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The Heiress, The Cabaret Star And The Vitex Mystery

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Rose just stood there hugging herself completely numb watching the remains of her family's mansion finished burning to the ground. It was her home, the place she grew up in. Gone. Forever. But what hurt the most was her family had been in there and she hadn’t. She had been out with her friend Shareen at a jazz concert. If it hadn’t been for the bus being late she would’ve been killed too.

The cold air blew making her already red nose redder but she honestly didn’t care. Rose sniffed. Her heart was aching over silly regrets and guilt from that morning, not making her bed like her dad asked, making a face at the lumpy oatmeal her mother made. She now wished she could take it all back. Tears pricked her eyes as ‘what if’ and ‘should of’ thoughts that ran through her mind.

God, why didn't the police listen to her, Rose thought bitterly. She told them this would happen!

She felt a hand on her shoulder. It was an officer. Rose angrily shook it off. Right now the police were not her favorite people.

She had warned them about Harry Saxon, a corrupt business man that wanted the Vitex Corporation. Pete Tyler kept refusing to sell making Saxon angry even making death threats which he was known for keeping. But he also had the police department bought and sold making it hard for them to listen.

“I’m so sorry for your loss, Miss Tyler,” The officer said solemnly.

Rose glared at him. “I told you Saxon would do this! I told you!”

He sighed. “I understand you’re upset but we checked and Saxon is currently out of London. There's no way he could've done this.”

“He has henchmen!” She yelled through tears.

He gave her a look. “Miss Tyler, you need to calm down,” The Officer carefully warned. “It was probably just bad electrical wiring. Now we’ll fill out the accident report and you can sign it.” He said walking away.

Rose wanted to scream. This was no accident! She wiped her eyes and stared at the ash remains of her home.

The thought of Saxon walking around free just made her angrier. He was not going to get away with this. She would prove Saxon did this!

Harry Saxon would pay dearly for this!