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Working Too Hard

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Scott sat at his father's desk, trying to make sense of the reports he'd received regarding Habitat 7. Wait, it was called Ryder-I now. Scott grimaced, fighting a pounding headache, still unable to wrap his mind around a planet with his father’s name. Or rather his name, he supposed, and now it was his desk. Sure, the planet had been named for him, for Pathfinder Ryder’s success in settling, saving Heleus, but he was Scott. Even now, after nearly a year and as half in Heleus, he still had trouble thinking of himself as Pathfinder Ryder, uncertain he deserved the accolades. He put on a confident, almost cocky air in public, when he dealt with Addison and Tann; those two were like sharks, any weakness and they started circling. Kesh was much better, she was just doing what needed to be done to keep them all alive. Kandros was the same. But it should have been his father handling all of them, not him.

Scott stretched his arms over his head, his spine popping and his shoulders protesting. Sitting hunched at a desk was killing him. He moved through a variety of stretches, groaning as tense muscles resisted. He stood and twisted and bent, wincing at the stab of pain through his lower back, as well as the worsening throb in his skull. He froze, then straightened carefully, rubbing at his back with his palm, muttering curses as his shoulder protested the movement. He dropped back into the chair gracelessly, hissing as he jarred his body. He slumped in the chair, rubbing at his eyes and neck, then leaned forward to focus past the headache.

Twenty minutes later, he’d read the same email three times, and was no closer to grasping the details. The pain radiated up his neck, clamping around his skull like a vise, pounding in time with his pulse. He tried to concentrate on SAM, and whimpered at the pain.

SCOTT, DO YOU REQUIRE ASSISTANCE? SAM’s voice was no louder than usual, but Scott nearly sobbed at the intrusion.

Gil…” he whispered.


Gil was in engineering, fiddling at the console with a new drive core program he'd written. There was just something in his calculations that wasn't quite right, but he couldn't pinpoint it.

“Sod it,” he muttered, tossing a rag onto the work bench in frustration. He shut down the program simulation, and was heading for his and Scott's room for a drink when his omnitool pinged.


“Sick? Scott never gets sick!” Gil protested, and ducked into the medbay to find Lexi. “SAM, what's wrong with Scott, precisely?” he asked the AI, getting Lexi’s attention with the question.


“How long has he had the tension headache and back pain, SAM?” the doctor asked, collecting the tools of her trade.


“And the eye strain?” Lexi continued.


Lexi chuckled, shaking her head.

“You think ignoring his need for vision correction for months on end might have caused his poor posture and resulted in back pain and a headache? Well, that's certainly possible…” she retorted drily.

“Dammit, Scott!” Gil muttered, running a hand through his hair. “You go ahead Doc, I'm just getting something from our room.”

“I'll meet you there. We need to get him to rest.” Lexi turned and strode out of the medbay and headed to the upper deck, while Gil ran to his and Scott's room.


Gil ended up catching up to Lexi before the tram left for the habitation deck, and they quickly made their way to the Pathfinder's quarters. Gil keyed them into the room, and immediately dimmed the lights, wondering why Scott hadn't had SAM do so.

“Scott?” he called softly, keeping his voice low. A pained whimper came from around the corner at the desk, and Gil darted forward, running to his lover. Gil dropped to his knees beside Scott’s chair, gently placing his hand on his knee. “Baby, I'm here. I've brought the Doc. Your head?”

Scott gave an aborted attempt at a nod, his face in his hands, and froze, giving an affirmative groan instead. Doctor P'Terro approached and scanned Scott with her omnitool, her brows drawing in at the flares of heat at his neck and lower back, and the increased cortisol levels brought on by pain.

“Hold still, Scott, I'll dose you with a muscle relaxant and pain killer. Then you are on 48 hours leave.” Scott tensed to argue, but crumpled under the fresh wave of pain. “Doctor's orders. The Kett are dealt with, for the most part. Kadara is quiet thanks to that rogue your sister is involved with, and the Nexus will still stand if you don't meet Tann.” She deftly administered the medication via an injection to his neck, and he slumped as the drugs took hold.

