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I opened my eyes and breathe in your scent,
Feeling I am wrapped around your presence,
I've waited in the shadows,
For the tall silhouette of your existence,
But still I am welcomed by the overwhelming darkness,

I closed my eyes and tried to sleep,
I closed my eyes instead I weep,
How am I still alive after you have gone?
My mind is still clouded, where have gone wrong?

You have been my bridge over troubled water,
Still I am left alone to drown and to suffer,
I feel exhausted,
I just want this to end,
I am living, but inside I'm dead.

And still here I am with the memories of you,
As long as I'm alive I'll remember you,
And if I could turn back the time, I'd still choose you—
For the only reason I chose to continue living is you,
For the only reason I'm still alive is you.