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Volume 2

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The police chief walked into the bar. It was early morning and not that many people came in at that time, but he knew one man would.

”Aspen,” Chief Glory greeted the half-drunk ex-detective, “do you even go home when you show up here?”

”I make sure he does,” the bartender answered.

”What do you want, Chief?” Aspen asked, bitterly.

”I want to see if you were willing to come back to the force,” Glory answered.

”I told you, I’m done with that!”

”Are you sure?”


Glory took off his hat, and set it on the table next to Aspen. “Aspen...Alex is back.”

Aspen paused while lifting his hand to take a drink. “What?”

”Remember those huntsmen-in-training groups that have gone missing?”

Aspen could only nod. He had heard all about them over the news, he remembered seeing sad, empty, and enraged parents from all across Remnant blamed Ozpin. The headmaster was already on a type-rope with council, a few more bad incidents and he would lose that position for sure.

”A group of boys survived an encounter with the perp, and it was Alex Clover.”

Aspen slammed his drink down on the counter, he took out some lien and payed the bartender before turning back to Glory. “Tell me everything.”

”Of course, just come with me to the station.” Glory nodded.

It was a quite day in Beacon Academy. Students were all enjoying a normal day, they talked, gossiped, some of the couples could even be caught kissing or just enjoying each other’s company. That’s when a loud explosion caused all of this peacefulness to disappear in an instant.

”By the Gods!” Port exclaimed, having left his classroom at the sudden blast.

”What happened?” Oobleck joined him in the hallway.

”Down there!” Port pointed to a classroom that just has its door blown off by the aforementioned explosion. “Professor Peach’s class!”

”Alright students!” Oobleck called out. “Clear this hallway, immediately!”

Every student in the hall began to leave in a rather shaken and rushed manner. As the students began to leave, Oobleck and Port made their way towards the class.

”Peach! Are you okay in there!” Port called out.

”Yes,” Peach let out a cough, she was covered in black soot, “I’m quite alright.”

”What about your students?” Oobleck asked.

”It was a free period. I only had one team in, today.”

”And who were they?”

”Gods damn it, Adrian!” A voice suddenly shouted.

The three teachers looked over to team DARK as they stood up, auras having protected them from the explosion. Though they were covered in black soot, just like Mrs. Peach.

”My bad!” Adrian cried.

”Mrs. Peach, what caused this explosion?” Port asked, already knowing the answer.

”Why don’t you ask them?” Peach motioned to the rest of the team.

DARK looked towards the teachers after Peach threw them under the bus.

”I get the feeling we’ll be going to Ozpin’s again,” Kaval snarked.

”Team APLE, Team ORGN, and Team MPLE.” Glory showed three pictures of the dead students to Aspen, their bodies beaten and bruised. “These are the three students that went missing, they went missing every first day of each month.”

“That sounds like a pattern to me,” Aspen spoke.

”Here’s the thing, we knew it was the same perp, the M.O., the monthly basis the killings went on, but we couldn’t find anything to connect anyone to the murders!”

”So, when did Alex give himself away?”

”He got too cocky with this team, they fought off his thugs, and scared him off...burned down the factory and killed his thugs to get away.”

”What was the team?” Aspen asked.

”Team DARK, they just joined Beacon Academy a few weeks ago,” Glory explained.

”I take it most of the victims had joined for that long, as well?”

”Yes,” Glory answered.

”You still got DARK’s contact information?”

”Of course, need a way to contact them with anymore information on Alex’s file.”

”Good,” Aspen said. “This team DARK seems to be smarter then most, hopefully they can help.”

”So, let me get this straight,” Ozpin began, “Professor Peach told you specifically not to mix those two compounds together...yet you did it anyway?”

”I thought she was being rhetorical!” Adrian exclaimed.

”How can a basic command be rhetorical?!” Kaval asked, exasperated.

”Expect the unexpected,” Adrian said, as if that was a good answer.

”What does that even mean?” Revon asked, confused.

”I don’t know, but I feel it will justify me not listening,” Adrian explained, turning towards Ozpin. “Does it?”

”No, not really.”


“Does he usually do stuff like this?” Ozpin turned to Deacon, who was sitting in his chair, content with the whole situation.

”I’ll answer your questions, with another question!” Deacon leaned forward in his chair. “Have you ever heard of Adrian Insurance?”

”I haven’t.” Ozpin raised an eyebrow at Deacon, adjusting his glasses.

”Well, Adrian has such a reputation back at Atlas for causing blatant destruction caused by his own stupidity, they needed to add an insurance to make sure people could pay for his damages.”

”You can’t be serious,” Ozpin said, disbelieving.

”Ironwood is here, isn’t he?”

”Yes, he is,” Ozpin answered.

”Call him up!” Deacon leaned back in his chair. “Who do you think made that insurance!”

Ozpin reluctantly took out his scroll, and called up Ironwood. “James?...Yes, I was wondering if you implemented something called, Adrian Insurance?...Yes, Adrian Church...It’s real?...Okay then....Thank you, James. Have a good day.” Ozpin Hunt up his scroll then looked over to DARK. “You know I did that to humor you, correct?”

”Most people outside of Atlas do.” Deacon shrugged.

”With this...interesting revelation, I wish to discuss a method to keep any situation form happening, again,” Ozpin said.

”Simple.” Adrian raised a finger. “You just have Deacon explain everything to me, and not a teacher...or anyone else.”

”Is this the only real solution?” Ozpin let out a sigh.

”Yep.” Deacon crossed his arms, causally. He had been in his situation many times before.

”Well, I guess...that could work,” Ozpin said. “Please...just...enjoy the rest of your day.”

With that, DARK left Ozpin’s office. The headmaster stood from his chair, walked over to the window of his office, and let out a sigh. That’s when a biting curiosity got the better of him, and looked up Adrian Insurance on his Scroll while sipping his coffee. When he saw how much a person or academy could save, he did spat out his coffee all over the window.

”Well, that was a disaster,” Deacon snarked.

”Sorry,” Adrian shifted, uncomfortably.

”I think you’re past the need to apologize, I’m honestly surprised you need to apologize at all about anything,” Deacon said. “I mean, I think it’s save to say you’re not competent enough to be held accountable for your actions.”

”What does that mean?” Adriana asked, confused.

”I’m pretty sure you could kill a man in cold blood and not even get charged for it.”

”That’s insane!” Revon gripped Kaval’s arm tightly. “You don’t think they would really let him do that, so you?”

”I honestly don’t know,” Deacon said. “I’m pretty sure we don’t need to worry about it, though.”

”Why is that?” Kaval asked.

”How can I kill a man in cold blood?” Adrian asked, genuinely confused. “How do I get someone too ‘Cold Blood’? Is it a location? Why call it ‘Cold Blood’?”

”Oh,” Kaval said, shocked. “Right.”

”Yeah,” Deacon said.

”Excuse me!” A voice called out behind them.

The boys turned to see a detective walk up to them in Beacon’s Courtyard.

”Are you team DARK?” Aspen asked.

”Yes,” Deacon looked down to see a badge on his waist. “I take it you want to know more about that Alex kid, right?”

”Yes. Do you have anymore classes?”

”Other than the one we needed to catch up on...which just blew up in our faces, no,” Kaval answered, sarcastically.

“Good, can you come with me to the station?” Aspen asked. “I need to ask you a few questions about your encounter with him.”

DARK looked at each other, before nodding to Aspen.