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It Started Out With A Kiss How Did It End Up Like This???

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Tyler Joseph is not your average high school freshman. He tends to keep away from clubs and sports and lunch and people. He is what you would call an introvert. Its not that he didn't like people it was more so a disinterest in everything about them.

Tyler P.O.V

  so I started my freshman year of high school about three weeks ago. I screwed up my schedule and got completely lost on the first day, but no matter how big of a school your in, your reputation precedes you, so no one offered me help to find my classes because no one wants to talk to the creepy kid with a snake obsession. So I wandered until I found my class, I was ten minutes late to every class I had that day. It smoothed over slowly as I learned my schedule and my way around the school. However these things had no help for any of my other problems. Lets get one thing strait, I'm not. I'm gay guys now I'm no obvious flamboyant look at me I'm gay I don't do rainbows and high voice shit but I can wrap my esophagus around a Dick better than anyone in this school . Now of course everyone in my school knows this because that's how things work in towns like mine, small and all knowing. Also homophobic. So you can imagine how much shit a gay 15 year old gets here.

       I wasn't ever the punctual kid excited for school and I never ever will be. I have no reason to ever be and today will be no different than any other.

I got to school miraculously on time but agile got to homeroom after second bell. I sat at my same seat in the corner I always sit in with the only two empty seats in class in front and next to me. My first period class was this room, English, and this seat in the corner with my two empty seats, is where I sat there too.

   class started boring as ever with us repeating the date and starting our notes, no talking. Until of course Mr. Borden walks in to class late with a kid following him, a kid whom I'm have never seen before in my three weeks here. He looks up from under a messy mop of blue hair, he's wearing a Metallica  sweatshirt and jeans, he has piercings across his face, on his lip, his eyebrow, they were the only two things obscuring his otherwise perfect ivory skin. He did however have scruff and perfect hazel eyes that happened to be staring directly at me, and the feeling I got while stared at him was genuine, creepy. Ewwwww what the fuckkkk. I will not be catching feelings for a new kid I haven't even talked to. Will I?