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The Life of the Marvel Teens

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"WHAT?!!" Peter screamed.

"Yep, T'Challa is joining the Avengers, and Shuri is joining you in the lab. I finally convinced him to join and rule partly from America and partly from Wakanda. They're arriving this afternoon." Tony said smugly, obviously pleased at his success.

"YES!" Peter jumped to the ceiling in excitement.

"What the heck Peter? Get down from there!" Tony said in shock and annoyance.

"Sorry Mr. Stark, it's just that Shuri is Wanda and I's best friend!" Peter dropped down from the ceiling in embarrassment.

"You met each other once!"

"She gave us sand phone things, it's not the 1800's! We've texted and called a lot!"

Tony sighed. Of course the teenagers were communicating.

"By the way, where is Wanda?"

"She's out helping Steve grocery shop. Sam wouldn't help, he just laughed, Nat and Clint are training, and Bucky would be just as clueless. So I sent her. She'll be fine."

Just then, Tony and Peter's phones buzzed.

Wanda had sent them a text:

He has no idea what almond milk and cashew milk are! I tried to explain it to him, but he kept saying that the almonds and cashews weren't animals, so how did they get milk from them? (facepalm emoji) He also asked why we couldn't get regular milk, looked at the prices, freaked out, and asked why we couldn’t just get a cow! Help me!

Attached was a photo of Steve standing in front of the milk aisle, confusion evident on his face.

Peter burst out laughing.

Tony sent back a text:

Just tell him that we need the milk and that it's not the 1940's anymore.


K. We'll be home in 20 minutes.

Tony went to make coffee while Peter laughed, texting Wanda about Shuri.

What was he going to do with all of the teenagers in the compound?


In the afternoon....

"When are they coming?" Wanda asked, using her telekinesis to solve a Perplexus maze.

"Soon. Stop asking." Tony replied, reading his book, tired of the teens asking him.

"Ugh, you said soon an hour ago!" Peter said, watching Wanda intently.

The ball on the maze fell of it's track.

Wanda swore in Sokovian and threw it across the room, where Peter proceeded to catch it in one hand and try to solve it himself.

They were sitting in the huge living room of the building, awaiting the Wakandans' arrival.

Suddenly, a whirring noise sounded outside the compound.

Peter ran to the window, where a strange ship could be seen landing near it.

"They're here!" He yelled in excitement.

Wanda and Peter ran down the stairs and outside, leaving Tony to follow them slowly.

The aircraft's door opened, revealing Shuri and T'Challa surrounded by bodyguards.

"SHURI!" Peter and Wanda screamed upon seeing the princess.

"HI!" Shuri ran down the ramp, losing all illusions of formality.

They ran inside, chatting as they stepped into the elevator.

"Do you want to see the lab?"


Once they reached the lab, the group worked for hours on Peter's webshooters, making them so they could generate their own web fluid (so Peter wouldn't have to refill as often).

Shuri also worked on designs for the lab, improving it so it would be easier to work in.

After that, when they were all exhausted, they sat in the living room and watched the newest Star Wars movie, falling asleep near the end of it not knowing what the next day would bring.