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The Demon

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Hello, and welcome to part two of the series. This is going to be done in three parts like last time. The Bears start to accept what happened to Grizz.


Two Days After Grizz’s Death


The two bear’s go everywhere they could think to look for answers. They go to all of their friends but still nothing. After hours of searching they give up for the day. “I just want to get Grizz back. Said Panda. “Ice Bear will never stop looking.”


Three Months After Grizz’s Death


After three months of searching for a way to get Grizz back they finally give up. They go home and just accept that Grizz is dead. Well one started to accept that Grizz is dead. When Ice Bear said he wouldn’t give up he meant it. The two different opinions on the situation got out of hand. It got to the point where they almost separated. But the brothers stayed together.


Six Months After Grizz’s Death


At this point both both brother’s gave up. They waited a extra week before actually making a Grave for Grizz. After making the grave and burying nothing. They say their final words to Grizz. “Ice Bear thinks you were brave brother, respect.” a tear went down Ice Bear’s face. “Grizz was the best brother a bear could ask for, yes he was annoying, but i still loved him.” after saying this Panda ran away Crying.


Nine Months After Grizz’s Death


A few months after Grizz’s Burial their life went back to normal. The Bears get up eat breakfast and then they go and visit their friends. They finally got used to going around without Grizz. Things were finally back to normal. That Was until something weird happened.


One Year After Grizz’s Death


After one year things were thought to be back to normal. Until the bears come home to see that their cave is trashed. Well the first time they thought it was charlie. But then almost every time they come home there cave is trashed. Then they went to pranks, but then they just couldn’t understand why this was happening. That's when they saw a figure in the back of the room. Out all the times this has happened that never did. The figure started to speak, “help me, please i don't know where i am." Then there was another voice “don’t listen." That's when they recognized the figure, it was grizz.


Wow they actually found him who knew this was coming, oh yeah i said he wasn’t dead before didn’t sorry bad memory. Oh bye see you in the next part.