept talking, and Izuku had to his best not to whimper at the overwhelming sensations.   

He managed containing his reactions until Shouto shifted while he was talking, accidentally brushing Izuku’s ear with his lips.

Izuku suddenly let out a desperate whine, a noise that sounded needy, watery and way too loud in the silent room. When he realized what he had done, he opened his eyes wide in horror and covered his mouth with his hand. Shouto fell silent behind him, and Izuku stared at the shelving in front of him without seeing, panic clashing against desire inside him.

He tried to put as much distance between them as possible and clenched his eyes shut again, dreading Shouto’s reaction. He had messed up. He had messed up real bad. Shouto would realise how Izuku felt for him and he would stop being his friend. And he would live alone forever because of a stupid kink—


Izuku shuddered when he heard his name. He felt Shouto stepping closer still, placing a hand on his really tense shoulders. Izuku stood still, waiting anxiously for the moment when Shouto would step away from him in disgust.

Instead, Shouto’s lips brushed Izuku’s ear hesitantly, and Izuku whimpered again at how good it felt.

Shouto’s lips left Izuku’s ear and Izuku froze again. His mind had become a cacophony of disconnected thoughts trying to process Shouto’s actions while he waited for him to do something else. What he didn’t expect was Shouto’s lips returning to his ear once again, more confidently that time. Shouto let his lips travel to Izuku’s earlobe before he parted them and teased Izuku’s skin with his teeth. Izuku gasped against his fingers, and he leaned his head to the side to give the other boy more access.

Shouto’s ministrations didn’t stop, turning Izuku into a shivering, whimpering mess. He felt Shouto’s fingers brushing the hand covering his mouth, intertwining their fingers together, and Izuku let Shouto take his slack hand away from his face.

“Don’t restrain yourself. I want to hear you, Midoriya.”

Then Shouto proceeded to suck his earlobe in his mouth and Izuku let out a load moan. He leaned back until his head was resting on Shouto’s shoulder, while said boy kept tormenting his ear and neck with nibbles, licks and nips. Izuku felt his breath coming out of his mouth in soft puffs, and his arms dropped uselessly to his sides.

A hand sneaked under Izuku’s shirt, mapping the creases of Izuku’s abs and pulling him closer, until Izuku’s back was flushed entirely against Shouto’s chest. He could feel Shouto’s heart hammering against his back, and a hardness that betrayed Shouto’s interest. Shouto’s breath was quick against his neck as he kept on teasing Izuku, turning him into a shivering mess.

Shouto’s other hand sneaked under his shirt, going down and down until he palmed Izuku’s erection through his pants. Izuku instinctively buckled forward against Shouto’s palm, making Shouto grunt when Izuku’s ass brushed against Shouto’s own erection.

“Todoroki-kun…” Izuku moaned, and Shouto’s buckled forward, burying his nose in Izuku’s shoulder.

“Midoriya…” Shouto whispered against his skin, and the unadulterated need in his voice made Izuku weak at the knees.

With slow movements, Shouto started humping against Izuku’s back, still teasing him with his hands and lips. Izuku felt as if he was burning, that scorching heat that had accompanied him in all those sleepless nights thinking about Shouto filling him once again.

He wanted to turn around so bad, to capture those lips that kept tormenting so much with his. But at the same time, he wanted to stay just as they were, in that limbo of pleasure where no one could interrupt them.

Izuku reached for Shouto’s neck, tangling his fingers with his silky hair. Shouto’s hands flew to Izuku’s fly, unbuttoning his pants and pulling the fly down. A throaty whine came out of Izuku’s lips when Shouto’s fingers teased his painful erection with his fingertips. He tugged at Shouto’s hair, earning a groan from the other boy, who in return bit his shoulder and thrusted hard against his back, pushing Izuku against the shelves.

Desperate to see Shouto’s face, Izuku turned his head, his eyes soon seeing the beautiful red and white hair of the other boy. Feeling him shift, Shouto looked up from his shoulder, meeting Izuku’s gaze with eyes darkened in desire. It was a look that rooted him to the spot.

With eyes still trained on him, Shouto pulled down Izuku’s trousers and sneaked his hand inside Izuku’s underwear, cupping his dick before tugging it out of its confines. Izuku closed his eyes in pure bliss and hissed in pleasure. He felt Shouto’s smile on his skin before he returned to his ear, teasing his earlobe as he started moving his hand in a leisure pace, matching it with his thrusting.

“Todoroki-kun…” Izuku sighed, the only word that his mind repeated like a broken record.

Shouto’s hips stuttered a little, losing his rhythm before finding it again and keeping up with his ministrations on Izuku. Izuku fell himself slowly getting closer and closer to the edge, until his breath came out in high-pitched whines and stammering moans. He rested his head on Shouto’s shoulder and closed his eyes, ready to welcome his relief and—

There was a knock on the door, snapping both of them out of his lustful haze. It was then when Izuku started hearing the howling and shouting from behind the closed door, and Ochako’s voice close to them.

