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He's Not A Real Wolf

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Liam was trying to find the wolf he'd seen the night before with Mason. He didn't think it could disappear that quickly so he was trying to track it. He had roared at it to stop it from coming after them. In doing so he had showing Mason who he really was. Mason had handled it so much better than he thought he would. In a way he owed the wolf for helping him tell his best friend what he had been chickening out on for months.

If the wolf had wanted to attack he figured it would have done it when they had been standing in the hallway. The wolf just looked down like it submitted to him and left. Something was drawing him to the wolf so he walked through the woods near the school hoping it hadn't gone that far. He wanted to see it again because he found it to be beautiful with its black fur and white patches. He was thinking it was a male wolf, but he wasn't sure, but if he could convince it to come to him he'd find out.

Liam rounded one of the trees coming to a stop smiling when the wolf was standing before him. "There you are," he said telling the wolf how lovely he looked. "You don't look vicious right now," he added kneeling down knowing he could easily run or launch his self away if he needed to. "I'd love to rub you, but you are wild so I won't try unless you let me," he looked the wolf over trying to think of a name for it. "I am going call you Patch," it fit with the white patches that was on under its face and stomach. He talked in a low voice letting the wolf know just because he gave him a name it didn't mean he owned him. "I don't want to keep saying hey wolf or boy all the time," he moved to sitting on his knees.

Patch kept watching Liam, but hadn't moved from his spot. The last thing the wolf had been expecting was for someone to catch him. The other night at the school he'd done it for two reasons. The first was for the fun of it and the second was because he liked the guy in front of him. He really hadn't expected to be sought out like this by Liam. Liam didn’t know it was him though so at the moment he was safe. He liked going for runs in the woods after dark so it was bound to happen.

There was two ways to go about this turn of events. Theo could stay as the wolf and not let Liam know who he actually was under the coat of fur. He could easily mask his scent from his when he was human. The second option was transform back and reveal that he was more than a werewolf. That could go over badly and Liam would tell the others that he had lied about everything. He had a lot of things he needed to do and the doctors would have his ass if he reviled who he actually was. They were counting on him to bring Scott’s pack to its knees and kill all of them.

It wasn't like he had anything to do right now so Patch went with the first option. It might be fun to pretend to be a real wolf around Liam. He wanted to get to know Liam since he was part of Scott's pack. This way Liam wouldn't have his guard up not knowing he was who Stiles kept saying was the enemy. It was a brilliant plan and he was really good with making plans. He had planned on how he was going to get Scott’s attention. The way he had come in trying to help him taking on that chimera.

He thought it had gone well and if it wasn’t for Stiles’ annoyance at thinking he was not who he used to be he would have been in. Of course Stiles was right, but hey it was just something he was going to have to work on. He could deal with that problem if it kept up. Liam was his goal right now and not just because he was part of the pack. Liam was cute and adorable in his opinion. He had seen him outside the night before watching him in his room. Then there was Stiles and Liam in the woods following him. He had dealt with the reason behind the signature and he was hoping that Stiles didn’t check any deeper. If he did then he would find a lot more, but the signatures being different was enough for now it seemed.

He pulled his mind back to the presence looking at Liam wanting to get to know everything about him. He wished that he could talk like this so he could carry on a conversation with Liam. However, listening to Liam talking was just as good. He liked his voice and he looked a lot younger than he was. He had the smile that was gorgeous and made him want to smile too. If he could he would be grinning at the moment. He couldn’t let Liam get close right off because wolves didn’t do that. Although he knew that werewolves could get other dogs and wolves to submit or calm if they wanted to. Liam wasn’t doing that to him even if he had the night before.

Liam had been standing his ground after he’d chased Mason and him through the school. He had wondered when Liam was going stop running and do something about it. It had made him hard when Liam had roared at him. He had gone home and jacked off thinking about where he would really like Liam’s mouth to have been. Hell, Liam fucking him in the woods would have been great. Taking him right there in the hall would have had him howling in pleasure. He had thought about Liam today too at school. He had watched him when he could trying not to be obvious about it. He would gladly bend over his tailgate and let Liam take him. He liked it rough, thrived on fucking. He just hadn’t taken it before; he’d be delighted to let Liam be the first guy that fucked him.



