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“Damn, Prom. You look so good like this,” Noctis whispered into his boyfriend’s ear, receiving a shudder in response. “So pretty, so vulnerable, just for me...”

Prompto whined from against the shower wall and Noctis bit down on the back of his neck softly, pulling Prompto against his body and slowly brushing his dick between Prompto’s cheeks, teasing him.

Prompto squirmed while Noctis held him in place, pinning his wrists against the wall and pressing open-mouthed kisses to the most sensitive parts of Prompto’s neck, the blonde moaning softly and subconsciously pushing his hips back against Noctis.

“So eager, hmmm?” Noctis chuckled. Prompto groaned in frustration at the feeling of Noct’s body against his, touching him but not pushing in just yet.

“Please,” Prompto muttered, his own dick throbbing. “I… need you,” he said, cheeks flushing not just from the heat of the water coming down on them, but from embarrassment at how needy he was.

“You had me just a few hours ago, baby. You need me again already?” Noctis couldn’t help but tease him, knowing they both got off on Prompto’s desperation and submissive nature.

“Yes,” he gasped as Noctis pressed more firmly against him, wedging himself between his cheeks but still not pushing in.

Prompto pressed his hands flat against the slippery wall as he bent over and stuck his ass out further, giving Noctis easy access.

The prince groaned at the sight, and Prom felt his dick twitch against his ass, eyelids fluttering closed as he lapped up the attention he was getting.

“Gorgeous. So perfect for me,” Noctis said quietly, resting his hands against Prompto’s round cheeks and giving them a quick squeeze. “Should I take you now, Prom? You’re practically begging for it,” he said gruffly, referring to the way Prompto was putting himself on display for him.

Prompto nodded fervently and Noctis would’ve laughed at his enthusiasm if he weren’t so damn turned on.

"Always so eager, pretty baby..."

He leaned forward to nibble on Prompto’s earlobe, making the blonde squirm even more, and he gave him a quick smack on his ass as a warning. “Don’t move,” he said firmly.

Prompto felt a shiver go down his spine even under the warm water. There were few times Noctis used that tone, one of authority and control. And to say it had an effect on Prompto was certainly an understatement.

Noctis continued leaving marks on Prompto’s neck and upper back, before sliding down and leaving a trail of kisses on his back down to his ass, where he parted his cheeks and stuck his tongue in with no warning. Prompto jolted at the sensation, taking a shaky breath and moaning when Noct licked at the sensitive skin. Noct held a firm grip on his cheeks, keeping them spread open for his tongue to do its magic.

Prompto was panting by the time Noctis removed his mouth from his ass and straightened up, grabbing onto Prompto’s hips and flipping him around to face him.

“What do you want, Prom?”

Prompto groaned, tipping his head back and leaning against the shower wall. His face was flushed and he refused to look Noctis in the eyes.

Noct didn’t allow that for very long though, sliding a hand into Prompto’s wet locks and tugging his head down once again. “Open your eyes, baby. I wanna see your pretty eyes.”

Prompto bit his lip but opened his eyes, never being able to deny Noctis anything. He was rewarded with a smirk and lust-filled eyes locked onto his own, and he tried his hardest not to look away from Noct’s scrutinizing gaze.

“That’s it, Prom. You’re so beautiful,” he spoke softly, and Prompto’s eyes lingered lower on his body, taking in his lean muscle and looking lower still, eyeing the hardened cock he knew would eventually be filling him up.

Noctis laughed at his stare, completely shameless. Prompto quickly averted his eyes and Noctis pulled his chin back, forcing eye contact once more. “Come here,” he said and pulled Prompto somehow closer against his body, pressing his lips against Prompto’s roughly. It was a sloppy kiss, hot and messy, but it was intoxicating nonetheless.

Noctis shoved his tongue into Prompto’s mouth, and Prompto’s cheeks pinkened when he remembered where else that tongue had been only moments ago.

The water was steadily getting cooler, but it felt good to the boys as there was an undeniable heat growing between the two of them regardless of water temperature.

Noctis pulled away and licked his lips. “You taste good, Prompto. All of you tastes so good, so sweet,” he whispered into his hair, pressing a kiss to the wet locks.

Prompto shivered and Noctis grabbed his shoulders and pushed him against the wall, taking control. He lined himself up with Prompto’s hole and slowly pushed in, the water making it easier than he expected. He groaned at the tightness, and Prompto squeezed his eyes shut, taking deep, shuddering breaths as he was filled. He was honestly a little impressed with how well he was able to take it, normally needing more preparation. Both of them were desperate, and Noctis hadn’t bothered stretching him.

Prompto was always so tight but with only the droplets of water between their bodies, it felt even better than when he was properly lubed up. Noctis moved his hips slowly, grinding into his boyfriend carefully, not wanting to hurt him. Prompto knew this and his heart felt warm and gooey knowing Noctis cared so much about him to be careful even during such an intensely pleasurable act. His control was amazing.

“Noct, you — You can do more,” Prompto said breathlessly.

Noctis nibbled his ear again and Prompto whined. “Are you sure, baby? I just want to make sure it’s not too much,” he said, and Prompto couldn’t tell if it was a genuine comment or a tease. Either way, he knew what he wanted.

“I’m good, I promise,” he said, and that was all the encouragement Noctis needed.