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Perfectly Perfect

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Knock! Knock!

Keith stood right next to the front door, awaiting someone.

“Delivery?” Keith only hoped they answered at this point. He had already knocked about ten times and this was his last delivery for the day.

A screech from the other side of the door usually indicated that they finally heard the knocking; they didn’t exactly have a doorbell. Keith pulled out his clipboard and pen, holding a bulky package with his other free arm.

The door opened to reveal a woman with short, curly hair and huge, brown eyes. She was panting, most likely she ran to the door. Her pained expression changed into one of delight seeing Keith and her package, “Where do I sign?”

“Right here on the dotted line, ma’am,” He handed her his clipboard, watching as she grabbed it and signed with just initials. Taking the package, she went back inside; Keith never knew that she’d be important later.

Keith sighed, walking back to his car; delivering for such a small company sucked, but they gave him gas money, at least. He just wanted to go relax and hang out with his boyfriend; Keith planned on ordering pizza and watching a movie with him. Oh, Michael. He was a sweet boyfriend, but he seemed so secretive. Keith didn’t really understand why he was like that all of a sudden; he wasn’t like that before.

Before starting his car, Keith texted his boss that he finished and was going home. His boss was such a nice guy, just a text was fine. Driving to his boyfriend’s apartment, Keith took a deep breath. He always ended up so flustered with the guy and he wasn’t even that kind of person. Michael was perfect, so perfect that he ended up in Keith’s pants several times. It took a lot for Keith to even consider such a thing; he wasn’t so keen on anyone seeing anything down there, but Michael was so good to him. He never felt downgraded as a trans guy with Michael.

Heading towards the apartment parking, Keith looked around the lot. That red SUV wasn’t there before. Odd. Parking next to the van, Keith took a look inside. That was a lot of used condoms. Proceeding towards the actual apartment, he just tried to forget what he just saw. Unlocking the old door, he didn’t hear a sound. Michael was always in the living area to greet Keith when he came over. He wasn’t there. Keith looked around before walking inside Michael’s bedroom. Oh. Son of a bitch.

Michael was in bed with a cis man. Keith slept with Michael on that same bed the day before. He felt betrayed. Did Michael only want a cis man? Keith didn’t tell Michael he was trans until a few weeks into the relationship. Hah, a bar date never ends well; it always just ends up with sex and cheating. He trusted Michael, he really did. Michael didn’t leave him when he said he was trans, but he did start to act weird after having sex a few times. Keith was stupid not to realize it before.

Keith left Michael’s apartment key on the kitchen table and grabbed his stuff from around the apartment. His leftover cake in the fridge from their date last Friday, his toothbrush and bath towels, his clothes, and everything else he could think of and paid for. Keith hated his perfect Michael. To think they dated for three months. He had only one place to go to now.

Keith pulled out his cellphone as he walked with all his belongings to his car. He dumped al his stuff into the passenger’s seat and dialed a familiar number. It soon started to ring.

“Hey, Shiro. I know it’s really late, but can I stay with you? I kinda lost my place with Michael right now. I just need a place to crash,” He glanced down at his feet, he was still wearing his yellow delivery uniform. He heard Shiro’s sigh on the other end, but Keith was definitely appreciative.

Shiro knew something was up when it seemed like Keith’s relationship was perfect. Keith didn’t have much luck with dating and he knew Keith had it a little bit harder than others. Nonetheless, Keith was his adoptive brother and he still cared for him, “Your old bed is still here in your old room. You’re always welcomed to stay whenever you want. You don’t have to ask me, y’know. You still have the key, right?”

“Yeah, I do. I’ll be there soon. Thank you, Shiro. I really mean it,” Keith smiled, knowing Shiro could feel his smile on the other end. At least Keith was never, truly alone.

Making his way to Shiro’s family home felt weird. He lived there with Shiro before he dated Michael, but still. He felt like he was running away, though, he technically was. He felt like he lost. Thinking about while driving did not make him feel any better, he knew it, too.