"I doubt you will come to me, but maybe some night you will," Liam said telling Patch that he would be back a lot to check on him. He took the pack of burger he had brought that his mom had gotten earlier that day. He opened it up leaving it on the ground before he backed up to give Patch room to come forward if he wanted to. He had checked even from this distance he could tell that Patch was a boy. "I don't have deer or anything else you might enjoy more, but that is good too," Liam said sitting back down.

He decided instead of just leaving right now he was going to sit here for a while. It would be the first step in making real friends with Patch. He could talk to him and let Patch earn his trust. It could take a really long while, but he didn’t care. It was worth the wait to get to touch the magnificent creature in front of him just once. He had dreamed about the wolf the night before after the run in at the school. He had seen his self running in the woods with him having fun. They were playing hide and seek actually to see who could find who.

Liam had also dreamed about Theo Raeken. He was the hot new guy at school who he had been following around the night before. The things he had been dreaming about Theo had been on the x-rated side. While Patch was approaching the food he thought about the dreams he had. Theo bent over as he had fucked him rough and fast. He wouldn’t mind taking it if it was Theo, but he wanted to own Theo’s ass. He had to pull his self away from that so he didn’t get a hard on right now. It had been a good thing that Stiles couldn’t smell anything either. He would have noticed he had been leaking the night before while watching Theo.



Patch let his wolf senses take over so he wouldn't give away that he might be something different underneath. He kept an eye on Liam going up to the burger sniffing it. He really tried to avoid eating anything that was raw. If he was pretending to be the wolf then he had to though so he ate it. It gave Liam a little way in with him showing that he trusted him. However, he backed away once he finished eating the meat. It hadn't been as bad as the deer he'd accidently eaten the one time. He hadn’t thought he could get sick being a chimera of part werewolf/coyote, but he had been the next day.

His wolf instincts had kicked in and he had been hungry since living with doctors that don't know how to care for a kid hadn't helped. It was when he had learned he could shift into a wolf. He loved this part about his self being able to run as far as he wanted to as fast as he could. In the wolf form he was almost free since he could stay this way for days and not be found. The Dread Doctors didn't even know that he could shift as far as he knew. He was part coyote too and that part no one could tell unless he mentioned it. There was no one to mention it to so he never had to worry.

"My name's Liam by the way," Liam said getting Patch's attention again. He had named Patch so he figured he could at least tell Patch his name. He figured he could tell the wolf stuff since he couldn't talk. "I'm sort of like you," he said telling Patch he was a werewolf, but couldn't turn into something like he was.


Liam covered most of his life sitting on the ground just watching Patch as the hours passed. He'd started with how his biological dad had just left his mom and him when he was six years old. He hadn't been wanted or even loved by the man, but his mom had showed how much she loved him every day. His dad had left one day after telling him out right he was the worst mistake ever. He still remembered crying his self to sleep in his mom’s arms. It was one of the things that he could remember so clearly as a little kid.

He'd told Patch about getting diagnosed with I.E.D. syndrome and trying to control the anger. He felt it so much before he became the werewolf. He didn't go off as much now, but he had a few moments. The night before he had growled at Theo for getting too close to Stiles. It had been more about him coming out of no where too. He had surprised him by getting there as quick as he had. He had been on the tree and it had thrown him. He had been in a hurry to get out of there after thinking about how good Theo smelled at first. Then there was the part about his sister being found dead by Theo.

Then bam Theo is standing there above them on the tree and he smelt good still. He wouldn’t mind getting a hold of some of the soap he used to shower in so he could smell like Theo too. That might be a little creepy though, but he wasn’t sure. He asked Patch even though he couldn’t answer him. He got a head tilt from Patch and after a couple of seconds a wag of the tail. He had been so happy he had let out a yell, which had startled Patch. He had about ran off, but he’d talked him into staying.

He informed Patch about his best friend Mason who had been with him the night before. He told him how they had been best friends since kindergarten. They did a lot of things together and now went to the same school again. Mason kept him sane at times when he wanted to just snap. Mason could talk him out of exploding, which had him wishing that he had him at Devenport Prep. Mason could have helped him maybe not lose it. Then again what happened to him had been awful. He didn’t bring that up to Patch not wanting to sour his own mood. He did tell Patch that Mason hadn’t found out until the night before he was a werewolf. He had wanted to protect Mason and he had been scared. He didn’t want him to reject him and lose his best friend he had for eleven years. They had done so many things together from helping him coop with his dad leaving to coming out to each other.