“P'rfect ‘scuse… if ‘min pain I can tell Tann t'fuck off,” he slurred.

Gil chuckled drily, and Lexi rolled her eyes.

“Nevermind that, Scott. You can just outlive him. You've already nailed his foot to the floor by appointing a krogan as ambassador, ignore the rest,” Gil advised teasingly. He met Lexi’s eyes, and at her gesture, nodded. He got to his feet, and stooped to pull Scott carefully upright. He started to put Scott's arm around his shoulders, then thought better of it, and simply picked up his lover, carrying him cradled in his arms to the bed. He knelt on the bed, carefully laying Scott down. He moved to sit up, but Scott wound his arms about Gil's neck, and clung to him.

Lexi chuckled, shaking her head.

“He'll be out in a few minutes, but let me know if you need me. The dose I administered should be sufficient for 24 hours, but with SAM affecting his metabolism and everything else, it may wear off sooner. He should sleep at least 6 hours though, and he'll be coherent when he wakes. SAM? Did you record me saying he's on 48 hours medical leave?”


Gil huffed a quiet laugh.

“SAM, that kind of deviousness is what scares people about AI.”


Gil laughed outright this time, absently stroking a hand over Scott’s hair.

“I know that, SAM, I'm just ribbing you. Doc, would a compress help? I've got one.”

“Absolutely, just have SAM monitor the temperature, since Scott will be out for a while.” The man in question started to snore, and Lexi chuckled. “I'll pass the word onto the crew, Tempest is on shore leave for 48 hours. We've got three other Pathfinders, they can pick up the slack.” She turned to go, then snapped her fingers as she remembered something. “Let him know I expect to see him about vision correction when he wakes up. This wouldn't have gotten so severe if he hadn't been hunched over to see the screens.”

“Sure thing, Doc! And thanks.”


Gil puttered around their quarters, the warm colours Scott had used to redecorate soothing his concern. Scott had been working far too hard lately, but his strengths were in the field, not tied to a desk. He'd gone through a few of the books Alec Ryder had collected, sitting propped up on the bed next to Scott’s slumbering form, but needed to stretch his legs. He'd just returned the latest book to the shelf, when Scott groaned softly, and stirred. The warm compress Gil had carefully placed on Scott's neck slipped to the mattress as he sat up with a groan, rubbing at his eyes.

“How long was I out?” he asked softly, rubbing at his neck.

Gil pushed him firmly back down on the bed, and waved a bottle of massage oil at him.

“Tell you what, love. You be good and let me work on those trouble spots, and I'll fill you in.”

Scott gave a cheeky grin as he stretched.

“Are you sure this isn't some lame excuse to get me out of my clothes?”

“I am offended, Scott! This happens to be a brilliant excuse to get you out of your clothes!”

Scott snorted, but cautiously sat up to pull off his shirt. He moved hesitantly at first, anticipating pain, but was relieved to find he could move relatively freely. His range of motion hitched as he pulled the shirt over his shoulders and off, but the pain was absent. He carefully lay back down on his stomach, and sighed as Gil repositioned the compress on his neck. Scott groaned as he felt the heat seeping into him, and nearly started to doze again when Gil climbed onto the bed and straddled his hips.

“Y'sure this is a m’ssage?” Scott mumbled, casting a sleepy grin over his shoulder.

“Can't pull the wool over your eyes, can I?” Gil teased lightly. “I simply can't resist you when you're three-quarters asleep and incoherent, not to mention in pain. It's just so sexy.”

Scott buried his face in his pillow, though not before Gil caught his muttered, “Smartass…”

“You love me for it,” Gil retorted, warming the oil in his hands then slowly massaging the tense muscles in Scott's lower back. He worked over the knots methodically, and Scott gave a pained groan of relief as they loosened. “Was that the lowest, or do we need to get your trousers off to get the small of your back?”

“Not trying anything, he says. Riiiight.” Nevertheless, Scott fumbled for his fly, got his pants undone, and started to shove them down before he ran out of steam. Gil chuckled, and clambered off to pull Scott's pants off to spare them the oil. He did a double take and groaned. Scott was wearing a jock strap again.