Parking behind the small house, he saw Shiro open the back door with a calm smile. Keith could immediately notice that Shiro was trying really hard not to crush Michael from afar. Shiro liked Michael when he first saw him, but he definitely didn’t trust him; he couldn’t tell Keith that, he looked so damn happy. Now here Keith was, a pained expression glued to his face. Shiro felt a hint of guilt, but it’s too late for anything else now.

As soon as Keith turned off his car, Shiro walked over to the passenger’s door and opened it to help Keith bring all of his stuff inside. The house was warm from the lack of air conditioning in this terrible summer, but the open windows Shiro left out, it was livable. Keith left the cake on the kitchen table which luckily, the kitchen was connected to the back door. He started to drag all of his belongings back into his old room. As soon as he walked in, he noticed that absolutely nothing was changed. His old bedsheets with gold stars, his posters of constellations on the walls, the TV was still there, his Switch connected to it. He dumped all of his stuff on the floor, leaving it there for tomorrow. He wanted to chat with Shiro for a while before retiring for the day.

Keith sat at the kitchen table, where Shiro was. Shiro was occupied, putting something into the microwave, “You haven’t eaten, have you? You still have your uniform on.”

“I haven’t, but you didn’t have to make me anything,” Keith chuckled, glancing at the kitchen clock right above the fridge. It was around eight at night.

Shiro shook his head, making sure the food in the microwave didn’t burn, “Keith, you know I didn’t make anything for you. It’s just a TV dinner.”

Right. Shiro couldn’t cook to save his life. Geez. Keith laughed, “You’ve been living without me for three months and you still haven’t learned how to cook. How many TV dinners have you bought?”

Keith walked over to freezer and opened it, revealing Keith’s fear. Thirty different packages of frozen lunches and dinners. Well, at least Shiro kept the kitchen clean by not really using it. Shiro glared at him, but just disregarded it; Keith was in a better mood now.

Sitting back down, Keith was handed his dinner. Mashed potatoes and a mushy piece of meat that resembled a steak. He shrugged, thanking Shiro before eating it. It was frozen in the middle. Yuck. Oh well. Shiro sat across from Keith, drinking a glass of water, “So, I assume you broke up with Michael.”

“Caught him cheating with a cis dude. I started to treat me differently as soon as he found out I was trans. I don’t blame him, though. No one really wants to be with a freak like me,” Keith frowned, swallowing a piece of that “potato.”

Shiro mirrored his frown, “Keith, please, you’re not a freak. You just need to find someone who loves you for who you are. You just need to look a bit more.”

“I give up. I’ll just stay alone like this. No more broken hearts,” Keith exhaled, trying to accept his fate. Maybe squinting would help. Everyone else left him, even Shiro, but Shiro is the only one to ever come back. Shiro sighed, not really liking to see Keith in this state.

Keith groaned, getting up to dump his plastic tray in the trash, “I should go get a drink.”

“You aren’t going back to that drinking problem of yours,” Shiro slammed his fist against the wooden table, “I don’t want to get another call that you drank too much and that you’re locked up at the police station again.”

“You aren’t my mother, Shiro,” Keith pointed his metal fork at Shiro before dropping that into the sink, “I just need… some time. A drink helps, y’know?”

Shiro shook his head in disagreement and disapproval, “I’m not getting you out of the police station this time.”

His younger sibling simply laughed, “I’m mature enough to not drink my head off. I just need to forget, okay?”

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

“Whatever you say, Shiro.”

Keith went back into his room, changed, and left. Shiro couldn’t tell him what to do. Only he was able to make his decisions. So what he has several things on his record? That hasn’t stopped him from getting a job or anything.

He went into the garage and pulled out his lovely motorcycle. She was a beauty and he missed her a lot. Getting ready, he turned her on, and just sped away. He felt Shiro’s eyes on him as he drove away.

He hadn’t felt so free in months. He was one with the road and no one could stop him besides the law, but fuck the law! He got cheated on! He didn’t even know which bar he was heading to. He didn’t care. He just wanted closure.


“Lance, please, I don’t think this is necessary,” Hunk was stressed, but finding Lance hungover the next day during finals week was even more stressful.