He told him about how he got turned into a werewolf. There were times when he wasn't so sure about it, but other times he was happy. The full moon wasn't the only time that he could shift like on some movies or shows. He had the option of shifting any time that he wanted to. He did it once to show Patch what he looked like wolfed out. It hadn’t scared Patch so he didn’t worry in case they met like that sometime.



Liam's cell phone alarm going off signaling that he was supposed to be getting up for school startled him. It also caused Patch to growl since he hadn't expected it either. Liam let out a sigh standing up. He wasn’t ready to leave Patch to go back to the real world. He hadn’t even realized that he had been out here so long. He was glad that he had werewolf abilities because his voice would be shot and he’d be exhausted too. He felt rejuvenated at the moment instead of sleepy.

"Sorry, boy. I didn't mean to scare you. It's just a phone something people have. I need to go to school." he smiled watching Patch cock his head to the side as he explained what school was. "It's only half fun, I'm trying not to flunk Physics, but it's so hard. I got to find a tutor so I better go. I'll see you tonight maybe if I don't have something to do with the pack." he would find a way to come back even if he did. He wanted to see Patch again as soon as he could. During the night Patch had gotten closer every hour or so. He had been about a half a foot from him when the phone went off. Patch had got up moving back in a hurry so Liam couldn’t touch him.

Patch stood up and he let out a yip at Liam letting him know he understood some of what he said. He didn't know how to bark like real wolves or dogs could. He waited for Liam to leave before he took off in a run to get back to his house as quick as he could. He had to shift back and get to school his self. He hadn't planned on staying in the woods all night with Liam. He had found out more things than he ever thought he would if he was his self. One of the things he was going to use to get close to Liam as his self though.

Five or six hours in the woods listening to Liam talk to him about his life and he had starting to like him more. It was strange too since he had thought about just using Liam to get an itch he hadn’t scratched ever. He hadn't dated anyone before, but he wouldn't mind if somehow he got Liam to ask him out. He would do it his self, but Liam hadn't mentioned anything about his human self that might mean he liked him. Patched reached the edge of the property at his house before he shifted back. Theo smiled standing up as his human/chimera form. He stretched since he had been lying and sitting most of the night. It didn’t hurt shifting which he always thought odd, but was glad of.


Theo was trying to think of a way to ask Liam if he needed help with his physics homework. He had thought about it on the way to school. He hadn’t had a chance to then since he was almost late. He had gone right to his first period not wanting to be late. He was trying to be a good boy for others to think he was. He had told Scott and Stiles he needed to make a good impression on the teachers. What he really wanted was to glide by unnoticed by them. The pack now he wanted to impress them so he could be given access to them. He was going to be so happy when he brought them down.

The Trojan Horse would be turned into The Trojan Werewolf. His favorite was a chimera in wolf’s clothing. He could take a little time to get what he wanted to. The doctors couldn’t control everything that he did. They might think they were his rulers, but he wanted to live a life that was his own at times too. He wanted to break away from them and be free when he was eighteen. He needed a pack of his own so he could be an alpha and strong enough to kill them.

He spent most of his first period thinking about the night with Liam. It was a good thing he could multitask. It was also good he had done his homework before he had gone in the woods. He had stopped his self from smiling when Scott had gotten called on. Scott hadn’t done his homework it seemed and Ms. French had told him he needed to next time. The pack was so involved in other things that they always put school second. Except for Lydia it seemed since she was a gold mind of information. She might not have known about B-12 the first day, but she hadn’t failed on anything since then.

He was trying to figure out their weaknesses and strengths by watching them. The biggest one was that they weren’t just friends or pack. They were straight up family and they seemed to be strongly linked. He was going to have fun breaking them or rather crushing him was more like it. He wanted to see them groveling and begging him for mercy. The doctors wanted Scott’s alpha powers. He was going to hate having to destroy Liam when it was over. He hoped maybe the doctors would let him keep Liam. He could maybe get him to be his first beta when he became the alpha. That thought made him really happy thinking about Liam by his side for life.