“Looks like you were the one with nefarious plans, Scott. Or are you behind on your laundry again?” Gil swept one hand over Scott's ass, giving his cheek a gentle squeeze before returning to the massage. He worked his way higher on Scott's back, finding lesser points of tension along his spine that had gone unnoticed in the overwhelming pain of his headache. He smoothed them away, one by one, his callused hands scratching Scott's skin ever so lightly. Eventually, he set the compress aside and worked on Scott's neck, the muscles like steel under his fingers.

“Bloody hell, Scott, what did you do to yourself?!”

Scott breathed in slowly. Even with the painkillers, the pressure of the massage was awakening a throb up the side of his skull as Gil worked.

“I was reading emails. And you still haven't said how long I was out.”

“Didn't I? Are you sure?” Gil teased, chuckling as Scott growled ineffectually at him. Gil placed a palm against Scott’s spine, between his shoulder blades, a reminder to stay still. “Five hours, give or take.”

“What?! I need to get back to work!” Scott panicked, trying to get up. Gil rolled his eyes.

“SAM, care to share Doctor P'Terro's instructions?”


“Now that's just a cheap trick,” Scott muttered, settling back down, knowing he was beaten. “But… vision correction? Is she talking about surgery?” His voice had gone quiet, uncertain, and Gil leaned over to look at his face.

“She didn't say, but that's usually the method.” Scott gave a small shiver underneath him. “Are you getting cold, we can get SAM to boost the heat… SAM?”

“No, no. I'm not cold. Eye surgery creeps me the fuck out. I saw a vid of how it was done back in the early 21st Century, and it stuck with me. I know that's not the process anymore, hasn't been for centuries. But eye surgery terrifies me.”

“Relax, baby, you're tensing up again. We'll see what Lexi has to say.” Gil ran his palms down the sides of Scott's neck, easing the tight muscles. He leaned down and kissed the side of Scott's neck lightly, earning him a happy purr from his lover. So he did it again. He kept his hands working over Scott's shoulders, but every now and again, he would drop a gentle kiss against his skin. Scott shivered and gave a slow smile each time he did it, but his eyes drooped as Gil continued the massage, and soon enough he was asleep again.

Gil slowly gentled the massage, eventually stilling his hands. He stroked a tender hand over Scott's hair, and leaned down to kiss his temple.

“Sleep, love,” Gil whispered fondly.


Scott woke three hours later, his nose twitching and his stomach grumbling. He slowly stretched, warm under the blanket that had been thrown over him, and luxuriated in the absence of pain. His outstretched arms encountered a warm body, and he cuddled closer to Gil, who sat reading a book.

“Feel better, love?” Gil asked softly, stroking a hand through Scott's sleep-rumpled hair.

“Mmmm….” Scott hummed an affirmative, tucking his chin over Gil's hip and smiling up at him. Gil grinned, but kept reading, his eyes scanning the pages at a ridiculous pace. He scratched his nails lightly down the nape of Scott’s neck, and Scott shut his eyes, sighing in bliss.

Then his stomach growled. Audibly.

Gil snorted a laugh, and patted Scott on the shoulder.

“C’mon, I've got some food warmed, I was going to wake you when I finished that chapter anyway.”

Scott grinned, knowing his lover.

“Right. How many chapters have you been saying that?” he teased, chuckling at Gil's wink. “Thought so.”

Scott slid from under the blanket, and stood. He stretched again, his fingers twined as he pressed his palms towards the ceiling. Suddenly Gil's arms were around him, the warmth of his body lined up against Scott's back, and he was forcibly reminded that he was standing there in his underwear, and not much of that. Gil laid a single, delicate kiss just behind his ear, and Scott shivered.

“That's cheating…” he breathed, turning to wrap his arms around his lover’s neck.

“Says the man in that underwear, with that sexy ass.”

Scott pressed closer, smirking.

“Am I distracting you, Gil?”

“All the time. Food first, love.”

“Spoilsport,” Scott pouted, leaning in for a kiss. Gil smiled and met him halfway, keeping the kiss light and gentle.

