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Games Of The Arena

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I was quiet contrary to the roaring market around me. It smelt of fish and Germanic slaves. My sister Valaria stood next to me, chained and beaten. She was not much shorter than I,but I still had to look down upon her. Her hair is blonde with slight curls framing her small face. The shackles bore into our wrists and ankles.
"Welcome to Capua, whores." the slavetrader said. When the man turned around, a large mark could be found on his cheek which I placed there for him trying to lay hands on my sister. The wind whipped my hair behind my shoulder. Glancing at valaria, I noticed she was limping slightly.
"How do you fair?" I questioned. She looked up at me.
"I fear shit fairs better. Daney, do you think we shall go to a good ludus?" She commented. I chuckled.
"Sadly, I fear not. Valaria,we are but slaves doing what we must to survive." I said gently bumping her shoulder. The slave trader announced loudly that we are to stop.
"Our post is here slaves. Now smile and look pretty." He joked. As many people walked by glancing occasionally, a couple stopped to stare.
"What about these?" The man questioned. He gripped my chin and turned my head. His red haired woman glanced at Valaria.
"This one looks weak. Do not waste purse." She said turning her attention towards me.
"But this one however looks strong enough to be a gladiator. " She said with a smile tugging at her lips.
"How much? For the both of them?" The man questioned.
"Good sir! Apologies but I do not think you should buy these two. This one," he began and grabbed my jaw hard to pull me to him,"this one fights with the strength of two. Do you see this gash on my face? This Valarian cunt struck me down when she noticed her sister had a small mark on her." The man directed his attention to me then to Valaria. He turned to his wife to whisper something which could not be heard. When he turned back around, he stared at me.
"Tell me Valarian, what are you called? The both of you?" He questioned Econ his finger back between me and Valaria.
"I am Daenerys. She is Valaria." I said straight faced.
"A Valarian named Valaria? Strange. How much?" He said turning back to the trader.
"But sir, I highly advise against this." He said.
"I do not give a rats ass about what you advise. How much?" He asked with a strictness in his voice.
"Ten Denari." The trader said defeated. The man reached for his coin.
"Here." He said and handed the coin harshly. Once we were unshackled, the man walked away smirking.
"Let's look at gladiators. And new slaves." The red headed woman said. Her husband sighed and agreed. Valaria turned to me.
"New slaves? How much purse do these people contain?" She asked quietly. Soon, we found several new gladiators when we came across a young fat trader who was very loudly announcing
"NEW GLADIATORS! PRACTICALLY FREE!" He shouted with his hands waving in the air. When the dominus walked over to him, the trader placed his hand on Dominus' shoulder.
"Welcome good friend. Please enjoy the untrained trinkets of the arena. This one here, was caught by his wife and child lying with a man. This one, mocked the gods. This one," he motioned to all of them as he spoke acting out their story's he came to a tall, tan, muscular man with short curly blonde hair. He stared straight until he felt my stare. He glanced over to me quickly and turned to smirk. Looking to Valaria, I blushed.
"What causes your cheeks to reden?" Valaria asked me with a small smirk.
"The favor of an 'untrained trinket of the arena'" I said and quoted. We tried to keep our laughs quiet, but the Domina turned around sharply and walked towards me. I stopped laughing and pulled Valaria behind me.
"What has humor, slave?" She questioned sharply. I racked my brain thinking of an excuse.
"Past experiences Domina. Apologies." I said looking down. A sharp pain in my cheek caused my eyes to slam shut.
"Do not mock me slave. You will be robbed of your life if you do so again. Understand?" She questioned. Valaria held my arms behind me.
"Yes Domina." I said biting down.
"How much for this one?" Dominus asked the trader gesturing to the blood one.
"Five denarii." He said. The Dominus chuckled.
"Good. Lucretia! Hand me purse. We will have slaves and gladiators." he yelled waving his hand to her. She handed him the coin and the trader unshackled the man.
"Let's go." Dominus said walking off. Walking behind them quickly, I tried to hear their conversation.
"Did you hear there is to be an execution tomorrow in the arena, my husband, we are to be seen there. With Ilithyia." Lucretia said with joy dripping from her voice.
"Good. We have seen games for many nights." Dominus said. Before I could hear anything else, someone walked up next to me.
"I wish to know your name." I inhaled sharply from the shock of him popping up out of nowhere.
"Uhh...I am called Deanerys." I said to him looking forward.