“Deku-kun, you can get out already! It’s your turn to— oh my god, is that Iida-kun making out with someone?! Is that Shinsou-kun?! When did he even get here?! Someone get a camera, fast!”

Izuku snapped into action, pulling up his pants and wincing when he fastened them up. He felt Shouto doing the same at his back. He had managed to finish fixing his shirt when Ochako opened the door, still looking at the ruckus happening behind her.

“Oh, this is really tight!” Ochako exclaimed once her eyes landed on them. “I hadn’t really noticed when we shoved you inside. Todoroki-kun, can you step aside? Deku-kun can leave but you can’t yet.”

Shouto wordlessly stepped out, leaving enough room for Izuku to move. He immediately felt his back cold at Shouto’s absence, but he swallowed his feelings down before a whimper came out from his lips. He finally turned around, something he had wanted to do since Shouto had been shoved in.

His eyes immediately met Shouto’s, and he felt himself blush from head to toe. He lowered his gaze, rushing outside to an expectant Ochako. After waving goodbye to Shouto, she closed the door of the pantry again and put her hands on Izuku’s shoulders, pushing him to where his other classmates were.

Izuku stopped in his tracks, making Ochako bump into his back. She stepped aside, rubbing her forehead and looking confused at him.

“What’s wrong, Deku-kun?”

“I…” He averted his eyes. “I’m going to get something from, uh, my room. You can skip me for this round.”

Izuku left Ochako’s side, paying no mind to her calling his name. He rushed to his room, closing the door behind him and throwing himself on his back to his bed. He stared at the ceiling without seeing, his crotch still aching and in need for release. He reached for his pants, ready to unbutton them, and groaned when there was another knock at the door. What was with people and interrupting him these days?

He finally stood up, making his way to the door. He was ready to tell Ochako to get back to the party, but what he didn’t expect was to see Shouto in front of him. Izuku stared at the boy, not really sure how to react.

“Can I come in?” Shouto asked.

Izuku nodded wordlessly and stepped aside, letting Shouto in. He could hear the hooting and the music coming from the living room, muting down when he closed the door.  

They stared at each other, a pregnant silence between them. Shouto took some steps forward until he stepped inside Izuku’s personal bubble, his eyes transfixed on Izuku’s face. He rose his hands until he cupped his face, and Izuku’s heart stuttered at the warmth of the gesture. Shouto’s eyes dropped to Izuku’s mouth then returned to his eyes, a question clear in them.

Izuku put his hands on Shouto’s chest, feeling the quick heartbeat under his fingertips. He looked up to Shouto’s face, losing himself in the curves of lips he so desperately wanted to taste.

“Todoroki-kun, I…”

Shouto caressed his cheeks with his thumbs and finally leaned in. Izuku let his eyes close as their lips finally met, moving slowly against each other. It started tentative at first, then became more frantic and sloppy as their bodies remembered what had happened a while back. Izuku immediately let his hands sneak under Shouto’s t-shirt and spread them on his back, finally able to touch Shouto at his heart’s desire.

Shouto let his lips trail down to Izuku’s neck, teasing the skin with his lips and teeth. Once he reached his ear, he immediately captured his earlobe between his lips and sucked, making Izuku let out a little mewl.

He felt Shouto’s smile on his skin before he pulled back and looked at Izuku with hooded eyes and a satisfied smirk that didn’t fit his usual aloof personality.

“You really like that, huh.”

Izuku felt himself blush to the roots of his hair. He buried his face in Shouto’s chest, feeling the soft chuckles racking Shouto’s body. Shouto tangled his fingers in Izuku’s hair, tugging a bit, and brushed Izuku’s ear again with his thumb. Izuku shivered in his arms.

“Sorry for embarrassing you. I was just surprised to see you reacting so strongly to it.”

Izuku glanced up to him and couldn’t help but smile a bit. “Believe me when I say I was just as surprised as you are.” He then averted his eyes and bit his lip. “Can we, uh, can we continue where we left off?”

The way Shouto’s eyes darkened took his breath away. He leaned down and captured Izuku’s lower lip with his teeth, sucking lightly and earning a gasp from Izuku. Izuku’s embarrassment and insecurities muted down, instead focusing on the feeling of Shouto’s body against his while he kissed him senseless. Izuku answered in kind, pouring all the need and desperation he’d been feeling all that time, yearning to show him how he felt.

Without realizing it, they made it to the bed. Shouto sat down while Izuku straddled him, Shouto’s hands holding Izuku’s hips in place while Izuku hugged him closer still. He felt Shouto’s hands sneak up from under his t-shirt until he tugged it up and got rid of it, his mouth soon returning to the juncture of his neck just to bite it. Izuku hissed and buckled his hips, rewarding them both with some needed friction.

Not wanting to wait anymore, Izuku almost ripped Shouto’s t-shirt off his body and pushed him until he was lying on his back, Izuku hovering all over him. He used the opportunity to explore with hands and mouth Shouto’s chest, something just reserved to shy sneak peeks in the changing rooms. He felt Shouto’s heart flutter under his lips when he lavished his attention on one of his nipples, and his breath started coming out in soft huffs.