“Scott, I was summoned by your AI not 10 hours ago, to find you immobilized with pain, crying from a headache. You'll have to forgive me if I want to make sure you're alright. Let's get those biotics fed.”

Scott grumbled under his breath about being babied, but stepped back with a smile. He turned and fetched his pants from the floor, giving his ass just enough of a shake to let Gil know that Scott knew he was watching. Gil chuckled as he wandered to the small kitchen, dishing out a moderate portion for himself, and an enormous one for Scott. Biotics burned through calories at incredible rates, so it took a lot of food to keep them going.

Scott set a glass in front of Gil, who eyed the amber liquid for a moment, then crooked an eyebrow at him.

“Trying to get me sauced, love?” Gil teased, his pewter grey eyes twinkling.

“Nah, just showing my appreciation for my wonderful boyfriend who is taking such good care of me.” Scott leaned over and gave him a peck on his cheek, nuzzling at the scruff there. Gil turned his head and captured his lips softly, then touched their foreheads together, his eyes closed.

“You scared me, Scott. You've been through so much, had that damned Archon meddling in your head, that injection he gave you that figured out SAM, you've died twice, you forced your brain into overdrive to link with the Remnant when SAM was stolen… A headache like that scared the shit out of me. Good thing Lexi was there to translate SAM's medical gibberish.”

Scott dropped to his knees next to Gil's chair, and took both of Gil's hands in his own.

“I'm sorry I worried you. I am okay though, and I'll talk to Lexi about what we need to do about my eyesight.” His bright blue eyes were full of remorse over the scare he'd given his lover, and he looked up at Gil with a rueful expression. “I'll try not to get so stressed it affects my health. I kept pushing today, and ended up losing the entire day anyway.”

“Forgiven, but don't do that again, alright?” Gil shook his head, Scott moved back to his chair, and they started their meal in companionable silence.

Halfway through the meal, Scott started yawning, and shook his head.

“What the hell did Lexi dose me with? I feel like I could sleep another cycle!”

“I didn't ask, but she left another dose for tomorrow if you need it. And since I'm off duty, any time you need a massage, I'm available,” Gil offered with an arched eyebrow and a glint in his pewter grey eyes.

Scott smirked at him.

“Really? I'll have to let you know if I'm suffering from any further…” he paused, eyeing his lover from head to toe and back, “…stiffness to be dealt with.”

Gil rolled his eyes in bemused disgust at the pun.

“That was truly awful, Scott.”

“Can't blame me, I'm doped up and falling asleep here. Sentiment stands though,” he said around another yawn. “SAM? You've been awfully quiet since I woke up, what's going on?”


“Thanks for that, but I'm okay at the moment. Can you please fire off a message to Lexi, asking if I could stop by after lunch tomorrow to have her check my vision?”


“Nope, thanks SAM.”


Scott finished his meal, yawning every few bites, while Gil cleaned up the dishes. A few moments later Gil was gently nudging Scott, who'd nodded off with his chin propped on one hand.

“Let's get you to bed, baby. Carrying you once a day is about my limit,” Gil teased, pulling Scott upright and steering him towards their bed.

“Wait, I'm going that way first,” Scott tugged his hand free and headed for the bathroom. Gil took the time to warm the compress again, and dimmed the lights further, leaving only a soft glow around their bed. He stripped out of his clothing, leaving only his boxer briefs.

A few minutes later, Scott stumbled out of the bathroom, and made a beeline for their bed. He fell face-first onto his pillow, his feet still dangling off the side. Gil rolled his eyes at his lover’s antics. Scott drove himself incredibly hard, desperate to live up to his dead father's expectations, but when he crashed, he crashed hard.

