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All of Time and Space

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John's voice reached Rose as she shot the Marisk soldier that had just killed two of her team. Good people, great agents. Too young, damnit.

"John, I told you! Get them the hell out of here!" She fired twice more, downing another soldier while gesturing to the other injured member of their team.


Rose chanced a look back at John and froze.

John stood near the scorched and over-turned conference table, one hand to his chest and looking at Rose in shock over the body of the soldier he had killed to protect his wife. "Rose?" He moved his hand and blood poured from the blast wound in the center of his chest.

"JOHN!" Rose screamed and kept firing, killing more soldiers as they transmatted in, and rushed to her husband.

His legs gave out and he crashed to the floor, blood spotting his lips when he coughed. John pressed a hand to his chest again, winced at the burn, and fell to his side against the remains of the table.

Rose skidded in the pooled Human and Marisk blood and fell, smashing her hip and head on the floor. Bright stars exploded in her vision when a particularly sharp piece of broken coffee mug caught her in the temple.

The dead Marisk soldiers in the large room and in the hallway started disappearing in flashes of light, transmatting back to the ship in orbit around Earth's moon. The Marisk Captain, Corvith, sneered at them, then teleported to his ship after the last of his men disappeared.

In the new quiet, Rose and John's breathing was harsh and ragged, broken only when Rose managed to pull herself up and move toward where John lay trembling.

"John! No! Oh god… GET ME SOME HELP IN HERE!" Rose screamed to anyone she prayed could hear her.

Unfortunately, the Marisk soldiers had killed almost all of the people in the vicinity of the conference room they should have been holding trade talks in. The massacre left bodies scattered for three floors below the one they occupied.

Suddenly, a bright flash of light exploded from behind John. Their eyes met for a brief second before Rose was tossed back, slamming into the wall with enough force to crack the wall in several places. Her vision went dark but she could still hear herself screaming when John disappeared.

"NO! JOHN! Bring him back! Please, just bring him back! JOHN!"

Then pain. Then emptiness. Then nothing.

01100100 01101111 01100011 01110100 01101111 01110010 01110111 01101000 01101111

The remainder of Torchwood's employees, including Jake Simmonds and Rose's alternate father, Pete Tyler, managed to get to the conference room just moments later. Pete, barking orders to secure the facility, search for survivors, and treat the injured, found Rose by following the thick, dark trail of blood streaked down the wall where her head had impacted.

"Oh my god, Rose…," Jake whispered and was frozen in the doorway with Pete for a split second. He rushed back out yelling for a medic.

Pete started throwing debris from his path and stepped carefully over the body of one of his most trusted advisors - Grieve later – before crouching over Rose to check her vitals.

"JAKE!" The blond was back in the doorway instantly. "She's got a pulse but she's hurt badly. Possibly internally. Get the medics here NOW!"

"Yes, sir! They're coming now," then moved to allow the medical team into the room, lead by this universe's Ianto Jones, Pete's assistant.

"Sir, the Marisk ship has started to break lunar orbit."

"Take them out." The ice in Pete Tyler's voice brooked no argument.

Not once, in the seven years since Rose and John had made this Earth their home, had Torchwood done such a thing. Their ability to work together to encourage peaceful congress between Earth and dozens of other races had made Earth a rather popular place to visit. The people of Earth had accepted the truth of life outside of their home amazingly well and very quickly. Trade and commerce, vacation and relaxation, even immigration to and from Earth had become almost commonplace.

Zeppelins were replaced by anti-grav technology. Transmats and other teleports had been made public access, opening up the world to its new and native inhabitants. Peace between Earth’s various governments had even been established within the first three years, creating a galactic sanctuary and allowing free access to almost every mile of the planet.

The people of Earth had suddenly, happily, and rightfully taken their place in the cosmos as this Universe's version of The Shadow Proclamation realized their potential and allowed Earth to immediately join their ranks.

But now, an unprovoked attack had guaranteed the destruction of an entire ship of militant Marisk soldiers and their leader.

A bright beam of yellow-green-gold light shot from Torchwood Tower, through the atmosphere to a satellite in orbit, where it was tightly focused and blasted through the Marisk ship seconds later. The ship was engulfed in light for a fraction of a second before it was vaporized, no trace to be found of it again.

Ianto looked to his boss and watched as the medics stabilized Rose's neck and back, moved her to a gurney and began transporting her from the room. "It's done, sir. The Shadow Proclamation has been contacted as well."

Pete watched Rose being wheeled out of the room but stood frozen, finally allowing the carnage to set in. "Good." He looked around the conference room, expecting … something. "John. Ianto, where's John?"

Both men shot from their positions to opposite sides of the room, tossing broken furniture and carefully moving the bodies of their friends and co-workers, looking for John.

"Not here, sir."

"Jake!" Pete ran to the door and braced himself with his hands on the mangled doorframe, leaning into the hallway. "Jake! Where's the Doctor? John? Do you see him anywhere?"

Jake paled and shook his head. "No, sir. He's not out here. He was with Rose when the shooting started."

Pete looked back into the room and his gaze was instantly drawn back to the blood smear on the wall. "God, please let him be alive. Rose. God." He moved to rub his face, saw the gore on his hands and froze, staring.