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The girl who runs the show

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Hey what's up? My name is Niki. Let's see, I am 17 and I happen to be the only child to one man named Max Log. My mothers gone. I don't remember what happen, all I know is that my father blames me. Any who, I am NOT an emotional person, I refuse to show feeling. So my dad decided he was tired of the same people in the same town. This is our new home, in the middle of no freaking where! I love it. See my dad and i both HATE people so when i found the population was literally 500 people I was stoked. One problem with it though...Word spreads like fire. A new unclaimed omega's in town. These people are creepy! Maybe this isn't so good....


Day right before school starts...
Okay, let's be honest here, my dad is too drunk this morning to move. This normally isn't an issue....except it is this morning. We have no food. So I put on my leather jacket of my flannel that slips to my hips over my black skinny jeans. i finish tying my combat boot style shoes and grab my helmet. I get what money I have , which is about $125. It's good but it wont last us long so i'll have to hustle some pool. I walked over to my motorcycle. She was a classic and so beautiful. i pulled my long black hair into a ponytail and slipped my helmet on before driving to the store. I pulled into the local groceries store. I walked to the doors and got the necessary things for the week. I got in the long line as we all waited. About ten minutes into this and i was uneasy about the fact everybody was starring at me. That's also the point i realized everyone wore the same style...long skirts and floral blouses. When were we living in? 1800's? I looked back to the front to see two guys walk in and grab some waters and a bag of chips before walking pass me. "You've got to be kidding!" I grumbled. Everyone froze including the two boys who walked by.
The two boys turned on their heals. "I'm sorry, what was that?" They were alpha. Everyone seemed to be shocked that i was having a fit. "Aidan calm down. she's the new Omega, she does't realize who we are." the other one commented. "Well unless yo happen to be the damn king i don't care get in line!' Everyone gasped. Why was everyone freaking out?. "Okay your highness!" Aidan growled. he got behind me. The other one chuckled at Aidan. Everyone stood still but continued with the activities they were doing. finally i got checked out. I quickly got walked to my bike and put everything in the side bags on it. "Oh and she drives a motorcycle!" I turned to see Aidan and the other guy. 'Hi, i'm John, this here is my brother Aidan and to you're comment earlier, we are the king's sons." I chuckled. "You're laughing?" i stopped and slid my helmet on. "Why did you laugh." "Because, It's typical." "TYPICAL!?!" Aidan asked confused. "Yes, now i have places to be. Pretty Boy." I got on my motorcycle and drove off.


Aidan and John's pov...

"Did she just call me Pretty Boy?" Aidan looked at his brother. " Yes, yes she did." he smiled and walked to their car. Aidan followed his brother home and then went to their fathers chamber. "Did you meet the new girl?" "Yes, father." John laughed at his brothers annoyed voice. "What is so funny John?" "She isn't going to break, in fact she made us get behind her in line at the store." "She's strong willed for an omega." Aidan snorted. "Yeaah she's stubborn!" Their father began to laugh. "So was your mother!" they all sat down for dinner and then the boys were sent to bed.

The next morning they slid into dress pants and Aidan pulled on a black button up as John put on a dark blue button up. They walked out to the car and drove to school as the motorcycle pulled up and parked a few spots down. John smacked his brothers chest and pointed to where she was climbing off in Missme Jeans and her flannel unbuttoned with a black cami to go with the red and black pattern. She took her helmet off to revile that she had curled her hair in big loose curls.Her blue eyes hidden by the sunglasses she wore. She walked around her bike and bulled her backpack out and put it on as one of the schools bad boys walked up. "I like your bike." "Thanks" "You want a light?" she smiled at him and took it from him. "I was hoping you weren't a goodie tooshoes." "Nah, i'd rather enjoy my life." He smiled as he lit it for her. She took a long drag from it. "You can tell you've smoked before, How long?" "Uh, i was 11 when i first picked one up." "Dad or grandpa?" she chuckled. "Grandpa. how did you know it wasn't my mom." "You have sadness in your eyes and I have a feeling no woman let's their sweet baby girl wear clothes like that." "Oh really and whats wrong with my outfit?" You should be in one of those puffy dresses." "That's something my mom and i had in common, we don't like dressing like we need a alpha to run or lives. Get lost." with that she took the last drag and put it out on his jacket before walking past him. She went to her locker and got the books needed for her first class, Alpha and Omega 101, she grumbled as she sat down in the back. Aidan sat in front of their mystery girl. John sat next to Aidan as the bell rang."Alright Alpha's and Omega's, lets get started. Can we have all the omega's who are not claimed stand." She rolled her eyes and stood. "Okay so there are 10 unclaimed and 2 claimed, okay Lets start in the back, omega please tell me your name and age." "Niki and i'm 17." "Hi, Niki, I hope you find your mate." She snorted "Who said I want one?" She grumbled as she sat down. They went through everyone. "I like her." John whispered. Aidan shook his head.


General pov.

"Alright the omega's who are mated, tell us what it's like to submit." the two stood up. "it's great." "it's horrible." they said at the same moment. " I was not expecting that, Matthew will you take your mate and deal with her?" Matthew walked to his omega and wrapped his arms around her. "No, You asked my Omega a question and she answered. I don't make her submit unless her health is in danger, it's not who she is. As an Alpha it's not our job to force our mates, When we take a mate we are to treat them right, with respect. Omega's are strong in different ways. They aren't these weak things we walk on!" "Don't be so dramatic!" "Okay, Jeff, Your omega, when we came home from military training, Who took care of you?" "Well, Jess did.But that's her job." "Okay, but that emotionally tearing her down. Its hard for them to hold up their alpha, it hurts for them to see an alpha they care about in pain. And maybe your Mate needs that, that's okay, but do it with respect for her." With that he sat down with his mate. "Okay now that that's done, unclaimed Omegas come to the front and get into the waiting position." the omegas shuffled up and obeyed, well all except for Niki. 'Niki, that includes you. If you don't know what the position is I will be happy to help you." Niki didn't move. She looked terrified. Aidan and John acted on instinct and jumped down in front of her. "Sweetie?" She looked at John and then at her hands. "She's shaking in fear." Aidan picked her up and carried her to the nurses station. The whole way she clung to him with tears in her eyes. "Please, not again. please i'll be good, I promise!" She cried as she clung tighter to him. "Shhh, it's going to be okay." He took her into the office and set her on the bed and held her hands as he sat there before putting her hand on his and johns chest under the fabric of their shirt. "Breathe, sweetie. Take deep breathes. she breathed with them until she calmed down. "Okay? You good?" She nodded and removed her hands as she blushed. "You wanna talk about it?" "No, I um don't want to, i'll get in trouble." "Why would you get in trouble.' 'my dad. He drinks." she slid off the bed and then walked towards the door. They got up and hugged her."Can you take me home?" "Will you come to our place just in case your dad is home?" she nodded as she got her stuff and followed them to their home. "Wow, it's beautiful." she whispered as she looked up at the home. "Welcome to the palace."