"What are you called by the Dominus?" I questioned glancing up at him. I hadn't noticed before, his crystal blue eyes. They seemed almost perfect.
"I am Varro. Do you know where we are headed?" He questioned back.
"No. I suppose to the Ludus." I said.
"How do you suppose? You are their slave, are you not?" He asked looking forward still following the Dominus.
"Yes. But my sister and I, are newly bought slaves." I said watching the Domina.
"You have a sister?" He asked with a smirk.
"Yes, Deanerys does. I am called Valaria, we hail from there." I shook my head at her.
"Strange. I have never heard someone called by where they hail from." His face looked as though he was pondering the thought, or passing it back and forth in his head such as a cat would with a mouse. We walked to outside the marketplace where a wagon was waiting for them.
"Latch the slaves in the back and let them walk." Domina said.
"Yes Domina" the coach said. Binding my wrists in shackles, I stood next to Valaria and Varro. The wagon dragged us up the steep hill until we reached the Ludus finally. Sweat covered every inch of me and began to drop off of my nose.
"How do you fair slave?" Domina questioned.
"I am alright Domina." I said. She frowned.
"You have much placed in you." She said. I nodded.
"Gratitude Domina." I huffed out of exhaustion.
"That can be dangerous. Do you plan to plot against me, slaves?" She questioned.
"No Domina." I said looking down trying to regain even a grain of my strength. She grabbed my face and pulled me in close. Varro' chains rattled to hold back Valaria. Putting my hand back, I motioned for her to relax.
"You will be trained to be the best gladiators in all of Capua. Do you understand?" She questioned. Valaria let out a small squeak.
"Yes Domina."
"Go to training." She said throwing me back. My head hit the ground lightly. My back and legs covered in small grains of sand that seeped into my cuts. I groaned and tried to stand. Varro let out his hand, which I gladly took.
"Gratitude." I said being unshackled along with Varro and Valaria.
"How do you fair?" He questioned while we were all being escorted to the Doctore.
"Worried for Valaria. As well as I am exhausted with the cunt slapping my cheek." I said spitting on the sandy ground.
"Doctore. You have new gladiators to train." A slave said.
"Two women?" He questioned gently brushing his hand against my chin. He stared me up and down first. Then his eyes glared at Valaria a little to long.
"Direct eyes elsewhere." I commanded sharply. Looking back to me, he seemed shocked.
"You should chisel this visage into a stone, it will last an eternity. " I said. He smirked.
"You will be fun to break." He said. His skin was dark from the sun. He seemed foreign.
"Tell me, slave, where do you hail from?" He asked walking over to me.
"Valaria." I said shortly.
"Ah. Valarians are almost as strong as Thracians. You smell like one to." He said. His lip curled back like a dog. I chuckled.
"You smell as though you fuck a rotten dead hog." I said. Valaria turned away. The Doctore raised his hand to me. Bringing it down, a loud smack across my cheek made all Galdiators stop practicing and stare in our direction.
"Look elsewhere!" He shouted to the men. The sounds of wooden swords filled the air. Doctore continued to walk towards Varro. Valaria walked over to me.
"Do you wish to be robbed of life so early?" She questioned.
"I know where I fair in these games. Do you? Once you expose a flank, you snap at the chance to get it. I simply did." I said. She groaned and walked away.
"GLADIATORS!" Doctore shouted.
"We have new recruits. Show them how they fair." He began calling names.
"Crixus! Barca! Positions." Doctore said and cracked his whip. A tall light skinned black man with black long braids stood with a spear in his right hand and a small shield in his left. On the other side was a man who was extremely muscular.
"Begin." Doctore said quickly. Barca charged first. He let out a loud shout and Crixus dodged his spear. Crixus twirled his sword in hand and smacked Barca's back. Barca smacked Crixus in the chin with his fist causing blood to jump out of his lips. Barca laughed and Crixus lunged. Barca barley dodged the wooden sword attempting to slice his stomach open. Barca stepped back and threw his spear towards Crixus' feet, but Crixus jumped and landed on the spear breaking it. Crixus brought his knee up and it made harsh contact with Barca's nose. Crixus let out a deep throated yell of victory. But Barca did not fall. He merely walked backwards two or three steps. Blood tinkled on the sand. Crixus held the tip of his sword to Barca's throat. I felt the match was over but it was not. Barca gabbed the sword handle and pulled it to the side of him. Crixus flew through the air onto the sand. Blinking, I became bored. Glancing at Varro, I realized he swallowed much.
