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The story of a trickster

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“Damn brat, I’ll sue!” Those were the last words he remembered before his whole life went into ruin. Akira Kurusu had a strong sense of justice and it was second nature to him that he should help people if they needed it, however he could not have foreseen that this would be the reason for such a horrible occurrence to take place. Did he regret it? No, of course not. He wouldn’t have been able to live with himself if he had simply ignored such an event taking place and as such even through all the false rumours and labels people had placed on him, he simply ignored them, knowing the truth of the matter himself, even if nobody else would believe him.

Akira woke up with a start, speakers blaring their announcements. ‘This was his stop’, he thought to himself, as he proceeded to exit the train, the incident still fresh in his mind, thanks to his dreams. He would be spending the next year here, in Yongen Jaya as he had been transferred over to Shujin Academy, seeing as they were the only ones that would seemingly accept him there. He assumed this would be to show off how they could ‘convert’ him into a model pupil, improving the opinions set on them, however there was no reason given so he couldn’t be too sure of this.

*vrrt* *vrrt*, his phone had an alert, which was strange with there being nobody that had his phone number, he thought it best to erase any numbers he had so that he didn’t cause trouble for anybody who happened to trust the rumours rather than him, and as such there shouldn’t be any reason for somebody to message or phone him at all. Pulling his phone out, he glanced at the screen to see a strange symbol, red and black with some sort of eye centred in what seemed to be an application, however this was unfamiliar and therefore the first thought crossing his mind was ‘What is this thing?’ Acting soon after, he interacted with it, thinking that he could discover the reason for this app being on his phone.

Nothing happened, or at least that’s what was initially the thought process here however, the conversations in the streets around him slowed, looking around he could see people, vehicles, everything had come to a complete halt. Bewildered enough at this situation, the next thing to be seen was a large blue flame growing and expanding, shifting its form into what seemed vaguely familiar, but how? As such thoughts drifted in his mind he then saw what appeared to be himself, in some sort of odd looking costume, chains and blue fire surrounded him and a confident, almost rebellious look showed on his face. The very thought of this made him unconsciously grin at the aspect, whilst his eyes were drawn to the large figure stood behind his other self.

Just as sudden as it stopped, time resumed, along with his awareness of the environment around him. What was that about? Firstly, the app should be erased. It seemed suspicious as is however, with what just happened this would be something of utmost importance now. Akira proceeded to the person willing to house him for the remainder of the year, Sojiro Sakura. Whoever this was must have known what he was facing, so the question was, why? He doubted money was the reason, however this didn’t really make a difference when the facts that he should really think about are how to show his true self to this man and gain his trust, which he had a feeling would be much easier said than done in all honesty.

Finally, near the residence in which he would be staying at Akira began asking around, enquiring as to where this was exactly. Through following the guidance, he was able to find the house, along with a strange girl standing outside. She seemed quite serious and was wearing what seemed to be a Shujin Academy uniform however, before he could ask anything she turned to face him, alerted to his presence. Something felt odd, Akira had never felt something like this before, as he felt his chest tighten, which apparently had showed as the girl caught wind of this and proceeded towards him.

“Are you alright? Just now… you were in pain, correct?”, She must have known so the only logical response was an honest response. “Y-Yeah I just felt my chest tighten a bit, that’s all.” Akira spoke, in a way that he thought sounded less pained in a way to try and lessen any worry. Quickly snapping out of this though he resumed with his logical thought process and became curious about the true identity of this girl. “Are you by chance living here?” the girl seemed a bit taken aback, “It’s just that I assumed the resident here would be busy working at this time, and that he lived alone,” judging from what he had heard prior to this at least. The serious looking girl seemed quite calm, even though they had undoubtedly never spoke before and now that he thought about it, this girl seemed quite beautiful. Brown hair that seemed silky and smooth as chocolate, red eyes that showed a strong conviction and fiery will, fair skin that seemed so soft, like velvet and whoa whoa what were these thoughts about??

Quickly snapping out of this daze, Akira realised that he had been staring at her for who knows how long now and in a flustered flurry he quickly tried to resume the topic “W-well anyway if you aren’t then it’s fine I guess, I’ll go find the café I heard about then, see ya” and with a wave he went off, leaving a confused yet suspicious look on her face. This didn’t have an effect on Akira though, seeing as he was almost solely thinking it was fortunate he left when he did, due to how he felt like he had become bright red in the process of realising his actions.

“Leblanc, right?” The café he was told about was where he should be going for at the moment so after asking a few people his trail had led him to his destination, a small, warm looking café in an alley nearby. Preparing himself, he took a step into the shop, not knowing what to expect. He was met with an old-fashioned, retro looking space where the fragrance of coffee was strong yet not overpowering. Upon observing the new environment, he saw an elderly couple sat at a table whilst a moderately aged man was stood behind the counter, seemingly absentminded.

Still thinking back to his prior encounter, he felt his thoughts drifting slightly, when he noticed the bartender was looking at him. “Right, that was today, I had wondered what kind of punk I’d be taking care of, but you’re the guy, huh?” Akira noticed then that the elderly couple were getting ready to leave and waved in a friendly manner as they left. “Nice to meet you Sakura-san” Akira spoke, holding no positive expectations from the upcoming conversation.

*Meanwhile in the streets nearby the Sakura residence*

“I was hoping to ask this transfer student some questions however, it seems that I will have to put that off for now, however…” She thought back to the frizzy haired young man she had met. “Something felt off about him, but I can’t quite put my finger on it… he was wearing a Shujin uniform so I should be able to find him when he goes to school, right?” These thoughts and questions continued to present themselves as she proceeded to go home.

*Back at Leblanc*

“You may already know this, but I’m the one who’ll be responsible for you the coming year, so if I see you cause any trouble, I won’t hesitate to kick you out, that’s the last thing I need.” Sojiro sighed, “I heard the story, some drunk guy was pressuring a woman, then you stepped in, the guy fell, sued you and now here you are.” ‘Here it comes,’ thought Akira meekly, “That’s what happens when you stick your nose in adult business so now you’re on probation for the year. You’ll be attending school at Shujin academy so get up tomorrow morning and we’ll go sort out your enrolment, for now you should go to your room, it’s just upstairs”

Akira proceeded upstairs as told to find a dusty mess of an attic, “It’s big” he pointed out which was followed up by Sojiro’s own statement “It’s gonna be your job to clean this room, but I’ll at least provide some bed sheets.” Sojiro left following this, leaving Akira to his own devices. ‘I should clean this room as much as I can right now’ he thought, since if this room was more pleasant, his probation would be much more bearable as a result. “Well, I better get to work,”


“Phew, that should do for now” Akira had finished the vast majority of the cleaning, leaving the odd few areas with some junk to sort another time and with that the exhausting day seemed over, until he checked his phone. He was greeted by the same odd symbol from earlier, which was quite strange since he was sure he had deleted it, so the best thing to do would be to try again and see what would happen. Following this, he decided that he should rest early, then wake up on time since tomorrow would be eventful. This was going to be a long year and Akira Kurusu had no idea how true this fact could be.

“Trickster, welcome to my velvet room”