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Remember me?

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Merry Christmas, Doctor.

That voice... Oh that voice! It felt so familiar!

The once forgotten lifetime flashed in front of his eyes.

"Soufflé girl?"

"Rescue me Chin boy, and show me the stars..."

"Hey... I thought we were just getting acquainted."

"Oh... Hello... I can't find the Internet."

"The  most  important leaf in human history!"

A young woman, long curls, battling the Cybermen on Hedgewick's World.

"I... Don't... Want to rule a thousand Galaxies."

The same young woman,

"Run you clever boy, and remember me."

A whole new regeneration cycle started in her presence. He had obtained it because of her.

Her terrified wide eyes when he regenerated...

The first face this face saw.


"If the Doctor is still the Doctor... He will have my back."

"I... Don't think I'm a hugging person now."

"... Be my pal... Am I a good man?"

"I'm his carer..."

Giggling in delight after he had taken her to visit her childhood hero.

"You'd would go to hell if she asked... And she would."

"Thank you for making me feel special."

Wiping away her terrified tears after almost killing her in a Dalek case.

"I'm sorry... I'm so sorry."

"You're itching to save a planet, I know it!"

Her smile... Her laugh... Never realised how much he missed it...

"Because I have the duty of care..."

"... Which you take very seriously... I know."

"You  are  a tidal wave!"

Running towards her and hugging her (hugging... something he disliked... or better... used to...) when he thought he had lost her to the fake Odin.

"Stop thinking about me."

"It will hurt so much that I'll get in my box and I'll run... And I'll run... In case all the pain ever catches up."

"Don't worry, daft old man... I'm not going anywhere!"

"Trust me, she doesn't leave."

Running, holding hands when the TARDIS lead them to an abandoned spaceship, with sleep pods and sandmen.

"I totally saved you from having to marry that giant sentient plant thing!"

"You don't be a warrior... Promise me... Be a Doctor."

He kisses her hand... He sees her scared and terrified, but brave... Always brave...

"Be a little proud of me."

Standing against the Quantum Shade.

"Let me be brave..."

Spending 4.5 billion years... Just for a chance to see her again... Risking all of time and space for her.

Just for her.

"How many seconds... In eternity."

"I can save you!"

"I was dead and gone!"

"Between one heartbeat and the last is all the time I have... People like me and you... We should say things to one another."

"Ashildr's right you see, we're too alike..."

"These have been the best years of my life..."

"How could I smile?"

The woman who was not afraid of danger.

The woman who saved him countless times and made him the version had become.

All things were finally falling into place.

"How did you get here?"


"I believe you."

It was her!

"You said memories become stories, when we forget them."

The waitress in the diner... It was her!

One of the people who knew him best.

The Impossible Girl

The other half of the Hybrid.

His other half...

"I think that it's called..."

Smiling wider as he realised...