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Little Things

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It was one hundred days since his breakup when Chanhee first suggested it. Kevin was laying on the couch after work, as he usually did, scrolling through apps on his phone, not really concentrating his attention on one thing. Chanhee was in his normal place as well, sitting in the recliner beside Kevin's couch in his apartment, flipping through one of his books that he'd probably read already at least once. Kevin hadn't gotten any new books recently. Not since the breakup. The only new books he had were from Chanhee, still in the gift box, laying in on the floor in his room. Chanhee hadn't remarked on their absence from his bookshelf.

"I think you should get an android," Chanhee remarked one day during their normal routine. "This isn't healthy, you know. I really think it would help. I can't be here all the time, you don't go out, and it's not good for you to be here alone. You're the type that needs company." Kevin was giving Chanhee a look like he had grown a third head. "Are you serious? An android? Do you really think I'm that pathetic that I need an android?" Kevin was angry now, offended. "I don't know, are you?" Chanhee shot back defensively. Upon seeing Kevin's face crumple a bit, Chanhee softened his tone. "It's been so long, Kevin. I think you need something to help you get over him. He's not coming back you know. And even if he did...
" "I know," Kevin replied. Obviously still a little crushed, Kevin laid back down and returned to his phone, rolling over so that he was now facing away from Chanhee. With a sigh, Chanhee got up to leave. "I'll see you tomorrow." He got no answer. "Look, just think about it, okay?" He received no answer to that, either. "Bye." Chanhee walked out the door, heaving another sigh. A tear rolled down Kevin's face as the door eased shut.


The next day when Chanhee entered Kevin's apartment he dropped a magazine down on the table beside Kevin on his couch, staring Kevin down as he placed his hands on his hips. Kevin had seen Chanhee like this before. It hadn't ended well for the last guy. Chanhee nodded down at the magazine he had dropped on the table. "Look at it." Kevin picked up the magazine, and on closer inspection noticed that it wasn't a magazine, but rather a catalog. A catalog for 'romantic companion androids', 'guaranteed to make your life better or your money back!'. Kevin's face curled up in disgust as he tossed the catalog back down on the table. "Really Chanhee? Really?" "Look Kevin, if you don't like it you can just return it! But they create one personalized just for you, based on your romantic needs and stuff. What you want in a guy, you know. They'll make you the perfect boyfriend!"

It was obvious that Chanhee's little speech hadn't moved Kevin, but Chanhee was determined. Chanhee picked up the catalog and stuffed it into Kevin's hands. "Listen, Kevin, I'm tired of seeing you like this, and if a robotic boyfriend is what it will take to get you out of this funk, then so be it. I've tried so many things," Chanhee was close to tears now, thinking about the horrible times he had seen his friend go through since the breakup. "And I know you miss him, I know you do, but you've got to move on eventually, and I'm not sure what else I can do! I've been trying so hard Kevin, just please try this one more thing. For me, as your friend, please. Just try it. Okay?"

Upon seeing Chanhee's tears, Kevin was shocked. Chanhee wasn't the type to cry easily, and seeing him cry for him was moving and distressing. Kevin got up from the couch and moved over to Chanhee, bringing him over to the couch and sitting him down. Chanhee was now in all-out tears, drops streaming down his face. "I just don't want to see you hurt anymore," Chanhee whimpered. "I know," Kevin reassured him, petting his head gently. "I know. And I know I'm being stubborn so... I'll try it. Just this once. For you."

Chanhee looked up from his lap, tears still streaming but with a much brighter expression. "Really? You promise?" Already feeling dread about the idea but having already committed, Kevin reaffirmed his earlier decision. "Yes. I promise." Chanhee sprung up and enveloped Kevin in an embrace, flinging his arms around his neck. "Thank you so much! I'll help you fill out the forms tomorrow okay? I have to go now though because my aunt is coming over and I have to watch my baby cousin but thank you so much! Okay I love you bye!" Chanhee said as he gathered his things and moved toward the door. "Wait-" But Kevin's protests were cut off by the door slamming closed and Chanhee getting in his car and driving off, leaving Kevin alone to ponder the whirlwind of what had just happened. It was no mystery to Kevin why Chanhee had left so fast--he had left before Kevin had a chance to change his mind. Kevin flopped back onto his couch with a sigh, staring at the ceiling. Tomorrow was going to be interesting.