Theo finally got the chance to talk to Liam during their free period. Liam was sitting in the locker room with his book when Theo walked in. He'd thought about going to the weight room, but Liam talking to him sounded better. He was about to say something to Liam, but the book that came at his head stopped any thought he had. He barely caught it before looking down to see Liam on the floor against the lockers looking sheepish. The look on Liam’s face was so shockingly cute that he couldn’t be mad at him for about breaking his nose with the book. He had once again surprised Liam. Liam had a bad way of getting caught off guard by him that he loved it.

"Sorry," Liam said in a hurry, "I didn't hear you come in and I can't figure out the problem," he apologized looking up at Theo.

The last thing that he had wanted to do was hurt the guy he liked. That would be awful way to start off if he wanted to eventually ask Theo out. He just wasn’t sure how to ask Theo out. He of course could just say it, but the way things were with Stiles hating Theo out right he wasn’t sure. Granted he wasn’t going to let someone tell him who he could or couldn’t see, but he loved his pack. He also liked the way Theo was and the way he was smiling at him at the moment made him hot and bothered.

He was hoping that he didn't notice how slow he had taken to get to his face. Theo was hot and it should be against every law of nature for him to look that good in his clothes. The jeans were clinging to Theo so much that he could see the out line of his cock. The shirt he had on showed off his muscles which he wanted to see up close. He wouldn't mind touching them and kissing them too. He really would love to kiss the mole that was on Theo's left cheek. It looked hot being right there in the middle of his cheek.

He tried not to lick his lips looking at Theo, but he went for biting his bottom lip as well. He was going to be giving everything away by the way he was acting like a teenager seeing his first dick or tit. Okay so he was a teenager, but Theo wasn’t his first guy or girl he’d seen. Theo had his clothes on too so it wasn’t like he could actually see his cock. He wondered what it looked like up close if it was cut or uncut. He didn’t have a preference, but he thought Theo might be cut. He wondered if Theo had any hair going to his hole or he was smooth like his chest. He needed to stop making an idiot out of his self and say something else. Theo was still looking at him as if he was thinking or waiting for something else.

"So throwing this helpless book is your way of dealing with it?" Theo asked deciding in that moment just how to get close to Liam like this. He had thought about using the fact he needed a tutor in the first place. He just hadn’t known how to work it into regular conversation. How could he just come up and say do you need a tutor. I heard it from your wolf friend who is actually me in disguise. That wouldn’t go over well at all and would give everything away. "How about I help you so the book doesn't meet a vicious end?" he asked letting a smile form on his face. That had been a great line he thought. He also added about his face not needing to be split open so soon since they didn’t even know each other that well.

Liam wasn't even trying to cover up the fact he was watching him either. It wasn't just the way Liam was acting out right. He could hear Liam's heart beat skip for a moment too. He defiantly had him hooked so he wasn't going to have to worry about that part. Now if the rest of the plan worked then he would be even happier. It might take about a week or two, but he hoped to have Liam in his ass before the end of the month.

He had purposely worn the tightest jeans he had and a shirt that hugged him just right. He had looked Liam over while he had been shifted so he didn't have to get caught now. Although he did find Liam to be really attractive and he wouldn't mind seeing what was under the clothes. As good as Liam looked there was no way he could possibly small inside his pants. He thought he might be cut, but wasn’t positive. He thought about Liam being nice and smooth towards his sinful hole. He wondered if Liam had messed around with Mason since he had talked about him so much the night before. He hoped that Liam was still a virgin like he was at least his ass was. He thought about Liam just tapping his rim until they both got off from it.

"That book is not vulnerable," Liam growled out, "If I couldn't heal I would have a few paper cuts still." Liam said glaring at the book. He hated the thing and wished he could just destroy the thing. He saw it as the devil in carnet and it was only the third day of school. "I guess it wouldn't be so bad having you help me. I was going to have to find a tutor anyway because it's three days in and I'm totally lost," Liam confessed with a smile forming on his face.