"Watch it!" Someone's deep voice yelled. Turning back quickly, the wooden sword was flying towards me. I moved to the side and unknowingly gripped the handle in mid-air. I smiled and chuckled.
"Alright Valarian. You're turn." Doctore said. I frowned and Valaria held my arm.
"No Deanerys." She said looking into my eyes.
"Valaria. Yes." I said. I walked onto the sands in the square of men.
"Duro. positions." a small man walked out. He seemed like he knew what he was doing. He was strong in his chest and arms. His hair was short along with black and dreaded. He smirked.
"Begin." Doctore said. Siri charged at me yelling. I turned to my right and smacked him in the back with my sword. He hissed as his back clenched. The men laughed and cheered. Backing away to the other side of men, I readied myself. He charged at me again, this time, I ran to meet him. I fell to the ground and gripped his ankles hard. Finally, once I stopped skidding, I walked over to him. He hopped up again.
"Duro. Enough." A man said who looked similar to him. Duro charged again growling. His sword met with my thigh causing me to fall. Grabbing the blade between my palms, I twisted it hard. It fell from his hand. I used the two swords to hit him in the stomach then in the back of the knees. He fell to the ground causing a large dust storm to start. I walked over to him and put my swords on either sides of his neck. He quickly held up his two fingers. I looked at them.
"Submission. " Doctore said.
"Congratulations Valarian. He submits." He said. I backed away and held out my arm for him to take. He smirked and took it.
"What do you go by?" He asked.
"I am Deanerys. You are Duro." I said smiling. He chuckled.
"I hope to see you soon." he said. I nodded and began to walk away. Doctore looked at me in anger. Walking back to Valaria, I smiled down at her.
"I know how to fight." I said smirking. She chuckled along with Varro. I heard small fast feet landing on the ground. Turning around, it was the pure Naevia with her long curled hair bouncing with each step.
"Daenerys.Domina requests you." i sighed and looked to Valaria.
"I will return." I said and began to follow Naevia. The guard unlocked the large steel door. I followed her up the stairs to the Domina. We entered the balcony overlooking the gladiators. The Domina turned her head quickly.
"Ah yes slave," she said putting her feet back onto the ground. "You have won a single brawl. With our worst gladiator. So we shall see how your sister fairs." My heart sunk into my stomach.
"No. Domina, please." Lucretia looked to me.
"You speak out of place." the Dominus said standing up to get in my face. "Fucking Valarians are worse than Thracians!" The Dominus said. I licked my lips and swallowed.
"Doctore! Valaria and Duro!" The Dominus shouted. "You will not interuppt!" He said turning to me pointing his finger in my face. "Now leave." He threw his hand at me while gesturing to another slave for more honeyed wine.
"Dominus." Naevia and I said while turning to walk back to the gladiators. I shook my head and nearly sprinting down to Valaria. When I arrived at the gate, Duro had Valaria on the ground on her back with his foot on her neck. Wrapping my hands around the bars, I began to try and open the gate. Swinging it back and forth.
"Enough slave!" the guard shouted at me. I growled lowly at him. He finally opened the door and began to pull it from my hands. I began to run to help her. Varro wrapped his arm around my waist.
"Release me! I need to aid my sister!"
"Let her fight on her own.You will not forever be by her side!" he yelled at me while placing his hands on my shoulders.
"You fucking Roman!" I said banging on his chest tryng to glance at Valaria.
"You can not harm me to get to her." He said.I slapped his cheek with all my force. Everyone turned their heads to look at us. Naevia covered her mouth in shock. Most of the gladiators cheered as I walked past Varro to aid Valaria. I helped her on her feet again.Looking at her cheek, she had a large cut almost gushng blood. I sighed and tore the bottom of my new slave dress to clean the wound. Valaria hissed and attempted to push away my hand.
"Valaria, let me help." I said. Again she pushed me away.
"I do not need your aid." she said quietly and walked away. I sighed and dropped the cloth. Turning around to follow her, Varro was there. His cheek as red as an apple. His eyebrows were furrowed, and his li;s tightly clenched together.
"Varro. Apologies."I said looking down and attempting to walk past him. He grabbed my arm harsly.
"Varro, release me!" I said. "You do not wish for the same mark do you?" I threatened. He released me and I walked away to follow Valaria.
"Valaria!"I yelled gently running after her as she ran into the slave quarters.When I turned the corner, she sat in the square of water naked wih her arms crossed over her knees sobbing gently. I sat down next to her.