“Come on, then. Let's get those trousers back off, you hate sleeping in them.” He received a muffled groan of complaint in return. “I was going to offer you another massage before bed, but I suppose you're not interested…”

Scott turned to glare at him balefully, but the effect was somewhat hampered with his face smooshed into the pillow, only one blue eye visible, and that one drooping sleepily. Scott muttered uncomplimentary things under his breath that Gil pretended not to hear, and he helped his lover out of his pants. He leaned down and kissed the dimples at the small of Scott’s back, to either side of his spine, then slicked his palms and slowly began to massage his lover's back. Gil moved down the bed, and massaged Scott's thighs and calves, working on the tense muscles, and chuckling as Scott gasped and twitched. He turned and grasped one of Scott's arms, and shook the limb lightly until Scott let it dangle loosely in his hands. He ran his thumbs firmly across his lover's palm, smirking as Scott hissed, then worked up the forearm. Scott tensed when he found a knot of muscle, and Gil shushed him, reminding him to relax. He repeated the process on the other hand and arm, before coming back to straddle his hips, and work on his shoulders and neck again.

Scott gave a soft moan of pleasure, though he didn't know whether it was pulled from him by the touch of Gil's bare thighs against his hips, or the strong, callused hands easing away any residual tension. Either way, the sound had a predictable effect on Gil, the quietly erotic moan sliding down his spine, a slow warmth building low in his gut. He paused, taking a deep breath, and continued the massage.

Within minutes, Scott was asleep, and Gil chuckled softly. He leaned down and pressed a gentle kiss to Scott's temple, and turned off the lights. He spread the blanket over him tenderly, and cuddled up with his back against Scott’s side. Scott murmured his name, rolling toward him, and wrapped his arms around Gil, pressing a kiss to the nape of his neck. Gil smiled, and whispered a quiet good night.


Scott woke slowly, his mind muzzy from sleep and dreams, and he reached for his lover without opening his eyes. His searching hand found warmth still in the sheets, but Gil wasn't there. Scott pried his eyes open carefully, hesitant in the light permeating the room. He rolled his neck from side to side, and groaned as several vertebrae popped and shifted. Gil peered around the corner from the kitchen, looking concerned.

“You alright, love? That sounded like it hurt…”

Scott stretched his arms over his head, carefully twisting back and forth.

“You heard that?”

“You groaned loud enough that SAM probably heard from the next room, nevermind the soundproofing in here,” Gil teased. He came around the corner, and passed Scott a steaming mug of coffee, sweet and light. His own was black and unsweetened, and he settled onto the bed next to Scott. Scott snuggled against his shoulder, relaxing for the first morning in what felt like forever. He snorted softly, and Gil nudged him questioningly.

“Just thinking,” he explained with a smile. “Barring the morning after that party,” his smile widened to a grin as Gil's eyes darkened at the memory, “this may be the first lazy morning I've had in over 630 years.”

Gil chuckled darkly, and teased, “Don't get used to it, love.”

“I know, I know. Responsibilities. Ugh. How did I get roped into this again?”

“Other than saving the entire colony, fighting off a genocidal race, communicating with alien tech to revive numerous planets, oh, and a gorgeous boyfriend to make sure your gear works, you were also in the right place at the worst moment.” Gil squeezed his shoulder, knowing Scott still felt he couldn't measure up to his dead father.

Scott sighed, savouring his coffee as he leaned into Gil’s warmth. Gil set his own mug on the floor, and shifted to sit behind Scott, cradling him against his chest. After a minute or two, he nudged Scott to sit forward slightly, and slowly rubbed his neck and shoulders, checking for tension that could have returned through the night. Scott winced as Gil found a sore spot, and forced himself to relax as his boyfriend's callused fingers slowly worked on knotted muscle. As the knot began to release, Scott relaxed further, melting under Gil's strong hands. He quickly downed his coffee and set his empty mug aside.

“You've been working too hard, baby,” Gil scolded softly. “We've got three more Pathfinders. You've always had your crew. You don't have to carry all this alone. We're here. I’m here. I'll always be here.”

Scott turned in his grasp, meeting his gaze with a searching look. He smiled suddenly, radiant, and dove forward to take Gil down on the mattress, kissing him passionately. Gil let out a gasp, but wrapped his arms around Scott broad shoulders, pulling him closer. His hands roved down Scott's back, and he moaned as he filled his hands with Scott's perfect ass, the jock strap no impediment. Gil thrust up against Scott as they both began to harden, moaning against his lover's lips. Gil nibbled on Scott's lower lip, then broke the kiss to nuzzle his way along Scott's jaw. He nipped at his throat, pulling a moan and an involuntary thrust of the hips from Scott as he chuckled darkly. Gil flipped them suddenly, and kissed his way down Scott's chest, teasing at his nipples with lips and tongue, grinning as Scott bucked underneath him.

