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From: Minhyuk-hyung

Open the door

From: Minhyuk-hyung

Open the fucking door.

From: Minhyuk-hyung

Jiho, if you don’t open the fucking door right now you are going to fucking regret it.

Jiho didn’t mean to ignore Minhyuk. He was showering, so he didn’t hear the first text. Then he thought that the older man sent it to him accidentally. But the third text came and he rushed to the door to open it, hastily wrapping a towel around his hips. It’s never good to anger Minhyuk, the dancer is pretty quiet most of the time, but when he gets angry things get pretty bad.
He doesn’t really look angry when Jiho finally opens the door, smirking slightly when he sees the rapper’s attire.
“I thought you texted me by accident,” Jiho mutters.
“Why would you think that?” Minhyuk brushes past him, not waiting for the invitation.
“Come on, you don’t ever text me. You don’t even answer my calls, how was I supposed to know you meant it this time.”
“Fair point,” Minhyuk agrees, already lounging on Jiho’s bed.
“Have you been… drinking, hyung?” he asks hesitantly. They aren’t very close, or at least as close as they should be after so many years of being in one band, and the dancer doesn’t really visit him often, if at all. Jiho can’t remember the last time it happened, probably when Kyung decided to hang out with the whole group at his place because it’s cheaper than going to a bar.
“No, why? Do I seem drunk?”
“I don’t know...”
It’s his flat, but Jiho doesn’t know where he is supposed to sit. Finally, the older man points at the spot next to him, so he obediently sits down, legs pressed together, so he won’t violate Minhyuk’s personal space. Only the dancer puts a hand on his thigh, and Jiho is more confused than ever.
“Well, I’m not drunk. I wanted to talk to you about something,” the dancer takes a deep breath, suddenly looking slightly nervous. “I’m not sure if you know, but June is a pride month.”
“Oh,” Jiho didn’t know, he doesn’t necessarily check such things. “Are you coming out to me? Hyung, I know you are gay, we all do, it’s not a problem. Not at all, hyung.”
“Of course you know, you walked in on me making out with a guy before,” Minhyuk squeezes Jiho’s thigh, but the rapper isn’t sure what’s that supposed to mean.
“Yeah, that. It’s okay, but I’m proud of you..?” he adds with some hesitation.
“Fuck off,” Minhyuk rolls his eyes so hard he almost shakes with it. “That’s not why I’m telling you this, you dumbass. June is the pride month, and I figured we should finally stop dancing around each other. I know you like me, even if you still seem a bit scared of me.”
Jiho tries to stand up, but the older man holds him in place. He wants to run away and hide, his cheeks already burn with shame.
“My God, you really are cute,” Minhyuk sighs and pulls him closer, until Jiho has no choice but to sit on his lap. He is even more confused now, everything is moving so fast, and he has no control over it. “How long has it been since you’ve been touched?” Minhyuk caresses his face, thumbs pressing against his parted lips. “Since Seolhyun? No, of course not, silly me, you broke up because you didn’t want her to touch you. Did Kwon take pity on you, jack you off in the bathroom once or twice, while his girlfriend wasn’t looking? Or maybe Dean, during one of your brainstorming sessions?” Minhyuk doesn’t like Hyuk much, and he never calls him by his given name. Jiho shivers, unable to focus on Minhyuk’s words while the dancer’s hands are all over his body.
He doesn’t, can’t object, when the older man strips him. He can only moan and spread his legs as the older man touches him.

“I can’t believe I let you fuck me after you insulted me,” Jiho mutters, slightly amazed by his own stupidity. After a beat, he adds, “I can’t believe you came here just to fuck me.”
Minhyuk stills, tongue still pressed against Jiho’s happy trail, where he is licking him clean. He looks up, and this time his eyes are soft, not a hint of cockiness in them.
“No, baby, no, I didn’t come here for that. I might have been too forward, but I wanted to… confess, I guess. I like you a lot. I know I don’t usually show it, but it’s true.”
“Ah,” that’s not what Jiho expected, and he doesn’t quite know what to say. He didn’t think Minhyuk liked him. After all, the dancer does tend to ignore his calls when they are not promoting. “So you want to be boyfriends?”
The other man cringes at how juvenile it sounds, “Yeah, I guess, if you have to put it this way.”