"What is the matter?"I questioned rubbing her bruised back.
"I can't fight. I shall be condemmed to die in the arena on the fucking sands like some unworthy slave." she said and began to sob again.
"No, that is why we are here, to learn how to fight and win. Against all enemies." I said trying to lend her some comforting words.
"No. You have always been able to fight and win. I have been weak and rely on you for your skill." she said turning to look up at me. When I opened my mouth to respond, a man spoke in my place. His voice was like a snake. Winding throughout the room.
"If you do not return to your places with the other gladiators, you will be whipped, and I would hate to see such passion and skill whipped in front of all of Capua." He said smirking lightly. I rushed myself to stand infront of my naked sister. I reached down in front of me to grab her dress, but the snake was to fast. His large hands gripped the poor cloth.
"Here you are, Valaria." he said smiling to her over my shoulder. I thought about biting his neck as it was right there.
"Daenerys." Valaria said, I turned around quickly. She sotly shook her head. Almost as if she knew what I was thinking. The man stepped closer to me. Sniffing my neck, Varro stood at the door and cleared his throat.
"Daenerys," He started before he saw the snake. "You should leave." He said. The snake turned around to look at Varro. I swallowed out of nervousness. I turned to Valaria to take care of her. I helped her out of the bath and into her dress. Varro, without my knowledge, had moved between me and the snake.
"Do you fancy Daenery?" The snake questioned wih a chuckle.
"I think who I fancy is none of your brain. Cunt." Varro snapped at him.
"Alright." The snake said and turned the corner walking away with a chuckle. When Varro turned to face us, I looked at him in his eyes.
"You didn't answer the snakes question?" I asked. Varro inhaled sharply and looked away. Valaria chuckld and walked ou of the room quickly.
"No. You call him 'the snake', what is your reasoning?" He questioned.I shook my head.
"That is not how this fairs, you answer my or his question, then you shall have the answer to yous." I said leaning against the door frame with a small smirk on my face.
"If you must know, you are very beautiful but, I do not know how to direct my feelings towards you. Ask again in a few moons." He said smiling. I nodded knowing how I began to feel.
When we returned back to the gladiators ludus, they were all eating. I had peered around or a few moments before noticing Valaria curled in a ball with two bowls in a corner surrounded by Barca and Crixus. Walking over, I puffed out my chest.
"Do you need aid, sister?"I questioned down to her. She shook her head 'no' and when I turned to Barca and Crixus, they chuckled and walked away. Sitting next to her, Varro and I surrouned her in a comforting circle. She relaxed a bit a time. We even ate a little. When the Doctore shouted that we got back to training, he formed couples. Valaria and Duro, Agron and I, Crixus and Varro and Barca with some other gladiator. Agron charged at me with his sword from the right and I went to my left to dodge. He came from the opposite direction and I was hit on my arm by his wooden sword.
"Do not let your guard down. When I charge with my arm, watch what direction I'm delivering from so you can fair better that way." I nodded and smiled. Casting a glance at Valaria, a swift hit smacked my thigh hard. I hissed and pulled it away.
"Do not focus on your sibling. A lifetime ago, seemingly, I had to watch Duro as well, but now he fairs in the arena. Have no fears about Valaria, she has your genes, she will be successful."I smiled and focused on his sword. He swung to the left and I dived to the right to dogde. He chcukled. "Good" and he swung again from the right and I dived to the right. He brought his sword up from the ground and I dodged to the left and smacked him in the ribs. He groaned loudly and chuckled. He turned around and I parried his attack with mine. I kneed him in the stomach. Before I knew it, The sun had set and the Doctore had sent all other gladiators to rest and bathe. The new gladiators were in a circle with large wooden block between their arms on their shoulders.
"Daenerys! Agron! Go sleep, you have trained enough for one day." Doctore said. I smiled at Agron and we walked together to put our swords away. I went to my bath house and he went to his. After bathing, I went to our bed chambers. Looking over at Valaria, she slept soundly with a small snore coming from her mouth every now and then. I chuckled to myself and noticed a large figure walking into the door frame. I thought for a moment of who it could be.
"Daenerys?" The figure questioned. I hummed in my chest closing my eyes trying to not give into exhaustion.
"It's alright, fall into a sleep." the voice said. I flinched when I felt soft lips on my forehead. I faded into the darkness and dreamt of home. With my mother and father and brothers.