“Gil…” Scott breathed, trembling under his lover's hands, touch, oh fuck, his mouth! He fisted his hands in Gil's short red hair, pulling him closer. He felt Gil smile against his chest, and scraped his nails down the nape of his neck, pulling a groan from him as their eyes met.

Gil slid lower, tracing his tongue over Scott's abs, pausing here and there to lay a gentle kiss, or a less than gentle bite on Scott’s heated skin. He dropped teasing kisses over his stomach and nuzzled lightly at the trail of dark hair below his navel. Scott whined deep in his throat, twisting under Gil, trying to lead him further down his body. This, of course, meant that Gil crawled back up, kissing and sucking marks onto Scott's chest.

“Was there something you wanted, baby?” Gil murmured, a teasing light in his eyes. He stroked a hand down Scott's jaw, and ran his thumb over his full lips. Scott flicked the tip of his tongue out, tasting his lover, and he groaned softly.

“Yes, there is,” he replied, grabbing Gil's wrist. He pulled it away from his face, and surged up to capture Gil's lips with his own, thrusting his tongue into Gil's mouth as he opened on a moan. Scott wrapped his free arm around Gil's back, pulling his hair lightly, then scratching down his spine. Gil moaned again, taking control of the kiss, and Scott melted underneath him, hooking an ankle behind Gil's knee. He slid their hands down his side, and pressed Gil's palm to his throbbing cock, still trapped behind his jock strap. He moved his hand from Gil's wrist to the back of his hand, and closed their fingers around his cock as he thrust against him.

Fuck, Scott, you're so hard already,” Gil murmured against his lips, before nipping his way along his jaw to suck at his throat, just below his ear. Scott cried out, his hips bucking upward, and Gil smirked as he felt Scott's cock throb under his hand, drops of pre-cum already spotting the fabric. Gil shoved his own underwear down about his thighs and rocked his shaft against Scott's. The two men moaned together, and Gil pulled away to strip completely. He wormed his way down Scott's body, and nuzzled at the bulge tenting his underwear. He stroked his hand gently over Scott's confined sac, then slid deft fingers back to tease and toy with the sensitive skin behind, all the while kissing his way up Scott’s shaft, mouthing at the tip.

“Red, please!” Scott moaned, faint biotic sparks dancing over his skin. Gil nibbled at the cleft where hip and thigh met, and Scott twisted underneath him.

“Please what, baby?” Gil teased, sucking hard on Scott's inner thigh, grinning as his lover cried out, then laved his tongue over the mark he left. “What did you want?”

Scott groaned, his fingers clenching in the sheets, his hips thrusting up unconsciously to meet Gil’s scorching mouth. Gil shifted slightly and nipped at Scott's hip, sucking a bruise into the flesh.

“Red! Quit teasing, I need…” Scott complained, losing his train of thought with a moan when Gil slipped his tongue under the waist of his jockstrap and found the head of his cock. Gil slid his hands up Scott's thighs, over his hips, and back, his fingers trailing delicately over Scott's skin between the straps. He tangled his fingers in them and achingly slowly drew them down Scott's legs. He kissed his way down Scott's thighs and calves, then stroked his palms back upward, his thumbs grazing the sensitive skin between his thighs. Gil watched as Scott’s cock twitched, drawing his gaze. He ran his tongue the length of Scott's shaft, twirling his tongue over the head and lapping at the slit. Scott's hips bucked up to meet the contact, blue sparks flitting over their skin as Scott shouted his name.

“Fuck, Gil!”

Gil pulled off his cock with a pop, and gave him a wicked little grin.