Lance looked around the bar, “It’s fine, Hunk, look. We get a little tipsy and boom. Our tension from our previous finals come right off. We have a simple physics final tomorrow. We studied, we’ll be fine. No worries, okay?”

“The more you say that, the more worried I get,” Hunk didn’t have any plans on drinking tonight, though. He just ordered a bottle of water. The bartender didn’t argue.

Lance left Hunk and was having a little bit of fun going around the bar, flirting with a few girls before sitting back down. Hunk was having a nice chat with the bartender about the nuts they offered. That was lame. Lance was bored. He wanted fun with drinking. He should’ve listened to Pidge about that club, but the bar was better for finding more mature women (not age wise, of course- he was too much of a coward for that).

Ordering a drink, Lance noticed this man with a scowl and a leather jacket on sit right next to him. The bartender didn’t recognize him, so Lance assumed he was new to the area. As soon as Lance finished ordering, the man next to him ordered two shots of whiskey. This dude was tough, huh.

The man turned to Lance from the bartender; Lance was staring and the man noticed. Lance internally panicked, he didn’t mean to stare at him. He just didn’t fit the crowd at this bar and his hair looked strange.

The man blinked a few times before smiling, “Hey, what’s someone like you doing around here? You don’t really seem like the drinking type.”

Oh, this man had really pretty dark eyes. Lance found himself speechless. He had to come up with something now, “Uh, um, yeah, I don’t drink often. How can you tell?”

“You don’t look so comfortable sitting there, you’re a college student looking to relieve some stress, huh?” This man read right through him. This pretty man with ugly hair had a way with words.

Lance felt a little more comfortable, though, this man didn’t seem much older than him. Wasn’t he in college, too? “Are you doing the same? Drinking during finals?”

“I went to community college. College just isn’t for me, but some kind of education is needed to a good paying job, am I right?” This guy seemed honest, yet pained. Lance could instantly tell this man was here for a different reason.

Lance didn’t want to ask, but it felt necessary, “Then… why are you here?”

“My ex-boyfriend cheated on me, but I’m trying to forget, y’know? Binge eating ice cream just doesn’t do it for me,” The man joked, receiving his two shots of whiskey. Lance noticed that his ordered mojito was in front of him and took a sip.

Lance felt bad for this dude, but this nice man was cheated on? He was hot and his eyes were fucking jewels. Who could ever cheat on him? “Dude, you’re too good to be cheated on. He’s just not good enough for you.”

The man blinked. His older brother told him the same thing. Huh. Just shitty luck then? He drank his two shots, knowing clearly that he was a lightweight. He didn’t care. This was his counseling session. “You really think so?”

Lance was in the middle of his drink before responding, “Yeah, man, I mean… I barely know you and I think you’re a great guy.”

“Thanks…” The man laughed, “You’re not too bad yourself with your ocean eyes.” Here he was, flirting with a guy he just met at a bar. Idiot was already drunk. Whiskey wasn’t even that strong.

Lance felt his face burn, finishing his drink to help him out for the rest of the night.

The man continue to talk, drunkenness taking over his speech a little bit. He definitely thought this other young man was cute, but without this drink, he never would have gotten the confidence to say anything to him. Now this young man was currently flirting back.

Lance had way too many fruity drinks now. Hunk was a bit concerned, but he saw how happy Lance was talking to this mysterious leather jacket man. Hunk decided to overhear their conversation a little bit. Snooping never hurt anyone, besides, the bartender was already doing that.

Lance couldn’t stop giggling; this man was so cute and funny and kind and asdfghjkl- He was having a bi moment. “So, mullet man, what’s your name?”

“Keith. What about yours?”


“Fitting for such handsome face.”

“Don’t make me blush.”

“Too late, I can see your blush from here.”

Hunk gagged. They were already a gushy couple. They were in the middle of a bar and yet- they couldn’t stop passing at each other. He drank another sip from his water bottle before realizing that Lance and “Keith” left. Hunk was definitely going to use this as blackmail for when Lance forced him to help do his homework.