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  • Football RPF week 2018 (FootballRPFweek2018) by IsakEven

    11 Jun 2018


    In honour of the 2018 World Cup: Football RPF week 2018!

    You want to write a football RPF fic, but you don’t have inspiration or motivation? You are excited for the World Cup and you already want to write tons of fics? Then the Football RPF week 2018 is something for you!

    How does it work?

    There will be 7 themes during the whole week, one theme every day.
    You write something about a football ship you like. The ship doesn’t matter, as long as it’s football RPF :)
    You post your work on tumblr with #footballrpfweek2018 , post it to the collection on ao3 or just send it via submit or e-mail (
    The week starts on the 11th of June and ends on the 17th of June.
    You can post as many works as you want! Feel free to write everything you want, there’s no limit. The only rule is that is has to be a work that hasn’t been published yet.

    So, that’s all! Spread the word and the football love <3

    P.S. If anyone would like to make a sort of reward for people, feel free to send a message!

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