“You read my mind,” he murmured, and took Scott's cock down his throat, swallowing around the head. Blue energy flashed out from Scott in a wave, nailing Gil at the base of his spine. He groaned, thrusting restlessly against the mattress. He hollowed his cheeks and sucked, humming in approval when Scott grabbed his hair and pulled, and Gil drew back, sliding his lips up his lover’s cock and off with an obscene sound. He looked up Scott’s body and met his heated, hungry gaze. His blue eyes were dark with lust, his hair disheveled, his lips red and swollen from biting back his cries. He looked positively wrecked, and Gil surged up to capture his lips in a passionate kiss. They broke the kiss with a groan as their cocks brushed together. Gil rolled away for a moments, fumbling in the bedside table for lube.

“Aha! Found it!” he announced triumphantly, then dropped his head back with a gasp as Scott fit himself against Gil's back, kissing and nibbling at his neck. “Mmm, baby, please...” he whimpered, rolling his hips back to feel Scott's length pressed against his ass, sliding along his cleft. Scott chuckled against the nape of his neck, sending a shiver down his spine, and plucked the lube from his hand. He popped the cap one-handed, and slicked his fingers quickly.

“Fast or slow, Red?” Scott asked softly, teasing two fingertips over Gil's tightly furled pucker. Gil rocked his hips back into his touch, moaning softly, then he pulled away. He turned to face his lover, and pushed him back down onto their bed.

“Wouldn't want you to strain anything and bring that headache back. So tell you what, you use those talented fingers on me, and then I ride you until you scream. How does that sound?” he asked, leaning down to murmur the last in Scott’s ear, chuckling as he felt him shiver.

“Fuck, yes!” Scott groaned, and pulled Gil further up the bed until he was straddling his chest. He leaned in to swipe his tongue up Gil's cock, moaning at the taste of pre-cum leaking from the tip. Gil gasped out his name, his hips shifting back and forth, seeking friction.

“Baby, wait a second,” Gil murmured. He slid down Scott's body enough to drop down for a slow kiss, then clambered off to one side. He spun around and straddled Scott again, and dove down, sucking Scott off with a groan of pleasure, his callused fingers stroking over his balls and sliding down to tease over Scott's entrance. Scott bucked upward with a cry, then latched onto Gil's inner thigh, sucking a mark on the sensitive skin. His lover popped off with a moan, driving his hips back as he rasped Scott's name.

Scott licked his way up Gil's thigh, pulling his hips down to reach his cock more easily, sweeping his tongue from the tip all the way down to the root, then lapping over his sac. He smirked at his lover's pleading calls of his name, but didn't draw it out. He wanted Gil just as desperately. He teased his slicked fingers over Gil's entrance again, this time pressing in as he mouthed gently at his sac. Gil shuddered at the slight burn as Scott's fingers breached his rim, then slid down over Scott's cock again. He opened his throat, taking Scott to the base, and swallowed, holding there as Scott swore. His biotics flared, and he thrust his fingers into Gil's ass. The redhead gave a whimper as Scott aimed his biotics at Gil's prostate, his body clenching around his lover's fingers. Gil drew back for breath before sinking down again, his hips rocking back against Scott's hand as he worked him open.

When two fingers were sliding in and out easily, Gil drew back from Scott's cock, and pulled away, turning once again to face his lover. Scott frowned slightly, grabbing Gil's wrist as he reached for the lube.

“Just two? You’re going to feel that later,” he cautioned, unwilling to cause Gil pain.

Gil smirked down at him, his pupils blown wide with lust, swallowing the pewter grey of his eyes. “I’m counting on it, baby.” He pulled his hand free, and reached down to slick Scott's shaft thoroughly, twisting his palm over the head to watch his lover's blue eyes darken. He lined the head of Scott's cock up with his entrance, and slowly sank down, hissing at the delicious burn. Scott's biotics flared again, and Gil's body reacted, tightening for a split-second before loosening further.

Gil, baby…” Scott breathed, his hands coming to rest on Gil's waist, holding him still for a moment to adjust. Gil had other ideas. He canted his hips, driving Scott deeper into his body, pulling a gasp from him. Scott's fingers spasmed on him, and Gil rocked over him again, driving Scott further, until finally his ass was resting on Scott's thighs. Gil leaned down and gave him a slow, gentle kiss, stroking his fingers down Scott’s jaw.

