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Everything Happens for a Reason

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Set during Barba's first episode (SE14EP3) through the Lewis storylines (SE14EP24) and after Little AU
ADA Rafael Barba and Detective Olivia Benson had been slowly getting closer and closer since they first met after being introduced by Captain Harris. Barba's initial comment of,
"Captain, take your daughters to work day." had surprised her.
It sounded more like a line she’d hear in a bar than a courtroom.

She figured he was a by-the-books kind of guy. They were always together working on cases or going to get drinks with the rest of the squad after a win. Olivia was surprised by how close they had gotten that first month; she didn't think she would ever be this close to a male coworker again. Especially after her former partner up and left without even a goodbye. She would even have settled for a text for that matter. No, he was just gone. One night Olivia and Rafael were working on the Max Carpenter case that would go to court soon. It's was about 7:30 p.m., Liv kept looking at her watch.

"Got a hot date, detective?" Barba smirked.

"No, I have to get home to my two-year-old, counselor." Liv said looking up at his face.

"Didn't know you were married with a kid," Barba said with a smile.

"No husband, just a two-year-old."

Barba looked confused.

"My son is adopted; his father was a pimp who bought and sold sex traffickers for years and had a son named Noah with one of his girls, Ellie Porter." Liv explained.

"Oh, I see," said Barba starting to pick up the papers and case file they were working on.

"Why don't you go home and spend some time with Noah and we can work on the case after he is asleep." Barba suggested.

"You sure?" Olivia said, surprised.

"Yes, go home. I'll pick up something to eat, bring it over, and after he is down for the night we can continue working on the case."

"Okay, but he's going to be fussy, he's two."

"I think it will be okay." Barba said opening the door. They made their way out.

An hour later dinner was done, Noah bathed, and down for the night. Liv came and sat down next to Barba with two glasses; wine for her and scotch for him. They continued working the Max Carpenter case.

After they went over everything for the trial, they sat back and just relaxed and got to know each other. After two bottles of wine and a half of bottle of scotch, they started teasing each other about their pasts. Barba leaned in for a kiss and to his surprise, Liv met him halfway. Rafael was about to reach for her to pull her into his arms and deepen the kiss when sounds of Noah crying in his room, broke them apart.

"Hold onto that thought," Liv whispered as she broke the kiss and got up to make her way to her 2-year-old’s room.