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Peter and the Jailbirds [Podfic]

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Word Count: 86425

Author's Note: 


When I started writing this fic, I was leaning team Iron Man ideologically—responsibilities and limits to power are great, right? Then the excellent Maeglinthebold sent me this page of the Civil War comics, and I read the actual text of the Sokovia Accords(reprinted in the memo below). If you haven't read the Accords text yet, you may be surprised.

This is an AU in which Steve wasn’t able to free his crew from the Raft after Civil War. Ant-man isn’t on the Raft because I forgot he was there until it was too late to retcon him in he could have escaped before the authorities arrived in Leipzig, right? Gone down to flea-size and hide until the coast cleared. Or something like that? Anyway, he’s not in here. Sorry, Ant-man-fans.

In this timeline, Civil War happened one month before Homecoming. This fic starts in December 2016, two months after Homecoming. MJ is already a card-carrying member of Team Spidey.

Many thanks to the SWWA for your constant support and encouragement, to bromanceandships/Lilynette for excellent medical advice, and to Starbird, Maeglinthebold, and telekinetic-hedgehog for brainstorming help! All remaining medical errors and/or absurdities are entirely mine.

Keep in mind that Thaddeus Ross, one of the main proponents of the Accords in Civil War, and Everett Ross, who has a role in Black Panther, are two different and supposedly unrelated people. Marvel, was it really that hard to come up with a different last name?


Chapter 1 length: 12:02

Chapter 1 is available on Google Drive (mp3) (m4a)

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Chapter 2 length: 13:58

Chapter 2 is available on Google Drive (mp3) (m4a)

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Chapter 3 length: 8:59

Chapter 3 is available on Google Drive (mp3) (m4a)

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Author's note (or part of it anyway): Warning for brief reference to real-world prison brutality


Chapter 4 length: 23:21

Chapter 4 is available on Google Drive (mp3) (m4a)

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Chapter length: 13:02

Chapter 5 is available on Google Drive (mp3) (m4a)

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Chapter 6 length: 16:00

Chapter 6 is available on Google Drive (mp3) (m4a)