“Let me,” Gil whispered against his lips, flicking his tongue out to tease at the seam of Scott's mouth, slanting their mouths together when Scott opened for him on a moan. Gil took possession of the kiss, and rolled his hips as he did, slowly at first, then faster as their passion built. The slow glide of their bodies sped up bit by bit, until Gil broke the kiss to breathe. He straightened, planting his feet under himself in a crouch, and set his palms on Scott's chest for balance.

“Remember, we don't want to bring that headache back, so you should probably stay still,” Gil reminded his lover, who stared at him wide-eyed at the instructions.

“Red, you have got to be shitting me!” he gasped, hips already shifting as he fought the urge to thrust into his lover. “How'm'I supposed to stay still, oh fuck, baby! with you riding me like this?”

“I could stop…” Gil offered, slowing his rocking and starting to lift himself off Scott's aching cock.

“Don't you fucking dare!” Scott growled, pulling Gil back down with a firm grip on his hips, his hands sparking blue with his biotics. Gil groaned as the charge flowed over him, his cock throbbing and dripping in response.

Gil rocked forward, deliberately clenching around Scott, then lifted himself only to drive back down, once, twice, again, until he was riding Scott in earnest. Their moans echoed through the room, the slap of skin against heated skin driving them higher, hands clutching at sweat-slicked bodies. Gil shifted slightly and let out a low moan as Scott's cock slid against his prostate with each movement. Gil's head went back, his eyes closing as he drove them both, Scott's cock throbbing inside him, his panting telling Gil he was close, too.

“Red, fuck, yes baby, please! Keep going, I'm so-hnng- so close… close your eyes baby, oh shit!” Scott grabbed Gil's thighs and started thrusting into his lover, his hips snapping up with a heavy smack as Gil ground down. Scott stared up at his lover, his eyes glowing brilliantly blue as his biotics surged, and he threw his head back on a cry. “GIL!” he shouted his lover's name, and a blinding flash of biotic energy pulsed out from his body as he came. His thighs shuddered as he spilled deep into Gil, his vision whiting out as he biotics surged again, and Gil stiffened above him with a shout, his cock spurting. Scott grinned, wrapped a faintly glowing hand around Gil's still throbbing shaft, milking him through the last tremors of his orgasm.

“FUCK!” The shout was torn out of Gil as his body clenched around Scott again, and he curled over his lover, stilling Scott's hand. He collapsed against him, both panting for breath.

When his breathing and heart rate had slowed, Gil extricated himself from Scott and rolled onto his back, reveling in the ache in his body. He laced their fingers together and brought Scott's hand to his lips.

“I thought I told you to hold still,” he teased.

“Are you really complaining?” Scott demanded, feigning insult.

“Nah. Next time I'll just have to tie you up.”

Scott snorted, and pulled Gil to him for a lazy kiss, then pressed their foreheads together. “Love you, Red. Hey SAM, have I got that appointment with Dr. Lexi?”


“Perfect. Enough time for breakfast, a shower, and another nap,” he eyed Gil, wiggling his eyebrows.

“Scott, we have another appointment, since you've clearly forgotten. We're seeing Jill and-"

“Shit!” Scott interrupted, smacking himself on the forehead, and wincing. He shot his lover an apologetic look. “Sorry, Red. I completely forgot. Okay. So no nap. Alright, breakfast and a shower.”

Scott stretched his arms over his head, grunting as his neck popped. He sat up slowly and shrugged his shoulders, frowning as a few muscles twinged and protested.

“Have we got any bacon, baby?” he asked his lover as he stood, hiding his smirk as he turned away.

“You cannot call it bacon! There are no pigs in Heleus, it's not bacon. It's salted arse-end of challyrion, and you do not get to disrespect the memory of bacon by using its name like that!” Gil glared at him, clearly offended.

Scott grinned, pulling Gil upright and into his arms.

“Have we got any salted arse-end of challyrion then?” he teased, leaning in for a gentle kiss.

“Nah, I ate it two days ago. Stuff's delicious.”

Scott hugged him close and laughed, pressing their foreheads together.

“So, wanna share that shower?”