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Everything Has Its Time

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Chantho cowered before the man she once admired, now fearing for her own safety. Professor Yana, her friend and teacher, was gone. She could see the madness in this new man's eyes as he approached her with the sparking cable in hand.

"Did you never think," he growled, "all those years standing beside me, to ask about that watch? Never? Did you never once think, not ever, that you could set me free?"

Chantho, panicking, pointed her blaster at him and backed away slowly, never once taking her eyes from him.

"Chan, I'm sorry, tho! Chan, I'm so sorry!"

He sneered at her. "You… with your chan and your tho, driving me insane! "

"Chan, Professor, please…"

His face screwed up in fury as he screamed. "THAT IS NOT MY NAME! The Professor was an invention; so perfect a disguise that I forgot who I am."

Her back hit the wall, preventing any further escape, and the gun in her hand a distant memory. Her fear became a foul taste in her mouth as she begged, "Chan, then who are you, tho?"

A mad smile graced his features. "I… Am… The Master!"

He thrust his hand forward, electrocuting his former friend and assistant, her screams filling the room.

The Master dropped the cable and turned from Chantho's body, walking toward his treasure. A TARDIS. His now, to do with as he pleased.

Oh ho! And what is this! The Doctor's hand! Oh, this will be useful.

The sudden sound of the Doctor, Jack, and Martha pounding at the door to the laboratory, begging to let them in, prompted him to turn to the computer banks across the room. A single flick removed the guidance chip from the computer.

"Utopia," he sneered, marveling at the ignorance of these humans. So trusting and so full of hope.

So vile and disgusting.

He heard the Doctor begging him, louder now, to let them in, to not open the watch but ignored them in favor of the TARDIS and escape.

What the Master didn't see was Chatho, moving slowly and painfully reaching for the blaster she dropped.

The Master began to hurriedly pull the yards of power cables from the TARDIS, ignoring the pleas from his former friend. He almost wished he could stay to watch those bumbling idiots be torn limb from limb, but he wasn't taking any chances.

"Open the door, please. I'm begging you, Professor, please listen to me. Just open the door! Please!"

Chantho, in a last burst of strength, raised her arm high enough to aim at The Master as he turned and tossed the last of the cabling away from the TARDIS. She fired, hitting him in the chest, his cry of pain the last thing she heard before falling dead to the floor.