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How to Make a Kill in Time Travel

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Steven Universe snaps his eyes open and he found himself in anther place. He looks around, everything to seems so fancy and posh as if he just stepped into a Fancy Place.

"I'm very disappointed with you."

Steven looked in front of him and sees two people one is short and young with long blond hair and the other one is older, both wearing clothing He never has seen in his entire life.

”Not you have been secretly taking a Type 50 Time Capsule but for your own joyride.” The Man said.

The Boy opened his mouth as he was gonna say something but immediately gets cut off. ”No more of this, you cost two lives around you and you could've joined them.” The Man sighed. ”You can never be a Time Lord if you're going to be like this. I have no choice but to expel you from the Academy.”

Steven gasp in shock at what he is hearing.

”Now, leave and gather your things, Theta Sigma.” The Man said.

”Yes, Lord Borusa.”