He couldn't believe how lucky he was getting at the moment. He had just thought about asking Lydia if she could help him. Lydia was beautiful, but he wasn’t about to turn down Theo helping him. He wanted to get Theo as more than someone he knew. He wouldn’t mind saying that Theo was his first boyfriend. He kept the moan at bay thinking about what he could do to Theo to pay him back for helping him. He wouldn't mind putting his mouth on Theo or have Theo do something to him.

He wondered how good Theo's mouth would be on him. He was sarcastic as it was so he figured that he could do wonders besides talking with it. He wondered if his lips were soft or rough. They looked smooth from here, but he didn’t know. He had kissed Mason before and it had been a little awkward at first. He was hoping that wouldn’t be the case with Theo if he got to kiss him.


Theo dropped his bag on the bench before sitting down beside Liam opening the book up. Once Liam told him which page he turned to it keeping the book in his lap so Liam didn't throw it again. He had already taken the class where he had been living. He had gone to school refusing to stay at home or rather in the Doctors' lab bored out of his mind all day. He had enough credits to possibly graduate in another semester if he wanted too. In spite of that, he was here for a reason and he could get a little something for his self too.

Liam showed Theo his notebook at the problems he had supposed to have done for homework. He had just spent the whole night in the woods with a wolf. He didn't tell Theo that though wanting to keep Patch a secret for now. He liked listening to Theo talk and as he explained the stuff in the book it wasn't as hard as it had seemed. He smiled when he worked the last problem out his self without needing help. He had gotten Theo to check it for him to make sure it was right.

He had watched Theo while he had been helping him and got closer each time. They had been about three inches apart. Now, their arms were brushing together and it felt wonderful. Theo’s skin was nice and heated like his was being a werewolf. He wondered what it would be like to touch him with more than his arm. He wanted to run his tongue over Theo’s body too. His brain really needed to stop going to his pants or he was going to get caught.

"I think you should get an A on it, but if you still need help later just ask," Theo said when Liam finished with the last problem. He had looked at it as Liam had done it so he knew there was nothing wrong. "I got this hour free and after school too." There was also lunch which came right after this free period.

"I got practice after school, but maybe afterwards and this time’s mostly good." Liam said zipping his bag up. They still had another twenty minutes before lunch was over. "You could always join the cross country team if you wanted. We need good runners," He didn’t really want to do cross country, but he was hoping he might could skip out. If Theo joined up he wouldn’t mind going there though.

"Sorry, but I am not about to run unless it is for fun. I prefer running naked it is always fun and feels good. I do not think they would let me do that so I'll pass," Theo said with a smirk.

Liam laughed before his phone started going off. He didn't want to answer it, but it was Mason so he picked it up. Once he found out what Mason wanted he ended the call. "I got to go, he needs help with something. Thanks for the help and sorry for spying on you the other night. Stiles is like a brother to me and I didn't want him to get into any trouble if he went alone. He has a way of finding it," he probably shouldn't be talking about it to Theo, but he didn't see how he was bad. He felt like he owed him an apology for his part in invading his privacy. Theo had gone to the bridge to mourn his sister’s death. They had intruded on that moment.

"You're a good friend Liam. I can't fault you for wanting to protect Stiles. I remember how much trouble he got into when we were younger," Theo said back giving Liam another smile before Liam left the locker room.

He had watched Liam walk away and man he loved how tight Liam’s ass was in his jeans. He was really glad he had the jeans on today instead of his shorts. He was thinking that Liam was wearing boxer-briefs for the way they were outlined in his jeans. He preferred going commando at times though. Having his cock just bouncing around hard or soft either way. He liked when it was hard more though. After a run or working out either he’d go and jack off. He wished he had the chance to do that before school today. He would later though maybe that night or evening.

Theo knew he was going back to the woods that night to see Liam. Liam had said that he would be there. He wasn’t going to miss any chance to see Liam as his self or Patch. He set his phone so he could catch a few z's instead of going to work out. He didn’t need a lot of sleep, but with the hours he was keeping he needed a few extra. He didn't even think he would check in on the doctors tonight. He wanted to spend all his time with Liam again tonight. He had time to do their dirty work the night after that. After all he had gone through over the years with the bastards they owed him. He was for damn sure going to get Liam on his side when this was all over. He didn’t know how it would work out, but he could come up with something maybe.