When he started teasing Shouto’s other nipple with his fingers, he looked up at Shouto. He immediately fell in love with his unwound expression, with hooded dark eyes, wet lips parted and cheeks tinted in soft pink. It was an image he wanted to imprint to his memory, which only got better with Shouto’s choked gasp when Izuku sucked his nipple.

Shouto’s hands travelled down Izuku’s back until he cupped Izuku’s ass and squeezed, distracting Izuku momentarily from his torture. Shouto used the chance to flip their positions, Shouto now on top of Izuku and fitting snugly between his legs. The sudden change of positions brought them even closer, making them moan in unison.

Shouto rolled his hips while he kept tormenting Izuku, leaving him a flushed panting mess. He latched his fingers on Shouto’s beltloops and tugged up, desperate for more friction that could satisfy the fire burning in his lower abdomen. Shouto’s lips returned to his, and Izuku sneaked his hands under his pants, squeezing his derriere.       

“Todoroki-kun, please,” he wailed, not really sure himself what he was asking for.

However, when Shouto reached to Izuku’s pants and unfastened them, Izuku learnt exactly what he needed. He raised his lower half to let Shouto tug his pants down as much as possible, while his fingers wandered to Shouto’s fly to unfasten them fast. Izuku tugged them down as much as he could, using his feet when he couldn’t reach with his hands.

Sensing his struggle, Shouto put some space between them and took his pants off himself. Izuku whined at the loss of the heat on top of him, but he soon felt his own pants being tugged out of the way before Shouto returned to his prior position.  They groaned when their erections rubbed against each other, growing impossibly hard against the restraints of their underwear.

Shouto started grinding against him in a pace so slow that turned Izuku crazy with want. His hands latched at Shouto’s lower back, begging him to go faster, and his hips buckled uncontrollably, only held in place by Shouto’s body.

But it wasn’t enough for him. Izuku had had months of build-up, and he was desperate to reach his release. He looked up at Shouto, pouring in a single look all the contradictory emotions he felt, unable to voice them aloud, begging him to understand. Shouto in return caressed his face, putting some stray hairs out of the way before capturing their lips again in an almost chaste kiss.

Then Shouto grinded roughly against him and Izuku saw stars.

Shouto picked up the pace while he let his hands wander down, soon finding Izuku’s underwear and tugging down, letting his dick bounce free. Shouto’s soon followed, until there was nothing else between them. He then curled his hand around their erections and resumed his thrusting, accompanying it with his hand pumping them in the same rhythm.

Izuku couldn’t think, couldn’t speak. He just could latch himself at Shouto as the other boy pleasured them both, his toes curling in pleasure and his nails digging on Shouto’s back. Puffy moans came out of Izuku’s mouth, muttering words even he couldn’t understand. He returned his lips to Shouto’s neck, sucking desperately. He tasted of sweat and something sweet, something he didn’t think he would find alluring until that moment.

As soon as he felt his thighs tense, Izuku knew he wouldn’t last much longer. Shouto’s movements had also become more erratic, betraying how close he was himself. In a last-ditch effort, Izuku’s hand joined Shouto’s and pumped faster, bringing them both even closer to the edge. It didn’t take long for Izuku to come, spilling in their hands as a rush of heat filled him from head to toe, leaving him tingly all over. Shouto followed soon after, a throaty groan being the only warning before he joined Izuku.

They laid down in silence, their bodies spent and overstimulated. Izuku closed his eyes, basking on the warmth of the body lying on top of him. He felt sticky and gross, but his bliss overpowered all of that.

Shouto grunted on top of him, and started looking for something to clean themselves up. Turning his head to the side, Izuku saw one of their t-shirts lying close – he wasn’t sure whose shirt it was – and grabbed it, silently handing it to Shouto. He cleaned them up as much as he could, paying special attention to Izuku’s hand, before he crawled up to lie beside Izuku, looking at him.

Izuku turned to his side, paying no mind to his body begging him to fall asleep, and placed a hand on Shouto’s naked chest. His heartbeat was steady under his palm, unlike what it had been moments ago.

“I like you, Todoroki-kun.”

He felt Shouto’s heart stuttering in his chest before it started beating faster. Shouto’s arm came around him and tugged Izuku closer, until he was lying his head on Shouto’s chest.

“I’m pretty sure that what I feel for you is kind of obvious, considering we’re sharing a bed, naked.”

“Can you say it either way?” Izuku mumbled against his chest, already feeling sleep tugging at his consciousness. “I’d like to hear it.”

Shouto shifted to land a soft kiss on Izuku’s curls. “I like you, Midoriya. I’ve liked you since our first year.”

Izuku chuckled. “Not fair. We lost so much time already.”

“Well, we just need to make up for all the time lost.” Shouto rubbed his back. “Now sleep. I’ll be here when you wake up.”

With Shouto’s promise warming him inside-out and sated as he hadn’t felt in a long time, Izuku let himself drift off in Shouto’s embrace, eager to see what the morning would bring them.